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PnUiM Wlr, tuact ? ?<?,'. kr
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office at Wheeling, W. Va.. at second-class
*r matter-J _i?.
i Iamu 8211 CmiUn loeia. 4k22
I' 'Stealing a Legislature.*
Our Charleston dispatches this morning
contain en Interesting and Instructive
Interview with Chairman Dawson,
of the Republican state committee, with
reference to the totsJIy unfounded
charge of the Detnocraxio organs and
politicians that the Republicans propose
to "steal" the legislature. Mr. Dawson
very properly says that the Republicans
have no reason to steal what they possess
already by virtue of the expressed
will of the voters of West Virginia,
(and points out -the evidences coat, lr
"stealing a legislature" Is to be attempted,
the people may look to the party that
in the past were guilty of the crimes in
that line, which he enumerates.
Mr. Dawson handles the matter wAhout
gloves. The evidence is not wanting
that an- attempt to repeat former outrages
on the rights of voters are to^toe
made. At least, circumstances mentioned
by Chairman Dawson are very suspicious.
Chairman Dawson discusses a3?b the
matter of the election by the Democrats
of two men whom they say ore to wcceed
Senator Getzendanner, of the Tihirteenth
senatorial district, and Senator
Pierson, of the Ninth, whose seats they
declared vacant because they joined the
Second regiment This la the basis on
which the Democratic committee claims
i gains in the state senate. Chairman
Dawwn points out very clearly that the
whole proceeding: was in violation of
? the law; that the law expressly provides
1 that tile governor or the senate or the
house only shall ascertain vacancies
' when they happen in the legislature, and
order oo election. This law completely
provides the details of the proceedings,
and nowfliere provides that a party cam)
paign committee can either declare vaIcancles
in the legislature or order elections.
Such a proposition would be absurd
Only the house or senate can do
that and the governor in times of recess.
Explanation is made why the
governor did not do so in this instance,
but of necessity left it for the senate.
Chairman Dawson's statement Is interesting
at this time. IlTstulerf the
fttuatlon. "While there is a Republican
* ?- 41 1 !/* AWrtr# f a
IKJ7- aanuniBETiiuim ui?r i^-uiuvi miw
t" rob the Republicans of their ;vlctory will
not succeed so well a? It 'has In the
A Critic Come to Judgement.
If It were a matter of any great consequence
It would be alarming to note the
amirnnt of Ignorance which In
some parts of the state regarding the
p manner in which Wheeling and Ohio
fj. county conduct their affair*. As it id,
pj; however, It ts somewhat amucing. especially
when we And In a dally new&pa[
per, published in a neighboring count*',
the Sletersvllle Oil Review, a lengihy
editorial In which a total Ignorance of
our system of school government la
The Review has a long article which
actually sheds tears over the lamentable
condition In Ohi?? county, which the
editor thinks he has discovered In the
official return# in the vote for county
superintendent of schoole. Space for
I bldS f)UOting mmmrcojm vuiuuiuub VA'i.ik
ments on hi* remarkable discovery,
but for the edification of Ohio county
people we will clip a. few sentences, <<fs
The report of the elections as published
irv one of the Wheeling paper#,
Mr Is one that should make a wave ol
i shame spread over the face of every
thoughtful man- of Ohio county. In that
report we find that in that county ol
Ohio, claimed to be the county of the
Kt.itc, the center and source of all good
things, there were 10,511 votes cost foi
congressman, but that only 2,120 of the
good citizens of that great county
\ thought It worth while to vote upon the
question* aa to who should be the count j
i\t cchools for that count)
F' rujrei
for the ensuing year.
r This Is cert.iinUy n Rati oommentarj
for the county. Only One-fifth of tht
[ people tnke enough Interest In the common
?Jhool?, the people's college, to tak<
K$- part In the (selection of the man, who
c for the next four years, shall do mon
? than any other man to make thow
school* p]aco? where the lesons of patriotism
and- morality shall comhJni
wltl? modern and" effective methyls ol
I: Intellectual trainingThere
la much more of tfcla sort o|
bualne** which Is taken a* a text foi
j a profound lecture to the people of this
fo city and county on the line that "th<
achoola of the country are the hope of
the Nation." There Js ?>rmethJnf tlsc
tout It twins "Important to know that
a rood man should have charge of the
cbooJ interest*." All of which may tie
the go*pef truth. Then the Review
mourns that "Wh?i> only one man out of
Ave five* thought a* to who thai! have
charge of the /Mucattonai intereaC* of
anr (nut of this great country, it I*
certainly a ead commentary upon the
latenigmoe of the people aivl a sad
'prospect tor the future."
Thus, with a great deal more on the
aame line. does our brother edMor of
Tyler county harass hk? feelings over
the horrible state of affair* In Ohio
county, which has the heft public BChodC
equipment In the state. Much that he
aaya la true, and his article 1a Just beautiful,
and would be a power 4a bringing
the intelligent people of thia county to
a realisation of the fearful fate In store
tor iiieHi, it it ntia' ? www. uui, omw,
rhe space and the brains of our excellent
brother have "been waited through a
lack of knowledge ttiat there are but
three district*, die country districts outside
of Wheeling, that vote for a county
superintendent?that the city controls
Its own schools Independently through a
board of education, the members of
which are chosen by the city districts
exclusively, and that In Che same election
returns of which our brother oomplalns
these members received a total
vote In the city districts of 8,451.
These votes, added to the 2,213 votes
oast for county superintendent by the
threecountrydlstrlcts and three outlying
voting precincts of city districts, make
Just 10,864 votes cast by the good people
of Ohio county for the "men who
have charge of the school Interests."
against the 10,Cll votes cast for con
ft ?t?4H ftlllC
gTesemtui. uur cnwa viwuu ?
see that conditions are precisely the reve&e
of what he complains of, and that
something like 311 more people voted for
school offlcere than cast their ballots
for a representative in Congress.
It Is a pity. In view of these facts, Chat
our food friend wasted so much space
in ills denunciation of Ohio county's
lack of interest in tier schools. Perhaps
If Tyler county bad taken the same interest
our brother would have been better
posted concerning the school government
of the chief' county la his
Honor to the President
A special correspondent's description
of a visit to the President shows that
he Is not broken down under the
Af Via. tpvlno- r-vr?pr!(?nOf? he hflS
passed through In the past six months,
though the lines of his face are visibly
deepened. The President has been sustained
physically by the confidence in
him whicfc is so evident on the part of
the country. There have been) other
Presidents tvho have been forced to face
great responsibilities?one other, Abraham
Lincoln, who was exposed, at a
time when the destiny of the Nation was
at otake, to the abuse and the calumny
of political enemies, and who, while they
professed to be standing by the government
In the supreme test, villi fled and
abused1 the head1 of the government.
History vindicated' Wm. To-day, men
who were his severest critics revere
hie memory* and the whole country does
that memory honor.
President McKinley has the right <o
flrnf/iwinn# of the COUn
try, at the polls, as showing confidence
in him, though he has never, by word
of mouth, spoken on the subject, in
the future, and the near future, he will
'realize in no unmistakable manner that
the country appreciates another war
President, whose honesty, whose wisdom,
Whose patriotism, whose integrity
of purpose and faithfulness to duty have
entitled him to a place beside the one
who steered the ship of sta;te around the
danger points,'and marked himself as
a man of detitiny, raised up in a Nation's
When history is written this will be
said of President McKinley. It is being
said of him now throughout^the country.
J*o man, no partisan criticism can
detract from the merits of the man,
nor will the shafts of the future wound
him in the estimation of the honest,
fair-minded Judgment of the country.
During the next few months even greater
teste than those already experienced
?1*? v. ?nA nnuml WlVatPVPP the
Will UC UKV Wlw ,,U _
results, however men may differ as to
policies, President McKinJey will maintain
the personal standing he has so well
won in the public estimation.
No Cause for Concern.
There are two significant statements
m.ide in a London dispatch which bear
out what has been repeatedly held to bo
true in this country. One is that the reports
of interference in the Philippines
by France, Germany or Russia are invariably
traced to Spanish sources,
and circulated by Spanish agents. They
are not credited in official "Circles. Another
Is that the British foreign office
thinks If one power should undertake to
Interfere, others would follow, but this
is followed by the statement that British
sympathy for the United States would
be declared Immediately.
This latter declaration is reasonable,
and 1t'Hr undoubtedly authoritative, since
it is well known that it 1h vitally Important
to Great Britain that no Kuropean
power shall obtain a foothold In the
This situation, connected with the
statements that th* visit of the German
emperor lo the coast of Spain has nothing
tp do with the Spanish-American
situation, nor with hl?* Interest In the
Philippines, has in It little comfort for
the Spanish government or Spanish clr'
culators of canards.
Up to the present the attitude ?.f the
; European powers has not been such as
to cause any apprehension in this coun[
try, and there Is no mor?* reason now
, for apprehension than there has "been,
' . unless some unforseen circumstance
> should arise.
r Senator Murphy Is dying harder up
r In New York than Democratic lenders
? are In West Virginia. He refuses to
' concede the legislature to the Republicans
until the vote of the ?ol'
'*?? ? in ?h* field is hoard from.
f Prwumlnir even thjic ?ll the xol'
ilb-rn from New York nt prvoont In tho
f field are Democrats, which U not ptwlblc,
their volea o>ulil not chanRe the
r ri-nult any further than to famut ma
Jorltle* wmewhat. But the chance* urn
i that their votes are about evenly hal?
ancert. and lf? ?en to one that Hie apE
<p rentable efTcct of rhelr vote will I'" t?
> lncremio Colonel ]U*wveli'a majority.
It will not dve Murphy much comfort in
the way of benefitting hi* ambition* foi
re-election to the United Sutca senate
Now that the election la over, and th<
Bpartsn-Amencan pom settlement !<
hanging fire {or a few dam, Chicago, Cot
lack of sensational news, 1* reviving
Uw famous Tasoott case, which was the
sensation of the hour ten years ago.
Dslvanllr Action A|?lnac ll?ln|-Loci!
nmi SvIM Bud PaiHuals.
Special Dispatch to the Intelligencer.
_ MORQANTOWN, W. Va., Nov. 13.The
disciplinary committee of the Wesi
Virginia University have taken heroic
measures to break up hazing at the Institution
As a result of the last occurrence
five of the best known student!
were expelled yesterdayand three others
who refused to testify Indefinitely
suspended. SI rice the opening of the session
in October there has bun a disposition
to "take down" some of the freshmen
and preparatory students. Most
*?- - " loMtr fllftl
01 We flUiogs weic aw <tui?u/ ?
they never reached the ears of the faculty.
Last Monday nlgbt, however,
about sixty-live students overpowered
three fre?timeix and, taking them down
in a ravine near the campus, stripped
them of [heir clothes and ran them ut
and down a long flight of stairs leading
down Into the ravine. The night wa>
cold and the movements of the victim;
were accelerated by the application ol
small hickory switches. The punishment
was so severe that the victim;
complained and gave Information
against a great many whom they recognlced.
The faculty has been holding
court all week and taking testimony Ir
the cases. It is thought many more will
be expelled. The faculty soy they will
expel the whole school but that the)
succeed In breaking up the hazing practice.
Berry & Kidder, the Arm given thf
contract for paving the streets of Morgantown
and have thrown up their contract
and have entered/suit against the
town for the payment of what they
claim is due t'hem, and for damages.
The council, after an examination' o]
the work, refused to pay for the street
paved. An engineer brought into consultation)
pronounced the work faults
and said It did not 1111 the specifications
under which the contractors took the
job. The council will fight the matter
in the courts. Only one street has been
paved, but- the others are torn up and it
wet weather sets in will be almost impassable.
The body* of G. W. Dills, of the firm m
MoFeeley & Dills, butchers, of this
place, was found yesterday in? the Monongahela.
river fifty miles below Morgan
town. Dills left here a week ago ir
an Intoxicated condition on a steamboat
bound for Pittsburgh. When the boat
leached Pittsburgh he was miislng. It
is thought he fell overboard.
At the home of President Raymond, a
club to be known as the Fortnight!*
Club, was organized last night, its object
being to promote social and literary
relations between the university and
town people.
Col. R. E. Fast has been, assigned tc
the duties of commandant of cadets at
the university pending the detail ol
some officer by the war department.
A bare cupboard always furnishes
1UUU 1U1 \uwu5i.t>
Borrowed money causes a great dea
of near-sightedness.
A good many heroes are made of wooc
pulp and printer's Ink.
The lazier a man Is the more he Ij
going to accomplish to-mdrrow.
The voice of a man popping the question
has the true engagement ring.
Lots of men who make witty remark.'
ore too dense to realize the fact.
The ambitious man doesn't worrj
very much about his gray brain matter
The grand-child's voice will always bt
raised In defense of the mother-in-law
It Is the Uttle that n man wants hen
below that's always the hardest to get
The revolts of Intelligence are mor<
dangerous than the Insurrections of ignorance.
Solomon was the wisest man In his
day, but then, of course, that was loni
before your time.
It Is said that the whisper of a beau,
tlful woman con be heard farther thai
the loudest yell of duty.
Perhaps the periodical toper realize!
that there are periods In his life a!
which he should come to a full stop.
A man In order to be great must b<
good, says an exchange. Great crirai<
nals, great rascals and others of thai
class .should bear this in mina.?umca
go Dally News.
Don't kick an Infuriated dog whoi
you have slippers on.
Don't think that an apology always
wipes out the offense.
Don't forgot that the darkest hour 1/
only sixty minutes.
Don't attempt to Judge a girl's love
for fou by what she says.
Don't act the fool. There are to<
many persona doing that naturally.
Don't sacrifice the certainties of to.
day for the uncertainties of -to-morrow
Don't be afraid to apeak out loud. Th<
world is too busy to listen to whispers
Don't think because beauty is bul
akin deep, that all thick-skinned poopie
are handsome.?Chicago Dailj
\?v?r Tnlk Back.
Never talk back! slch things is reprehen
A feller only hurts hl?welf that Jaws i
man that's hot.
In a quarrel. If you's only keep you
mouth shut and act sensible.
Thn man thnt does tho talkin' '11 go
worsted every shot.
Never talk back to a fellow that'# abusln
Jest let lilm carry on and rip and snor
and swear:
And when ho nnd* his blamln's and de
famln'* Jest nmunln' you.
You've pot him clean kerilummlxed?ant
you want to hold him there!
Never talk hack, nnd wake up the whol
And call a man a liar, over law or poll
You can lift nnd land him furder, am
with ffracofullcr Impunity,
With one Kood Jolt of alienee than h
half a dozen kicks.
?James Whltcorob Riley,
Activity ?f \ c?ttrlii?.
Much activity hns b??f*n caused In NtV'
pies by the renewed activity of Moun
Vcmivlufti An overwhelming" danger o:
thin description produces universal ter.
ror. As a matter of fact, there Is llttli
Ilkelfhood that .Mt. Vesuvius will do anj
serious damage. On the other hand
thousands die dally from stomach am
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vlvcd had they resorted to JIoNtottor'f
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bun th. y. 1M KW Vw Hub >Iwt? BoueH
' MtmoAw, vrajcsH * oo.. ,
Proof Proof.
t ^
; Stuftz & Bauer
V # I
Pianos j
are FIRST-CLASS instruments of
1 <. J. HIAH GRADE of
UIIU Wbiwiljl -w ?. ...... (
manufacture.?from Piano Purchasers'
Guide, for IS9S.
; Milligan, Wilkin & Co.
; 1138, 1140 and 1142 Market St
i The CaMfqnenM of the Vtllvn to I4n
; One of the earliest theories of disease
[ considers It us 'a direct and arbitrary
I visitation from God, completely beyond
I human control. We have now nearly
outgrown that idea, but have not yet
fully grasped the relations that exists
i between disease or Us causes, or the
' Importance of understanding and obeying
the laws upon which health de?
- ~?l-~ ?ha>
penas. t ew pcnsuns lciiuce ?? ?
enjoyment of health and the prolc#ga'
tion of life depend upon the efforts
which man exerts for himself, and the
chronic disease Is always the result of
s bad habits. This fact Is taught by rev'
elation, by science, and by experience;
. but so little ore we accustomed to
: trace disease to its true origin that if
no evil results follow any wrong prac,
tlce within twenty-four hours we come
to the conclusion that it must be harm1
less, says a writer in "Good Health."
Because the results of many physical
sins the not experienced at once, wrong
' habits of living are indulged in. and
; handed down from parents to children,
; generation after generation. As a result,
gradually and almost imperceptibly
each generation has grown weaker, and
; the vital powers have been lowered, until
chronic diseases in every form Is af'
flic ting the human family. There are
' thousands of poor mortals who have
1 never known a day of perfect health.
With shattered nerves and broken con'
stitutlons they drag out a miserable ex;
istenCe, hardly knowing what fcealth
By careful hygienic and sanitary regulations,
contagious and infectious diseases
in the form of epidemics have in
a measure been prevented, but chronic
j disease and invalidism are on the Increase.
Physical sin and physical dls
ease bear to each other the relation of
cause and effect.
The enjoyment of health depends
1 entirely upon our habits of life. Each
Individual may prolong his life or shor5
ten It; he may of his own volition enJoy
health, or suffer from disease. Inn"u?
Kna nrrnnrrpfl a Dion for
tlie srood of mankind, whereby It Is decreed
that If a man violates nature's
1 laws, he must pay the penalty. This
pennlty 1b designed as a means of corr
rection. to restrain the evil-doer and
. thus prevent further injury. The pain
? experienced on touching a heated ob,
Ject is a danger-signal held out by na*
, ture to save from worse results.
The various disagreeable symptoms
' called disease, should not, therefore, be
regarded as enemies, to be hushed or
smothered by sopie opiate, but should
be considered as friends, warning us
i that n-taural 13W has been transgressed.
; They should lead us to inquire into
the causes or wrong habits which pro.
duced them, and to correct them. Not
t until this is done can we expect complete
freedom from disease. When these
causcs are discovered and abandoned,
' health is assured. By placing ourselves
' in harmony with natural laws we place
ourselves in harmony with God, for
! these laws merely Indicate to us the
means through which He has been
t pleased to minister health to the human
race. ?
How'i Thlaf
"We offer One Hundred Dollars ReI
ward for any case of Catarrh that can
i not be cured by Hairs caiarrn uurc.
F. J. CHEN Ex & CO., Props.,
Toledo, Ohio.
Wo the undersigned have known P.
J. Cheney tor the past last fifteen years,
' and believe him perfectly honorable In
all business transaction* and financially ,
i able to carry out any obllgatlone made |
by their firm.
> West & Trtiax, Wholcsote Druggists,
Toledo, Ohio.
Waldlng, K inn an & Marvin, Wholesale
Druggists, Toledo, Ohio.
Mali's Catarrh Curo Is taken 1nter5
nally, acting directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system.
I Price, 75c per bottle. Sold by all drug.
gists. Testimonials free.
r Hall's Family Pills are the best.
v Affection
NolhlnK but a lo- BAVW'v
r nil ro in oily ar^M*a}f>fo CJmrrCOlDW
rhiinKo of climato HriU'M
t wiu euro It. FHWEVii
Get a well known Lv?? Jfol
t Ely's Cream Balm J
sorbed. Uivch ?
I lief ui once. Opens^* 1 ^5
1 &ni. .clr&AeC0LD"?HEAD
Allays Inflammation. Heals and Protects
B the Membrane. Restores tho Sonscs o(
Tasto and Smell. No Cocaine. No Mor
oury. No Injurious Drug. Full Slxo 50c;
Trial Slzo 10c, ut Drufrglnts or by mall.
mwf&w W Warren Street, New Yorlc.
; f* Our Nation |
| In War.t?tj5 |
X Th? Intelligencer l.i Issuing in %
X weekly part* an invaluable lllun- Y
1 trated hlfttory of the S|iuulHh-Ami>r
. Q U'lin war on son and land, tlui pic* Q
, A tnrca being reproduced from photo- A
, X graphs and original drawings ?.*- X
t pnnsly lor this work. Tho series, X
* V wlllrn IS H. vuiiwiiuniM.it VI until, Y
I O Saia's Navy Portfolio, nlso in- Q
A eludes photographic reproductions &
X of picture* owned by the govern- A
V ment and slate*, showing the hero- x
Ikiii of tlio nation during the punt
O century. . Q
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Agents for West Virginia.
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I 40 PEOPLE 40.
3 Might* and Wednesday Matinee,
I NOVLMBEK 14, 15, 16. + + +
America's Representative Operatic Organization.
A Superb Cant of Prominent
Artists, Including;
Miss Myrta French. Prima Donna Soprano;
Miss Charlotte Gillmnn, Prima
Donna Soprano: .NHss Pearl Nlghtser, Contralto;
Miss Carrie Godfrey. Contralto;
F. W. Walters, Tenor; Wm. Warren Shaw,
Tenor; Georg?' Andrews, Baritone; Wm.
C. Howard, Baritone; F. J. McCarthy,
Comedian: Thos. J. Johnson, Comedian,
and carefully* selected chorus.
Monday Night MARTHA
Wednesday?Grand Double Blll-THK PIRATES
Wednesday Matinc??Announced later.
Prlces-Jl.OO, 75c. fioc. Subscription salo
opens at C. A. House's Music Storo Thursday.
Novrmber 10. General salo opens
Friday, November H. nolQ
ISth November, 1898.
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Third season of this
capable organi/otion,
presenting a comedy In 3 acts,
from the German of C. Von Moser.
RiihHiTimion sale of seats, cloaeajrues-j
day. Regular Mlo WMncaaay. join .November,
at 8 a. n.. at O. A. House a Muulc J
gtor<?. I'rlcra^l.U?, 75c and Me. nois |
One Solid Week, commonflnp Monday
Evening. NovMnlwr H. Dally Matinees,
commencing Wednesday.
Change of programme each Performance.
Night prloea?15, 25, 3.*? and COc. Matlneo
nrlrt'M? ! ? and &V. .No higher.
E. ?. worthenT
Pea body Building, Room Nn, 3)|.
1126 Market Streci Wheeling, W. Va
ukt iimron JyJ1
. iTkm%?^ntn*Uoa- u-? ?*?
jN of the Secretary of War t tXS
bearing upon an application of the WhiE
ing & Lake Erie Railway. Company 7"
permission to extend Its rtOlway outia.
of the harbor line, Ohio River, Marti?.
Ferry. Ohio, will be held In council chiJ
ber of tbat city at 10:80 a. m.. XomL
ber 21. 1S9S. C. F. POWELL. Major. ?
gineera., X nolMM4.?
want a. few men and women in eve?
town to mike novelties for u* at tbe?
homes; day or evening; IS to S25
no canvassing or experience nttta'
steady employment; plain instruction,'
and work sent to your homo on annta?
COMPANY, New York City. ^
The members of Black Prince Lodt? K?
19, K. of P.". are hereby notltled to dcm
at their Castle Hall Tuevday. Novwnbtt
15, at 1 o'clock sharp, to attend the fu.
neral of our late brother- Frank W*u
there. Member* or ?i?ier loagei tr> rv
ipccUuily Invited to attend.
VT. TC. ROQERH. K. of R. & a. M?
1 Present (hit ticket and ten wnts
i st our store tor one box ot Dr.
s Simmons'
Q Regular price, 25c a box. Don't
2 miss it.
, i11 Gjwue*s'OAg 8Coct> Owk MtUf t llow.
On Thur?dajr, Norembtr 17, lllBf, U.
ciiioiucat lOo'alook a. m, I will Utt
Subtle Mil on (b? pre m .No. 3103 Mu.
it street* all tba lPur?Uure, Ctramal
otUer lioniebold goods ooniatacdla tall
Uoium, belaiulDl to lli? uialc of the lau
Sirs* Alary St. Moffat." Tarraa, oath.
- JOHN McKKK, Extcnior.
New Crop
H. r. BEHRENS C0.'S,
2217 Market St.
Tke great natural digest*.
You get a 2 S-ceat bottle <t
GoeUe's Reliable Drug Storc
lor 19 cents. 20 per cat
reduction on prescription!. +
first Mortgage, 5 per cent. Pri?
cipal and Interest payable in gold.
Parkersburg Consolidated Cat,
Electric tight and Street Railway
Howard Hazlett,
Exchange Bank Building.
roR baxjU.
No. 115 Fourteenth street, two-*torj
brick dwelling.
No. 923; Main street, brick dwelling, I
No. 1122 Chaplin* street, brick dwelling,
12 rooms.
No. S Vermont street, 6 rooms, framt
dwelling. X
No. ISO North Front street, brick dwell*
ing. modern:improvements.
No. 7 Maryland street, 2-story frtmi
In Pleasant Valley, 2-story frame dwell*
ing. Grounds 85x520.
No. SI Fifteenth street. 2-story, flniibrt
attic. 11 rooms and bath, hot and cold
water In hall and on every floor.
Room 4 City Bank. .Telephone So. W,
riTQ" ~ i
Bookseller end Stationer.
Wheeling W. Va.
Who enn Vurnsh at BEST RATES AUi
you trouble, rink and expenso of ordering
younwlf. t
The .following millionaire com*
panlM represented:
Phoenix AHHuranco Co., of Lon
aon. Assets ?,??,?
Merchants' Insurance Co., of Newark.
N. J. Assets MII43
Williamsburg City Insurance Co.,
of New York. Assets 1,737,5S
Orient Insurance Co., of Hartford.
Assets 2,HS.W
Reliance Insurance Co., of Phlladelphia.
Assets.,. WW*
Georgia. Home Insurance Co., of
Columbus, Ga. Assets............. til""'1
Security Insuranco Co., of New
Haven, Conn. Assets MZW
Virginia Fire and M. Insuranco
Co., of Richmond. Assets ???*'
Virginia State Insuranco Co., of
Richmond. Assets 335,?
Losses adjusted from this office.
1120 Market St. But, Altai.
The Early Use
or ?? *
Violet Cream
will Insure soft and healthy skin.
It is a healing, soothing preparation,
adapted to tho most dcllcat?
Sold by R. H. LIST, - 111! Main St,
and by dealers generally. Price 10c- _
Oil Stoves.
You have a room In whltfr
you have no flue, and cannot use a stove.
In this case Is where an
comes into play. No odor. No dirt
(210 Main Street ^
SILK | ?
I r w ?i< t>??' ?
u k ,(,r neuning rani?
At so have the best stylo Silk Hats
for Opera and Parties. Suitable
for stylish young men's wear.
....E. S. DINGER CO....
38 TwoMth Street.

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