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Yesterday by the Ohio County
Board of Commissioners. ?
B. B. Dovener (R) 5,873
J. V. BUUr (D) .4.633
DoVcner's majority... ...........1,240
N. E. Whltakor (R). ....L888
John Waterhouao (D) iW
Whl taker's majority.... ....1,001
H. F. Bebrcna (R) 5.811
B. W. Connelly m> 5,8?
' V i'H. W. McLure ?R) 6.859
gSg Ralph MUCoy (R) 6,813
James Balrd (t? ....4.841
: V . / Burke Wataon (D) 4,841
[y^r.Joaaph Handlan 4.877 .
x . Jamea R. Hlssom (D) 4,101
XSIrai' mijorlty IB
... Yesterday afternoon, tbe Ohio county
board of commlnlonera concluded It*
can VMS of the election returns^ The
? vote lo WJstilngton. Madison, Clay
and Union qtetricta had been compiled
Montfay afternoon, and at yesterday**
carina the districts of Centre, Webster,
Ritchie, Trladelphla, Liberty and Richland
were compiled. The totals bad not
been made by Clerk Moffat, but (he Intelligencer
haa compared Its figures
with the official compilation' by the
clerk, and the table printed In another
column Is the official result without the
official seal attached.
Only slight changes are mad*. Captain
Dovener't* majority Is Increased
from 1,235 t? 1,240, Senator Whltaker's
majority Is decreased from 1.023 to 1,001,
his opponent, John Waterhouae, having
made slight gains In several precincts
*u? ?u *K?nM hv lAm* aP
[ '" " IUIVU0U vicilbui tiiuta Utwxv
the precinct officials.
There were, no demand? tor recount#.
T&e majority of County Commissioner
Hare, in Centre district, remains uni'
changed* there not being an error in the
clerical work of any of the officials In
that district. The Trladelphl" officials
alffo "did their work well, and- the result
tvas unchanged on the close contests for
! district offices there.
The majority of Mr. Biggs, the Republican
candidate for superintendent of
free schools In the county, remains unchanged,
102. i
The county commissioners'will meet
next Tuesday morning. *nd afllx their ,
seal of approval to the tabulated figures
mad* up by Clerk Moffat. At the same
time they ^111 sign the certificates of
election, which are to be forwarded to
t'hp state officials, at Charleston.
In the BtarahaU Connfy Returns a? a Result
of tbe Canvnta l>y iba Cqnnfjr
Court?'The Register** Howl of "Frsad"
la Hie net of Dimonole Shad,
The county court of Marshall county
has canvassed the election returns from
All me preciuciB HI mc vwuum
ito. 3, of Franklin district. 'At <his preclnct
the election judge* had not properly
signed the tally sheet. They were
sent for and will be on hand thli mora-,
lng to' finish their work, when the offlV
cial count will he declared. It wiH be
p- a* follows, except perhaps, a change of
J a vote or two on the house of delegates:
r Congress?Dovener. 2,61b; Blair, 1,665;
| Dovener's majority. 945.
State Senate?Sturm. (R.). 2,657;
Stone. ,(D.), 1,659; Sturm's majority. 998.
i House of Delegates?John NIxon;(R.),
2.674; Frank W. Legge, (R.). 2.544; C. E.
Bassett. (D.), 1,665; J. L. Mercer, (D.),
j County Commissioner?J. W. Dunlevy.
(D.). 2.066; S. R. Davis. (R.). 1.925; J. M.
I Rlne, fPro. and Pop.), 128; Dunlevy's
majority, 141.
[' The alternate road law of 1872 and '73,
" " "Hail hv noArlv 1.400.
k The Democrats took exceptions to the
i returns of two or three precincts being
! accepted by th? court, and may demand
/ A- recount of one or more of these preI
clncts. The Republicans excepted to
the Glendale precinct. In Washington
r; district, but have not yet given out
p whether they expect to ask for a re.
count or not. All the Irregularities
f brought before the court were of a tech's
nical nature, and were only such as
? might and do doubtless happen at evl
cry election In every county in the
w state. The charge of fraud or an atk.
tempt at fraud, which was referred to
p again 1n yesterday's Register, Is made
rv without any ground whatever or any
; evidence that might tend to suggest It.
The returns were all properly made, exjr:
cept for the few clerical and technical
errors referred to above, and they have
fj. been cared" for and guarded In accordance
with the provisions of the law, and
f; there was no evidence whatever
E; brought before the court or any attempt
>. . to bring any evidence before the court
p. during the entire canvas to disprove or
| contradict the above statement.
k Senator Sturm's majority In the Sec"?? '
?*n??Apini in now nlaced at
r 184. He gained eight In Marshall county
In the official returns as compiled
f yesterday, and has lost four In Marlon
Malfarnnf Minor Moment In anil About
(ha Ctlr.
|! Matinee at the Grand, this afternoon.
Grand1 to-night?The Wilbur Opera
kt I. O. O. P. grand lodge continues its
j? sessions to-day.
fr. "Injun" social thin evening under the
r auspices of tho United Presbyterian
h church.
mm * ?* - ? i- '! <? ?>lnilna1 e>tiurt (ho
f- icsieruft/, im me viiiiux
case of the state vs. C. A. Flarchcr was
on trial.
f Chamber of commerce reception to
the party of Ohio people on the Queen
S. City?8 o'clock this morning.
I Tho Indian f*?clal at U. P. church tonight
la under the aueplces of the Young
v People'? ChriHtian Union of the church,
k Mrs. Charles Chat tick, of Grafton, Is
I; In the city, shopping, and 1? the guest
k of Mrs. H. P. McGregor, of North Front
J;| street* Island.
Squire Rogors yesterday hold Dennis
iV O'Hoollhan for tho grand Jury, on the
: charge of stealing cloth from H. C.
| Richards' tailoring establishment,
Tho council committee on finance
ft meets to-night to select a chairman (to
succeed ex-Courlcllman Morris Horkb
helmer) and transact general business.
? This evening: at Zone Street Methodist
f Episcopal church there will be an exhlEf
bjtion of dissolving views or moving
E pictures, together with musical selech
' tloos, under the auspices of the
g'. church.
r The Ladles' AM Sodlety of the Second
k Presbyterian church will hold a
I. "Thanksgiving Market" on Wednesday,
1 \
Warm Shampoos
And urht dressings with
COTICURA, purest of emollient
skin cores, will clear
the scalp and hair of crusts.
scales anaaanarun^ooineirritated
and itching surfaces,
stimulate the hair follicles,
supply the roots with energy
and nourishment, and thus
produce luxuriant, lustrous
hair, with dean, wholesome
scalp, when all else fails.
For Golf Rash
ehaflngs, undue or offensive perspiration,
and other sanative uses, nothing so soothing.
purifying and refreshing as a bath
with CUTICURA SOAP, the most effective
skin purifying and beautifying soap In the
world, as well as purest and sweeteHt for
toilet, bath and nursery. *
Sold throughout the world. Price, CUTICURA
SOAP. 2Sc. CUTICURA (ointment).
CORP., Sole Props., Boston. British
Depot, 1 Klnp Edward Street, London.
Depot Francais, 113 Faubourg St., Honore.
Paris. Send for "Face, Hands and Hair
Book," mailed free.
November 23, at 2:30 o'clock, at the
church. Person* wishing orders filled
can send them In now.
The Bellaire lodge B. P. O. E. held a
most enjoyable social session last evening,
which attracted 275 people, includThe
Vote of Ohio (
Official Vol
? o<
' No.
. No. 2.
No. 3
No. 4
' No. 5
No. 6
No. 1
No. 3
No. 4
No. 5
No. *>
No. 7
Total ,
No. 2
No. 3
No. 4
No. R.
No. 6
No. 7
No. 1
No. 2
No. 3 /.
No. 4
No. r.
NO. 0
No. 7
No. 1
No. 2
No. 3.
No. 4
No. 6
No. f
No. 7
No. 8
No. 1
No. *
No. 3
No. 4 ?
No. C. ?
No. 0
No. 1
No. ?
No. 3
No. I
In* many visitor* from "Wheeling,
Bridgeport, Martin'# Ferry, St Clalrsvl
lie and Moundavine. .Mr. James C.
TaUman presided. Speeches were made
by Congressman Dovener, of Wheeling;
Prosecuting Attorney T. J. Parions,
of Moundsville; Thomas O'Brien,
Jr., of Wheeling, and Bert Hopkins, the
latter of Bellaire, who recited.
Will Im Obiamd In lb* PabUe School* of
th? City To-morro%r and Prom Ulna
Programmes have U?en Prepared lit tin
Several Schools.
Lafayette day is to be observed in the
public schools of Wheeling to-morrow
afternoon, and at all of the buildings
promising programmes will have their
rendition before audiences that will tax
the capacity of the hails. The day was
??Ka kntinnla ,\f fVo
(tcnereti; vubhtcu >M .? .
country last month, but on account ot ,
limited time for preparation the obiwv- I
nee in Wheeling wai postponed. The I
proceeds am to assist In .the raisins of
? monument ot Lafayette in Paris, the
gift of the school boys and (tlrl* of
America to the French republic.
At the High School to-morrow aftercoon,
the following Lafayette Day programme
will be followed:
Song, chorus School
"Lafayette and the American Revolution"
Isabella Jepson
Piano solo Herbert Emshelmer
"An American Exile" Carrie Zane
Chorus School
Mandolin solo William Detweller
"Lafayette the Frenchman
Harold Brennan
Vocal solo Elsie Bundling
"Viva La France" Essie Ellsworth
Vocal duott..Addle Miller, Minnie Wlncher
Lafayette (select oration)
Walker Gwynn
Violin solo Edith Courtrito
"Men who never die" Clyde McGregor
Vocal solo Ada Graham
"A Characterisation of Lafayette"....
Lulu Davis
Chorus (solo, Elsie Gundling) School
At Washington school to-morrow afternoon,
tho Lafayette day programme
win be aa follows:
*T-*'?-1 ? ?>?>"> Pinna
. (a) The Marsellalso.
(b) Homo anfl Fatherland.
Declamation?Lafayotto and Washington
i John Loach
Piano solo?The Cyptypane^..
Catherlno Hutchlns
Motion songs Primary class
Recitation?My Papa........Sarah Ourrl?on
Vocal solos Elsu May Clement
(aj The Raindrop and the Eo?e
Duet-Piano and violin ..
Jessie Mayer, Mary Becker
Marc ""*tlufRed'wlilte and Blue.....
D?c'an.at.on-rve Gottogoto School..^
Double quartette Primary Class
(a) TWo are Many Flags In many
(b) Sweet Summer's Gone.
Modley Jolly Sailor I-ads
(a) The SulIor*.
(b) Rod. White and Blue.
When Grandma was a Girl....... ?
Piano aolo?Moonlight on theH^udsom^r
Declarnation?The Bailad of the General's
Kiss Rosella Erablen
Uncle Sam Drill.
Vocal solo?Won't you come to my tea.
party? Maggie Miner
Declamation?The BpecKiea wen
Bessie Koontz
Minuet Colonial Dames
Chorus?The Stars and Stripes That *
Love Class
An unknown plpe-llner, while working
on the Trl-St&te Gas Company'*
line on Peters' run, near Elm Grove,
fell In the trench and. was caught at
one side of the pipe, from which feltow
workmen found it difficult to extricate
him. He was seriously injured. "
bounty, General Elect
to as compiled by THE INTELLIGENCER, after
Congress. Senate. House <
? *
U O -} p
? ? s 5 $ 3 %
? o fi j? "3 ? ej
5 O ? * ? * S
77 78 79 79 80 SO fn
107 181 112 127 11S 110 111
80 98 8fi| 104 WJ M .v.'.
?? fi* 72| 911 71 . 70 7::|
w? in 107! 101 041 9it|
M 117 On 107 l>3 00 %
77 43 SI 29 81 81 SI
W 111 07 108 65 66 ?>;
777 "*6S0 "C." COS 675 CS4
131 ... 76
60 112 CI 111 ?2 CO 6ft
r,i no 60 no m w
Rfi 138 198 65 63 71
?h) 103 65 09 62 64
fiS llifi 6s |' 1071 68 & S 67
W 126 07} 15\ W 63 6T?
~~z:? """fi07 ~~3S6 074 To ~~366 ~373
... 345 ... 28
80 IQ3 93 01 SK F7 S9
43 113 4tf 171 44 43 4'
70 131 71 120 77 77 77
J>7 102 10.*, I'M 107 102 It#
Kfl Of. 01 09 03 01 07
88 70 SO 78 80 88 88
467 "~C83 408 6731 40S 4SS 603
sw ... 177]
r,7 80 61 7fi'| 61 65 W
j-a us ioo in;| 01 02 02
K\ 1261 83) 1M! 81 S7 SP
..... t.-ji, i>mi 111! 1111 1 na lit
I?<t Jt-.ll l-Ki 4J? l'l"
76 TP! sr. SO NO 80 80
99 91 m." nr. 1"7 Jim n?;
92 FS ?6 05 04 SB 95
~C20 ""frO 662 709 617 662 604
?:i ...| 47
' 90 114 90J' 113 90 90 86
83 93 85! 87 92 89
92 74 97 7? 91 91 93
73 41 S2 42 so Ht s:
121 91 122 93 12! 125 125
110 82 120 M) 117 1!S 117
?r. 77 70 77 67 69 IS
"~629 C7T. 666 580 C53 069 660
04 ... 88
ir.1 63 159 64 1 58 15S 159
77 119 HO IIS 7.S 78 7S
89 89 U6 9X Jin US 115
79 105 791 107 79 SI 91
r.i 10> r,4! 10H 52 ?3
81 110 88 113 64 67 63
49 82 4H| W 50 43 60
537 676 C04 C92 594 ~60| CU
119 ... 88
tr. 9i ra 88 r/, r.i n
46 88 47 86 47 4?". 47
44 SI 44 SI 4:. 4:. 47
4:5 lift 44 10S 44| 44 '4?I
no 138 j r.9i i56| 6(11 r.:? on
169 11"! Ill 3?S| 107 110 107
72 89 73 92 74 75 74
29 S3j 34 831 31 31 32
"~457 Mil 470 T07 ~4W "Tci 471
3:i ... 337
H? m 120 03 120 JJf, 12 j
76 llfl 7fi ir,!l 78 7fi 76
1(M| 133. i?vf 143 1(K. 102 lot
an gki r.3 71 fis of
iw n7 lyo sis mi! ox ov
f.i ?i nr? or. mi w? nr.
~MW B2T> Ml Ml ~~3 ~~622
I" ... 36 ..J ... ...
KT 01 NTlj OJ 011 F!'! vtl
sr.) r.
OS 101 67 J ICS ?5X (iS tis
~7w ""sni isi 23s ~~im Tn ~is:
51 ... 57 ...
100 70 102 r,v 102 102 101
100 1H 1W 117 KM 10| |0|
"S. ~7si 2or,| is:. "V* 200 2o;?
10 ... 21 ... 23
. *4633 *W73 4MB) OU 4811 4R77
... 1210 ...j 1C01 ...|
Will b? amm/ikm Chrnm^r ot Cammtrei 4
Committee ?0 Welcome the Party of
Ohio People on thm Packet Queen Cl'y
this Morning* J
Governor 0. W. Atkinson, who is here
as secretary of the West Virginia Brand
lodge, A. P. A A M., has been added to
the chamber of commerce committee 1
which will welcome the party of dlstln- f
guished Ohio people to Wheeling this g
morning. At Is general!? known, the <j
party, made up of Ohio public officials, s
members of the legislature and promt- r
nent business men. Is being taken on
the tr>p from OalllpoHs to Pittsburgh r
and return by President Vance, of the Ii
Ohio Valley Improvement Association,
and General Manager James A. Henderson,
of the Pittsburgh & Cincinnati
packet line. In order that tlieir ideas of ?
immrtnnPA at the Ohio an artery r
of commerce may be enlarged to the ,
proper proportion!.
The committee of the Chamber will 1
assemble at the wharfboat at H o'clock, I
and It la propoaed to have the. hour of fc
the packet'* departure extended from II
to 9 a. w. in order that the committeo *
mar take the visitor! on a ahort trip "
over Wheeling. Citizens generally are e
requested by President Hulllhen Quar- t
rler. of the chamber of commerce, to cooperate
with the committee In making
(he welcome one of enthusiasm und
heartiness. 1
Will be Given Next Monfti by Local, ?
Talent In Elaborate Manner.
The beautiful spectacular pantomime, |
of "Ben Hur," General Lew Wallaces t
great book, will be presented on the t
evenings of December 21, 22 and 21, b* r
talenf selected from the congregation of a
St. Matthew's P. E. church. The arrangements
for the production Include elaborate
scenic effects, tableau* and
marches, and the most dramatic acenea
of "Ben Hur" will 6e graphically portrayed.
The cast of characters hasn't been
completed yet, but the principal parts
have been assigned. The production
was recently given with great success
In Parkersburg. Frequent rehearsals
will be Indulged In and a smooth and
finished performance Is assured.
To Adjail Coal Rate*.
PHILADELPHIA, Pa., Nov. 16.?
There was a meeting to-day in the general
office of the Pennsylvania Railroad
Company, between freight representatives
of the Pennsylvania railroad,Philadelphia
& Reading railway; Baltimore
& Ohk> railroad* Beach Creek railroad,
Chesapeake & Ohio, and Norfolk &
Western railway companies, in an effort
for a readjustment of rates on bituminous
coal and an advance in price for
iBnn nrt.li. -.1 tils
WJ9. ** li 11U liiUUD nuv/ autliutu Mm
meeting were somewhat reticent oa to |
what was done, it is understood that all t
agreed that the time was ripe to make 8
an advance and that as soon as every- a
thing could he arranged notice to this f
effect would be issued, but before any
official announcement is made, the mat- a
ter will have to be submitted to the v
presidents of the companies.
A Mixed Affair. ^
CLEVELAND, Ohio, Nov. 16.?Another
chapter was added to the celebrated
Barnes-MfcGowan affair here today.
The seven-year-old daughter of 3
Mrs. Barnes was kidnapped by a wo- <3
man supposed to be her mother, and J
immediately taken' out of the city. They *
were traced to the Union station, but ,
beyond that nothing is known. The a
child has been living with her grand- t
father, who was appointed her guar- *
dian. _
Subsequently it was learned that the J
woman and' child had taken the 1 _
o'clock train on the Lake Shore road v
tion, Nov. 8, 1898. !
the canvass.
SupE t
?f Delegates. Schools. (
Republicans.. e
? b 6 i F
5 I 5 "5 3 o S . o
i ? c J 2 | | J
s & 5 a a ? 5 n
110 in 111 IX 129 ...j
90 105 106 104 102
t;s !?i jwr mi ??;i|
in in] ion low
W> 109 1091 105 10.? ...I ... ft
M 40 40 40 40 Ik: oJ
67 109 110 lOZj 1UD ...j ... 9
~"5> 774 ~~7S2l ~760 ~76T ~ ~~33 ?
... Mj ...J ...| ... 13] ... J
es 115 110 99 loo
BC 1W 113 109 111
71 131 136 125 128 ...1 ...
r>< 103 102 !? 100
*> ins 108 lM 105 ft
G2 136 134 127 129 ...I ... m
~~SM fiSS 701' 6<2! C82 1
82 94 P.". I>S 96
4i! 17" 1i4 li! Ii2 ^
77 1 27 1 27 127 1 25
102 101 107 101 304
02 99 100 82 98
87 79 SO M' 81 P
673 683 665 676
61 75 72 i3 lit ... ...
!mi 125 122 124 124
87 131 131 130 133
189 108 100 107 105
81 Ml hi 81 79
KM 95 95 93 94
95 95 96 96 97
657 -713 706 04 iOU ... ...
... Gti ... ... ...
.?.! J J. ilV JU J I.I ...
8 7 91 9G SIS 96
S!' 8<> 83 W 82
Si <?. 44 41' 44
123 98 !"> 87 82
117 83 83 82 83
us 82 82 81 81
$40 r.s: i>s mi cm;
ins 6," 04 64 6:.
77 110 120 nil 120
IK' !?7 101 100 101
7s i?o ]( :, w 106
ill no ios in
t;i l iti in; i?o in;
4'.' 82 84 83 84
ET*0 ?9 "0(? 6sj 703
.. 106 in an
M or. 07 01 03
47 w; 88 8ii 86
41 82 82 7fl 81 .*
4.', JfA 107 106 101
166 168 167 168
las 112 111 111 112
7i 90 02 91 91
3" 84 87 1 8(1 8f? SO 85
' a'a Kia rot sin Kin r?i sr.
350 65
u; nr. sr. 101 <><; ior, us
7(i ](10 1(W 109 10S 7.-. 110
301 1.14 137 139 ]3* 101 13.1
r.j m ra m 71 no
n> w; ??7 !?7 n?; K:?
K a 63 in fifl 68
~"tir. "?*! TbA Gill 659 Ml Ml
7J* ...I
M S? Oil f>1 K!? R4 M
sq .to I ::: 31* 23 so
87 10S 1V7I low 10S 73 101
Tfa ~S ~ sni 55s 23?i ""iv 15
r?> ...I ... si
loi fip a| fis i<io fio
101 114 ll.'l lift 113 1(H) 117
a>3 1S3 1ST. | 183 184 "~200 llM
Tm 7^1 "mm) Wl *6013 low "Till
... 10.11 ...I ...| 103
\ Lecturer Discovers
Loses Hi
Itis a scene In the- lecture-room of a q
nedlcal college" Id New Orleans. The '
irofessor Is lecturing before ?n Intelll- B
;ent clasa of medlcal studenls. He 1? p
leserlblmr the human body. Its defects d
ind the dancer by- which It Is sur- c
ounded. Ip onSer to Illustrate It be ha* ?
lulda from, the hitman body, which he p
ffiyhlor.tlnfi1 to rhenilcal tC?t?. n
"Gentlemen," he Mid, "I have de- t
crlbed to you the appearance'of the fc
luman fluid In a diseased. state; I will tl
ion* show you how the same fluid ap>ear?
In a healthy state," and be sub- k
ected his own to the teat. As he held 0
t up to the light for a moment, hi* h
and trembled, he caught his breath, he p
ialed and exclaimed: "Gentlemen, I \
*ve JuM made a most horrible dlscov- a
ry; I myself have Blight's disease of s
he kidneys." h
In less than one year he was dead. c
The above dramatic-and strictly true d
ncldent shows the terrible danger and t
aysterlous nature oClhls modern dls- a
aae, which,ma/weU.be called the de- It
son of the present ccntury, It steal*. II
irto the system like a thief, manifests a
ts presence by the commonest lymp- b
oms and fastens Itself upon the sys- *
em before the victim I* aware. It la u
.early as hereditary as conaumptlon, It
St30 ttr DrKli
Men's 75c Warn
Men's 52.50 Box
Men's $150 Vin
Men's &W Val
Men's $5,60 Enai
McFadden's Sho
1320 and 1322 Mar
or the east. The police Immediately
ie?an telegraphing police officials all
.long the route to arrest the wdtaan,
,nd expect to have them in custody beore
many hours have parsed.
Meantime Mr. Barnes has sworn out q
. warrant charging Airs. McGowan &
krith kidnapping. C
The police characterize the case as one Sl
f the boldest cases of kidnapping which
las ever occurred in this city. P
A. B. A O. Inquiry* p
BALTIMORE, Md., Nov. 16.-Judge P
iforrls, In 4he United States court to>- |!
lav. granted an order on petition of the C
- p
lercantile Trust Company, of New g,
fork, appointing: A- S. Dunham and
Arthur L. Shamer, special roasters to p
iscertain the amount and nature of all P
he indebtedness of and claims against g
he Baltimore & Ohio railroad. It Is L
irovided in the order that ell claims c
.gainst the Baltimore & Ohio except si
nortgage liens shall be filed in writing
pith the special masters under oath, by
February 1, 1899. As soon, as possible
ifter that date, the special roasters are
o report to the court a schedule of all
lalms filed under the order. ei
m d,
Christmas Presents for Soldier*
SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 16.?The y
ransport St. Paul will sail on Friday
or Manila, with about 2,000 tons of {r
upplies, of which 200 tons are Christnas
presents for the soldiers in the
'hllippines. The vessel will carry as "
ossengers twenty-oen women, (wives u
f officers), forty-one enlisted men, and
Ive officers and two clerks for the "
uarterroaster's department. Captain
fiebaum. of the Alaska Commercial lr
'ompany, is sending a redwood to <he
felifornla boys for a Christmas tree. j
Ami Urnth Comes At Last. 'j'
KEOKUK. Iowa. Nov. 16.?Mrs. Lucy G
ilexander. a colored woman aged 127
ear?, and the oldest person In Iowa, is ni
cad. She was born near Richmond, ^
'a.. In December, 1770. and ha* Uved In (1,
Dwa for forty-two years. lg
TTe offer at oar great auction ial? Forty ?r
'hnnsand Dollars,worth of Diamond* and
11 fine goods. Mow Is the time to get flu* _
Mamonds at ynnr nwi? urleaa. V
Orphctis Male Chorus, F. Danvcrs and 5
fm. Clemans.Thursday, at Carroll club*
m rl
DON'I'forfM tlif contest at the Metro
nllteii Clnhll*?wsw to-ntcht. V
i? >\ ulic?Belcher neckj'll get cv<
mc pay for that busted windc
.VAT/ r'luiti(i?S :::
mf\ m
2?There, I think I'm square with ti
His Danger and I
s Life/
ulte as Mfiifoon and fuKy as Util H
:nUre families, mheritlnc It from thilr .a
ncestors. Jiaye died, yet none of u? 9
umber knoyv or realised the mjittrlou flfl
ower which was removing them. Hun.
Ireds of people die dally by what u
ailed heart ^U?c?Jie-. apoplexy, paralj. I
Is, eplnai complaint, rheumatics, 1
neumonla'and other common diseases, I
- hen In polity It is Bright'* disease of I
be kltTness. ..These are solemn facts,
ut all the more serious because m H
ielr solemnity.
There lut? never been but one remedy H
nown Tor the cure of Brighl's dtaease,
r even for its relief, and that remedy
ab become the most popular of any I
reparation known 19 tne worn. It it H
famer'* Safe- Cure. It has taken men. 'H
nd women,, ton, who were In the lower. ;H
tages ami restored* them to perfect I
eaJth nnd strength. It will Invariably I
heclc the .first stage* of Mils terrlbls I
Isease, If taken In time. It ! Intoned H
y physicians, approved by scientist!
nd uaed by the best people In the land. I
L Is a sdttgpo preparation and onei H
j popularity wholly to Its power. It
an be pnS55d ?t any reliable dealer, I
ut great cm* should be exercised to
;cure the genuine ami not permit any I
nscrupulous-dealer to sen anything Is I
g Shoes for $1.75. I
i Felt Boo's for - - - 48c
Calf Shoes for 51-98 I
4nm T>M CIlAAC fnf (IK
16ft I Oil JilUW ??> " " *i.w
:er Proof Shoes for - - - {2.48
dkI Leather . Shoes for $3.48
e Department,
ket Street.
harleston...KANAWHA, 6:30 a. m.
unesvlllo A KG AND, 5 a. m.
alllpolls URANIA, 10 a. ra.
l?ter?vll!e...RlJTH. 3:30 p. m.
larInffton....LEROY, 3:20 p. m.
LeubenvllI?. .T. M. BAYNE; 2XO p. m. .
ittsburjr.. .GREENWOOD, 6;30 a, m.
Inclnnail....QUEEN CITY, 8 a. in.
arkoraburg.AVALON. 6 a. m.
ltt.?burph...W. J. CUMMINS. Slid. ,
arkersburff.H. K. BEDFORD. 11 a. m. '
ntamoraa...LEXINGTON, 11 a. ar
lsteravine...RUTH, 3:30 p. m.
JarinRrton....LEROY, 3:30 p. ra. .
Ittsburgh...LORENA. 2 a.m.
Loubenvll!e..T. M. BAYNE; 2!30 p. ra.
Ittsburgh...VIRGINIA, 3 a. m. j
Utsbu i^h... AVALON, 8 a. nv
allJ|IUIIB UIWII'lA. u. m.
arkcrsburfr. BEN HUR. 11 a. m.
Istersvllle...RUTH. 3:30 p. m.
larinRrton....LEROY, 3:30 p. m. T
Leubenvllle..T. M. BAYNE, 2:30 p. m.
River Tel earn mi*
CREENSBORO-Rlver 9 feet anil fit**
onary. Weather warmer and threatnlngr.
Woodward and Florence Belle
own Thursday- Adam Jacobs upw
WARREN?River 3 feet 1 lnchej.
leather fair and mild.
BROWNSVILLE ? River Z feet 4
iches and stationary.
MOROANTOWN ? River 8 feet 8
ichea and falling. Weather clear and
OIL CITY?River 3 feet 9 Inches and
illlnp. Weather cloudy and1 warm.
PITTSBURGH?River 9 feet and fa*
if? at the dam. Weather, raining an &
STEUBENVILLE ? River 11 feet 5
ichee and falling:. Weather clear amJ
rut. jras*ea uuwii; yurai uny, iwden ;
enkinp. Passed up: Bcn> Hur and
PARKERSBITRG?Ohio river 16 feet
nd falling Weather, raining". Passed
p: W. J. Ounmlns, Greenwood, H. K.
odford. Passed down: Barnsdall. Dua
nvn: Kanawha. Little Kanawha river
i falling. Local* are on time.
POINT PLEASANT?River 19.5 feet
id falling. Weather cloudy.
CINCINNATI?River 26.1 feet and rfeijr.
Weather clear.
CAIRO ? River 17 feet an4 rising,
feather cloudy and warmer.
LOUISVILLE?River risln*: 10 feet 3
iches in canal; 8 feet on falls; 23 feet
inches helmv locks. Weather cloudy.
KVANSV3LLE ? River 17.3 feet and
sing. Weather clear and cool.
M7MPHXS?River 8.5 feet and rising.
feather cloudy and cool.
mi with old man Jones for making
lie old duffer now.

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