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?? I I
Stone &
I Furnitu
[>" Have you ever visited this the
ij We invite you all to come. Yo
? -t-. ..fm*, hm and the little Ofi
Ia^rood time to do a littU Holid
later on. We will store the go
yoa when wanted. ^
including OaJc.
cal Kill WWB' Forest Green
I lug Bockers. High
mtm llJfff Backs,
HjraSL m Anr.'H Cobbler or
if Saddle Seati. Inlaid.
Carved or
n \^r< Ti just
. rSSSSfcjt forty-two styles
p. exactly here for
your selection.
Price Range
I $2.75 to $9.85 Each.
f will not wr anything about the ?avV
lng on each one. But ask you to come
W- and see. Tou'll find where It Is to your
advantage to do your trading.
' -c.?Ladies'
Writing Desks.
0 UjTM An assortment of
JrJ?Bl-r-V cbout sixteen styles
Ladled Writing
rff-''"" In English
(f || Oak or Jfkhogany.
HII Hani Carved OrnaL
l~=T?' II menl?. Price range
plfl. $4.65, $4.98,
l.f $5.90, $8.98.
? SBCRETARIES, In Oak or Mahogany
flndsh, Bevel Plate Mirror*
i ....$12.98 to 128.00
^ Arrivals of Holiday
Novelties In Bent Oak
s U^* and Willow Ware. In
S/tl A eluding Tabourettes,
- S iSJl flf Covered Screens. all
|| In E sixes, Umbrella Hacks.
1 Vffi In Easels, Work Basket*,
i (I ffi'l U Flower Stands, Doit TaC
u (i" I {0 bourettes and Blacking
I Boxes. AH prices.
. oak or- mahogany f|p] ffj M
5 finish, prettily fill- Illy li XBJJl II
ed In assorted col- W | jg ^|| ' 8
Tape s t r y Panel TillVTMTf
Screen*. Solid Fill
Stone &
!' SIfjK3?OBO. A
o days of big
; O Wednesday, Thn
There are sales and sales. /
; what you DON'T want. N
which one can secure JLIST
. values are not a matter of g
; these prices:
169c Yard.
; About 60 pieces dark, medium
[ and evening shades Silks, emi
bracing plains, plaids, stripes
and other novelties: which al
fways sold from 90c to $1 50
yaro, choice of any of these
for 3 days only at 69c yard.
98c Yard.
About 50 pieces of newest
high class Novelty Silks,
!; worth from $1.50 to $2.25
yard. 3 days only at 98c yard,
49c Yard.
Lustrous bleck Taffeta Silk,
value 75c yard. 3 days only
at 49c yard.
[ I u.i
I 23-inch wide black TaffeU
Silk, beautiful lustre, regulai
I $1.00 value. 3 days only a
K; 75c yard.
K" Supply your Christ ma:
wants now, as we have Silks
I for any and every purpose.
I We Anticipate
the liveliest Holiday trade of
I different merchandise constam
k diate sale. Holiday lines he
K?' front seat. Game early for
B kind. Holiday Goods stored
re Dept
rd floor Furniture Store of ours? |
u'D be surprised at the excellent
ces we ask. Then again this is
ay baying. Yfili avoid the rush
ods for you and send them to
LiDrary __?
and Parlor
Fine Parlor Ta- A (rf \*r\4 If
bits of Quarter- ? I ' | T 1/
edOak, with tin- t|I ^ II
del-shell Carv- - \\l ;"sL// .
edLeg*. Hand-^rsn 1 ?lo-f :
eomely FInleh- wl 1 II
ed. Old English 7 1 & II
ttyle, at each, W, R
Fine Parlor Tablet In Oak or Mahogany
Finish, French Style, with Undenheif.
Highly Polished, at each,
Fine Library and
Parlor Tables.J8jM
Quartered Oak, with Undershelf, Heavy
Hand Carved Twisted Legs, Solid
Brats Claw and Glass Bail FeeL
Highly Polished, at
I $7.25. $9.95 and $13.85.
An inspection of the above lines solicited.
You will make a great saving
Music and Parlor Cabinets.
Elegant new lines of Music and Parlor
Cabinets, Mahogany Finish, French
Bevel PJate Mirrors, Highly Polished.
Price range, :
$5.98 to $20.00 Each.
Upholstered In Veleur, Corduroy, Pantasote
or Leather. Full Site. Full
Spring. Price ranging from
$7.45 to $50.00. (
A New Tapestry Art Panel. '
"Dolce farnlente," an Italian title,
which translated means Sweet Idleness,
of whioh the picture itself is
strikingly suggestive?perhaps the
most pleasing subject that could have
been chosen. The Panel is a reproduction
of the original famous painting
by "A. Cortes," which sold for hundreds
of dollars. We have secured a
limited number of these and place
them on sale to-day at the low price
each of
Not many of them. If lirtere'sted we
.'.U aa*1? nail
I WUUIU ouwoc au WJ ^
Thomas. ;
r. BNOOK & CO.
r Ri. (~!n
rsday and Friday. O '
H some sales you generally get
ow here's a SILfC SALE at
uess work either, as witness ;
39c Yard. About
15 pieces, embracing all ]
the light delicate tints of pure ;
India Silk, at 39c yard. Great ,
value, and very desirable for
fancy holiday work. For the
same purpose we offer delicate
shades of Brocaded Satin at 1
59c yard, worth 89c yard.
39c Yard. 1
\ 1
About 10 pieces plain brown, 1
myrtle, mode, grey and other
shades of Surah Silk, which
are good value at 75c yard.
I 3 days only at 39c yard.
98c Yard.
28-inch wide black Taffeta?
1 width and weight just right
' for skirts, value $1.25. 3 days
only at 98c yard.
. A black Satin Duchesse of
; equal width and value at same !
our existence. Tons of new, <
;ly arriving and going on immere
which must be accorded a
? . .t. ?# f
up-to-date mercnanaise ot any
free until wanted. '
1 J =
We put ea sale to-day three
thousand pairs of shoes for
Men, Women, Boys and Girls,
that cost the makers oa an
average of $1.57 to produce,
at the uniform price oT
One Dollar Per Pair. (
Most anyone can be fitted in <
them, and tbey are nearly all |
late stupes. The reason for
this sale? Well, we'll let that (
go?never mind the reason, ,
but see the shoes. If any mem- ,
ber of the family oeeds shoes f
this is an opportunity to save
some money for Christmas
ihoe Sailer. 1049 Maia.
We furnish 100 handsomely enfT?Yed
Weddln* Invitations complete,
from the finest material, for
St SO for each succeeding hundred.
100 engraved Visiting Cards and
Engraved Plates IL&0. All of best
- ?a? ?r>a>t?*
MM mwnm umtew B .
? !
Thursday j
At 9 A. M.
$3.00 for $1.98.'
Ve will put on ale odd iizee of I
wet weather boots foe ladlet. extra V
high top, ?D kid. heavy tole, just t
the thins to keep your feet dry
and warm. v
Price JI.98-*wai $3.00 and a I
good thing at that. j>
Nay Brothers, \
3nc Price Shoes. {317 Market *
fflkrJnteUigenrer ,
Office i Voi. 25 and 87 Fourteenth Street. 1
9 .V?w Advertisement*. I
Dollar Shoes?Alexander?Eighth page. t
Thursday sale?Nay Bros?Eighth page. 1
Save Your Halr-Cutlcura Remedies? i
lecond page. .
Wanted?A Girl for housework. .
Wanted?Cancer and tumors cured. a
Auction Sale of household goods. <
Seasonable Goods?Nesbltt and Bro. 1
Ladles' Jackets?J. S. Rhodes & Co. j
Grand Opera House?Knobs o'Tennessee \
-Eighth page.
A Dramatic Incident?Warner's Safe \
?ure?8econd page. *
Dutchess Trousers?Lee Baer?Eighth \
>age. \
Be Up-to-Now?D. Gundllng & Co.?Fifth
>age. i
Hunting Shoes ? McFadden'a ? Eighth ;
'Vreih-H. r. Behrens Co.
Winter Plush Caps?E. a Dinger Co,
Don't-R H. List. t
Cut This Out?Goet*e> Drug Store. J
Save Money?Frank Stanton.
a o.ooo.
We have fitted mors than twenty thon. ,
land pair* of Spec! aclea, ftlrltig tM a reo>rd
and experience nt>eqnalled hy any
tther optician In Wcat Virginia. Seciafaction
guaranteed, 1
JACOB W. GRUBB, Optician,
No. 1306 Market Street.
many and brewers' employes. <
By baying our well known AU Wool *
tntt Jacketa yon will combine comfort '
md durability. They are (be beat made. 1
'rice S.OO and np. <
Agents for the celebrated Jaroe Hy.
rlenlo Underwear, the beat health underrear
km?wtt. C. 11 ESS A SDNS,
Faahlonable Tailors and Furutahera,
1891 and 1SS3 Market tttraat
In Clerk Itobertaon*e Offlee. I
Yesterday, In Clerk Robertson's office, '
he following transfers of real estate
vere recorded:
Deed made April 28, 1897; by G. R. C.
Mien, special commissioner, to Mary *
Stephen; cons!deration, 1450: Transfers
ota 33 and 34 in Peninsula addition.
Deed made November 7,1898; toy C. A. J
tlein. trustee, to Lena B. Reeves; cton- <
rlderatlon, J700; transfers lots 66 and 67
it Echo Point.
One deed of trust was recorded.
"An Origlanal IdM."
"An Original Idea.' a dualogue, writ- (
:cn for Mr. and Mrs. Francis Labadie.
> one of the most clever ever produced.
It In divided Into three parts. FirM. I
The Wooing Scene." Mr. Labadle. ?s
FmukI. will Impersonate "The Duke of
Jloater," In Shnkespeare's King Rich- 1
ird III. Mr*. Labadle, as Stella, will
m personate "Lady Anne." The second ,
jart will be "The Trlsl Scene." The '
iloslng duologue, "A Happy Pair," Is
pne of the most happy things of Its .
kind written. There Is no time for any- '
thing but laughter from the moment |
!he Labadles open the little sketch un- >
III K closes. The language Is bright and
parkllng. the movement rapid, nnd the
Interest throughout sustained to the
end. This will be the second entertainment
In the Y. M. C. A. course In the
issodatlon hall, next Thursday evenIng.
THE Fourth Street M. E. choir will '
ling three secular pieces at Dr. Rlker's 1
lecture to-night. Don't fall <o hear
Ihem. Admission 25 cents. Will commence
at 8 o'clock, sharp.
Sight of Music, Carroll Club, Thursdny.
THK Ufst UrhflnMli Ph?ln? s-4 SO Mr
loun. O'.KKlt.U'S, I tor, nnrkstT
DON'T forupt the wig-warn social at '
U. P. church to-night. Admltnlon 10c. j
DON'T forgot Ilia cnnUat at the Metro ' I
polliau CInb llouia to-night.
Rathlac ryrtl In mur git ml amnion i
Air. W?off?rall fin* Diamond*, tVnti-hva ,
and In fact " t7,|,.l.V? hnv*. Aak /or f
IliaartUl* and It will b* put no. ' 1
Dr. Mltaa* Pais Pllla ew? Nowxmlfte.
j"...'. i- . .. . .
ri?? F. W. Sauntr Co. Stat* PUInlf tfc?
facta Regarding their fcpedalfcaU
at 1065 Mats Stmt.
Die Piano* are All New or Shop
Worn nnd the Price* are
SirUtljr Net.
We wtili every reader to know dearly
:he facts about (lie special sale of Pluioe
we are holding In the Artens furjlture
rooms. No. 10<5 Main afreet, (or
tea dmy* only.
The piano* we are offering are new
im, or slightly shop-worn, excepting
'our, which hare been rented. They are
itandard make*, *ut?h aa bare been sold
Jy ua for many yean. Including audi
mil known make* as the Stelnway.
Krakauer. Clifford, Ludwlgi Sterling
utd Huntington. Every piano 1. fully
ruaranteed; and we give stool and cover
rtth each Instrument, and deliver K
v?? or it MmL we will (tore It un
til Chrtstmss and then deliver.
The reason for offering Instruments at
luch low price* to our desire to dispose
>f them quickly, an4,get our money out
>f them. Tin principal part of this stock
ires obtained by purchasing the entire
itock of the E. S. Hauahtoo Company,
>f Fairmont, and a few of the Instruments
came from the D. B. Heck Commny,
of etotersvllle.
pur manager Mr,. Lewi* H. Clement,
I* in cbuve of this caJe. aad this firm
s responsible for the condition of every
nstrument sold, and we fully guarantee
These pianos must not be confounded
pith our regular stock. They *re being
mid at special price* because they were
jought at special prices, and when they
ire gone no other instruments can. be
:ad at The same prices. We would urge
juyers to call anil examine these Instruments
Immediately. Two pianos were
reld yesterday, our opening day, and we
ire positive that at the very low prices
ifTered the stock will soon be sold. For
his reason we cannot set piano* aside,
uid would request customer* to come
>repared to buy If they find a piano to
>lease them; so as to avoid disappointnent
it * piano sWould be sold to another
rtrile they are considering the matter.
We want especially to call attention
o a beautiful CHfford piano In a line
lungarian walnut case, sold regularly
it $475.00, which is offered at $207.00.
nils piano Is made by Mr." Clifford
flickering, for over twelve years with
he old house ot Cbtckering & Sons, of
Jo*ron. It Is one of the finest pianos
n this stock. P. W. BAUMER CO.
trld?iport Council BtJteU u Application
from the Wheeling Hailwar Company
Conriltlonnlly?FlT?-e?ut Cava to
Wheeling U Warned.
At an adjourned meeting of the
fridgeport coundi last nirht the im ortanfc
question before the body wis
bat of granting the Wheeling1 Railway
.'oropaay the privilege of making a
onnection on Bridge and Bank streets
rlth the tracks of the Martin's Fexfy,
Wdgoport and Bellalre line. The apUcatlon
woe unanimously rejected, unme
the railway company would grant
i five-cent fare between Bridgeport and
Wheeling. There is ao Intimation as
o what will be the course of the
Wheeling RalJtvay Company, but the
Jridgeporters are confident they will
ecure the concession. '
Foratem of Amrrleo.
There will be a meeting of the Foresters
of America in Wheeling on Satirday,
November 19, at Pythian Castle,
Lt 2:50 tk nv Several have given their
KVTTIJM in 4ho <YrAor. Mi any one wlshlnff
o join now and became a charter mem>er
will present himself at the above,
lamed place and time. The Institution
till take place on Saturday, December
1898. Grand chief officers will be presmt
at the Institution, and Grand Chief
Ranger Roulet, Supreme Chief Banter
ind Dr. Smith win be present. The
'eea for Joining as charter member* are:
Initiation, $5; doctor'* examination, 60
jentt; dues, per moffth, SO cents; sick
leneflts. per week. 15; at dectb of member,
MOO: death of wife, ?S0.
For further Information be present at
Pythian Castle, November 19, 1898, at
!:30 p. xn.
IF you have never tasted Cook's Imlerlal
you don't know what good Cham>agne
Ik It's extra dry, flavor line.
DK. RIKER, President of Mt. Union
'ollege, win lecture at the Fourth Street
hi. E. church to-night.
DON'T forffat I he oonUat at the Matrowlltaa
Club nana* lo-ntgbu
There will be a called meeting of the
Daughters of the Confederacy, and all
ither ladles who are on the reception
oromlttco tor the ball, November 22, on
Friday. November 18, at S o'clock, In
he Kellly bulldngl Entrance on Foureenth
street, by elevator.
Kowlaths time to bny yoor ChHalmaa
roods while oar KrMUueiiott ml* ii(alni
>u. KTcryililuff oaratoek will be not np.
DON'T foiRtt Hi? eonteet at the Metrololltnn
Club llouae to-night.
Mre. Flora William* will turpass former
efforts at Carroll Club, Thursday
TUB Beat Carbonette I'hntoa liSO par
losaiu O'NEILL'S 1303 Market.
SEE the Injuns In their war paint,
the squaws and pappooses, at the U. P.
3hurcho to-night Admission 10c.
Hear Gertrude Rlester in her best effort
at Carroll Club, Thursday evening.
IJON'T forget tlia contest at the Metropolitan
Clab llouar to-night.
"CURE the cough ant! save the life."
Dr. Wood's Norway Pine Syrup cures
roughs and colds, down to <he very
fcrge of consumption. 3
rtonday, Tueaday and Wednesday nights,
and Wedneaday matinee, Nov. 21. 22, 21
supported by
and a capable company of artists.
Night prlcea?15, 25, 35 and 60c.
Matlneo prices?15, 25 and S5c.
f your hcadachea comes from weak eyes*
tlso If glaaaes will relieve them. Do yoti
,avo hcadachea? Do your eyes water
irnart or burn? Poeg the print run together
when reading? Do things appear
(aublo or mixed up? Have a doalro to rub
he eyes? Twitcwn*7 for any troublo
,f your eyes, conault u*. We make fflassea
it popular prices. Mako a carcful exam*
nation free of charge and rely on our
ikiu and not on the patient's Judgment or
inawers. Consultation and examination
Cer. Ms fa sad tlsvsstli Sfs* Wfeeelisfi W. Vs.
We Havi
Suoh a boom as our bus
our stock. In each depi
jeason for it. 'Twasn't<
our superior qualities-]
but the grand, glorious i
and wo seal satisfactio
x guarantee. Wehavesei
whole creation, aatherij
that were growing In th
can show you a stock
that'll be the envy or t
house is full of floWei
strewing them amonj
Suits, '
Straight u a thread through the eye of
a needle we have entered Into every
phase of Suit faihlon. When you make
a change with us this fall or winter It
will he for the better. -We have shaved
the prices until only a tissue of profit
covers the cost. Our line of cheapness
has been drawn at K, worth weighs
light below that price, up to SIS. Quality
grows with every dollar. There 1s the
highest perfection. Judge us as you find
us. Single and double-breasted sacks
and four-button cutaways. A variety
that no three houses combined can
equal. Do not fear for the fit?that Is
perfect beyond Improvement.
Our aim'has been to
money's worth you hav
succeeded. Success pil
Boys' Department brim
? * w WW
I He Ml
You Have
But Have
Every Pair
m i *
You may bu
Trousers at $2, $2.50, $3,!
two months. For every si
off we will pay you ten c
waistband we will pay you
the seat or elsewhere we >
give you a new pair.
Best in the Wc
Lee Ba
Sole Agent for Di
To look around for a
we offered to him cam
YES, SIR, when you go out bun
than onr Mon's Gennln
leather Lined Shoe io>
hard job to find It?In f
tie more money to 1
would not bo easy.
j* A feature of tf
/>??? fliihimn sli
jt never lose sigh
?<* insist upon the
j* right. We wii
> advantage for (
the excellent as:
j* and youll agre
inducement her
Special Bargains in Fine
Medinm Priced Red Rnnnt Si
Furniture, Carpets, Etc.
? 1 '""-i1 ?V
'rvygfeff4^6, - .'v.
iness had this fall. Study
artment you will flnd a
jur low prices alone-nor
ior our exclusive stylesmion
of alJJihesexistesT"
n with our responsible
irchedup and.down the ,J
ng the choicest novelties
ie garden of genius. We
of Suits and Overcoats j
he to-order shoos. Our
ps of fashion and we're
f an aDpiauaing puonc.
Only the 'rich can afford to h?v? u
Overcoat ;nade to order, and they doal
need to. Our* have won a place among
the beat.efforts of cuatom tailors. Price
Is their only resemblance to the ready,
made garments ahown you by any.
body else. The more you ?? others tha
stronger will be your appreciation of
ours. It Isn't strange we want you to
look around. No style or alse or taste
we have forgotten. Every style, every,
color, every one made to fit and to weir.
Cflve you the biggest
e ever had, and we have
les upon sueeess. The
ful of new things'
I Q Clothiers, (fatten
j IJj and Furnishers,
Heard of,
You Worn?
y a pair of Dutchess Woo'
53-50 or $4, and wear them
jspender button that comes .
:ents. If they rip at the
1 fifty cents, if they rip in
vill pay you one dollar or
>rld--Try a Pair.
"I 9 Street,
itchess Trousers.
e back tired out. >* j*
lAAXJi .
e Box Calf, Three Sole
$3.00 yon will hate a
act you could put a litit
anil then the job
eke Shoe Company.
le many handsome styles tn
owing is their reliability. We
t of that important point. We
best, but the price must be
ih our patrons to have every
>rice and quality. Add to this
sortment, the superior designs,
e with us that there's every
e to careful furniture buyers.
No. 1208 Main Street.

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