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' " THE
r>wuM o??r. iiwi iMMr. tr
The Intelfigencer Publishing Co.,
2jami 27 fourrturr* sract.
Ternui Per Tear, by Mall, la Advance,
Foetmce Prepaid.
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Wtcklf (Six Month*) 00
by carriers In Wheeling and adJacent
town* at 10 cents per week.
Persons wishing to subscribe to THE
by sending In their orders to the Intelligencer
office on postal cards or
othtrwlse. They will be punctually
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Tributes of Respect and Obituary Notices
60 cents per inch.
Correspondence containing Important,
news solicited from every part of the
surrounding country.
. Rejected communications will net be returned
unless accompanied by sufficient
. postags.
(The INTELLIGENCER, embraces 7t?
several editions, Is entered In the Postoffice
at Wheeling, W. ,Va., at second-class
f 4Heflsl goosis 82> | Cossthm Koo?- ...832
The President's Message.
No more important presidential message
Ws been sent to Congress in the
past generation than the annua) document
submitted to Congress yesterday
by President McKindey. It Is important
*nd interesting because of the vital
questions with which it.deals, of the attendant
circumstances, end of the great
number of matters concerning our foreign
and domestic relations, and the accompanying
recommendations thereon,
which it brings to the atjentionof our national
legislators and the people whom
they represent. f
While the message Is of unusual
length. tho character of the subject matter
Justifies that fact, for few Presidents
have had so much to discuss In a single
document of this nature. The characteristic
conservatism. tairnes9 qf expression,
logical reasoning, and wisdom of
recommendations which -have ^narked
the public papers of the President, prevail
In every paragraph. The document
Is not a dreary review of departmental
reports, but deals mainly, almost twothirds-of
it. In fact, iflifc the war, its
causes, its prosecution and its results,
and matters of moment concerning our
foreign relations, concluding with a
splendid review of our domestic conditions
and questions, with Important recommendations
which will give plenty of
work for Congress.
Concerning the war. rifter detailing the
events that led up to it, from the President's
efforts to secure through peaceful
means a restoration of peace in Cuba
and a cessation of the suffering, starvatlon
and! butchery that prevailed, the
Maine explosion, the repeated refusals
of Spain to our demand and that country's
broken promises, the message review*
briefly the saliei|? features of the
conflict, and the achievements of the
army and navy, with eloquent tributes
lo the hero?>3 on land and sea. the surrender
of Spain, and her eult for peace,
the terms of the protocol and the pending
peace negotiations.
The President gives ^evidence of the
full appreciation he has of his own responsibility
and the tremendous importance
of the questions which have grown
out of the war. He makes no recommendations
regarding future policies or
provisions for the government of the
new possessions, very properly leaving
them for the special tqessage which he
will submit with the treaty of peace
when, It la signed. In reference to Cuba
he observes closely the pledge to set up
for the people there a stable government.
abd declares that the1 obligation.*
made by Congress will no: be violated.
In" the meantime, military government*
will be maintained and Congress will be
called upon to deal "With all matters concerning
the policies of the future?the
governments that arc to replace Spanish
' Much of the message Is given up to
?"? roln?lnna wl'h fnr M tr r>
countries, and the i>eace which prevail*
between the United States and all the
world, and, certain questions growing
out of treaty refatlon* that call for recommendations
to Congress. Among
these are the South American complications.
Including the matter between Peru
and Chile, the Central American united
republic which was no short lived, and
its bearing on the Nicaragua canal matter.
Upon the canal question th? President
takes a decided stand for the control
of the proposed enterprise by the j
United States government, and in view
of the overtures made by Nicaragua and
Costa Rica, recommend* the maintain
raent of the status quo until the commission
appointed by thfe government repart
a and Congreje baa opportunity to
pass upon the entire qtiosclon.
Our Interest In the Chinese situation,
the President clearly points out. He
see# no need for our Involving ourselves
In the politics of Europe In this matter,
but recommends that Congress appoint
a commission to study commercial and
Industrial conditions In ''hina and to report
as to the opportunity foi; th*? enlargement
of markets then- for our manufactured
products. Meanwhile, our interest*
will be protected In whatever
event* may occur which may endanger
American property a^d llfo and com?
mcrce fn the settlement of pending complications.
Our friendly relations with C?r?at Britain
arr* mad?? the subject of congratuia
tory remark* by the Pre?ld*nt. Tleoo;miriendttJonn
concerning the new territorial
government of Hawaii form an
Important part of th* message. at* do
atao the controversy- with mexico p gardlng
th-* Interpretation of extradition
treaties; ihe repr^entatlon of th<*
I*nited State* at the Parl? fxp^ltlon;
the propojfd ci-lebratlon of ih?- centenntal
of the founding of.lbr* national capital,
the city of Wacblpginn In 1'JOO?<<fhe
founding having occurred In JWW. mid
the universal pcace prap^?al of the czar
of Itiumla.
The memiagc concludes with a rerlctv
of the ciu rtU condition of Che country
' * * (f*v- * <
-?Xj-ii'JW/1 9 n
with respect to our agrleultorsl, fln*ncl?J,
manufacturing and all other material
Internets, shoving the unparalleled
uccomplltbattr.lt it the rut year. It
also renews the recommendations of last
year for currency legislation?#n?Oure?
on the line of'party pledges and to conform
with the nee*!* of our Industrie*
and Internal comnjer.-. The entire subject
I* recommended to the consideration
of Congress.
The upbuilding of our merchant marine,
the Increase or the army and (he '
navy, with the promise to muster out,all r
volunteers when th- Congress provides t
an adequate standing army, ths out- ?
<vme of the Union Pacific matter, the
result of which saved the government
from Ion, and many other Important '
matters are made subjects ot reference 1
and recommendation*. *
Few messages of our Executives have J
covered bo wide a Held or so many Ira- 1
portant questions. It was what was expected
by ihe country. There ls.no departurb
from American principles. It (
will meet with public commendation. It
li the messagu of a statesman and a
patriotic and wise American President,
in whom the people place Ihelr trust to
meet the great questions that confront '
! ibi republic. '
A Villainous Faliehood Repeated. 1
In a double l<ad<J editorial of great
length the Register repeals Its Infamous 1
falsehood that Che Republican state ad- 1
ministration Intend* to adopt revolu- 1
ilonary measures to secure a majority '
en Joint ballot In the legislature. It
charges that the secretary of stjrte will
use his offlc6 to make up the roll and ]
leave oil Democrats whose seats ar^ con- t
tested. The secretary of state will only J
net according to law. He will not fol- c
low Democratic precedents and do un- I
Juat things and resort to metnoos m defiance
of law.
But, the most unscrupulous portion of ?
the article referred to Is the biggest portion
of It, and it* wholly based upon the
ReglsterV previous falsehood that the
governor will have three companies of
troops on hand, whep the legislature
meets, to forco*a Republican majority
"at the point of the bayonet." A long
! tirade in indulged In and the governor's
alleged determination is denounced as a
The writer of the editorial evidently
uld not read the Register's own Charleston
dispatches before he turned in his
copy. For instance, In referring to Its
former falsehood about the troops, the
organ says, among other thing*, .in a
single sentence which occupies a half
column of space: "If the governor
is not fully aware of the stupendous
crime on foot to subvert popular
government In the state, if need be, it is |
I persistently rumored, by force of ARMED
TROOPS, to be called out for the '3
purpose, In his name, It will be well to
fully prevent the attempt to use his ad- f
ministration for this revolutionary pur- t
I pose by plainly and bluntly telling: the i
conspirator? that he will have no hand -j
in It nor give it his sanction." t
I If the Register were as fair and hon- t
| orable as it pretended to be it never '
would have, published these words, In ^
j view of the publication in its news col- j
! umns of the following self-explanatory <
I telegram: 3
CHARLESTON*, TV. V*., Dec. 4. .
To the Editor of the Register.
SIR:?The statement of your correspond
' ? ?- M." of tHn :'J! nf {
I eiit ironi uct?- ui? -- ..... ? ?
I Decern b.-r, that pre*arrangement ban been J
i made for the presence of three companies
j of state mllltltt, or for any military force (
I whatever, when the legislature meets, Is
entirely false. -t
Please publish my telegram.
Adjutant General of West Virginia. J
In another dispatch the same issue of ^
the Register publishes the following *
! from its Charleston correspondent.' 3
: Adjutant General Appleton to-day charI
notorized as false the published statement
that arninjcemfnts had been mnde for the
presence of a military force In this city on
tho occasion of the meeting of the legls- ,
Jature. 1
. In the face of these authorttive/le- nlals
from the adjutant general, and the <
i previous denlfclfl of the fakes by Che 3
Register's correspondent, our neighbor, 1
| In another editorial, attempts to excuse '
I Itself from the oillum of a maliciously 1
| false publication, by saying that Adju- l
tant General Apple ton's denial, \vhll? <
I it must be*accepted so far as he Is con- J
[ cerned. Is unauthorized by the governor, ,
| and Inrlmates that the governor win is- i
sue an order for troops which the adju- 1
I tant general will have to obey. How j
does the Register know? What right
I has It to utter these expressions? The
story la made of th-' whole cloth and the
Register cannot crawl out of the JP5te
| In this way. 1
The ?lntelllgenoer of yesterday con' i
talned n statement from the governor* i
In which he places himself before the <
public In a proper way. No method will \
he pursued In the malntalnment of the l
rights of the suffragists of the state that 1
la not In accordance with the law and ?
the constitution. A newspaper that will i
ilcllbpra^ly change the wording of an i
Associated Press dispatch to falsify the 1
Identity of a writer of a letter to me *
war board of Inquiry, for partisan ef- ]
feet, will not hesitate to resort to any I
meant* to prejudice the public feellhg !
against the Chief Executive of its own .
state wlu-n a party point Is to be trained j
In behalf of an effort to deprive the peo- 1
pie of their choice of n legislature. c
No Trulh in Jt*
After publishing less than one-half the (
President"? meesaj;.' the evening paper. 1
with It* usual "superior enterprise," *
comments that It contains but one or
two recommendation*, and I? a mass of J
verbiage; It also way* that "It Is note- i
worthy that Mr. MeKinley ?.i>ems to be 1
fhAmnrhlv *:.itl0fled with Secretary Al
ter and the war department, Anil eo far ,
as ?.he Executive- can will discourage ?
any attempt to secure u confresslonal *
A reading of Hit? full t^xt of the message
In thin morning's Intelligencer
??hown that the President nude ncvera!
important ivcomrn- ndjtl^n*, and that
the InvestlxatIon matter was not referred
to In ihe sUght?st manner. This,
far the good reason that the committee
I han made no r?p<<it. nor nan It finished
I ttr ivork, and th*r<? in not a single word
j (hat support* th News' unwarrant??d
I in<! unjustifiable .t:.?crtlon regarding a
rouirreialaiial Inv Mgailnn.
Before you buy your Christmas frmenfe
consult the advertising column* of
the lntnlllgencr.tr. The man who *dverilse*
1,-t deserving .?f patronage, for it Is
a sure sign thai ho believes In modern y
I .
v.." "" ' ?
Makes the food more d
neOiods ot making- known wbat h<
ia? to oner. Aoirriiiuc uwitn ic
The toy* in the window* are the at
ractlve features Just now for Youm
America and Santa. Clati* Is a. blflte
nan In the eye* of the average youm
laWpt than Uncle Sam and Prealden
dcKlnley combined.
>f CommUaiontn MmU la Monthly Fei
Ion nod TnuiMeta Roitliu Buliiw
The Undcrtaklug Contract for ill
Coantry Dlitrlcu.
The Ohio county board of commis
(loners held a regular meeting jester
Joy morning, ell the members belni
>rtsent except Mr. Joseph Speidel, wh<
s spending a month In Texas, where h
ios reel estate interests. The first busl
less transacted was the reading of tb
nlnutes of two meetings by Clerk Mof
'at, the work of counting ballots, etc.
it the last meeting carrying the read
ng of the minutes over.
The several committees reported ii
favor ot the payment of the followlnj
>1Hh, and they were ordered paid:
?oor house and farm $ 573 4
bounty poor fund 1,1317
finance 7u0 f
'ourt house and jail . 88 9
toads und bridges J,3j6 8
Total .J3.M0 C
The number of inmates at the infirm
iry was reported to be 106.
The elections of engineer and as?ist
tnt engineer for the court house result
id in-the re-election of the present ofll
ials without opposition. These or
leorge Bordeaux and Hazlett Freese.
The resignation of Taylor Kellar, eu
>ervlsor of road precinct No. 12, Rich
and district, was accepted.
The board adopted a resolution offer
id by Mr. Hare, which requests th<
itate auditor to pay enenrr Kicnaru
til money due Ohio county for redemp
Ions of delinquent real estate.
Thornburg Bros., of Elm Grove, se
:ured the undertaking contract for thi
ttuntry districts. There wan no othc
)Id received. The contract in detail 1
is follows: Large eofllns, |7 50 each
mtslde boxes. |3; adult robes. SI 50;fou
landles when ordered. $2; outside lin
ng, $1 50; hearse in Trladelphia dis
;rict. $3: In other districts. $4: smai
otflns, S3 each; outside boxes. $2; robes
The board adjourned to meet on Wed
lesday. December 14, as a board o
iquallzation and appeals.
J. Elbridge Butler, of Kentucky, wll
five his original fraternal order enter
alnment here next week, under the au
jplcet of the Wheeling lodges of th
V. O. U. W. His schedule includes en
ertalnments for the several lodges ant
heir friends as follows: Monday, Excel
?lor lodge; Tuesday, Reliance lodge
Vedneaday. Wheeling lodge; Thursday
Welcome lodge; Saturday. Upchurcl
odge,, all at A. O. U. W. hall. On Frt
lay he will give his entertainment a
La Belle lodge's hall, South Side.
The committees in charge are as fol
Excelsior Lodge?W. T. Hlggins, F
3. Frederick, Charles Meyer, W. H
Reliance Lodge?C. F. Brandfass, Mr
?riswpli. J. L. Sawtell.
Wheeling Lodge?C. P. Vernon, J. L
Vood and A. L. White.
Welcome Lodge?J. C. Mansbnrger
fames A. Rankin, John Mishrad.
La Belle Lodge-^F. N. Flood, Jamej
UeXamarn, W. Harsha.
Upchurch Lodge?J. B. Loftus, M. J
illey, F. k scjjedk.
This evening at the Salvation Arm]
Ull. In the Hub building. Major Edltl
Marshall will lecture on her work, "A
Tamp Alger With the Boys In Blue.'
For throe months during the trylni
ieat, Major Marshall and Captain Cu?
abored faithfully in the camp and tljei
efforts were greatly appreciated bot!
t>y the officers and soldiers. Man!
learts were cheered and much good ac
:omplished on every hand. All are cor
lialiy invited to attend this meeting
Captain Cue sings beautifully and wai
ibie to cheer many down-cast soldier
joys with her songs of Zion. For sever
il years Major Marshall was in charg
>f the auxiliary department at nationa
leadquarters in New York City. ,
"Monte Cristo" is one of the playi
:hat seem destined to live on foreve
..14 W ?, iHmnnlllnn fn ntlllllf? flVfl!
svith which they are Invariably recelv
id. James O'Neill In his production o
the great Dumas drama, was greetei
jy a packed house at the Opera Housi
sst night. Mr. O'Neill, In the dual roll
Jt Dantes and Monte Crlsto made i
most favorable Impression, and his ad
fnlrers became satisfied that lie ha;
lost none at the old-tJroe power tha
/ears ago placed him very near the toj
>f the ladder as a romantic actor. I:
lis support were many capable people
n fact there was but one or two weal
ipots In the very numerous caHt requlr
?d (or the production of "Monte Crlsto.'
rhe piece was given an elaborate an<
tandsome stage setting, the scenery li
:h* second and fourth acts being espe
rlaljf fln*.
"Cuba'* Vow" wJlJ be presented at tin
3rand during the last half of (ho week
Its scene* have been made familiar bj
he agitation looking to the freedom o
,'ub.i. Its character* play n part li
Atherlcan history. Representations o
)>* Mowing up of the Maine and of th?
ant great naval battle of the ivar an
calculated to sllr any audience. Tin
Mlnery. painted by Harley Merry, li
DOFt complete and ha* the charm o
realty. Every* lady purchasing a nlerved
seat will secure a souvenir bus
>f lieutenant llobson, the hero of tin
' Patrons of the Grand who purchase
Lldkets for the perfortnaneo of "Chat
anooxa" Ia*t night, were disappointed
Mis* Frederick*, one of the leading
nembers of the oast, became suddenlj
111 while the company was en roui<
'rotn Cincinnati, nnd was confined nl
to her noom at. the Htamm House
Tho attending physician statrd las
tlffht that she wan much improved, om
vlll t?p able to take part in the produe
Ion to-night. "ChattnnooRa" is one <?
he best military drama? on tin* Amerl
an stage, and it should b?? wllnesset
!iy ? Inrice audience to-nlRht. ns It li
certain to please.
"NEOLI3CTRD rokl* mak<? fa
rraveyards." Dr. W?K?d's Norway Pirn
lyrup help* men and women to a happy
rigorous old age. 3
j baking
^ Powder
elicious and wholesome
At tba W??t Virginia Clan Works m
Uartlu'i Farrj-Jfot a QanUou of
Wsgas?fitstamaats Mad* by the Company
and by IbilUn.
' A strike la being waged at the West
p Virginia, glass work* In Martin's Ferry,
* which the employes of the factory at1
tribute to two reasons. the principal ?no
of which being that the patent finisher
tiled at that plant apolls too much
ware, and as the men ore paid for the
i* amount of perfect ware which ther turn
out, it reduces their earnings consider'
ably. The aecond reason given is that
the ossorter of the ware, Richard
Veasy, has too keen an "eye for glass of
- the first and second class and the men
S claim that in classifying the ware he
3 asigns much of it to the second class
(for which they receive no pay) which
? really belongs to the first, and for this
- rensnn thev n*k that he be discharged.
e A. J. Smith, secretary of the West
Virginia glass works, in speaking to an
Intelligencer reporter .last night, stated
? that in the finishing of tumblers it is a
- well known fact that in the factories
which are now operating the patent finishers
the shop turns out more tumblers
. with less loss than when finished by
* hand. The company regrets the action
taken by the men and claims that
f whatever grievances they may have,
could and should according to an agreement,
as well as rule In such cas^s.have
been satisfactorily arranged without
stopping work, by submitting the trouble
to the Glassworkers* Association.
In the neighborhood of 150 men are
effected by the strike, all of whom were
idle yesterday. It is expected and hoped
that the matter will bo satisfactorily
adjusted within a day or two and work
Of Witnesees Who Testified Yesterday
as to'Sunday's Shooting Affray.
Yesterday the cases growing out of the
accidental shooting of Charles Moore, of
the East End, by Henry Keenan, were
J heard, and it was remarkable how weak
P was the memory of each of the wit
r nesses who appeared before Squire Rog;
era. Moore wasn't present, but Elsie
r Gray, at whom JCcenan shot, John
" Mooney, Dave GIrvun and Mike
" Sweeney, who were In the saloon at the
1 time the shooting occurred, testified that
? they didn't see anybody use a gun nor
knew of any person firing one.
Under the circumstances. Squire Rog'
era couldn't Hold Keenan on the charge
of shooting with Intent to kill, so fined
him J.', and cost* for assault and toaV;
tery. Gray was fined the same amount
1 on a similar charge, and- In police oourt
Mayor Butts fined William McGlumphry.
in whose saloon the affair occurred,
- $20 and costs for Sunday liquor selling,
(i All the fines were paid. Moore's physician
refused to let him l*ave the house,
owing to his wound, which, however, Is
3 expected1 to heal shortly.
* The Body of the Well Known Citizen
Laid to Rest Yesterday.
, The funeral of Archibald Woods
" Paull, sr.. took place from the family
*-- ? ?* fnatfirrlair mnrnln?
. at 10:30 o'clock, and were attended by a
large number of the friends of the deceased.
The services at the house were
conducted by Rev. Dr. Cunningham, of
the First Presbyterian church, and
. Rev. C. B. Austin, of the Vance Memorial
church, Mr. Paull having been a
' member of both congregations. Both
ministers spoke feelingly.
Tho interment, which took place at
Greenwood cemetery, was private. The
pall bearers were five brothers of the
deceased, F. J.. James. Alfred, Henry
W.t and Samuel O. Paull, and Lawrence
' E. Sands.
? m
t XVtut Virginia Pension*.
' Special Dispatch to ibo Intelligencer.
r WASHINGTON, D. C.. Dec. 5.?Pene
slons have been granted to West Virginia
applicants an follows:
Additional?Homer D. Martin.Shinnston,
U to |8; John D. Bailey, Charlotte,
HO to $12.
Increase?Francis Jenkins. Fellowsvllle,
$G tr? $10; James R. McCullough.
Hebron. $8 to $12; William D. Crag,
Bluefleld, $6 to $8.
Reissue?Alexander C. Crest. Dean,
Renewal?James M. Kelley, deceased,
Rockyfork, $6.
Widows?Margaret r<. vmun vu, nn?enswood,
JS: Mary M. GreQthoune.Dean,
18; Catherine Haney. New Martinsville,
n *8; Malinda KeJIev, Terra Alta, IS.
e Pensions have been granted also to
Thornton Winesbumh, Buffalo, Washr
ington county, Pa.. 18 per month, and to
- the minors of Bur Harden, Bellolre, O.,
f at $12 per month.
I DR. BULL'S Cough Syrup is pleasant.
5 to take. Children never objept to ft.
? This medicine positively cures cough
i and cold. _
j How to Cook a Rabbit,
t First you Catch him.
> How to roast your Christmas Turkey
i Is of more Importance than the catch
ing of the Rabbit. To do the roasting
t well, go to B. P. Caldwell's and get a
- Dangler Gas Range, .we nave tnem in
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the rest.
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to (ill point*
' ttif&w
r ?
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A Easy to Cook,
Easy to Eat,
itxEasy to Digest.
?r^uaker Oats
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in 2-lb. pkgs. only
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fa Piano
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' Mandolins/Guitars and Banjos at
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Milligan, Wilkin &C
To woo a woman properly a i
must drat win her.
Before a girl is twenty you can m
tell whether she la In love or her at
ach Is out of order.
A man without any religion at
may not be manly, but a woman w
out any religion at all isn't even f<
At the age of twenty-five a man n
be either engaged or married, or
the women begin to wonder why
doesn't behave himself.
To be fascinating to a young ma
woman must never admit that ah
not In love; to be fascinating to an
man ahe must never admit that she I
2&ew York Press.
Ill Drtomiu
All Is over, then, and love is dead;
Bury him, and let no more be aald;
We havo learned our lesson, you and
Love so quickly grown Is quick to die
Could our care have saved him. Had
' cored
Had his little lovely life been spared?
Vain the question: nine? ho lie* o?leep
Yell the face and let his mother weep
Little love, our baby and our pride?
What's tho silly world worth since
You, his father, for his mother's sake
Do not try to kiss the child uwake!
Kisses*, kisses, arm* that closely fqldSeo!
ho smiles, he stirs, his Hps arc coH
KIbs them warm?tho rosy sunrise jrlea
Dear, the night waa horrible with drd
?Pall Hall Gaset
100 Baward 1100.
The readers of this paper will
pleased to learn that there la at 1<
one dreaded disease that science
been able to cure In all Its stages, I
that Is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh C
is the only positive cure known to
medical fraternity. Catarrh being
constitutional disease, requires a c
stitutional treatment. Hall's Cats
Cure Is taken internally, acting dire*
upon the blood and mucous surface*
the system, thereby destroying
foundation of the disease, and giv
the patient strength by building up
constitution and assisting nature in
in its work. The proprietors have
much faith in its curative powers t
they offer One Hundred Dollars
any rase it fails to cure. Send for
of testimonials. Address
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, <
Sold by druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best
QiraT Pnnfita In Pons madp. 11 50.
W. J. LUKEN8, One-Price Jewele
An Unpnrallad Time Record.
Was made every day during the pel
of the Omaha Exposition by the tri
of the Chicnco. Milwaukee & St. I
Railway on its Chicago & Omaha SI
Although ltd trains hauled from
to thirteen well filled sleeping cars
roaches i-ach night, yet schedule tlm
arrival at Omaha and at Chicago
an accomplished fact?a record to
proud of, and which has resulted In
tabllsftlng the Chicago. Mllwauke*
St. Paul Railway In the minds of
traveling community as the short
best and most reliable route from (
cago to Omaha, as well as to Calltor
ah nniinoii ticket (utcnts sell tlcl
via the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. I
Railway. For information regarc
the lino address Robert C. Jones, Ti
cling Passenger Agent, 40 Carew Bu
!ng, Cincinnati. Ohio.
Donble Dally Trains from Clnclnn
Ixmitvlllr, St. Vjoola and Kauui <
via the ftonfhcrn Railroad.
The Southern railway and connect!
have arranged, for the accommodat
of travel to the south this winter,
beat service ever offered. Begins
December 4th, additional throi
Sleeping Car service will be establii
from ClncJnnaU. Louisville, SL Lc
and Kansas City to Jacksonville, v,
through connections, without layo^
frorii each of these points for tra
leavijig-both morning and evening.
Tlrrte, Cincinnati and Louisville
Taviiip. 25 houfi: Havana
All ticket agents sell one-way i
round-trip ticket* to southern re?
via Southern Hallway. /
Ask your nearest ticket agent
rates and other Information, or writ*
A. BAIRD, Trav. Paw. Agent. Lot
vllle, Ky.i J. C. BEAM. Jr., N. W. Pi
Agt., SO Adams St., Chicago, III.; W
H. TAYLOE, Assistant General Pa
enger Agent, Louisville, Ky.
If the II* by Is CnMlug Tee lb.
fie sure and use that old and well-ti
remedy, Mrs. Wlnslow's Sooth
Syrup for children teething. It soot
the child, softens the gums, allays
pain, cures wind colic and Is the I
remedy for diarrhoea. Twenty-]
cents a bottle. m-wd
tllTniN'S?At Weston. W. Va., on Sn
day. December 3, ucw. CIIAKI
HUuINB, in his 49th year.
Funeral services at his late residence.
1*19 Alley C, on Tuesday ufternoor
2 o'clock. Friends of family reap
fully Invited to attend. Intermeni
Mt. Zlon cemetery.
I uncral Director an!
Arterial tmbalmer.
1117 MnliiHtreil, tVutRI
C*II? by Telfption# Anawerad Dai
or NIfht. Btor? Telephone <K
UcMr-ncr. (Ot. Allllt*llf? Telephone
CM. *0
Funeral Director and Embalm
1208 MAIN ST.
Und?r Competent Management.
Telephonea?Store. ?; ltaaldanca, TIP.
bruemmer & hTldebran
Comer Market eei 224 Street*
Telephone SOT. Open Day and Nljg
5lN V|W
ISlN Ton Win And the most *tl?f?ctoiT pUce
<? 2??l
jrh ?? ? (? ?vw ??>... ???
!?XW money you urant to epend, you will find a
auitable present here.
us. John Becker & Co.,
jewelers and opticians.
*6*7 ja?ob itrmt.
' hygienic undbbwbar.
iIDoctor I
n a fig 8ay8 that a wet skin
"old 2&coe8 before c0ld8-rft
is.- g jaros hygienic under- dft
wear absorbs moist-2$
g ure,prevents chilling ua
r flh-can't shrink - non- r?
. 1 g irritating - stout or
iwa ^ thin-tall or short"*?
u/aiimi no runn ^
ffl ~ALL CAN BE pnoF>ERLY &
^ 'ffl C08T'*T00' ?
For Sale by
Agents for West Virginia.
1321 1123 Mftot SU WbeelmQ. W. V*
has :
ure ???
^ Y. M. G A. HALL
i it iiPPn i'AT^iiji
Mr. Hermann M. Schockey,
the Mr. L*roche,
do- Mr. Blumenberg,
to Mr. Myers.
Seats on sale at tie stssic atorea asd T. ftt C.
>. AtotWag. p*
Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday nights.
Doc. fi, 8 and 7. Matinee Wednesday, Uncoin
J. Carter's thrilling and romantic war
!r' pl.y
plod Plctarcsfltwand true to life In Its rendition.
>in? Night prices?15, 25, 35 and 50c. Matinee
?"1 prices?15, 35 and 35c.
VT Thursday, Friday and Saturday oventon
'ngs. Dec. 8, !>, 10, and matinee Saturday.
Harley Merry's great scenic production of
and -CUBA'S VOW"' A true story of Cuba
e of and the Incident* which led to the war hewas
tween Spain and America. Night prices,
b? 15, 25, 35 and 50c. Matinee prices. 13, 25 nnd
e?". 35c. Ever>' lady purchasing a reserved
t & seat will secure a handsome souvenir.
the "
nla. ,
tets * ?
Plush Caps.
Polo Turndown and Brighton
at 35c aad 59c.
Men's Fine Plash Brighton and
!gh All kinds of Cloth Winter Caps at
tied ,
ln" 38 Twelfth Street
;? Grace your Thanks??
giving Table with a
!?4,r: new set of Plated
Knives and Forks... ' *
GEO. W. ~
.?t 3210 Main St.
s Shorthand.
1 "l Expert Instruction.
ec!" Select Pupils Only,
1 al Day and Evening Session*
Wheeling Shorthand School.
Crangle Block,
ISIS Market Street.
Wheeling:. W. Va.
Louis E. Schrailcr, Walter Bould,
Official Stenographer, Certificated Teacher,
Ida. Proprietor. Principal.
Beautiful Forms
and composition
gp Are not made by chance, nor can
1 tftey ever In any materia) bo mada
at amali expanse. A competition
for cheapness. and not for cxcel*
loncc of workmanship, is tho most
-? frequent and certain raimo of the
ID, rapid decay and entire destruc*
>, flon of arts and manufacture*.
For beat (wlilch Is the cheapest)
iL work, the lntelllgcnccr Job Print*
tt inff Oftlco In the place to go.
fiTLuke'*- Pariah Houm and Bmlth't r*r,
dm. Le?* U lnfcUI(?i)o?r. office an J ?,t
reward. * defr
Brl*ht. JTotr Gooda, Quality the Beet
Everything you need?the beet the market
can ncoducc.
Nut* o/Milery dcacriptian. Cluatrr Ital.
aim. Flit*. -Date*. Citron. Cummin, nr.
Call and toapect our dlaplay. Every da*
ve are recelvlpc new dellcarfet.
-JjjOTlCB. 9
The*r?(Ular monthly meetlne of the
W.tefjg. S. will be held at the.*.
St C. A. on Wednesday, December';.
W at J J# p. m.
de? ""* Secretary pro tew.
HOT SODA*.....
Hot Cocoa, Hot Coffee. Hot B**f
Tea, Hot Clam Bouillon, Hot Tomato
Bouillon and many other*, all
hot at ?i;,
Goetze's New Hot Fountain,
; Op|p?it? McLura Hoaw.
Yarmouth Bloaters. ' .
- ' - 3017
16'Exchiiigt Bask Budding.
STOCK& ? .
Cry?tal OtaM World. 1 ,
Whortln* ElfclrlMl Co. 1
0.n?1 .Mil Imn fn
' WhSiijir!&*JB#imon*t Bridge Co.
Ohio Klvr** General Mortgage, 5 per cent
I City of Wheeling. C per cent.
One Night Cure
For Chips and Rough Skin is
Price 10 cents per bottle.
Sold by IL fl. LIST, Druggist, mm sliui,
and dealers everywhere.
rooms, large dining room, office
and bar room. Rent reasonable.
Will lease for a term of 5 or 10
Telephone 687. 1320 Hartet St.
No. S3 SOUTH FRONT ST.-Jf-roomed
dwelling, with all modern conveniences,
$2,730.00. ..
No. 168' NORTH FRONT ST.-?-roomed
dwelling, with all modern convenience*,
will sell >hfiiP on ft nulck deal.
No. ffTaM-KOFF ST.?7-roomed* brick
No. 132 TWELFTH ST.-5-roomed dwelllag,
lot 23x115, price 12.100.00.
6. O. SMITH,
Exchango Bank Building.
A Month.
No. 3.113 Market strcot |70 84
No. 127 Fourteenth street 25 00
No. 1130 Charles street ? <X)
No. 3527 Chapllne mreet, 2 rooms.... i 00
No. 1-* Indiana Street
So. 30 Sixteenth street, bottling eelTar
12 (0
No. 32 Sixteenth street, office room.. 10(0
No. 34 Sixteenth street, first floor.... 17 00
Blacksmith shop. Market and Twenty-fourth
'streets...' 10 (W
Stable 1316. Alley ? $00
3 rooms Second street, Martin's Ferry,
Ohld. natural gas fixtures for
heal and .light 700
Desirable Market street property.
Real Estato Agent, Collector, Notary
Public and Pension Attorney, No. 1S12
Main street. dt5
Gas Range, No. 377.
The most complete, most pcrfect and
most useful range on the mirket. It
his ? Baking Oven, Roasting Oven,
Upright Broiler and Water Heater.
You can Cook, Bake, Roast, Broil and
Heat Water all at one time with tbemost
perfect results in each case.
Open top grates furnished for summer
Call and examine them.
1312 Market St.
Linen Specialties
300 Yards
Fine Pleached Table Linens,
two yards wide, in short ends from
the factor)-, at 25 per cent less than
regular prices. In 2, 2 1-2 and 3
yard lengths.
400 Fine Damask Towels,
at 25c each, worth 35c to 40c each.
About 100 Very Fine Towels,
drummers' samples, that arc soiled,
Pure Linen Dresser Scarfs,
hand worked, direct from Ireland,
for\hc holiday sales, at wholesale
J. S. Rhodes & Co. I

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