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Stout and Glioma*. \
Stone &
Holiday Shopp
is on in full b
your special attention to our
All the desirable kinds, from
you for your own interest to
Dress Pattern
Nicely Banded
specially desirable Black E
sold at $3.98 and $4.95. Hundri
Silk Waist Pal
Hundreds of t
tion, and by the way they h
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for Xmas presents. Each p
box. Special values at $2.85,
cm, n
OiiK urcss rai
To-day and S;
gant black Silk Dress Patter
new weaves, at per pattern
You cannot possibly make
acceptable present.
The Furniture De|
has been enjoy
ness. Lower prices is what
-> The Toy Department,
The China Department,
The Book Deoartment,
The Art Department,
are very, very inte
Stone &
Sto. SR. Snook and Co. \
Open Till Late at Night, bi
* _ II
oacnecs. i
Not going to reel off Jacket quo- <
tations by the yard; as time is too ^
short and spacc too valuable; but
we promise all Jacket buyers
SURPRISES to-day and to-morrow.
iWear that new Jacket Christ- 1
mas?no need to wait longer. s
The Special
Quotations J
also include Children's Wraps, La- ,
dies' Suits and Fur and Plush
iWraps of every description.
A limited number of Real Seal! '
Capes and Electric Seal Jackets at i J
very special prices. '
Blankets, 1
WUIIUi vw>
Did you ever hear OXE derog-'
atory word against St. Mary's
Blankets?even against the priccs? *
Additional price surprises liere to- s
day and to-morrow in both Blankets
and Eiderdown and Fluffy! 3
Cotton Filled Comforts.
The extra fine ones at VERY
special prices. Rich pickings lieTe
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Drapery and f
Curtain Dept.
iVe boast of a FULL-FLEDGED
Draper.- and Curtain Depart- (
menu Magnificent is the assortment
of rich Draping*, Curtains, i j
Rugs, Druggets, Screens, etc. Hoi- j
iday gifts ol the most useful sort i .
' in this section.
New:::::::: i
and Knit Shawls in black, while' _
an<I colors?26e to $2.95. New' J
logins and Overgaiters 25c up.
.More of those celebrated Mercer- (
ized Petticoats, which look cxactlv I
like silk, $3.90 to $4.75. I
Stone and Gliomak
last. We want to call
showing of
$2.65 to $125.60. We invite
call and sec this great
/ g,
? d
, from $1.98 to $24.95. Soiiie
iress Patterns arc being
:ds of them for your se
hem here for your selecave
been selling there's
fet handsome silk waists
attorn put up in a neat
$3.25, $3.75 and $4.95.
iturday we offer i oo Elens,
in all the
a more appropriate or
ing a phenomenal busiis
bringing this increased
Testing places these days.
Sto. SK. Snook and Co.
s Throng
JIU1VI/J Ut\lLi i 0
jt Come Early To-day I
<id Glove
Tlie famous "Trefottsse" Kid
jloves with JEWELED hooks,
i hich sell in all large citics at $2.00
md $2.25 pair, will be placed on
ale to-day and to-morrow at
M.50 Pair!
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vV'KRY color 75c pair tip. Misses'
<id Gloves in Reds, Blues, Greens,
rhese Very
-ine Goods
it deeply cut prices to effect their
;ale before Christmas:
Finest Vernis-Martin Cabinet
md Vernis-Martin Tables.
Finest Solid Onyx Tables.
Finest $10 and $15 Medallions.
Seveal costly groups of finest
Statuary and Vases.
Finest Hand-Painted Game Set
roni I.imoge, France; subjects all
Finest up-to-date I-amps.
Extra fine and large Renaissance
Extra fine Real Duchesse Lace
Etxar fine an<l large Dressed and
"ndressed Dolls.
Extra fine 1 Hack and Colored
Dress Patterns.
All these MUST be sold to-day
uid to-morrow.
Ttit fila-s Water Bottles and Tnfiiilers
In match, ju?t dpened- $3.00
>er set.
66 k & co.
Sood Shot* 1
about what to buy for eI,
Holiday presents, consult our window.
Not an article there that is not useful. ~
Not an article that has not the stamp of A
genuine merit on its face. c?
Alexander, *
Shoe Seller. 1049 Mala, C
CAristmaa Sifts.
In Selecting
Christmas Gifts, m
which involves a considerable ex- JJ
pendlture of money, great care w
should be exercised In choosing the b?
PLACB to buy. There Is so much te
spurious Jewelry offered to the pub- f0
He nowadays that there Is'great dan- r
ger of being fooled. Why not buy .
where tho Jewelry business Is a
i /-\%*r v dpi 11 fa
Biuay, HliU wiiriT v/il u v ?
preach n degree of honor greater ej
than thut practiced by otherH, but
wo don't fool you. we give you
your money's worth every time. cc
Dillon, Wheat
& Hancher Co. tu
1 11 CO
and undecided what the Christmas
present shall be? Why H
not make it te
WHAT III More Useful to
BE <i: More Acceptable
Thai! a neat, dressy pair of Shoes or to
Slippers? ?'(
Any article bought at our store can be th
exchanged after Christmas if so desired. g
One Price Shoes. 1311 Market Si. th
- H
TDattr Color*, Sle.
weTpTace on "i
French Water Colors,
Gibson Pictures, th
Nicholson Drawings. w,
....All new subjects and no duplicates.... B
1231 Market Street. jj|
(EKr 3nttlligenrer I
? . . ;.' fe
Orttee: SIS and 27 Fourteenth Street. R
? at
?W Advertisements.
Notlce-^-Ohlo Valley Business and English
Notice to Zane Lodge No. 1, Shield of
Honor. G
Oysters?For Christmas?C. N. Taylor.
Canvassers of Ability?Third Page.
Wanted?Salesman?Third Page. 111
J.lnt of Letters. th
Warned?All Round Salesman. ct
Commissioner's Notice?C. P. Flick. Hr
Notice to Lion Holders?C. P. Flick. f*
Second Annual Ball?Mayer's Band.
Don't Trust Your Old Picture?Morgan Hl
Rhees. d<
John Heftry, L. McGIll and Martin Flan- pi
agan are In the Coal Trade to Stay. Hc
Milk and Cream?Hygela Dairy. l>(
Holiday Goods-Coetse's Drug Store. '*
important? H. F. Behrens Co.
11 T.lut f
Weather Strips?Geo. W. Johnson'* Sons, U
For Sale? Fifteenth Street Lots.?G. O. tj
Smith. _ ni
C. HESS <t SONS' *
Useful and Eletfant Christmas Gifts at q
Popular Prices. S,
COLLAltS- Always t in- very newest for M
IjkIIom ii nd Gentlemen. Pi
NF.CKWKAK-All tile latest styles.
ULOVU-S-Klili Aloco, Asbcstol, Silk
mill Wool.
will*. Wool ami Cotton. ,r
IIANDKKlu,'IHKFs>-sllk. Linen uinl
Cambric*. '?
SL'SFKXDKIW-Fancy Silk, fctotln ami i;
Worsteds. . v.
SI I HITS-White and Colored. i,
ami Worsted*. "
I'.MHltKL LAS-Silk and Mohair, wltli &i
Fiiiky IlandluH. 'r
Wool. ('of ton and .Tarwft*Hyjfloulc. ^
A Suit of Clothes, Overcoat, I'alr of
Trouper* or Funcy Vest to order, an M
wo have their iticiuiureH. ] j
Fashionable Tailors and Furnisher*.
1 llsi 1 and 1U?tt Murkct Streel. \
AVo have fitted more than twenty a
thouHiuiil pnlrNOf'Kpcctaele?.ii;lvluif n* ...
ii record and experience uuequalled l?y
any other optfe/art In WvhI VJrjrJiilu. 1
Satisfaction Kiiiinuiti't'd. Pe
.IA( UH W. i.IUHH. Optician.
Xo, lftOO Market Street.
"Water Rents are Due.
"Water rents for the six months ending
March 31. 1890, are now ready. If paid
on or before December 31, 181)8. u dla- rj
count of 10 per cent will be allowed. OI
It# Fourth Anniversary.
The fourth anniversory of Mountain j\?
Htalo Council No. 490, Catholic Benevo,- |
lent fj'glon, will be celebrated on Tue?- J '
day evening, January 17, by n musical
and literary entertainment, the pro- ?,
reeds of which will be for the benefit of ,,
HI. Mary's new hall. In th<? ICIghth l"
1 1 All IF ,?..?! Ut
the membero of this order renlde.
.'MM? Flm? Hllk ^lilrfn. worth k? for
fl oiih . on Ki'Miiv mid NutimlMV. at
WIM< <J!TMAv.-, 1811 MHrkcl *?.
A LIN IS of One .Gold Bracelet*, ut Ht
M'MAMKK'S, J507 Market Ht. N
hlflex V. WIN KM. i pi
M?l>ri'nimiiici, i(4fd(M?lic?lmor* iff???: ??? j (,1
Itolmulor, \HHihiiniiliiiiiHi-i* NolfHtM*!- h(
n#r. r. wiij.TV a- < o. | ^
?? m p|
C* IS Nice .'liindolln, . nlno rlbx, < ,
V/ "v celluloli guard plate. . h<
" l\ W. UAUMKK CO. ) a<
: is Said Cecil A. Koblnson will
licconic Manager ot
11(1 tllnt Spppctni** .Inlin P? WHirlit
will bo Mado the LaBelle Iron
Works' President?Some Confusion
has Arisen over tlio Change of
Management lu the tin Plato 31111s.
The LaUcllo'ii new Plate Mills.
Developments In local tin-plate clres
continue to be an Interesting topic,
id the operation of the mills by the
merican Tln-Plate company, the refntly
formed trust, which began lust
onday, promises to be followed with
iterest until the combine warms its
at In this community.
One of the important features affectg
the local situation was the clrculaon
of a report late last nlglit that
resident C. A. Robinson, of the Labile,
is shortly to resign his position
id assume the duties of supeiintemlit
of the combine's mills in this seean.
Owing to the lateness of the hour
r. Robinson could not be seen to verV
the truth of the report, which came
i the Intelligencer from a mon In u
>sltion to know whereof he spoke, he
'Ini* nlnuiilv In tminh U'llli mill rtlflt
rn In general. The Intelligencer's inrmant
stated that Mr. Robinson's
slgnatlon would result in other
langes In the LaBelle, and that by
ason of It. Mr. John K. Wright, now
>cretary of the company, would be
ected president.
The sume gentleman stated that the
>mblne's mills lack a definite system
management so far, but that the
noothness necessary would be devel>ed
us soon as Mr. Robinson, who is
le of the directors of the combine,
ok charge.
As Mah first stated In the Tntelllgenr
several weeks ago the LaBelle was
ntemplatlng the erection of plate
ills In the event its tin mills would
> into the trust, and as stated then,
iese mills will be erected very prob>ly
on the ground now occupied by
,e tack factqry and cooper shops.
Tn the Circuit
Yesterday In the circuit court. Judge
ervey, the following orders were enred:
Wheeling Title and Trust company
i.B. WlHon Peeney et al.. defendants.
, W. Peeney and G. L. Medlck given
ave to file separate answers to the
11 of complaint. The case then went
i Its flnal healing, and the Wheeling
Itle and Trust company was ordered
pay out of funds to the credit of B.
'. Feeney. amounting to $4,360.07, cerin
claims that are enumerated. The
?im nf rs t. mpdirk. il nromlssory
>te /or 52,500, Jh adjudged no claim,
he Trust company is ordered to pay
ie claims passed upon by the court and
1 y additional orders which may be
und. Any balance is ordered to be
lid over to B. W. Feeney.
Thomas Sauvageot vs. Louis Berthey;
verdict for the defendant.
Edward Knight vs. Mrs. M. L. Mcechen
et al.; vcrdict of one cent for
ie plaintlfT.
Schmulbach Brewing company vs.
enry Schodder; writ of sciri facias isled.
German Bank vs. John ft. Kline et al.,
der of reference to Commissioner G.
. E. Gilchrist to ascertain lien on the
operty. _
In Clerk Robertson's Of^cc.
Yesterday in Cleric Robinson's office
ie following transfers of real estate
ere recorded:
Deed, made December 1, 1898, by John
layney and wife to Emma D. Watt,
moderation $27f?: transfers a tract of
nd at Honey's Poln*.
Deed made December 1.1898. by Ferdand
Baltz and wife to Jacob Schlemer,
consideration $62."?: transfers south
ilf of lot 1 In square 26 in Joseph Coldell's
Deed made September 20, 1898, by An ew
Devore and others to K. D. and
W. Devore, consideration $200; transrs
a tract of land on Short creek,
ichlund district, containing twelve
;res und three rods.
Under the auspices of the Parish
uild of St. Matthew's church and
ven by the society ladies and gentleen
of Wheeling ut the Opera House
iree nights commencing Tuesday, De mber
27, "Ben Hur," the beautiful
lectaeular production, will be per?rmed.
It Is un entertainment that
ands upon its own merits and Is enjrsed
by the entire press, public and
Jlpit. One entire carload of beautiful
enery Is used and the costumes are all
stork-ally correct. The different
inces and drills have been complete
or the past week and are. able to go
trough their different steps without
ie aid of th Instructor. Among the
any pretty dances is the Egyptian
nndango In which the following ladies
ike part: Miss Mamie Grubb. Miss
race Hoge. Miss Ella Chew, and Miss
,ie Caldwell. They are chaperoned by
rs. W. A. Jsett and Miss Gene 8.
rlend. _
The Horse Attachments.
The attachment casrs against J. TTn?rwood,the
race course man, promises
? be adjusted within a few dafs. Mr.
n der wood returned from New Jersey
ssterdny, and settled the claim of McInley
Bros.. a feed bill for $24 28, be)re
Squire Fltzpatrlck, but he dlsutes
the claim or Fred. (Joldstrom.
here is one other bill for the bourd of
tckeys and rubbers, preferred by I..
rudlng. which amounts to $222 iiO, that
[es-sry. Underwood and Drudlng will
kelv arrange in a day or so.
I'ltf Roust M
t Daniel (tUth's sample room, corner
' Eighteenth and Koff street, on MonIV.
December 2fl. 1898. from .'I to 5 p. m..
nd 8 to 10 p. m. All friends and paons
ore cordially Invited to attend,
his will also.be made the occasion to
lebrate the birthday of the proprietor.
SILVER Back Combs, 35c, EOc, 75c
id $1.
W. J. LUKEN3, One Price Jeweler.
LAKOE variety of Jewelry that urved
too late must bo sold. It Is four
aportunlty t(i Have money. Call and
u.". II. K. HILLMAN & CO.
The American Wmioi'-Giviil West ii
( Imiujmtftie. Try u bottle for
IlI'lNttllllM dllllllT.
DIN'I.VO Room Tables, Chairs and
debonrds, Parlor Furniture ami odd
m'HRW'8. Ii!0S .Main street.
.71'ST recflved a line of ?hmv Hterllns
Wei Novelties, M'XAMEE, 1507 .Mur?t
. Hperln) .Vollee,
The cleanliiK and dyeing firm r>T F.
riff fir Hon are located lit the "Id Hiund.
o. 1149 Market Htroel, where they make
Mpielalty In the deanfnfr. dyeing,
mmIiik and n-pn'rlnrc of K?*i>tlem??n'M
othlng. old Hiilift cltani'tl. dyed, rerond,
rellned and repaired to )""i<
lyiil to new nt n Hinnll runt. AIho
mnrn nnd tlpi? cleaned, colored and
irled mi Khort hotltc at F. Htrlfr A
?n>, 114 'J ^lorkei street, opposite
:henk & Suniv' Meat Store. tf.
Yesterday Afternoon In a Wi
Street Ilesort?-The Pullre were
formed and Arrested Three 1
A country boy. according to the a
told at police headquarters last al
fell among thieves yesterday aftern
and the spare change on bis person,
went like magic from his possession
to more dexterous digits. The you
name was not known to Captain I
nett. but his story was credited.
Officers Marshall and Ingram alio
afterward gathered in three suspect
The men arrested were Elsie fir ay
Sweeney and Joseph Collins, the la
claiming to hail from Plttsburgh,ftn<
was arrested for interfering witn i
shall when the'officer tried to ar
Jack Foray the, who escaping In
shuffle. It is thought tliat Gray, Sw<
iy and Forsythe can explain how
victim was bunkoed.
The young man who lost his mc
Uvea down the river near ftew Mart
viJle, and yesterday afternoon abou
o'clock he was accosted by a stran
whose persuasive tongue induced" hli
accompany the stranger into McGl
phry'a saloon, on Water street. Ii
hfir>lr rsinm nf tliu c i Irinn th? f:
known as the "tea racket" was bej
The young man thought he had a i
thing for his money, and while sti
ger Xo. I dealt the cards, the run
wagered his ca*h ?vlth stranoer Ni
who "Just happened to drop in."
The country hoy's cash was tu*
over with due dispatch, hut seelns
was up against bunko artists, lie loc
up the police. The arrests were
made In the saloon, as the suspects ?
disappeared, but they were corrale
few hours later on the streets.
Later In the night Forsythe was
rested by the Btllalre police at
request of the local authorities, ant
was placed In Jail. If Forsythe dec
not to cross the river without reqt
tlon papers the case may be postpc
(or a few days, and the young man
have the Job of Identifying them.'
Deutli of Mrs. K. AV. Warren.
Sedalia. Mo., Exchange: Mrs. Sa
W. Warren's sudden death Frl
morning at the family residence,
West Seventh street, occasioned ]
found regret throughout the city,
had been in her usual health and, a
attending a service at the Chris
church, came home and retired with
fond "good nights" she always k
her family. Some time in the night
death messenser came, and like a tr
ingr child she smilingly went from
mortal sleep to that or Immortality,
Mrs. Warren, who was one of thirl
children?only one of whom, Mrs. >
garet Carter, of this city. I? now It
was a native of Newry, Ireland,
came to this country, as did severs
her brothers and sisters, with her fi
er's nephew. Rev. Alexander Camp:
famous In Christian ehureh history,
received a fine education, partlcul
In music, and all her life she was
voted 4o this art. She' married
Samuel Warren, a highly cultured j
tleman of the old southern type,
with him resided at Dover. Mo.
was the mother of three children, a,
and two daughters. The former die
an early age. the latter. Mrs. It.
Lukenbll! and Mrs. J. D. Dorinoh
are residents of this city.
After the death of her husband 1
Warren was a teacher of mush
Christian college. Columbia, and she
thereafter, desiring to give her dai
ter the musical advantage of a li
flty. she went to Chicago and res
there for six yeai*s. She then enm
this city,.where she has since lived.
A "Well Appointed Establishment
1281 Mailt Street.
One of the most convenient and n
ly appointed; cafes and restaurant!
the city is that of Jacob Wllhelm
1231 Main street. The location 'is In
heart of the business district, mal
the place accessible to all merchant
which trade Mr. Wllhelm caters.
Wllhelm makes a feature of hfs
taurant and lunch counter, and I
will always be found up to dute
stocked with all seasonable .viands
the best the market affords. JQulck
vice, cleanliness and moderate pi
form the rule of this establishment
the large and increasing trade test
to the success with which this air
accomplished. The kitchen Is In clu
oi an cxytnviiucu vnuu uu mc i
in prepared properly to suit the- v
fastidious tnste. The steam table It
ways provided with articles nere.?i
to make up a hasty lunch or a ;
square meal at any hour. The bar is
equal of any In the Ohio villey.
the popular brandy "f beer and ale
handled, together with good liquors
choice wines noted for their deli
flavor and bouquet. The elfrnr star
the best maintained In any salooi
restaurant In the elU*. and Is sto<
with the best from stogies to twou-quarter.
< lumipu?:m'H. Ithtlio AVI urn. Tin
and all tho lending bin
Tor the holiday*.
wrll.lKf Kit A- DI!I>:irOH8TC
Telephono Hll.T.
NEW lot Misses' Rings to-day.
W. J. LUKENS, One Price Jewel*
St 85 buy a Mandolin, se
ribs and Inlaid guard plate
?<*,- ?
Liquor Company have placed eleg
Christmas trees In thfclr front wlndc
and have advertised a free trlft c
handsome glass decanter, filled x
one quart of pure old port wine, i
to all who make purchases of one do
or more.
FURNITURE of flrst-claw qua
was never before as cheap. Ton
bo convinced of -this fact by calling
FREW'S, 1208 Main street.
JIJ8T received n line of new St or
Silver Novelties, M'NAMEK, 1507 .\
ket street.
BARGAINS In Ftorllncr Silver Tl
bleu at Shott Bros.' 1>I? discount salt
Pennsylvania Lines "West of PI
December 23, 24. 25, 2fi, 30, 31. 1
January I and 2. lfftO; return limit J
uary 3, Inclusive. tict details from n<
est Pennsylvania Lints ticket uKen
t.'ivrr.' WhU* niflmnm! Wplirhlnff
curat*, less 1-.12, ai a upeclal price
day. II. K. II ILL MAX & (.'
LAIiflE linn ??f Ladle*' and Go
Kings, at* M'NAMEE'S, 1A07 Markel
Nprclrtl Holiday I tut ph.
Tho CI. viand, Lorain & Whee
Hallway will innk?* xpeclal rate.* Top
hollclnyn to all point* on It* own line
unnicil.>ns In ?Vntr.il I'.-ifH-nj,"-!' A'
elation territory. Ticket* on nale
cember 28d, 24th, 25th, 2Cth. ?IOth
31*t iiml January l*t, Rood until .la mi
2d JnclujiJvc. For ticket* and full i
tlculnr?! apply at City Ticket Olllce,
nor Twelfth and Market utresU.
Pean thi *""!11:1,5 #lw3"
Case That Proved Fortunate fbr
aler Vuuuk Culurdl Man.
jn. Special Officer Johnson, of the Pan
3?*. Handle, arrested a colored youth at the
passenger station yesterday afternoon
torjr on the charge oi using profane langht,
iniage. En route up Eleventh street
oon, friends of the boy called other colored ^
men from a saloon, and they made such
. ' a hostile showing, in the officer's mind, j
1 that he pulled his revolver on thk
th's crowd. However, nothing serious bap- \
Jen- pened and the boy was released from
I custody at police headquarters?and (
here's the peculiar phase of the affair.
'rtly Johnson is n stranger here and does t
s. not know Captain Bennett. "When the
.Joe boy Wtt* brought in the day. lieutenant I
iter sent out for the.captain. and the friends ,
She ot lhfc b?y 8e,lt tor a lawyer. Sam O. I
iar. Boyce. When Mr. Boyce came in. he
tried to smooth matters by promising (
the the boy would do better in the future,
een- and advised the railroad officer to prot,
ceed no further. To this the latter asr .
sented, and the boy was released. Then f
mev developed that Johnson thought
j' Boyce was Bennett; but for this he
. . would probably- have turned a deaf ear
to the lawyer's plea for his client.
* H A "Word of Admonition to Jewelry
ime _
fun. Buyers.
sure The rush of buyers at SHEFP BROS.'
ran- Jewelry store yesterday was often so
'"if great that it was with extreme difH'
cully that even the largely augmented
ned force of clerks could wait on all. The
; he magnet which draws so many to this
iked well-known place Is the genuine barnot
gains in diamonds, watches and fine
?oon Jewelry which Shelf Bros. are giving
?d a -this season. The firm desires that all
of its friends, patrons and the general
nr- public shall have opportunity to ge?t a
the fair share of their splendid bargains, j
1 he bargains that are not likely to be'
ides equalled' in "Wheeling: for a long time,
jJsi- and it therefore asks all who can to
ined come as early as possible this morning:,
will afternoon and evening. Come early and
you will be well repaid by selection
from the finest, most carefully purchas- /
ed and largest bargain-giving stock of
jewelry In West Virginia.
rail ?
day StometltJiig foi*n Christmas Dinner?
01Q A nice hottlo on it 11 lb rii lit or Imported
-13 Wine. (io to Selwcfbr Drlohorst. Co.,
pro- w^ere yon can find nil tlio lending
She brands. Telephone 803. a
fter DON'T miss our sale of Fancy Goods,
tlan at one-quarter oft the price from now th(%
until Christmas.
;ave i
ust- FINK WINKH of every description, I
<h.? Imported and domcatlc. \
lhe J*. WJSLTY it CO.
1^" Diamonds.
;ft? We must dispose of some of our imShe
mense stock of Diamonds before Christ
il of mas. To do so we will soil them very t
ith- close. H. K. HILLMAN & CO. \
bell. m
She 200 sun Puff Shirts, worth Si.30, go I
arly for 75 contoot wiM.t.tTMAN's ^
rip. 1311 Market St.
$cn- WATCHES that are guaranteed can
and be bought of us cheaper than elsewhere.
,son ? *> 1 i!
ue About seventeen months ago we sold
a very fine Pprlght Piano to a family in
VIrs- this city. who. for reasons which will
?n be satisfactorily explained, is obliged
Ptly to dispose of It at once, and In order
igh- to realize quickly, the piano will be sold
?rge at a very great sacrifice. Any one needIdea
Ing a piano would do well to come and
e to see the instrument, which Is now at our
ware rooms. For further particulars
call on the owner, at Xo. .1028 Jacob ,
street, or ut our music store, Xo. 1.110
Market street. F. \V. BAUMER CO.
: at m
LAMPS, Pictures and Fine Mirrors at
at. auction.
s In ? '
, at FIXE line of up-to-date Jewelry at
the M'NAMEE'S, 1507 Market street.
ting "WE intend closing out our stock of
s. to Bric-a-brac, and offer It at one-quarter
-Mr- off the regular price from now unui
r?*- Xmas. JOS. GRAVES' SOX. /
hey m v
J"? 8TERUNO Silver Pocketbooks from =
oOc up at O. C. GENTHER'S.
1CC3 " m ~
nn(1 ROCKERS, Stands.Lnmps, at auction,
food NOTICE. <? j
'.a ry
rood We will give a discount of 20 per cent on
ho anything In our stock of $50,1X10.00 worth
... of Diamond". Watches, Jewelry, Silverware.
etc. This mends n saving of 20 ci'nts
or,> on every dollar's worth you buy. A $4.00
and Set of Solid Sliver Tea Spoons costs you
fate j.1.20. Rogers' Silver Knives and Forks at
t] t. $3.60 per dozen, I^hs 20 per cent, routs you
, '. fl'.SO per dozen. Vou can select any goo'ls
, , you want nt this 20 per cent reduction sale.
Red and by paying a small deposit we will
for- keep them for you until Christmas.
Corner Main and Eleventh streets. _r
r To Give 1
i Select T
: ut
im* Now is the Christmas
lur' choosing.
m* As the Holidays draw ne
tO Unci 1110 ITlUbl iaic mi
il IHOur
line of the very bes'
*?f: Hundreds of Men's and Boys' S
?r- lower in our experience.
What is more apprecial
father, brother or son?
An extraordinary display
kerchiefs, Silk Mufflers, Umbr<
man's comfort and dress. We
untr wish to buy or not. It will rep
. ^
Ddei 5 *
J ' r
.j . -ii.'u, . "it
Skt 3hb Cbtiltri.
)f the most appropriate am
ind old. Sensible, weara
vill take pleasure in" givinj
:eivine. Now is a time v
ense qualities, and lowerjp
in their importance. T
:ies is a haven for the f
:autious?a market for the
A hint as to what will
jifts for man or boy:
Men's Suits,
Men's Overcoa ts,
Men's listers,
Man's Mackintoshes
Men's Rubber Coats
Men's Trousers,
Men's Hats,
Men's White Shirts,
Men's fancy Shirts,
Men's Mufflers,
Men's Ties,
Men's Suspenders.
Men's Sweaters,
Men's Gfoves.
'While, 3iandley and Zoster.
AT A 5
Commencing Monday, E
entire stock of Furniture
llandley & Foster, Nos
This sale will enable you
ents at your own price,
close up the business,
every afternoon at 2 o'clc
Herman Frank, Frt
S. GREER, Auctioneer.
?oeke Shot Company.
What can you buy for these prices,
useful, give as much genuine co
Locke She
shopper's time?the time
ar you grow hurried; stor
t Clothing and Men's Fu
iuits ancl Overcoats to ch<
ted?'what is more practi
of Gentlemen's Neckwe
3llas, and hundreds of otl
cordially invite you to i
ay you.
1 } %Jkt 3t*b Cbtiitrs.
3 acceptable gifts for him, vounz
ible, worthfu] presents that you
y, and the men and boys in re^hen
our enormous variety, in than-anywhera-else
prices loom
his store with its unlimited facili>erplexed?a
stronghold for the
make sensible and serviceable
Boys' Suits,
Boys' Top Coat*?
Boys' Ulsters.
Boys' Reefers,
noys' una iroiutsrs,
Boy*' Sweater*,
Boys' Shirts,
Boys' Waists,
Boys' Ties,
Boys' Gloves,
and hundreds or other equally serviceable
and attractive articles at very
attractive prices. All purchases taken
| care of and delivered later if desired.
- j
W T 1***} Clothiers, Hatters j
I J I Jj and Furnishers,
| lOkHe. S(aiitllty and hosier.
Icccinber 19, \vc will close out the
and Household Goods of White,
, 2245-47-49 Market street
to purchase your Christmas Prcsrhis
entire stock must be sold to
Nothing will he reserved. Sale
ick. Evening at 7.
ink E. Foster, Receivers.
2247 and 2249 Market St.
| JHoeke Shoe Company.
s For
Closed | I
ers. I December 26. I
ERSful ,
or anything near them, that will be as
mfort, last as long, or be more highly
>e Company.
f /
; when you are happy in gift "
es are crowded and it's difficult
rnishings is now at its height.
>ose from, and the prices never
cal?than a warm Overcoat for
ar. Gloves, Suspenders, Handler
things that are necessary for
inspect our stock, whether you
} House,

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