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? ?fi0RT. i
Won. Lost. Per.
Wheeling 45 ;
AH Allkf 41 10 , .m
Hanler* ZH 10 .791
1'urltiins 3.". 15 .CiS
iloldon Hods I'l 21 ; -.4
old Cronies 1:3 25 . -47H
Aber ML 14 :i7 .2i5
i .11 iioii.- i'i -ii .! >;
Hum Dums li :-.'j v!iK
Frotf llorns Si 3i? .1 ft
l.ast nU;)it'8 score:
ALL ALIKE. 1st. 2d. 3d. Total
Itahr 1J?2. IK 127 . <?5
Arndt 151 159 157 4G7
)\ Urns]) J20 142 127 -* J9.?
JJalzer 135 131 1JO &1K
::::::::::::::::::: iS 8 jii' ?
Totals 965 907 Sl'7 27CJ
A13EK NIT. lr.t. 2d. 2d. Total
Zimmerman 131 1% 12.1 4tM
finrden 111 15) 129 403
Prettymau Ic3 117 H.8 4iH
l'eteraon 12:: 155 121 S'.fl
i'in dona 121! 119 lid Ml
Radcr IM; 171 149 ??]
Tom!" Sil SM Sjl KIS
X. E. 14. a. a. i?c. '.'a. ;;u. Toiui
?u>i. Colt i.\x 11.1 101 .-,10
J. tioci li.". no 112 rj:
A. Houfr 1R! 172 Urt 414
\V. Wilhc'.ni 135 l.'.t 117 i:.t
X. carter 1W 1 ">:? 174 47:i
\V. Joins I? 126 111 -US'
Totii Is 882 !WJ 9C6 2720
orr AGAIN. 1st. 2(1. 3d. Total
Homer 'IS! lf-S 179 .'A?
I'oleman 131 IK, 101 .T.I i
I.i'.llv i:>; 131 130 420
Here? 132 111 167 41'>
itoss 1-1 132 M SID
Junking 10,1 i:o 12'i Ml
Totals 7\l 7:?1 M'.? 2J91
Scorers?Marti and Davis.
To-nkilt?Bowlers vs. X. K. L. A. A. ,
The Osceolas forfeited three games to
the Imperials last night by not howling.
The Imperials' scores were as follows:
First, 751; second. S20; third, 77'.?; total,
Dave dear lias asked the Pittsburgh !
elub t.? allow him to remain with Ka:i- '
ms City another year, but the request ;
was refused.
Kid .Mo3raw finds business at his
cafe i:i Baltimore so Rood that he can ;
nffad to turn down offers to coach!
college teams. He has Just refused an
offer from the'Mercer,"(Georgia), -team.
Everything* is* lively among the colony
ball plavers at Hot Springs. Pat
Tcbeau, Cf Young. Hugh Jennings. Billy
Ke-eler. Jack O'Connor, Jesse Burketc
and Scrappy Joyce are taking daily
:i!,v Talcott, the former owner of the
Ne.v York club, has taken advantage of
*.h<> recent amusing rise in all stocks
and has retired permanently from the
Xcw York stork exchange with 51,000,000.
Senor Perfeeto Lactate, wJio a shore
time ago war. nominated for mayor of
Havana by General Ludlow, is from
Cincinnati, and was the first man to pay
Captain William Ewlr.g money for
playing ball.
Pitcher Jimmy Sullivan, who was re leasfd
by Boston on account of ill
jjoaim. has recovered. Sullivan was one]
if the brainiest pitchers on Selee's siat'f
and is too fast to be confined to minor I
league company.
.limmy Manning is regarded in Kansas
City as the Hnnlon of the minor
leagues. Manning has discovered and
?! velo'pod more budding talent than any
minor league manager, saving, perhaps,
Charley ComiskeKBuck
Kwing recommends Bug Ilolliday
to any team in the major league in
need of a first baseman. Buck has nsk
1 Arthur Irwin to give the Bug a
trial in Washington, but Arthur will
:m contest with Harry Davia.
Last season Fred Klohondur//. bad tho
honor o! having the best pitcher's per?
"utage against the Ills: division clubs,
''inning < /even out o* fourteen somes.
1 'lurl^y Nichols led thi- pitchers against
When a man dies they put a tombstone j
ever him and carve compliments on it. ;
But they don't tell what killed liitn. If
they did yott could
p^"?~?" go into anv ccmpv1-"--?
etcry and find on
Jz>, F? one stone in
Jsil CVCr" -'lX lllC
Jl J? worJs~:,,consumption,"
'>$?/ ji*"diseased lungs."
fi'M*">l*,c> trut^
/n# f<|' wcrc all fold most
$33*'' u would
h\( I ?>' a^?? "due
<$||mL \ I \\ 10 ^ carelessness."
?p\ consumption
Vj~*than are killed in
battle. Conratmplion
is more deadly
than rattlesnakes, and yet
men ntn from the snake, and j
invite consumption.
The time to cure consumption is before J
it starts. A "little coul'Ij" is easy to
I'llt'f Wont- 1ntir?j ttnu lu> 1
/ "V
before disease gets in.
Is the one medicine that is "successful
above all others in the treatment of j
throat, bronchial and lun% diseases. It I
in a general cleanser aim tonic for the
weak stomach and for tlte whole system
but it also acts specifically on the throat
and lungs. It makes rich, red blood,
builds up flesh and strength and renews
the vigor of the whole body.
Sola everywhere by dealers in medi- |
cine. IV sure you get the genuine. I
JJon't take a substitute.
Mr?. V.. 1 lartriclc. of Drnmtcr. r.Viwrego Co.,
N. V.. writes: ' I hnve loU two daughter* in j
W? thnn five years with consumption and ;
nlft. My eldest rton was taken. (wo or three l
y?ar? aj?o. will: .hemorrhage from the Inn"*.
Ii troubled him lor over .t yc.ir. lie took j)r. |
l'|ercc> nuhl-rii Medical Discovery and han not i
hail a from the lung* hi over a year.
Your incdldnc certainly saved Jiia life.'" |
scorers?j.. uauinaun ana it. i-arp.
1'mplre?J. Vinson. '
To-nlslit? Rum.Duma and Old Cronies.
Monday night's scoro was as follows:
WHEELING. 1st. 2d. 2d. Total
Knokf 17;j its JX! it'::
Wamier If1.". 1P.3 191 CIS
Kaln 343 1(6 14? 4?l
Turner J*?l 103 ml 5'5
Hand'.an KM is?. isti
Blind 2j;0 191 113 01'I.
To-night Mi l<"2 979 29S1
LA H13LLE. 1st. 2d. 3d. Total
u West n: ic<; 14s m
SteuernaRel, Jr 147 107 10t> SO
labeling ISO 1.7.) KM 4S4
Nolte 123 121 151 nns
Andllnger 13S is; 135 ir.7
Hustings 149 161 147 457
Totals S43 001 yji 2567
Scorers?Garden and Nolte.
Won. Lost. Per.
Henry Goorge 44 1 .977
"Bowler* :tj 15 .b'iKS
N. L. L. A. A 29 16 :644
T.a Hello 20 25 .141
Crescents IS l'7 .4(M
Shanley 16 20 .355
Daisies 11 34 .'.N-J
Off Again 12 26 .250
Last night's games:
jCfterry Peewj
/ The best remedy ;
( 60 years ago <
I for coughs and colds |
i and all Kindred ail- \
) ments; and )
j The best remedy j
| To-day. j
the teams or the second division, winning
nineteen out of twenty-one.
Hunlon mat* revive his former twirling.'star,
Dumpling McMnhon. The
dumpling, who.is living at'Wilmington.
Delaware, savs' that his once -trusty and
crafty pitching arm has regained Its
normal pitching form and Is good for at
least three more years of wear and tear.
Bill Egan Is. on the reserve of the
Camden, (X. J.), jail, awaiting trial on
the charge of attempted murder. -Arthur
Irwin suggests that the Syracuse
snoum enter uiio negctiatlons
with the Jailer, with a view Jo
purchasing' William's release for next
season's Syracuse team.
/ The Main a Draw.
The Claiington-Benwood main, which
was fought at Fulton, ended in a draw
yesterday morning. Only six battles
were fought, each winning three,"as dotalled
exclusively in yesterday's fntclUsencer.
Seven other fights were scheduled,
but they Ave re called off. as no two
of the remaining birds weighed in even.
Hack fights filled out the programme
and the entertainment closed at 0 a.
m.. the sports returning on the early
To the Editor of the Intelligencer.
Slit:?One week ago the Intelligencer
contained an article from tlu- pen of
Leroy Shaw, a man whom I highly esteem
and while it is not exactly an
answer to a short article I wrote as a
comment on some 01 me suggestions or
our governor, there are tome Things in
it that make it necessary thai I write a
few words more on the subject" of the
Irreducible school fund. I heartily concur
with Mr. Shaw in all he says ov can
say concerning our state and I do most
heartily concur in his appeal for (food
roads and everything that will j;o to
make West Virginia one of the leading
states of the union, and that is why I
urge > ."> earnestly that our schools be
made better. 1 consider that general
education and true Christianity are a
sure panacea for all the ills our body
politic can be heir to; further than this,
I will not attempt to go into politics,
knowing that I would not be taken as
authority, but there are some things
concerning the matter of education, that j
I d.i pretend to know a little concerning j
and one of these Is that in ev^ry.state
where the public school system Is doing
its best work, thpro is a fuml invncipH i
the interest only of which is used, the j
principal remaining intact. "West Vir- J
gin la hrgan well in this matter and has j
thus far run well, but now it seems
there is an attempt being made to destroy
a fund which to the thinking of |
the writer is a bulwark of our public
school system. There may come a time
when this fund becomes so large that it
will not be necessary to allow It to increase.
but even that is doubtful; why
not let it increase, pile up, if .you please,
until the interest of the same- will run
our schools without any further taxation.
The very first tiling done by our
western slates in the way of education
is to create such a fund, and it will be
well for our state to consider long and
well before our constitution in so changed
as to even permit the doing away
with it in any war, shape or form.
Mr. Editor, so many speak of this as
a burden. It Is surely an easy burden
The man who has tv bank account of
say $100,000, does not consider it a great
burden, neither should a state consider
a fund of two or three millions of dollars
much of a burden to carry. But
there are some people who are always
afraid of a surplus: for m.y part 1 prefer
a surplus to u debt all the time. The
only difficulty in tiv matter, is the inventing
of such a fund. It should be
so Invested that no man or party of men
could get at It. and so invested that
even the state should- be debarred from
using anything "but the Interest, and
that should be used only for the purpose
intended, to become a part, each
year, of the distributable school fund.
Others talk as though we are taxing
ourselves for the good of future genera tions.
I. 0.. we nrr> no.ttlnlli' nm-inrr r.wi_ I
ney out of our pockets for those who
come after us, and who will be better
able than we are to educate (he masses.
Let us look at this f ir a moment. Flint,
what Is this irreducible fund? Accord-lag
to the constitution of the state, it
consists of "The proceeds of forfeited,1
delinquent, waste, and unappropriated
lands; and of lands heretofore sold for
taxes and purchased by the state of
Virginia, if hen-after redeemed or sold
to others than this state; all grants, devises
or -bequests that may be made to
th[? state for the purposes of education,
or where the purpobes of such bequests
or grants are not specified; this state's
share ?'f the literary fund .-f Virginia,
whether paid or otherwise liquidated,
and any sums of money, stocks,or property
which this state shall ha v.- the
right to claim from (lie state of Vfryjinia
for educational purposes; the proceeds
of the estates of till perrons who
may die without leaving a will or heir,
and of all escheated lands; the proceeds
of any taxes that may be levied on the
revenues of any corporation hereafter
created; all monies that ma3* be paid as
an equivalent for exemption from military
duty, and such sums as may from
time to time be appropriated bj: the legislature
for the purpose, -shall he art
apart as a r para to fund, to be called
the school fund and invested under such
regulations as may be prescribed by
law In the Interest bearing securities of
the United States and of this state; and
the interest thereof shall be nnnuilly
applied to the support of free school*
throughout the state and for no other
purpose Whatever Bui any portion of
said In tores', remaining unexpended at
the clowof a Ilseal y ar, shall be added
to and remain a p ut of the capital of
the school fund.'"
These are the) word# of the constitution,
and will anyone show that we are
taxing ourselves for future generations,
or pray tell b,v what right ?-v< n a l?
' V p'-opi... imvft the poiwr
t<? um? ;i hc'iuc i, for lnstrinco, for any
oth<-r pni ro:'" or In any other vvnv thaii
Ui.it .n.i'ncl'io by ih? porsnn
HiK I:. I am no lawyer. but I iijijiiv!i"iid
ll I:; jtood law to carry oat th?? will
anil purpoHo of the one niaklnjr the !>"
'inr.H. Further, I contend that th" next
avm-ratlon h;i:i Just as much1 right to tip.
Interest that may accrue from this fund,
when they conduct the affairs of oar
state, as this one has. The mission of
one generation is to pave the way for
the next one to be better than was the
former, but this we will not argue. It is
self-evident. All past history proves
that It is ro. Men and women give their
lives, even, that future gent rations may
be benefited. A.+ teachers, wo are workIn?
for those who are to lie the men and
women of the nt xt generation. We. are
our brothers' keepers, and one genera- ,
Hon owes Its duty to the one following, 1
Just an the parent owes it to the child,
that It bo properly Instructed.
Mr. Shaw's suggestion that the- fund 1
be gradually distributed In order that
the tax now Je vie J for school purposes
be used for making better roads, raises
the question as to whether that would
not be using it for making roads; If
not directly. It would Indirectly. The
argument of our governor Is that It
would give a longer term of school,
where such Is badly needed In many
parts of the state. This is generally the
argument used by the advocates of do- 1
lng away with the fund. Hut this article
is tco long already, and I close by
saying that t'he more I look Into the ;
matter the more am I opposed t?? doing ;
away with the Irreducible school fund.
Keep it Jntact. R Jl. C It AGO.
Wheeling, Jan. 31, 1899.
Events in anil About the City Given in j
a Nutshell.
Hie count*-commissioners meet Iti auditing
session to-day.
Four deeds of trust were ' recorded
yesterday Jn Clerk Robertson's olllce.
The Elks will holil a social session t??nlghf,
at their liansome home, on Main
In lhf? rlrcnlt court, the case of Oteii
vs. Bachmann was continued to the
next term.
In the case of Hopkins vs. doorman.
In the circuit court yesterday, there ivas
a verdict for the defendant.
The anniversary entertainment of the
Mozart Singing Society will occur tonight.
and Is exciting great Interest
among the German singing societies of
the city.
Yesterday, in the criminal court,
I Judge Hugus, the trial of Thomas .lackson,
charged with criminal assault, was
continued. It will likelv continue I
through the -iveek.
The county commissioner.1*' committee
on poor house ami farm mfct yesterday
at the Infirmary, and transacted routine
I business preliminary to the board's
I regular monthly meeting next Monday. I
I Joseph' Pellett. a Baltimore & Ohio J
i railroader, was brought to the North !
I Wheeling' hospital yesterday from his
hom* in Franklin. O. Pellett was seriously
injured In an accident.
The city ambulance yesUrday .afternoon
conveyed Hughe? Harrison, a
well known man. to the City hospital.
Harrison suffers from epileptic fits and
he fell on Fourteenth street, striking
the pavement with probably serious results.
There will bo a meeting for member.*
only at Zune Street M. Ii. church this
afternoon at 3 o'clock. All the members
ore earnestly requested to attend. There
will be suggestions made regarding the
future welfare of the church, followed
by it consecration service.
A Pleasant, Simple, but Sate and 10(feci
mil Cure for it.
Ca-tarrii of the stomach has long b en
considered the next thing to Incurable.
The usual symptoms ure a full or
bloating sensation after eating, aecomnani?d
sometimes wlfh sour or waterv
risings, u formation ??f erases, causing
pressure on the heart niul lungs ami I
dlfiieult breathing; headaches, fickle nj?- :
petite, nervousness and a general played
out. languid feeling.
There Is often a foul -taste In the
mouth, ccated tongue and if the Interior
of the stomach could Ik- > en It
would show a slimy, inllained condition.
The euro of this common and obstinate
trou'bK- Is found in a. treatment
which caufx-3 the food to be readily,thoroughly
dlge.ried before It has time to
ferment and Irritate the delicate mucous
surfaces of the stomach. To secure
a prompt and healthy digestion Is the
one necessary tiling to do and when
normal digestion i?" secured the catarrhal
condition will 1iave disappeared.
According to Dr. Ilarlanson the safest
ami bc.?t treatment i.-? to u.3>* afl-r each
meal a tablet, composed of Diatnse.
Aseptic Pepsin; a little Xux.Goldeu Seal
and fruit acids. These tablets can now
be found nt all drug stores under the
name of Stuart's.Dyspcpsia Tablets and
not being a i?atent medicine can be
used with perfect safety and assurance
that healthy appetite and thorough digestion
will follow their regular use af!
tor meals.
Mr. X. !. Booher. of L'TIO Drarborn
| street, Chicago. 111., writes: "Catarrh is
a local condition resulting from a neglected
cold in the head, whereby the lining
membrane of the nose becomes In,
Uumed and tiv: poisonous discharge
i therefrom passing baclcwr.rd into the
1 throat reaches the stomach, thus pr:>I
duclng catarrh of the stomach. Medical
| auinormcB prescnoeu xor ine ior uinje
I years for catarrh of stomach without
cure, hut to-day I am the happiest or
I moii :ifr.cr using only one cox or
Stuirt's Dyspepsia Tablets. 1 cannot
find appropriate words to express my
good feeling:. I have found flesh, appcI
tlte and sound rest from their use."
| Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets Is tho
safest preparation as w;Il as the slm.
plcst -and most convenient remedy for
any lonn of indigestion, catarrh of
1 rtomaeh, -biliousness, rour stomach,
he.irtburn'and bloating after meals.
| Send for little book mailed free, on
I stomach troubles, by addressing Stuart
' Co.. Marshall. Mich. The tables can be
found at all drug stores.
I Dally Items of Interest About People
and Events.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Zimmer, of
I Wheeling; Messrs, Miller. Able and
J. Moore, of Uellalre. and Mr. Pat
Clark, of Pittsburgh. Kas., have returned
to their homes after a pleasant visit
| with Mr. ami Mrs. W. S. Corrtell, <>f
I Lincoln avenue.
Tho (Mineral of Mrs. Wilhelmlna Yost,
I who died at the home ol' her niece, Mrs.
John J*. Pracht. occurred Monday. The
1 remains were Interred at Wheeling. Deceased
was eighty-four years or age.
I 'Edward L. Welsgerber, master moI
chanlc. at the Baltimore Sr Ohio shop,
Mount Clare, Baltimore, Md.. has returned
to his home, after attending the
funeral of a relative here.
Mrs. James Cro^/m. who is now receiving
treatment at the North Wheeling
hospital, Is Improving rapidly in
improving rapidly in health.
Miss Norma Wagner, of Wheeling. Is
spending this week with tier sister, Mrs.
W. V. White, of MoMcehen avenue.
Mr. Samuel MeClanalmn, <?f Washington,
Pa., was In town yesterday, the
guest of his sister, Mrs. 10. Keller.
Mr. Isaac Illbbs, "?f Mannlugton, is
tin? guest. <if his son, Hubert IJlilibs,
of Pike street.
.Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cole, or Wheeling,
are the guests of Rev. I J. D. Eden
Klhul It. t'ampbell I* slowly recovering
from a nevore attack oi jyrlp and
Working Nlulit and Day.
The lniMlcst and inlKhtleRt little thlnn
Mint ever was made 1'' Dr. KlnfcV New
Mfe IMIIh. livery pill Ifl n Funar-cont'-d
plobwle health, that chanu.vt vvcakni".:s
Into Htreiigth, llHtle.s^neKs lnt?? enci?,v.
hraln-riiK: Int mental power.
They're wonderful In hulldlm; up the
health. Only 2H cents per box'. Sold hy
Logan Drug Co# li
bellaire happenings.
Matters of Interact in the Metropolis
of Ilclmont County.
George Squigglns, p. young man who
started In us'night clerk In the Baltimore
it Ohio ofllce In this city, married
here And attended to business i?> such
an obliging and accomodating way that
he soon became assistant ticket agent,
was promoted to the city agency at
Pittsburgh, and has now been advanced j
to a more responsible position, with a
handsome salary attached. Ills nuiner|
on friends will all be glad to hear of his
good fortune.
John "\V. Iloyle, an old Roldlcr, and
member of Spanglef Post, O. A. U., died
Monday night, aged sixty-six years. He
had hen sick a long lime. The old
boys of the Civil war are dropping off
numerously this winter. The funeral
of Mr/- Iloyle will take place to-morrow,
under the auspices of the Post.
T.nWronnn lu
the Olilo Farmers' Telephone Companj',
organized some time ago, ar.d
those connected with it announce that
they will push the project this spring
for connection with all the principal
points in the county.
Frank W. Rehi\er, of Milwaukee,
Wis., came on here to see his father,
who has beeji confined to his home with
the grip for the past two weeks. Frank
is In business in Milwaukee, and wants
his parents to move to that city, lie Is
their only child.
II. W. Burrows, Jones & McGraw
and other contractors have already begun
Improving some of the business
j places to be fixed up this year. New
buildings are not being commenced
yet, but the weather is all that prevents
\ them.
i W. T. Workman, a member of Battery
C, Third Artillery, U. S. A., has
just been discharged, and came here
yesterday from Fort Riley to visit
relatives. He did service in Cuba, but
| seems stout and hearty for the experience.
John F. Sherry, the clever Baltimore
I & Ohio ticket agent, has been selected
! senior major of the Knights of St. John
j of this city, for a term of three years.
I Bellalre and Zanesvllle have arranged
for competitive drills during the year.
Dr. W. O. Huston was still living yesterday,
though there is no hope for
him. and the physicians are all sur1
prised at the lingering, since he has taken
no nourishment for some time.
"in. .j itiiii vsgii;. iiiuuiiri ui ^?i?-a.
and also ??? Dora Ogle .is <|Ult?' ill at
her home. Another son lives with his
mother, and he, too, Is quite sick.
City Solicitor Armstrong went to
Woodsfleld yesterday evening, his father
having suffered a relapse.
; One lone unfortunute answered the
| roll call hi the mayor's court yesterday
I Prof. John W. Llller's male chorus
| met at the U. P. church last night for
Mr. W\ K. Dnnford, principal of the
Second ward school, Is laid up with the
| grip.
The old Barnard brick works Is now
j In full operation, with a full force of
I men.
Yesterday's Xcivs IVom Marshall
County's Chief City.
j The following persons have handed j
their names to the committee as eandli
dates for nomination on the Uepubll- j
: can ticket: For mayor?-J. C. Parkin- i
I son. For clerk?f\ W. Conner, J. D. J
Hurley and H. C. Humes. For marshal i
1 ?G. \\\ Miller. W. A. Widdcr, Edward 1
| N angle, C. S. Potts and P. S. Hubbs. ^
spending several'(lays with her father.
Peter Crow, nf Sixth street, returned {
to Cameron last evening, where she* has .
a position as cleric in Mr. Francis'
Tim Christian Endeavor Society of J
(he Presbyterian church gave a very
| nice and enjoyahl social at the homo
i of the Misses Courtwright, on Fifth
! street, last night.
| Miss Bessie Ewlng, of Third street.
very pleasantly entertained a few of
j her friends Inst evening.
The evangelistic sendees are still in
i progress at the Christian church, with
! increased Interest.
Mrs. Kate Smith, of Marietta. Ohio,
Is the guest of Mrs. Hoskinson, of Tomlinson
The Epworth League holds its regular
monthly business meeting to-morrow
! The long looked for "Dewey pictures
will be at the Xevaro Hotel to-morrow.
William McCleary, or Viola, was a
business visitor in the city yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Winter.-, of Limestone,
were in the city yesterday.
Local Happenings oflmportanee in a
Busy Town.
Ben wood lodge, A. O. 1". W.. Intends
being the banner lodge of the state. Its
growth in the past year has been phenomenal,
and it has been a steady and
prosperous growth, not merely a boom
that often, like a bubble, later bursts.
At the last meeting twelve candidates
were Initiated and six applications
were received.
Evening Star Lodge No. 1R. Knights
of Pythias, is making an effort to increase
Its membership to the ISO-mark.
The ledge has now 140 members, and
when the four more are secured, the
lodge will have a nreat 'blow-out. The
Uniform Rani: movement will then get
a greater boost.
Preparations have already begun for
the public school entertainment, to he
given on Washington's birthday. Bennood
school children always observe
this day with patriotic exercises.
The Wheeling steel works will hardly
resume next week, for the repairs will
take considerable time. The mill has
be?n off more than a week already.
One candidate was put through the
buzz-niw by the local lodge of Red Men
last night.
It Is rumored that the Riverside steel |
mill will shortly close for repairs.
Dangers of the <?rip.
The greatest danger from La Grippe Js
of its resulting In pneumonia. If rens- {
onable care is used, however, and i
Chamberlain's Couri'.i Remedy taken, all!
danger will be avoided. Among the tens
of thousands who have used this remedy
for hi nrlppo we have yet to leorn
.. f a single case having resulted in pneumonia,
which shows conclusively that
this remedy Is a certain preventive of
that dangerous disease. It will can?
la grlppn in less tJme than any other
treatment, it is nlcaeant mid safe to
iat;c. For_sale lyv (lrngglstg.
One of lluunost clish-ilsin';; va
to boo a child almost choking with i;
fcho dreadful whooping-cough. Give j
the child Dr. Hull's Cough Syrup, the ,
cjreati'Bt pulmonary remedy, and re- i
hof will como at once, thocoiJghing |'
spells will re-occur less frequently, I,
and, in a few days, the Buflcrer will he |?
entirely curcd. No other remedy can j
iH^ast of ko many curcs. ^ ^ |
Cures Whooping-Cough quickly. ;
Doschotc small ami j>lcn?sut to take. l??>ctoni
tecommcml it. l'ricc ct?. At nil dtu^yisU.
It hi Pi!
Dr. Byers rcco^nlze? the fact that there
arc hundred*; yes, thousands of people
suffering from catarrh In/ Its different
fonnf??nnsijJ catarrh, catarrh of the
throat, catarrh of the hron'cllial tubes, catarrhal
deafness. asthma, catarrh of*th??
stomach, etc., who have not the time or
arc too unfortunately situated to visit a
specialist with-guniclent frequency to receive
beucftf from local treatment. JJy
the aid of tills Instrument
The vaporJr.t;r furnishes at home efficient
application of the medicated air or vapor
In catarrh of the nose, throat, lun^s, cars,
asthma, etc. It s-aves frequent, and expensive
visits to the office.
Those nectllnft treatment should call at
office ami nee the Vuporlzer In operation
or write for symptom blank.
the busy man or woman can receive at
home, twice dally, the same efficient application
of tlio medicated, air or vapor a? at
the specialist's office.
All patients who make application during
the month of February will receive
one month's treatment and inedlclno freethat
Is, durlnjr one whole mouth they will
be treated and supplied with medhrlno absolutely
without pay or compensation of
any kind. Patients can be treated with
perfect success by the aid of symptom
blank diagnosis and patient's report sheet,
sent free on application. . <
Ofllfo of ])? ?. P.yi'rs Tucker (pruttlco
I'Hiabll^liOil IHH7) Hamilton liulldJii?T
:mr> and ;j:j7 J-'llth Ave.. Pittsburg.
I'a. M'vi'.t\vv
yl^l} n
All solid advertisements under
the following headings: : : :
will he Inserted at the rato of ??
CtAN'ARIES-riCO hart/. mountain
j Rollers. Males S'JM, Femalea 50c*, at
henry HelmBR1G1 it's, corner Market
and Sixth strovt:--. seO
do ?oan.
Six per cent Interest and ono
per cent premium, total seven per cent.
LOAN CO.. St.. Bella Ire. Ohio. Oc7
Stoceiner'a Sa/c.
Donaldson Carriage Co.
No. 2110 Main street, Wheeling, W.
VaM of 40 first-class
B'jggics, Phaetons
and Carriages
at private sale within 30 days, at a reduction
of 25 per cent, on reasonable
GEORGE HOOK, Rccclvcr.
Sonera! Dloiiccs.
Xr;i'nci: OK IlKDMMl'TlON
Notice hereby given thui the bonds
of the Fostorla Glass Company, (latod
January 1, lSlt;;, and numbered from thirteen
to thirty inclusive, will he paid on
presentation at the National Exchange
Hunk of Wheeling, West Virginia. These
honds will cease to hear Interest on the
r.d any of February, 1S99.
_By W. S. BRADY, Secretary. Ja2)
Whereas, by satisfactory evidence pre?.
made to appear tii.it "The National Kxchanso
Rank of Wheeling." In the city
of Wheeling, in the county of Ohio, and
the state of West Virginia, has complied
with all tin* piovlsfons of tin- Statutes of
the United States, required to be complied
wltn before an association shall be
authorized to cotnmcnco business or bankinK.
Now. therefore. I. Lawrence O. Murray,
Deputy and Acting Comptroller of tho
Currency, do hereby certify that "The
National Exchange Rank o? Wheeling,"
in the city of Wheeling, in the county of
Ohio, and state of West Virginia, is,
authorized to commence tho business of
banking ns provided in section fifty one
hundred and sixty-nine of tho Revised
Statutes of the United Slates.
in testimony whereof witness my hand
an-.l seal of oliico- tills twenty-ninth day of
Deputy and Acting Comptroller of the
<"urn No. r.pM. do';l
Stockholder*' 511 'c dings.
rro Tnk stockholders' op the
The stockholders of The Riverside Iron
Works will take notice that, pursuant to
a resolution passed by the board of direct
inn v.. iii<- i?i??.-jnun u urns, on mo
]l?th day of January, A. 1\ 1K?9, ji meeting
of Iho Ktockholdetv. of said company will
be hold at its principal ofliee, on tHo corner
of Main and South streets, in the city
of Wheeling, West Virginia, on Tuesday.
February 21. l.W. at 7:G0 p. m., at which
mooting there will be offered a resolution
to Increase from the surplus fund of said
company the capital stuck of The Riverside
iron Works from twenty Ihourand
shares to thirty thousand shares, and to
divide the number of shares ,?o 1 ncroascti
or added to the original capital stock
among the stockholders of the said Riverside
Iron Work:" In proportion to their
holdings of slock at the time of offering
said resolution.
In testimony whereof, J. N. Vance, as'
president of The Riverside Iron Works,
and John D. Culbertson. as its secretary,
Jiiivo hereunto set theft* luimis, this loth
day of January. A. K>. JSTlt.
J. N. VAN'President.
JaJi) flecrdary.
1036 Mnin Street.
Scroll il Vloor, Parlors (I. 7 ami H. !
Walk In. don't ring. This remarkable !
man, u iioyo at reel' Ii?f? Ijctn one of success,
in gifted by nature with a nower
Iliat approaches the miraculous, lie is
iieknowledgcd l>v tho public wherever he |
lias been to ho the marvel of the Nine-,
leenth century. Prof. True Is a prophet
jf world-wide renute; he Is recommended I
nv every one of his patrons. Ills powers i
>xclie the wonder and admiration of even I
;he skeptical. lllii advice Ik infallible, !
. onvlnelng and beyond dispute. Through ]
ils remarkable development of second
dplit, and his thorough knowledge of the
rmny ceionces peculiar to the men of the
jrlent, he Is enabled to penetrate the woof
md web ot human life. He elves advice
>u bnvlncHH, lawsuits, speculation, love,
onrtshlp, matrimony: he unites the sopn ated
and causes speedy and happy mari.iKf
with t!? > one of your choice. The
roubled and unfortunate :<oek his conn*
;?*!. Thousands of hearts have been made
(lad through h/a truthful predictions.
MedlumlPile. persons developed. Office
lour.i, :> a. m. to p. in., dally and Sunlay.
Parlors so arranged that you will
ni'i't no Grangers. Fees '<0c and Ji.Ot).
l'KOK TKUii, 1030 Mnln .Street. '
\l T A ffro-lANTO MAKERS' TO
vY call at1112 Market street. JaSl*
f V work and plain cooklnc: no waahInp.
Inquire ut 11?1 Chapllne ?treet._ Ja2J*_|
to take order* for mude-to-order 1
clothing. No experience necessary. Splendid
chance. Sample outfit free. .PRACr
'iTC' A.L TAILORING CO.. Dept. A. Station
U.Chicago. Jali ,
THY persons to manage our bu*lni'FM
in their own-and nearby eountlc*.
Mr.lnly ofllco work conducted at home.
Salary straight JHOO a year and expense*?
definite, honaflde palary: no more, no lew
salary. Reference. Enclose self<addre?*ed
Manntrd envelope. THE DOMINION
COM I* A NY. Dept. M.. Chicago. Jat3>
5or 51cm.
} in tho City Rank Building. Inquire at
the City Bank of Wheeling. inr20_
j belt location in city. Possession at
once. rJlCOLL'S ART STORE, 1251 Market
street. oc20 _
BROOK'S block, Including 2 rooms on
.second floor, formerly occupied by Mlaa
O. Lean. W. V. J100E. Agent, Room IS,
City Rank. Jal6 f
_ij 2332 Chapllno Htreet, containing bIx
rooms, finished attic and hath: both
feunvt*. t.iiquuu ui i?. ?>iiJ
Cliapllne stroot. JalQ ^
; rooms at 1608 Market street. Water and
both rases in oach room. Rent very * ?*eonable.
Apply to 1501 Market street.
Store room No. 1051 Muln street?r
ilrst-class clothing or shoo stand. No. 1403
Main Htreot?throe-story building, running
through to South street, at present occupied
by Wheeling Drue Co. Board!tip
house. -Ixteen rooms. Nob. 1056 and 10s9
Market street. GEO. J. MATHJSON. 1303
Mnrket street. ja!7
II Hi ore room* on Tenth Htreot.
store roomsoor. Muln and 101U Sts.
1 storo room No. 10115 Muln stroot.
Dwelling rooms on Tonth stroot. .
Dwelling rooms on Fifteenth stroot.
Heal Estnto and Loan Agent*
lOCift Muln str<'ot.
Uor Sale.
? on I aland. Address or apply to M183
A. M. RITZ, 1413 Market street, WheelInc.
W. Ya. JaO*
' corner ClmpKnc ami Twenty-third
streets. will be sold at a low figure. Terms
??as>\ GEO. M. SNOOK. Call at G. M.
Snook & Co.'s. Ja9
A Few Choice Lots
at Edglngton.u*.*? jt
City Punk Building. 1.100 Market Street.
For Sale-Bonds.
Ohio River General Mortgage.
Wheeling Stamping Company.
Whitaker Iron Works.
Municipal Bonds.
Norton & Company.
16 Exchange Bank Building.
Of the Wheeling Drug Company, at
No. 1409 Main St, Wheeling, W. Va.
Tho receivers will sell at private sale,
and on reasonable terms, the entire stock,
bills receivable, good will and lease on tho
building of tlic Wheeling Drug Company.
Tho house lias a large trade and the business
Is In llrst-class condition In every respect.
It is a rare opportunity for anyono
desiring to enjjage in the "wholesale drug
business. Until sale is made the receivers
will continue to conduct the business an
heretofore, and are ready to supply tho
trade with everything In the line ol wholesale
nolO Receivers.
FIT or the Fairmont Dally and
Weekly Expositor Printing Company, consisting
in part, to-wit: One nine column
Cincinnati newspaper press, one Gordon
job press, one 22?t Inch Pnrajjon paper
cutter, one three-horse power gas engine,
three imposing stones, eighteen full fonts
Job and advertising type, seven hundred
pounds body type, live fonts of ornaments.
Job stands, eases, rules and a completn
assortment of Job type and other material
and fixtures used by the Exponltor Printing
Company, all in lirst-class condition.
A bargain will be given to anyone wl?hIng
to purchase the entire printing outfit.
Cull nn nr ndflrc<iB fiK.n w T. mivpdo
Fairmont. \v. Va. ja4
5leal 8&tate.
Business Property for Sale.
The business property at 1223 and 1225
Main street. 24x100.
150f? and if>cs Main street, GOxl32. Will sell
all or 30 feet.
The 3-story brick business house at 1520
Main street. This property Is positively
for . sale at selllnrr prices?not offered to
sec what It will brine.
TO LET?Store rooms, choice wholesale
and retail locations.
G. 0. SMim
FJrc Insurance,
Exchange Bonk Building.
FOR SALE?liuUdlng; Plte, 115 by 210.
East McColloch street. Dirt cheap.
Small farm, improved. 11 acre?. Thnw
miles from city on river road.
A line country residence. Pleasant Valley.
A cheap home, two-story brick dwelling.
1 room.? and kitchen, on East McColloch
street. I.ot 20 by l!i0. Only 31,700. Term.?
A very line building lot on north side of
Fourteenth street.
Two desirable bulldlnyr lots on Wood
street, Klcrhth ward?on very eanv term?.
A two-ssory frame dwelling. rooms,
with stabl" on lot. I.ot by JOrt. South
Chapllne street, Kfghth wurd. Onlv 51,650;
easy term*.
FOR U12NT?3 rooms on North Market
street, *7.50.
A country residence with grounds, Inquire
at once.
? rooms corner Fifteenth und Jacob St?.
Arlon store room. 2002 Main street.
Telephone for. Mtlinnd
?*? Market. Sty.
I . 1 /""> ~r?^ ~r? * -r?l -TV ?r- r?t?i
i JT JlO_i?iJLM 'JL
A Month.
1 No. 30o4 Main street, store room and
j cellar JfiO 00
No. 2320 Market street CO (Vt
! No. 31 Seventeenth street 12 0>>
i No. l-*7 Fourteenth street "3 0"
2520 Alley 13. 2 rooms 5 M
[ No. 87 Twentieth street 13 00
No. 1C10 Main street, barber shop,
with new furniture and fixtures
complete; bath with latent Improved
automatic water heater; capacity
four gallons per minute 520 M
No. r.i; Seventeenth street 11 00
No. 1130 Charles street 6 <"0
No. 12 Indiana street 16 00
No. 1M Alley 14 6 CO
No. 337 Main street. 2 rooms, both
j;ases furnished nml jrns rnn^e 30 00
No. SO Sixteenth street, bottling cellar
... 12 CO
No. K Sixteenth street, office room.. 10 CO
No. Ill Sixteenth street, first floor.,,. 17 0)
Blacksmith shop. Market and Twenty-fourth
streets 10 00
Stable 1.*IG Alley It 5 00
Desirable Market street property.
i Ileal Hslntn A front, Collector, Notary
Public and l'enslon Attorney, No. 1612
Main SUvet. J a 12
IAHIKr: Cl.ichcstcr'o English Pennyroyal P?n?
<numonJ tu*u.i>. nro tho bent. W?, luiuw*.
T*k' ctii'r. .Sfua tump*, ?"? WtlcnUr*. " K*tU<
> \ \

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