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Sto. S. Slllet & Co. I Sco. S. Sulci J: Co.
w w
1154,1156,1158,1160 Main Street.
> ?
I Invoicing f
Finished* I
| We find there are many ;>
i Special i
Values j
> to offer In various departments where broken |
> lines exist; also in the $
> ' %
j Suit j
| and |
I Wrap j
> %
| Rooillo \
\ We're making room for the reception of |
> New Soring Goods. <
| Don't miss this chance to save money. f
I Ciefi).. 1R- & C<n>.
I JJk <-& >w^ ^-?- ^^ ' ->- V?V v**' W
sreto's furniture Store. \ jfretn's furniture Store.
January @[email protected]?)@@@?#
I Trustworthy?newest?best. They merit your
confidence?the prices will convince you?
you'll feel they're keenest values. It's the
volume or trade that we regard for January?
we're satisfied with slightest margins?it
makes superb buying opportunities for you.
| KKtVV'b j
No. 1208
Main Street.
1 Sohn jtriedel A Co. [ John 5riedel S: Co.
John Friedel & Co.,
China, Glass and Queensware,^^
"Wall Paper and Room Mouldings.
J119 and J121 Main and 1123 Water Sts., Wheeling, W. Va.
j vhe Dialinnal Sxehnnge Bank o! TH/iccling,
a .T.N.VANCE I'rcsiilent. Cf A i T.. E. SAN?ST......_?... ...?..,Cnshlor.
JOI1N J-I1KW _Vtco ]>rc?l<lcnt. 3104. IV. II. IRVI.su Ctt*Ulur.
The Nationai Exchange.Bank
a Of Wheeling.
J. !N". Vnnco, .Tolm WntorhmiNo, Br. John J<. TMckey, j
.jnlm 1* row, "Wllllum I'IIIiirIuiiik "NV. K. Stono,
W G.K. Stirol, ,1. M. Ilrown, "\V. II. J'rnulc.
Business entrusted to our carc will rccclvc prompt nntl curcful attention, j
To be Given Next Summer by the *
Wheeling Lodge of Elks. J'
For the Occupancy of Streets on the *
South Side?Special Railroad Rates I
will be Secured, ami Many Thou- j
Band Visitors will be Attracted tojtlic ^
City?Details orthe Project will now T
be Worked out.
Canton had a "street fair" last sum- ^
mer that attracted over 50,000 people
to the presidential town in a week.
Wheeling I.*} to have one the coming
summer which the promoters, the
Wheeling lodge No. >2S, B. P. O. E., hope
will attract fully as many visitors to
The committee of the lodge which has
the enterprise in charge has closed a
contract for the appearance here at Its
fair of the Pixposltlon Circuit Company, ^
with Its "Midway" multitude of attrac- *
tive features, which are alone suHlclent
to make the fair a great success. w
This company will be Here during the
week beginning Monday, June -G. and n
closing Saturday, July 1. Over 100 peo- ^
pie are carried by the company, and its '
weekly salary list Is 52,300. All the
attractive Oriental features that made 1
the World's Fair "Midway" so popular ?
are with this company, including the f
Streets of Cairo, (thirty people), Ara- 0
bian village, Egyptian village, Turkish
village and many other attractions. ..
From Wheeling this company goes to
East Liverpool, where It will be one of
the principal attractions of that city's
centennial celebration next July.
Thence it goes to Allegheny for an engagement
of two weeks. The company
invariably appears under li. P. O. E.
auspices. The company carries a number
of camels, Arabian norses, donkeys ; a
and other animals of the Orient. i 1*
In addition to this line attraction., T
there will be eight side-shows, each of j
which Is guaranteed to be a strong at-j A
traction. 1 t>
The "street fair" will be held on Chapline
street, beginning at Twentieth and I
extending down to Twenty-second; on j P
Twenty-second, Chapiine to Eofl; on (
Eolt, Twenty-second to Twenty-fourth,
The booths will extend along these
streets, on each side, fronting out in T
the street, with a fifteeu foot avenue
for the public. On Twenty-third, from
Eoff to Jacob, and on the vacant ground
between Eoff and Jacob, north of
Twenty-third, the "Midway" attrac- h
tions will hold forth, and a grand stand j
Is to be built for the accommodation j
of the tremendous crowds which it Is! s
anticipated will be attracted to the j s
show. j j,
Plans and specifications for the
booths will be prepared shortly, and o
then bids will be asked for their con- j <
structlon. They Will be roofed, and j p
lighted by electricity. Numberless arc fi(
lights will Illuminate the streets hi ~
night. There will be ample police ?
protection. n
It is expected that all the Wheeling w
merchants will take space in the
booths. Already 1,200 feet of booth space i,
has been asked for by merchants. The
promoters will charge for booth space V
the bare cost of the construction and
lighting. Many merchants are arrang,
Ing to advertise the coming fair to their
out-of-town customers.
The Wheeling Hallway Company has c
agreed to light and wire the booths free f1
of charge. "
The lodge is arranging to give each
charitable institution in me city a booth r'
free of charge and the exclusive right
for the sale of some particular article. '*
This plan was followed In Canton last t
summer, and some of the charities there b
cleared $."500. No doubt the local organizations
will gladly co-operate with the r
Elks in the street fair here. a
The promoters have secured the con- a
sent of the property owners along the
streets named, and last night council
gave its permission for the occupancy ;
of the several thoroughfares. i
The Elks will ask the chamber of j '
comerce to aid In booming the fair, ' a
which that body will doubtless be glad to
do. as the project will boom the
city as it hasn't been boomed or advertlsed
for a long time. a
.*. u
The announcement bf Manager Ries- s?
ter. that 'The Little Minister," the dramatlzatlon
of Barrle's charming crea- j
tion. will be seen on the Opera House o
stage in the near future, will be receiv- ^
ed with satisfaction by the Wheeling "
| theatre-going public. The original d
company, with Miss Maud Adams
in the star role, has been engaged for
the evening of 1-riday, March ". "T'.ie
Little Minister" plays a week's engage- y
ment at Pittsburgh next week, andsev- b
eral Wheeling- theatre parties were
forming, which will now no doubt be
abandoned. Manager RIester's enterprise
should be liberally rewarded.
Mr. Martinez, the musical critic of the c
New York World, was one of those who <i
appreciated the music written by John ^
Philip Sousa, for his new opera, "The \}
Charlatan," which will be presented at u
the mOpera House, Saturday evening, s
February I. He says: In none of the
several comic operas which John Philip
Sousa has written has ho so well exhibited
his muslclanly abilities, as in "The Charlatan."
His melodic mann.-r
throughout is pleasing. His choral .
writing is skillful, and the orchestration
delightfully ingenious. "The Charlatan"
ranks close to the- high water
mark in the matter of scenic and sartorial
stage Investiture. Russia, a
rather sombre and drear** country at
best, both in dress nnd character, in
this instance fields a wealth of color
t inH ?rtf?iilrtrnnp?? \VYilI' lliinnni1 ^nn.
' sa music, Alfred Kksin, Xella. IJergen.
Alice Judson, topical songs, brilliant
dialogues, and diverting lyrics com blue
to make the piece an evening of delightful
Tin-: Missouri girl."
A comedy drama and ;v really good *'
story, "Tk. Missouri Girl," will bo divert
at the Grand for three nights, beginning
Thursday, February with :\ ! '
matinee Saturday. The play is not new
to Wheeling theatre-jwers; it made an
excellent impression last ;\asun, because
of its being built on the lines <>f
the older class of mtrlo-drainas in which
consistency is observed as rnn-.h ns postole.
Says an exchange: You laugh,
scream and roar w.V:i Fred Raymond
as Zeke makes his bow to t!io audience
and ivou hoivl when he nnd Sadie "T
as Daisy, appear togfthur. If those two 1
lights of the comedy stage did nothing
but appear an audience would b convulsed.
Their make-up is enough to
cure n lit of (he blues, their nt tin;; sufficient
11 cau?o a rphinx to laugh. There
is not one dull moment from the open- >
lag of the opening of the II: -t act to th > .'h
elore of the fourth. The dancing or
Fred and Sadie Raymond was su.'li as <
to call for repeated encores. I
"ti-ik i'naykks.' j,
The appearance of that sterling organization,
the Players. In "Hare and
IIoundK," a highly r.ucccssful comedy r
by the great playwright, Sydney Grundy,
at the Opera IloUHe. next Friday
evening, will lie the occasion of one of o
the two most brilliant audiences of the "
eason, and the other was In evidence
t the first play of the Players' season. _
Hare and Hounds" Is protected by .
opyrlght, and the management of the n
'layers had to pay a considerable roy- y
lty for the privilege of producing the
lece here. The public will no doubt
ppreclate this enterprise on the part
f the local organization of Thespians. I
he seat plat Is now open for reservalona
at House's.
The cast of characters will be as fol>ws:
tolcrny Tubbs, of Clapham, a soap P
bollor Mr. J. I'. Morgan n
Jem. Col. Cadbury, of the Keaerve J
'ofccs Mr. Joseph R. Naylor
Ijnlncue Belvldore. a citizen of the Q
world Mr. Edward B. l'ranzhelm
rarclssus Jono?, poet-laureate to the S
soap-boiler Mr. A. Laurence Wheat
ucker, an attorney's clerk; Karl, clerk
of the Hotel Matterhorn
Mr. William L. Drlce
Irs. Todhunter, a mother-in-law
Miss M. Ix>ulxc Montague
Irs. Tubbs, her daughter
Miss Be.?s Grimth
Ilss Kate Cadbury, the colonel's
daughter, kept.In reserve
Miss A. LInna llennlg
<I?ette, of the Opera
Miss Gertrude Harris
Vill be HeJ<l by Local Unlort No. 8 at.
Pylhlnn Castle To-morrow. :
To-morrow night, at Pythian Castle,
outh Side, Local Union No. C, of the 3
National Brotherhood of Operative Poters,
will hold a social session, for
hlch neat Invitations were issued yes?rday
by the committee on arrangelents,
composed of Messrs. William
. Hughes, Thomas J. Duffy, William
'ry, W. T. Nesbltt. Andrew Oolner,
red uomer ana unocn Bourne. Among
lie out-of-town people on the"' proramme
Is Mr. E. A. Stevenson, of East
iverpool, who will deliver an address,
he programme is as follows: C
verture Prof. J. Pinkus u
ddress of Welcome: Bro. T. J. Duffy ?
iolln Solo Clements LudwJg
Keek Again"?Comic Solo
Bro. W. T. Xcsbltt
istrumental and Vocal Selections' ~
Normlie, Stein and Watt
ddress By Nat. Pres. A. s. Hughes
ass Solo?Selected Fred Danvers
ornet Solo Stanls Ludwlg
[ale Quartette
Messrs. Dunn, Hague, Wcstwood and
ddress..Pres. O. V. T. & L. A.-M. TIghe
an jo and Guitar Bero and Bowers
enor Sulo Wm. Clcmans
oniic Recitation Bro. Tiios. Brett
..Bro. E. A. Stevenson, of E. Liverpool
arllor.t? Solo Bro. R. West wood
'our Round Bout between Bros. Hugh
/ Clancy and Little Pete.
rogrammo to'conclude with Closing Ode.
'he Upper for the I'roteids and the
Lower lor Hie Greater Part
ol'the Food. =
It is an interesting study to observe
nv the digestion of food is accomplish- ?
1 The greater part of vegetable food Is
tarch and this is never digested in the
:omach proper, nor is it effected by the
ep.sin in the upper stomach.
Starch (a Carbo-hydrate) is passed out
f the stomach into the duodenum or
:cor.d stomach and there treated by the
ancreatic juices, when in lime a micro:opic
fungi is grown from a part of the
rain, if that hag b:en eaten, and these
lemor.ts v.ith moisture, hent nnd time
ransform the startch into grape-sugar,
hich is the first act of digestion.
The processes are duplicated in an ar- 1
ificial or mechanical way in the manulcture
of Grape-Xuts, the new break- S
ast food made by the Postum Cereal r
o.. Lim., of Battle Creek. Mich. r
In this food one finds the delicate, g
weet taste of grape-sugar and when
a ten it will be found to quickly digest V
nd fatten and strengthen the entire n
ody. "
Its especial mission is to nourish and (]
ebuild the brain and nerve centers.
A certain, definite feeling of strength 3
nd ? lamina comes to the individual af- j-(
er a tew oays use ot urape-.>uis ui .
ro-akfast. 11
Being a condensed food, one does not
equire more than 3 to 5tea spoon fills at ''
meal, which is wortji considering from j]
n economical standpoint. ^
Jacob Duylia Dead. jj
Early yesterday morning, at his home,
159 Market street, cccured the death of
well-known German-American citien
and former business man, Jacob
iayha, in his eighty-first year. He was
native of Wurtemberg, Germany, and
as born in May, ISIS. He came to
.merica in 1S32. and married in 1S47,
nd was the father of eight children,
everal of whom live in this city. For
vventy-tive years he was engaged in
ie baking business here, and later conucted
a grocery. He was a member =
f St. James* German Lutheran church,
he funeral will occur Thursday aftercm
at 2 o'clock from the church, and
11! be conducted by Rev. A. W. Wcrer.
Tolbert-Wolling 31arriagc.
In the parlor of Rev. Dr. Sooy, pasor
of the Fourth Street M. E. church,
esterday at 2:20 p. :n.. Miss Sue Tolert,
of Trladelphla, was married to
Ir. Edward Welling, of Roney's Point,
'hey were accompanied by Miss Ella
'olbert and Mr. Sam Welling.
For La Grippe.
Thomas Whitfield & Co.. 210 Waoash
venue, corner Jackson street, one of
Ihicago's oldest and most prominent
ruggists, recommend Chamberlain's
lough Remedy' for la grippe, as it not
nly crives a prompt and complete relief.
iut also counteracts any tendency of I
1 grippe to result in pneumonia. For ale
by druggists.
tOSLEY?On Monday, January 20. !?00. at
S:!."? o'clock a. in., PETEIi W. BOSLEY.
'uncral from his late residence, No. 11
Fifteenth street, Wednesday morning
at i>:15 o'clock. Requiem mass at St.
Joseph's Cathedra! at 9:30 o'clock, i
Friends of the family respectfully In- J
vltod to attend, interment at Mt. Calvary
il LP IN?On Monday, January 30. IS??, at
wife of Charles A. Gilpin.
'uneral service at lirr late residence, No. =
1C."? South Front street, on Wednesday
aftcrncon at - o'clock. Friends are Invited.
Interment private at Green- ~
wood cemetery. G
AY1IA?On Tncttday, January r.l, 15?!), at
:: o'clock in., at tin- family residence.
No. 1i::> Market street, J A CO P. BAYi
1 A, in hi- Mrt year. r
V.nernl : rvlcat St Jatnes Evan. **
Lutheran church on Thursday afternoon
at 'J o'clock. Friends of the family
respectfully invited to attend. Interment
nt Peninsular cemetery. PIcaso j
' ..lit !!' "' - t. .
_,ouis Bertschy,
I 1 IT Mnln M.- UV-t
('alls by Telephone Answered Pay or
.'kiit. Store T"le|ihor..' Ke'sddenee, | ^
K). A^slst'tni'M Telephone. fc'3. ?}
Alexander Frew,
iain ST. AND EMBALMER & o* .v
Under Competent .Management.
Telephones Store. Hcaldenco. "SO.
IHl'EMlHl;!! f runcral Directors i =
? I nnd hinb.ilmcra. | .
" Cor. Norlotonrf Stv j jf|
li n^KllANII loli'pfione 117. vl
IM'LDkVUUr ^ Open ]>;?y mitl Mcllt. I Jc
ZKraus 5j rot.
Odd Trousers
M Odd Price
Is' there a trouser want, p
iow is your chance, men of ^
"he, selling of trousers at a
.nnual event with us, and \vl
ihrewd buyers.
$2.00 Trousers at....
$2.50 Trousers at....
$3.00 Trousers at....
54.00 Ttousers at....
$5.00 and $4.50 Troi
$6.00 and $6.50 Troi
And so on u|
Dress Shirts. They are cert
nd heliotrope stripes.
Also another new line of,
itrictly One Price.
Slicndc/ Slros.
"/wo- <j>
^O^tjic-T <rt i ^
_ ?2). Bundling S: Co.
'his is the subscription with
elves in every transaction v
AITHFUL in giving you just
s is good not only at the stor
yard?FAITHFUL in serving
nd as prompt a way as is co
'Id established business?FA1
s low as it is possible to redi
esenting our goods in our ad1
List as they are?FAITHFUL
nake?FAITHFUL in exchang
f the purchase is not satisfac
hat we serve you more FAIT
i Wheeling.
JB H o
0?o uunaii
34 and 36 Ti
Your choicc of Finch. Gnckenheimer,^
Gibson, Overholt, guaranteed
7-year-old rye?(not cheap
Bourbon) ? the product of the
famous distilleries of Monongahela
vaUcy-absolutely pure rye "whiskey
at wholesale prices?shipped in
plain packages. Send in yonr
order. _>
fos. Fleming & Son,
10-412 Market St., Pittsburg, Pa.
. LAMB, Pros. JOS. SEYBOLD, Cashier.
J. A. JEFFERSON, Ass't Cashier.
jank of wheeling.
CAPITAL S-.MM),000, l'AID IN".
Hon Ilrock. Josopli F. Faull,
ban. Schmidt, Ilcnry Bloheraon,
toward Simpson, Joseph Seybold,
Gibson Lamb.
Interest paid on special deposits.
issues drafts on England. Ireland and
myl 1_ Cashier.
*11.LI AM A. 18KTT President
ORTIMER POl.I<OCK....Vi?,o Rrerldont
Drnftr. on England, Ireland, Franco and
rilliain A. Isctt, Mortimer Pollock,
, A. Miller, Robert Simpson, <
M. Atkinson. t.\ M. Frbscll,
JulliiH Pollock.
Ji.iS .1. A. MI1,1. KR. Canhlnr.
-k. Printing. An cntiro now line of aains
of Hall Programmes, Tickets und Intatlor.r!
at all pricey at the intol'.ircneer
)b Printing Oilico. I
SCraus S3 rot.
resent or perspective? If so,'
Wheeling, to lay in a supply,
give-away price is a semilat
is looked forward to by all
1 $1.29.
: s 1.49.
lsersat $3.49.
isers at $4.12.
) to the finest.
ew line of Manhattan Fancy
ainly beauties, in blue, pink
Advanced Spring Neckwear.
1319 Market Street.
5)iendel Bros.
No Chance For
there will be when you compare our
laundry work with that done anywhere
else in this town. We strive to excel
and not to rival, and we do it. Shirts,
collars and cuffs are done up in a manner
that defies competition. Our laundry
work is artistic and beautiful in its
faultless color and finish.
Pearl laundry. C'arpot Kcntlng Works
it ml Stoiiiijo IfooniM. Oflleonnd works
J21JJ xuicl 1215 Kofi* street. 'Phono
| ?>. Bundling <? Co.
which we would sign our/ith
the people. We would be
i f!i - _ _r 1 J!
sucn qualities or inercnanuibt:
e, but to wear and use afteryou
in as pleasant, as careful
nsistent with carrying on our
ITHFUL in making our prices
jce them?FAITHFUL in rep/ertisements
and in the store
in fulfilling every promise we
;ing goods or refunding money,
:tory. We want you to feel
HFULLY than any other store
eg Si 0o5
,velfth Street.
SPlumiinn, Sic.
Dealer in all goods pertaining to the trade.
1'012 iialn Street,
Telephone Zi. Wheeling, "V7. Va.
Practical Plumber, Gas and Steam Fitter
No. 11S5 Market street.
Gas .ind Electric Chandeliers, Filters,
and Taylor Gas Burners a specialty, mrt
Practical Plumbers, Gas and Steem Fitters
No. 53 Twelfth Street.
Work done promptly at reasonable pric?x
A full Uno of the celebrated
News and Opinions
National! Importance
IT 1-? rzs. "<2. u r jv?
a ?jwia
Daily, by mail SG a yeat
Daily (in I Sunday, liy ma:!, SS a year
TEia ^tan
>. / V- *.? J V>
Is the greatest Sunday N'c^spiiper ir*
tiie wcrlil.
Price 5c ?i copy. 3y mail S2 a year.
Auilri^-i 'I'll 1. >['\', Now York.
5)ca chin cry.
Jul) Wilvciiutf, W, v cu

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