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Published Dolly, Exccpt Sunday, by ^
Intclllgcnccr Publishing Co*, ?>
23 and 27 Fourteenth Street.
JOHN FREW, Pres. nnd Bus. Manager. t!
Terms: Per Year, by Mall, In Advnuce,
Postage Prepaid. n,
Dally (0 Days Per Week) 1 Year..MO ti
Dally,Six Months - ".00 jt
Dally, Threo Months q
Dally, Thrco Days Per Worfc .'J.OO
Dally, Two Days Pop Wo ok M.00
Dally, One Month - - IS
Weekly, One Year, In Advance 1.00 ul
Weekly, Six Months .. .. .00 fr
ered by carriers In Wheeling and ud- d;
jacent towns at 10 cents per week. >"
Persons wishing to mibscrlho to THE rfl
l>y sending In their orders to the In- '
tclllgenccr oflice on postal eards or "
otherwise. They will bo punctually 11 (
served by carriers. er
Tributes of Itcspect and Obituary Notices Jn
' M ratlts iipp Inch. ji;
Correspondent containing Important jj;
new a solicited from every part of tlrti
surrounding country.
Rejected .communications will not be re- *a
turned unless accompanied by sufficient ?i
postage. w
(The lNTEl.LIOKNCEir orabrnclni: lis 1,1
Foveral editions, Is entered In the Postotticc,
at Wheeling, W. Va., as secondclass
fdi'toriai Rooms H23 | Countiiifl Room
w?Kt:;,ix(i, KEuitirAitv n.tsnn. 9'
Baltimore & Ohio's Xijh* nciMiMufc."*
1 VI
It is agreeable to note that the new y
management of the Baltimore & Ohio c,
railroad lias1 begun the work of an- ^
nounced improvements in earnest, and w
that the coming year will witness much
accomplished in the direction of in- J{,
creased facilities on the main system,
and particularly on this portion of mo l(
line. According to the statements made ^
by the oflicials who visited Wheeling ^
yesterday, attention within the coming OJ
months is to be given to improvements ni
of great magnitude. It is cheering and
gratifying news that among the first fo
matters to be attended to is the erec- g(
tiou of the new passenger station In this
city; we are promised, no further delay ^
in this regard, and the new manage- c(
ment fully appreciates the importance lc
of the needs. The proposed new bridges ^
and double track between here and t(
Cambridge are hut the beginning of a. -v
general improvement in this line which tl
will result in a double track along the ^
entire system, and make it one of the u
best equipped lines in the country. c.
Some months since, when the great ,rj
deal was made by which the Baltimore 0[
& Ohio road passed into new hands, it
was stated that millions of dollars c
would bo expended in rehabilitating and ..
modernizing the entire system, and this
promise, according to all evidence and ^
the statements made here yesterday, is ^
to b._- a realization. That Wheeling will ^
receive a large share of the benefit CJ
gowithout saying. For years past aJ
the city has been waiting for a new ,l?
departure of this sort, feeling how much
she was concerned in a progressive pol- ^
IcV. Under the late receivership ^
she felt that her time had come, and it ^
looks wry much as if she Is not to be ^
disappointed, the prospect being even
better under the new regime.
As the details develop there is to bo
no disappointment, for the new man- ^
agement is fully alive to the advantages * Q
of the undertaking. This was the in- t],
tention from the beginning, and the p
programn:? will be carried out. The
business an:l commercial interests of
"Wheeling are to be congratulated on
the outlook.
<*. 01
Touching Sympat by.
The Register is weeping tears of sympathy
for the forces of Agulnaldo, ^
"Whose treachery and foolhardlness
brought disaster upon his ignorant fol- ^
lowers. It declares that the American ,
people "read of the awful slaughter of
nolvrl coitktah flw.I,. hnl.'? r,r? U
rows by our troops with magazine rides
arid machine guns with a sense of hor- ^
ror rather than jubilation." "Our soldlers,"
it says, "must get used to of
slaughtering human beings by wholesale
and shedding blood in rivers, and ln
the American people must get used to ^
reading about it." Then it goes on to ^
say that "General Otis declined to an- j.
swer the request for a cessation of hos- ..
tilities from the cowed and beaten Fil- ^
pinos." The latter is made the text of ^
a lengthy editorial, in which the point
is made that this "brutal" government
refused the first offer looking to pacilication.
All of which is the merest non- .c,
sense and not based on facts. ^
Much as we may pity the deluded
followers of the treacherous, ambitious .
and brutally selfish Aguinaldo, who relied
upon his promises that a victory cl,
over the Americans would be easy, and a.
placed implicit confidence in his bom- |.(
bastic declaration of war against the
United States, only to discover how
basely they had been betrayed, it j.f
should not lie in the mouth of any v
American, nor does it. rave right here fJiin
the office of a partisan organ, that ;v,
the American troops should have quiet- ,v
ly rested upon their arms and permitted ,Jri
the violation of a truce and a treaty f(}
on the p.irt of a conscienceless leader, ....
who counts not the lives of the men
who blindly confide in him in the prose- nr
cution of his personal ambitions.
Why does not this lone sympathizer
with the cause of Aguinaldo t'lll us ' J
what the American command was to (j?
do? Just stand quietly and take'the
attack, carefully arranged days before
and of which they had warning when
Aguinaldo "declared war," after hear- ^
ing from his spies In Washington?
Probably that is what the military ^
genius of the Register would have done. h 1
It wouldn't have resisted the onslaught 1
<it Agulnaldo's forces, because If. would to
nave regarded It an "brutal." It would i G<
hav; permitted the FlIlplnoK to ?hooi tli
ilov.n our brave men In cold blood and tli
lake poFRe.MRlon of Manila and masHaere dl
everybody not In nympathy with Aguln- tli
a Mo. ni
What a pity It Ik that- this country w;
Ik ho brutal an not to meet favor with <?r
thla alleged American paper. n fji
would not liave mattered with our bj
neighbor that a Email force of civilized w
atlvesr armed only with bo\VB and ar- the
nvs, were placed by the Filipinos In to
ront ot the main torco armed wJtlj vo,
lauHer rifles. It was brutal in our tlo
>rces to lire into these deluded victims tei
r Agulnaldo's plan to draw lire away m:
om his effective forces, but how could an
io Americans know that Aguinaldo, th<
le "patriot," would be guilty of such lie
n infamy?
If our neighbor had published the
t'\vs from Manila, which appeared yes- n'*
rday morning in all the papers except 'nt
.self, It might not have declared that ll,:
eneral Otis "declined to answer the
. quest for a cessation of hostilities."
he. onlyUlispateh it published having
tiy bearing on the situation was one 1,11
om Washington stating that nothing v2101
loteworthy" had occurred during the
:iy. A Manila dispatch stated that
Hie report that AguJnaUlo had sent a
presentatlve to Manila to arrange for ^
epilation of hostilities is denied at P',f
*adqunrtcrs. General Otis says that ^
) accredited representative has yet ext
itered the lines." This found no.place >
I he Ueglster's columns, for It would j
ive killed the effect of a long editorial car
used on the "fake" denounced. 1
In the meantime the government will SOa
,ke care of the situation through our
rave soldiers and sailors, and peace ..0l
III be re-established. The Philippine y
Jestton will be settled as the Cuban nhi
lestlon was. Congress will do it, und bri
> it successfully.
liaso Tl-eason Inhibited. J\?
It will be remembered that some time
nee "Coin" Harvey was appointed rai
lanclal agent of the Democratic na- mn
onal committee (the Bryan wing) by ml1
lialrman Jones to raise funds for the J'
ee silver campaign in 1000. The mat- WQ|
r was considerable of a mirth-prodclng
affair at the time, and since Kfc
ion the more Important national
;ents have caused the public to lose
ght of the amount of success with ^
hlch "Coin" is metting in his efforts. sj0]
lddenly ,amidst all the present excite- ^
ent, there bursts forth a reference anc
> Chairman Jones' financial schemes JV
> pay Bryan's 1900 expenses, by the
emphls Commercial-Appeal. Our *)0',
emphls contemporary is a Democratic 0^j
gan, but It draws the limit on the tas
lanner in which Jones, Harvey, Alt- j;
Id. et al. are ralslnir camnalcn funds ma
>r next year, when it says of the latest are
. heme: ^
"The latest method of the Democratic
ivders to raise' a campaign fund by -y
>ntracting with I. II. Cannon & Co. qui
handle the sale of two grades of cai
ho'mas Jefferson (?) cigars, which arc 1
be sold for 5 and 10 cents, respect- ^
ely, the said manufacturers to pay the
le national committee, Messrs. Jones, -\
Mn Harvey, Altgeld, Teller and Stone, tul
half cent for each 'five-center' and a ho1
'lit for each 'ten-center* sold, is a dis- "![!
race to national politics, and smacks
" the ward bam politics."
This is a cruel exposure made by the
ommercial-Appeal. It is base treason
> Bryanism, according to the silver cie;
emocracy's way of viewing it; rank
nraval of free silver, and wholly un ateful
to the party organization. The
einphb paper is undoubtedly in the S
nploy of "the "Wall street sharks,"
id deserves to be denounced as such, ue
; it undoubtedly will be. Why should sol
iii Commercial-Appeal interefere with 'I
lis business enterprise of the Bryan
-morratic managers? Why not boom sjr
p_- inuin.ii' .icih.t.iuu ciyur mm neip ?ni
ons the cause? True, the Coin-Jones
mbination lacked discretion in choos- ult,
g the name of a sold standard Demo- tin
at to apply to the cigars, hut why An
lould the.Commercial-Appeal see lit l0j
< parade the fact, and interfere with bni
le raising of funds to make Bryan m|'
resident? _
Time to be Silent. to ]
Ticcent occurrences have fully devel- 11 ^
>ed. that those who insisted that the low
ilipinos are capable of self-govern- cru
en: at present were just a bit pre- l0J
ous in* their estimate. Part of the pja
rce that attacked the Americans Sut- phr
'day, placed in the advance to draw
e away from the properly equipped e(]
rces, were uncivilized natives armed wa
ith bows and arrows. It is not sur- ^
ising therefore that some of our men an
tio were captured were mutilated. By
,1s act Aguinaldo, with all his "polIt,"
shows himself to have the heart Pe"
:i savage. >
The New York Sun, referring to this tlie
cident. remarks that Admiral-to-be jjk*
ewey, Major General Otis. President Kej
oKinley and the Congress of the
nited States of America, not to menj
m the colonial commission, are the p0
;st committee on the government of wh
Philippines to be found in the
orld. And while order is being re- n,i
ored there and a government is being sml
'olved, the so-called anti-expansiontn
will enact the role of good cltlzenip
If they observe a respectful silence.;
No problem was ever solved except E
systematic action. Criticism and
>structlon of the hands of those
larged with responsibilities never yet
ded in carrying out such an ohligawoi
)n* ^ WO)
Aguinaldo's stronghold lias been ta n
by the American troops, under the
r.-onal command of General Otis. In
ling so the pick of the Filipino troops
! #? routff! and scattered to the winds,
ith ii' ivy losses, and the American
;r JloaUng over Calocgan. The
rces that w:e scattered were not
av;ig"s armed with bow and urrows,"
it AgnijiaJdo'a boasted organized
my, and the best equipped force on
c island, well armed. Another lesson
is been learned by the scheming leadnnd
the real submission will not be
Joyed muiif days. In the face of a
ttling (Ire the Americans put the indents
to lliuiit, and it is a matter of
atificatlon that they did so with but
ight loss, while the deluded followers
the treacherous dictator lied like
The appointment of a rauct of inquiry
jnvBiiKuie ine cjuitkch made by
. neral Mile# ngaln?t the character or
ic beef furnlnhed by contractor* for
< army during the late war, made by
reetlon of th?? President, is to nlvt?
ic commanding general full opportuty
to provo hlH Kroundn, and no limit
111 be placed upon the Inquiry. (Jcnal
Ml lei 1.4 not the subject of the Inilry,
though the allcKatlons art: made
t him. It la probable that the reault ^
ill clear the wlyde matter up, and lix J }l(11
; responsibility on whoever is foynd
be accountable for the unfortunate
million affairs. The adminiatran
seems determined to probe all mat's
of complaint to the bottom, no
it tor who is affected, whether it be
army officer, or the beef contractors
imselvcs,.arid In this It receives pubapproval.
Phe bl?ennlol legislative ball last
;ht at Charleston Interrupted bus>hs
for a short time, but let us hope
it the social enjoyment helped to
po out animosities and placed our
bile servant* In good enough state
mind to unite In pushing important
itters to a ilnish, in order that the
jesslty for an extended session may
i: X l?l,i:\HANTTO MEN.
lonldy or smoky ceilings in barber
ielnp expected to give dally ltlneraro'f
their most trivial doings to too
ictlng wives.
,'ecktles that slip up behind.
?!nen that has been "blistered" by
eless laundrymen.
'he woman who persists In tnklng up
t-room with her bundles In a crowdcar.
"m; shopper who never says "Tlunk
i" Cor a proffered seat.
V'alters who hang 'round for tips, or
ays spy a lonely crumb that needs
ishlng off. when they have brought
dinner check.
'he horde of newsboys who block the.
ys around the rnllroad stations just
train time.
'he chap in the ofllce who has the
nv-day habit of saying: "Soy, old
n. lend me your umbrella for Just a
into, will you?"
,ooso bricks, the day after a rain.
'he fellow who is always waiting to
rk off a pet "funny story."
jI-'IjEctions or a iiachelok.
?robably the lions thought maybe
niel was a new woman.
'he only word that fits more occa!is
than "don't" is "damn."
. woman's last resource Is to refer to
>ther one as "that woman."
i man will generally be just as big a
ite as some one woman will let'him
Text to his wife, a man's views about
er women are the best test of her
Ivery girl, when she is trying to look
d at a man, has an idea- that her eyes
Vhen a woman knows she is wrong
? may not admit it, but a man never
leve3 he Isn't right.
Vhen a girl is in love she can never
ite believe that any married people
1 possibly know just how she feels,
ntuition in a woman is probably what
uld toll her if she was a man when
? trousers leg hung down lower than
> other.
Vhen a girl who is visiting: town
ks about the ' conservatory" at
me, you can be preiiy&urc that her
ther raises house plants in the bay
ndow.?New York Press. t
*>. I
Ucvo D'Kto. I
'I were better dead." she moaned,'
i her words were lost in the bellowing
the tempest. Then she sang, in a
nr. bass voice:
Oh. war is?turn, ti, tumtum,
Authorities declare.
Yet neither coal nor beef embalmed
Is necessary there!
Hill the crew of the life-saving stall
did not hear her, although they
re playing pinochle at the time. Ac dingly,
would the mystery ever be
'he next day a pink shirt waist was
shed on shore, and the simple Usher
k recalled with a shudder how the
ange woman had always directed her
rt waists to be washed but not
'he fast mall left two cattle ears at
: siding that night. In the morning |
town was alive with detectives. ;
ything was better than being a dead
t was only when a tall, dark man
lit an electric railway into their
1st that the neighbors began to talk.
He will marry the beautiful strar.they
whispered, one to another,
h the species of divination peculiar
mstoral people who read only serious
tredne~day or Thursday of the foling
week a detective stood upon the
ggy promontory ami called attention
the copper-green line of the ocean.
That is the copperas delicti!" he coined
affably, and ran to the tele>ne
to reclaim his reward.
looner than anybody expected the
rdered woman came back. She lookold
and worn, as though she had
iked fr6n> the station to save 'bus
uriouslj; enough she demanded thut
autopsy be held.
Give the devil his due'." she pleaded,
:h tears in her eyes. ' "Even the
tporor Nero was never accused of
ling liquor to the Indians."
Jmv hf?r motive was nlain. Unon
retina of her eyes would bo found \
>tographed the person who had mur- i
>:d her, or else science was a moult
flatters him!" exclaimed the vllers,
when there was disclosed the
trait of one they had never seen,
r they would speak their minds,
atevor the cost.
[ere the woman staggered to a seat.
Is 1 Sill Smith in the house?" she askwith
a haunting, albeit courteous
(To be Continued.)
?Detroit Journal.
A Terrify in# Dream.
letroit Free Press: "I'd never go to
p nfj'in if I thort I'd have a 'nother
htmare like that," sighed the weary
Was it horribleV"
The horrlblest I ever fyad. T dreamed I
r* a k'.-g of hard cider and wor' aIcln'."
There Will Not Always lie.
Thorn will not always bo
A season drear;
And winter's wanes and spring
Is utinof-t here.
There will not always bo
The dull to-day:
And wear and worry will
Soon pass away. .
There will not always bo
A world to shun:
A life is coming lit
For anyone.
There will not always bo
This weight of care:
Content an J perfect peaeo
Aro waiting there.
There will not always ho
The task undone:
And sendee; etuis with that
Great day begun.
There will not always be
The vain regret;
Anrl times will mend and heart a
Uu happy yet.
There will not always l?o
The? frill I lesa quest:
And troubled souls will line!
The longed-for rest.
Tlwre will not always ho
Unvalued worth:
The richest rerompenifo*
Is not of earth.
There will not always ho
A lurk ot loVC,
For love I* living In
The life above.
?Pittsburgh Times.
>r. HhII'm CoiikIi Syrup rules
?tip. Don't rl.sk the children's life,
t lUM-p thh wonderful remedy on
3d. Price 23 cento*
Makes the food more deliciou
HOYAt BJwiwa powpen co., m
One of the most Important bills con- APicf
sldered by <he house waa one providing crut <
for the execution of the death penalty at Edso
the state penitentiary. This Is a bill chief-'
that has been before the legislature for equlpn
a number of sessions, but Its Trlends D(nV(,.,
have never been able to get It passed. It
Js a measure brought forward by the cnier.
sheriffs of the several counties who de- "Wushi!
sire to get rid of the disagreeable duty \ng ev
of hanglng.~Morg'antown Post. mlral 1
. lican.
That ever-popular play?Uncle Tom s ,(Tjie
Cabin?was horribly murdered at the jn the
school house laat Saturday evening by who, t
a combination known as the Eisen- ot']e.y *
barth-Honderson company, being com- PUblici
posed of bum actors to a man. As usual, was b(
a crowd greeted the performance, but |',e l)ei
were thoroughly disgusted. The crowd ,
even forgot to shed a few tears over the J*r?tnei
death of Eva, so poorly was It present- J-aPtai
ed.?West Union Herald. bureau
th* na1
The farmers throughout the.county active
are getting their sugar camps in readi- it bee
ncsR for an early start in making ma- ^hloi^
pie syrup. The only thing the farmer k(Jr jJe
needs now in the sugar line is a few frienj
sunny days to start the water to run turnlnj
from the trees. The indications are fa- p,
vorable for a good season.?Morgan- afjc.r j]
town New Dominion. out que
The editor of the Calhoun Chronicle is the true
blue. Although a Democrat he is <
fearless for the right as he sees it. In along i
the recent issue of his paper he says: reau.
"By Interviewing a number of Demo- served
crats, recently, we And they entertain portun
the same opinion of the Taylor case as to tlnd
between Dent, (Dem.), and Brohard, and po
(Hep.), that we entertain, and we are One m<
thankful to them for kind expressions, my roc
In great nnd important questions, we before
unhesitatingly speak our sentiments, port
not, however, until we have carefully at G
studied the subjcct. And to know that * the 1
Vs3K?'' \ V;
\; /
This is the Title Bestowed Upon Senat or Matt
complishes So Much, Yet Sa
Though the political life of Senator ough pi
Matthew S. Quay, of Pennsylvania, j worldhas
been somewhat tempestuous, which J .fair's
Is no more than can be expected in the j he is n>
pie, It Is significant to note thut at
home Mr. Quay Is gentleness and alTa- t books 1
bllity personified. j is not c
In appearance Mr. Quay is a man j increas
slightly above the medium height. He j jn'^uie*
has drooping eyes, but when spoken to ! ,.very i
raises them quickly, and becomes all at- j hut wl
tention. He dresses neatly, but not comple
showily, and prefers to wear a sack ' room o
coat of mixed material with trousers of j his spe
dark-hued striped goods. He has no love I hours a
for dress: neither are his manners those J Willi
of a dandy. In his personal relations lie I the sta
Is unassuming and gracious, and one I still soj
meeting Mr. Quay at a drawing room j has no
would never suspect him to be the thor- i pires n
such a course is appreciated and ap- i think,
proved by honest men goes a long way press h
toward strengthening and preparing us a presli
for the universal battle for the right, use of:
No political pany has us by the collar, ocnii.'
tio political party has "red ribbon" on " 'I i
us, so to speak. We are absolutely In- comino*
dependent nnd intend to give utter- manner
ance to honest opinions, though the word f<
heavens fall." Democr
* ed.
The stock cars being built at the Ensign
works for the N. Y. T. & M.. are u'as |],c
shipped from here to the New River re- " 'We
glon, where they are loaded with coal, 1??' Ra^
which is carried to Mexico. By the
time they reach their destlntalon, all ]\
the bearings of the new cars are in nice
IVUJ tuimuiuil. llKMllilf, ivil ll'.IHIU, AgO. J
" aoflcnci
"I hadn't been there more than a tninute
until I threw two glasses of beer "
down, within the next Ave minutes* I never r
had two teeth milled and a few minutes known,
later was enjoying a dish of oysters." {'orhHf,|'^
is the way u Ripley He began hla report} ,i0 n',,;
of a trip to Pomeroy, Monday. As lie ()n. ?.CCi}
could get plenty of oysters and teeth- j ra,,y 1
pulling at home, It must have been the conv.<;ijf
beer put such ft move on Iilrn.?Jackson {'s, ,'
Herald. friends.
On Saturday* last Prof. Stayinan, of Phlla<
our public school, went for a tramp to clous!"
liigh Hock, two or three miles down the *
river. While climbing the height he j },
came upon a. copperhead snake about his will
thirty Inches long. Wus he belated from breechthe
fall or an early arrival for the the pro
spring??Keyser Echo, :
Prospectors have been at work for-the
past several days In the vicinity of s-Yi
Shanghai. It in reported that n New dpWI
York syndicate is anxious to purchase
about 7,000 acres of land In that vicinity. vj
Jt Is said that the coal found, If produr- I *
cd, Is of excellent quality and said to /
lie la large quantities.? Martlnsburg J J
Herald. k\
CHAMPAONK is n restorative If
pure. Cook's Imperial Champagne, oxi
tru dry, has a century record for purity. C
i Powder
sand wholesome
:w vopk. ' .
urcHquo Definition of a Demo*
ivcn by hi in Sonic Years Ago.
n C. Brace, of St. Louis, who was
cleric1 of the naval bureau of
R-nt'antl recruiting while Admiral
1 (then a commodore) was Its
has. In a communication to the
ngton Post, given t?ome interestIdence
of the fact that the ads
and always has been ti KepubMr.
Brace says:
closest friend the admiral has
navy is Admiral John CJ. Walker,
hough raised In the west. Is anype
of the extreme abolition Remlsm
of New England, where he
>rn and partly reared. It was by
rsonal influence of Admiral Walade
effective through his foster
r? Senator Allison, that the then
n Dewey was made chief of the
of equipment and recruiting in
iry department. A number of carnival
ofllcers were making an
unn.-nU f,... tlilu nl..tnn
iame known that Commodore
was to quit the shore and eomihe
Baltimore, but Admiral Walld
it open several weeks for his
Dewey, who was then Just re7
from the command of the llagL'nsacola,
in tlie Mediterranean,
lis memorable and Jong-drawnirrel
with Admiral Sam Franklin,
j been until that time chief clerk
bureau, I became by law the actef
during: tliis interregnum,
lue season the new chief came
ind took up his duties at the buIn
the two years or less that 1
with him there were many opIties
to study his character and
out his views, personal, literary
litical. I will relate an incident.
>rnl7ier the commtfflore came into
>m holding the Washington Post
him. Ho had been reading a reof
David IJ. Hill's speech
rafton. West Virginia. on
? a 11 i 'T.o re ? Ohio railway.
' ^ / \
hew S. Quay. Because lie "Acys
So Little."
olitician that he is in the outside
or Quay is broad-minded on all
and in the realm of literature
o novice. Ills reading is of the
,-arled description, and lie has
g orders with several publishing
jf the country to send him all
>f current interest. His library
mly well stocked and choice, but
es every day.
,}uay is not a conversationalist
sense that he seeks to charm
jerson who admires his ability;
len a friend, in whom he has
te conlldence. enters Into his
r his office, he opens the door of
ech, and talks Interestingly for
it a time.
nearly all the political forces In
te against him, the senator has
me ilrm political frlondx, arid lie
t yet lost hope. His term exext
, in which Mr. Mill sought to iml?
personality upon the people as
ilentinl aspirant bv -the freniinnt
i cabalistic phrase '1 am a Demnm
a Democrat,' repeated the
lore with the peculiar musing
ho Eoinetimes fell into; his
>r it was 'mulling.' 'What Is a
at these days, anyhow?' he askivoultl
take quite a little time, 1
to define that at this moment,'
reply of his subordinate.
11, I'll tell you what a Democrat
I iho commodore, with some as>f
tonf, 'in time of war a Demois
a damned traitor; in time of
e is a damned fool.'
that was seven or eight years
lie commodore's views nratv have
il with advancing use. 1 always
lis opinions, when it came In my
the incidents of service to hear
> be invariably clean cut, and he
nlnced words in making them
Like most navy men, ho exhimself
with strong emphasis,
sivear picturesquely and volubly
slon> and wholesome vigor may
)e called the catchwords of his
anon. j\ 11 ills rrlendK know this
ija a good many ivlio are not his
At Mniiilu.
jelphin North American:
erled the secretary of war of the
i.s. "Isn't this terrible?"
ill!" sputtered Agulnaldo, lialtIs
flight to remove the mild from
stle ;uul pin tip the rent In his
clot 1'i.j,,"At Just what tUnge of
tieedli.ijxn dl<l we slip the cok?"
|?Xhe ^asy ^00('
Easy to Buy,
T VA Easy to Cook,
rL mv$ Easy to Eat,
JjSJtfy Easy to Digest.
rm^uaker Oats
u WAt all groccrs
y in 2-lb. plcgs. only
Siano Slar/jain*.
Paani? ffi
Bargains. ?s
u? s.
OneF. C. Light & Co., square.. $125
One Gronstein S Co,, square.. $100
One Stanley & Sods, square.. .. $125
One Heine Kamp, square $100 C^iecl
$AA Fracl
in 1
One Schomacher & Co., square.. $ 60 * '
Scleral others correspondingly low J<
ana on easy paymenrs. capit
????? . an(j
Duo i
Due t
lilligan, Wilkin & Co., S?
II3S, li# and M Market St. H1 ?"<
! ?_ State
? 1. L
best c
Stuffing a turkey Is culinary taxldcr- gub
my- 10th i]
Between two evils sonic men ehoose
When winter dies spring will furnish (-orrc
the flowers.
An underdone steak Is better than in
steak done over. f0"
The majority may rule If the minority
isn't made up of women.
The wise girl who wants to catch a
husband always runs the other way. crWhen
some men reach the top they n"
help to yet off the surrounding vacancy. u? "
A man is always anxious Jo help an- on
other if he sees a chance to help him- n"a(r
self. nav
All llcsh may be grass, but the lawn
mower will never supplant the caiving 5
A vacation makes some people so cspcci
lazy they don't care If they never have offer
to work again. have
Time is money; that's why the man ccn'
who owes you a little bill promises to
pay it in time. Sjly
When a choir singer's salary is raised
it enables him to lift up his voice in pn
songs of praise.
There are times when oven the philosopher
is unable to derive any real
comfort from his philosophy.
If there is anything greener than an
emerald, it is the young- man who pre- %
i sents one to another fellow's best girl. Tj,c,
.There is undoubtedly such a thing as puritj
' sympathetic suffering. Many a poor lec(] ,
man suffers if his wife is out of sorts. or oth
One way to humble a man's pride is dealer
to present him with a life-size crayon lncm
portrait of himself made by an amateur
artist.?Chicago Daily News.
What Auoiicillo Represents.
New York -Mail and Express: Agon- nICTI
clllo makes a false statement when he " ^
declares-that he represents "every soul Si
of the ten millions who compose the Catn
population of the Philippines." He rep- -
resents only one man. Aguinaldo, who
has organized only one tribe in one island.
the Ta gales in Lnzon. end has a
vague and uncertain alliance with another
tribe in another island, the Visayas
in Pan a 6*. It is the design of Anulnaldo
to make himself and his people
the despot of all the other tribes in .ill
the other islands! He is lighting, not
for the liberty, but for the looting and
oppression cf the archipelago.
What to do With Ingrates.
New York ITerald: If you rescue a
drowning man and ho turns and^stabs
you, or reform a rake only that he may
rob you, your first duty to society is to
strike him doivn. and if he is able to
get up you "can then consider whether
you will give him another chance or not. ,
It seems cruel at first to be compelled
to strike a blow at all; but anything is
better in the end than to leave the Filiplnos
to the tender mercies of an adventurer
who blows a gold whistle at qpur|
the .Americans and leaves his wretched
followers to go out to fight in the dark.
An enterprising South London under- ..
taker displays in his window this notice:
"Why walk about in misery when Brolle:
you can be decently buried for 30s?"? Dotil
Tit Bits. Clost
"I suppose you laid the foundation for f?GUs",
your success by taking time by the n,ndo
forelock?" "No," answered the politician.
"it was by taking the legislature ]
uif ui'uuiuviv' ??? UMUUHLUII Oiui.
Miss Chltterly?Have you heard the _
terrible scandal about Miss Goldcutter?
I don't know that 1 ought to repeat It.
MIps Pumlceton?Don't. Just give me
your own version.?Life. \T
"Who is Agulnaldo?" asked Maud. Thursi
"Why. don't you know?" responded
Mamie. "He's a Malay." "Oil, yes! Llncol
How stupid of me! One of those people
who come from Malaria."?Washington
Star. a Sur
"Of course," said the caller, "parrots ... .
do not realize the meaning of their *yj
words; otherwise they would not be so ?
profane." "1 suppose they don't." answered
Miss Cayenne. "But it cer- V* e
talnly Is marvellous to near them ask ?
for crackers and then stand up and
discuss their rations like army officers."
?Washington Star. ^
Blank's wife is one of the women who (jh;
occasionally take the platform to ad- Nigh
vocat.- some reform movement. Blank Mml
was accosted by a fellow-cltlzen the ?
other night, who said: "I heard your
wife lecture. Her power of diction Is
wonderful." "Yes. fair. But It's
nothing compared to her power of con- WM |
tradlctlon."?Detroit Free Press. Dealer
1 "The simplest efforts last the longest,"
said the gifted lecturer. "Look at Tele;
Mary's lamb?forever embalmed In
deathless verse." At this moment :i
tall stranger In the audience' suddenly
arose, and In a voice choked with hot
emotion llercely cried; "You're a liar!" Practii
'I'hi-n ho ilrnnintIrnUv ?<tnlkeil frnni Hn?
room. "Who was that man?*' Inquired
the startled lccturcr. "Oh," said the
chairman of the lecture committee,
"you mustn't mind him. lift belongs to and Tj
the commissary department."?Cieveland
Plain Dealer. \v
Ueware of Ointments for Catarrh pfdC^
That Contain Mercury,
As mercury will surely destroy the sense
of smell and completely derange the
-whole system when entering it through
the mucous surfaces. Such articles _n|..
should never be used except on pre- 11\|[>
script Ions from reputable physicians, as
the damage they will do Is ten-fold to the
good you can possibly derive from them.
Mall's Catarrh .Cure, manufactured by OF.
J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O., contains
no mercury, and Is taken Internally,
acting directly upon the blood and nui- pi;
cons surface.-* of the system. In buying
Hall's Catarrh Cure be sure you get "
the genuine. It Is taken Internally, an<l BTJ3A]
made In Toledo, 0., by F. J. Cheney it
Co. Testimonials free. ^ fu^
Sold by druggists. Price 7ii cents per
11u 1 I'm Family Pills are the best.
Hr am tho /> ft'1"!I1"" Bougftt
B"?r Si
, S3 ant Statement.
1'onx 01' TH K~Jox DITI ON" OF
K. at Wheeling, in the State of West
nla, at tho close of business, 1-cb,
4, 1K?:
h and discounts $ GSG.OCl 7t>
lrafts, secured und unse- ,
:d l.OtSS 57
bond.s to Secure clreula,
no.ooo co
bonds on band M,000 00
lums on V. S. bonds r?^00 00
;s, securtics, etc -Jl.iOO W
Ins-house, furniture and
tires 110,000 00
from national banks (not
rve agents) fcl'.MO SI
'rom state banks and bank
from approved reserve
nts 210.G40 Xi
1{H ami other eash Items.... !'.lKr> 21
k of other national banks.. -.795 00
lonal paper currency, nlckand
cents 150 7G
til money reserve
>ank. viz:
>ecJe J?;i,4!?l (O
>t'al-tender notts... 7U.97S 00
12M? 00
)lal 51.3M.31G C,\
al stock paid In $ 200,000 00
us fund 20,000 00
irlded profits, less expenses
taxes paid ">.07$ 02
to other national banks.... 92,73.1 OS
o state banks and bankers. 112,727 GS
(dual deposits subject io
k 73S.M3 72
ind certificates of deposit.. 16:t O'J
certlllcates of deposit 222,01") 12
ital 51,331,310 CI
of "West Vlrglnfo.'County of Ob Jo, s?;
.awrence E. Sands, cashier of the
'-named bank, do solmenly swear
the above statement is true to the
>f my knowledge and belief.
scribed and sworn to before me this
lay of February. ISM.
Notary 1'ublic.
nf?Af frmf
Directors. ^
^ iP
juse /f^
iltould have a pure sfimalanf,
ally at this season of the year. Wo
to tho public our whiskies, which
stood the test of over a quarter of
er Age $1.59
Bear Creek $1.90
*o whiskies arc unsurpassed for age,
and general excellence. Guaranto
bo perfectly free from fusil oil
cr deleterious substances. Ask your
for them, and if they do not havo
on hand send direct to
I Federal Street, Allegheny, Pa.
logue mailed free on application.
Sloven and Slannes.
Only $14.00.
four burners and simmering burner.
hk Oven and Roasting Oven and
i|o walls lined with asbestos.
d tops for winter and open prates
mmer use.
ant?";d equal to any Gas Range
Call and examine them.
[lay. Friday anil Saturday. February I
i>, 10. ll. Matinee Saturday,
n J. Carter's Masterpleco of Stage
nptuous Scenic Spectacle. A Powerful
it prices?15, 25, 35 and 50c.
neo price*?1">. 25 and 3V. frG
Solid Week. Commencing Monday,
'cbruary 13. Daily Matinees,
Beginning Tuesday.
Repertoire of Well Known Plays,
iinge of Play Each Performance.
,t prices?10, 20 and :tOc.
prici-i--?1" and 20c. fof>
Plumbing, Sic.
In ail goods -pertaining to tiio trude.
ID 12 Main Street,
>lione 37. Wheeling, W. Va.
col Plumber, Gas and Steam Titter
No. 1153 Market street.
and Electric Chandeliers. Filters,
lylor Gaa Burners a specialty, mrll
'..LlAM ilAlCE .v: SON,
cnl Plumbers, Gtis unci Steam fittiv*
No. S3 Twelfth Street.
done promptly nt reasonable prices. |
line of the celebrated
Uo Sloan.
ATE. Six per cent Interest nnd one
nt premium, total seven per rent,
CO., 32d St., Ucllalre, Ohio, oc? |
. 31cto Jiduertisemcnts.
To i\ll our friends who ,so kindly 8vn,
patldzed with us during the Illness .*2
death (,f our beloved dnughtcr, Huij.v
Blanche Metzner. we desire to return oun
most heartfelt thanks. uf
Mil. ?ffd MHS. KRXKST n. MKT/.Nrn
The members of Bridgeport Loilt;? v?
1S1. A: T. & A. M.. will meet this <s'at
unlay) evening at 7:20 o'clock to make ar'l
'rahgements for the funeral of our li j
brother. Kit Johns. By order of tbo u'er <
shlpful Master. ,
fell Secret a ry.
French Peas
Rcdticcd to lie , 12?c 15c 17c
From 12!ic 15c ISc 20t
. Y^Jr. Behrens Co.'s.
lana ward. '
The Board of Commissioners of tu
County of, Ohio will pay $200.00 reward for
the arr^jmand conviction of the party 0r
parties'-who destroyed the saw mill of
Taggart Bros, and other property in Lib.
erty district, Ohio county.
President Board of Commissioners
You get them
FOR.... 71 CENTS
GOnTZH'S " Ant f-Trust "DRUG STORE I
Opposite McLure House. ' fe|
Free samples and demonstrations at our I
Open iq sing at Concerts, Receptions.
Musicals,'etc. For terms apply to
lo I 1310 Marlel Street.
Assets SI,lSSt'100.13. f
NORTON & CO.,.. Local Agents,
Room IG Exchange Bank Building, F.;;
Your patronage rcspcctfully solicited.
Violet Cream,
The ONE night euro for chaps ar.l
rough skin. Prepared only by
R. H. LIST, 1010 Main Street.
Sold by all flrst-elass dealers at 10c bottl\
Real Estate.
Insurance. n5tabn,h,j
Money Loaned. IS7'.Siirptv
Spccial attention to management
of city real estate and collection (Jv
oF rents. Tenants placed in your
property on a up-to-date lease. [' /
G. 0. SMITH,
Gas Ranges*
We have the best stock of
ever shown in Wheeling, ranging in E
price from $6.00 to $50.00. If you fe-j
want something nice call and sec them. \
GEO. W. '2>? I
Foil SALE?Building Site, 113 by I
East McCollc-h street. Dirt cheap.
Small farm. Improved, 11 acres. Thra ?
miles from city on river road.
^ lino country residence, Pleasant Ya!? |
A chcap home, two-story brick rlwcllir?, ?f$
1 rooms and kitchen, on East McCo!!oc!j i
street. Lot 20 by K'O. Only $1,700. Terr.! E
A very fine building lot on north side of
Fouriernth street.
Two desirable building lots on Wood f
street. Eighth ward?on very easy torn?, t
A two-story frame dwelling, j rooms, R
with stable on lot. Lot 2"> by 100. Souti H
Chapline street. Eighth ward. Onlyfl.&J;
easy terms.
5 rooms corner Fifteenth and Jacob S'J, j
Arion store room, 2(4)2 Main street.
Telephone Cor. l lthani
517. Market Sts. <
J the postofllco at Wheeling, Ohio
eounty, W. Va.. Saturday. February 11. ffit;
To obtain any of the following letters the /:
applicant mfis-t. ask for advertised letter*. '
giving date of list:
Blstzert. Mrs.",!. W. Morgan, Mrs. J. E. ,
Hurkett, Mrs. M. Myers, Annie '
Coss, Mrs. It. W. Martin. Mrs. Emtia ?v
Carry. Mrs. Patterson. Liz:l->
Aft..-. -IT C: Dnrlnl- Mr.- Rni.1 HI
Dorsey, Mrs. Scoxtol, Mrs. Jno.
Green. Jnmima Sehultz, Mrs. K.
Holden, Mr?. Zona Sterling, Miss JenHonderpon^IIss
Mammle Sedwick, Mrs. Thoi fe
Little. Mrs. Kmlly
Applegnte, Ilor?. \\\ Kramer, S. E.. M. P- ^
Butts. Jolm Mackie, J. S. r?
Campbclly. Joe Morris. Frank M. ( ?' j
Cast Jr.", John M vers, Hurler G.,
Farrell. ClifT - M. I).
'Irenvllle, Peaker. Lewi?
Hamton, Py.ruk Srhmnker, Henry
Holmes, Wm. Wilson. Jeffey
Mlteholl IJro.v (4th Mrs. Sam Yahn. '?r,
- class matter). ? ? ft
J. ?. RHODES & CO.
will commence Monday. Feb- ^
ruai'v 13. and continue all
week. Notwithstanding tl'e 5
high tariff, we will soli our |
standard qualities of Linen at i
the old prices.
to select from. Special to"' j|
prices in Odd Napkins. Conie |
and see our Linen Bai'^ins. |
; 1
J. S.* RHODES & tt

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