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. Published Dally* Except Sunday, by
IntcIUgcncer Publishing Co,
25 and 27 Fourteenth Street.
JOHN FREW, Pres. and Bus. Mann*ci
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Postage I'repahl.
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the daily intelligencer is doll
ercd by carriers In "Wheeling and at
Jacent towns at 10 cents per week.
Persons wishing to subscrlbo to th
daily intelligencer can do >
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otherwise. They will bo punctual
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Correspondence containing Jmportai
news solicited from every part of tl
surrounding country.
Rejected communications will not lie r<
turned unless accompanied bysufliclci
(The INTELLIGENCER, embracing H
Hevcral editions, Is entered In the Pos
office, at Wheeling, \Y. Va., as sccoac
class matter.)
Editorial Rooms 823 | Counting Room 8]
Hank Part isansliip.
The Register quotes an article fror
.the Charleston Democratic organ, ill
Gazette, Jn a weak effort to make :
appear, somehow or other, that th
Democratic party inaugurated the fre
school system in certain states, becaus
they happened to be in power in th
states named at the time the law wer
Into effect. The logic of this rath?
amusing allusion is that the Republ:
cans were opposed to the free school!
and the Democrats were obliged to tak
possession and establish them. I
Mother words, the matter of supportin
free schools Is a partisan question, an
if wo had not the Democratic part
there would be no free schools in an
state. It seems strange that a reputa
l)le newspaper should raise such' an un
worthy point, in view of history.
As for West Virginia, when the Dem
ocrats came in power the state of Wei
Virginia was but ten years old. and ha
not yet recovered entirely from the el
fects of the war, and from the effects i
the rule of eastern Virginia, whose pol
icy Wiu, opposed to free schools, so fa
as the sentiment*was retlected by ox
presslons of her leading men in powei
Bo that as It may, the attempt to mak
politics of the matter of the establish
ment.of free schools, has no basis ;i
all. The people have been practical!
unanimous for the public schools sys
tem in all progressive states. It ha
never been made a party question b
The Gazette makes the point, and
foolish one it is, that because certai
states?had Democratic legislatures a
the time the system was adopted th
party should.be credited with it. Doc
it necessarily follow that Republican
when in power repealed the laws, an
have they not been just as liberal an
Just as progressive in their policy
We doubt if It ever occurred to an
citizen before that the public scho<
system in this day of advancement wn
a political issue. Suppose the Charles
ton Gazette and its echo, the Registci
give t lie school and other education?
statistics, and the record of illiteracy
of all the states that have been con
trolled by the Republican party for tli
past two decades, and compare tliei
with similar figures from states on th
other side.
Another absurdity which the Gazett
declares, and the Register approves, I
that "Republican leaders, as he whor
that party has jusf recently sent to tli
senate, proposed to secede from tli
state if the school taxes were to be dis
tributed among the counties in propot
tion of the number of their children.
Nonsense. A Republican governor ha
recently recommended the distributio
of the irreducible school fund for tli
betterment of the school system for tli
present and rising generation, and t
repeal the law requiring it to accumu
late untouched into millions for the her
eilt of generations unborn, and it meet
with favor from members of the legh
biture, regardless of party. The refei
once to Mr. Scott, exposes the animil
of the Gazette's article and the Regis
tor's approval, and is unworthy of fu:
ther notice.
Applauding an Knciuy.
Our contemporary, the Ileglstc:
which loses no opportunity to attemr
to prejudice lis readers against its ow
country, and to Jiold up its country'
enemies to pity and sympathy, labor
cuch day to show that the treacherous
selfish Agulnaldo is a patriot and
martyr. This Individual, having bee
guilty of a breach of faith, and misle
his Innocent followers into a rebellio
against the military authority of th
United States, which, by all the rule
of nations and war, was In possesslo
of the territory pending the ratlflcatio
of a treaty by two governments, an
the establishment of a free governmer
which could not come until the prope
legislation could be enacted, Is allege
by the Register to be a very inuc
abused man. The Register does not sa
this, but it Incorporates, without com
merit, in its article a description c
Agulnnldo made by a writer In the Rn
viow of Iteviews, calculated to raise 1
the estimation of Americans the Fill
j^'no commander, who violated ever
piedge of faith and deliberately an
basely throw hla comparatively poorl
oqnipped forces Into the face of a aplen
dldly organized army and navy.
The extract from the Review of Re
view!', the effect of which l.s Intended t
hi: what we have said, without a doub
might have clone Agulnaldo at one llm
full Justice, an the Americana did hli
when deceived by his false pretension;
hut our neighbor does not Intimate, a
an honest paper might, t hit I the artlel
In the Review woh written and pulj
llHhcd before tl:o oventa of last wee
occurred. The writer, whoever he was,
t would scarcely now color so beautifully
the character Of the Fillpplno leader,
nor give him such conservative treatment.
No great man would be guilty
of the act that he committed; no
shrewd or discreet leader would betray
his own people. No "far-sighted, brave,
r* self-controlled, honest, moral" leader
would lead his men to slaughter by an
5f act of war and attempt a slaughter of
the Innocent inhabitants of Manila,
0 with the certainty of a disastrous result
0 to the innocents.
0 The Review of Reviews writer doubt0
less never dreamed that Agulnaldo was
10 made of such material. An American
journal, which falls to uphold the obli0
gations of its own government, no matv
ter how much It may differ from It as to
policy, strengthens not Its cause by
lauding, indirectly even, the enemy of
E this country.
,0 m
i. Aguinaldo's Plea.
)r The fact that a plea Is to be made by
ly Agulnaldo's agents to European powers
to Interfere In the behalf of the F11I13
plnos against the United States, is a
u ridiculous proposition to say the least.
10 There Is not a European or any other
sort of power that would raise a hand
5. In such a matter and under such clr>t
cumstances, for several reasons. A
__ very Important one Is that there Is no
~ foreign power (hat has any desire to
make war on the United States. An1.
other is that such a move would plunge
Europe into a hopeless embroilment. A
= powerful reason is that the fear of England
would be an important factor.
_ Yet another is that no power would
, care to run up against a situation
where a state of war between two rec=
ognlzed powers is coming to a peace
__ agreement or treaty, which has been
~~ ratified by only one of the parties, and
the policy of the victorious-power ton
ward the conquered territory has not
0 yet been adopted, and cannot lie until
lt ratification by 'both sides Is consume
muted.* A policy which is to be shaped
e by the legislative body of the country.
le into whose possession the Philippines
ie have come pending this decision, cannot
lt be interfered with unless that policy
fr should be extremely offensive to foreign
5? It isn't the first time that the Filipinos
e have petitioned in a similar manner,
11 - even, when professing friendship to the
United States and failed. A set up
^ government of the Agulnaldo sort has
y no claim for recognition by any country
y until it establishes itself, nor has any
" government any knowledge other than
that by virtue of a treaty and a peace
protocol the United States has control
of the territory, and no civilized gov't
ornment will recognize Mr. Agulnaldo
d under such circumstances. His record
" for treachery and bnd faith marks him
for suspicion in.jj.ll the seats of government.
,r _ o . ?
The existing intense cold wave has
r. given rise to a great deal of discussion
e among old citizens as to the date of
i- previous excessive frigid temperature,
it and when the reminiscences go back of
y ofllcial records, the arguments narrow
i- down to the particular hour in which
s the record was broken. There 'is some
y satisfaction In the knowledge that on
such a day the lowest temperature of
a record was reached?that is, that it was
n the coldest day on record. That day
it goes on record and can be easily refere
red to, but, as a contemporary says, it
:s is a snare and a delusion to say that
is "this was the coldest thirteen minutes
d past 7 ever known on the 10th of Februd
ary in a year that wasn't a leap year."
y The fact that the Cuban troops re
^ iusea to uikc pari 111 tne parade at tiie
s funeral of their late leader, General
Garcia, simply because they had a litr
tie dispute with the American commander,
General Brooke, does not reHect
credit upon the Cuban fighting
patriots. A failure to pay tribute to a
leader who led them against Spanish
oppress/on for years, merely because of
a spite against one of the great soldiers
who came to his aid and theirs, is not
at all soldierly conduct. Perhaps the
' Cuban troops will learn some of the
courtesies and th?* obligations of clvili- '
zatlon, when they become infused with
a little more Americanism,
A slight moderation in the tempera- '
~ ture was welcomed yesterday, but it
was hardly enough to excite considcra3
ble cheerfulness. There has been con- 1
R siderable suffering in this section of the '
country as well as in other portions, !
0 and there will be joy when there Is a ;
0 decided break for the better, but which,
it is hoped, will not be too sudden, but
gradual enough to avert anxiety. ;
s ?
i- Paterfamilias of 102. ,
Cliicago Inter-Ocean: To be the head ;
is of a family of 162 persons is a record 1
seldom falling to the lot of man. But j
- such is the case with John Chandler, ,
who resides in Allen county, Ky., Just
over the Sumner county line. This gen- ]
tinman is the father of twenty-nine
r, children, twenty-one of whom are now '
living and have families. These twentyone
children have an average of five
1 children to eacii family, thus making
.Mr. Chandler the grandfather of 105
s persons. Hut this is not the full extent
. of his offspring, for he has thirly-fiv??
' great-grandchildren. So it will he seen
a that rvir. Chandler stands paterfamilias
n of 161!?an achievement rarely equaled,
d it Is certainty not paralleled when the
fact is considered that the members of !
this large family are all living,
c ,0
s Diplomatic.
li m'Hion .iourn?n: inline IJOl?Mamma,
? I was playing with four best tea sot
d while you wore away. an' when you
it bring it out for company you'll be
Hbockod, 'cause you'll think one of the
cupH hns (i hair In It, but It isn't a
h Mamma?What is it?
y Little Dot?It's only a crack.
Never Heard oI TIi^m.
lf Chicago Tribune: "How do you suppose
the people of thin town," casually
11 Inquired the traveling politician, picking
his teeth, "would take to initiative and
y referendum?"
,] "1 don't know," said the hotel clerk,
dubiously. "Whnt'H their line of busly
noss? dry goods or groceries?"
Aged Woman Hides a Bioyele. ^
Probably the oldest living blcycllHt Is
0 a woman In county Kssox, England,
aged r?.1. who in an adept rider and whose
sprlghtllneHH Is nstonlshlug. Most pooe
u?r, r-nfi Id iw/llth until VOI'V nlit
u w?e If I hoy look proper precautlonx to
^ prevent dlHea?cn of the dilative orgunfl
' hy taking nil oeeualonttl dof?e of IIoHtet- I
* ter'a Stomach Hitters. Kveu lifter dyHr?
pepHhi., IndlgeHllon, bllloiiHiieHH and con- '
l<e Htlpution have secured a foothold nnd .
bocoino chronic, the JJItt?.i*? will aJTord
k uneedy relief.
The Scientific Explanation of Something-we
see Evcrj* l)ny.
It is very curious, said the old professor
of physics, to sec how many market
gardeners there are who raise things
under glass, .making money out of the
process, and yet do not know why their
heating frames and their hot houses remain
hot inside.
Now, as a matter of fact, the heat
mechanism of a hot house depends on a
well-known proposition in physics. I
suppose you are acquainted with the
fact that the energy from the sun
travels in the form of little waves.
The energy does not come down to us
In straight lines; It comes, as it were, in
a zigzag manner, dancing from side to
side us it comes along. If these waves
are very short, light is the result; if
they are a trifle longer, they take the
form of heat.
If the light waves strike anything on
the way down, they are very apt to be
made longer, or rather they are apt to
be turned into heat. Now, the waves
which form light are so short that they
will readily pass through glass, but the
waves which form heat are so long that
they will not pass through.
From this, therefore, you may see why
a hot house remains hot. The energy
from the sun passes into the house
through the glass roof in the form of
light. Then it strikes the objects in the
house and is turned to heat.
But this heat cannot pass through the
glass. The heat waves are too long.
So the light keeps coming in and the
heat keeps accumulating, and soon the
hot houses bccome very warm, indeed.
even on the coldest days in winter.
Of course, our dwelling houses are
heated by the sun in the same way.
The light comes in through the windows,
but the heat cannot pass out.?
Boston Globe.
There is some excuse for the babies to
talk that way, they don't know any
Probably if the women weren't allowed
to cry at weddings they would laugh
at funerals.
A man ot^ten boasts about wearing no
man's collar, but some women seem to
think it's a smart thing to do.
The truest love a woman gives a man
Is the same kind which she gives to a
child, and to give him this she must see
weakness In him. (
The proposition of men who tell their
wives all about their business is about
as great as the proportion of women
who don't tell their husbands all about
their home trials.?New York Press.
"Why Senator Hawley Sighed.
Washington Post: Upon the huge
weather map which stands in the senate
lobby Is a new name. It had previously
shown all the large cities of the
country?San Francisco. Omaha, St.
Louis, Washington. New York, Boston,
and a score or more of other equally
well-known places. The addition to
this list Is a word of six letters, as follows:
Now, Elklns is a charming town in
the heart of the West Virginia mountains,
but its cldef reason for existence
Is the fact that It Is the home of Senator
Elklns, ex-Senator Davis, and Richard
C. Kerens, of Missouri, all of whom
have palatial residences there. It
has been established there, and every
morning Senator Elkins has the pleasure
of glancing at the map and seeing
just how the weather it at his mountain
homo. Yesterday, at 8 o'clock in the
morning, Elkins was being visited by a
snowstorm, and the thermometer was 8
degrees below zero.
Yesterday Senator Hawley. of Connecticut,
came along and looked over
the map to see the weather in his state.
Curiously enough, there was not a station
named between New York and ;
Boston. The entire state of Connecticut
was a blank. It might have been
raining pitchforks In Hartford, New
Haven, or Xew London and nobody
would have been any the wiser.
Senator Hawley looked real hard at
the word Elkins and sighed.
Longfellow's Htyst Famous Lines.
Longfellow's poems which most touch
the heart, are about children, and nothing
can be more intenselypathetic than
"There Is no fireside, liowso'er defended,
But has ono vacant chair."
The vacant chair Is always fraught
with saddest memories?sometimes with
bitterest regret, because of a young life
lost that might perhaps have been
saved. Is there not a deep lesson in 1
this for parents? Children are frail
barks upon Life's stormy sea. They are
often delicate and sicken easily. They i
should be cured at or.ee, for neglect
may be forever fatal. Parents who have
weak, nervous and sickly children
should consult the highest authority in i
children's compl.Unts. a physician who
has made a specialty of treating the
chronic, nervous and lingering corn
plaints of children, like Dr. Or (/no. of ]
?,7> West Fourteenth Street. Xew York
City, who from treating ro many of (
such diseases knows Just what is the I
matter and precisely what to do lo of- 1
feet a cure. You can take your chll- i
dren to Dr. Greene's yo/llce and have
consultation and advice, absolutely free
r?f charge, or write to the doctor about
the child's casn and lie will give you the
advice and counsel you noed by letter,
without charge or fee. Dr. Greene's '
Xorvura, the most famous nerve and |
blood remedy In the world, has alone
Dooli tlii- moans or curing largo num- <
bora of children. 1-lut this grand rem- (
L'dv is only one of the many wonderful J
restorative rind health-giving mod- ,
Iclnes Dr. Greene has dlscovered
and prepared for various 1
complaints. Dr. Greene uses no pois- 1
Dnous drugs in his treatment of the 1
sick, but all Ids marvelous curative 1
remedies arc purely vegetable and perfectly
harmless. K you have a sick
child, take our advice and consult Dr. 1
Greene about it at once. If you can- .
not call, write to the doctor fully and .
freely and you can have his skilled adrice
and counsel without cost.
Takes tli<; Cake.
The man who has missed his vocation
May oft at his luck grow profane;
But iclve mc for d?-?*p Imprecntlon
Tiie fellow who ini.?.?<v* his train
? Philadelphia Itrrord.
Easy Food
Easy to Buy,
w\ to Cook,
Easy t0 Eat' 1
Easy to. Digest.
l/wT/^^uakcr Oals '
*9 in 2-lb. Dkn-s. onlv 1
??* pM|:
fe?g ;
El/s Cream Balm ',
contains no co- |?8> " '
cnino, more 11 ry nor I
nny other Injurious '
It l? quickly nil- (
sorbed. (lives ltc- uAZfc.?H: Kill
o;;(,COLD lfi H EAD 1
In* Nasnl I'aMHUK^n. AIIhvh intlamrmitlnn.
ileal* itn<l I'roteots tlu? Membrane. JbHtorcit
til" SfiiHoti of Taste n tit I Smell.
Prleo W) eentn nl DriiKKlft:' or by innII:
Trial Size, 10 eentn by mail.
! : i ,y nitoTiiiniB.
mwf&wy CO Warren Stroct, New York.
Siano Sargaint. Piano
One F. G. Light & Co., square.. $125
One Grovenstein & Co., square.. $100
One Stanley & Sons, square.. ... $125
One Heine Kamp, square... $100
One McPhail, square $ 90
One Schomaciier & Co., square.. $ 60
Several others correspondingly low
and on easy paymenrs.
Miliigan, Wilkin & Co.,
1138.1140 and 1142 Market St.
Drink is a noun that many men arc
unable to decline.
In order to keep the stove hot you
should keep it coaled.
The fool's advice may be poor, but it
is at least sincere.
The arguments of the loquacious individual
are mostly sound.
Competition being the life of trade,
monopoly must be the death of It.
Men resemble whales. They no sooner
get to the top than they begin to
Get a child to ask you a few questions
If you have a bad case of swelled head.
Ail unsuccessful marriage proposal
resembles an expected sneeze that failed
to come off.
Heading tiresome poetry when you
tire sad is equavalent to reading a cook
book when you are hungry.
Remember there Is a limit to human
endurance. - The friend who stands up
for you may tire In the course of time
and sit down.
Most men will tell you that a good
name Is better than riches?but they
keep rifcht on hustling for tho riches
just the same.?Chicago Dally News.
Do our Impulsive people realize that
expansion Is going to make Imported
cigars mostly domestic??Puck.
McGonlgle?'The candidates voice
lias played out!" Heeler?"Well, he
can still sign checks, can't he?"?Philadelphia
North American.
Miss Fondart?"Jack, what do they
mean when they speak of a first-water
diamond?" Jack?"One that's never
been soaked?" ?The Jewelers' Weekly.
She?"They've got a lot of skyscrapers
in New York, now, haven't
they?" He?"Yes; but what they really
need is a lot of earth-scrapers."?
Yonkers Statesman.
Hopeless?"The Jinkle girls have
Kiven up all their social ambitions."
"Money run out?" "No: they couldn't
teach their mother to say 'candelabra.'"
?Chicago Record.
An Episode in Antiques?Evelyn?
"Did you enjoy the Colonial Dames'
tea. ITortense?" Hortense?"Oh. so
much; the club hired an old omnibus to
?o in and it broke down."?Detroit Free
A Wild Remark?Miss Goode?"Our
clergyman is a dreadfully reckless talker!"
Asklns?"What do you mean?"
Miss Goode?"Why. he said this morning
that we ought all to struggle to get
to heaven as we struggle tp get into
Delicate Distinctions?"Do you think."
said Mr. Orestes Van Ham, "this .manager
will pay me all the money I earn?"
"I fvtw.cu CM ' uilrl Mr Ctnrmlnirlnn
with the quiet superiority of a veternn.
"But I doubt whether he will ever pay
you half that he promised you."?
Washington Star.
Mrs. O'Brien?"Have yez anny aneistors.
Mrs. Kelly?" Mrs. Kelly?"And
phwat's 'ancistors,' Mrs. O'Brien? Mrs.
O'Brien?"Why. people you've shprunjf
from." Mrs. Kelly (impressively)?
"Lishten to me. Mrs. O'Brien?I come
rrom the royal shtock av Donahues thot
shprlng from nobody?they shpring at
H<* took it. very philosophically. In
the course of time men became philosophical
even in love affairs. "So you
have decided that you cannot marry
me," he said. "Sir!" she replied. "I
lave decided nothing: of the kind. I can
marry you to-morrow if I wish. I
ould have married you any day in the
last six month?, as you well know. :
What I have decided is that you cannot
narry me."?Chicago Evening Post.
The White Man's Burden.
Chicago Times-Herald: Prom General
Ludlow, governor of the city of Havana,
:omes this evidence of how we arc taking ,
ip the white man's burden in that brcedng
spot uf the yellow fever: ,
Death rate for January reduced 40 per
out below Ins: year. Causes, sanitation
>f streets and houses, cleaning local points
:>f inspection, vigilance la watching and 1
soiating infectious cases, medicincs and
supplies to sick and food to starving."
And the heat of It Is we nre doing it
ivlth Cuban labor and out of the customs
ecolpts of a Cuban port. Tims, again, in
ihe language of a Buffalo parodist, have <
>ve proved In action as on the stump?
The l.nrd made Anglo-Saxons <
To make poor natives ljump.
It looks as if we were about to convert I
Havana Into a reproach, and a shining example
to uncleaned and badly policed
American cities.
\ yellow dog Is tin* meanest dog?
A our that snarls at night;
\nd palm that dog however you ninv.
You cannot paint! hint whit".
\ pup that squeals at some one's heels
is never a dog to light.
And when you shoot a yellow dog
^ on do the world no wrong: 1
1 n ? muddy bed, with a hole in his head,
t he cur should linger long? 1
iour on.) regret thai God should let
A carcass smell so strong.
*.?mV,c',!ui 015r nnd keep (hcoi clean,
lhough washed in waters red;
Mm ,c:n a ('0>?'s 'i yellow dog
lis best that he were dead.
?New York Press. I
llewaro of nim>?*>?!c foil I
That Contain Mercury,
mercury will surely destroy the sense i
?f smell anil completely derange the "
vholc system when entering It through
he mucous surfaces. Such articles
;houlil never he uso.l except on prescriptions
from reputable physicians, as I
ihe damage they will do is ten-fold to the
food you can possibly derive from them.
Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by
\ ,1. Cheney it Co., Toledo, 0? contains .
u> mercury, and is taken internally, .
icting directly upon the blood and mu
oils surfaces of the system. In buyng
Hall's Catarrh Cure be sure you get
he genuine. It is taken Internally, and
naile in Toledo, O., by F. J. Cheney &
>. Testimonials free.
Sold by druggists. Price 75 cents per
lall'a Family Pills are the best.
oasToniA. i
Hnrs t'.io /) Ha Kind Von Hits Wrap BaajM
Sank Statement. ^
HANK, at Wheeling, In ihc State of West
Virginia, ?t tho close of buslncs*. February
4, 1M?9:
Loans nnd discounts % 666,061 76
Overdrafts, secured and unsecured
U. S. bonds to secure circulation
M.<KO 00
IT. S. bonds on band S!
Premiums on U. S. bonds .?.*? w
Stock)*, securties, etc 41,i00 00
Banking-house, furniture and
fixtures .110,000 00
Duo from national bunks (not' e
reserve agents) S?,9IW Si
Due from state banks and bankon
33,i?*> 12
Due from approved reserve
agents 2?,?I0?
Checks and other cash Items.... y.l&? '
Notes pf other national banks.. 2,793 CO
Fractional paper currency, nickels
nnd cents 1*0
Lawful money reserve
in bank, viz: ,
Specie $61,491 00
Legal-tender notes... 76,975 00
13S.469 00
Total il.SDX.SIC 61
Capital stock paid In J 200,C<>0 00
Surplus fund 20,000-00
Undivided profits, less expenses
and taxes paid f>,078 9Due
to other national banks.... 92.7,V] OS
Due to state banks and bankers. 92,727 6S
Individual deposits subjcct to
check 7SS.S03 <2
Demand certificates of deposit.. 163 09
Time certificates of deposit.... ?C2.0I?0 12
Total $1,391,316 ?I
State of West Virginia. County of Ohio, s?:
1, Lawrenco E. Sands, cashier of the
above-named bank, do solmenly swear
that the above statement' Is true to the
best of my knowledge and belief.
Subscribed nnd sworn to before mo this
10th day of February. 1S99.
- GEO. 15. STIFEL.
fell Directors.
Stove* and Sanger.
Only $14.00.
Has four burners and slmmerinc: burner.
B.ikin? Oven and Rousting Oven and
Double walls lined with asbestos.
Closed tops for winter and open prates
for summer use.
Guaranteed equal to any Gas Range
made. Call and examine them.
Your choice of Finch, Guckenheimer,
Gibson, Overholt, guaranteed
7-year-old rye?(not cheap
Bourbon) ?the product of the
famous distilleries of Monongaliela
valley-absolutely pure rye whiskey
at wholesale prices?shipped in
plain packages. Send in your
Jos. Fleming & Son,
mu-uu Market St., Pittsburg, Pa.
1 Matinee and
FEBRUARY 18. I Evening.
"There's nothing so pood ns money, and
no money so good as other people's."
rho Comedian. Mr. Hennessy Leroyle, in
His Laughing Success.
Other People's Money.
From Hoyt's Madison Square Theatre.
New York. Nothing Funnier
Anywhere. A Comedy Sensation.
Mntlnee prices. 30c and "Sc. Night prices.
51.CO. T."?c and 50c. Souls on salo at C. A.
House's Music Store Thursday, February
1C. f^ir.
One Solid Week, Commencing Mondav,
February l". Dally Matinees, *
Beginning Tuesday.
In a Repertoire of Well Known Plays. |
Chango of Play Kach Performance."
Night prices?10. 20 r.nd 30c.
Mntineo prices?IP and 20c. fcO
Plumbing, Sic.
ft'M. F. C. SCHNELLE. |
Dealer In all Roods pertaining to tho trade.
1*012 Main Street,
Tclcpbono 37. Wheeling, W. Va.
Proctical Plumber. Gas and Steam Fitter
No. 1153 Market atreot.
Gas and Electric Chandeliers, Filters,
uid Taylor Ciaa Burners a specialty. mr3
vyiLLIAM HARE ? ?: SON, ,
Practical Plumbers, Gas and Steam Fitters
No. 33 Twelfth Street,
Work dono promptly at roasonahlo prlcca.
A full line of tho eolebrutcd
? ? ??
DIcio JtdverlifiomcnlA.
iJhe Virginia debtT The
Memorial to the West Vlr^lnUi*.
Mature. presenting: a proportion (orS*
tlemcnt. will be mailed, on aMta..?;'
to anyone In West Virginia or Vtrsinir*
R. P. ClIRufe!3
Charles Town. \v. \K
French Peas"
Reduced to lie 12!-c 15c |>
From _I2!.c 15c 18:
H. F. Behrens Co.'s,
You p.et them
. FOR.... 71 CENTS
Opposite McLurc House.
Free samples and demonstrations Mc-%12
store. * H
^TA\inAl?n MAI f ailinTrTTTu
U li LI It
Open to sing at Concerts, Rccepiioj.
Musicals, ctc. For terns apply 10 ^
fc I 1310 Market SUtu
Violet Cream,
The ONE night euro for chaps
rough skin. Prepared only by
R. li. LIST, IOIO Main Street.
Sold by nil first-class dealers at 10c bottle.
Assets 91,125.100.13.
NORTON & CO... Local Agents,
Room IC Exchange Bank Building, [
Your patronage respectfully solicit^
Surety Bonds==4
Surety Bonds of every description,
reoresiilltinir not OXI.V th* r.?n*?
EST company In the WORLD doter te
this clays of business, hut th? f *
ONLY foreign company authorize.!' Eg
to transact business in West VI;. 'l|
Assets Over S'-."0(),onn.
Gas Ranges*
Wc have the best stock of
ever shown in Wheeling, ranging it
price from $6.00 to $50.00. If y:i
want something nice call and see thea
GEO. W. '?!?
The parents and puardians of studfr'j
belonging to Ohio Valley Bushier rj
English Academy are hereby notified tin
all money for tuition and books most U
paid to tho treasurer, at cornor Main ul
Twelfth streets; that any money raid:>
1. K. Moise for the purpose named
be re-collected by the company.
. J. M. TRASH Kit. Presides. g
Parents and guardians of students ^Hj
Ohio Valley .Business and English Aai-Ef
cmy are hereby notilied that all ftcdrnBjj
will be completed In their cours"? of st:^pa
at contract price, without regard to tin K
reauired. and that there will lie. nsmn
churge for books and blank*.
J. M. FRASHEIt, Preside:!. g?
The public Is hereby notified that ilgi
courses of instruction are bein? givfsafi
the most practical up-to-date plans tanSSI
to the business world., and wo co'irt-gj
spec;fully request a continuance ol jesffl
J. M. ERAS HER. President. .'fl p!
Every ^
should have a pare stimabnl, f
especially at this season of the year. 71 jGg
offer to tho public cur whiskies, riid g;
have stood the test of over a Quar;c.*? *2
a century.
Silver Age $1.50
Bear Creek 9J|
PFR fl'LL OllM j
These. whiskies arc unsurpassed forsftH
purity and general excellcnce. Guan>H
teed to he perfectly freo from ;JB
cr other deleterious substance?. AikP-M
dealer for them, ami If they do not titH
them on hand send dircct to
82 federal Street, Allegheny, PjCatalogue
mailed freo on appll'*'-3^ $
I S.'M0MS 8 tt
linen 5
t..:n -i.n- Kfiv
will LU1IIIIIUUU3 MUlluayi
niary 13, and continue al
week. Notwithstanding tl?
high tariff, we will sell of
standard qualities of Linen it
the old prices.
to select from. Special
prices in Odd Napkins. Con-1
and see our Linen Bargain^
J. S. RHODES ? 01

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