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I Sporting, i
Anil Indoor Training Quarters to b
Builtat Roncy's Point.
As soon as morcf favorablo weathe
is assured work will begin on the erec
tlon or the extensive horse stables an
barn for Mr. Henry Schmulbach, on hi
Honey's Point farm. about: ten mile
east of the city. It will be the larges
structure of Its kind in the tri-stnt
rniMnu rnmnrt?jlnp? itntloi* nnn rnnf
barn, stables and an Indoor track, fo
the breaking in of colts and the exer
clsing of the horses in general.
Mr. Schmulbach has about one hun
dred head* of blooded horses, part c
which are sheltered at his Island sta
ides and the remainder on his farm u
Honey's Point. This farm contain
nearly three hundred acres, and Is we!
adapted for a stock farm. The enclos
ure to be built on it will be four hun
dred feet in length and nearly that dis
tance wide. A one-third mile trad
similar to his Island track, will be lai>
out on n choice piece of ground, de
voted, of course, to outdoor exercising
The Schmulbach stables contain a ftn
herd of Shetland ponies, as well as :
big string of trotters.
Team. "Won. Lost. Po
Wheeling 57 9 .Si
All Alike S3 13 .8)
Howlers GO 13 .7!
Puritans 41 2*- .61
Goldon Rods 31 32 .5
Old Cronies 30 3?? .41
Aber Nit 20 43 .3
Hum Duma 14 4'J .2:
I.a Belle 13 33 .1!
J-tog Horns 11 53 .It
Last night's scores:
LA BELLE. Int. :d. 3rd. To
C. Fetto 132 irvt 100 41
Stcuornagel 164 152 109 5'
Andllnger 133 131 158 4:
Nolle 133 101 111 S
Ebelinp '. 153 3 54 158 4?
Hastings 126 151 173 -I
Total S37 SOG MS 26<
OLD CRONIES. 1st. 2d. 3rd. To
W. Fotte 163 1 y, 116 4
Fatterson 122 151 149 4:
Jtoss ISO 12b* ICS 4
Scheehle 1?7 130 124 4!
Yenk? 153 101 1G0 4
Blind 130 1SS US 4i
Total 015 015 S03 27:
Aubcr Made Good Showing.
'Buzz" Auber and his manager, Le**
lift Pearce, returned from Beaver Fall
yesterday, where Harry Johnston ?c
The decision in the seventh round ove
the Wheeling lad. There was no evl
appetite, undue fullness nftc
e^'*ng. stressed feeling in the stomach
of fluttering anil sinking sensations, pal
?"?.?ciuu, dizziness, ringing in cars, sour o
hitter risings and constipation. Not nl
these symptoms may be present afc tin
same time, but any of them shows dis
ij eas* in the digestive or alimentary tract
b The intimate relation of the stomacl
tf? the blood, heart, liver and lung
wakes it a medical maxim in explorinj
tli" causes of obscure diseases to "star
with the stomach." It is upon thi
? principle that Dr. Pierce's Golden Medi
t! cal Discovery effects so many and sucl
remarkable curcs. It cleanses the stoin
och and the system is cleauscd. It in
crcavs the action of the blood makinf
Klands, and the body is enriched by tin
purified blood. It strengthens the di
K?tive or nutritive organs and thcs<
strengthen thr whole body by Increasing
the quantity and quality of "its nourish
nient. It carries on the poisonous, effet<
matter. In this way it re-establishe:
health, baniflhiug the bodily aches, wbicl
but symptoms of the stomach'!
I All medicine dealers sell " Goldet
M'dical Discovery." If they try tc
'ubstitute something else, it is because
"wnnething else" payrt better. Tnsis
?? "Golden Medical Discovery" if yo\
want to be cured.
I Are You Ever ,
| Depressed?
'/ fgW^" r'i " C
^ BP Anil Is It not due to ncrrous oxbaus- <
? tlon? how ran yon Juxto courago 1
** ??w wben suffering with headache, nerv- ^
'' ous prostration, and great physical
V weakness ? ,
V Y Would you like to bo rid of this '
*' I deprewlon-of spirits? i
y A How? By reaming tho cause. By j
? taking .
1 Alices!
3 ItrcmoTCS the cause of your suffer- rKn
h Ing, because it removes all impurities V&af ]
^ from your blood. $1.00. All druggist#. Xgy (
To keep in good health you mnst Yir '
e haro perfect action of tho bowels. Y I "
a Aycr'a l'llls euro constipation and 1
biliousness. 25c. a box.
Wrlto to our Doctora. /0\ j
Wrlto nil freely all tho p?rtlcnlan In
your rase. Addrcn, DK. J. C. AYKKi '4,
Lowell, Mats. tKE3
[ " i
1 his opinion, was worth the whole of ,
3 Africa from a commercial point oC ,
- VM.-W. t
rhe ndmir.il nlso Raid that then* will |
bp war unless the "open door" policy is
" ndhered to and He asserted that Amer'j
lean trade In China is progressing- by
leaps and hounds, proportionately
: much faster than that of Great Britain. (
? "Went to Tuijk Once Too Often. !
NEW YORK, March S.?'Thomas Donaldson,
of Enth Beach, L. I., known the i
world over as" a; champion high diver, 1
dove from the roof of the Madison 1
;} Square Garden, a distance of eighty-five .
feet, this afternoon with probably fatal \
results. Donaldson traveled for some i
years with Barnum & Bailey and has
15 been the star attraction at the.sports~
men's show now running in the garden.
55 He has been making two dives daily.
The tank is less than eight feet deep,
t. and on two or three former occasions
Donaldson did not have the success exf*
pected and came out of the water with
hemorrhages from the nose and ears.
U5 Harry Cornish has charge of the water
S3 sports, and it was he who this after
noon gave Donaldson the signal to dive.
Three thousand persons were present
t. and saw the famous diver lean from the
jjjj platform and falling slowly forward,
make the plunge. He shot straight
downward, but it was plain before he
\1 had got half the distance that he had
>6 lost control of his body.
To Buck the Conihino
YOUN'GSTOWX.Ohlo, March S.?Rep- 1
resentatlves of the Mahoning Valley ^
Iron Company, the Brown Bonnell Iron
Company, and the Andrews Comnanv.
s three local rolling mills outside the two 1
great combines, are in Chicago to-day 1
T forming a combination with represen
tatlves of thirty-one other mills west '
of Pittsburgh. It is reported here that ,
J the big1 deal will be consummated tomorrow
and that the capitalization of
A the new concern will be $20,000,001).
J Since the formation of the National (
Steel Company outside mills are said to
~ be experiencing difficulty In obtaining
" steel, and the erection of a new steel
plant is also under consideration.
? Atlantic: Const Shipyard.
NEW YORK, March 8,?It was an- j
nounced on' Wall street to-day that the i
j capitalists who plan to build a new
ship yard on the Atlantic coast, had se- ;
cured the entire amount of subscripj
tions, $3,000,000. The location of t?p 1
p yard is still an open question. The i 1
IP nlnrpc nnrton ^noi/lamHA- ?--> x*? ' '
le York. Baltimore and a site upon the .
te Delaware river. Youngstown (Ohio)
capitalists nnd Investors in Now York
a and Philadelphia subscribed most of th<;
d money. It Is expected that the site wHl* ;
te be selected within about ten days and ]
i- the preliminary works started immedi- i
la ately afterward?.
is A "Sweeping" Rise. J
(0 CHICAGO, March S.?The convention i
,f of manufacturers of brooms, after a '
two days' session, adjourned to-day, j
having decided to raise the price > of
brooms throughout the United States j
fifty cents a dozen on all grades under j
y $3 ."iO per dozen. # I
Charleston...KANAWHA. C:2?) a. m. I
Pittsburgh...BEN HUR, - p. m. I
v\ ClarinBton....LlSROY. 2:20 ?- tn
Sl5tersvllh,...UUTlI. 3:30 p/m.'*"
1 Steubvnville..T. M. BAYNE. 2:20 p. m.
f Pittsburgh... G RE'ENWOOD, 6:30 a. m.
i- l'urkersbiir^.AYALON. 8 a. m.
p Parkersburg.H. K. BEDFORD, 11 a. m.
c Matamoras...LEXINGTON, 11 a, m.
? Pittsburgh...QUEEN CITY. noon.
e Pittsburgh ..LORENA, 2 a. m.
fr* CIarlngton....LEROY, 3:30 p. m.
0 Slstersvllle...KUTII, 3:30 p. m. ,
- SteubenvilIe..T. M. BAYNE. 2:30 p. m.
n rarkcrsburg.BEN HUH, 11 a. m.
- Slstersvll!e...RUTH. 3:20 p. m. '
C!arln^ton....l<EROY, 3:Cd p. ni. >
SteubenvllIe..T. M. BAYNE, 2:30 p. m. :
^ Along the Landing. I
A letter received in Cincinnati sev- j
eral days ago from Captain Washlngc
ton Meredith, who went to the KlonV
dike to set up some boats that will ;
r ply on the Yukon river, says that when j
rr he first went to Alaska there were SO
\ boats on the bcach at St. Michaels undergolng
construction. Captain Mer'
edith is on the steamer Arctic Boy,
e which is in winter quarters in the
3 mouth of the Yukon river. When he
t wrote the thermometer showed 35 de- r
? greea below zero. 1
The Queen City passes up at noon !
to-day, havinig been detained below
? the Point. Pleasant bridge by the high
1 water.
^ When the boom broke nt Huntington 1
r Sunday 15,000 sawlogs lloated into the '
, Ohio. 1
The Joseph Walton passed tip with j
r a tow of empties yesterday morning.
* The marks ut G p. in. 'showed 21 feet
e 2 Inches and falling.
River Telegrams.
1 OIL CITY?-River 1 foot .r> inches and
1 falling. Cloudy and cold. {
T WARREN?River 4 feet. Clear and i
t ..r,? 1
" ^GREENSBORO?Rive* 10 feet 0 s
Inchest und fnllliifc. Pair and wanner.
MORGANTOWN?River 12 feet 8
Inches and falling. Clear and warmer. )
BROWNSVILLE?River 10 feet 7 1
inches and falling. *
PITTSBURGH?Rlv~r 12.2 feet nnd
falling at the dam. Clear anil cold.
STEUBENVILLE-Rlver "0 feet 7 1
inches and. failing. '
IT. PLEASANT?River 41.7 feet and f
falling. Snow. (j
CINCINNATI?River R7.2 fret and rla- 1
ItiK. Clear. f
CARI?rltlver 42.1 feel nnd rising:. Clear t
and warmer. I
M EM PHIS?River ."0.7 fret and rifling', t
Cloudy and cool. c
LOUISVILLE ? River rlfllnpr with 30 o
feet 4 Inchon In the canal, 28 feet 2 Inchon s
on the fallH, SH feet 9 Inches below tho t
locks. Clear and pleasant. t
EVANSVILLE?ltivor .10.8 foot and C
rising. Clear and cold h
Idence of punishment on "Buzz's" fac
and he- felt very sore over-the advers
decision. Pearce said his .protege ha
suffered an Injustice from .the Beavc
Falls police, who caused the bout toll
stopped when "Buzz" was knocke
down. "Buzz" wasn't out or any
where near It. He fought a careful df
fense as instructed, and was lettln
Johnston do all the work for the earlle
rounds, hence he took the defeat as !
was accounted, very poorly. Anothe
match is talked of between them.
Jem Hall on Kiu-tli Again.
MEMPHIS, Tenn.,March S.?Jim Hal
ex-champlon of Australia, to-night dc
feated Charlie Lawler, of Loulsvllli
I Ky., after ten rounds of fairly goo
fighting. Honors were about?even u
to the tenth round. Lawler,forced tl
fighting, but seemed to do but lltt
? damage. Hall drew first blood In tt
third round.
In the tenth round Hall delivered
* hard right hand blow on the body an
g raised It to Lawler's jaw. putting tY
^ latter on the floor. He arose before b<
Ing counted out, but was weak and hi
arms hung limp at his sides. Hall the
J delivered the finishing touch and wa
a given the decision.
jj! The mill was witnessed by about l,5t
people and was under the auspices c
the South Memphis Athletic Club.
Another for Gardner.
HOT SPRINGS, Ark., March S.?0?
car Gardner arranged a match to-da
with Jimir.le Murray, of Cincinnati, fc
a glove contest of twenty rounds, t
take place here March 15.
"Open Door," or "War.
LONDON, March S.?Rear Admlv:
Lord Charles Beresford, who has jus
I completed his tour of the world In th
j Interests of the associated chamber c
commerce of Grejt Britain In an in
^ tervlevv with a representative of th
; Associated Press to-day reiterated hi
well known views on the subject of th
''open door" In China as being the onl
possible policy of Great Britain. In s
? doing, he said. It was Impossible to es
timate the Importance of the Chines
ft market, a single province of which, l
" ?
" Death in the pot." That sentcnc
condenses the story of a tragedy, j
little family gathering. A fine dinne
cooked in the large copper kettle Ion;
disused, and the entire family poisonei
by the accumulated verdigris. The stor
^as told by the newspapers from on
end of the land to the other. But it wa
Boon forgotten. The moral of it is, thn
Vnr purest of food, put into a foul vessel
instead of ministering to life may be
come a minister of death.
It the stomach is diseased it is like th
poisonous kettle, which taints evcrytliinj
that y;ocs into it. The symptoms ur
Hio Dally Chronicle or Wheeling's
Progressive Neighbor.
Notwithstanding the decision of council
at Its meeting Tuesday night when It
leclnred that the city solicitor'* office
tvas not vacant, the majority of the
voters are inclined to think that it Is,
ind the names of Republican aspirants
:o thnt office %vere received last night
ind will be plnced upon the Republican
Primary ticket and will be voted upon
it the election next Saturday. The
liiestlon as to whether Ernest Smith,
,vho was elected to thatoflice last spring
ind who Is now with the regular army
n the Philippines, should hold the ofllce
'or another year, will probably be deeded
by law later.
Mrs. W. II. Stewart was hostess to
lbout twenty-five members of the
Woman's Club at her home, on Fourth
Jtreet, yesterday afternoon. The programme,
white not fully carried out
swing to the absence of two of the
numbers, was very Interesting and consisted
of excellent papers by Ml?3es
Ellen Gray, Josephine LlcCowan and
U?nore Drennen. The musical portion
if the programme consisted of a piano
lolo by Mrs. Nellie Farrow Jones and a
focal duet by Mrs. Edna Crowl Turner
Hid Miss Mary Thomas, each of which
was executed in a pleasing manner,
[loll call consisted of current events.
The wholesale grocery wagon of Edward
"Wagner, of Wheeling, became
mired on Buckeye street yesterday ufernoon.
The horses attached were helpless
In moving the wagon from the
mud and the assistance of a street car
ivas made necessary. Another indlcalon
of the condition of the majority of
the streets.
Marshall and Mrs. R. A. Llndemuth
it their home, on Jefferson street, last
evening entertained a number of their
friends In a hospitable manner. Social
:onversatlon with elegant refreshments
interspersed were the means of whlllng
xway a delightful evening.
Mrs. Emma Wells has brought suit
ipalnst the city to recover 5500 damages
to her property on South Broadway,
the result of the fill at that point.
The Ladles Aid Society will meet with
Mrs. Fannie Anderson, on Fourth street,
this afternoon Instead of Saturday afternoon
as previously mentioned.
William E. Thomas will be a candidate
for re-election as a member of the
school board from the Second ward before
the Republican primaries.
The funeral of Helen Duff took place
yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock, conducted
by Rev. J. T. Morton. Burial
was made at TlltonvHle.
Ollle Bracken and Mrs. Plumber
Bracken, of Mt. Pleasant, spent yesterlnv
with Phnvlfm Thnrni-ntr. nnrl fnmUv
on Third street.
Miss Nellie Moore, who has been the
?uest of her sister at Akron. Ohio, for
several months, returned home last
The funeral of Mrs. Hannah White
accurred at 2 o'clock yesterday afterloon,
with Interment at Riverview.
Miss Emily Hoge, at her home, on
S'orth Fourth street, this afternoon,will
be hostess to the "Thimble Bee."
The K. I. D. Club will be entertained
by Miss Anna Boyd. at her home, on
Fourth street, this evening.
R. F. Allender's condition was not
leariy so favorable yesterday, and hope
!or his recovery is slight.
Rev. Father Mulkearn, of St. Mary's
;hurch. Is ill. threatened with fever.
Benjamin Cropper spent yesterday
,vith Steubenvllle friends.
Dneorthe Best Features of the Now
Pile Cure.
The Pyramid Pile Cure cures all
forms of piles without one particle of
l^aln. This desirable point is not obtained
by the use of Injurious opiates
. Vi I r?Vi elmnli' finH mnlV7o (hn
nerves of the parts and make matters
ivorse in the long run. But it is done
solely by its remarkable healing- and
soothing effects.
And while it thus gives immediate relief,
at the same time the disease is not
merely checked, but a radical cure Is
rapidly accomplished.
And the point we want to make clear
s that all this is done without a particle
This fact is one great reason for Ihe
popularity o( the Pyramid Pile Cure
and constitutes one very great difference
between it and almost any other
kind of treatment for piles.
Every kind of surgical operation for
piles Is excruciatingly painful besides
endangering the life of the patient and i
In most cases is not to be compared J
ivlth the Pyramid Cure, neither in mak- ;
ing successful cures without pain nor
in cheapness and safety.
The Pyramid Pile Cure has been beFore
the public so long, and its merits
ecognized by tco many people to allow
it to be classed with the many salves, |
suppositories, pills, etc., and you run
no risk in trying It. as is often the case
ivlth untried preparations.
If you are ever troubled with any j
'orget the Pyramid Pile Cure. Prepared
l>y the Pyramid Drug Co., of Marshall,
\iich.. and sold by druggists at 50 cents
per package.
Local Happenings orimportancc In a
Busy Town.
Will Schad, who left Ben wood severil
days ago on a western {rip, Is now
n Cripple Creek, Col., whence he writes
mvertftlninglfr- of th?' country nnil its
>pportunities. The high altitude does
lot impress him. and like other recent
irrivals from the east he suffers from
shortness of breath. Until a man is used
o Rocky Momvtaln atmosphere he is
;ure to have a tired feeling after walkng
a short distance.
Xo tidings have been heard yet of
Mrs. Rice, who last Sunday left her
lusband and eleven-months'-old baby
Dehind, but It is snid she Is living with
elatlves near Moundsville. The deserion
of the child has called down the ire
if the neighbors on the heartless mother.
Xo time was set for the conference
cgnrdiiHi a new.scale at the lower steel
vorks, and It is possible the men and
nanagement will not discuss the matter !
'or a week or two, for the thirty days'
lotlce won't expire for over three weeks.
The electric light company held its
egtilar monthly meeting last night,
ransacting routine business. During
he past month considerable Improvenents
to the plant were made In the
natter of heating equipments.
Father Altmyer, oC the Cathedral,
ireached the Lenten sermon at St.
lohn's church last night, while Father
UcMonamln spoke on "The End of
dan" at the Cathedral.
Prof. M. K. Gorman and the teachers
if the North Kenwood school are makng
arrangements for the Union district
cacheis* meeting, to be held there next |
Saturday afternoon.
The Benwood council, Jr. O. TJ. A. M., j
vlll fflve an entertainment one week
rom to-night, and this organization nlvays
scores a success In every respect.
Hrave"Mon Fall
Victims (o stomach, liver and kidley
troubles, as ivel! as women, and all
eel the results In loss of appetite, polsms
ifi the Wood, backaehc, nervousness,
icadache and tired, listless, run-down
eolinp. But there's no need to feel like
hat. Listen to J. \V. Gardner, Idavllle,
nd. He says: "Electric Hitters are Just
he tlilnrr for a man when lie Is all run
lovvn and don't care whether he lives
ir dies. It did more t<> ;;Ivo me new
trenj?th and Rood appetite than nnt.I1I21K
1 could take. 1 can now eat anyhlntr
and have a new lease on life."
)nly no cents, at I*>j;an Drujj Co.'s dnip
tore, Kvery bottle guaranteed. 3
Yesterday's News From Marsha
Comity's Chief City.
The city election will be hclil to-da;
The work of the campaign Is aboi
over and the two tickets are befoi
the voters for. them to make their chol<
between the candidates. Everythlr
lookj favorable for the Republics
ticket and Us mcccss Is almost a fort
pone conclusion. It is a good _ repri
sentatlve ticket and appeals to tl
Judgment of every Intelligent vote
Every voter should go to the pol
to-day. The following places for vo
Ing have been designated by the coui
First ward, Precinct No. 1 ? Fir
ward hose house for voters living soul
of the Baltimore & Ohio railroad ar
south of Ninth street. Precinct No. 2
J. L. Supler's room, corner of Tent
street and Lafayette avenue, for vo
ers living south of Ninth street ar
north of the Baltimore & Ohio ral
Second ward? Precinct No. 3, at tl
court house, for voters living west 1
Morton avenue, north of Ninth stre
and south of Third street. Precinct N
4, the vacant store room corner ?
Fifth street and Jefferson avenue, f<
voters living east of Morton avenu
north of Ninth street and south
| Third street. '
Third ward?Precinct No. 5, Thii
waru nose nouae, lor voters living we
of Washington avenue and north <
Third street. Precinct No. 6, Third w?u
school house, (or voters living east
"Washington avenue and north of ThI:
Find out where you vote and get
the polls early and vote the stralg!
Republican ticket.
The musical and literary meeting 1
the Epworth league will he held t
night. The dimes, plveriout about tv
months ago, with their increase, w
be handed In, and each leaguer will r
port how he invested his dime ai
earned his money. It will be a very ii
teresting meeting.
The ladles' aid society of the Presb:
terlan church will meet this afternot
at the home of Mrs. S. A. Walton, 1
Seventh street. Officers will be elect<
, for the following year.
Miss Lena Henderson has resign*
| her position as teacher In the ci
! schools and accepted a position as sale
lady in Stone & Thomas' store in Whee
; Milton Crow, who has been aUendii
the business college at Parkersbur
has returned to his home here with
severe case of the grip.
Miss Ethel Ewlng returned to h
home at Leatherwood yesterday, aft
visiting her cousins, the Misses Ewin
I of Third street.
L. L. Stutger has awarded the coi
I tract to Hess & Fischer for an addith
to ana remouenng or nis resiuence <
Eighth street.
I The grand Jury finished its? work ye
tcrday and reported Indlctmcnts foun
I two felony and three misdemeanor Ii
Eleven negro convicts were broug!
to the penitentiary from Washingto
D. C., yesterday.
air. and Mrs. Bruce, of "Wincheste
Va.. arc- visiting their daughter, Mr
C. R. Oldham.
Mr. and Mrs. "W. P. McDonald, ?
Parkersburg, are the guests of relativ
in the city.
Harry Carpenter is home from a vis
of several weeks at Beallsville, 0.
Miss Harriet Crawford, of Blaine, C
is the guest of Mary A. Humes.
J. Alex Ewlng was in Cameron ye:
Matters of Interest in the Metropol
of Belmont Count v.
The lady friends of the Uniforms
Hank, Knights of Pythias, pave a plea,
ing banquet and programme at Armoi
hall last night. The programme coi
slsted of an overture by the Knights <
Pythias orchestra; recitation by Ml:
Elizabeth Xeff; vocal duett. Carrie all
Gall Myers; recitation, Master Allc
Goodwin and one by Myrtle Thoma
The march followed and the whole o
fair was genteel.
Jacob Heatherlngton was eighty-fi\
years old on the 7th, and quite a nun
ber of his friends called upon him In tl
evening, to make the occasion one t
pleasant memory. The Heatherln*
ton band was present and heightens
the pleasure with good music.
The city board of education paid bil
this week, amounting to $2,213 and se
tied on the spring vacation from Marc
31 to April 10. Superintendent J. I
Anderson was added to the commence
ment committee to look after the grac
uatlon exercises this year.
J. I?. Loe, of the First National bnnl
of Bridgeport, returned from Chlcac
yesterday morning, and It Is probabi
the Aetna-Standard deal with the Xa
tlonal Steel Company will be settled u
this week.
Thomas McG.ee was held to the gran
jury by Squire Morrell yesterday, in
bond of $300 for assault upon Amr
"Willisoa. They had a row and the lai
ter was hit with a club.
The Gravel HI'.I Literary and Sock
club will meet this evening at the hom
of Dr. McCldlan, and'Mr. .Tames Wllso
and Rev. R. S. Coffey will be reade
and critic.
Republican candidates should remoir
ber this is the last day to file notice c
their candidacy with O. P. Mason, t
get their name printed on the prlmar
The steel works did not resume yes
terday as expected, but they are ati
xlous to have the mill on and only nec
essary repairs delays the starting.
Croklnole is a popular social gam
here this winter. Miss Minnie Roedc
entertained a company of friends ji
this Tuesday evening.
The Twentieth Century Club was ver
pleasantly entertained at the Clement
home, by Miss Maria Clements and Mis
Minnie Cotts.
Mayor Freeze taxed four saloon me
this week for gambling and selling 11
quor Illegally.
M. M. Mercer, the oldest druggist l
the city, will close out his business her
and retire.
James Bird trot $3 and co?>ts by Mayo
Freeze yesterday, on a charge of as
The Gill homestead In the Fourt
ward, is to bo aold by* the heirs.
"William Davis bought the small farr
of Peter Brutchey for $300.
A WHEELMAN'S tool bag Isn't com
plete without a bottle of Dr. Thomas
Eclectrlc Oil. Heals cuts, bruises
Htlnga, pains. Monarch over pain, i!
If the IJnby is Cutting Teeth.
He sure and uso that old and well-trloi
remedy. Mrs. Winslow's Soothln
Syrup, for children teething. It soothe
tii<? child, soriens me sum, auays n]
pain, cures wind colic and is tho boa
remedy for diarrhoea, Twenty-tlv
cents a bottle. nny&f
Dearstho Kind You Haw Aly.a]T3 Bo-jgh*
Monday, Tii?"*?ln.vniiil Wednesday niu
M'oiliu'silny Matliior. Mari'li Ul? 11, i,"?
Hot?ra iMiKatcctaout of Iduccdit d.C'ur
tor*H Amorloan Naval Drama,
Nltflit price*?Ifi. ;i.*auil .10coat-*
.Matlaro prices?15, 5J?"i and 515 ccui*
Skutual Savings 5iank.
i listiial/CJ^x
: Savings
" Bank....
? 1521
r. AS A UNDER ? , _
la ot money to buy Market bt.
or build house*,
i. from 30 to 40 Open Daily, 9 a. in.
Bt PCr CHEAPER to 3 p.m.
;li than ony other. Monday and Safaris
! day Evenings.
h =
?1 liquors.
s Every ^
a House ^
ot should Slave a pure stimulant,
rcl rcspeciaUy at this Benson of the year. W<
at offf.r to the public our whiskies, whirl'
navo sioou ;ne icst 01 over a quarter 01
a century.
* Silver Age $i.50
?; Bear Creek $1.0(1
Those whiskies aro unsurpassed for age,
n- purity and general excellence. Guaranteed
to bo perfectly frco from fusil oil
y_ or other deleterious substances. Ask youi
m dealer for them, and If they do not have
of them on hand send direct to
82 Federal Street, Allegheny, Pa.
^ Catalogue niallc-1 froo on application.
VL ^\TA^ljD^A?~U;ELiZT?X),mO cuTV
BIC feet, dally capacity. Address
S? A. 11. cato lntollb;> n'cer otlk-'-. mr2%
er n
>n *Jo JLoan.
JltJL TATE. Six per cont Interest and one
s- per cent premium, total seven p. r ccnt,
LOAN CO.. 32d St.. Bellalre. Ohio. oc7
hi jfor Stent.
For rent-several good rooms
In the City Bank Building. Inquire al
;?' the City Ban!: oi Wheeling. mr20
} be?t location In city. Possession at
or once. KICOLIVS ART STORE. 1221 Mares
l?Pt street. _____ oc2'3
. house at 143 South Broadway. Watei
closet and bath. Possession May 1. In.
quire on premises, or at 27 Fourteenth
street. mr7
jj^or rent.
The three-story warehouse No. l."?03 Malr
street, running through to South street,
now occupied by Waterhouso Bros., wholesale
grocers. Possession given April 2.
?s Apply to
1201 New England Building,
id mrS Cleveland. Ohio.
i- STORE KOOMS-Ono corner room,
Tentlf and Market streets. 870. Five
rooms, '22 by <{.? feet, on Tenth street,
, S05. One room, -I t by 70 feet, corner
id Main and Tenth streets. One
*n room Xo. 1001 Main street, S50. One
q room, 105 I'oet deep, No. 10({."> Main
r street. $100. JAMKS L, IIAWJ,KY.
Heal Estate and Loan Agent, 100."
Main Street.
The Lorlng Homestead,
>d Monument Place, Elm
Is Grove, with about seven
!}j acres of ground.
16 Exchange Bank Building.
L Store room. No. 113 Main street.
. Dwelling. II rooms. No. 31 Fifteenth St.
Dwelling. 1?2 North Front St., 5 rooms.
P 1337 McColioch St., 3 rooms.
1510 Market St., store room.
^ I.odpp room, 1049 Main St.
A llat of 3 rooms and hath.
_ No. 23 Virginia St.. 7 rooms and bath.
Farm, SO acres, 10 miles east of the city.
Fine residence, 9 rooms, In Leutherwood.
ll Dwelling. Fifteenth street.
.. No. 85 Fifteenth St.-A BARGAIN.
n No. 396 Seventeenth St.-VERY CHEAP,
Room 4, City Bank Rulldlnng. 'Phone 6G4.
'(j Sen era I Slot ice*,
WASHINGTON. Dec. 29, 1S9S. J
' Whereas, by satisfactory evidence presented
to tho undersigned, It has been
ie made to appear that "Tho National Exr
chance Rank of Wheeling," In tho city
' of Wheeling, in tho county of Ohio, and
lw the utate of West Virginia, lias compiled
with all the provisions of tho Statutes of
.. the United States, required to bo com.
plied wlt.Vbefore an association shall bo
s authorised to commence business of bank's
Now, therefore, I, Lawrence O. Murray,
Deputy and Acting Comptroller of tho
" Currency, do hereby cer'.lfy that "The
i~ National Exchange Hank ot Wheeling,"
In tho city of Wheeling. In the county of
Ohio, and state of West Virginia, Is
u authorized to commence the business of
ft banking as provided In section ilfty one
hundred and sixty-nine of tho Revised
Statutes of the United States.
In testimony whereof witness my hand
- and seal of otllce this twenty-ninth day of
December, U98.
Deputy and Acting Comptroller of tho
Currency. No. .'I'M. uc31
I, ....?
Crux tee Sales.
?, Ry virtue of a deed of trust made by
Katherlne Speldel and Nicholas Speldel.
her husband, to tho undersigned, as
trustee, bearing date tho.23d day of Feb
niary, iSfcS, and recorded in the otllco of
[] tho clerk of the county court of Ohio
county. W'pst Virginia; In Deen of Trust
7. Hook N'o. W,. folio fill, the undersigned will
proved to ."ell nt nubile auction at the
" north front door of tho court houso of
1 Ohio county, in the city of Wheeling, on
APRIL. 1.S09,
Pftmmnnnlni' W .sVt.-vMr r?\ IU (M.
lowing described real estate, situate in
| tho city of Wheeling. Ohio county, West
.Virginia, viz: All that certain piece or
parcel of ground situate and being in that
part of the city of Wheeling formerly
? called La Grange, in the county of Ohio
- and state of West Vlrginln. and known
us the south half of lot numbered sixty
(GO) In said addition to said city, together
- with all the buildings and appurtenances
situate thereon or belonging thereto, being
the same property conveyed to Mrs.
I Catherine Sneldel by Mrs. Ixiulse Hock,
cnbrnnd by deed dated May 22, 1VS2, and reI
corded In thKotllce of tho clerk of the
county court of Ohio county. West Virginia.
In Deed Honk No. 72, page 127.
JOHN 1UTZ, Trustee.
JORICl'II A. ARKLK, Agent. mrlMh
. (HiCENTe*
\jrzmmssm--a word
,~t?Ajl solid advertisements under??
j -?? (he following headings: : : : .
?- Von rent, ron sale.
will bo Inserted at tho rato of ??
5or Sa/c.
nvm sals-milliard and pool
JL? tables. Inquire at Grand Opera House
Billiard Room. mr?*
I^qll salf?my house, southeast
1 corner ChupIIne and Twenty-third
' street.*, will be sold at a low figure. Terms
easy. GEO. M. SNOOK. Call at G. M.
SnooK & Co.'s. Ja9
3710R SALE. .
You are loclclni; (or this place, consisting
of two and one-half (2Vs) acres, on
West Hanover street. Replete with young
bearing fruit trees and shrubbery. Flrlck
dwelling and outbuildings. All advantages
of city and country. Two minutes*
walk from electric cars and Wheeling &
Lake Erie railroad. Apply to
mr4-tthfcs? 1)R. W. E. HERVEY.
i A Few Choicc Lots
at Edglngton. J*
City Rank Building, 1300 Market Street
! Newspaper
For Sale.
T will soil privately or at public auction,
I under authority of tho circuit court ot
" Upshur county, the Buckhannon Delta,
1 with full newspaper equipment, including
a Cranston power press, Yanduzen pasolln?
rnclne. foldi?r.?cutti?r. nt<v Tho imrier
has been continuously published for twenty-nine
years, Is Republican In politics,
anil Is a first-class business property.
The sale will be made for 5300.00 cash, and
residue on a credit of three, six, nlno and
twelve months, with Interest and security.
Special Receiver.
Buckhannon. W. Va: mrl
s Steal Stitare.
S. Penn St., 3 rooms and attic up*
' 12t> S. Penn St., 3 rooms and bath, upstairs.
128 S. Penn St., 3 rooms and bath, dowtistalrs.
" > Zane St.. 3 rooms.
29 N. Broadway, S-room house.
IS" S. Penn,'3 rooms.
o-lu<JllI iiuu.-ic Jil J-CIJO X'UlIll.
Wabash, near Virginia, 3 rooms.
1 1035 Market St., I rooms.
Second floor in the Egertcr Building.
Store room in the Egerter Building.
Real Estate and Fire Insurance,
: *Phonc G87. 1320 Market St.
i Residence, 10 rooms and bath, May. 3,
corner Fifteenth and Jacob streets. "
Two-story brick, 5 rooms. No. 1W Fourteenth
street. May 1.
3 rooms and finished attic, McColloch
street. April 1.
3 rooms, llrst floor, and cellar, McColloch
street, April 1.
Two-story frame, 6 rooms, Thirty-fourth
street, April 1.
Agents North German Lloyd. Anchor
.. Line. Hamburg-Amcrlcan,
American Line, Cunard Line.
Corner Fourteenth and Market Streets.
No. 21 Maryland street..- <...$11 00
No. 119 Virginia street 9 00
Desirable residence, 12 acres ground,
six acres In choice fruits 17 00
Stable in rear of 1010 Market street..
No. 1513 Market street, second floor.. 21 00
No. 30 Sixteenth street, otllce room.. 10 00
No. 32 Sixteenth street, bottling cellar
12 CO
No. 31 Sixteenth street, S rooms, second
and third floors 22 00
No. 24 Sixteenth street, store room
nnd 2 rooms if. 00
No. 2350 Market street, workshop.... 10 00
Stable Fourteenth street 5 CO
No. 22-17 Market street, store room
and dwelling
No. 41 Fifteenth street $33 33
No. 31 Seventeenth street 22 00
No. 129 Fourteenth street 23 00
No. 37 Twentieth street 13 00
Nc. 231a Market street 20 00
No. 2320 Market street 20 00
No. 2322 Market street 20 00
No. 1054 Main street, store room and
cellar 60 00
No. 412 Mnln street.
Desirablo Market street property.
Real Estate Agent, Collector, Notary
Public nnd Pension Attorney, No. 1012
Mnln strivt. fe22
...PROF. TRUE...
1036 Main Street.
Second Floor, Parlors 0, 7 and 8.
Walk In. don't ring. This remarkablo
man. whoso career has been ono of success,
is Kilted by nature with a power
that approaches the miraculous. Ho la
acknowledged by the public wherever ho
has been to be the marvel of the Nineteenth
century. Prof. True Is a prophet
of world-wide repute; he Is recommended
by every ono of his patrons. Ills powers
excite the wonder and admiration of even
the skeptical. Ills advlco Is infallible;
convincing and beyond dispute. Through
his remarkable development of second
sight, and his thorough knowledge of tho
many sciences peculiar to the men of tho
Orient, he Is enabled to penetrate tho woof
and web of human life. He gives advlco
on business, lawsuits, speculation, love,
courtship, matrimony; he unites tho separated
and causes speedy and happy nmirlaRe
with the one of your choice. Tho
troubled and untortunnte seek his coun
nei. iiiuu.wmn 01 nenris nave been mudo
glad through his truthful predictions.
Medlumlstio persona developed. Olllco
hours, 0 n. m. to 0 p. m.. dally and Sunday.
Fnrloni ?o arranged that you will
meet no strangers. Fees oOc anil Jl.OO.
I'ltOl'TIHM'. .Mnlii Si riTt.
Beautiful Forms
and composition
Arc not mado by chance, nor can
. .. ?. . they ever in any material bo mado
at small expense. A competition
for cheapness, and not for excel
Icnco of workmanship, is tho moat
frequent no& certain causo of tho
rapid decay'and cnUro dostruc*.
tion of arts* and manufactures. 4
For host (which Is tho cheapest)
work, tho Intolllgoncor Job Print
lug Olllco Is tho placo to go.

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