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Seo. <?. Siim a- Co. I Sto. S. Sum & Co.
1154,1156,1158,1160 Main Street,
In Time of Peace
Prepare for War,
is a true maxim, and can be well adapted to
other uses just now, viz:
In Times of Quiet Lent
Prepare for the Easter Festivities; -
During the Cold, Raw Month of March
Prepare for the "Balmy Says of Spring"
and avoid the greater rushes in the stores, get- better service
from your "modiste," and more satisfaction out of
your "garments."
Our preparations are made, and it only remains for you
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I "Fashion Centre" of America (New York) we have received,
and now show the choicest inventions of Dame
Fashion, both in piece and made-up wares. Styles approved
by the fashionable circles of both continents.
Man Tailored j Beautiful ! Silk Waists
Suits and Coats : Black Crepons, j Mm**.
. , .. , j caterpillar wave, stripe ? mer we have S0]id colors
that have distinctly | or sheer effects, m great in silll ani Solin luckcJ
merit, being made after II variety, and at all prices, I ...
models, perfec-, so that ranging from and shirred, in shades
when purchased by you 75c to $4 yard. specially striking for
you are sure of perfect I f , ri , A evening wearfit
and beautiful form. H l<3fll6S LlOtjl 311(1 $5.98 to $12 each.
This perfection goes ; Jaj[0r Suitings.... Appliqae and Tinsel
through our entire line, & . ru.:! , ?
whether in colors, such as Nets? ^lllOIl and "0US?
a $598 or a S50 00 Suit I Cray!'c seline Shir ^ Lace
[ 1 city Mixtures, in ail sorts | Yokes, Boleros and Fronts,
I a $3,98 or a JiO.dfl Coat j ?ine?a 59 c upwards.0'| Allovers, in all kinds.
QeOo E. StifeS & Co.
1 bundling <? Co. I 2). Sun dling Je'Co.
Tftey'AreHere 1 zzi [
. % ?
New Spring Clothes.
New Spring Overcoats.
i w TT New Spring Suits.
We 1 ,, c .. t ? ,r..I4
New Suits for Boys and Children.
New Shirts.
New Neckwear.
Gundling & Co.,
j STAR CLOTHIERS. 34 and 36 Twelfth St.
| '
I r> er> er ? n
boo. jt. Hay lor Co. I seo. ji. Kjayior lo.
ladies' Slits. Half Price.
To make room ror new spring goods now arriving,
we have MARKED DOWN all the
Suits now on hand to
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Crepons, Laces,
Shejtitclligctircr (
Ofllce: 25 and '-I7 Fourteenth Street. ?
New Advertisements^
For sale? Howard HazlettSaloon
for sale.
Order of Publication. I
For Sale?Q. O. Smith. I
Entire Wheat Flour?If. F. Pehrens Co.
Pittsburgh, Wheeling ?fc Kentucky Railroad
Order of Publication. X
Wanted?A Girl at >5 Twelfth Street.
Have Sold More Bilks and Dress Goods?
Geo. M. Snook & Co.?Eighth Paw.
Herd's Something Others Haven't Got?
McFadden's?Second rage.
Our Great I>ace Curtain and Wall Paper
Remnant Sale?Stone & Thomas?Eighth
Wo lmvo now on oxhlblt ono of the
largest and best selected stocks of lino a
tailoring at popular prices In tlio city, 01
Wo lmvo adilcd to our cutting dopurt.7.
Ed. Dorncr. ono of tlio most fashion- 0
ublecuttors cast. c
The artistic cut, stylish apnearanco
and excellency In inako-up orour gpr- H
mentswlll spcuk for thcniHclves. (.
Always tho newest In lino furnish
niK*. v-. ?v si ?:>??. ii
Fashionable Tailors and Fine Furnishers,
lUiil and 1,13ft Market Street,
20,000. u
"Wo hftvo fitted inoro than twenty
thousand pairs of Spectacles, giving; us
a record and oxperfeneo unequalled by
any other optician In West Virginia, m
Satlsfaetlon guaranteed. 1
JACOB W. GHUIIK, Optician, G
2s'o. 1300 .Market Street.
Invents in and About tlie City Given in n
a Nutshell.
Criminal court will be in session to- f,
day' 8<
Grand to-night?Daniel R. Ryan's .
company. 11
Dennis Daly, of Mannlngtor. an oil
driller, died last night of typhoid fever. II
at Haskin's hospital. t(
The venerable Cyrus Townflenfl jr
Brady, archdeacon of Pennsylvania, will
preach to-night at St. Matthew's 1
church. n.
Mrs. Robert L. Frazler, living at 471 U
National road, slipped while walking in Jc
the yard at her home Tuesday evening c
and sustained a fracture of her left
arm. "
The concert of the Woman's club oc- n
curs to-night at 8 o'clock in A. O. U. Iz
W. hall, and Is open to the nubile. A ,1
promising programme has been an- "
ncunced. '
The funeral of Frank Eberle, who was E
killed Monday morning, occurred yes- s|
terday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the p
home of his daughter, Mrs. George Pa- ?
teraon, on Twenty-ninth street, South
Side. The Interment was at Mt. Zlon. ll
Special Constable Walte, one of the <1
defendants in the barratry proceedings
commenced by Iiarry E. Bachmann on
Tuesday, was served with the warrant
yesterday and was released on his own 11
recognizance to appear in the court of a
Squire Greer next Tuesday. j?
Chief Cline has added an improve- ,,
ment to the Eighth ward and other cngine
houses in the shape of an electric D
transmitter, to be used in sounding the <11
alarm gong after a still alarm is re- tl
ceived over the telephone. The old ,
way of striking the gong with a hammer
was faulty In many respects. M
Yesterday Intelligence reached
Wheeling of the death of Rev. William r<
Burkemeier at New York. He will be c
remembered by older citizens as the
former pastor of Zlon's German Luth- 0
eran church here, his pastorate dating tl
in the late fifties and early sixties. From j
Wheeling he went to New York, where
no nas since been engaged in Immigrant w
missionary work. He died after a short el
illness. _ !,
Going and Coming ol* Wheeling
People ami Visitors. a:
J. B. Rease is a Huntington guest at f'
the Howell. 1<
M. A. Jones, of Welslburg, was in the
city yesterday. "
J. E. Smith, of Mannington, was at
the Windsor yesterday. :
Dr. William Petrie has returned >
home from a two-weeks' trip to New
York and Boston.
J. L. Henry, of Bu&hannon, and D.
E. Allen, of Parkersburg, were arrivals
at the Stamm last night.
H. C. Meyer, of Wellsburg: S. W.
Matthews, of Moundsvllle, and J. H.
Hamilton, of Parkersburg. were registered
at the McLure yesterday.
Mrs. P. J. Hoh's condition has Improved
to such an extent that the attending
physician now extends the hope
that she may recover. For two weeks
It has been feared that she would die.
The many friends of Rev. and Mrs. Hoh
will unite In the wish that her recovery
may be speedy and complete.
The annual children's masque carnival
was given by the children of the
members of the Mercantile club, at the
quarters of that organization, on Main
street, last night, and It was a neatly
planned affair, bringing delight to the
little ones and the fond parents looking
on. Many pretty costumes were worn,
typical of nations and particular chnrncters,
and the effect was extremely
pleasing to the eye. Melster's orchestra
made the music, and the floor wns riuon I
over to the older set nt midnight/ following
the luncheon.
Touchers' Meeting.
The programme of the teachers'
meeting at North Bcnwood Saturday
afternoon, beginning at 1:30 o'clock, 13
as follows:
Music? Prayer?'Music.
Report of nccretary.
Paper, "Tho Ideal School," C. E. Carrlgan.
Discussion?S. M. Crow and Miss Nora
Dolbear, "Do pupils learn more from
teachcrs or follow pupils?"
Paper by Miss Lena Conner.
Discission?Miss Josephine lender and
M. L. Drown.
Solo. Miss Charlotte Price.
"Should tho state teach morals In tho
public schools." paper. N. \\\ Crow. Discussion,
J. T. King and Gilbert Conner.
Quartette by pupils of the school.
Ar.- teachers' examinations, as now conducted.
a drawback to popular education?"
Paper, J. T. King. Discussion. Miss McCabc,
Miss Martin ami Miss Whiteside.
"How should numbers be taught in tho
primary grades?" Miss Annie Pclley.
"How should language be taught In tho
primary grades?" Miss Catherine Hull,
and Miss Ella Campbell.
"Elements of a good teacher," Miss Dora
Discussion, Miss Edwards and Miss Baron.
In Clerk Itobcrtson'8 Ofllcc.
Yesterday In Clerk Robertson's office
the following transfer of real estate
was recorded.
Deed made Marc}) C. 1S09. by Thomas
O'Brien and H. M. Russell. surviving
trustees of Philip Itellly, to GcorKc \V..
John D., James F., Wyiie T. Tidily and
other heirs, transfers to*the* heirs a farm
of 183 acres in Richland district.
One deed of trust was recorded.
A marriage license was Issued to Edward
T. Kagan, 22, of Plney Fork, W.
Va., and Mayeldla Evans, 21 of Mars,
Dr. Bull's <?ougli Syrup Isuscd by
the best people In the land. It cures at
once hoarseness and throat affection.
Pricc 2f?c.
How, thu N' KM1,03
>ccurred Yesterday Afternoon ii
Martin's Ferry From
'he Services Being Conducted h;
ltcv. S. J. Bogle, ol't ho First Chnrcli
Members of the Septuajjenariai
Clul) Were Honorary Pall Bearer*
Mr. Bogie's Tribute to the Dcccascd
who was Whcc-llng's Oldest Cltizei
The funeral of the late Captain Rlclt
rd Crawford. Wheeling's oldest citizen
:curred yesterday afternoon at
'clock, from the United Presbyterlai
hurch of Martin's Ferry, Rev. S. J
ogle, pastor of the First Presbyterlai
hurch, of that place, officiating. J
uinuer or oia xnenas or tne ae
*ased attended. Mr. Richard Craw
>rd Campbell, of Denver, a grand-son
as present.
The choir of the First church, com
osed of Mrs. J. C. Gray, Mrs. Join
urner, Miss May Thomas, Mr. J. C
ray and Mr. George Rowland, san*
Lead, Kindly Light," after which Mr
ogle read from the Scripture. Ther
le choir sang beautifully, "Thy Way
ot Mine."
Rev. Mr. Bogle, who enjoyed tin
Iendship of the deceased, spoke a
line length of Captain Crawford's lift
l this community. R was not neces
iry, he said, to speak minutely of hi:
fe and works, these were well knowr
) all present and had been chroniclet
1 the newspapers. It had been hi:
rivllcgc to met Captain Crawford flrs
bout live years ago, at a meeting o
ic Septuagenarian club. He had en
jyed that afternoon of converse wltl
aptaln Crawford, for it opened up t<
im the many excellent qualities o
tlnd and heart that always character
:ed the man. He was a man of won
erful memory, well Informed on man}
iibjects, especially history and th<
lible. In his conversation with tht
peaker he had drawn illustrations b]
assages from portions of the Hoi}
:ook that are not familiar generally
I fact he had shown an intimate ac
uaintance with the Bible.
While he was always drawn to thi
ounger people of his acquaintance
ley were not In sympathy with him a
II times, and he felt his lonliness in thi
ist years of his life. He was evei
rateful for the attention shown liln
y younger people. He was well ac
nalnted with the way of salvaUon;wai
le rrlend and supporter of Christ'!
tiurch, and always in sympathy witl
[is cause.
The speaker had been privileged t<
Mid the last letter penned by Captali
rawford, in which he spoke feelingly
C the providence of God and fel
lankful for the tender care he receive*
urlng the last days of his life.
He was a conscientious, honest mai
ith wafm attachments. Though hi
njoyed a competence, yet his was ;
>nely life in late years. His friend:
assed away one by one. to his grea
Drrow. He clung lovingly to his Sep
Jagenarian club associations, and h?
as always the most Interested of thos<
ssembling at these meetings?but asidt
rom this we find him lamenting hi:
mllness and old age. So life with hin
as unsatisfactory, there was always
:)mething lacking. The speaker be
'I r
I If jrMp
Lot. 1L f Thirty-three
~ -( Capes that fi
C\?lp?S. j at $4.50
! 1 ;rv|- 9 ( A bu"ch or
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;| :UUl J highly ornam
- i ict. fur frin
I now for..
j A j Black and E
1 SKIRT -J Serge Dress :
BARGAIN. I dressmaker n
I ?
j] nous*
lleved that in his last days God's love
was revealed to him In his lonliness and
' that he departed in the dear Lord.
There are lessons to be fround In his
life and works; he was a man of ch'arl
acter and earnest of purpose. We
should remember not to drift along: on
the current of life: we shoujd make provision
for the future and for the next
life. The end of this life is certain to
Icome soon or Iq^te. If we do our best,
we may be mourned as our dead friend
is mourned. We should remember that
wo are Indebted to God for everything' ,
in this life?health, success and all. We
' must give the best in our lives to God,
u resting all In Him. so that when the
time comes we may rest in the loving
arms of Jesus, there to go quietly to
i. sleep and awake in the presence of the
Lord, and there remain forever and for'
i Continuing, the speaker spoke of the
fast thinning ranks of the Septuagenarian
club, and exhorted those remaining
. to remember the near approach of
death. If our eyes could but see be
yond, we would Hee this. life In Its true
4 value and appreciate the life to come,
i which Is so much the better life-.
After the choir rendered "Abide with
" Me," the body was viewed by the con1
gregation. and then was taken
l to the Walnut Grove burying ground,
. where the deceased was buried next to
his wife.
The honorary pallbearers were:
? 'Messrs. James Kerr, James Gray. David
Park and Rev. Samuel Boyd, all mem.
bers of the Septuagenarian club. The
active pallbearers were Messrs. John
1 Frew, Augustus Pollack, E. J. A. Dri?n
nen, S. G. W. Morrison, E. C. Boyd and
; I Ken worthy Hope.
The service at the grave was brief on
account of the inclement weather. Ben1
! edictlon wus pronounced by Rev. Mr. ]
, Bogle.
Of the Septuagenarian club the living
s members are now reduced to nine,
" Messrs. David Park, James Gray, Hlt
ram W. Smith, James Kerr. Samuel
2 Boyd, Ebenczcr Rhodes. John Mc.
Neece, Hamilton Blackford and Kenworthy
Hoge. 1
The members deceased are Ander- .
1 son Ralston, John Armstrong, Joel
1 Wood, Klram Frazier, Ehvood Rat3
cliff, Thomas Culbertson. James Drennen,
W. Newton Hollidaf, William ,
c Clarke, Smith Hurst. John K. Botsford ,
f and Richard Crawford. 1
> LANG-On Tuesday. March 7, 1KW, at 1 a. '
f in., MAX M. LANG, In his 29th year.
. Funeral services at his mother's residence,
Nc. 1623 Wood street, Thursday morning
at 5 o'clock. Mass at St. Joseph's
' Cathedral at 0:30 o'clock. Friends of
: the family respectfully Invited to ati
tend. Interment at Greenwood cemer
. RHODES-On Wednesday, March 8, 1H?.
at S o'clock a. m., JULIA ANN
> REBECCA, wife of the late Jacob S.
Rhodes, aped 77 years.
Funeral from her tato residence, No. 0C3
Mnln strpof. nn Sr4t11rrl.1v \fnrch 11 I
at 10 a. m. Friends of the. family are
respectfully Invited. Interment private
at Greenwood cemetery. Please
omit tlowc-rs.
Louis Bertschy,
1117 Main St.-West Side. J
Calls by Telephone Answered Day or
Ni?;ht. Store Telephone 635. Residence,
Avsis:-.i:u'o Tclcphune. CL'5.
Alexander Frew, 1
main ST. AND EMBALMER v* ?.<
Under Competent Management.
Telephones?Store, 21ID: Residence, 750.
BRUEMMER f Funeral Directors ,
&) and Embalmcrs. ,
"\ Cor. Market and 22d 5ts.
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