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Published Dally* Except Sunday* by
Intelligencer Publishing Co.,
25 and 27 Fourteenth Street.
JOHN FREW, Pres. and Bus. Manager.
Terras: Por Year, by Mali, la Advance,
Postage Prepaid.
"Dally (0 Days Per Week) I Yoar...$5.20
Dally, six Months-. 2.00
Dally, Throe Months 1.00
Dally, TlireoDays Por Week 0.00
Dally, Two Days Per Week 2.00
Dally, One Month 15
Weekly, One Year, In Advance...- 1.00
Weekly, Six Months .00
by carriers In Wheeling and adjacent
towns at 10 cents per week.
Person;? wishing to subscrlbo to THE
by sending In their orders to tho Inteiligcncer
office on postal cards or
otherwise. Thoy will bo punctually
served by carriers.
Tributes of Respect and Obituary Notices
50 cents per Inch.
Correspondence containing important
newfl solicited from every part of the
surrounding country.
Rejected communications will not bo returned
unless accompanied bysutllclent
(The INTELLIGENCER, embracing Its
several editions, Is entered In the Postofllcc,
at Wheeling, "NV. Va.# as Bccondclass
editorial Rooms 823 I Counting Room 822
But a Question of Time.
England is again Jumping on China,
and notifies her that the repudiation of
a railroad contract will not be tolerated.
In the meantime China, while offering
to apologize to Italy for a certain discourtesy.
is considering the wisdom of
making San Mun an open port, in order 1
to evade Italy's demand for it. While
this Is going on representatives of England
are predicting war unless the
terms of the Chinese open door policy
are adhered to by other powers, and in
timatlng that Great Britain will aid
China against Russia. The dispatches
have also reported that in the interior '
of China a rebel force, in a pitched bat- 1
tie fought some weeks ago with the em- 1
peror's troops, completely slaughtered
the latter, killing them by the hundreds
and mutilating their bodies. These are '
the complications recorded in one day.
Poor China, with her territory bathed 1
In the blood of her defenders against
Insurrection, and the question of her
ultimate dissolution pending among the
nations, with complications that may
mean u general war?harrassed on all 1
sides?her days seem numbered. Her
ancient, non-progresslveness, during 1
thousands of years of closed doors, kept
her at peace with all the world, chiefly
bccause all the world knew little about
her. But, with the advance of European
and American civilization, and the
advent of the new era which brought
China into the circle of nations, she has
v-uio'; m juv.i: uuj ?iivii iiiuutrt 11 utvelopment
makes victims of paganism,
of ancient customs and of barbarity,
and she scarcely realizes it all.
The great world of civilization, in the
search for new fields of trade, new territory,
greater power, marks China for
the next victim. China is to be modernized.
It is right that It be done, if
properly done, but It is only a question
as to how she shall bo divided, which
gets the biggest share of the booty,
and whether it shall be done through
peaceful diplomacy or a clash among
the' nations of Europe. The United
States will not be Involved. This great
neutral republic may prollt, in a way,
by the result, but It will not participate
in the slicing up process. It has all It
desires to attend to without mixing In
European politic.--.
"Will ho no Boiul Issue.
Secretary of the Treasury Gage has
discredited tho assertion* which have
been made that the appropriations of
Congress would make a bond Issue necessary,
and that the secretary was already
preparing to dispose of 5100,000,000
of bonds. He declares that no such
thing is contemplated, nor will there be
such a necessity, and that the estimates
mado by Senator Gorman and Mr. Cannon
In recent interviews were over
Mr. Gage takes the figures which represent
the deficiencies for the present
year, according to Mr. Cannon and Mr.
Gorman, and shows that neither gentleman
was right. The late Maryland senator
places the deficiency at 5180,000.000,
and Mr. Cannon at $159,000,000. Mr.
Gage places it at $120,000,000, and calls
attention to some sources of revenue,
which the authors of estimates have
not considered. He refers to the $12,000,000
from the sale of the Central Pacific
railroad, and the balance of $4G,000,000,
h<; declares, can. In the event of
an emergency, be realized by putting
the paper of the purchasers of the road
on the market.
Secretary Gage also shows that the
balance In the treasury at the end of
this fiscal year will be greater by twenty
millions than It was last July, while
war expenses are constantly decreasing.
His declaration that there Is no danger
of a bond issue boing necessary is most
emphatic. This should be enough to put
a stop to the comments that are being
made In criticism of the administration
and Congress. The appropriations were
unusually large, to be sure, but that
docs not offer an excuse for speculations
which.have no basis concerning
more bond Issues.
Admiral Dcwoy'H Health.
The report comes from various
sources, among them naval officers, that
Admiral Dowcy la enduring great physIf!;*I
suffering from tho effects'.of tho
strain h^ linn oxpcrlcnccd since last
May. Ho Is described as exhibiting Indications
of a break down, and tho suggestion
Ih made that he should bo relieved
from duty. According to statements
from o/IJcJaJ circles at Washlngton,
the government ban been awn re
for some time that the admlrnl wns In
need of rent, and cabled him several
weeks ago permission to return to the
United States. But It seems that the
indomitable spirit of our great naval
hero 1h such that he will not yield to his
desires in the matter, feeling that he
has not yet finished his work, and that'
his duty bids him remain at his post.
It is possible, however, that the admiral
may yet avail himself of the offer
of the navy department, and it will bo a
relief to the country if he does. Undoubtedly
his brains and courage are
valuable at Manila, but the situation is
such that others can take charge. There
are good men already there, and others
who can be sent. In an emergency in
which the health, and perhups the life,
of the admiral Is involved there should
be no delay in action looking to his relief.
The responsibility is very great,
but the life of Admiral Dewey is too
valuable to this country to be unnecessarily
sacrificed because of his own
personal feelings In tho matter.
Not Quito so Sweeping.
A paragraph recently published In a
local paper Is going the rounds of the
state press, In regard to the so-called
anti-trust law in West Virginia, and is
somewhat misleading by the manner of
its wording. The article states that the
law "prohibits companies capitalized at
over $5,000,000 from doing business In
this state." This manner of stating the
law* creates the idea that no company
in the country engaged In manufacturing
enterprises or any other business,
excepting possibly railroads, telegraph
and other corporations engaged in inter-state
trallle, can do business in
West Virginia. Under such a construction,
manufacturing establishments of
Wheeling and vicinity, giving employment
to thousands of West Virginia
workmen would have to move out of the
state, under existing circumstances
which have transpired within the past
few weeks, and by which some have
passed into the hands of large corporations
with enormous capital. That Is
the Impression which has been created
by the assertion above quoted.
The 1(lw referred to does not state It In
that way. Section 5 of Chapter 54 of
the Code is the provision In question,
and says: "The capital of a corporation
iuiiwuu unuci nun i:na|uui| CAut't'i. i?n
railroad und canal purposes, shall not
exceed five millions of dollars." In
other words, the statute restricts the
granting of charters by the state, to
corporations capitalized at more than
five millions. There Is no law prohibiting
outside companies, chartered under
the laws of other states from doing business
In the state, on account capitalization.
Our corporation laws govern the
business of such companies, regulate
their conduct, Impose taxes, and provide
for certified reports, and make
other provisions such as are customary,
regardless of capitalization. ,
The Cody Blackmail.
The result of the hearing of the case
of Mrs. Margaret Cody, on trial for attempting
to blackmail the heirs of Jay
Gould, In connection with the old charge
that Gould had been married to Mrs.
Mary Angell when a young man, exposed
the whole conspiracy, in which
Mrs. Cody, who seeuis to be a profes
slonal, was the chief conspirator. The
Mrs. Angell In the ca.se, who went on
the stand and swore she never saw Jay
Gould, that all she knew about ever being
married to him was that Mrs. Cody
told her so, that she had never told Mrs.
Cody she was ever married to him, and
that the woman promised her five millions
of dollars if the suit against the
Goulds should be successful, made a
strong case against the Cody woman.
An Important feature of the case is
the cupidity of certain attorneys who
have taken a prominent part In the
affair. The whole matter has been one
of perjury inspired by greed on the one
side, and a determination on the other
side to vindicate the character of a
dead father. The sympathy of everybody
has been aroused for Miss Helen
Gould, whose activity In the prosecution
of the alleged blackmailer has been
watched so closely. Miss Gould has a
warm place In the hearts of Americans
on account of her good works durlnir
the late war In behalf of the sick and
wounded soldiers, and for her interest
in the works of charity. In the present
case her course has been such as to win
still further admiration from the public.
Americanism in Turkey.
Even the sultan of Turkey recognizes'
American industrial ability, and falls
into line by tendering Dr. Cabell Whitehead
.assayer of the United States mint,
the appointment of director general ofIndustries
In the Turkish empire. The
statement Is made that the Turkish
minister at Washington has been lm-.
pressing upon his ruler the technical,
commercial and scientific superiority of
this country, and advising him to Introduce
Into Turkey American methods,
products and machinery, along with
American experts in the various lines of
This Is not an unimportant Item of
news. It means that American Influence
and progress?American civilization,
Jn fact, have made their Impression
even upon "the sick man of Europe,"
and that the opening tip of a new
flt'lfl nf trmli* nnil rnmmnrrn In nrnhnliln
In ft direction where It was least expected.
Perhaps American methods
may do more good In the direction (if
accomplishing the modernizing of Turkey
than all the guns of Europe could
do. It is such victories of peace that
are winning the way and widening the
field for American trade In the old
world, not alone In commercial Europe,
hut Jn the orient, as v/cll.
It Is a pleasure to note that the recent
destruction by fire of the mechanical
hall at the State University did not
cripple the Institution permanently.
The fact that the insurance money, anij
other means at the disposal of tin- mnn
agc'nient of the University, will make It
possible to replace the building and
equipments, and that the result will be
a much bettor building than the old one,
1h fortunate.
Another opportunity will bo given tonight
at the high school hull to hour
President Jlaymond, of the State University,
In one of hlH Instructive lectures.
If should he understood lhat
these addresses will be found as Interesting
and edifying to the older, generation
us to those who are Just on the i
threshold of their Intellectual' careers.
Fill a bottle or common gloss with *
your water and let It stand twenty-four
hours; a sediment or settling Indicates
an unhealthy condition of the kidneys; <
If It stains your linen It is evidence of
kidney trouble; too frequent desire to
pass It or pain in the back is also convincing
proof that the kidneys and
bladder are out of order. ,
"What To Do.
There is comfort in the knowledge so
often, expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Hoot, the great kidney remedy,
fulfills every wish in curing rheumatism.
pain in' the back, kidneys, liver,
bladder and every part of the urinary
passage. It corrects inability to hold
water an 1 iJnldlng pain In passing it,
or bad effects following ude of liquor,
wine or beer, and overcomes that unpleasant
necessity of being compelled '
to go often during the day and to get .
up many times during the night. The
mild and extraordinary effect of
Swamp-Iloot Is soon realized. It stands
the highest for Its wonderful cures of
the most distressing cases. If you need
a medicine, you should have the best.
Sold by druggists In llfty-cent and onedollar
You may have a sample bottle of this
wonderful- discovery and a book that
tells more about It, both sent absolutely
free by mail. Address Dr. Kilmer &
Co., Iilnghrimton, N. Y. When writing
mention that you read this generous
offer in the Wheeling Dally Intelligencer.
Teachers' Authority Over Pupils. ;
Chicago Times-Herald: The question
of the extent of the jurisdiction of a
school teacher, raised In St. Louis and
carried to the court of appeals for a
idecislon, Is a most interesting one. It
would seem as if the court had reached
a wisp conclusion In holding that a
teacher is empowered to enforce discipline
among the scholars on their way
to and from the school, as well as while
on the-school premises. Certainly no
one Is in a better position to do so. It
would be making too serious a matter
of it to turn it over to the police, and
parents are sometimes careless and
often partial. Unless the school authority
reaches the boys even when they
are not actually on the school property
it is quite within the range of possibility
that a bully should make life such a
burden for a younger boy that it would
seriously interfere with his studies, If it
did not actually force him temporarily
to give them up. It is all very well to
say that boys must learn to take the
hard knocks, but there are occasions
when protection and discipline are absolutely
essential to the welfare of certain
of the scholars, and the teacher has
a better opportunity than any one else
to afford the one and enforce the other.
For that reason it is evident that the
St. Louis court made an excellent application
of a'fair and just principle.
Pretty Poor Pickings. ,
, Cleveland Plain Dealer: The follow- f
ing story must be true, since it was
told by one of Cleveland's clever school *
principals, who claimed to have witnessed
the Incident. She was in the |
basement of a hip department store >
when she observed a rural looking party
passing before some cheap prints of (
famous paintings. There was a middleaped
man. plain, but evidently with a
thirst for information, who was "explaining"
the pictures to three tiredlooking
children. r
"Here's a picture called 'Millet,* " he {
was saying, as they gaz??d open-mouthed
at "L'Angelus," "that's what it says
nt the bottom. Millet's a kind of grain.
See 'em looking at the ground? They t
aint' plantin'. but I guess ^they're just
plckin' up the seed. Mighty poor farmin'
there. Come, along."
After all, what does fame amount to? y
IJotli "Were "Weary. c
Last week late In the afternoon a
cape was caueu uy .iuuge aumenana in
the county court.
"I would like to ask. your honor, that c
this case go over until to-morrow," said 1
one of the attorneys.
"On what grounds?" said the judge;
"too tired?"
"Yes, your honor. I have been arguing
a case all day in Part II., and I am
really too fatigued to go on with this v
trial." r
"Very well, let the case go over. Call 1
the next case."
The next ease was called and another ,
attorney arose.
"May It please your honor, I would '
like to ask that this case go over." 1
"For what renson?" *
"I am'too tired."
"You, too? "What makos you tired?" ,
"I have been listening all day to my
learned friend in Part II."? Rochester
Herald. ^ ^
Professional I.'thios. Indianapolis
Journal: "Say." said the 1
gentleman with the check shirt, plaid
suit and thunderous diamonds, "if vou
will go in with me, I've got a guy that
we can work for a couple of thousand *
in a poker game, and you can have
"Sir!" replied the young lawyer, "this
is a personal Insult." 1
"Excuse me," safd the wily tempter, t
"Of course, I didn't mean this here as c
a "personal affair. We will call it re- ^
taining you professionally." L
"Kr?how much did you eay you c
had?" n
Chat in High Life. I
"Oh, no, she isn't in our set." ^
"Indeed; I thought her father was 1
rich." a
"He is, but her three sisters are all 71
married to Americans."?Cincinnati Inquirer.
^ I"
Our Naval Station at San Juan. ?
The now United States naval station
to be. located at San Juan Porto Itlco,
will be one of the utmost Importance to J
this country as the key to the situation
when the Nicaragua canal Is constructed.
The key to good health Is c
Hosteller's Stomach BlUers. It guards n
the digestive organs from attacks of Indigestion,
biliousness and constipation, l1
Just the same as the new naval station n
at San Juan will ward off attacks upon c
this country by foreign foes. n
:. t:
Easy Food "
^asyto Buy> 1
%l T'VA Easy to Cook, ''
i AytZ EaSy t0 Eat'
I Easy to Digest.
([U nnaaker Oats n
y Atallgroccrs ,l,
$ in 2-lb. pkgs. only | \\
Dtesr1- CATARRH i
A Climatic ''
Affoctlon v
NotliiiiK i>ui 11 10- BAUVXj .
ml ri'iiKMly ur J-JfeiWA.CMrpCOlDW ;
clinnim oI climate 1*9 ^ Hti!?|J !
will curi- II. WHr: f'oiiisNESD/l 1
Got n well known fJWFEVtt, ^ j
spncltlc, |p '
Ely's Cream Balm V^|ia
It In nrtli'lily All- r
Horlicil. (.51 Vrs K?? I (
lief ut once. Opens"5?*??! uiit i li
Allays Inflammation. Heals and Protects j l>
tho Membrane. Jtestores tho Sense* of f,
Tattle and Smell. No Cocaine. No Mer- \ ?
eury. No Injurious DruK. Full Size W)o: !
Trial air.o lOc, at Druxqlats or by mall. I f1
MliY HKOTHlinH, h
imvf&w CO Warren Street, New York. | V
SFiano Cuning,
Having in. our employ
thorough and competent
workmen, we respectfully
solicit the caJe of
your piano.
Should you desire your
piano moved, we fully
warrant safe delivery.
Miliigan, Wilkin & Co.,
1138, 1140 and 1142 Market St.
Gentleman (entering)?"Do you work
here, boy?" OlHce boy?"Only when the
tmsn i? Innkinir?Hn?tnn Trn nnr?rlnt.
"Miss Mary, are you worry that your
sister Evelyn la married?" "No; It advances
me one number."?Chicago Record.
His Trouble?"Cant' he support his
wife?" "Oh, he can support her all
right, but he claims that she is insupportable."?Puck.
"When a man goes into politics he
[jets useful knowledge of his fellow nen."
"Yes; and they hear things about
lim, too."?Detroit Free Press.
Ho?"So-you cnnl me off because you
hink I'm forward?" She?"Yes, George
there's nothing modest about you but
your salary."?Judge.
She?"You know it is a woman's prlvlegc?
to change her mind." He?"I know
t Is. but when a man changes his he has
,o pay damages."?Tit-Bits.
The Pastor?"Why, even the hairs, of
your head are all numbered." Baldieaded
Parishioner?"Mine, alas, are
lumbered with the past." ? Boston
Doctor (to ruffian)?"Your eye Is
lopelessly smashed. I shall have to insert
a. irlass evr?." "No rrln??j pvo fnr
no. It would be broken to-morrow."?
Fllegende Blatter.
Actor?"I can't Imagine how D'Art
nanages to get such favorable notices
'rom the dramatic critics." Journalist?
"Perhaps he acts well." Actor?"By
renks, I never thought of that."?TitBits.
Sister (to Tommy, who has just been
to hear a famous pianist)?"How did
.'ou enjoy the recital, Tom?" Brother?
'It was a big chea!, sis. A long-haired
luffer played the piano and nobody rented
at all."?Harper's Bazar.
A Fine Investment.
Atlanta Constitution: Talking about
josslble damage to the fruit crop recalls
l little story.
A few years ago, during a severe
'spell" In April, a peach grower came to
own and said:
"I saw Icicles on my peach trees this
nornlng. I'll sell out the chances of the
vhole business for $25."
A citizen took him up on that proportion,
planked down the money and revived
a deed to that year's crop.
It was certainly bad business on the
>each grower's part, but lit? was "game"
urn ivuuium uuck uuu
That year tho man to whom he sold
ut realized $700 on his $25 Investment. I
3ut he and the peach grower were never
seen to shake hands afterward. They
lidn't get along well together.
How's This ?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Regard
for any case of Catarrh that canlot
be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
\ J. CHENEY & CO..Props.. Toledo. O.
We. the undersigned, have known F.
'. Cheney for the last 15 years, and be- I
leve him perfectly honorable In all buaness
transactions, and financially able
o carry out any obligation made by
heir llrm,
A*EST & TRUAX, Wholesale Druggists,
Toledo, onlo.
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo. Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken interlally.
acting directly upon theblood and
nucous surfaces of the system. Price,
f.c. per bottle. Sold by all druggists.
Testimonials free.
Hall's family Pills are the best.
ii Sleeping Car Service Introduced |
l>y tl?c Baltimore ^ Ohio Rnilrond.
Commencing Monday, February 13,
he Baltimore & Ohio railroad will inroduce
a new feature in its sleeping
ar service, between Baltimore and
Newark. Ohio, inaugurating what will
ie known as the "Ordinary" sleeping
ars, In addition to the regular standard
sleeping cars. One of these cars
.'ill be attached to Train N'o. 7, leaving
Jultlmore at 7:00 p. m. and arriving In
Cewark nt 10:22 a. m. next day, reurnlng
on Train N'o. S, leaving Newrk
nt S::'.0 p. m. and arriving In Baltilorc
at 32:53 p. m. next day.
The Baltimore & Ohio railroad If the
irst line to introduce this service in
he eastern territory for special ncotnmodatlon
of the traveling public,
n these "Ordinary" sleepers the Pulllan
rate Is reduccd one-half, so that
assengers have the choice of paving
he higher Pullman rate and occupying
tandard car or take advantage of the ,
heaper rate, and occupy the "Ordlnry"
sleepers. ]
These cars are new, have been es- :
eclally constructed for this service,
nd differ from the standard sleeping
ars only in being less elaborately furIshed.
The seats are upholstered In ratal,
and the sleeping berths, when made ;
p, have all the comforts and conveni
ncos of the Ptamlard cars. ,
Tickets will 1)0 on sale at regular
'ullman. (Icket oillces handling business
etween these cities.
'o Washington ? Very Low Hates.
Baltimore & Ohio ltailroad.
The Baltimore Ohio railroad has ,
nade arrangements for a series of pop
ilar mid-winter excursions to Wash- '
ngton, at $10.00 for the round trip, aiming
ten day limit on tickets Inclining
date of sale. These excursions will
K! run on February 21, March 2 and
iprll 13. 1S99. Tickets will be good gong
on regular trains of the above datos
.nd Rood to return on regular trains
."Ithln ton days, including (lute of sale.
Do not miss these splendid oportuniles
to visit the national capital during
he session of Congress. Call on T. c.
Jurke, passenger and ticket agent,
t. it O. railroad. Wheeling, for full lnormatlon.
Kellef In Six Hours.
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relieved In six hours by "Now
Iroat South American Kidney Cure, it
i a great surprise on account of Its ex- )
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male. Relieves retention of water allost
Immediately. If you want quick .
lief and cure this Is the remedy. Sold "
y 11. 11. List, druggist, Wheeling, W. I
tu tf&S i
?aec Curtain Sale.
Lace Curtain
THREE DAYS, Comm^aiTda
Irish Point,
Etc., Etc.
A large stock to sclcct from, ar
prices marked away down.
Stationery, Sloaht. 8te.
The Open Question, a Talo of Two
Temperaments, by C. E. Ralmond.
One volume, post S-vo 51
Prisoners of Hope, by Mary Johnston.
Cloth 51
Cannon and Camera. Son and Land
Uattlos of the Spanish-American
War In Cuba, Camp Life, and the Return
of the Soldiers, by John C.
Hemmont. Cloth 52
Sccond Thouphts of an Idle Fellow, by
Jerome K. Jerome. Cloth 51.
xaitie Tales 01 uupm, oy rauu i.eicester
Ford. Cloth 51
The Cuban and Porto Klcan Campaigns,
with 117 Illustrations from
Photographs, and with Four Maps.
12-mo. Cloth 51.
Little Minister, by Maude Adams.
Kdltlon beautifully bound in light
and dark binding 52
Llttlo Minister, In cloth 5
Little Minister, In paper 2
Discount to cash and large buyers.
Stanton's B0?0ld
Commercial-Gazette, Times. CI
clnnatl Enquirer and Eastern ni
Western Dailies delivered. WVek
Papers, Literary and Fashion Ma
azlnes, Cheap Books, Statlone;
and Gospel Hymns.
1414 Market Street.
^opbrhIho use*
Thursday, ! Matlncc
March 16. ( and Night.
ouiv^cn 1 inu
and his
Management of Leigh Lynch and
Charming .Ellery.
Italy's Greatest Band and the Best Bai
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Saturday. The Romantic Actor,
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xnd Taylor Can Burners a specialty. mr3
"yyiLLlAM llARE & SON,
Practical Plumbers, Gas and Steam Fitters
No. 53 Twelfth Street.
Work done promptly at reasonable prices
A full line of tho celebrated
I. l'tompt Complolloi) of Orders at thi
intelllsoncer Job .Vrlntlns.OClp.u
\Sitio jldocrlitcmenH. |
OAiopx"TOR SALB-noTil*W*jS I
n fllftft. Apply on pr?ml?M. DivUu H
S Meomw1"^- ' |r;
Jn c-nn recclVf fame by provltic pro;,-" K
?id paying tot- tills ad., nt Imelu^ H
offlcg- nut" r,M
rpo THE PUBLIC?You wlUuv^T I
1 that my wife, I- rederlcka zimey?. K
man, ha? left my house and deserted ?
bed and board without cau*e. l *\\\ * Eg
be responsible for or pay any debts or bllli ti
?ho may contract. gfi
Wheeling. V>*. Va.. March las. ^ m
Entire Wheat Flour, ' |
made by the Franklin Mills Co., {?
is the most nourishing Bread
Food in the world. For sale ?
y. H. F. BtHREiS C0."S. I.....GO
TO~ " |
LIST (or Toilet Articles.
LIST for Chamois Skins.
LIST for Sponges. [
LIST tor Prescriptions.
Colts Answered ond Goods Delivered. r,
We Are Always Bnsy
filling prescriptions. Why} |?l
.1 Because we Rive you tv. K?
cry thing fresh and PURE,
1 at a reduction of S) pj. ggj
' HI L GOETZH'S, jji
W. r Cor. Market anil Twclf'h
| streets, nnd pot \vhaty0n'. Ry$
' doctor prescribes. JKa
'd Wheeling Warehouse & Storage Co, '
Safe, Convenient Depository (or
Hounehuld Goods nnd
General Merchandise.
Unexcelled Railroad Facilities, 1||
. Transfer Wapons Will Call. El
0 'Pfione 310. 1BUM620 CtiopllneSt. f
Ralston's Health Flour. j;
JlnlHton's Health Fond Flour
.composed of whole wheat.., tap]
Also Craham Gluten Flour.
' 1117 Market Street. 1%
.50 Wheeling Railway Co.
West Virginia lllass Co. km
crystal Class Co.
Jiloch Titos. Tobacco Co.
Wheeling: Klectrlcal Co.
W "Wheeling Steel & Iron Co.
La Belle Iron Works.
-J Pea body Insuancc Co.
? Gro. U. Taylor Co.
Wheeiing Bridge Co.
Wheellm,-'. Stamping Co.
,50 Suburban Brick Co.
Q" Exchange Bank Uullcllng.
FOR SA! F . Main Street ~
rv;iV ( Business Property, .v;
The three-story business house 'y.
at 1223 and 1225 Main street. |1
n- This property will pay, and will 5
]y be offered for a few days at a <
k- very low figure.
Cottage at 71 Zane street; good yi
= G.O.'SMITH^^S''
? Higher Prices.
Everything in metals is going si
in price, but you can get the sis
low prices of us as before as Iq Wj?>
as our present large stock fast!, fe:
1210 Main Street. .
i Alfred PaulI{tX
All losses adjusted and paid
from this ofllcc
* Orient Ins.. Co.?Assets C,3!*yl ? $
* Merchants' Ins. Co.?Assets >m
Virginia State Ins. Co.?Assets....!
Willlamabuigh City Ins. Co.?A5y_#_
Georgia Home Ins. Co.?Assets....11,aijj jS|5
Phoenix Assurance Co.?Assets.... JJ.&' Syfi
' Security Ins. Co.?Assets I St9
Virginia Plre & Marine Ins. Co.
Assets J '*1 &vj
United States Casualty Co^As- 'jgj
.1 Fidelity and Deposit Co.?Assets.kjaj
- ^ Preferred Accident?Assets I gjS
Amit** ****&/ w?
- Savings ( = @<j?^ I
>. Bank.... Mm? 1
1521 I
AS A LENDER . . c.
of money to buy illltrkU Jl.
or build houses
from 30 to 40 Open Daily, 9 J. 5. ||
PC cent. 3 p. m.
than, any other. Mondav and SaO'
9 day Evenings.
.....NOTICE.. ^
The parents nnd guardians of
belonging to Ohio Valley l?ustnc-s
English Academy are hereby *j?u?oM y*i
| all money for tuition and books 'j ,7>.
' paid to the treasurer, at corner .Mwn?- ssg
Twelfth streets; that any money p?i - ?.&>
1. K. Moke for the purpose named
be re-collected hv the company Kg
it J. M. FKASHKR. g|
it Parents nnd guardians of ?t,[l.(?f.n}'.4!gi|
y Ohio Valley Ruslness and Ikt)
s emy are hereby notified that all fcW
r will be completed In their cour-eF Eg
at contract price without repani " ,-Kjj?
retired. and that there will l>e no ^
_ charge for books and blanks. , fffi
D J. M. FKASJIEK. rnsM-iThe
public Is hereby notitjwj JgJ ?H
- courses of Instruction are belnp {< . ^.ga
tho most practical up-to-date plans r(.fe
_ to the business world, and \\c roy ^ns
snectfuilv romiest a continuance
Patronage. : kb
. J- M. FliASHEK. l'ro.-l.koH Uj. |p
-t /-/. .Vfitvui
At'uao or othur I.i.'Kixf '?v 1 . '!
ftratlo:i?. rA*j/ oiiM/v ""*1 KS
fwtoro Lov. VitaiitT ! : old or jcW~ KB
iltam?iifnr?tci!'. ht'.Atac** or nuTi?"i Kn><
l'io??nt JntoiiHy r.a 1 ConronpUc* " Eg
TMr??? ?hnm u-'Ktdltte jap*. MSb
won, nnd rfTcc-n n CtIXE ?hcto <11 o'.fcrr Id ? RjW
iWiwJ. ....I -illmrw |1
rn.h u wnt?>? t.?flffoct o euro Cfl rTC E
- r"f"n'1 ,hf nwnrj. rnreWVly'v, f
rl 11fVi ?r,"lx l*cc" <fu1! tmtmoDti fsr f3? ? E?
' li, lnr/ J1.*;nt.'fr- nI?n wiruljrifj; Kg
. " A.!A\- f'BAlKOVCO., M
For ml? In WlioplltiK. W. Vn.,? R*
nriiK l-,1. (.Mts-U- J;;
Amateur Photographers. |
Mull Orders Sollrtti'JW.
C. BROWN, 1222 M.irk?tS; |j
. \ 1.1. kinds'or ri.Aix asi;;;^1- e|
; :J\. Printing. An ontiro now.'"?? KB
'j pltk of ?nll Programme*, '1lc,J,,fniceo*'4f ftrt
9 vtl;lt(ons nt u/l prices ?i thi>Jnic'-? my
Job Printing Ofllcc. I

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