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Seo. S. Stifc! & Co. I Sco. 8. Sllfel & Co.
1154,1156,1158,1160 Main Street.
? y
A Special Sale of rflDTAIWC
Chenille Portiere LllKl Alllj
a^"" ^ Pr'ce
In this sale \vc will includc our entire stock o
Chenille Portieres, solid colors, satin stripe, orienta
and floral dado borders, all double fringed, full length
weight and width, SOLD SINGLE- OR IN PAIRS
Curtains worth $2.48 a pair, now 31c piece.
Curtains worth $3.98 a pair, now 50c piece.
Curtains worth $7.00 a pair, now 87c piece.
fiirfflinc wnWh CO AH o if tiaiir ei \t ?5a/?a
vuiiumo tt 111 in v7?vu a pan, iiuw tjji.ib piwuw.
Curtains worth $12.50 a pair, now $1.56 piece.
The-above only demonstrates a few of the prices
also how cheap they are.
Lace Curtains
Odd lots of i,2, 3, 4, 5 of a kind
left from our big curtain sale of a month ago, al
Geo. E. Stifel .& Co.
?). bundling <0 Co. | JD. bundling ? Co.
p-jfr Can't
Lose Them.
jgS^X T'le army beef and Dreyfu:
(I )c\? V<?0* \ cases are continually before
\ VS)/T U-v-r the public' so ARE WE
(t \!< /Ylr difference being that yoi
\i . I) do not want to lose us. We
^ JA A are offering now a complete
' line of Spring Overcoats a
the most popular prices, gotten up in the most effective
styles, prices ranging from 57.50 to $18.00.
Ton fnflfc regular lengths, with or without siik linings
r They are swell affairs and built on cleve;
lines?have a fashion and chic that individualizes then
frr\m thp nrHinsru nvprrnatQ cnlH plcpu/hprp Thow ronnrv
"VIII mw vui IMI j yy ? ?? ? *wi w, kii\~y wailllU
be matched.
j 1
STAR CLOTHIERS. 31 and 36 Twelfth St
9co. 51. [jaylor Co. I 9c o. 51. day lor Co.
Ladies' Suits. Half Price.
To make room ror new spring goods now arriving,
we have MARKED "DOWN all the
Suits now on hand to
Just One-Half of iRegyfar Price.
These suits are all fine, ranging in price from
$21.00 to $46.00, and you get them at just
^ & j- OUR NEW c* u* jt
Ribbons, Wash Goods,
r- o:11 milii. r? . i
rancy smks, vvnue uoocis,
Wool Suitings, Embroideries,
Crepons, Laces,
jt u* JA JUST RECEIVED. ** j,
The McLurc House Will I.ikcly
l'ass Into the Hands o!
To-day, n Deal to thai Effect now Be*
fug in Process or Consummation.
Tliey Will Make Extensive Improvements,
Including the Adding of Another
Story?Architects "Working on
Plans or the Improvements.
The McLure House will probably
r change hands to-day, Thompson &
Brown retiring from the management
In favor of Messrs. Harry, W. and BerInie
S. McLure, who are the owners of
the building. The lease on the building
held by the present proprietors does not
expire until Augustl, 1S99, but if the
deal goes through the lease will be can
celled to take effect at^once.
The negotiations were in progress
yesterday, but the deal was not consummated,
owing to certain formalities
to be gone through with by Thompson
& Drown, which had not been entirely
completed last night, Including the settlement
of all outstanding claims held
against the hotel. A number of those
r claims were settled yesterday, and the
few remaining will be settled to-day, afJ
ter which it Is likely the McLures will
acquire the hotel again.
The Messrs. McLure Intend to make
' extensive improvements to the building.
An additional story is contemplated,
which will give thirty-four additional
rooms, including several very largo and
well lighted sample rooms of which
there is a scarcity now. The exterior Is
to be remodeled and when the Improvements
along this line are completed the
outside of the hotel will have an entirely
different appearance?In fact it will
have the appearance of a madern structure.
A feature will be several bay
windows on the top floor and a mansard
They also expect to make fully as extensive
Improvements on the hotel's In
I terlor. All the modern conveniences
are to be introduced, and the standard
of the hotel will be as high as Wheeling
can afford. The rates will likely be
from ?2 to $3 50 a day.
The plans for the improvements are
being completed this week by Messrs.
Franzbeim, Giesey & Farls, and just ns
soon as the deal for the transfer of the
hotel is consummated work on the improvements
will begin.
The reappearance of the Messrs. McLure
as hotel proprietors will be hailed
with satisfaction by the traveling pubj;
lie, with whom they have always stood
in high esteem. Th<*y intend to
merit generous patronage by a high
standard of service.
Yesterday, it is learned, the present
proprlet6rs of the hotel notiiied the
boarders that they would close the establishment
this evening, and It Is understood
the hotel will remain closed
until the McLures have made the extensive
improvements outlined above.
: The Statler billiard rooms in the hotel
will be closed, and the tables, are to be
. moved to the Musee building, where the
business will be continued until the
hotel is reopened.
Made in Bclialf of Benighted Lands
by Archdeacon Brady, of Philadelphia?A
Duly to Care For the Less
Fortunate ? The Anglo-Saxon's Su
pre inn cy.
* An eloquent and forceful sermon, Indirectly
appealing for missionary sup'
port, was made at St. Matthew's P. E.
J church last night, by Rev. Cyrus Townsend
Brady, D. D., archdeacon of Penn
sylvanla, and was heard by a large cona
gregatlon. Dr. Brady preached in
Wheeling a year ago. and the favorable
t Impression made then was repeated
i last night.
After emphasizing tho fact that each
one of his hearers was but an infinitesimal
atom of the whole that goes to
make up society and humanity, and in
* illustration of which he used many
r scholarly and effective illustrations. Dr.
Brady urged the necessity and the duty
j of each man and woman to assist their
less fortunate brothers and sisters. Me
\ used the word society In its broadest
sense, and not In a narrow, fashionable
sense, lie believed his hearers represented
the wealth, culture and refinement
of the community in a large
measure, but they still remained the
sons of men, just a part of humanity,
and they should not draw aside from
the poor or the Hlnnlng; they should
rather share the blessings they enjoy
with the needy, and deal gently with
the erring.
The various strata of society were
merged and blended, a mass of moving
atoms, with a distinct tie from the top
* to the bottom, yet hard to define where
' the one stratum began and where another
left off. The human binding tie
was real and natural. It was conceded
that the Anglo-Saxon was supreme
over all other races, and that America
was the favored nation: and
possibly the congregation the speaker
addressed was composed of citizens
' endowed more fortunately than their
neighbors. Dr. Brady ascribed the advantages
of the Anglo-Saxon race over
the Continental races because It sought
to develop th?? Individual at the expense
of tho state, Instead of the state at the
expense of the religion. The Protestant
\ religion was the primary cause for this
In his concluding remarks. Dr. Brady
argued that the sense of individual responsibility
accounted for the success
of the individual, and the nearer to divine
laws civil laws were based, and
mi luuoweu oy tne great mass ot people,
In such gradation they advanced.
The spirit of Christianity was the secret
of Anglo-Saxon supremacy. The Protestant
religion sought to develop character.
This religion gave to Americans
1 their racial, national, social, moral and
Individual pre-eminence. And it Is the
duty of the American people, was the
speaker's concluding thought, to spread
Christianity and civilization based on
It to countries In such need. A man's
salvation depended on his Interest In
behalf of the rest of humanity.
I HAVE been aflllctcd with rheumatism
for fourteen years, and nothing
seemed to give me any relief. I was able
to be around all the time, but constantly
suffering. I had tried everything I
could hear of, and at last was told to
try Chamberlain's I'aln Balm, which I
did, and was Immediately relieved and
In a short time cured. I am happy to
say that It has not since returned.?
Josh Edgar, Gcrmanlown, Cal. For sale
by drugglHts.
Hough Dry Washed. Starched nnd
Dvod JJ contw por pound.
Flat Work, Washed and Ironed, ft
renin nor i>ound.
All hand work finished 10 centw por
pound. At I.VT7. llHOS\
) | . mill a! llomo yteurn Laundry.
The Movement to Limit tlic Actlvit
of the State Legislature.
There Is a movement on foot to re
strict the sessions of the assembly t
one In two years. "It would be a goo
thing," said a citizen well known 1
this town for his Interest In public a!
fairs. "We have too many laws? Jus
as we have too many medicines. I ar
In favor of destroying about half th
law books and two-thirds of the medl
clnes. There area few medicinal prepar
atlons we could not well get along with
out, and among them I class Duffy'
Pure Malt Whisky, f have used It wit
gratifying result when my nervou
system has been exhausted by long
continued mental application, when
had no desire for food and sound slee
was Impossible."
"I found that Duffy's Pure Mai
gave tone to the nerve centers, an
was at once a soother and a strengt
A household remedy and so ncknowl
edged throughout the land. It has pre
vented a vast amount of sickness, and i
the only medicinal whisky ocknowl
edged and taxed by the government.
Just a word of caution. When yo1
order of your druggist be sure that yoi
got'th" genuine Duffy's. Substitutes s
frequently offered are worse than use
Events in ontl About tlic City Given ii
Grand to-night?Daniel R. Ryan'i
Several council committees are scheduled
to meet this evening.
Thin evening the King's Daughters ol
the Thomson M. E. church will give s
supper and social, which Is as certain
of success, as all functions at this
church usually are.
Wednesday night, at the Howell Hotel.
Miss Odle LIngaman entertained
her friends handsomely. The occaslor
was the anniversary of her birth. Ar
elaborate luncheon was served.
Henry Grimm, whose arrest for the
theft of shoes was chronicled yesterday,
was committed to Jail for ten days
yesterday, by Squire Greer, in default
of payment of the line Imposed.
Rev. B. M. Young, of Little Washington,
will be the visiting minister at tonight's
Lenten services at St. Luke's P
E. church. Island. His address will bi
on the subject, "The Church's Creeds.'
Wheeling lodge No. 2S, 13. P. O. E?
will Initiate a large class of candidates
for the antlers on the afternoon ol
Wednesday. March 21'. There will b(
between llfteen and twenty candidates.
The Epworth League chapter ol
Zane street M. E. church gave a successful
social last night, at the Odd Fellows'
hall.. Supper was served by th?
young ladles from .> to 8 o'clock, and H
was well patronized.
Chief Clemans.last night arrestee
William Wallker, colored, for selling
Honor u-lfhrm* ?
. -v .. ..v-vw.-xj iii. iuu oh;
Hunke place, on Water stret. Foui
charges were preferred against Walker
and he will face Mayor Sweeney this
The council committees on healtl
and police are called to meet at 7:31
o'clock this evening. The ordinance
committee was scheduled to meet with
the health committee, to consider the
garbage contract submitted by the United
States Fertilizer Company, but th<
meeting has been postponed.
The Impression has become genera
that the board of directors of the West
Virginia Humane Society, an appropriation
in support of which was passed
by the legislature at its late session
will receive remuneration/or their services.
This is a mistake, and the ladles
who were foremost in securing the appropriation
did not desire any remuneration.
Dennis Dalle, who died at the Haskins
hospital on Wednesday, was ar
employe of the Hartman Oil Companj
at Mannington, for some time past, an<:
was liked by all who knew him. Hi
was a young man of excellent character,
and will be sadly missed by his
many friends. Mr. Dalle's remains
will be taken to Qlean, X. Y., for inI!
H ^
<> *cr.?r.z> to
i ?i
5? Featherstone,
JC Lady's or
O Gent's,
it 528.75. j*.
|| Diamond
Iy slightly used
> Second Hand >{gv/
\ Wheels, cv'Q&si
I $15.98. $p
Our Wta
<> are favorites with e\
55?? l,, i,
CO icjJdii man?11c nab Hi
?>: they for him.
?< : TTfv . if you sh
5>|s iJ> -a we'll pay
?>> ^ a | S | chased tl
l\l llPMll 1. 1900:
s>|<; mind you
The Rest, Sir
|*|>> Most Accural'
>|\ Wheels in Ai
>v: Money.
fkV-P s- vvmvwvvjvvvv?'vvvw
SCraut Siros. i
y o
0 ' A '
1 """ ^ j
S 11 lS K
0 I I /VWtt. c >
1 \ I ** o
1 "" s=
1 torment, and will bo acompanled by his
1 Ave brothers, Eugene, Michael, John,
Thomas, and James, leaving here at
i 5:25 a m. to-day.
The employes of both opera houses
* were organized last evening by Organizer
Salisbury into a local union of .the
Theatrical Mechanics' Association.
. All the olflcers and delegates to the
Trades Assembly were elected. The
now linlnn fn ho ornrinnun/1 i?f om.
? ployes of over-the-river as well as (
Wheeling theatre workers. Regular
meetings are to be held on Sunday eve;
Prof. George Delbrugge's juvenile J
? dancing class will give a reception at t
. Arion Hall this evening. The pro- *
gramme includes fancy dances and a
? cake walk. Seventeen couples of child|
ren, ranging from four to fourteen ]
| years of age, will compete in the cake
j walk, the best individual walker of ]
which will get a gold medal, presented
by Prof. Delbrugge. Misses Emma
Fitzgerald and Elsie Weisgerber will
dance cotillion solos.
j The Woman's Musical Concert Riven :
Inst evening in the A. O. U. W. Temple,
i was an exceptionally fine one. the pro- .
) gramme beinp made-up of the beauties .
: of the masters, Beethoven, Chopin,
i Gottschalk, Abt, Xeedh&ni, Kucken. *
? Root, Gilchrist and Goldburg. The per
formers, from among the best known
i in the club membership, acquitted
themselves in accordance with est repuI
Aside from the ensemble work of the ,
. choral club and semi-chorus, the num- i
1 bers were in the keeping of Mrs. Nellie ,
Warren Holloway, Miss Annie V. Sage,
Mrs. H. W. Ewalt, Mrs. Charles O.
5 Roemer and Mrs. E. M. Holiiday,
pianists; Miss Alice Egerter, Mrs. Nellie
Egerter Paris, Miss Eva Egerter and ,
Miss Eleanor Vardy. sopranos; Miss '
. Margaret Harvey. Mrs. R. M: Archer
i and Miss Amanda. Spell, contraltos.
' An Interesting Rumor.
Aeeorrtinp- t.l Pnlnnal IJcoronv oil I
; I of the land owned by Mr. Anton Rey!
mann, extending from the hill back of t
1 the brewery to the county infirmary, *
*W vWWWWWVV\tW>/tWwVw </W
yv lIWWIu
for any kind of sen
Those sold by House
jlUag}/' safest to buy.
sels T)
'erybody except the
o use for them, nor //l\\
iould be so unfortunate as to m<
the hospital bill for the bicycle,
ie wheel of us. This guarantee
Free repairs on both New and S
i, until Jan. 1, 1900
(ingest, Lightest, (?) Come in and allow
ely Constructed demonstrate the
II1W11WU IUI lliu 4i\
S\ H
; a licit I
Diraut Sires.
You Seen
that magnificent lJno of new
rro oca nhowlng. You aro missing a treat
If you don't com? In and look at them,
oven If you havo no deslro to purchase.
Wo havo all tho newest things of tho
oeason In TOP COATS, both In fabrics
and shades. Wo havo tho Oxford, Light
Gray and Tan llerrlnRbono Weaves,
which aro tho latest shades and matorials,
and our prices aro right, ranging
from 8 to 20 dollars. You Hhould seo our
leader, an All Wool Tan Covert Cloth,
lined throughout with guaranteed satin.
Price, $10.00 for this handsomo garment*
Our line of
aro about all In, and they comprise at)'
tho novelties of tho season.
Kraos Bros?r
Wheeling's Foremost Clothiers,
Strictly One Prlcc. . 1319 Market St* <
ins been leased to oil speculators, who
jropose putting down a test well within
he near future. A well sunk for gas at
he Centfral glass house failed of Ita
lurpose and was plugged, but oil haa
?me from It in small quantities daily, a
ind its proximity to Reymann hill may,
lave something to do with Colonel
Hearsay's rumors, which are current in> 4
he East End. Well posted oil men say, ,
Dhlo county does n<?t lay in tho magid
:lrcle of oil production.
A WHEELMAN'S tool bag Isn't com>letc
without a bottle of Dr. Thomas'
Sclectrlc Oil. Heals cuts, bruise^ \
stings, pains. Monarch over pain. 2
DANG?On Tuesday. March 7, 1SW, at 1 K..
m.. MAX M. LANG, in his 29th year, \
funeral services at his mother's residence, .
No. ICS Wood street, Thursday morn- '
ing at B o'clock. Mass, at St. Joseph'a
Cathedral at 9:30 o'clock. Friends ofi
the family respectfully Invited to attend.
Interment at Greenwood cemetery.
Louis Bertschy,
1117 Main St.?"West Sldo.
Calls by Telephone Answered Day or
vJIght. Store Telephone Coy.^ Residence,
jjj. Assl3finl'rf Telephone. tl'5.
Alexander Frew,
Under Competent Management.
Telephones?Store, 229; Residence, "30.
SRUEMillER f Funeral Directors
j. | and Embalmcrs.
^ "\ Cor. Market and 22d 5ts.
/ice the year round, ill:
& Herrmann are the
High J|f
5^ Grade ||
//\K 'n every Jw>
respect $><c
mo*' ?^er ||||
set with an accident,
providing you our- >$
holds good until Jan. K
nuiiva vriiCCDt ^?
ail expert (n <>
good points. |>
?1 j

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