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r-'-t*-. ' ' ' 1
Stone*# ? nomas. I Stone & Chomas
Stone & Thomas.
if Ir
i i i i n !! 11 it,
,1... .f. ? T * o 4 n on t
f: I ' M M i! ?'
' i It U H ii !! ! !: :!:
t t { {J j i 8j
. , 'lo "
;i: Our Annual fi.
;;;; <k> ct
if Lace Curtain ?
\ X < H >
:I ...and... '
i! Wall Pa nipr i h
AA Y ? It Mgj/Vil XX'
f: Remnant Sale H *
V . . s
| Takes Place To-day. | j
111! i!! 1!' I i I'
I i! I i i n !!!! I
LuiiiJJjilli |
Stone & Thomas.1
Seo. Sfi. Snook <{ Co. | Sco. Sfi. Snook <{ Co.
Snook & Co.
" i
Bave Sold lore ;
Silks and Dress Goods i
during the past three weeks than we thought it possible to i
sell in such a limited time. Tme, we have LARGE stocks [
and MODEST priccs, and these make the selling of great
quantities a NECESSITY. Read further, you may want
some of these:
Waist Silks- ?0Fj0re(j press g00(js
pure and simple?consisting of
styles, weaves and colors which stock we present to your notice '
were specially designed, dyed ^"s sP~'ng represents a combi- l
and woven for THIS PUR- nation of GOOD TASTE and
for other purposes, but are 'nK t0? choice?nothing too ,
pre-eminently suited for waists. ' nc f?r our patrons. Can suit i
Styles by the hundred at any >'ou at an>' price you choose to
price. ' pay, whether it's 25o or $4.00
vntvl ?
Senechal Black Goods
is the name of a lustrous new 1 also have a very strong followhlack
silk of medium weight. | ing, particularly CREPONS.
i\Veavc?similar to Gros <lc | One never seems to tire of this
- ' Londre. Finish?similar to sat- ' weave, so prolific in diverseness.
i ?( .u:, ! Ti>. - r-u,:? t ?t
ill LiUAUil OIVIV.O tJi una I| 41 . > a i.uii iv. wiiiLil V\ L tl? s UCyUlHl
silk are finished alike. Prices in ji expectations and always looks
easy buying range. ;! dressy. Mohair, Wool, Silk and <
Silks here for every purpose. |j combinations of these in both
Every new kind of Trimming. : light and medium weight. 48o
Narrow Ruffling Ribbons. j| to ?4,S0 yard.
Ready=to=Wear Department, i I
It takes time to perfect anything new?even a new style.
That's why the first products are generally faulty?lack this J
or that detail. For this reason, find it's to our advantage to 3
wait until the experimental stages have been safely passed. ,
'That time has arrived and we now take pleasure in announcing
the receipt of a goodly portion of our UP-TO-DATE (
Suits, Tackcts, Children's Reefers, Skirts, Waists, Petticoats,
etc. Better examples of fine tailoring nowhere.
New line of long French Net Ties in Ivory and Butter, ;
Sooa Sfioct. t
&50 * .
tf\t I ^ntl1 Saturday
lU! oooB night all heavy D
it a jm weights in "The
il Ah Wheeling$3.50 F
r" Ttt/ Sltniv" will he.
ood Shoes. 1049 Main. ?
- M
Oiicoirs Jlrt Store. a
A fresh supply of tho following woll
nown "Unlversalo" specialties Just reel
ve<l: re
ACID, . v til
Every user of these preparations In a n?
itlsfled customer. Have you tried them? ho
1231 Market Street. J.
nol-mw&f IV
EBhc.3nttU\jic?rrr .
Ofllco: S5 nnd 27Fourteenth Stroet. 30
? th
New Advertisements.
For sale?Howard Hazlett. . til
Saloon for sale. in
For SaU^-G. 0. Smith. lo
Entire Wheat Flour?H. F. Behrens Co. m
Our Annual Lace Curtain and Wall ti,
'apcr Remnant Sale?Stone & Thomas?
SlBhth Purc. 111
A Special Salo of Chenille Portiere Curalns?Geo.
E. Stlfel & Co.-Flfth PnRe.
Can't Seo Them?D. Gundllng & Co.?
fifth Page.
Flno Huts?McFadden's?Second Page. H
Go To?List's. _
w e Are uuny? uoetze.
Balaton Health Flour. ..
Higher Prlce.s?Geo. W. Johnson's Sons.
Alfred Paull?General Agent for West st
i'lrglnla. ?..
Wheels ? House and Herrmann ? Fifth
?age. a<
"We hftvo now on exhibit one of tho b
argest and best solected stocks of lino r?
allorlug at popular prices In tho city, .
>Vo have added to ourouttlug depart- JJ
f. Ed. Dornor. one or tho most lush Ion- O
tblo cutters oast.
Tho artistic cut, stylish appearance d
ind excellency In make-up of our gar- v
nontswlll speak for themselves. *
Always tho newest In tine furnishugs.
C. IIESS ite -SONS. tl
fashionable Tailors and Fine Furnish- u
ers, lUtil and lJJii.l Market Street. r,
o . 2*
20,000. y"
Wo have fitted more than twenty rt
honsaml pairs of Spectacles, giving us c<
i record and cxperfeuce unequalled by ,
iny other optician In "West Virginia.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
. u--v^v/i> v> . vmujiut optHMun* ic
No. i:iOH Market Street.
o tl
Accl'dent nt Rim Grove. ,r
A mule at the Elm Grove coal mine w
lad a bad fall yesterday. The mule v
ivas being hoisted up the shaft, and tl
vhen thirty-live feet high his mule- 01
jhlp slipped back over the cage, and a;
'ell to the bottom. A coal bank mule
s pretty hard to kill, consequently this ti
particular specimen was not dead when
ricked up, but Its Injuries were of such 01
i nature that a few well'directed bulets
did the rest last night. Jr
President Raymond's Lecture. IV
President Jerome T. Raymond, of the
West Virginia university, who was
compelled by pressing engagements to j
cancel his lecture date in this city several
weeks ago, will positively be in the
:ity to-day and will deliever his lecture p
)n "Thomas Carlyle nnd Paternalism" tl
it the High school hall this evening. .
['resident Raymond Is an instructive
and entertaining talker and will no Sl
loubt be greeted by a large audience, p
Tliet public is cordially invited. jr
Colored Immunes Return. eThe
Wheeling members of the Eighth
immunes, a colored regiment, for which n
i company was recruited In this state, u
returned home from Georirin. venter- 01
lay, after being mustered out a few ?
lays ago. All looked well, and report 1,1
in enjoyable experience of army life. sj
[)ne of the best known members Is ^
3uc:k Tyler, who made a good-record, 1
tnd in fact, all the boys upheld Wheel- '*
ng's* honor in the service. Among the
iVheelingites who returned were Buck
Cyler, Charles Ilaymond, SI Pryor and {l
Fred Murray. 01
In Clerk Robertson's Ofllcc.^ 0
Yesterday in Clerk Robertson's of- ^
lice the following transfers of real es- ei
tate were recorded: si
Deed made January 2S, 1809, by Greenivood
cemetery to Marie Wendel, con- C1
dderatlon $47 50, transfers east half of it
ot G7, Greenwood cemetery.
Deed made March 4, 1899, by Nelson A.
>Joble and wife to Ella L. Hubbard, consideration
S"*.QOO, transfers part of lot d
> in C. L. Zane'H addition. li
Marriage licenses were Issued to the n
following: fi
Alfred Plues, 23, and Blanche Speldel, ti
IS, of Wheeling. s<
William H. Ice, 21, and Sophia A. Lit- ?
1e, 24, of Wheeling. tl
. . n
jolnj; niul Coining or Wheeling <1
People and Visitors. v
n. M. Fox, Fairmont, Is a Windsor "
H. C. Kraft, of Slstersvllle, Is at tlxe "
Thomnn Green, of Mannlngton, In In
ne clly, having been called lied; by 'I
llf? death nf Tlonnlo Tinllt.>
It. E. L. Snodgrusn, wife and daughter,
and Miss Bertha Mangold were I1
Mew Martinsville people at the Howell _
yesterday. ?
Mr. R. C. Campbell, of Denver, Colo.,
vho came here to attend the funeral of
ita grandfather, Richard Crawford, left
rcBterday afternon for his home.
Squire Fltzpatrlck returned from
3clo yesterday. Ho has branched out ^
n the laundry business in the oil town, ^
ind he will doubtless get a large share
)f the trade from his two competitors, \\
.1. W. Lazear registered from an up- PJ
o-date West Virginia town last night, ^
it the Stamrn, so far as modern phrases tl
;o. Ho registered from Next?to j;et tl
o which would be dllllcult, considering si
he muddy roads.
C> ol
Dr. null's Cough Syrup Is flic tl
itandard remedy for throat and lung
roubles. It Is ji speclllo for grippe and fl
uronchltls. .
NVOMISN love a clear, healthy com- f
[ilexlon. Pure blood makes It. 13urloclc
Ulood Bltterii makes pure blood. 1
vet the River AVill be Filled by
Appointments Shortly.
or the Bridgeport Postofllcc,. and |
Messrs. Hllles at Bariicsville, Car-1
roll at St. Clalrsvillc and Edwarils I
at Toronto aro the Other Successful j
Ones, all of Them Receiving Mr. J
Pan ford's KccomnionHatlon.
Congressman Danford has settled the
istofllce contests In the over-thc-rlver
strict by recommending Judge C. W.
irroll, un old soldier and comrade, of
e captain, as postmaster at St. Clalrstle.
At Barnesvllle, Samuel Hllles, another
d soldier, was recommended, and It
ems that at that place Mr. Hllles and
r. Thomas G. Moore, jr., who was also
candidate, came to an amicable tin rstanding
on their own account and
at the latter will remain In the office.
At Bridgeport, Dr. A. J. Hclnleln was
commended as the representative of
e young and active Republicans over
ere. There was quite a contest for
Is place and It Is understood among
e friends of the congressman that he
mid have been quite well satisfied to
ive rewarded all oC the applicants
id there been opportunity to so do.
Captain Danford also recommended
1111am Edwards, a hustling young
spubllcan at Toronto, for the ofllce at
at place.
These recommendations were made
r the congressman just before he and
a daughter hied themselves to the
ashore for rest and recuperation, and
e word from them yesterday was that
? Is better than ho has been at any'
me tills year. H oxpects to return
1 "Washington the latter part of this
onth and look after some matters in
,e department delayed on account of
s; ill health.
cnry Belmont "Came not," and his
"Whereabouts are Unknown.
At yesterdays' session of the Ohio
>unty criminal court the case of the
;ate against Henry Belmont, said to
? a reputable citizen of Montreal, Can- ,
da, who Is charged with the theft of
bolt of cloth from C. Hess & Sons,
ime up, but Belmont came not when j
Is name was called and his whereaouts
are unknown. He waB recently
leased from custody upon giving bond
t the sum of 5200, with Attorney Sam
. Boyce as surety.
In the case of the state vs. Edward
arby there was a plea of guilty on the
o. 1 felony indictment, and the court
jntenced the boy to Incarceration In
le state reform school at Pruntytown
ntll he reaches his majority. He will
:-ach the age of sixteen years on the
1/1 nt nnvf U V.- -..Ill
pars at the reform school, unless he is
(leased sooner through a record of good
induct. The No. 2 Indictment remains
i the docket.
Fred Meyer and Tom Cassidy were reased
from custody.
State vs. Walker Tutt; demurrer of
le defense overruled and the case relanded
for trial on March 13. There
as a plea of not guilty. I
State vs. George Phllabaum and state
s. William Phllabaum; demurrer by
ho defense sustained as to the first
ount and overruled as to the second
aunt. There was a plea of not guilty
nd trial set for March 17.
State vs. H. E. Bachmann; set for
lal March in.
A capias was issued for Joe Tregola
n the sheriff of Wood county.
State vs. Angle Strong; set for hearjg
March IS.
State vs. Fickerson; set for hearing
[arch 13.
clophono Company's General Ofllccs
and Pay Station Moveil.
The Central District Telephone comany
has moved its general otUc.es and
lie pay station to the new telephone
ulluing at 1C01 Chapllne street. Per3ns
desiring to use the long-distance
hones will now call at the new buildig.
Superintendent Wolff says the local
nchange will not be located in the new
ulldlng before April.
The Improvements the company Is
ow malting in the Wheeling district
ill not be completed before the flrst J
C May. The Standard Cable company,
f Pittsburgh, now has a lorce of one I
undred men at work on the laying and ;
jilting of new cables. Altogether 8,000
> 10,000 feet of cable will be laid.
Che entire first Uoor of the new bulldig,
which Is beyond doubt of the most I
lorough construction in this city, will
e occupied by the company's otllces,
ml the local exchange will be located 1
i the second floor.
Beginning probably May 1 the users
f the metallc circuit or long-distance
hones will be favored with an Improvement
that will doubtless meet with genral
appreciation. I.t will not be necesiry
then to ring up "Central." All
int Is necessary Is to lift the receiver
*om Its place. This completes the clrjlt
and "Central" rcsnnndw to the nntn.
latlc call.
A 11 lire Opportunity.
There are many weak men almost In
espnir over their condition. Tlicy
ave tried numerous remedies without
ny benellt and now they look to the
iture without hope. But they should
ike courage. An opportunity Is preMitcd
to them of obtaining: advice and
pslstance of the greatest specialist In
:\e country In the diseases that cause
cakness In men. Dr. Greene, .ir> "West
'ourtcenth street. New York city, the
lost successful physician in curing
Iseases, can be consulted by letter, free,
k'rlte to him, telling him all about your
me and he will give you the advice that
rill make you well. It will cost you
Hough Dry "WnHliod. Stnroliod and
?ved u oonts per pound.
Flut "Work, "Washed and Ironed. 5
em* iior iuiuno.
All niiiul work Unlnbofl lO oonta por
ound. At JAJTZ DUOS'.
ruUiif Homo Steam l?aundry?
.Second Sight..
When you feel Hint you have tried overv- .
liltiK and everyone, consult us. A dully
ccurrenco Is the surprlso shown by the
enellted patients ut our olllce. j
Do you have headache? Da your eyes
ater? Do they smart or burn? Door the I
rlnt run together when rending? Fool as i
scum before th? eyes? Do things appear I
atibto or mixed up? Have a desire to rub
to eyes? Twitching? Does the light pain |
?em? For any trouble of your eyes eon- i
nit us. During this month we devote
lueh time to children's eyes. Wo make
hisses at popular prices (ono reason for I
ir popularity)?malte a careful examlnaon
free of charge. The best proof of our
iccess Is the number ot recommendations
om our old patients.
ROF. H. mi fflsar
Cor. Main und Eleventh Streets*
Uhe Stub Clothiert.
Like the F
Of a Flow
Gradually the spring
little. The departments
nc ctp.irlilv nil that rcmair
No danger of us putting
before you next year. \\
did before?so every thin
know the sacrifices we m;
the satisfaction it is to yo
new Spring Novelty Suit:
new. Spring Suits for
new Spring Effects in Me
to have you drop in and
! -*"> tl/MTAlflOf fl-> O 4" Attll
the store is a spring store
have now. It is enough
answer all such calls.
The Hub Corner, Fourteenth am
Son. Fleming & Son.
i -f
I We also, at all times,
S of wines (Imported or (
| gins and liquors of all kir
> Apple Blossom "Whiskey,
> Violet Whiskey,
? Chestnut Whiskey
c Finch, 5 year . . $
y Gibson, 5 year . .
? Guckcnheitner, 5 year
> Overholt, 5 year , .
> Pinch, 10 year :
^ Gibson, 10 year ? .
| To get an accurate ide
| our low prices, send at <
| Orders of $10 or over sf
| guaranteed full quantity
< Wholesale an<j
< 410, 412 MARKET ST.,
Jlockc Shoe Company.
Save, and 1
$5.00 quality Stacy Adams & Co.'s
Lined Shoes, correct shapes anc
$3.00 and $3.50 qualities Men's B<
and Leather Lined Shoes all go
$2.50 and $2.75 qualities Men's Bi
3 soles and leather lined, a big
A general clean u
Shoes at prices that
J, H. Locke
Che Dint ion at 8xcl
X. VAKCE....?...-. President. |
JOHN FllEW, ~YIeo President. 1
The National
#*00,000. ur W
.? * uiivui *joim wn
Johnl'rtyw, "WHllftni
G. K. Stilttl, J. M. llr
Business entrusted to our care wll
Sas Stoves.
Are You Interested in
Gas Stoves;
If so, call and examine the
I Gas Ranges... 1
HANDSOME in design and finish.
i-.L-ursuiNKjAL in use of fuel.
CONVENIENT in every nppointnicn
EFFICIENT in operation.
For linking (he Puritan is Uncquallei
JhUh mVainj,
^ Fresh Milk la Sc per quar
"Skim" Milk Is 4o pur quart. If you wai
tc milk, buy accordingly and do your o\v
mixing. Wo well It 8THAIQ1IT.
'Phono 317? 2C10 Market S
| Ufic Stub Clothlere, f|
'etals I
er...... i
season is opening little by I
are getting into shape, and 1
is of winter is passing out 1
any of this season's goods 1
re are cleaning up clean?w* I
g spring-like is new. You
xkc to insure it. You know
u that it is so. Hundreds of
; for Children. Hundreds of
Big Boys. Hundreds of
n's Suits and Shirts. Glad
see them. You will find
f we are showing. To-day
for all the spring wants you j?
. of a winter store yet to 1
r 1 Clothiers, Hatters 1
Ld O 3 ant' Furnishers,
] Market Streets, Wheeling, W. Va.
i $o*. Fleming & Son.
supply the greatest selection ; jl
California), brandies, rums, ; '11
ids?we quote a few prices: ; >|g
50c qt.; doz. $5.00; Gal. $1.50 ^ !' , Rj
<J5o " *4 7.00; 41 2.00 , ' j
75c " 44 8.00; 44 2.50 1 . ' I
1.00 44 41 10.00; 44 8.00
1.00 44 44 10.00; 44 3.00 !
1.G ) :i 44 10-00; 44 8.00 ' B
1.00 44 44 10.00; 44 3.00
1.25 44 44 12.00; 44 4.50 S3
1.50 44 u 15.00; 44 5.00 '
a of our immense stock and !; !
once fot our new price list.
lipped free. _ Every measure ; i
/1ING & SON,' I
-? \
I Retail Druggists, > t
| ?odic Shoe Company.
Make Money. 1
make Men's 3-Solc Leather AA
I style, now
)\ Calf and Vici Kid 3-Sole RTA
in this sale at ;; J
ax Calf and Vici Kid Shoes, ^ AA
bargain at QjiSol/l/
p of Men's Heavy Sole
will make them go fast.
Shoe Company.] |
\angc Sank of 7i>/iec/inij, |
:u / iTi. SANDS _.CMilWw.
B, 1HVINK -JVss't. CuiieTi I
Exchange Bank
heeling. ' > ^oob?
iterlionso, Dr. John I#. DIckcj*
]-<lUnglinxn? , "XV. E. Stono,
own, "\V. 11. Frank*
II rcccivc prompt and carcful attention*
Sducational. _ Mont
de Chantal Academy,
* ,ninr ?r TUP
i First-class tuition In nil brnnchcs. Ex*
l cellcnt accommodations; homo comforts
.rood tabic; largo and healthy rooms; ex* ,
tcuulve Grounds; pure air.
For terms and other informa*
tlon, address * '
Directress of Mont de Chantal kui?1
Wheeling! W. Vo.
West Virginia
Conference Seminary, j
Thorough, practical, economical. . /
t. Thirteen competent Instructor*.
Moral inllucnces tho best ? 4
Scientific, Literary, Nortntt
J. Music, y\rt. Business, Elocution. ;j
LADIES' llAI.L furnished througHO"
with steam hoat, electric^ Usiy^^g
rooms-nn IDEAL CIIIUSTia* ?? ?'-- m
l-'OIt YOUNG LADIES. Room ?nJ bo*"* ft
t. In thin 11 nil per week &C0; per yrtft ? [
r eluding tuition. 1140.00. SpfUl lnJuc#menta
Expense! of Young Men $er year
Winter term lenlny November IS; Spri"!
term March 8.
( For particular* wrlto >rl \
it S. t. 0(MRS, President
n opJI Huckhflnnoa W.

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