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r base ball. h bowling. i
| boxing. || cycling, f
Jack Glasscock Ih corresponding with
a number cf ball players' and he exp.
ot.j to line up his Fort lWeyne team
between April 5 and io at "Fort Wayne,
lie wants to secure either,j^mmert or
Woodlock from Wheeling, but the docal
management believes it Itqs two very
valuaM*' men In the pair.-: mentioned,
and neither will be released at present.
u i< h.iUI that Sammy Nlchol may become
u member of the Fort Waynes If
he can secure his release from IndlanaThe
Wheeling management yesterf.-nt
to thu players measurement -
labs . r inif unuorms. uweivo uniforms
will be purchased; It Is likely the j]
Mouse and knickerbockers will be ?'
black, with "Wheeling" In white letters
?>n the blouse. A similar uniform '1
wns worn by the Wheeling's of 'DC, and
was one of the nuttiest over seen here. ^
Frank Musser, the Youngstown sec- r<
ond*l>aseman who died this week, was
one of the hundred and one players who
iippllcd for positions on the Wheeling
club. ti
Tlic demand for the season books con- .
tinu- s very good. It is likely they will .
be withdrawn from the market this "
week. It Is a remarkable fact that the tl
fifty or more books already sold went tl
to people who have not In the past sea- ,
fins figured In "fandom." The old line
"fans" so far have not come to the ;
front; perhaps their distressing exper- *
lences in one or two ^former investments
of this kind frightened them off. *
However, the local management has
fold about as many books as it cares
to have out; as is well known the season
book Is a good thing for a club
early in the season,-but later it Is a
The schedule meeting of the league ^
will be held In Mansfield next Tuesday, p
March 21. President Howell will be g
representing the Nailers. This will be t
liis initial appearance as a magnate. I
The Pittsburg Reserves, managed by
"One-Armed" England, have applied ]<
jin vAiiiuiuuu uaics wun wueenng. ^
If {he team la made up of good-material n
they will be seen oil the local.dlamond. j,
Exhibition games are also tiVlA* played ,
with Bethany College, and probably
with the Detroit Western league club. ^
Walter Spnlriing Resigns. l'
NEW YORK, March 15.?J. Walter J
Sjuiulding, a director of the* New York
base ball club for many years has resigned
because he believes the club is S
not being operated in a sportsmanlike ?
way. : i
Representatives oi' i'ujilis^Slccciv* ^
in- Iiiils for i !u? "big" Fight. <_
NEW" YORK. March 15.?Wm. A. j,
15rad{., representing Jim Jeffries, and *Martin
Julian, manager of Robert Fltzsimmons,
met to-day to cor.s'der the v
bids made for the proposed light be- 8
tween these pugilists. >
As soon as Brady and Julian read ^
the $30,(100 bid of a San Francisco syn- ^
flicate through H. P. Taylor. It was taken
up. Julian said that If any person
connected- with the National Sport- _
ing Club, of Fan Francisco were con- q
necterf with the new syndicate he would i
r.ot accept any proposals -from thut J
body. In fact he .said he would rather *
have the bout take place in the East,
as tneir experience In California in the | \
lighting line was not agreeable, either to u
himself or Fltzslminons. Bt;l$y then y
asked Mr. Taylor what he was'prepared I
to concede for picture privileges, and
th>- Western representative replied that
the purse was large enough to cover all
that. Brady objected and so did Julian. S
Both claimed that the picture privileges J'
would prove a large factor In the mat- q
tor,and that no club offer would be con- f
shirred unless the participants in the S
bout should receive a percentage <>f ^
th-.' profits arising l'r^m the 'reproduc- ^
Hon of pictures of the fight. Brady 'c
said: "I'll give a sum equal to per ,\
cc-nt of the net receipts of th?> fight for 9
the privilege of taking and \reproducing
these pictures." Mr. then
asked for time to communist?j with I
.the San Francisco people whomrhe rep- R
r ?ent?d so that he/could find out what
terms he could offer. j,
W. B. Gray; representing the West p
Chester club offered a purse of 321.000 f
but would not concede any privileges ^
11 thf- fighters, claiming that the purse i I;
w;!s in itself sufficient. His offer was !
tabled quickly.
Then came the Coney Island club's -A
representative, John P. Dunn. He said
the club was willing to put a purse of
5-f?.000 and also so far as ho knew to c
livid the proceeds of the picture V
privileges equally between the two con- S
t n::s and thf <-lnl). lb- also reniLK
Milk i; food. Water is not food. >Ttir?e c
tli'.- baby on water and it will not live long. !
But many a mother who supposes she is \
buying real milk is getting half water. ^
and slit wonders why the baby frets and J,
looks thin and pale. ?
S .What water is to milk so ittitr? mrrlJ.
fines are lo Dr. Pierce's. Thin is why there j<
?s nothing "just ns .--v 1
good ' aw Dr. Pierce's
( olden Medical Discov- xV?..,
fr>"- the cure of dis- / f?, \ >
ordered or weak Mom- t \ \ C.
wb. impure blood, (\\ 1 \ "
bronchitis, \\\* \ >T ) i:
tbrnt, weak lungs, bleeding tangs, and n
kindred affection*. which, if neglected or X
u-vdy treated, lead up to consumption. If
yon r. for j.?r. Piercc?s remedies and the <'J
' ".iltr won't supply you, go to nvothcr *\
M'.jf Your health is of greater import* ?
afiif than any extra profit he may make on j,
substitute. The imitation substitute n
J?n not imitate the cures. Dr. Pierce's
' "idea Medical Discovery is absolutely m
n,'i: alcoholic and non narcotic. It can be ?'
i.-!y rt-lied upon by temperance people. w
11 i* not only the anfcut, but awo the
|"r' t remedy for the stomach, blood,
"' '' .t and lunes. v
. :> '-viff Jmd ;i severe attack of pleurisy ami j.
trouble." writes Abrnm Freer, Knq., of A
K'T?1>ri(l|ce. Green Co.. 11U. " 'flic doctors ?ave ,,
;'J' '<? die. She commenced ty tike I)r.,
"rrrr. r.ol.lrn Medical Discovery. nnd im- ..
fi?,ra th?- first dose. lly the tfme *he hn?l A
'"u fijjlilor ten bottles she wns cured, and it ,,
a* the rau*e of a lurtfe amount beiiftf koM here. .
*"ir?k Ihe Golden Medical UUcovcry' i* the J,:
1| '"'dicine in the world for luag trouble."
I(r 3i one-cent atiinapn to payj)ontaf?e,
yw ran zct a frtc copy of the Common
Medical Adviser, a work of 1008- A
Cloth hottnd .v stamps. Send to ^
l):- H. V. l'ierce, Buffalo, N. Y- N
3SS Wo aro talking obout your cough. Ono
gfo cold no soonor ;>asse? off boforo another
HacomcB. Dut It's tho same old cough all
3*.the time. And It's tho saxno old story,
wgtoo. There U first tbo cold, then tho
uj cough, then pneumonia or consumption,
with tho long sickness and llfo trcmJ
bllng In tho balance.
Ctary Pectoral
loosens tho grasp of your cough. Tho
congestion of tho throat and lungs is a
removed; all inflammation is subdued: h
tho parta are put perfectly at rest, and H
the cough drop* away. It has no diseased 1
tissues on which tt> hang. 51.00 a bottle,
Atalldrugglsta. Put on? of Kg
Dr. Aycr's Cherry Pcclornl Plasters*?
on you* chest. It will draw out inflara- eg/
mation and eorenesB from your lungs. \ I
l'rico, S?o. H
) J. C. AVER CO., Lowell, Mass. /\
iw m
uosteil 24 hours time to enable him
ommunlcate with the management
is club. It was finally agreed to *ri
11 parties 21 hour* to make final offer
lhere will be another meeting1 at
clock to-morrow afternoon when It
iiought a final settlement will be a
Gardner in n Draw.
HOT SPRINGS, Ark., March 1S.-T1
venty rounil' glove contest betwe<
scar (jarnner ana Jimmy Murra
'hich took place at Whittington Pai
> the Corbett and Fitzsimmons nrei
lis afternoon was declared a draw ;
10 end of the twentieth round at
'clock. It was a rattling contest fro
le Mart to .finish with terriflc flgthir
t every round. It drew a crowd 1
bout 1,200 people. A feature of tl
ntertalnmont was the presence of t<
r fifteen women.
Won. Lost. Ave. P(
fenry George 59 1 9*52 .!
:. 11 L. A. A 44 19 920 .1
lowlors 42 21 1'02 .(
rescents 30 33 SS5
hanley 22 41 835
-i Dollo 22 41 M>2
)nlsles 17 4fi S17 .;
iff Again 14 49 80S
The winter tournament in the Mus
jague has closed, with Henry Georg
inning tho pennant on a higher percer
Re of victories than has ever befo
een accomplished in local Bowlerdoi
)f tho alxty-throe game3 played, t
eorges won all but four, and two of t!
our defeats were sustained on the In
iroe Ramos played. Secretary Ennls h
omplied the averages of the teams ai
layers, which arc as follows:
Games. Ave rap
tevpnson 51
'ette >
trown 33 1
landlan 51
tosley 45
trand 51
loch ran :.... 34
larschner 27
"amphell 20
'urnor 3'5
Inoke H
Uck 6
N. E. L. A. A.
Games. Averaj:
nil Fnlck 57
. Falck 4JS
ones G3
iolte "I
\Mlholm ?'J
teuter ; 51 :
Ivans 12
Games. Averaj
Imblern 51
!. Rader 57,
ilekmyer 15
. Rader 11!
iichards 12
lack 41
ilexander 52
lackinan <!
'selton 1I>
lenry 21
Mngor G
Games. Averaj
lyers 12
Uearley 57
1. Bearley 45
'oleman 54
'n? *>1
haffor 20
lartl 3
I'eltzel 21
lliler -12
ostello 12
IcDonald 9
lick 27
Games. Averai
:nnls r?7
hanley 57
^'orls 45
teiswInRcr 6
icii 30
-ay 0 1
'ishor 63
lullT". 27
lutts IS
Games. Averaf
mmann 21
aizor i" i
haffor 1?
Mugjr Is
rumlmcker l'?
I'est 3
toehr lfi
onnelly 21 1
lack '... >i
V L,: Gamfs. Avcrap
artrr 45
arrcll : ?
IcCahon 18
loiter 42
I. Wells <5
una to fd 1
mlth 30 !
roll me S 1
:ilne 7 1
lelmbrighl 42 ]
Games. Averap
Telson ?
. Gllker 42
lores 4S
IbelinK 21
d wards 3
Immer .17 )
ally 12 1
itnkltiH ;"4 ]
old &l 1
ray*>r .IS 1
CSIIkor fi 1
IchardH 9 1
The hlphest *cor<- over ma do In tho ci
as that of tho Hrownlcs, February :
JO (J, which wan 1.140. During the pa
pnson In tho Museo loaRUo tho hlRh?<
am ncore wax 1,114, by tho North 13 ni
nd thin was tho city record for tho turn
until tho "NVhcolinRH, of tho Whoolh
a?uc, broke It last wook liy rolllnR 1,1!
Tho high score for throe Ramos w
lado hy tho Jack Tarn (now lien
eorRos) on November 4. 1898, 3,108, and tl
ext highest was that of tho Howlers <
Inroh 13, IP!?, 3.11,9.
Fisher. Jonea and Wllholm tako a nrl
plcno for rolling in nil tho whe<Jtil>
amej", Hlxty-throo. Tho cash prist
mounting to 31S3. will ho paid to tho wl
en; to-morrow evening. A luncheon w
e served to tho bowling fraternity ai
"hlRh old tlmo" is belnR anticipated.
The Musee spring tournament will I
urtlclpated In by right toamH. Tho bcIio
le and prize list will ho uunounci
Won. Lo.it. Pc
rhooiinrr r.!i io .J
owiei'M r.3 13 .y
11 Alike M 13 .>
urltann 44 22 ,t
olden Hod* XI 34 .f
id C'ronlcH 3>? :m
Iter Nit ... 21 41! .:
urn Duinn l<; f,3 ,j
a Hello ...14 Tm .:
roR llornn JI M .]
Last nlRht'H Bcoro: P
A 11KLLI3. l#t, 2d. 3d. Tof
. Potto 101 122 1M 3
ndllnRer 121 lft2 1X7 S
touornngol HI l.vi 12-1 \
olio 130 111 JGt 4
Ebellng 142 155 177 4*1
HQBtingri 171 122 115 4OS ^
Total* Sll 7CC S72 241?
RUM DUMB. 1st. 2d. 3d. Total
Springer 161 157 J83 Ml
Long 95 133 10?J 434
Big Bill 103 105 110 318
Earp iw 140 134 4C0 ,
Drimchel 151 1*9 100 353 C
Kromrlck 14S 154 153 453 &
Totals 817 7SS 7S6 2421
Scorers?Nor toman and Norteman.
To-night?Old CronIe3 and All Alike.
Klaw and Erlanger's brilliant ex- ft
travaganza, "Jack and the Beanstalk" ^
in booked for presentation at the Opera O
House, Wednesday matinee an 1 night,
March 22.,The coming ot this famous
attraction and the fact that It will he =
presented1 by a company of vlist proportions
and in the same elaborate
manner as It was given in New York,
Boston and other cites, will serve to M
arouse general Interest and will furnish
one of the chief events of the seaso.
Tho company as at present constituted,
Includes Emllle Beaupre, Marie Celcsts, lr
Nellie Lynch, Hattle Moore, Harry Kel- P'
ly, Ross Snow, Harry Clay Blaney, jn
1 H. M. Moore, Henry Leone, Dan Baker, p;
the original eight pretty maids, and all
the pretty girls of the chorus and ballet vc
who have been closely associated with dt
I "Jack's" success. The many features, cj
I filiph !ID hpllllanl- /n?Al??tln
? electrical displays, gorgeous costuming c
and magnificent scenery are kept in- Se
0j, tact. This famous stage production haH m
vo had' an unbroken chain of triumph.? n<
.s during Its career, and 1h regarded as the hr
*0 most profltable piece of theatrlal propjg
erty in existence. (lf;
A FIndlay paper has this to eay of sh
Charles Mortimer who will open a half $1
1C weeks' engagement at the Grand toin
night, In a repertoire of stnndard dra- a'
yf matlc successes at popular prices: Each pr
rlc member of the cast adequately sus- J?'
talned their several roles, but the
10, honors fell to Mr. Mortimer, an actor o?
at long well and favorably known in FindG
lay, who was given a cordial greeting K
m and who as the comprehensive charac- tn
lf. ter of .Tack Sharp made an Instantan- st
of eous hit. He has never been seen here ro
to as gcod advantage as last night, and pf
,n he demonstrated hJs artistic qualities at
by easy changes from gay to grave? at
one moment the house was In n roar in
and In an Instant tears would respond
to his efforts. Mr. Mortimer Is a fixed
favorite In FIndlay and his every ap- ha
pearance Is a link in the already long Uj
t. chain of public regard.
t7i? Judging from the unusually heavy de- ar
mand for seats for the engagement of St
>70 Hoyt's "A Stranger in New York" at the P1
222 Opera House next Monday evening,
ee March 20, it would seem as if the entire at
es population had made up Its mind to Sc
it- -turn out to welcome this popular sue- bi
ro cess. This piece has made a pro- m
m nounced hit with every body who wltnessed
It, and It Is not strange then I pi
thut Its return Is looked forward to
rte with a great deal of pleasure. During
the past six months Mr. Hoyt has ?p,
greatly added to the entertaining quail- ,
ties of the merry skit. Music of thenewest
and specialties that are herald,0
ed as sensational have been added as
170 well as many laughable scenes and ell- n<
ICG maxes.
1(53 -O- to
159 %
lis Of Treating Dyspepsia and Indices- !
Jj|jj tion by Dieting a Dangerous ami
ir.o Useless One. ^
We say the old way, but really it Is a (
very common one at present time and
r0 many dyspeptics and physicians as well Is
156 consider the first step to take In at- re
j5S tempting to cure indigestion is to diet, '
either by selecting certain foods and re- st
}'-Jo jectlng others or to greatly diminish the th
149 quantity usually taken, In other words, th
Ha the starvation plan is by many supposed
to be the tlrst essential. ,
?0 The almost certain failure of the starIC3
vation cure of dyspepsia has been prov- 1'
ICO en time and again, but still the moment
156 dyspesla makes Its appearance a course ni
of dieting Is at once advised. ev
All this Is radically wrong. It Is
foolish and unscientllle to recommend n
143 dieting or starvation to a man suffering ^
143 from dyspepsia, because indigestion It142
self starves every organ and every _;
135 nerve and every fibre In the body. yc
What the dyspeptic wants Is abund- re
;e. ant nutrition, which means plenty of !
1C<> good, wholesome, well cooked food and is
135 something to assist the weak stomach Bt
|?jj to digest It. This is exactly the pur}y?
pose for which Stuart's Dyspepsia Tabl*J
Into o.-n. ?.lnnlA.I v. I.. 1 ?'
Ml by which they cure the worst cases of ! '
Hi dysypepsia, In other words the patient
112 eats plenty of wholesome food and Stu- Is
|39 art's Dyspepsia Tablets digest It for I wJ
'?,j! him. In this way the system is nour- I
|9j ished and the overworked stomach
rested, because the tablets will digest
the food whether the stomach works V
[?: or not. One of these tablets will digest
JV4 o,000 grains of meat or eggs. ,
HQ Your druggist will tell you that Stu130
art's Dyspopsla Tablets is the -urest Br
137 and safest remedy for stomach trou- ha
I33 bles and every trial makes one more pfc
} $ friend for this excellent preparation, vi
Sold at 50 cnts for full sized package at M
all drug stores. pr
A Utile book on stomach diseases
mailed free by addressing F. A. Stuart nr
!? Co., Marshall, Mich.
ui * jo:
jig THE K1VER. H
I*-. Charleston...KANAWHA, 6:30 a. m. .
Pittsburgh...HEN HUH. 2 p. m. n
Sistcr*vllle...IUJTH. 3:30 p. in. ?
Clarington....LliROY, 8:30 p. m. th
:o. Stcubenvllle..T. M. HAYNE, 2:30 p. m. a\
j Pittsburgh...GREENWOOD, 6:30 a. in.
Hi Cincinnati....VIRGINIA, 8 a. in. r0
ij7 Parkersburg.H. K. HEDFORD, 11 a. in. ,,,
Matnmoras... LEXINGTON, 11 a. m. ""
j:? aistcrsviiii-...mrni. 3:so p. m. cv
l"l Clarlnffton....LEROY, 3:30 p. al. ti|7.i
Pittsburgh...LORENA, 2 a. m.
\?\ Rteubenville..T. M. HAVNE, 2:3) p. m. ?!
Parkersburg.AVALON, 8 a. m. ^1
pittHinirch...oiiemn: fi'pv n .?
Pnrkeraburg.BKN 11IJIt. 11 a. in.
m 8lsiernvlHo...RUTH. p. in. \)Q
Clftrln;;ton....I^0HOV. p. m. on
J- SteubcnvllIe..T. M. HAY N K, 2:30 p. in. ntf
130 III vcr Telegrams. yj
fc, WARREN?River 3 foot. Light rain fri
I2"j and cold.
.'2 GREENSBORO?River K foot 7 Inches T1
20 and falling. Cloudy and slightly cooler. , '
ty | BROWNSVILLE?River 0 feet 10
Inches* and foiling.
^ OIL CITY?River U feet and station- ^
lH ary. Cloudy find cool. -"J
a- MORGANTOW.N ? River 8 feet C
I Inches and falling. Cloudy and colder, tic
15. PITTSBURG. March 15.?River feel nl;
?J falling. Clear and cool.
U STEUBENVILLE?River 10 feet C tj,
an Inches and falling. Cloudy and cold.
POINT PLEASANT. March 13.?River ,h
17.8 feet falling. Cloudy. 1,1
f*'' CINCINNATI. March 15.?River .US \
feet falling. Cloudy. h\l
III CAIRO, March 10.?River 41.8 feet rla- \l
id lng. Fair and pleasant. In
MEMPHIS. March 15.-Rlver 32.7 feet
'l? rising. Clera. tj,"
!/.*. LOUISVILLE, March 15.?River Tiling;
III feet r? on canal; 11 feet 4 on falls;
:is feet 5 below locks. Clear.
KVANSV1LLE. March 15.-River 41
r. feet falling: Cloudy.
.VI an
'o:i "Washington, 1). CM ami Return Only J\',
I07 ill]
I'm via Pennsylvania Lines Thursday, ?
1.10 March 110th from Wheeling. Ton day /_
-11 return limit. Eor details please sec J. V
j?jj G. Tomllnson, ticket agent, Wheeling. M'
Dounttn torsBaoyl
AM solid advertisements under
the following headings: s t :
wlll.bo Inserted at tho rato of
ons...-Cemt;: ;av word i
70a n fee'.
^it-Xnted-g i iTl~for general
}x housework: small family: no washing
or ironing: mut bo a good cook: wages
?i.oo p?-r week. Apply, with references,
99 Tew 1th street. mrlG
~\\tanted?girl at % twelfth
Jf V street. D!??_
"\\rANTED?GAS WELL, 4.000,000 CU1T
IMC ./cet dally capacity. Address
A. P.. carc Intelligencer ofllce. mr2?
9enernl Notices.
rpo TII E PUBLIC?You wlfl take notice
_l that my wife. Frederlcka Zlmmcr
5}lutual Savings 55anh.
Market St. AS A UNDER
ol money to buy
g)@?@ ^3h?o'40
pen Dolly, D a. m. CHEAPER
to 3 p. m. thon any othor.
onday and bntur* 1
day Evenings.
nttcrs of Interest in t lie Mctrojio'liH
ot'lieliuont County.
Mr. F. C. Husband, a former city
easurer atul one of the former pro letors
of the Windsor hotel, arrived
the city yesterday morning? from
hllcidelphla, where Husbands & Ins;ep
are now located. They met re?rses
while here and Mr. IT. was en?avorlng
to settle up some of the
alms. He looks well, but has only one
FT since an unfortunate accident a:
olumbus, Just after* leaving" Bellalre
vera! years ago. Just after dinner
r. Husbands received a telegram nn?uncfng
that his partner, Dr. Inskeep
id- died suddenly.
At the meeting of City Council Tuesly
evening the Mayor's report showed
ft r,0 as the receipts for the past
onth, and the water works report
owed over $2,(300 receipts and less than
,000 expenditures. The City Clerk's
port showed a splendid condition of
fairs In the city, nil the funds being
ovlded well and the indebtedness etlll
owing beautifully less without any
crense In the tax rate by this branch
the city governent.
A Chicago paper notes that Dr. C. IC.
urtz. former resident here, was atcked
by highwaymen upon a dark
reet in Chicago, beaten Insensible and
l>bed of ?120 and a gold watch. The
iper also notes that a man was killed
same place only a short time ago.
There Is a very decided'lmprevement
property Interests In Bellalre,
III. But more property Is changing
inds and more new buildings ure going
) than at any one time for ten years.
Governor Bushnell has reappointed
r. S. B. McGavran, of Cadiz, a memr
of the State Board of Medical Exnlners,
and George W. McCook. of
eubenvllle, a trustee of the Ohio Iiostol
for Epileptics.
Frederick Bauer, aged R9 years, died
the home of his daughter. Mrs, John
:hlck, Tuesday evening and will be
lried- to-dny. He was born in Gerany,
but had lived here over 30 years.
Mrs. Henry Kunkle was called to
ttsburg- yesterday afternoon by the
Lngerous Illness of her sister. Mr.
unkle Is president of the Belmont
ades Asembly.
The Elks held a meeting last evening
which time new officers were elected
r the coining year. After the elec>n
they held a social session.
Miss Maude Clark returned yesterday
her home in Ironton., after a pleasit
visit with her sister, Mrs. Henry
tton, In the Fourth ward.
Stonemasons have begun work on the
undatlons of the new building to be
ected by Christian Blppus on the vant
lot near his home.
Oscar McKlnley, formerly loeated
re, but now working In Chicago, III.,
spending a few days with friends and
latives liere..
rhe improvements on IJerzberg Bros.'
ore room are al>out completed,1 and
ey add greatly to the appearance of
e room.
Rev. John T. Foster, the- Eplscopnl
Inlster, went to Falrmor.t. ."\V,Va.,.yesrday
to perform a marriage ceremony.
Prof. Delbrouge will triv? a cake v.alk
td masquerade it* "Wellsvllle, this
enlnar. Several fr.im her* will attend.
John T. Flynn has been laid up for
day and will be unable to leave his
oin for a day or two yet.
Miss Nellie Curran returned homo
isterday from a months' visit \vllh
latlvcs in Moundsville.
Miss Mattie .Pthar, cf the Fifth ward
the guest of friends and relatives In
Miss Lillian Askew, of New M.rtln?ile.
is visltng friends In the second
Mrs. John Mattlngly. of Wilklnsburg,
the guest of a relative In the Fourth
efttcrilay'M News From Marshall
County's Chief City.
rickets are selling fast for the Louise
eh any concert company nt the school
11 to-morrow everting. The Sytniv>ny
Orchestra hns secured the series
of this splendid company and
lundsvillc people will appreciate the
ivllege of hearing them.
A Boy's Brigade hns been partially
ganl'/.ed among the young school
ij'S. Quite a number have alreadj*
Ined. It will meet at the Parl.-h
nu?e every Wednesday evening at
?0 o'clock. Major Phil. Shatter will
,ve charge.
rhe "What I Can" society of the
iptist church will be entertained at
o home of Mrs. Gehrlng on Jefferson
enufc this nftcrncon from 2 till 4
rhe Roncr.il committee of the Are
mpnnies "will meet nt the room of the
ook and ladder company to-morro.v
enlnir to arrange for the -election of
French' Tliatchar nnd sister Grace,
io have spent the winter with relays
in the city left for their home nt
insor yesterday.
\ttorney C. It. Biggie, of Mlddleurne,stopped
off in the city yesterday
his wrtf- to Fairmont on legal bu.siSH.
rohn Bradf, of Bellalre, and John
oyd, of Hen wood, were calling on
ends in the city yesterday.
(Vlllinni Cossir nnd wife nnd Miss
a Gilbreth. of Wheeling, were callers
the city yesterday.
f. T. Francis nnd wife are the guests
thfrir son, A. M. Francis nt New
rho Kpworth league will hold a devomnl
meeting at the M. E. church toffht.
rhe G. A. H. will give a bean bake at
e Odd Fellows' hall to-night.
Miss Lou Hall, of Brooke county? Is
p guest of Miss Mary Bruce.
lamatory rheumatism.
II .11. Svvaney, of Pittsburg, Pa., was
the city yesterday.
Monr.o Winters, of Sand Hill, was in
cj city yesterday.
r. .T. Patton left yesterday on a trip
The IJcKt Proscription for Chills
id Fever Is a bottle of Grove's Tasteis
Chill Tonic. It Is simply Iron and
ilnlno in a tasteless form. No cure?
i pay. I'rlor, GOc. ttli.-'&u1
>nday, Tuowday ami WVdnrrday. March
li), 21, 11!. Mutlnufl Wednesday.
io J^'Kltlmato Irish Comedian, DAN'L
Kt'I/lA, In tin- (Jrout IMuy,
ivrfeet Production of a Perfect Play.
ilKht prlcou?1.*?, 2f?, 35 and TiOc,
ilatineo prlccs?15, :!"? and 35c. mrlG
... iw.s .a/ iiuiiml' anu ucsericu my
bed and board without cause. I will not
be responsible for or pay any debts or bills
she may contract.
Wheeling. W. Va., Mnreb 9. ltt'9. mrlO
Stockholdera' Steeling*.
WHEEL]NO, W. Va., March 9, ISM.
STOCKHOLDERS of the Pittsburgh,
Wheeling & Kentucky Railroad Company
will be hold at the principal olHce or the
company, In the city of Wheeling, W. ,Va.,
at 2 o'cock p. m.. for the purpose of holding
an election for directors to serve for
the ensuing year, and the transaction of
such othnr business as may properly coino
before the meeting.
mrO Secretary.
Sealed proposals will bo received by the
board of public works of the city of
Wheeling until 12 o'clock noon Saturday,
March 23, ISSO. for hauling brick and sewer
pipe during tho year ISS'J. Specifications
can be obtained at the olllce of tho clerk
of the board.
The successful bidder or bidders will bo
required to furnish bond In the sum of
live hundred ($500) dollars for the faithful
performance of the contract. The names
of the sureties must accompany each bid.
The board reserves the right to reject
any or all bids.
rnrlS WM. II. HORNIBII, Clerk.
Proposals for brick, sbwer
Sealed proposals will bo received by the
board or public works of the city of
Wheeling until 12 o'clock noon Saturday,
March 25. 1SS3, for furnishing paving
brick, sower pipe and curbing during the
year lb99: also for dressing and resetting
old curbing. Speclllc&tlons can bo obtained
at the otllce of the clerk of the
board. Bids must be separate on brick,
sewer pipe and curbing, and shall be made
on printed forms, which will be furnished
by the clerk.
The successful bidders will be required
to furnish bonds In the following amounts
as r guarantee of the faithful performance
of their contracts:
For furnishing brick, threo thousand
($3,000) dollars.
For furnishing sewer pipe, one thousand
(11.000) dollars.
For furnishing curbing and dressing and
resetting old curbing, ono thousand ($1,000)
The names of the sureties must accompany
each bid. ,
The board reerves the right to reject
any or all bids.
mrlS WM. II. IIORNISH. Clerk.
...PROF. TRUE...
1036 Main Street.
Second Floor, Parlor* G, 7 nml 8.
waiK in, uon t ring. inis remarkable
man, whose career has been one of success,
is Rifted by nature with a power
that approaches tho miraculous. Ho 1b
acknowledged by the public wherever ho
has been to bo the marvel of the Nineteenth
century. Prof. True Is a prophet
of world-wide repute; he is recommended
by every ono of his patrons. His nowurs
excite the wonder and admiration of even
the skeptical, ills advice is infallible,
convincing and beyond dispute. Through
his remarkable development of second
sight, and his thorough knowledge of tho
many sciences peculiar to the men of tho
Orient, he la enabled to penetrate tho woof
and web of human life. He gives ad vice
on business, lawsuits, speculation, love,
courtship, matrimony; he unites tho s?*pa-1
rated and onuses speedy and happy marriage
with tho one of your choice. Tho
troubled and unrortunate seek his counsel.
Thousands of hearts havo been made
glad through his truthful predictions.
Medlumistlc persons developed. Ofllco
hours, 9 a. m. to 9 p. m., daily and Sunday.
Parlors so arranged that you will
meet no strangers. Fees Wc and J1.00.
ritOF TKU K, 10.10 Mull! St root.
Plumbing, Stc.
WM. F. C. SCIINELLE ] ^0^?^"
Dealer In all goods pertaining to tho trada.
2012 lilain Street,
Telephone 37. Wheeling, W. Va.
Practical Plumber, Gas and Steam fitter
No. 1155 Market streot
Gas and Electric Chandeliers, Filters,
and Taylor Gas Burners a specialty. mr2
Practical Plumbers, Gas and Steam Fitters
No. 33 Twelfth Street.
Work done promptly at reasonable prices.
A fv'l lino nf tbo orlobriited
G. LAMP, Prog. JOS. SEYHOLD, Cashier.
J. A. JEFFERSON, Ass't Cashier.
CAPITAL $300,000, PAH) IN.
Allen Rrock. Joseph F. Pa nil,
Clioa. Schmidt, Henry Hlehersou,
Howard Simpson, Joseph Scybold,
Gibson Lamb.
Interest paid on special deposits.
Issues drafts on Kr.prlaml. Ireland and
m y 11 Ca shier.
CAPITA L-S173,000.
william a. i sett ....President
MORTIMER POLLOCK....Vleo President
Drafts on England. Ireland, Franco anil I
Germany. j
I-M morons.
William A. iMrtt, Mortimer Pollock.
Itobcrt Simpson,
k. M. Atkinson. C. M. Frls.-u'll,
Julius pollock.
J A. M1LLKK. Caahlor.
LA IllFSl Chichcslcr's English Pennyroyal Pill*
jnuqwoj1 rrarul), nra tho Bent.
T.v. no oip'f. >roJ <> ., ?.f t,?rtU-i.UM, K.l.tf
Co ?ocn.
,iVJi. TATE. Six per ccnt Interost and ono
per cent jiremlutn. total seven per cent.
CO.. CM St.. Bell.ilre. Ohio. oc7
T7\0n RE NT?H i: V ERAL GOOD R00M9
X: in the City Bank Building. Inqulro at
the City Bank of Wheeling. mI"2fL
; best location in city. Possession at
once. eJICOLLS ART STORE. 1231 Market
mi ree l. oc20
for ttjnjsrv.
STORE ROOMS?Ono corner room.
Tcntltiuiil Market streets. $70. Fivo
rooms, l>y Ofl n?ot, on Tenth wtreet,
Stffi. Ono Pimm, l l by 7(1 loot, comer
Molii and Tenth Htroefa. 31 i?/}. Ono
room No. 1001 Main street, 8fiO. Ono
room, HI5 loot deep. No. 10(16 Main
street. S100. JAMES L. IIAWLEY.
Ileal Estate ami Loan Agent, 100.7
.Main St rent.
Jor Sa/e.
tables. Inquire at Grand Opera Hotiso
Billiard Room. mr7*
J corner Chapllne and Twenty-third
streets, will l>o sold at a low llgure. Terms
easy. GEO. M. SNOOK. Call at G. M.
Snook & Co.'s. Ja9_
ING on Fourteenth ?t.; I offer my
residence, No. 1 ir? Fourteenth fit. for sale;
j>ossesslon and terms to suit purchaser.
Inquire of T. B. McLAIN, Denial and
Surgical depot. City Bank building, mrll
. of .six rooms, hall, cellar and pantry;
good well And cistern; lot about 200 feet
square: will sell as a whole or dlvldo Into
small lots. Inqulro on premises or addresk
J. B. MOORE, Echo Point, Wheeling. W.
Va. mrll'
You are looking for this place, consisting
of two and one-half (2V9 acres, on
West Hanover street. Replete with young
bearing fruit trees and shrubbery. Brick
dwelling and outbuildings. All advantages
or city and country. Two minutes*
walk from electric cars and Wheeling &
Lako Erlo railroad. Apply to
mr-l-tth&s* DR. W. E. HERVEY.
A Few Cholcc Lots
at EdgIngton.o*?^?J*
City Dank Building, 1300 Market Streot?
J unci poor, ranging: In prices from
JflOO to 515,000; live acres of level land Cor
SK'0. payable Jl i>er week; our representative
(A. W. Shlnn) will bo at tho Dusch
hotel, west side of Market square, Wheeling,
during the week of Monday, March
20; let everyone who desires to own hla
home and lay tho foundations of an Independent
livelihood avail himself of this
remarkahlo oj>portunlty. D. L. R18LBY,
Pittsburgh ollice, No. 308 Grant St., Plttsburgh,
Pa. rarll*
Wheeling Bridge.
Wheeling Steel & Iron Co.
Fostorla Glass Co.
"West Va. State Fair Association
Bloch Bros. Tobacco Co.
Peabody Insurance Co.
LaBello Iron Works.
7 per cent Gold Bonds.
W heeling Stamping Cov
'Phono CM. Room 4. City Bank Building.
Whpollnir Rallwav C.n.
"West Virginia Qklss Co.
Bloch Bros. Tobacco Co.
Wheeling Steel & Iron Co.
La Belle Iron Works. 1
Peabody Insuranco Co.
Geo. R. Taylor Co.
Wheeling Bridgo Co.
Crystal Glass Co.
| Wheeling Stamping Co.
Whltoker Iron Co.
Suburban Brick Co.
Exchange Bunk Building.
Sea/ 8state.
I No. 21 Virginia street.- .. *10 00
No. 119 Virginia street 9 00
; No. 108 Virginia street...? 8 00
j No. 110 Virginia street. 30 00
| No. Go North Front street 13 00
No. 1513 Market street, second floor.. 21 00
I No. SO Sixteenth street, office room.. 10 00
No. 32 Sixteenth street, bottling cellar
12 00
No. 34 Slxteonth street, storo room
and dwelling 40 00
No. 2356 Market street, workshop.... 10 00
Stahlo Rear 1G10 Market street
Stablo Fourteenth Htreot
No. 2247 Market street, store room
and 10-roomed dwelling, will rent
for Store or Saloon
No. 37 Seventeenth strcot.... .?..$22 00
No. fol National Rood - 9 01
No. 41 Fifteenth street S3 S3
No. 125 Fourteenth street 23 00
No. 37 Twentieth street 13 00
No. 2318 Market street 20 00
No. 2320 Market street 20 00
No. 1322 Market street 20 00
No. 1054 Main street, Btoro room and
cellar ?0 00
No. 442 Main street. ~
Desirable Market street property, 'r
Real Estato Agent. Collector, Notary
Pulillc ami Pension Attorney, No. 1KU
Main street. marH
Arlon Ilnll storo room, No. 2002 Mala
Residence. 10 rooms and bath. May 1.
corner Flfteonth and Jacob streets.
3 rooms, first floor, and ccllar, McCol?
loch street, April 1.
Two-story frame, C rooms, Thirty-fourtH
street, April 1. .
Agents North German Lloyd, Anchor
Line, Hamburg-American,
American Line, Cunard Line.
Corner Fourteenth and Market Streets.
FflP Main Street
OrtLC } Business Property.
The three-story business house
at 1223 and 1225 Main street.
This property will pay, and will
be offered for a few days at a
very low figure.
Cottage at 71 Zanc street; good
G.O. SMITHS EX<j{{jitfS!l<ctN'g
C I'nnn Si *> nrnl ?? !? ?.r?_
120 S. Fonn St., 3 rooms anil bath, upstairs.
12S S. ronn St., r. rooms anil.bath, downstairs.
*/ane St., 3 rooms.
1".< N. 1 .roadway, S-room houso.
1ST S. Pcnn, 3 rooms.
S-room house at Echo Point.
Wahash. near Virginia, 3 rooms,
1035 Market St., 2 rooms.
Second lloor In the Kgerter Pulldlnfj.
Store room In the K^erter Building,
Ileal Estate and Fire Insurance,
'Phone 087. 1320 Market St.

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