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' ' ^ ^9 '
Hawaii Says bis Claim ' Will Hold
Good for Bainincrt,Mcyec8, Ma/cna
and Wootllock?<Gilllgaii Praises tho
nro Southern languors,
Wheeling readers of the Sporting
News were In the dumps when they
read last week'p issue, for in President
"Nick" Young's bulletin - appeared,
among the players who hnd signed
Syracuse contracts, the names or two
of Wheeling's reserved players, Second
baseman Mazena and Short-stop Woodlock.
On the face of the returns this
vaa bad enough, and a bad matter was
made worse by a perusal of the Shrevel>ort
letter, in which it was claimed
Short-stop Bammert and First-baseman
Meyers would play with that city's team
in the Southern League. To the nervntis
fan it annoari'il that fnnr nf thi*
inen destined for Wheeling's lntleld were
about to slip away, so one "was excusable
if he indulged in lamentations loud
and deep.
However, President Howell, of the
Wheelings, did not share in this nervousness,
and expressed his -'confidence
that Bammert, Meyers, Woodlock and
Mazena would all be found with Wheeling.
He stated Sunday evening that he
had written to "Nick" Young and
was sure Wheeling's claim for all of
those players was so strong he could
not possibly decide against this city.
Mazena and Woodlock were regularly reserved
by Springfield and were acquired
by Wheeling In the transfer of the franchise
and team. Whistler, while managing
Springfield, It is asserted, gave
Mazena and Woodlock releases from reservation,
but as this was done without
the knowledge or authority of the president
and directors of the club, nil base
ball law and precedent, it. Is believed,
will be against the claim that Whistler's
act as manager of Springfield, done
most likely for his own particular benefit.
is sufficient to enable him to sign the
two players for Syracuse without regard
to the wishes of the Wheeling club
to which the players rightfully belong.
A decision against Wheeling in this contention
would set aside all equity, and
it is not believed the board of arbitration
would allow Whistler to perpetrate
such a vile and unjustifiable hold-up?
for it can be given no other name.
As to Bammert and Meyers. Wheeling's
claim is equally good. These two
Southern leaguers wired to Wheeling
acceptance of terms offered, on March
before the Southern league was even
organized. There Isn't room for even
the particle of a doubt here.
Roddy Gllligan, the Wheeling ball
tosser. who has signed to play with
Austin, of the Texns league, says Bammert.
led the Southern league shortstops
last season and was third in batting.
so i.t can be seen he will likely beat
Woodlock out in the race for the honor
of playing at short-field in the Wheeling
r.Ine. A tip to Whistler?If he
wants Woodlock so earnestly, ho mlcht
buy the player's release froru Wheeling,
but only after it Is determined that
Bammort is the better man of the two.
As to Meyers, Gilllgan says he was easily
the fastest first baseman in the
Southern last year, and is a very* good
batsmnn. He predicts both Bammert
and Meyers will be stars of the first
magnitude In thy Inter-state.
"WANTED?To learn of an Inter-state
league team that has not an Iron-bound
copper-riveted cinch on this year's pennant.?Fort
Wayne News.
ANSWER?Fort Wayne, New Castle,
Grand Rapids, .Mansfield, Youngstoirn,
and Wheeling. Please pass the prize.?
Toledo Bee.
ADDENDA ?Toledo and Dayton
may have a chance, but the eastern circuit
has four clubs. Wheeling-, New
Castle. Youngstown and Mansfield, that
are as likely candidates for the pennant
bs either of the two western teams.
In speaking of the players he expects
to see wear Fort Wayne uniforms,
Manager Jack Glasscock mentoins
those already signed, printed in
the Gazette a week ago, and says that
he is after several others, whom, if
he is able to sign, will give the team
a championship appearance.
In the course of his letter he says:
"If nothing happens, and we get what
we are after, we will be in the race
good and strong, and any club that
beats us will know there has bf?en a
game. My plans art* to try and give
Fort Wayne a club that the city will
not be ashamed of. on or off the field."
In speaking of his coming to the HooBier
state to play, he writes:
"I have had thre years of the people
of Indiana, and am proud to say that
there are no better."
Mr. Mautner and Secretary Hubbard
returned from Mansfield very favorably
Impressed with Captain Glasscock, and
both are confident that he will be a
great favorite in this city. Mr. Glasscock
Is a gentleman. In everj?:'sense of
the word, and one of the most impressive
and best ball players that ever
donned a uniform.?Fort Wayne Gazette.
It is a most remarkable race for the
Individual championship now being
waged in the Wheeling bowling league
by the three Wheeling club cracks,
Prown, Stevenson and Campbell. Until
a few weeks ago Stevenson had held
the lead undisputed from the beginning
of the peason: then Brown caUcht un
after running a close second a Jong
time, and now Harry Campbell, who Is
Just nou* playing a phenomenal game?,
comes up and the three are tied, the
average of each player being 1C5. The
p-ason is now nearir.g its close, and interest
in the outcome of thr race has
centered upon the individual Championship,
the standing of the ten teams with
one or two exceptions being already settled.
If Campbell continues in his form
of the past four weeks he will give
Iirown and Stevenson more than they
ran conveniently attend to. The averages
up to date are as follows,, having
been compiled by Secretary Fetter
iirown. Wheeling, 1G5: Stevenson,
WlwHlng, 1C5: Campbell. Wheeling. 165;
Itnder, Dowlers, ICS; ITandlan, Wheeling,
101; ICrnblem, r.owlers, 150: Nolto,
All Alike, ir.fj; Corhran, All Alike, 15S;
Falck, JJowlora, 15G; W. Fetto, Cronies,
IV,; ! '. Brush. All Alike, 154; ilalzer, All
A Ilk", 153; Wlngcrter, All Alike. 153;
Wllhelrn. Puritans, 153; Wagner,Wheeling.
152; ITackman, Bowlers; 152: Jones,
ley, Wheeling, ir#l; Murschnor, Wheeling,
150; Voglor, Golden RoUh, MO; Zlmmormnn.
Aber Nil, 14'S; Ilader, Aber Nit,
ll1!. Kromrick, Hum Dum, US; Franz,
'>'.<1 Cronies, 1 IS; Uel?\vlnger, Golden
Jtoda, 117; Hueter, I'uri'unfi, 147; IS.
Ucnrloy, Golden Itodn. 140; Alexander,
I'owleru, 140; Ycnlcc. Old Cronle#, 140;
H'-IIstern, Old Cronleo, 14r*; Sonnefeld,
GolUen Hods, 14!?; Harvor, Golden Rodn,
14.r>; Dinger, Howler:*, Mr,; Ilennlng,
Howler#, Ml; Wellzcl, Wheeling, HI;
Aindt, All Alii:", ill; Kbellng, All Alike,
144: Scheehle, OU1 Cronies, 144; D. West,
l/i Ibdle, 114; Modar, Puritan*, 144;Ivlng,
Golden Jlods, 144; Falck, Ptiritano, 113;
Knok". Wheeling, 14?; Cnrdona, Aber
Nil. 14.'; C. Pet Iff. r, Ml; Kbellng.
1^1; Kate, Golden lloda, 110;
Smith. Puritans. 139: Speidel, 01<
nles, 138; fiaughan, Puritans, 13":
Rum Dum, 137: Hastlmcs, LaBell
Carter, Puritans. 130; Baker. Pu:
135; Kemple. Golden Rods. 135; '
Bowlers, 135; Aiidlincer, LaBell<
Hall, Rum Dum. 133; Caldabough
Nit. 133; Plnnkey. Aber Nit. 133;
hardt, Aber Nit. 132; J. Baumann
Nit, 130; McAndrews, Froff Horn
Costello, Frog Horns, 129; Spi
Rum Dum. 12V; II. Bearly, Golden
129; Peterson, Aber Nit, 129; Nolt
Belle, 129; Stcnernabel, LaBelle
Kalkrote. Puritans, 128: Patterso
Cronies, J2S; Piankey, Frog Horn
Colman. Golden Rods, 127; B. Schi
'Aber Nit. 12C; Miller. Old Cronle
Wolfe, Old Cronies. 125; Norfema
Belle, 125; Lonp. Rum Dum. 124; C
Fro? Horns. 123; Beltz, All Alllt
Rolf, Fros Horns, 122; Leach; <Lt
120; Miller, Rum Dum. 117; Dru
Rum Dum, 11G; Hall, Frop Horn
H. Jahnke, Fros Horns, 115; DieJ
Belle, 115; W. Jahnke. Frog Horn
J. Stein, Rum Dum, 113; Faulkei
Rum Dum, 112:- Kaln. FroR Horn
Brandt. Frog Horns, 107; A. Steli
Dum, 107; "Wasmuth, Wheeling, 1
For tho President ? Ho Starl
*\VnMhiii??ton T<wlnv
President McKlnley spent a qui*
restful Sunday, attending to no bu
save a few arrangements for the
trip to Washington to-morrow ai
tening to what Postmaster G
Emory Smith had to say of his ob
tlons of .conditions in Cuba,
weather was very warm, the then
ter registering 83 degrees, but a
whs blowing.
The President and Miss Hanno
driven to the Methodist church f<
noon service. Mr. McKlnley v
light weight black coat and a soft
hat. The church was tilled, ar
President on coming out smiling
turned the salutlon of many of th
gregatlon. In the early afternoc
with other members of the hous
went driving and later received
master General Smith, who re
here on a spcclal car from Tamp
will Journey north with the Pre
to-morrow. lie was driven dlreci
the station to Senator Hanna's
stopping long enough to say to an
elated Press reported that his vie
Cuban affairs had been fully stit
an Interview sent by tne Asso
Press just before he left Havana.
The presidential party will leav
late to-morrow afternoon and
Washington after the.close of
hours Tuesday. Vice President 1
has decided to go north with the
dent. He has not been feeling a
the last three of four days as duri
early part of his visit and bell<
cooler and more bracing climat
prove beneficial. His attack of gr
winter was very severe and it wil
time and the best of care to rid hi
tem of its effects, lie caught a
cold Wednesday night and this,
some stomach trouble, made it
sary for him to keep quiet and ol
the doctor's directions. He has
able to move about the house, ho'
and this afternoon was feeling si
Of the Kanawha Ke^ion?Meeti
Operators ami Miners.
Special Dispatch to the Intelligence
The scale committee of the Kar
coal operators and miners met her
terdny and arranged a scale of
for mining coal for the ensuin
months. The new scale does not
materially from the old one. excep
it provides for pay day on the Sat
after the 15th of the month inst<
on the Saturday after the 20th,
present. Under the agreemen
miners are to be paid.on a sliding
the minimum price to be 2U ci
bushel for hard coal and 35 cents
for soft coal, with an addition of
cent on advances In the marke
market price being fixed at c>
bushel for hard coal. This Js prai
Iv the arrangement that has been
feet since last October, when the
was first agreed upon.
The miners' committee asked 1
Increase, which, because of the
tion of the market, they did not re
but 33 a concession they received
duction of fifty cents monthly on
i he regular monthly meeting i
Chesapeake & Ohio Fuel Compan
also held here yesterday.
Do lay in State Printing.
Special Dispatch to tho Intelligence
There has been considerable cor
on the delay in getting out the p
copies of the acts of the recent 1<
ture. Chief Clerk W. E. R. Byr
the house, who has this work In c
states, In explanation, that the coi
been in the hands of the public p
since March 13, but that the latt*
not kept up with the work becau
claims, he has not been furnished
Chief Clerk Byrne stated that 1
his Intention to have the printed
of the acts In distribution by A;
Just when they will be out, it Js I
sible to say.
Governor's Appoinintent.*.
Spoclal Dispatch to tho Intelligence!
f'T f A P.T.P.RTn\* W Vn Mnwl
Governor Atkinson yesterday app<
Harry S. Boggs, of this city, coi
sioner of pharmacy, to succeed J
White, of Bluefleld, and A. W. W
ger, of Huntington. :i member ?
board of directors of the asylum f
eurables, at Huntington, to si
John W. Harris, of Lcwlsburg, res
Village Almost "Wiped Our
CORNING, X. Y., March 2fl.?1
sou Valley, Pa., lost almost half l
tiro portion by lire this morning.
Harrison Valley house and ten
buildings were burned to the g
and the remaining hotel and
stores were only saved by the tipj
barb<*r :<hop over into the ereok.
village has no protection from tin
the departments from Knoxvillc
Westfleld came on a special tr.i
help them. The loss Is W.QOO
mui-h l"ss lnsur.".n<->\
They've imitatcc
everything else, bu
they've never beei
able to imitate ttv
quality of
13t; i
'i?ra- Can You Ask More ?
, Aber
130; HvrrALO, N? V. ]
ringer, Tn thirty yean'experience In the practice of mcdl >
Tlnds c'np?1 ',ave Klven tny name in support of a <
r< proprietary remedy; for I have never seen one that i
e, lull- performed itll and marr than wcsclalmed for It, un- ,
," 128; til I met with "ilyomel," which I endorse with all '
n Olrl i niyhtart (professional ethics to the contrary not- ]
vr. withstanding); for I believe it a duty 1 owe to hu- ,
a> *-<! j manitr. Jjince testing "Ilyofltel" fn Laryngitis,
Oeder, ! Bronchitis, Catarrh, Asthma, Hay Fever, and last,
S l?u' I but far from beinic least. Galloping Consumption, in ?
' 7" ' an advanced sta*e, which by the um of the Exluler
"? LAl" I one hour a day. and the Pocket Inhaler ten minute# J
'raver, every hour, with no other medicine. In four week* <
p 123' was trans formed Into an assured recovery. .
tRi*!!* S. II. MOK1US, M. D., 100 Franklin St J
B, 115; | -which can 'reach'tho tlUcaaud parts of tho
[I, La- j head, throat ami lutii**.
ostein, Every outfit uuoraatccd, Price $1.00. Extra
s, 109; bottles GOc.
Rooms 20-21 Audtorium Cuildinq, Chicago. Ill
Matters of Interest in the Metropolis
oTBelmont Connty.
:t and Joseph 33. Smith died last evening? at
tslness $.3^ m9 death vraa not unexpected,
ruS? ovvlne t0 IlJs GcIvanced flS"ef and he had
enerai 1)6011 confine*1 to his home for the past
serva- month. He was seventy-two years of
The age. Mr. Smith was one of the most
breeze Pr(HT,'nent lawyers In this section,1' and
was for years attorney for the Pennsyl.
were vanla Railway Company. Surviving
pr the him are a vvldow, and three sons and a
straw daughter by a former wife. The funeral
id the arrangements were not completed last
ly re- night.
In^he" ^Ir* *** ^oemer? President of theBoltehold',
Stove Company, attended the
Post- meeting of foundrymen at Columbus
a?and 'ast wec^' at which It was agreed to
sldent ?'ve an advnnce of 10 per cent to the
t from moulders and make a like advance in
home, the price of stoves.
James H. Sinclair resumes his former
ted in nm 03 Postal clerk on the Bellaire, p
'dated Zanesville & Cincinnati railroad this -S
morning, and William Shoemaker i6 I
e here transferred to the Pittsburgh, Wheeling i
reach an^ Cincinnati run on the Baltimore &
office Obto roaJ- v
Jobart Health Officer Dr. D. W. Boone, has r
Presi- started out on his mission of having ev- c
s well erybody, clean up their premises. He i:
ng the has adopted the policy that the laxv
>ves a waa made for everybody and he will n
c will have it enforced upon all who do not s
ip last clean up. j
I take The steel works has been*maklng an v
ssv*: average of over 1W0 tons of steel every
m twenty-four hours for some time past, v
nor or anc* *^ls ^e increased by reason of \.
"serve 6(Hne conveniences that will be added. j
. been 's stated now that all of the new h
ivever, owners of the Bellaire & Benwood
ightly Bridge Company's rights and prlvj- v
leges are favorable to the building pro- v
ject and will push it this eeason. r
Charles J. Gill, a well known glass i:
salesman who formerly lived here, but
ing of whose home is now in Freeport, Ills., c
was in town over Sunday. $
r. Martin Cowen, the deputy pure food c
i TG.? commissioner, hns been industriously
Miwht pushing prosecutions against violators >,
of that law recently. j,
prices The Barbers' baton meets this even- o
g six an<1 nI1 are re(iue6ted to be present,
differ as now officers will be elected for the ^
t that ensuing year. v
urday E. C. Morris will go to Fairmont, W. j
?ad of Va., to attend the funeral of ex-Governs
at nor Pierpont, which takes place there j,
t the to-day. a
scale, a. S. Ileat-herington will move his
mts a gents' furnishing store this week Into g
a ton tjle new roorn in A. Kern's building. j
t^ the John McCIellar. will leave Thursday
?nts a **or QuiTi?y. HI- where he will work for p
ctlcal- Central Traffic Association. e
in of- Rev. John T. Foster is confined to his
: scale home in the Fifth ward quite ill, threat- v
enedw 1th pneumonia. t;
for an ^Uss Mamie Cowen, of Pittsburgh, is
uuiiui- tjlc. guest ot friends and relatives in the *
ceive; Third ward.
bouse Common pleas court will begin the g
April term next week, with 250 cases on
of the ,he docket- i
y was Mr. James Wilson, of Delaware, was
in town Saturday.
Bellalre lodge, F. & A. M., meets this 1
evening for work,
p. -q> h
26.? Robbedthe Grave.
nment ^ startling incident, of which Mr. l[
rinted John Oliver, of Philadelphia, was the ^
>glsla- subject, in narrated by him as follows: o:
ne, of "I.was in a most dreadful condition. My t(
harge, skin was almost yellow, eyes sunken, w
jy has tongue coated, pain continually in back w
printer anti slti?s? no appetite?gradually grow- n
?r has inK weaker day by day. Three physi- h
"se, he ciana had given me up. Fortunately, H
l with a fr'on(* advised trying 'Electric P.it- c;
tern;' and to my great Joy and surprise, v.
i" was rtr3t bottle made u decided Improve- g
copies ment- 1 continued their use for three la
nrii ! weeks, and am now a well man. I know oi
mnos- they aaved mi" and robbed the s<
1 grave of another victim." N one should k
fall to try them. Only 50 cts., guaiyin- di
teed, at Logan Drug Co.'s drug store. 5 e:
,r T* Pittsburgh...BEX HUR, 3 a. m.
I. \V. PUtKburKh...KANAWHA. S a. m. <\
erlnn- Ptttsbunrh...KEYSTONE STATE. 1 p. m. ?
>f the Cincinnati....QUEEN C1TV. S a. m. "
or In- J^a.ncsvHJo....LORENA, t a. m. lJ
Igned. Parkcraburg.PEN HUR, 9 p. in. rSfstcrsvme...!tUTfI.
3:.t) |?. ml ?
ClarlnKton....LEROY. p. m. a'
Steubenvllle..T. SI. liAYNE, l!:20 p. m.. Sl
ts en- Cincinnati.... KEYSTONE STATE, S n. m. J
rp, Pittsburgh...VIRGINIA. 11 a. tn. *'
rhP Vn.rkrrnbnrK.il. K. UKDFORP. 11 a. m. ?
other Matamoras...LEXINGTON, II a, m. ?
round Slflter8Vllle...RUTII. 3:30 p. m.
oIVyJ Clarlngton....IjEROY, 3:30 p. m.
tnrce st.:ubvnvllle..T. M. PAYNE, 2:00 p. n>
)lng a
, The
i, and Alonjj t/ie Landing.
a,](l The marks nt 0 p. m. showed 14 feet G
,;P Inches and falling. "Weather, clear and
w,th cool. u
-- The Hornet No. 2 passed down with a 11
ntovv ofconl at 2 p. m. Sunday. ni
The Keystone. State passed up at 1 p. p|
m. Sunday, several hours late on nc- h>
count of heavy business. ti
, Klvei* Telegrams.
1 OIL CITY?River 1 foot anil station- w
ary. Clear and cold. m
f WARREN-?River 3 feet. Clear and m
mild. m
C.REKNSBORO?River 9 f,>et 4 Inches w
1 and falling. Pair and cold.
MO RG AN TOW N?R Ivor 9 feet 3
y Inches and falling. Clear and warmer. A
c BROWNSVILLE?Illver S feet and
STKUBF/NVIIAE-River 13 feet 11 ?
Inches nnd falling Clear and cold.
PARKDRSBL'Rfi?River IS feet and ?i<
falling. Mercury H3. ei
5 Chamberlain's Congli Reined J. ci
Thin remedy Is Intended especially for ,\j
coughs, colds, croup, whooping cough or
and lnlluenza. It 1ms become famous tr
for Its cures of these diseases, over a I
large part of the civilized world. The i"(
h most llatterlng testimonials havo been
1 received, giving accounts of Its good
* works; of the aggravating and persistent
coughs It has cured; of severe colds
that have yielded promptly to Its soothing
effects, and of the dangerous at- T*
tacks of croup It has cured, often sav- S
lag the life of the child. The extennlvo **
use of It for whooping eoupgh has
shown that It robs that disease of all
dangerous consequences. fcJold by
Hie Daily Chronlclo of Wheeling's!
ProgressI vo Sclgh bo p.
Fred. Oberdlck, of Vine slreet, mill- I
vrlght at the Top mill In "Wheeling; met I
,vlth a very painful accident while nt I
work Friday night, by a pile of iron
vith which he was working, falling over
jpon his lower limbs, mashing them I
considerably. It required about an
tour's work to free liim from his position,
after which he waa conveyed to
lis home, whore he will be confined for
lome time, the result of his accldcnt.
Rev. J. N. Wiseman, who has been
>astor of the Christian church for the
jast year, ended his labors with that
:onoregatlon with thd services held
yesterday. Rev. Wiseman has been
{lightly Indisposed for some time past,
vhlch, combined with friction which has
:>een known to exist In the congrega:ion.
ore said to be the reasons for his
est gnat ion. \
No name for city solicitor was handed
n to the Republican central committee
Saturday, and the Republican ticket
vlll likely be blank as far as a candilate
fov that otllce Is concerned, as
here seems to be no Republicans who
vlll allow their name to be placed upon
he ticket. The tight now 11^ between
wo Democrats, George Cooke and W.
3. Francis.
The Martin's Ferry Athletic Club
leld a business meeting last night, to
nake further arrangements for fitting
mt their new gymnasium. They will
ndeavor to get the fixtures lately In
ise in the Y. M. C. A. at Moundsvllle,
vhlch institution is now a thing of <he
Arthur Wrestwood, who has been em*
>loyed in the Cleveland & Pittsburgh
elegraph office for several years, has
esiuned. and will bf KtippAa<irwi hv
Clarence- Bush, who will commence
/ork this morning-.
The funeral of the aged Wallace Waton
took place from his late home yesertfay
mornln, conducted by Rev. S. J.
Jogle, of the Presbyterian church. Inerment
was made In the Mt. Pleasant
mrying grounds.
James Rasbrldgc, who has been em>loyed
at the L a ugh 11 n tin mill, left
esterday for New Castle, Pa., where
le has accepted a position as roller In
he new- plant at that place.
The Martin's Ferry base ball club will
live an entertainment and social In
Iaennerchor hall Wednesday evening,
'roceeds will go towards purchasing
inlforma for the team.
Rev. McKelvey, a noted evangelist,
rill commence a series of evangelistic
neetlngs in the United Presbyterian
hurch. Wednesday evening, continuing
until April 9.
Leltha, the infant daughter of Mr.
nd Mrs. Frank L. Walters, of Ninth
treet, died Saturday and was buried at
tivervlew cemetery yesterday after
The Good Templars attended thoserices
at the Methodist Episcopal church
ast nlffht in & body, when Rev. Morton
elivered a special sermon In their bealf.
The old tin mill at the Laughlln,
fhich was idle the latter part of the
reek, caused by a broken spur-wheel,
fill resume with first turn this mornag.
Nearly $10 was realized from the soial
given by the mothers of the primary
apartment scholars oC the Presbyterian
hurch, last Friday evening.
The Thimble Bee will be entertained
iy Mrs. A. W. Dlven, at her home on
Corth Fourth street, Friday afternoon
f this week.
Henry Reibold and Ham Ivipgln?,plain
Irunks, arrested late Saturday nisht.
.ill appear at this morning's session of
olice court.
A number of people from this cityatended
the funeral of Col. T. Y. Hervey.
t Honey's Point, yesterday afternoon.
Luther Lewis, of Pittsburgh, spent
unday with his parents. Rev. and Mrs.
, W. Lewis, of the First ward.
Miss Cieode Anthony is in from
'lushing to spend a week with her parnts
on Broadway.
Philip Jones will leave the first of this
reek to accept a position at New Cas!e,
Miss ITanna Bird Is indisposed at her
ome, corner of North and First streets.
Miss Bessie Harris, of Brilliant, is the
uest 01 ner sister m me l- irst ward.
Charles Williams spent Sunday with
It. Pleasant relatives.
Wilkins Barkus, of Sclo, Is visiting:
riends on Vine street.
Hon* Americans Get Abend.
Philadelphia Inquirer: A contract to
uiUl a bridge across the Atbara river,
i the Soudan, has beer: awarded to a
'hiladelphia Jlrm by the British war
llice because the Phlladelphians agreed
> complete the job in seven weeks,
hereas the English bridgebulders from
hom estimates had been invited could
ot promise to get the bridge in place in
ss than seven months. Not long ago
Inglish Midland Railway Company
ime here for locomotives because it
anted thein in a hurry and couldn't
et them at home until after a long dely.
These things help to explain why
ur manufacturers are making such
rlous inroads upon the foreign maret.
They don't say a thing can't be
jne because it is out of their ordinary
sperlence. They adapt themselves to
le emergency and work overtime to till
n order. That's why they are so conLantly
getting there.
Days of the Horse Numbered.
The greatest electrician in the world
eclares that the days of the horse are
umbered, and that In a short time elecrJeltv
will completely sum>lant man's
?ost useful animal. In 20 years, he nserts,
the horse will be a curiosity.
iJseases of the stomach, liver, kidneys
rul blood would also be a curiosity If all ,
jfferera would take llostetter's Stomch
Bitters; There then would be
ractlcally no dyspepsia, nervousness,
leeplessness, Indigestion, constipation,
mlnrlal f'-v-T or ague.
111 .
Are you afflicted with that condition
nov.n as "hnrd of hparlng" and ringing
olse? In the ears, have you catarrh of
oso and throat, do you suffer from
;omach, kidney or liver disease. Is your
part nlYceted, have you bronchial or lung
ouble, asthma, rheumatism or nervous '
If you have any of the above diseases (
rlto for hjmptom blank for homo treat- t
lent. Wc will send one week's supply of 1
edlclno free to domonstrntn Iho curative j
tituro of our treatment to any one who
111 pay express charges on mcdlelne.
ClinM. ">r. .Tonkins, Now Cumberland, .
*. Vn. "Bronchial Asthma made my life
l.oerable for live year*. and although I
jetored with two doctors and took almost
,*ery kind of patent medicine I received
? relief until I consulted Prs. Ityrrn .-iznI
ticker. Ueforo treating with these spoallstf
I tcok cold very easily, and every
ild nlways brought on a snell. I would
nioyt choke to death. I could not sloop
i account of suffocative breathing. Since
'.ttitifr uiili Doctors Myers nnil Tucker ?
hnv? not lout nny sleep, my appetite i* "
)oil, I can do si day's work without fool- l
if? the least l?lt worn out, ami have
lined ton pounds. I wns advtaed to con- I
lit these specialists by several people
ho hud tuken their treatment."
Irs. Byers & Tucker,
335 nnd 337 FlflliAvc.,
Pittsburgh, . . Pn. '
stones of the terrible feflf
Spanish Inqnisition jgjj
ot the olden times, aJK! JJ
it seems as if the torI
were almost bevond
| the invention of the > Wyr j
most depraved and A
1 fiendish mind;
j yet here in our own
1 ?our own sistcrs,
mothers w
and wives ?
suffering from
some unnatural & weakness of the
delicate organism of their sex, are daily
undergoing an almost equally terrible,
physical anguish and martyraom.
" It seemed cs if there was an Iron band around
my bead and it was being twisted tighter and
lighter all the time," o New York lady said in
trying to describe her terrible sensations.
I could not walk across my room without suffering
dreadful pains," ?ald "another lady. Mrs.
May E. Jones, 0P529 Madison Ave., Ypsilanti,
Mich,, in a letter to I)r. R, V, Piercr, of Buffalo,
N, Y. " I was troubled with female weakness.
I had suffered for two years when I began taking
your medicine but now after taking three boitlea
of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription I am free
from pain. I do all my housework and walk
where I please?thanks to Dr. Pierce's medicine."
" It is the only medicine that relieved ray terrible
headaches," said Mrs. R. P. Monfort. of
Lebanon. Warren Co.. Ohio. " In very truth it
is the only medicine ever invented that delicate
and ailing women can positively relv upon to
give them complete and permanent relief."
No other remedy was ever devised that
so thoroughly rejuvenates the entire nervous
system of women; healing and curing
all weakened and diseased conditions of
the feminine organism and restoring womanly
strength and completeness. It is the
only proprietary remedy ever devised for
this one special purpose by an edncatcd
and eminent physician, a specialist of
world-wide reputation in this particular
field of practice. No woman need or ought
to allow her whole nature, physical and
mental, to be undermined by such ailments
when by writing to Dr, Pierce she may obtain
professional advice free of charcc.
J/: ? -?~A TAmr>n
-w- /-X 71 \Jl\ LS
All soJ.'d advertisements under
the following headln&s: : : : ???
will be Inserted at the rato of ???
Sietp 'Wanted.
W travel and appoint agents. Salary
575 per month and expense. CENTURY,
Market St.. l'hlla.. Ki. mr2G-s
\\tanted?girl at s3 tweijtii
if street. mrt
>V housework. Apply at St Twentythird
street. mr24
n No. 11 North Penn street, Island.
Small f a mily. m r23_
Make your money earn money
?The money-maklnir chances in
Stock:-. Wheat. Cotton and Bonds art? better
and safer now than over before. There
are no losses under our plan, and a stipulated
Income on your capital is guaranteed.
Every facility for successful Investment
Is offered our clients. Write for freo
advice and literature; showing how you
may Increase your income without risk.
C. E. MAC KEY & CO., 23 Broadway. New
York. f"l-s
Hollers. Males $2.00. Females 50c. at
HENRY HELMBR1 GHT'S, corner Market
an.l Sixth strc.-ts. mrlT
Proposals will be received at the clerk's
oflice of the hoard of commissioners until
Wednesday. March 20. la'J'J, at 2 o'clock
p. m.. for furnishing medicine and medical
attendance to all persons contlned
In the Ohio county jail as lunatics, or
persons charged with felony or misdemeanor,
for ono year from April 1. 1S39.
mr?."> T. C. MO FFAT. Clerk.
Sealed proposals will be received at the
mayor's otflcc In the city of Bonwood until
?> o'clock p. m. on May l, isv.>, for tho
grading and paving1, with lire brick. Alleys
"A" and "B" from Fourth to Eighth St?.
Plans and specifications to be seen at the
mayor's ottlee. Committee reserves the
right to reject any or all bids.
M. DO LAN*. I ;
AUG. hepe.
mr^-m JAS. BAH RETT.
Commissioners' Sale.
of the real estate of ISAAC FREESE, deceased,
heretofore advertised in detail,
will, in pursuance of adjournment, tako ]
place at the north front door of the court
house of Ohio county, on
at 10 o'clock a m. This property consists ]
of lot 33 and part of lot 34 on the south- ;
west corner of Twenty-fourth and Chap- :
line streets, In Centre Wheeling; and the ;
south half of lot 3 In aquure 7 In the plat ;
of South Wheeling. i
Special Commissioners.
J. C. HERVEY. Aurtlom-r. mri:
General Dc otic vs.
The parents and guardians of students :
belonging to Ohio Valley Business and I
English Academy are hereby notified that
all money for tuition and books must bo i
paid to the treasurer, at corner Main and i
Twelfth streets: that any money paid to j
I. 11. Molse for the purpose named will
be re-collccted by the company.
J. M. FRASIIER, President
Farenth and guardians of students of
Dhlo Valley Business and English Academy
are hereby notified that all students
ivili be completed In their courses of *ftudy
it contract price without regard to time j
required, and that there will bo no extra
:hurgo for books and blanks.
J. M. FI LASHER, President,
The public Is hereby notified that all
'nurses or instruction ar#? being- given In (
ho most practical up-to-date plans lcnown
to the business world, and wo most re;peciful!y
request a continuance of your
patronage. j
J. M. FRASH1SR. President. Jal3 a
- f
Sffftc/iinpi'i/ c
T > L'DilA.N ? CO..
l\ (
Jul? Winwling. w. \'a. ^
LP ?von? g
Amateur Pliotographers, |
Mall Orders Solicited.
.V. C. BROWN, 1222 Market St '
Neat, Accurate, Prompt* *|
Co jOoan.
TATE. Six per cent Interest and on*
per cent premium, total seven per cant.
LOAN CO.. Ed St.. Dell&trv. Ohio. oc7
Public Sale.
Public Sale.
I will offer at public salo on
Friday, March 31,1899,
At 10 o'clock ft. tn., at No. 72s Mnrkel
street, all my household and kitchen furniture,
consisting of carpets, bureaus,
bedding, book caws cooking stove, etc.
W. J. Johnston,
J. C. Hcrvey, 738 Morlcet St.
Auctioneer. nur23
Of 40 Carriages, Phaetons, Piano Box
Buggies, Wagons; also a lot ol machinery
and carriage makers' material, at
No. 2110 Main St.,
Wheeling, W. Va., \
Saturday, April 1,1S99, at 19 a. m.
Terms Reasonable.
GEORGE HOOK, Receiver,
Donaldson Carriage Co.
5or Stent.
or rent-several good rooms
In tho City Bank Building. Inquire at
iho-Clty Bank of Wheeling. rarSO
For rent-fjne office rooms,
best location In city. Po?sfjpslon at
once. NICOLL'S ART STORE. 131 Mar
tvci auccu OC3U
17*011 RENT?DWELLING NO. 2332
] Chapllne street; Fix rooms, hall, bath
and attic; both gancs. Enquire of B.
KLIEVES, 2315 Chapllne street. mrS
J; rooms ut 150S Market street. Water and
both Kuses In oach room. Rent very reasonable.
Apply to 1G04 Market street.
Flvo dwelling rooms nt 10BT Main
street, S?0. Largo Store room num*
bored 100S Mnlii atre?t; also 9tor?
rooms on Tonth mul Main streets.
Prices for storo rooms from $35 to
$100 per month.
Ileal Estate and Loan Agent,
IQUfi Mutnstroot.
Lorlng Homestead, Elm Grovo, 7 acres
with barn.
Fratno residence, Edfflnffton, 7 rooraa
cistern and well, natural ?as, 1& acres.
Brick residence, Pleasant Valley, 6
roomu, 4 acres, stable. Low figuro on a
quick deal.
16 Exchange Bnnfe Building.
jtor Sale.
JLJ tables. Inquire at Grand Opera Houao
Billiard Room. mrT*
well trained horse for delivery
wagon, cheap. 221? Markot street. mr34
JL corner Chapllne and Twenty~thlrd
streets, will be sold at a low figure. Terms
easy. GEO. M. SNOOK. Call at G. M.
Snook & Co.'s. ja9
Fou sale-residence of mrs. a.
H. Campbell, deceased. Situated on
nethany Pike, 3^ miles from city. Apply
to I. F. Jones, executor, or White Ss
Bates, Exchange Rank Building. mrC5
? ING on Fourteenth at.; I offer my
residence. No. 115 Fourteenth St. for sale;
possession and terms to suit purchaser.
Inquire of T. B. McLAIN. Dental and
Surgical depot. City Bank building, mrll
A Few Choice Lots
at Edgington. jC ^
City Bank Building. 33'X) Market Street.
Steal Sstate.
~for1rent and for sale. '
Arlon Hall store room. No. 2002 Main
Residence, 10 rooms and bath. May 1,
corner Fifteenth and Jacob streets.
3 rooms, first I'.oor, and cellar, McCollocli
street, April 1.
STV) cash?Brick cottage. 3 rooms and
lot. East McColloch street.
? 1,700?'Two-story brick. 4 rooms and
kitchen; one-half cash; balance on easy
terms. Cheap.
Building *ites. from ono to five acres. In
Pleasant Valley, on electric line. Perfect
JraJnage; fine elevation. Desirable.
u. A. ^tnAtrtK & CU.
Corner Fourteenth and Market Sts.
Telephone 517.
S'o. 2247 Market street, store room
and ten rooms; will rent as a whole
or will rent 10 rooms or store separate.
S'o. 2222 Market street t20 00
So. l?j Fourteenth street 22 CO
<o. 37 Seventeenth street 22 00
S'o. 77 South York street 20 <!0
S'o. 1.115 Market street, 2d tloor 21 00
S'o. CO North Front street ]3 pi)1
S'o. 10S Virginia street 8 00
s'o. 110 Virginia street 10 00
S'o. 2006 Jacob street. tlrst lloor 8 00
S'o. 20 Sixteenth street, bottling cellar
12 M
So. TJ Sixteenth street. store room.. 10 00
S'o. .11 Sixteenth street, storo room
nnd 10 rooms 40 00
s'o. 171 Alloy 14 7 0)
So. 17.*> Seventeenth street, 2 rooms.. 5 00
s'o. ?H?7 Alley A, 2 rooms 5 00
s'o. 2SM Alley H, 2 rooms 5 M
s'o. 2CCS Alley F S SO
No. tS and No. SO East Chestnut street,
Washington, Pa., for Hotel or Restau ant:
will rent It furnished or unfurilshed.
Main street residence.
Chapllne street residence.
Eoff street residence.
Market street business property
}onl Estate Agent, Collector, Notary
Public and Pension Agent, No. 1513
Main street. m/iri'i
Kloven-roomed brick house. Ix>t 2Sxl33
U No. D'-O Market street. Tills property
* really (or sale, and will ho sold at a low
The double business and dwelling hou.?o,
t Nm. 2l09-?lli Main street at a sacrifice
iKure. Will pay well.
llest lot In Pleasant Valley. 137x2W. It'a
3.0. SMITmEXCJ'uiLDwo*NK
C-roomn and bath room on South Pcnn
tr.vt. l3.Ct-0.00.
122 Zano street at a special bargain; 5
IJulldtnK lots at Pleasant Valley and
ark View; also on the Inland.
Saloon with stock and fixtures at a baraln;
cheap rent,
.Y. S. Penn St.. 3 rooms and hath....$10 00
> S. iv?n St.. ;f rooms and bath.... 12 CO
1 Zano St.. 3 rooms 11 00
> N*. Hroadway, 8 rooniB 23 W
)2."? Main St.. 2 rooms.
room house ut Kcho Point.
Store room In the Ksorter Building.
THEO. w. FINK & CO.,
i'honc 087. 1320 Market St.

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