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By the Board of Public Works a
Last Night's Meeting.
Received and the Globo Fire Uriel
Works of Sew Cumberland Sccnrc
the Contract?William Stall) got tit
Curbing Contracts?Thomas A. Lit
tie Will FUrnlslx Sewer ripe and th
Carneys will Haul the Brick.
The city board of public works' mc
last night In regular session and openc
the bids for pdvliig brick, curbing, sew
cr pipe and for hauling the brick an
sewer pipe. After a. prolonged sesslo
which did not end until 11 o'clock, th
board let the contracts, as follows:
Paving brick?Globe Fire Brie
"works, of New Cumberland, W. Va.
Curbing?"William Staib, of Wheellns
Sewer, pipe?Thomas A. Little, ci
Hauling brick?William and Josep!
Carney, of Wheeling.
Hauling sewer pipe?Joseph Robrechl
of Wheeling.
The bids received were as follows:
Mack Manufacturing Company," o
Pittsburgh?Block brick, $1182 per thou
sand; repressed, $8 94; wire cut, 57 82.
McMahon, Porter & Co., New Cum
berland, W. Va.?Block brick, $12 32; re
pressed, 59 15; wire cut, 5S.
Camden Clay Company. Spillman, "W
Va.?Block brick, $12.
Globe fire brick works, New Cumber
.Jand, W. Va.?Repressed by rail, 58 CO
by barge, $8 23; wire cut, by rail, 57 60
by barge. $7 25.
Park Fire Clay Company, Rochestei
Pa.?Repressed brick, 510; wire cut, 5!
"William Stalb, Wheeling?Clevelan
stone, 5S cents per fcot; Freeport ston<
65 cents.
Jacob Schweitzer, "Wheeling?Cleve
land stone, 58 cents; Tippecanoe ston<
60 cents.
The contract was awarded to "Williar
Btaib for Cleveland stone.
For dressing and re-setting old curt
William Staib?In new trench, 1
cents per foot; in old trcnch. S cents.
Jacob Schweitzer?In old or nei
trenches, U 'cents.
The contract was awarded to "Williar
Thomas A. Little was the only biddei
His bid was for single strength pipe, S
per cent oil list prices. Double strengt
pipe?15 inch, SO per cent off; IS incl
78J? per cent off; 20 inch, 75 per cent off
24 inch, 73 per cent off.
"William S. Holmes?U 20 per 1.000.
Joseph Robrecht?10 per 1.000.
William and Joseph Carney?Froi
cars, 9-1 cents per 1.C00; from bargei
51 24 per 1.000.
The contract was awarded to Williar
and Josenh Carnev.
The only .bidder for hauling, sewe
pipe was Joseph Robreeht at 40 cent
per ton. to whom the contract wa
The council committee on petltlor
and remonstrances met la'st night, an
acted on several petitions refered fro*
council. Among them were those (
David..McGIumhy, transfer from tl:
late Wm. McGlumphy: Ernest Hari
man. transfer from Joseph Beltz; Fis
& Quinlnn, transfer from David Gut)
The petition of Angie Strong came u]
but at the request of her attorney cot
side-ration was postponed for two week
T'nn ?ati%jnfc nllovc nnrl rrrnf1<?a rntT
mltte of council met last evening, an
considered the matter of the opening <
a continuation of Alley 11 through tfr
Shrlver property, in the East End. .
sub committee, composed of Councilme
McCormlck. Klndelberger, Waterhous
and Ratcllffe was appointed to make a
examination of the property, and repoi
at another meeting of the full commit
Of the 126 Wheeling saloonists, aboi
100 have handed in their applications f<
renewal of license. These appllcatior
will come before council, and will be r<
ferred to the committee on petitloi
and remonstrances. The new licens
year begins May 1, and saloonists d<
laying making their application ma
have a repetition of the experience <
some last year, who had to to clo;
temporarily until council could grai
their license.
Held by Junior Epworth liOnRin
Miss Mlttlrcth IClrkwood Dcclnre
the Winner?An Interesting Affair
A Demorest Silver Modal contest wi
\ held at the Fourth Street M. E. ehurc
\ last evening:, by the Junior Epwort
League. The winner was Miss Mildre
Kirkwood. The contestants for U
medal were:
Miss Edna Cowan
"The Progress of Prohlbltior
Miss Mildred KfrJcvVood
"Vigorous Warfan
Miss Reita Caldwell "A Timoly Tall*
2VIIS3 Viola Clini "National Tree;
MJss Bessie McCuIIoukIi
"A Glorious Monument
Catherine Hutchins.."A. Genuine Iteforn
The judges were Mrs. lie v. G. "V
Bente, Dr, W. J. Harkneps and Hev. 1
D. Ilnnna, who decided that Miss Mi
dred Kirkwood had won the medn
which was presented to her by Mrs. ^
J. Clarke.
The programme was varied with
song by Miss Carrie McKennon, cnt
tied. "Away! Away the Bowl," a "Sor
of the Flag," by eight girls, and a sor
"Three Llttie Sisters," sung by EI?
Ciement, with accompaniment by ht
sister, Eva Clement, and piano and vl<
Ifn duet by Miss Llsetta and Mr. Joh
Seybold. The benediction was pre
nounccd by Rev. E. D. Hannu.
There was a largo audlenco presen
which showed ItH appreciation by fr<
fjuent applause. The opening pray*
was made by Rev. Dr. Sooy.
Easter Art Offerings.
An Intelligencer reporter was show
the very attractive and large collectlo
of original drawings and sketches li
well known artists now being shown I
Kirk, at his studio, 100j Main r.tree
and was surprised to learn that such
large stock Is demanded by the Whee
Ing public. Mr. Kirk says Wheelln
people appreciate anything artistic an
always want something good, therefoi
his large and very line showing <
drawings and sketches by Charles Dan
Gibson, Hal Hurst, Humphreys, Gun
and other well known artists. The?
are especially appropriate for Baste
souvenirs, and the demand this week
quite large.
ATTEND the Opening of the Sampl<
Llngainan Co., this afternoon and evi
n,ns* ,
MILTjIXJHIY Opening T?o??d?y an
tVeiliKMday. SWA HACK till'!*.
OPENING to-dny and to-morrow (
Carl'tii UOOl Jacob KtrueU .
A Stimulant Which Strengthens am
Fortifies the System to Repel On
t slaughts.
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey Is a peer
less medicine, and nothing within thi
range of the whole pharmacopeia com
? pares with it in efficiency as a prevent
ij Jve and cure for coughs, colds or chills
In the more serious maladies, grip
nsthma, bronchitis, doctors prescribe
ar.d administer It freely. In pneumo
k nla it ha3 Invariably brought on thi
d desired reaction, and been a more po
tent remedial agent In effecting a curt
c than any other medicine. The medlca
.. profession recommend it freely, hav
ing learned by experience to rely on it:
e uniformly stimulating properties.
Altogether its record is one prou<
succession of cures, and no one has eve
tnkon It without recoh'ing distinct ben
eflt. ' It strengthens the system, bring
t lng it to such a state of nggresslvi
(j health that it enables one to llghtl;
throw off burdens which othenvls*
might have borne down and overcome
" anu mace one a prey to disease,
a ** - c
\ James Chapman Dead.
John Chapman died at Steubenvill
l: yesterday. He was born In "Wheeling
November 1C, 182S. He married Cather
/ iiie Weyer, of St. Clalrsville, In Septem
ber 1852. Eight children 6urvlve, als.
two brothers, one of them, W. II
h Chapman, of Wheeling,' and t-hree sis
ters,. two of them being Mrs. Johi
t, Pyle, of Yorkvllle, and Mrs. Robert AJ
ken, of Tlltonvllle. He has been tele
grnpber in the Steubenvllle freight of
flee of the Cleveland & Pittsburgh, am
j? was with the Cleveland, Lorain i
Wheeling' road,- He was also once book
keeper In the Moundsvllle penitential
tor the "Weaver, Bardall Manufactur
- ing Company. He was a member of j
. "Wheeling Masonic lodge.
Death of Mrs. Jameson.
* Spoclai Dispatch to tho Intelligencer.
FAIRMONT, W. Va., March 27.?Wor<
i; has been received here from Fresnc
'I California, of the death of Mrs. Mar;
Belle Jameson, widow of P.ev. Di
!"? Jameson, formerly one of the bes
' known Presbyterian ministers in thi
state, and whose last pastorates in "Wes
d Virginia were in this city and Morgan
Mrs. Jameson, who was almost a
well known as her husband, died at th
- home of Mrs. J. W. Dunnington. o
Fresno, formerly of Fairmont, whos
wife is a daughter of Mrs. Jameson
n and with whom she has made her hom
since her husband's death. Old ag
was the cause of her death, which oc
curred on the L'lst Instant.
0 -
Charged with Bribery.
v DOVER, Del., March 17.?Mark I
ii Davis, Union Republican, representa
tive in the general assembly, was ar
rested to-day charged with having of
* fered a bribe to Representative Franci:
,2 II. Lattomus, regular Republican, to se
h cure the latter's vote for J. Edward Ad
dicks for United States senator. Th
}- warrant was sworn out by State Detec
tive McVey. Davis waived a hearlnj
until to-morrow and was released 01
$1.GCO bail. Representative Davis de
cl.ares he Is innocent of any attempt a
n a
' Samoan Situation.
n Washington. March 2".?The live
ly discussion of Samoan affairs in th
foreign press seems to be the seque
ir to the developments of last week, whic.
s have not been followed by any materia
change in the situation. Secretary Ha;
3 has held further conferences with Am
bassador Von Holleben, of Germans
and Sir Julian Pauncefote, the Britls
ambasador, but these, Jt is stated quit
positively, have not advanced the sub
u jeci toward a settlement.
? ,? ? ,
Sewer Pipe Consolidation,
le NEW YORK, March 27.?The consoll
dation of clay sewer pipe companies
^ embracing" important interests in Ohic
p] Pennsylvania and New York, was to
jI day consummated. It involves a pur
Si chase of over fifty plants, ownin;
largely their own clay beds. The amoun
of money connected with the deal i
about $10,000,000. Over SO per cent ha
been underwritten by the local inter
d ests of the various plants.
)t *
te ATTEND the Opening of the Sample
A Ling-am an Co.. this afternoon and eve
n ning.
n MILLINERY Opcnlmr Tuosdnv nni
rt "Wednesday. SWAHAfKliR's.
| jj Second
? |j Prepare ffc
, These goods, being ma
!; stock and of the finest
:|i| the Second Week of ou
s ll We will be pleased to j
? <!; cannot allow extended
Tho Winter has Been Most Severe on
* tho CcrcaL
SPRINGFIELD, Mass., March 27.?
The New England Homestead has compiled
a special report from Information
? received from correspondents In the entire
wheat belt of tho 'country, which
shows that the winter has been most
i, severe In the whole territory usually
> devoted to wheat. The report says:
J "The ground has been frozen to^ a
. depth beyond all precedent, and to ac?
centuate this I found snow protection
"l has been very light. Except in the ex
treme southern part of the belt, the last
u week of March brings no appearance of
spring growth.
1 "The April 1 report of condition even
r in a normal season must be taken as
- only an attempt to approximate the
- general situation, and this Is what has
e been done In consolidating Into state
7 averages returns of our correspondents.
8 For the whole crop this shows a pre',
liminary estimated condition of 82.1,
against S9.0 last year, and the lowest
ronorfnrl nf tWa fn* flvo
e "The advent of April weather, however,
may show a favorable change.
" The feeling among wheat growers is
that the crop an a whole can now hard
ly recover its normal vigor, although it
0 is far from a failure yet."
1 Kills 0110 Masked Robber and Wings
Two Others.
' SCRANTON'. Pa., March 27.?Five
j masked men shortly after midnight enc'
tercd the Carbondale Traction Compa
- ny'*j car barn, i$ an isolated part of
^ Mayfleld, and sandbaeged Engineer
x Patrick tiempsey. Fireman Frank
Scroggins and Watchman William Brokenshirc,
rendering them unconscious.
They then ransacked the office, candying
away the box with the day's receipts,
and got upwards of $1,000.
' "When they left Brokenshire regained
^ consciousness and llred at them several
t times, but without effect. The burs
glars boarded a north-bound coal train
t and got as far as Ararai Summit, when
mi' n .i.iiiwvu uir'tt ijiuiii uil. aitacked
the latter with revolvers, but no
s one was Injured.
e The noise of the shots aroused Willf
lam Leek, the Summit hotel keeper, and
e he came out to Investigate. Tin? robi,
bers drovo'hlm back into the hotel, but
e he got his gun and revolver and came
e out, opening lire as soon as he saw the
. men. One of the robbers was kliled and
two others were wounded. Th ? others
fled. The wounded men were made
prisoners and later removed to -Carbondale
hospital. Leek was uninjured.
' The Identity of the desperadoes Is un
The stolen money has not been recovered.
* Cast Iron Pipe Combine.
NEW YORK. March 27.?The United
2 States Cast Iron Pipe Company has
~ completed its organization, and the
i company has formally assumed control
- of Its properties. The company is capt
italized for $30,000,000, equally divided
between common and preferred stock.
*_/i tills uinuuiic <ji-,vuu,uuv ui tawu wiaos
is issued. (
Germany's Project Abandoned,
j BERLIN, March 27.?The National
^ Zeltung to-day says the German pro1
posal for the partition of the Samoan
y islands may be recorded as abandoned.
- owing to lack of response, particularly
r, from Great Britain.
e False Report.
WASHINGTON. March 27.?The state
department has received advices from
Honduras saying- that no Americans
. had been arrested and none were imperilled.
A report has reached this country
?? that seven Americans had been arrest).
ed in that country.
Determined on Revenue.
S COLUMBUS, 0., March 27.?Convict
\ Otis Hurley was detected to-day at the
5 penitentiary as he lay in wait for his
- for his former victim. Miss Daisy
Sprague, whom he attempted to murder
In September last. Hurley had been
. in solitary confinement and wore ball
. and chain, but with the aid of a steel
saw he removed his fetters and cut his
way out of the cell. When discovered
,1 he was In hiding on top of a safe in the
ofiico where Miss Sprague Is employed
w the Best Pte
Some time ago we
facturers, who displaye
vstsw) w'" esPec'a"y remer
2?|l??( instance the price, mart
ingly good furniture, an
3er Cer
ae especially for samples at the
finish. They have been placet
r March Trade Sale, the greatest
;tore free or charge such Furnili
credit on any purchase.
\J? ? 1 v i eL*
Having a large number of
Square Pianos, which we received
in exchange for Uprights,
we will offer them for
the next ten days at such
prices that if you can use one
of them it will pay you to
call and see them.
ISOligan, Wilkin & Co.,
1138, 1140 and 1142 Market St.
ns a book-keeper. He was armed with
a stillctto made of a half pair of scissors.
Hurley is serving1 a twelve years* sentence
for his former attempt upon the
young lady's life, with whom he is enamored.
' _
Parkersburg-.BEN IIUR, 9 p. m.
SistersvHle...RUTH, 3:20 p. m.
C!larlnRton....LEROY, 3:30 p. m.
8toubenviUe. .T. M. BAYNE, 2:30 p. m.
Cincinnati....KEYSTONE STATE, 8 a. m.
Pittsburgh...VIRGINIA. 5 a. tn.
Parkorsburg-.H. K. BEDFORD, 11 a. m.
Matamoras...LEXINGTON, II a. nu
Slstersville...RUTH, 3:30 p. m.
ClnrlnKton....LEROY, 3:20 p. m.
Stouben\ille..T. M. BAYNE. 2:30 p. m.
New Orleans.CITY OF PITTSB'H.ll p. m.
Charleston...KANAWHA. 6:30 a. m.
Pittsburgh...BEN HUR. 2p. ra.
SIstersviile...RUTH. 3:31 p. m.
Clarlng-ton.. ..LEROY. 3:3o p. m.
Steuben vllle..T. il. BAYNE, 2:30 p. m.
Forty Miles an Hour.
The new Turblna, of 220 feet In
length and 250 tons displacement, Is in
an advanced stage of construction at
Elswick, England, and hopes are entertained
of her being tried in two months
from the present time. The modifications
found to be desirable after the exhaustive
trials of her predecessors are
considerable. The new vessel has eight
propellers on tour shafts, Instead of the
original Turbinia's three shafts and nine
propellers. Her "going astern" arrangements
nre far in advance of those of
the pioneer boat. The Turbinia is the
fastest vessel in the world, having made
a record of forty miles an hour.
Along the Landing.
The marks at C p. m. showed 10 feet
1 inch and falling. Weather, cloudy
and cool.
The City of Pittsburgh leaves Pittsburgh
for New Orleans this afternoon
and is due here at 11 o'clock to-night.
Several Wheeling people will make the
The Tom Dodsworth passed down
with a tow of coal yesterday at noon.
The Keystone State is to-day's Cincinnati
packet, departing at 8 a. m.
Ri vcr Telegrams.
PITTSBURGH ? River S.6 feet and
falling: cloudy and warm.
OIL CITY ? River 3 feet 6 inches and
falling: cloudy and warmer.
STEUBENVILLE ? River 12 feet 11
inches and falling: clear and cold. .
BROWNSVILLE?River 7 feet ilnches
and falling.
MORGANTOWN ? River S feet 10
inches and falling; cloudy and warm.
GREENSBORO ? River 9 feet and
falling; cloudy.
WARREN ? River 3 feet; clear and
ATTEND the Opening of the SampleLingaman
Co., this afternoon and evenlng.
=M A DfH,
ws Yet of This
Popular Mar
purchased, at a great reduction
d the goods at the Grand Rapic
nbered that every piece of this
:ed in plain figures, is far belov
d from that price we give you tl
Grand Rapids Exhibition, are o
I on sale, and together with o
Furniture event in the history
ire as you may select, and del
?Fine Balbr
Spring Un
Men's soft Merino
won't fade or shi
Men's finest Can
that's soft as silt
Men's fine Lamb's
kind doctors rcco
jltoxandcr jrrcio.
: I NEW i
\\ | SPRING |
\ | NOW |
j; | ARRIVING. |
| I New Parte
| 1 New Carpi
< | New Bed ]
| New Concl
!; % New Sidet
?: I Etc., Etc.,
| 1208 MAir
$ohn jtriedel & Co.
\\ /??%/. ?*V <w5 w.>^
>#? I
?r Cent Di
rch Furniture
, the entire line of supplies of
Is Furniture Exhibition in Jai
Furniture is guaranteed as to
v the lowest prices asked els
liis week
if high grade, carefully select
ther purchases, will make th
of the town.
iver any time desired, but \
| SKefyt/deit.
? *S?
derwear for 25c.
Spring Weight Underwear, that ")r
ink, the 3Sc quality, for ZDC
lei's Hair Spring Underwear, a q
; and worth 75c, !or only <?QC
Wool Spring Underwear, the nr
>mmcnd, sizes 30 to 46, for only /DC I
's Underwear Dept.,
I and 1322 Market Street.
| Alexander jrew.
r Soils, |
its, I <:
Room Salts, I
His, | |
oards, I I
tv_ n> '' I
I prices in :;: : f
Z the city :i; < I
% on all I
t furniture, f : 1
t < jw
J Sohn 5riede! <? Co.
Make Your
Home Livable.
You don't know how it'll i
brighten your rooms up to j:
cover their walls with some p
of the designs in wall paper M
which we have. Every de- [|
sign is artistic, and among p
them are just the combina-1
tions you want, to harmonize ||
with your furniture. Prices I
are exceedingly moderate.
DEL & CO., s
J119 Main Street |
a n ft
tie. |
Movement I
two well-known manu- <>
nuary and February', it K !
quality, and that in each <;;i
;ewhere for correspond- s> Z
I ?
CT0I 11
!tj^ ' || g
1124 MAIN STREET. |j

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