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I 4.
[ Sporting. J
i *yS4*yfr
j'op Local Boxers Is Received "With
General Favor?Would BxelfeaSet
ot'Spirlted Contests Bctivccu Good
Home Talent?Boxing Notes.
Wheeling boasts of some creditable
young boxers, ond In fact, when they
have figured against out-of-town opponents,
their showing was always
Uatterlng to the old town. The suggestion
is offered that. In view of the attempts
to match several of them, there
be held a tournament at which the rivals
may decide their superiority. BoxImp
tournaments are great successes in
oilier cities and one here, In which the
participants would be representatives
of suburbs and other things, would
crouee a sort of local 'pride that would
assert Itself in big box olllce receipts.
The tournament could consist of
three bouts, say of ten rounds each, in
the bantam, light and welter-weight
classes. and the winner would thus become
the local champion In his class.
For instance, George Carle, of Benwood.
and Louis Logomasslno, who
would both weigh under ICO pounds,
ought to put up a hot and stubborn battle.
Or others within the weight limit
could enter, and If necessary the radius
of eligible territory might be ex-?
tended for some distance, to Include
Little "Washington". If deslrdd; since
that town has plenty of boxers whom
Wheeling boys would like to win over.
Milt Itankln and Frank Tucker, Washington
bantams, could be plttcd'agalnst
"Buzz" Auoer and Charles Kurtz in the
115 pound class. These contests alone
would draw like a house afire.
In the lightweight register, -Chippy
Chapman, of the East End. Is the best
known. But there are others who would
come out in a limited round bout for a
championship modal, or a purse," as the
case might be.
Leslie Pearce la a great admirer of
boxing tournaments, and patrons of the
game are unxious to see local men
mix it up. Tor the last few contests have
demonstrated that the boys -have done
tetter in the preliminary events, which
were generally hotter than the main
bouts, than the stiffs who humbugged
the public.
The following letter to the Intelligencer
from Col. R. E. Moseley, the Chester.
Pa., sporting man, Is self-explanatory:
Sporting Editor Intelligencer.
I would like to match Harry Sml.thf
Italian champion of Pennsylvania,
again a: Eddy Gardner, at 123 or 123
pound?, for twenty rounds, before the
Metropolitan Athletic Club, of Wheeling.
We will back Smith from $230 up
to 5500. Will li!?hf f.ir tinrs* hr?r
Yours, etc.,COL.
Chester, Pa.
Chester, Pa., March 26. *
Oscar Gardner, who returned from
Hot Springs Sunday, last night started
to do business as usual In the matchmaking
line, after threatening the day
previous to take a rist. He received a
telegram from a club in Davenport, la.,
offering an SSOO purse for a twentyround
ko between him and Joe Cain, on
April 27. Gardner, wired back his willingness
if the purse Is made $1,000.
Cam flghts at about 126 pounds, and
Oscar safr-s he will be easy.
Declared Oft*.
NEW YORK, March 27.-William A.
Brady, manager of Kid McCoST'to-day
notified Tom O'Rourke, manager of
Tom Sharkey, that the SharkeyfMcCoy
match would have to be declared oft
temporarily as McCoy hurt his shoulder
In his recent tight with Choynski. -McCoy
does not feel physically prepared to
meet Sharkey, Brady says. He wishes
to take on more weight before meeting
the sailor.
Team. Won. Lost. Per.
Wheeling f.l 11 .HH
All Alllr.. Prt **? ?f?>?
Bqwlors 57 -15 ,T!'2
Puritans i7) 25 .(*/.7
Golden Rods 35 iTT .4S(>
Old CronIf-5 33 39 .438
Al?cr NIL 23 43 .313
l.a Belle H to .KM
Bum Dums 14 153 .191
Frog Herns 11 61 .153
The ganies In the Wheeling' league
last night between the crack Wheelings
and the Puritans were remarkable,
first, for the winning of one game by the
Puritans, and, second, for the fifth: for
tho Individual championship waged by
three players of the Wheelings, Brown.
Stevenson and Campbell. Brawn rolled
a steady game and maintained, his average,
lfo, but both Steveasbn and
Campbell had an off flight and cut
down their average a pin. to 504. There
are two weeks (six games) yet remaining
<>:' the season, so it cannot b>? said
The debility of David Duggir.s has
been completely cured.
David Duggins lives in the town of
I Jones, Ohio County, Kentucky. From
there he writes;
"When I began taking Dr. Pierce's Ooldeti
Medical Discovery, 1 had nervous or general
Crjsility of three vears' duration. I t'X)k
U-.ree bottles of the*' Dis- /p* coven-.' Daring
//thetime IwantakO
A ing it my sleep
\ AJ J() became more re>
r-SQflfreshir.r and I gain?d
fifteen pounds
WT'^,t am* a'SO
f ^a.v* ^ ',a* !,i-x
W //month* str.e- I took the
I^AS?$3wJ? // mcdiciuc aC(1 j ^tin
// /f have good health."
/ '!&* # U When a man gets
l$(,I run-down it is hard work
* fcy feij to run him up again unless
& Jfl R J the whole condition of his
V$ l' (S s>'stcm *s ^irst changed.
hJj That is what the "Golden
^W\f5r Mcdical Discovery" does
f?r him. It begins by re'
" va moving from his digestive
system all poisonous, effete matter. It
Rives tone to his stomach, activity to his
liver, cleanliness to his bowels. While
this work is going on the " Discovery "
also manifests it* potency through the
blood and nerver.. It fills the blood with
rich, red corpuscles and sends them vigorously
circulating all over the body to
soothe and nourish the tired, abused,
"chiuz neryes.
When a man lias nen'otis prostration
it isn't hta nerves that are wrong. It's
his blood. I?a?l blood conies from bad
'i.j'rV.ion?bad stomach, bid liver, bad
kidneys. Dr. l'icrce's Golden Medical
JJiscovcrv will put all these organs in
good orefer. "Golden Medical Discovery
" contains no alcohol in any form. It
's entirely free from opium and other
narcotics and contains neither sugar nor
syrup which arc injurious to Mine stomachs.
Without any of these ingredients
't retains its pleasant taste and healing
M'inlities in any climate and under all
. Don't let .1 careless* or dishonest jjicdiciue
seller cheat you out of your health
W giving you a substitute
Paine's Celery
Best Spring Medicine
In the World.
A largo supply Jtiat received.
now who will win the Individual honors.'
but Brown has the advantage* and Js the
most likely candidate of the three. In
the first same the "Wlftellngs rolled u
fine score, 1050, with Nettor high man,
221. The score:
PUJUTANS. l?t. 2d. 3d. Tot.
Jones 132 147 148 427
Wllhclm l?l 123 103 402
neuter 120 131 12S 3S3
Modar 173 ICl 170 609
Falck 13'J 123 14!) 411
mind hs m i4'.? 4r*5
Total fcSS m S47 2373
WHEEMNCJ. 1st. 2d. 3d. Tot.
Brown ! ISO 131 lt!7 4S1
Knoke ISO 174 lfil CIS
Netior 221 121 149 4fM
WeltZi-l 174 129 156 430
Campbell 12G 13?. 160 422
Stevenson itW 12U 137 443
Total ..iwo S20 930 2S20
Scorers?Rrett and Miller.
To-night?Old CronIC3 vs. Frog Horns.
The official classification committee
has sent out notices from the New
York Jieadquarters of the changes that
will take place In the mlntmum carloid
on freight traffic. The new classification
Is a compromse, adopted to me?t
the oppostion to the proposed general
adoption of the 30,000-pound minimum
for all freight 'of the fourth, fifth and
sixth classes, which became effective
February 2, and lasted Just one week,
going down under the overwhelming
protests of the shippers.
While the new rules establish the
30,000 pound-rule for a great variety of
freight In the three lower classes, there
Is a formidable list of exceptions technically
referred to as those governed
? uiv uui mi! uuuuu I-UIFMMCUUOU. ui
the general changes made effective on
April 1 are a number of general rules.
One is that where tons of 2,240 and 2,268
pounds are carried the same as 2,000
pounds, fifteen gross tons shall be considered
the minimum car load weight.
It was formerly twelve gross tons. The
old feature of the rules which established
a weight of 20,000 pounds when
cars are less than 20 feet long, and 24,000
pounds when the cars are thirty feet
or more is dropped. Only the thirtyfoot
standard car is recognized, and the
new classification is based almost entirely
upon it. or, rather, its visible capacity.
Articles of the three lower
classes of freight of such bulk and
character that they cannot be loaded
into this standard car to an amount of
20,000 pounds are classified as to minimum
according to the carrying capacity
of the car.
Another changed general rule applies
to articles which on account of length
require two or more cars. For the first
car the 24,000 weight, if-provided for the
article,'is charged, and 30 per cent of
this for'&ach additional car.- Under the
30,000 minimum, 35 per- cent of the rate
on the minimum is charged for each additional
car. In no case, however, can
less than ."(>.000 pounds be charged for
two cars, or 48,COO pounds for three
One of the Important changes of the
new classification puts flour now a 25,000
minimum article. In the 20,000 minimum.
The protest of ?he producers of
fertilizer, on the ground that they
have contracted this year's shipments
on the present basis of 24,000 pounds,
resulted In an exception being made of
this article. Until August 1. when the
season's shipments will all have been
made, the present minimum obtnlns;
after that it will be HO,COO pounds.
Kovennc Tons Increase.
The railroad expert believes thnt the
number of revenue tons hauled per mile
Is the best indication of a railroad's
ability to handle traWc at the lowest
cost of transportation. As Is well
known, the receivers of the Baltimore
& Ohla railroad have been spending
millions on improvements and have not
completed the work, the linns west of
the Ohio river being in need of a general
rehabilitation, which they are to get
this year. Out the revenue haul per
mile In 1S97-9S was increased to .114 tons
and a special roport for the six months
ending December 31st, 1S9S, shows an
average of'331.9 tons, quite an appreciable
It Is conlldently exported that still
further Improvement will be shown before
long. ,
The Pan Handle Earnings.
The annual report of the Pittsburgh.
Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis railroad,
the Pan Handle route, whlrh will
be submitted at th<* annual meeting of
the stockholders in Pittsburgh, on April
31. *di>)W groH* earnings for 1S9S of $19,679,755
SS, an Increase over the previous
year of 51.327.0S3 51. The expenses for
tho KJimn rif>rln?l wrrc XI4 147 141 "ft nn
Increase of $1,489,709 17. and :i decrease
in net earnings compared with 1S97 of
$162,682 6G.
There was an Increase In freight tonnage
of 2.295,529 tons and an Increase
in passenger tralllcof 32S.29S pasKengers,
the latter being the result of military
transportation, growing out of the
Spanish-American war. Both freight
and pasenger trallle, however, show u
decrease In rates, the average receipts
for the system being 1 99-100 cents per
mile, against 2 11-100 cents for 1H97.
Kntlrely Consummated.
The Wheeling Railway Company has
absorbed the Bellalre, Bridgeport &
Martin's Ferry Street Hallway Company,
of Bridgeport, Ohio, which has
been operating 11 *4 miles of electric
railroad In Bridgeport and vicinity. The
company was capitalized at 5150,000.
and several months ago It'was reported
that the Wheeling railway had secured
control, but tMt* llnal arrangements. we
are Informed, have only recently been
completed.?Rallroad Gazette.
New Equipment.
The Coluirtbus, Hocking Valley & Toledo
is asking bids on 1,000 coal cars.
It is reported that the Chesapeake &
Ohio Is about to order several hundred
box f*ars. It Is reported that the
Wheeling & Lake Erb1 In In the market
fur 500 steel cars of 100,000 pounds capacity.
The Buffalo, Rochester &
Pittsburgh Is In the market for five locomotives
for cjiilck delivery. The Ohio
Central will Artier three locomotives.
The Kanawha & Michigan is about to
order three mogul engines. It Is reported
that the Chesapeake & Ohio has
ordered lfi (fjnflolld.Lllim lnrmnnri ? ??.?
from th?> Ilichmond locomotive and machine
Tin? lilnrk Diamond.
T..M. Dlcklnoori, the financial orient
of the Blr.ck Diamond nyfltom, liny ro?
turned from England to complete .the J]
legal formalities for the transfer of the
franchises of this company to the Britlflh
syndicate. He states that funds ^
will be available immediately to b*?gln c
building the 550 miles of road from Clay t:
City. Ky., to Port Royal, S. O. Col.
Albert E. Boone, of Zanesvllle, Ohio, c
the original promoter, states the British K
syndicate will own every dollar of the t
bon'ii and stock. Mr. Dickinson is to
return to London at once and close up
the agreement. J
The Dally Chronicle of "Wheeling's t
Progress I ve Neighbor. 1
Word reached this city yesterday of
the death of Nelson Theaker, which oc- s
curred at his homo in Chicago Sunday.
Mr. Theaker was well known by many j;
of our citizens, having conducted a
hardware store In this city for several h
years previous to the time of his moving
to Chicago. Deceased suffered a r
paralytic stroke several months ago, t
which, combined with complications,
wua the cause of his death. He was
married to Mls3 Millner, of Mt, Pitasant,
and his remains will be brought to J
that place for burial.
Ten vagabonds were taken In by the
police Sunday night, for loitering on
the premises of the West Virginia e
Glass Company. They were arraigned ?
before Mayor Shipman yesterday morn- v
ing and eight of the number were lined j,
510 and costs, while the remaining two
in whose garments weapons were con- a
cealed, received an extra $10, making 1
their line 520 and costs and were given b
ten days in Jail. Th*y will be taken to t
St. Clairsville for confinement.
A decision was rendered yesterday In c
favor of plaintiffs In the cases of Dean
McHenry, Welday Yoho and Joseph p
fcehrlng against W. W. McCoy and son, tl
contractors of the Presbyterian church. c
The case was heard before Squire, Kel- t
ler last Friday, but his decision was not p
made known until yesterday. It is e
quite probable that the defendants will
make an appeal.
Thobum Post, assisted by Mother
McKlnley Circle, Ladles of the CI. A. R.,
will give a supper In the vacant room a
In the opera house block next Saturday e:
evening. Proceeds will go toward de- e
fraying the expenses of placing the .
cannon recently received by the local
post, in Rlvervlew cemetery. , ^
A dance will be given In Scheehle's a
hall next Monday afternoon and evening
for the benefit of George f-Ichurtz,
who had his arm shot off several months
ago by a charge from a gun. Dancing E
will commence at .1 o'clock p. m. and a
will continue until 2 a. m.
Rev. J. X. Wiseman, who resigned the ft
pastorate of the Christian church $un- w
day, is quite ill. threatened with the
fever. He has received a call as pastor 0
of the Christian church at Bedford. O., p
but will be unable to respond for some j(
"me. oi
David Thomas underwent an operation
for catarrhal trouble of the head n
at the ICorth Wheeling hospital yesterday
morning. The patient stood the ?
operation well and It Is thought that It
will prove successful.
Ira Don Kirk, of Flushing, returned ^
to his home yesterday morning, after a j
visit with Samuel Anthony and family,
on Broadway.
.Mr. ana -mts. i-ouis weymer are me ..
proud possessors of a new boy, which c
arrived at their home yesterday morning.
The usual spring vacation of one
week will be allowed the public school
scholars, commencing next Monday. P
William Stewart will return from
Washington-Jeffersoa college to-day to
spend his vacation with his parents.
The cold rolls at the Laughllr. wore a
compelled to lay off yesterday, the resuit
of a defective cog wheel.
Mrs. Ij. J. C. Drennen returned yesterday
from a two week's visit with
friends near Mt. Pleasant.
Miss Anna Bo wen left yesterday for
Philadelphia, called there by the Illness
of her mother. ^
Mrs. George E. Jepson, of St. Clairs- 6(
vllle, was the guest of Mrs. B. O. Williams
yesterday. L
George Spence went to Ravenswood, 11
W. Va,, yesterday, on business.
Dr. William Iloge. of Portland Station,
was In town yesterday. ^
Harry McWllllama has recovered from
a two week's Illness of grip.
ATTEND the Opening of the Sample- h
Llngaman Co., this afternoon and eve- 0
ning. p
Yesterday's News From Marshall St
County's Chief City. M
Melvln Knightler and Will Ileckman u
Jumped from a fast moving Baltimore .j
& Ohio freight train, Sunday evening, \
and were badly hurt. Knightler lit on I'
his hond and when found was thnnr-h! C<
to be dead, but recovered consciousness
later and Is in a fair way to recover. V
The Ohio Valley fair for 1S5D will be \
held September VI. 13 and 14. Stakes j
amounting to 53,500 will be offered In .
the speed department. 'Everything pos- .
slble will be done by the association to
make this year the best In the history
of the association.
Scott & Blair have said the Will Don- },
ley property near the prison, to R. \V. ()
D. Barger, of Wheeling. Possession to w
be given the first of May. Mr. Donley y
will build- a brick dwelling In some jr
good location In the city. j.
The L. 13. Purdy Hook & Ladder t<
company has challenged any hose compnny
In the city for a. race to take place o
within ten days from yesterday, for a
pur.se of $25 or $50. The Liberty Hos?v ci
company Is preferred. j?
Mrs. Clara Wilson, who has been vis- w
ltlng Mrs. Henry Karcher. of Seventh t<
street, for several days, returned to her b
home at New Concord. Ohio, yesterday. P
Some Wheeling capitalists have ta- u
ken an option on the Humphreys building,
at the Ohio River railroad depot, ^
for a large cigar factory. n
Special services will be held at the M.
E. church this weke. Row Bent, of '
Behwcod. preached last night to n fairsized
audience. "
Capt. Fred Klmple left yesterday
morning for Hot Springs, Neb., whore ^
flTvMr I* 1;
lypitfBgcpag? i
H Just remember that gray hair will fl
y never bccorso darker vrit.hout }jo 1
BiaSr Vigor;
(ft wHlbrinc* hnrlr tn rrm* Unt.. *v..?
of youth. It nevor fails. M
\ It cleanses tho ncalp also, and a
j prevents tho formation of dandruff, n
It feeda and nourichca tho bulba of n
tho hair, nankins them proiluco a |
luxuriant growth. It a tops tho hair H Jt
fror.i falling out, and girc3 it a fine, Q (l
B 51.00 abottlo. At all druggists. 8
H If you do not obtain nil tho benefits n
B you atroctoU from the uso of tho Vigor, M
tJ vrrlto the doctor about It. i.J 1
fl Aduren, Dn.J.O. AYEIt, R c
h\ I^woll,Ma??. En *
le will spend a few weeks for the benet
of his n^alth.
Howard Edwards appeared before
layor Purdy yesterday morning,
harged with fighting. He was fined
3 and costs. ?
Joe Weaver Is home from Columbus,
)hlo, where he has been attending
chool, to spend a vacation with his
lareniR. s
W: L. Brown and daughter, Bernlce,
vho have.been down with the mumps,
or several days, are able to be out
Prof. Crago, of Wheeling, will address
he members of the National Union at
heir meeting to-night.
Charles A. Manning Is home from the
Baltimore Dental College to spend the
ummer vacation.
M. 1i. Evans, of Martin's Ferry, was
n the city on business yesterday.
Harry W. McCombs Is the guest of
ils parents In the city.
A. J. McElroy has been unanimously
e-electetl fire chief.
Mrs. Sterret, of Seventh street, Is on
he sick list. _
Matters of Interest In tl?o Metropolis
of Belmont County.
There were three colored men arrestd
because of the row Saturday* night,
mong them the fellow who was cut
.'orst, but the other two were probably
n the thick of It. There were others
lso, but the facts are hard to get at.
'he ofllcer at the scene while the troule
went on 6eems to be at a loss to dlsIngulsh?In
fact It appears that "all
cons look alike" to him, but he Is also
t a loss to get at any white partlclants.
The affair has aroused the betor
element and there Is some severe
riUcism about permitting It to go to
he . extent li did and the subaeauent,
roceedlngs will be watched with keenr
interest than usual.
The election a week hence is not
wakening a great deal of Interest. Evrpbody
is too busy to give attention to
lections and get there are members of
important boards to elect?trustee,
omlcal and school board?all in control
f taxation. There will probably bean
wakening by Monday.
Jim Kern, Louis Kern, John Kern and
lud Wilkes, all colored, were fined S3
nd costs last night by Mayor Freeze
>r being mixed up In Saturday night's
ee-for-all scrap. Seymour Dunlap,
hlte, was fined the same amount.
The funeral of the eighteen-months'Id
son of Mrs. John Campbell took
lace yesterday afterncon, from the St.
ohn's church. Interment in the Cathllc
There will be an entertainment given
ext Friday and Saturday .evening in
le Shadyslde school house. "Martin and
andkrohm, of this city, will take part.
Harry Bam ford, who has been worklg
in Dunkirk, Ind., is home. Mr.
amford is in very poor health, and he
confined to the house.
Mrs. Charles Tetters has gone to To do.
called there on account of' the
rrlous illness of her mother.
The directors of the Dollar bank met
esterday afternoca and declared a. 3
er cent dividend.
Miss Ethel Muhleman, of McKeesport,
a., Is visiting friends and relatives in
ie Second ward.
Miss Mabel Jackson, of Pomeroy. Is
le guest of friends and relatives In the
econd ward.
James Deafenbnugh and wife, of
unklrk, Ind? its visiting friends in the
'irst ward.
Miss Olive Allum has returned home
om a few*days' visit with relatives in
The Junior Order of United American
tcchanic3 met last evening in regular
ATTEND the Opening of the SampleIngaman
Co., this afternoon and eveIng.
.oe'al Happenings ol'Jmportancc in a
Bus}* Town.
The Bellalre bridge project seems to
ave taken on new (ife with the advent
' spring, and those in a position to
now fay the bridge will be pushed this
ear. The Bellaire & Uenwood Bridge
ompany, the title of the company, has
;<-uicu an upiiuu <jii iuc,jiiut'ci 1/ v?i
lain street, owned by M. J. Gately, and
hlch he had started to tear down to
?ake way for a new building. In fact,
le company's offer .was acceptable to
Ir. Gately, and all that is left for the
roperty to pass into, the company's
jntrol is the drawing up of the deed,
hlch will be done this week. About :i
ear ago options and purchases of real
state along Seventh street and Kenicky
Heights, kept the curious guesslg,
but as stated then, the now river
ridge was behind that push. The
ridge can't be built any too soon for
le accommodation of travelers.
Ma {/or Shepard had three cases for
is Monday reception, drunks and disrderlles.
A man named Householder,
rho lost a leg on the railroad some
ears ago, was particularly drunk and
isultiny to the otlicers who arrested
1m, and they had to employ n wagon
d haul him to the lock-up. He was
ned $10 and costs, with the. alternative
f twenty days in Jail.
The wage advances throughout the
juntry and the steady run of the mills
t bringing back times to v where they
ere before the country was subjected
) four years of Democratic maladmlnitraticn,
and it is safe to predict big
lepubllcan majorities for Benwood
hen tho next election rolls around.
The Catholic entertainment at Mcrechrn
last night, for the benefit of the
ew Catholic church at that place, atractcil
a number of the denomination
;otn here. Prof. Nelson's orchoHt^a.
imposed of Ben wood talent, scored a
J. S. Fuller who opened a novelty
lore in the Emergency hospital bulldlg
about two months ngo. pulled up
takes yesterday for Ashland, Neb.
lenwood was too small for that kind of
Emory Butts has "been unfortunate of
ite. Yesterday he had his foot crush1
at the Riverside, nnd only recently he
jffered n bad fall and a narrow eseaj>e
on> death at the same plant.
Fred Dittemire has been released from
lc county Jail on a writ of habeas corus,
after having been committed on a
inacy charge, pending his departure
)i" Weston.
Hay Coutz. of Central Ben wood, and
Hsu Kate Linton, of Boggs* run, are to
f married after Lent.
Mrs. Jessie Bickerstnff has returned
i her home in Steubenvllle, after a
.?ek's visit here.
Ed. M. Noel lias returned from Pitts- I
urgh, where he attended the funeral
r :i relative. 1
itobort Barrett was a Stoubonvllle clt:en
in town yenterday.
Mrs. Estop Is In Baltimore attending
io funeral of her sister.
Tin* Host Proscription for Chills
ntl Fever Is a bottle of Grove's Tnste ss
Chill Tonic. It Is simply Iron and
Ulnlnn In n tasteless form. No euro?
o pay. Price, GOc. tths&w
>?" ,l? Tta Kijl1 Vm "ra,s BOI^M
Dr. Greene's Nen
Sick Women SI
If there is any person who deserves pi
to t!o, sttiters frovn ill health, female wea>
weak, tired and dragged out, her nerves ai
with headaches, backache, unnatural dii
wakes mornings as tired as when she goes
out cau^e, and'is blue, discouraged, and al
She is suffering from weak nerves,
exhaustion and female complaints. She n
nerves strengthened, blood invigorated, i
restoration from female weakness and dlseis
She needs I)r. Greene's Nervura blood i
nerve remedy, the great female restorat
and regulator, the best strengthener and bli
purifier, which has proved itself, by its w>
derful cures, the greatest blessing to worn
kind the world has ever known. It gives l
weak, languid and tired-out sufferer renev
strength, energy and ambition, cures the
male troubles, banishes mental depress!
?4iiw ui>i_uiit.i^cincm, uuu restores n{ji
bounding health, vigorous activity, brij
eves and elastic step.
Mrs. Allic Swisher, iii So. 12th Strc
Richmond, Ind., savs:
" For the past fifteen year*, at my monthly perk
I never escajvid a severe sick headache, nervousness;
the other bad syinptcmo of '.vomit trouble, *.vith .ill
attendant severe "sulTerinir, so that at times it seemci
me I did not care to live. I coramrnced taking
Greene's Nen-un blood and nerve remedy, and have
been troubled with headaches since, and'mv other ti
bles arc also cured. Thi* is a tn?c statement of my p
condition, and I hope it will be the cause ol placing t
Greene's Nervura in many a home, where, no doubt, I
would make tnany a hjppv woman. I am only to<
glad tn highly recommend its use to suffering
You need a r.prir.g mcdicinc, anywo^;
take Dr. Greene's Nervura blood fancJ
nerve remedv, the perfect spring remedy.
In taking Dr. Greene's Nervura, /
you are using the prescription of a fa- 1).
mous physician,?and Dr. Greenfe cn- /s
dorses and recommends his great rem|
edy as the b<rst possible cure. Dr.
Greene is without doubt the most
! successful physician in curing disease at th
[ day, his experience and practicc arc cnorn
I you can hive the benefit of his advice and
I consultation to the pcop!c, either at his oil
I you write him about your ease.
Sllukial Savings Slank.
szzz? Mutual
jC/0 Savings
15 21 All money
Market St. 19
at the
Open Daily, 9 a. m. Premiums.
Monday andSatur- Commissions,
day Evenings. L_
= =sA WORD
??? All solid advertisements under
the following headings: : : :
will be inserted at tho rate of ??
70a n ted.
>> housework. Apply a; Si Twentythlrd
street. mr2t
yy No. 11 North Penn street. Island.
Small family.
V^-' Rollers, Males $2.00. Females COc, at
HENRY 11KLMIJRIGHT'S, corner Market
and Sixth street.*. mrlT
Commissioners' Sa/e.
of the real estate of ISAAC FREESE, doceased,
heretofore advertised In detail,
will. In pursuance of adjournment, take
place at the north front door of the court
house of Ohio county, on
at 10 o'clock a m. This property consists
of lot 33 and part of lot 34 on the southwest
corner of Twenty-fourth and Chapline
streets. In Centre Wheeling; and the
south half of lot 2 In square 7 In the plat
of South Wheeling.
Special Commissioners.
J. C. HERYF.Y. Aii'-tion.-fr. mr22
Dor 5lcnt. ,
: in the City Dank Building. Inquire at
the City Bank o! Wheeling. mr20
" best location In city. Possession at
once. KICOLL'S ART STORE. 1T31 Market
street. oc20
|)JUUI /w:.\ J?tr AU. i2<J_'
X ChapUnc street; six rooms, lmll, bath
and attic; both guises. Enquire of U.
KLIEVES, ?31*? Chnp 11 no strict. mr2,'?
. rooms at 1D06 Market street. Water and
both Rases In each room. Rent very reasonable.
Apply to 1504 Market street.
rivo (lv.c-llln^ rooms at 10(57 Main
street, S'-O. Lartro .Store room numbered
lOtlfi Main street; also store
rooms on Toutli and Main streets.
Prlees for storo rooms from to
?100 nor month.
lloal Estate and Loan Agent,
10115 Main Mrcct.
LorlnpHomestead, Elm Grove, 7 acres
Twlth barn.
Frame residence, Ed^lnirton. 7 rooms,
cistern and well, natural ?aa, 1*1 acres.
Rrlck residence. Pleasant Valley, D
rooms, 4 acres, stable. Low figure on a
quick deal.
1G Exchange Hnnk Building.
Public Sale.
Of 40 Carriages, Phaetons, Piano Box
Buggies, Wagons; also a lot of machinery
and carriage makers' material, at
No. 2110 Main St.,
Wheeling, W. Va.,
Saturday, April 1,1S99, at 10 a. m.
Terms Reasonable.
GF.ORCI- HOOK, Receiver,
Donaldson Carriace Co.
I A niP.s: Chlchcjtcf'c English Pennyroyal Piiij
<i.ii?wi4 iinrij;, nr? tho hest. ??! .''iuiuu*
T?k? to oUiit. hw<i *?., ump, tnr t<?ru< cl*M, "litiitf
rura Makes Weak,
trong and Well.
tv, it is the woman Mho, -with nil her work
;n<??8 and nervous prostration. She feels
e weak and unstrung, she suffers tortures
.charges, does not eat or sleep well and
to bed. . She (eels like crying with- ?
courucl without charge, for he gives free
ice 35 West 14th St., New York City, or if
Co Sloan.
Six per cent Interest and ono
per cent premium, total seven per cent
LOAN CO.. 32d St.. Kellaire. Ohio. oq7
Proposals will bo rccelvcd at the clerk'l
ofllce of tho board of commissioners until
Wednesday, March 29. 1S99. at 2 o'clock
p. m.. for furnishing modlclno and medical
attendance to all persons conflntxl
In the Ohio county Jail as lunatics, or
persons charged with felony or-misdemeanor,
for ono year from April *1, 1899.
mrCo T. C. MOFFAT. Clerk.
Dor Sale.
JJ tables. Inqtilre at Grand Opera House
Billiard Room. mr7* '
corner Chapllne and Twonxy-thlrd
streets, will be sold at a low figure. Terms
easy. GEO. M. SNOOK. Call at G. M.
Snook & Co.'a. Ja3
J H. Campbell, deceased. Situated on
Bethany Pike, 3Ja miles from city. Appls
to I. K. Jones, executor, or White &
Bates, Exchange Dank Building. mr25
For sale ? fine brick dwellIN'G
on Fourteenth at.; I ofTer my
residence. No. 115 Fourteenth st. for sale;
possession and terms to suit purchaser.
Inquire of T. B. McLAIN. Dental and
Surgical depot. City Bank building, mrll
A Few Cholcc Lots
at Edglngton.^^ej!
City Bank Building, 1200 Market Strwt
Steal 8.11am.
Arlon ITall store room, No. 2C02 Main
Residence, 10 rooms and bath. May 1,
corner Fifteenth and Jacob streets.
3 rooms, tirst floor, and cellar, McCol*
loch street, April 1.
57cash?Brick cottage, 3 rooms and
lot. East McColloch street.
J1.7CO?Two-story brick, 4 rooms ant?
kitchcn; one-half cash: balance on easy
terms. Cheap.
Building from one to Ave acres. In
Pleasant Vftlley. on electric line. Perfect
drainage; fine elevation. Desirable.
Comer Fourteenth and Market Sts.
Telephone 317.
No. 2217 Market street, storo room
and ten rooms: will rent as a wholo
or will rent 10 rooms or storo separate.
No. 2322 Market street J20 00
No. 129 Fourteenth street ?2 00
No. 37 Seventeenth street. 22 (X)
No. 77 South York street 20 00
No. 1515 Market street. 2d floor 21 00
No. CO North Front street 13 00
No. 108 Virginia street 8 .00
No. 110 Virginia street...: 10 0Q
No. 220C> Jacob street, first floor. 8 00
No. 30 Sixteenth street, bottling cellar
12 00
No. 32 Sixteenth street, store room.. 10 00
No. 34 Sixteenth street, storo room
and 10 rooms 40 00
No. 174 Alley 14 7 03
No. 175 Seventeenth street, 2 rooms.. 5 00
No. 2146 Alley A, 2 rooms 5 CO
No. 2620 Alley H. 2 rooms 5 00
No. 2S? Alley F 8 SO
No. 78 and No. ?0 East Chestnut street,
Washington. Pa., for Hotel or Restaurant;
will rent It furnished or unfurnished.
Main street residence.
Chapllnc street resldcnco.
F.off street residence.
Market street business property.
Real Estato Agent. Collector, Notary
Public and Pension Agent, No. 1612
Main street. mar24
for sale.
Kleven-roomed brick house. Lot 2Sxl33
At No. PSO Market street. This property
hi really for sale, and will be sold at a low
Tito double business and dwelling house,
nt Nos. 2100-2111 Main street at a sacrlflca
llKuro. Will pay well.
Rest lot In Pleasant Valley, 137x250. It'a
choice. '
ll-lVUIiin illlti IHlllI tUUIIt Uit OUUW1 ' ClIO
street. W,000.00.
122 Zane street at a special bargain; 5
Building lots at Pleasant Valley and
Park View: alsb on the Island.
Saloon with stock nnd fixtures at a. bargain;
cheap rent.
i:<! S. Penn St., 3 rooms und bath...^JID CO
128 S. Ponn St., ;t rooms and bath...* 12 00
7(5 Zane St.. 3 rooms 11 00
2'J N. Broadway, S rooms 25 00
1035 Main St., 2 rooms.
b-room houso at Echo Point.
Storo room hi the Effort or Building.
'Phone 687. 1520 Market St.
V jjSJ* h T_ - <i

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