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I BASE BAIL ? mwtini l ;
|?^???oeo?eoe?ooo?'e><ijo> e
| Sporting.
?e<????e?i>6??3gooooo6S90ooj> *
| boxing. ff cram f
I ^ ,
Bat It SeemsWolMUe tb? OaMlw
PlkrCroandiVIIIbeChoaen brthe Wheeling
Bae 3*11 Clut>-Pitctaer
Mabaffl? Signed Yetterdajr. -'
t? mi msnoMd'tbcn woald be aids
the formality of the signing ft Jpe par
pert by tie Wheeling & Eftg >Grove j
Railroad Company and tbe: Wheeling
Biue Ball Club .yesterday mdrnlng -to
dispose of the. grounds question, but
through a misunderstanding between
the Interested, parties the matter still
r,-mains unsettled, and at one time yesterday
It looted,as though the club
would abandon (be Sunday boll proposition
and close for the Island grounds..
Later la the day negotiations for the
out-the-plKe park -were resumed, and
It Is now thought they will be closed up
satisfactorily this morning. .
The hitch occurred yesterday morning
when the ball club and railroad officials
conferred and dlsctmsyl the articles lot
agreement that bail been drawn up by
the attorneys. Zt Is said tbe railroad
company wanted tbe dab to bear half
the expense of building the park aad
wanted a live years' agreement with a
guarantee, etcw These propositions
were opposed by tbe club, and as stated
above It looked for a time as though
the club would relinquish its deslre>for
Sunday ball and play on 'the island
Early In the evening the club had a
conference with Secretary Shirley, of
the Wheeling Railway Company, who
agreed to put tbe<J?Iand park in good
shape for ball playing. Later in the
evening the club conferred with Mr.
Paul O. Keymann, of the Wheeling A
Elm Grove Railroad Company, who was
accompanied by Attorney Bernle HandIan.
A? a r*=?t of toe conference It
la said tbe company has withdrawn the
objectlinaole features of tbe agreement
presented yesterday, and win present
another agreement this morning which
It Is supposed the bail cms win agree to.
The Wheeling ananagsment signed
another pitcher yesterday In the person
of Uahaffey. who was formerly on the
twirling staff of the Washington
League team. Uit season he pitched
two games here lor the sanesvllle team
of the Ohio 8tate league, and Ills work
wm enthusiastically received by the local
fans. Xn his latter to the local club
he says the salary offered Is not as large
as he thinks, he oan gat. elsewhere, but
he Is desirous of playing In this city
and 4a willing to sacrifice something to
do so. '
He and Winnie Winder buy out the
old Metropolitan Club ?A Match
Between Gardner ud Goniette Probable.
The Metropolitan Club passed Into the
control 01 a new management yesieraay
afternoon. The atockholders sold oat
their Interests Is the clnb to Oscar
Gardner, who, with Winnie Winder,
will ran the club In the fntore. The
consideration la (aid to "be $1,000. which
largely represents the Fulton clnb
house. It Is expected that under the
new management the clnb and boxing
In general here wjll take on a new lease
of life and furnish local patrons of the
same with the real article.
The club seemed to have been minus a
rabbit's foot in the psst six-months, for
It ran against some kind of a hoodoo or
spell, and whether the cause be traced
to this source or that, the fact remains
that none of Its icoent contests was satisfactory.
The publlo often judges
hastily, and the club has been criticized
in many Instances where It was not to
blame. As a financial venture In the
put twelve months the club has been
? frost.
Oscar Gardner's name and fame Insure
the beat the market has In stock.
Be Intends pulling off twenty-five round
contests as often as he Is warranted In
doing, and for the first he win try to get
on a match for himself with Eld Gou
lette, who lately has been defeating all
comers. Oscar will try to bring GouJettt
here tor an April date, and falling
In this effort he will seek another
The members of the old Metropolitan
Club were Philip Maurer, Killian Bader.
Leslie Fearce. Jack Arthurs. John hoomls,Wllllam
Sherry and William Burns.
VIII Depot In Force at Some of tbe
New Yerk Club*.
NEW YORK. March SO.?The new
boxing code, as devised by Billy Madden,
will be put in force by several local
clubs. Johnny Beagan. matchmaker
of the Pelican athletic club, says
that boxers who appear at his dob in
the future wil have to light under these
rules. "Madden Is just the person to
make up a new code." Reagan further
said, "and the suggestion* he ha* made
are practicable. I like to see boxing
contests conducted in a clean and manly
manner, and I guess the patrons
want to have the sport conducted In a
way to give them a full return for their
Charley Bang* of the Greenwood athletic
club has also made up his mind to
utilize Madden'* rules. He told a re
porter that hereafter ?JI boxers who are
to meet before his club will have to
fight without the stipulation of breaking
clean or with one arm free. "I
would advise any boxer who appears at
the Greenwood.* said Bang*, "to study
\; 1/ /
\ v\, \ \U //
\ \ vVv llli:hK.
N \\ u 1jjtI '.If.'/"'V
- '*7/A/!
'7'/ i !i >V^ < \'.
/ /</ ! iV\\\i\
"The toto of fhorf all"
. / .
Madden says that sl&ce the niicsirert
pobllabed he has received a. maaher of
letter* from matrhmrtais all orer the
country -who wish to u? them, i.
^ jjowusgTI - '
ah Alike ..; ? *? u jos
Bowlera -IT IS -7K
Port tan* W 3S .H7
Old Cronies St ? , .?
itrm a a ' jsc
RunxDum* IS. D Jgn
L* Bell* ... 14 fi .187
Fro* Horns ......?IS ?S J72
Lfcst Might9 scores:
ABSRNTr. j 1st" tnt SJ. Tot.
L. Banmann- ?3 B IB ? ?
Rader ... 3a., 141. JO 467
pmijuum is us. mo a?
Zimmerman 152 13S 170 - 477
B. Sehroetier 11X I 13R Vi ta
Blind : 154 J4J 142 43
Total SK S79 827 1 2TtW
?a BEXXE. 'lat. J 2nd* Id. Tot.
2-"w?*t??;..jk no so
BbeUnc .......... 144 13 K 4?
C. Norte man ? . 1S7 119 <E
Hasting* .1? 281 1? ' 471
S85????pf? % S'jjj
?Toui ate w ?? sot
Scarers-Bartolae and.Detwllcr.
To-night?All Alike va. Bowler*.
' ~
Manjr'People Ridicule the Idea of an
Absolute Cure tor Dyspepsia.
" and Stomach THratXe*.
Ridicule, Ho-orerer. is not Argument.
. and Pacta are Stubborn Things.
OWIIUOU1 UVUIIIC9 *rc OW wuuwwu auu
In most cases soobstinate to core tint
people are apt to loolcwlth suspicion on
any remedy claiming to be a radical,
permanent core for dyspepsia and Indigestion.'
Many such pride themselves
on thdr-scateness jn nertr betng-btnnbugged.
especially Jp medicines.
This fear of being humbugged can be
oarrled too fai^-so far, in taet.-*hat
many people suffer for years with weak
digestion rather than rlsk-a little, time
and money In faithfully testing the
claims made of a preparation so reliable
and universally used as Stuart's
Dyspepsia Tablets.
Now Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets are
vastly- different In one important respect
from ordinary proprietary medicines
for the reason thai.they are not
a secret patent medicine, no secret is
made of their Ingredients, but analysis
shows them to contain the natural digestive
ferments, pure aseptic pepsin,
the digestive adds. Golden Seal., bismuth,
Hydrastis and nux., They an not
cathartic, neither do they act powerfully
on any organ, but they cure Indigestion
on the common sense plan of digesting
the food eaten thoroughly before
it has time to ferment, sour and
cause the'mlachlef. This is .the only secret
of their success. .
Cathartic pills never have and never
can cure indigestion and stomach
troubles,-because they act entirely on
the bowels, whereas the whole trouble
U naaltv In tVia tnmtnk
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets taken
after meal* direst the food. That Is
all there Is to It. Food not digested or
halt digested Is poison, as It creates
gas, acidity, headaches, palpitation of
the heart loss of flesh and appetite and
many other troubles which are often
called by some other name.
They are sold by druggists everywhere
at 50 cents per package. Address
F. A. Stuart Co* Marshall. Mich., for
little book on stomach dlsessen sent
free. .
Easter Flower Display.
To-day and to-morrow, at C. A.
House's music store, on Market street.
Florist Max L. Hess win make Ms annual
Easter flower display. The flowers
were being brought to House's yesterday
afternoon and they Indeed form a most
beautiful display. "Included In the display
Is'the largest' and finest collection
of lilies ever seen in this city. Mr. Hess
is a florist who enters Into his -work' with
remarkable enthusiasm, and he.can feel
a great degree of pride In the exhibit
he makes to-day and to-morrow at
House's. Doubtless he will receive
many callers aaa customer* during tne
two days of the display.
How They are Kale and 'What Become*
of Them?Like Pin* no one
can Ever Tel!.
Chicago News: Hundred* of thousands
of artificial teeth art manufas??red
and gold every year. What become*
ot them? It 1* like asking what become*
at pin* and other thing* which
are practically Indestructible, cay* the
Boston Herald.
Before making a guess It is worth
while to consider how artificial teeth
are made. The story i? told In Nantucket
of a sea cupula who was a great
whistler until he lost one of his frost
teeth by accidental contact with a beIsftaS
Pin. For some time he bemoaned
his lost accomplishment, until he
could whistle Terr welt with an artificial
tooth whittled out of a piece of
wood. When a performance was desired
he would calmly carve oat as incisor
and put It in position. Then the audience
would wait until the tooth vm
welled by the moisture of his mouth so
that it would oot slip out.
When the plates were discovered asd
the expert dentist was able to supply a
whole mouthful of new teeth, the teeth
themselves were carvedout of Ivory. But
constant grinding would wear away
the ivory and these elephant teeth
were not satisfactory.
To-day all artificial teeth are made of
porcelain and will outlast a Methuselah.
Those which are known in the
traae as store leeio, oerag carnea m
stock by the bis dental supply bouse*,
are manufactured la enormous quantities.
Tie porcelain material, which contains
various mineral proportions. Is
worked up like a sort of dough or piaster,
forced Lnto molds and fused by intense
beat in a furnace. Each tooth Is
covered with' enamel and has one or
more metal pin# In the back to hold It
to the plate.
In Urge lots these teeth can be made
very cheaply, but there Is one Item ot
expense that cannot be overcome, and
that Is the cost of the metal holding the
pin. The only metal which will stand
the intense heat ot the porcelain furnace
is platinum, and that costs at tb*
rate of s cent a pin simply for the raw
material. A great deal of money has
been spent In experimenting to discover
some substitute (or platinum, but nothla
has (ret been found.
While a cheap grade of "store teeth"
can be bought for a tew cents apiece,
they are not nearly as satisfactory as
tile standard commercial article which
is used by most dentists. A big supply
company will carry hundreds of samples
of teeth, all of staodard qualities.
hil# rMltlV In al*a stiau
color. In color alone from twenty-five
to one hundred variations may be presented.
Bat as there are people who are not
satisfied with ready-made clothing, so
there art people who are not satlsflad
with ready-made teeth. False teeth
may look Just as well or better than
real ones; but public speakers, stager*
and other prominent people want their
own teeth reproduced in all their peculiarities
of form and color, and filling*.
If th#y have them. They want teeth
that cannot be told as falae. and they
get lhen??not all at once, perhaps, bu:
one by one. as the originals give out.
In teeth that are made to order nothing
Is Impossible, from the ahott. white
teeth of normal youth to the long; dts
ffY?iT o(najRE
!.: V " ?? . - --v-.'' 1
Read the FaHawingand Remember
It Costs Nothing
In Case of Failure. :? ;
aiauwuL Mi?u \
! |
S44 Main Sczhc ;
' -ttii! !"! ftii ~nTr~*?ir~*T ?hkh Hh- '
lannnlB t? ?l? tte bw?M?lttb??
la.mwUoU^rotaleo'bM ?ol?cnfn. Tin ;
You on pgduM 'Ujam'tna jya'jiyMjK.
??a?l A^ttri?fag<io?.Oic?to.B.
~ i
colored ones of extreme ace. and the j
pricesrwce.with those of watches.' . ]
The teeth arc ut la plate* of robber.
COM and alomtaun>. bat th? hlchest >
achievement Is considered to be a plat- J
inum plate-opon which has been taste j
a lining o? tinted porcelain similar .to
that need for gam -work. Tinted plate* .
ham bees mad# of the sne material ,
as the teeth.-bat as the porcelain \
shrinks is (he Artec the flttlnc of such <
?V*a? ( n<uuH>faln - f
And no* for the answer to the question.
"What becomes ot false teeth?" <
ftometHw? aern lost, sometimes its- 1
In and sometimes left as a family let- J
?cy. Generally, however, ther arebnr- j
Jed with the owner ul lie forever hid- j
den- In the ground.
It Is occasionally suggested that there
Is quite a business In second-hand false
teeth, but If there Is such a traffic lc la
not of large proportions. Second-hand 1
teeth are valuable only for the platinum
wire they contain and when they t
fall Into the handa of regular teethmakers
they are smashed op to cet i
the platinum oat " i
Not long ago a plan who Toond a
doable set of teeth went with them to a
dealer, thinking that he had a prize.
The finder was surprised whan the dealer
refused to make an offer and said
that ten- cesis a set was all they were
worth to any one but the person whose
mouth they, fitted.
The expensive teeth are not marketable
and the marketable teeth are not
aspenstve. That Is the whole thins In a
Tet teeth have been used over. X
woman went to a dentist with a set ot
teeth which bad belonged to her mother.
who was dead. She said that she
had always admired those teeth when
her mother wore them and now that
her own were goat she wanted the old
set remounted for hermit. It waa done.
Pretty Parisian Idea for a Novel Fa
vor for Easter Luncheon.
| Any one seeiong an jsaster noveity
i will find It In the unique Idea which has
Just reached here from Parts, comprising
an egg tn the ess cup and containing
a souvenir of the occasion. The
esc cop 1> a dainty bitof Limoges, and
the surprise within Is* a plump little
bisque1 cupld nestled in a bed of rose
This Idea Is likely to be carried out
to a great extent at Easter luncheon
favors, which may be made as inexpensive
or as costly as one desires. As
a matter ot fact, the main surprise lies
In the amount that an egg shell can
hold, whether a dainty handkerchief, a
bit of Jewelry or bon boas.
The egg must be broken off evenly at
the small end. and the shell carefully
washed and dried. The lettering on the
shell may be done In either water color
or gold, and' after the souvenir Is fastened
to. the cup by a touch ot gum
here and there. If a number of shells
an to be required they might be secured
at some convenient bake shop, and for
luncheon favors the surprise mlgbt
consist In bon bons. preserved violets,
bisque rabbits or cuplds. or there are
many little Japanese articles in a hu
morons way which would be amusing
an well as Inexpensive. If the article*
are heavy, they should be well wrapped
tn cotton to prevent breaking the egg
Kcal Cause for Alarm.
Mrs. Ferguson gave her sleeping hnsband
" George!" she exclaimed, "listen!**
Mr. Ferguson merely opened his eyes,
granted and went to sleep again.
"Wake up, George,** she persisted,
shaking him a second time.
"What is It. Laura?" he asked, sitting
up in hed and rubbing his eyes.
"I hear a noise downstairs,"
"Is that what you've spoiled my nap
for? What is there for anybody to
steal? At the present market price of
silver what do you suppose any burglar
would want of the few spoons that we
have on hand? You're a good little woman.
Laura, and I love you with an undying
devotion, but if you make a burglar
alarm of yourself again when I'm
sleeping at a pressure of 200 pounds to
the square inch you'll get into trouble.
As he prepared to go to sleep again
she shook him for the third time.
"George.** she gasped, "there's a peck
of apples in the pantry."
: "That's diiferent," said George, getI
ting out of bed. grabbing his revolver,
1 and hurrying down the stairway.?Chicago
Tribune. ?
1 "The night of house a
burned, several year* sgo. Q
W \ I TO takes with abort'
fiL. niAhtlne** of braatb and pal- _
* MV HMKl*Tulloh.ofSnlphurMines. e
m*y - if Louisa CoTvm. "These x
m. MfPFJi ^ grew worn all the tfaac.
Ar*B"vTf until a few months ago. *
when I commenced the *
use of Dr. Ptwt'i oediones.
Before that I could
scarcely cat anything. X
eoold sot sleep at night, was not able to do any
work, and could scarcely set around the house, f
X had given up all hope of ever getting well
sgain; but X mm weU again, and X give Doctor >.
Herca*s medicines all the credit.
***X took the 'Fa-vorite Prescription.* the
'Golden Medical Discovery* and * relets/** ?
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is a r
medicine lor women only. It cares all
forms of female complaint?-atops back {l
Ad aide irhr illiys tne inflsmnm- 4
tkm which causes those dis- j&A ii
agreeable -weakening drains on^^flft^
the system ? pro- - jamBPB *'
motes regularity of &SRBQMW
the feminise func- aZS
mike> ptiafnl r
periods* tiling J
of the put. W|i
Dr. Ficrte'j ; I t
Go&n JtUi- 3W^y/ILliF f
cat Lnscoaerj 4^ / i^SUm 1
is a medianeHB S'lffl
for the M~?< gjP^ " ?1 "
aad nereea.'Jtl' '' *
care* all bron- ' chial
and throat troubles, strengthens
weak longs, stops bleeding from tbe
lungs, and builds op the entire system. ?
It purifies tbe blood, stirs np a lary lrver, J
and soothes abused, crying nerve*. ?
Neither of these medicines contains J
any alcohol, whisky, sugar or syrup to ?
preaeree its properties, bat both trill t>
keep perfectly in any climate. s
Dr. P&rce's Pleasant Pellets cure con- b
stipation. They keep the bowels open h
ana regular. They do not gripe. ?
When yon ask a dealer for these roedi- ?
ein t*?get what yen ask for. Substitute* ?
are not a* good. They are, at best, only 0
imitations, and cannot imitate the core* c
wrought by the/whom. v
Ohio u till* Pact, and tt-oa# Beached
Last Night at lO O'clock?No
Damage In.thiaYiclnitj.
The rise in the Ohio at this port
reached its top-notch last night at U
j'cloek. when the atagt recorded by the
narks at the public landing -was 2* feet
(inches. This is Just a little more than
ma predicted In the Intelligencer of
Wednesday morning and is a stage that
las done no harm In -this vicinity.
Early this morning it is expected that
the rirer will be ftillnr at this point.
Daring the day there were manaranxlooa
inquirers at the'wharfboat who
(eared that thirty feet or. even more
would be had on the rise.- bat happily
the streams below -did not pot. out as
itrong as had beea"?spected_and as a
sonseqoence the water from above had
i chance to pass; oat rapidly.
Plttobuixh...GREENWOOD. ? a. m.
Plm-taiwrt ...VlROtmA. r a. m.
Parkenbcrs.H. K. BKDFOKD, n a. m.
V.^imcra-...LKXIX'i'IXJ.V. U a. m.
n*rlnrton....LEROT, 3& p. zn.
5t?cb?fiYlHe..T X' BAYNE. p. m.
?tttsbarrfa...JjOBZNA, 20 a. zn. ??;
Pittsburgh. ..QUEEN CITY, 5 a. m.
?*rk*raburg.liES HUE, 11?. m.
Jteub?c*viI!e..T M BAYNEfsS.p. m. ;
Charleston...GREENWOOD, MO a. m.
Parkonrtrois.H. K. BEDFORD, a a. m.j
H?tam?r?...i?XI.VGTO.V. a a. m. J
illterwlUe?RCTH, S JO p. m. ~ '
:!ar!-ictoa....I.KROY. SJU p.?n.
5ttubenvUle..T M BAYNE. m.,"
Along the Landing.
The Lorena was delayed ' below by
rind and heavy business.
The Virginia, for Cincinnati, had a
lae trip out ot iht upper river.
The marks at? p. m. showed S5 feet 10
nches and falling. Weather, clear and
Hirer Coal Combine.
Eastern capitalists are securing six
nonths' options on all the mining and
loatlog property owned by the Pltts>urgh
river coal operators. If the deal
toes through, which seems probable,
he resulting concern will be one of the
nost powerful combines in the country.
It will control the coal markets of the
IConongahela. Ohio and Mississippi
ralleys. It Is estimated that it will reiuire
from J16,000,000 to (30,000,000 capiat
to buy the various mines, railroad
md steamboat pioperty necessary.
A coal operator said that if the com
rise was a ko. 1c would mean a saving
>f $300,000 annually In office expenses
llone, not only In Pittsburgh, but In
he various office forces which the coal
iperators kep at Cincinnati and elsevhere.
The business of the company
rould be transacted by one general ofIce.
Blank forms have been distributed
to the various operators, who are relulred
to make out a list of their va1ous
properties and the value thereof,
fhe Ust Includes retail depots, harbors
uid equipments, number of barges,
nodel barges; flats, model barges,
height barges, acres of ooal and where
ocated. railroad property and the value
>f each. - f
An operator explained that, the deal
hus far had progressed In this manner:
Each operator la required to make a
itatement of his property and Its value.
Chen an agent asks what Is the lowest
>rtce the property can be bought for,
tnd after this Is named an option on
he property tor six months Is taken.
It Is said that the combination of all
he river and steamboat interests would
lot lessen the number of steamboats
-equired to do the towing business of
he three rivers. Cairo, however,
vould be the distributing point of 'all
he coal sent to the Memphis and New
Means markets, and the boats now In
he Mississippi trade would not come
'urther north than Cairo, the Pltts>urgh
boats taking their tows to that
>lace. More small steamers would be
landled on the upper Ohio river, inasnuch
as It has been demonstrated that
hey can be worked to better advantage
in this end of the Ohio than the larger
It Is figured that the organization
xmld make 10 per cent on its Investnent.
which Is more tnan any of the
iperators are making now. it Is assertkL
It is also said that the operators
tave the option of taking cash for
heir property or stock, or both. It is
ilso stated that every coal operator and
>wner of river craft has been approach*1
and none of them has refused to
nter Into the preliminary negotiations.
Pittsburgh Rlrtr News.
PITTSBURGH. March 30.?The three
lvers are failing, the stage at the Davis
sland dam at noon to-day registering
7.4 feet. The river reached a stage
if 1S.3 feet at that place during the
light. Business In the Monongahela
Iver pools Is greatly handicapped, as
he boats are not able to bring coal out
If the pools. Many of the towboats
ire going over the tops of the dams.
- -Uk Mnnllas All nf f*>m
ire tied up, but It la supposed that the
wats wilt be able to resume their trips
ome time to-morrow.
The high water caused some damage
,t Corks run. A portion of the abutment
under the county bridge there was
urn away. Traffic on the McKee's
tocks branch of the west end road was
upended for a short time, until a temlorary
structure was built. A stone
tbutment will take the place of the old
The Ohio Is on a rampage from
Vheellng down, and Pittsburgh towoats
between there ana Cincinnati v*
xperlenclng much trouble. There is a
cry swift current, and boats pushing
ows up stream are being greatly delta
Hirer Tclccrami.
OIL CITY?R'ver 4 feet 10 Inches and
ailing; cool and light rain.
MORGANTOWN?River M feet <
aches and falling; cloudy and warmer.
PARKERSBURG?River 26 feet and
alUng: cloudy; mercury C.
WARREN?River 3 feet S Inches:
slid and moderate.
GREENSBORO?River .14 feet and
tiling: cloudy and cooL
BROWNSVILLE?River 17 feet 6
icbcfi and fAUlns> *
PITTSBURGH?River Its feet and
ailing: warmer and cloudy.
nd rising; clear.
CINCINNATI?River Xnt and
Islng: clear.
MEMPHIS?River JS.5 feet, a rise of
L foot; cloudy and cooL
LOUISVILLB?River rising with IS
i-ct In canal; It feet 10 Inches on falls:
> feet 3 Inches below locks; dear and
EVANSVmJS?Rlrer 35 feet and rls?;
cloudy and pleasant*
CAIRO?River 4! feet 2 Inches and
tandlns; cloudy.
Remarkable Bncw.
Mrs. Michael Curtain. PUlnfleia. IU,
lakes the statement, that she caught
old. which settled on her lanes; she
ras treated for a month by her family
hyineinn. out prw www. nc win hci
he was a hopeless victim of consumplon
and that no medicine would cure
er. Her draetfst munrested Dr. KI nf*
;rw Discovery for Consumption: she
onctat a bottle and to her d-llKht found
erself benefited from llrst dose. She
ontlnued Its use and after taklnc '1*
ottles, found herself sound and well;
ow does her own housework, oud is an
ell as she ever was. Free trial bottles
f this Great Discovery at Logan Drue
o.*s druc Store. Only 50 cent* and ? 00,
rery bottle fuaranteed. *
u. iadijestioa ?
,ir ^HBSOT
TT?W> ggj Bftdi
1 I F a) advice fret. ISO
1 Arch street, PUh.
JO? DaUy Chronicle of Wheeling
?^ ?? ?m- m
rrocrasflifo ^etgnoor.
The private dance given In Scheehk
hall last nlgbt fay the Etude Mandoll
Club was attended by about thirl
youne people from this dty and so
rounding towns, and was a decided:
enjoyable event. Prof. Geraghty, <
Benwood. presided at the piano durli
the evening
" The flve-months-old son of Willi*
Davis, of Main street, died yestertU
afternoon. This makes the secot
death In the family within a short tlm
the child's mother having preceded
two months ago. Funeral will be he
at S:? this afternoon, with funeral i
TWWtur tSe ihree-montlw-oM child <
Mr. and. lln. Fred Van Kelt, died ye
terday morning. The funeral will ta)
place at 1 o'clock this afternoon fro
the residence, of Harry Chambers, c
Pike street, with Interment In Week
Harry, the two-year-old son of II
and Sirs. Thomas Salsglver. of Ffr
street dirt yesterday morning fro:
whooping cough. Funeral will occi
this afternoon at 1 o'clock, and Intel
mtnt xrlll be made at If t Calvary.
Hiss Etta. Millard, who baa been I
for some time, will undergo a dellcai
operation, which will be performed 1
Die Ran. of "Wheeling, at her home, eoi
ner First and Monroe street this man
Edward Bonders was arrested by OH
cer Bailey yesterday morning, for
charge of abase preferred by his wtf
who later appeared sad withdraw tt
charge upon the payment of coats. .
Another, accident occurred at tl
Laugblin tin mill last night which cos
pelled the suspension of labor In evet
department caused by the fly-wheel o
the cold rolls becoming loose.
Marie Drennen entertained a nomtx
of young friends between the hours of
and 7 o'clock last evening. The evei
was a farewell pvty given In honor i
Margaret Hervey.
Mrs. Lincoln Horn and Miss Han
Collier, of Dennison, Ohio, are tl
guests of the former's parents, Mr. an
William McWilliams, on Third street
Mrs. Jacob Rosenthal will go to Pitt!
burgh to-day, where she will attend tl
sliver wedding anniversary of a Men
which occurs this evening.
A. W. Dawson and son Albert re tun
ed yesterday from Smith's Ferry. Pa
where they were called by the death c
the former's brother.
Three new scales are being placed. I
the Aetna Standard mill for weighin
scrap Iron and other material.
Fred Ebeelie Is In from a. buslnec
trip through the state for Spence.Bagg
& Company.
C. F. Stearns, representing the Amer
lean Boole Company, is in the city o
Carl Lash has returned from Kenyo
college, to spend vacation.
Miss Berdle Sedgwick ,of ML Hojx
is visiting in town.
Story of a Slave.
To be bound hand and foot for year
by the chains of disease is the wors
form of slavery. George J>. Wllllanu
of Manchester, Mich., tells how such
slave was made free. He says: "M
wife has been so helpless for live year
that she could not turn over In be
alone. After using two bottles of Elec
trie Bitters, she Is wonderfully ixn
proved and able to do her own work.
This supreme remedy for female din
eases quickly cures nervousness, sleep
lessness. melancholy, headache, back
ache, fainting and dizzy spells. Thl
miracle working medicine is a godsen
to weak, sickly, run down people. Ever
bottle guaranteed. Only SO cents. Sol
by Logan Drug Co.. druggist.
Rough Dry Washed, Starched am
2>yed 3 contw per pound.
Itat Work. Washed and Ironed* i
cent* per pound.
All hand work finished lO oenta pei
pound. At. __ LUTZ BROS'.
Knur Home Steam Laundry.
Rollers. Males 32. ou. Females 50c. a
ket and Sixth streets. mrlT
rpo LOAM?17,000.
Monet to loan on real si
TATE. Six per cent Interest and on
per cent premium, total aeren per cent
LOAN CO- ad SL. Bellaire. OMo. ocl
Public Salt.
Of 40 Carriages, Phaetons, Piano Bo:
Buggies, Wagons; also a lot of ma
chinery and carriage makers' material, a
No. 2110 Main St.,
Wheeling. W. Va.,
Satardsj, AprO 1. IW, at If a. n.
Terms Reasonable.
GEORGE HOOK, Receiver.
Donaldson Carriage Co.
Jail WL?jjafc wt. V*.
The Intelligencer.,
.lob Printina Office
The largest and most complete
*** Job Printing Establishment it
the city and one of the most
extensive In the Ohio Valley,
*** Possesses every facility for the
prompt execution of all kinds o!
*** work, from a Neat Card or Cin
*** cular to a Monster Poster, In on?
*** variety of colors, at the shortcut
not!ce and on the most reasonable
term*. Country merchants, tarm**
cm and others mjuirin* Stow
Bins. Public Sale Bills, etc.. will
** And It to their advantage to call
*** at or address The Intettlre&cer
- , .. ..
* V houaayork: n(MMct ttoslnd, A> is ^
f? Jfr***8*Onlmit'.' ' mm OH
In -y^-AJ^CT-A^POTOTO^Br J^OTgtr
xrrx ntxd^dbcojustno mar "" v
Df vv flrwnmn to work a. lanr. Appljr ?t
lS ?j*B Vtrtfnla'Otaw Co, junta's Knyr, >
<r JD tables. Inquire at Grand Opera Koosa
I d Roo?- mtT*
JD H. Campbell, deceased. Situated on v,;-.
- Bethany Pike. Si miles from eter. ApplyM
to -I. F. Jones, executor, or whit* * - 2M
s- Bates. ^cchanKsBankBulldtag.' " mr? ' "-wi
Jl* IK6 on Fourteenth it; X otter my
a residence. No. H5 Fourteenth st for sale;;
's possession and terms to salt purchaser.
inquire of T. B. McLAIN, Dental and <$53
Surgical depot, city Bank building; ngg: . - >
? A Few Cbotee Lota
r" at Edglngton..* J? J*
te W. V. HOGE.
<y aty Bmlc BulUlUur. MOO iUrtat gtmL ;
TTheeUnc Bridge.
1 Wheeling? Iron A Steel Co.
* West Va. State Fair Association
e. LaBelle Iron Works. .... 'w
IC J3?uur? UU Kuu ZUVCirrc M??l> ' . ?T3
National Stwl ConMny.
American Tin Plate Company.
" National Biscuit Company.
i- Plrect telegrams from Chicago stock
7 market received dally.
a Thone ?M. Boom i. City B?afc SatHtafc
>t 3?r SU*t.
n J? in the Clur But Bnildtotr. Insuir. *t fjgjg
'? u>? cily Ban* ot VtotUnc. mrX |Hj
Jt) t*"t location to c?W. Poftgiaolif KM
I- k?t itrwt. oc? j
a J2 Cbapllne street: six rooma, hall, bath raj
and attic: both gases. flnqulrs of B. ;
i- KUSVE8. SIS Chaplin* atr?ct. MX*
Five dwelling rooma at 1061 Main
n street, Lmvb Stor* room unm"
be red 106& Main *trt#U m alaoator*
room* on Tenth and Main atreota. _
PrleM for Htore rooma from 135 to
; *100perm<?JSiESi.HAwiiT.
Lorln* Homestead. Elm Gror* 7 acrta
_ wfth barn.
Frame residence, Edgington. 7 rooms.
. cistern and well. natural ma. lfc acres.
' FOR SALE. . m
Brick residence. Pleasant Valley. *
rooms. 4 acres, stable. Low figure oa a
quick deal.
J 18 Exchange Bank Bonding.
y Sea/ S&tate.
! S-room house on Fourteenth street.
;T S-room how* on Fifteenth street. *
Doable house on Sixteenth street -
11-room frame house and 1 acres of
?- ground at Edgington's Lane.
S-room frame house, with a fine lawn,
. at Pleasant Valley.
a 126 South Penn street. 3 rooms aad
y bath no?
J 2S> North Broadway. S rooms 26 M
10SS Main street. 2 rooms and bath.. ??
S-room house at Echo Point 25 09
Store room in the Egerter Building.
. THEO. W. FINK & CO.,
! 'Phone KH7. 1321 Mark ft SC.
p to let
Store room and dwelling 1145 Mala
Store room 123 Main.
Store room lao Main. \ ?
: 3 rooms 15 South York Su M floor.
#-roomed modern 83 South Front.
7-roomed modern 91 South Front.
Z s-roomed modern 23 South York.
c-roomed modern 14S South Broadway.
?-roomed and stable S Sooth Pens.
3 rooms Wabash, near Virginia.
2d floor, with bath. 96 South Front
Office Exchange Bank Building.
! g.o. smith;
Arlon Halt store room. No. 2019 Mala
- street.
Residence. 10 rooms and bath. May X.
corner Fifteenth and Jacob streets.
a rooms, first floor, and cellar. McGob
c loch street April L
. $3 cash?Brick cottage. S rooma and
lot. East McColIoch street.
?..w?rwo-siory uric*. 5 rooms ana
kitchen; one-half cash; balance on easy
term*. Cheap.
Bui!dlnit Kites, from one to fire acres. In
Pleasant valley, on electric line. Pwftct
drainage: fine elevation. Desirable.
Corner Fourteenth and Market Sts.
Telephone SI?.
No. 23(7 Market street, store room
and ten room*; will rent as a whole
or will rent 10 rooms or store sepa- .
. No. as Market street 430 0ft
No. W Fourteenth street a 0|
No. 37 Seventeenth street 2 00
No. 71 South York street SO Oft
No. ISIS Market street. 3d floor SI Oft
No. 00 North Front etreet 23 00
No. 110 Vlrjrlnla itmt 10 60 9
No. 2306 Jacob ?twt, first floor 8 00
No. 90 Sixteenth street. bottlln* cellar
No. 92 Sixteenth street, store room.. 10 00
No. 34 Sixteenth street, store room
and 10 rooms 40 00
No. 174 Alley 14 7 00
No. 175 Seventeenth street. 2 rooms.. S 00
No. 2146 Alley A. 2 rooms i 00
No. SCO Alley R. 2 rooms S 00
No. ?W Alley P 8 91
No. ft And No. 80 Eut Chestnut street.
"Washington. Pa., for Hotel or Restaurant;
Tplil rent It furnished or untur*
Main street residence.
Chapllne street residence.
Kofr stTeet residence.
Market street business property
Real Estate Agent. Collector, Notary
Public and Pension Afvat. No. 1IU
_ Main street. mart!
' ...

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