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Stone ?' Choma*. 1
Stone &
Mew Glove*
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Lively Easter sell- Crepon co
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tinne with iresh ar= Crepons a
rivals of RIBBONS the foreigi
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bilities forthis brand because, fir
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aniline dyes have been chemica
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Ofllce: 25 and 27 I'ourteenthStreet.
; P<
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List of Unclaimed Letters.
Pittsburgh & Cincinnati Packet JJne. gi
Business Opportunity?To buy Klneto- pi
scope. oi
Agents Wanted for a magnificent seller.
Agents Wanted by an Old Established
House. ?'
Manufacturers and Packers of Grocery ?v
Articles. w
New Eastor Gloves?Stone & Thomas? ??r
Eighth page. ai
Last Day Hints?Geo. E. Stlfel &. Co.? H
Fifth pact*. ft
Fancy Silks for Waists?J. S. Rhodes & ir
Co. w
Let Us See?House & Herrmann?Fifth fe
page. j;
Day Dreams?Nay Brothers?Eighth
All Whiskies?Max Klein. ?
Is Your Hoy to l>e Confirmed?D. Gundling
& Co.?Fifth page. S<
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Always the newest In tine furnishIngs.
iiess it sons. re
FashloiiabloTailors and Fine Furnish- f,.
crs, 1IW1 aud 13U.'J Market Street.
20,000. s<
We havo fitted more than twenty 11
thousand pairs of Spectacles, glvlairu's
a record and experience une(|tialled by H
any other Optician In West Virginia.
Satisfaction gunranteed. '
JACOB W. GRl?BB. Optician. Pi
No. 1300 Market Street.
Subscribers to the Dally Intelligencer
changing their residences on cli
April 1st will please give notice at this w
ortleo. No. 27 Fourteenth street, so m,
that carriers may be notified and that
there may I?e no Interruption In the ,
delivery of the papers.
Another Crossing. bf
Through Friday night and this
morning the Wheeling Railway Com- 'rn
pany is working a large force of men at sh
the corner of Fourteenth and Market P*
streets, putting in the new curves and
crossing." mude necessary by the occu- dc
pancy of F urteenth street by the tl(
Wheeling & Kim Grove. u"
Their Monthly Meeting.
The hoard of directors of the pv
"Wheeling Railway Company held a te
meeting at t!.} Wheeling office yeiter- tli
day morning nnd transacted routine .pc
business. It h supposed the men's re- 1)0
quest for higher wages was discussed,
but tlie outcome could not be learned.
President T. IT. Conderman, of Philadelphia,
was !.i attendance. J,"
A Handsome Donation. ^
A Wheeling man whose philanthropy p,
has had fre<ju- nt exemplifications, last ce
night Informed the board of managers nc
of the City Hospital that he would th
make a large contribution to the hospital
as the start of an endowment fund. g?
The gentleman desires his name and
the amount eu ^pressed, but It can be Pr
stated that the (.mount In dollars cannot wj
be expressed In less than four figures.
Takni to Spencer. "r
Young Dr. S. K. Hlnom, who win re- t'n
cently declared Insane, was taken to j ti,
the Spencer asylum (or the Insane ye.?- | en
terday morning by Guard S.iyre. The j h-j
youtiK man's fa-her. J.* H. Hlssom, was , be
present when li s non left the Jail, and ye
It Is said he broke down completely and : In
cried. The son . xhlbltcd no bitterness . ?r
and shook his father's hand. lo
ECZEMA. scald head, hives, Itchiness mi
of the skin of nny sort. Instantly re- nil
lleved, permanently cured. Donn'sOInt- to
tnent. At any drug store. 4
. TO
oO of tlio lii'Mt TurpotK, IlM'ludlllW :
parlor (iiwl reception room enroot*,
will be Cor Halo tu-dny at- tlio MeLuro th
Ilou-e unci ion, come early If yon J th
want a bargain. \y
B?? th, Kiad YM Han ?*ran Eo-tM 1
gninstElla McCurdyfor th
it is Alleged she had
lie is Committed to Jail i
fault of SI.000 Bond ar
f the Coroner's Jury Settl
Cause of! ho Death of the Gil
Denies Having Done any Un
Act; Says Mi's. Dowers was
cd by Sickness "While Calling
1 Touse?'The Post Mortem D<
that the Girl has Been in a D
Condition for Firo Monthsner's
Jury "Will View the Be
The death of Miss Maggie B(
ore properly speaking, Mrs.
Dwers (for it develops that s
arried to Bowers on Tuesday <
this week, by Rev. R. R. Bigg'
;r suspicious circumstances
ere told exclusively in the Int
r yesterday morning, was dl:
. South Side people yesterda
ere is one opinion that overs
1 others?that no effort shot
tglected to show the true cause
iung woman's death, and the
rson or persons should be glv
mlshment provided for by the
The event of the day was tl
or:em examination of the rema
e Bero home, on the South Sid
as completed late yesterday afi
id resulted In the discover** th
ceased had been in u delicate
>n for live months. The pnj
iuld not say that the death ha
:used.by any unlawful act, bu
Q indications pointing In this
)n. It was therefore decided t
le stomach examined by a c
hlch may develop whether or
ilawful act was attempted?ev
on UVICUII'LCU, UL course li JS
>\v Lhat it was unsuccessful,
kroner Schultz* will empanel
h'.ch will view the body, and t
jer's inquest will then be pos
itll the result of the chemist's
ition is known.
Early yesterday morning, Ci
jlice Clemar.s learned oC the- sus
rcumstances surrounding: Mrs
s' death, tnrough iniunnatio
id been furnished the depa
irough the Intelligencer, and
ice proceded to the South S1l
acvd Mrs. Ella McCurdy under
rather she was taken to polio
jarters and detained, pending
>ments. E. J. Clark, the ma
tards at the McCurdy place, ai
ent for the physician when Mrs
s' condition became alarming
so detained at police header,
oth remained at the pollc*
iroughout the day, and last
hen the authorities learned of
atur-its of the post mortem, tli
tcideil to take more decisive ac
He decided to charge -Mrs. M
tin tne murder of Mrs. Bowers
? did on the advice of <
ihultze, with whom he consult*
suit was the taking of Mrs. M
id E. J. Clark before Justice 1
ogers. Mrs. MeCurdy was ft
larged with murder and was c
d :o Jail In default of $1,000 bo
Clark was held under $r/K> bo:
itness. Neither was able to
e required surety.
Mrs. McCurdy denies any wrc
g. She says she met Mrs. Bov
vventy-seventh street, saw sh
ck and took her to her home,
le f;-ll down in a faint and
lortly after.
Approaching developments v
vaited with great Interest. .
xaminatiou Held Ycstcrd;
Several Prominent I'hysicir
The post mortem was held at t;
sirlence, 3313 Jacob street, and
om 2:30 to 5 o'clock. The phj
irlicipating were: Drs. Arm
ihwinn, W. R. Taylor, Ford,
ildreth, Andrew Wilson, Plan
anlng. The county was reprt
Coroner Schultze and As
rosscuting Attorney F. "NV. :>
tiile Chief of Police. C'.emans v
presentative of the city author!
The result of their examinatli
Dsed no evidences of violenc
2s the cause of death apparei
ere was a belief that an anal
ie stomach might show that
ups had been used, therefoi
omach was preserved to eatls
lief. The analysis will be m:
Q. Rawllng, the chemist, and
iding really hangs all future d>
ents. An expert examinatioi
ow the presence of the medicin
The physicians discovered thi
!cea3ed had been in n delicate
>n for Ave months, and she wai
Ith child. Thle fact removed t
lat the criminal operation hai
rrJed to ihe extent supposed, I
course, the consequences were
en If criminal practice had b<
mpted. But the outcome hln?
rely on the result of the cheml:
<rt, by which the coroner's ju
largely governed.
A ray of sunlight In the dej
dness was the confirmation
atement that the deceased glr
arrled to Harry Bowers. Tin
ige licenKe was issued on Tues
is week by County Clerk Rob
id Rev. R. R. Digger, of the
esbyterlan church, performc
remony. The marriage retui
>i yci u"?-m out Mr. ue
e papers.
In th<* immediate vicinity of th
rl's* home. and in fact all ovc
iuth Side, genera! sympathy w
eased for the family.
is a br'Rhr girl and well liked
ho knew her. Regret was exj
' his friends of Harry Bowers
ifortunatc position In which
need, and his friends are con lid
re events will remove the y
at If placed oh his name for tin
t. Little sympathy was exp
nvever, for Mrs. McCurdy. Hi
en separated from her husbar
ars. and Clark, who has been
K with her. I? nlso married, ai
own up children. Ills wife live?
wer part of the Eighth war
:es out an existence as a wn
in. At the McCurdy hou??e ther
<o a young man, Samuel Youn
b" a otep-son of Mrs. McCurdj
rht r?' Is' considerable darkn<-?
undfng the clrcptiwtancesofMn
ft' death and naturally there r
rts at variance, and only t**si
those directly concerned will
o. true details. It l? known, ho
?t her d*ath occurred /about :!
ednesday afternoon. In the M<
nine, In the rear of 261M CI
reet. Mrs. Bowers left her hom?
10 ??r 2 o'clock, or a little Intel
ilked to Mrs. McCurdy
ockrt tuvay. It Is-salM sin- I
only after entering the Jioub
r>tpT\ was then assisted. to a bed, on ivh
|MI ehe died.
UJuU Then Clark or -Toung hurried to !
II. T. Ford's office. on South Ja<
street, but It was very likely Clark,
c Part Ford was not In his office, being i
on a call, yet Clark remained th
until 6 o'clock, at which hour Dr. F?
returned. Clark's lengthy wait
view of the grave necessity or a phj
irrnQ clan's assistance as soon as possli
iYlKoi has been criticized. When Dr. Ft
visited the McCurdy house, he saw
mortal aid was needed. The bc-dy v
_ ^ removed to the home of her paror
n DC* The suddenness of her death demani
an investigation, and Coroner Schul
lost little time In taking steps to t
end, and by communicating with Pr
ecu tin? Attorney Meyer, and Dr. E.
PDIf T -^rmbrecht. the county physician,
IV post mortem was dotormlned on.
To-day a Jury will be Impanelled
Coroner Schultze, and after the rema
cs the are viewed the jury will be udjourn
nwaltini? the chemical analysis. 1
rl?Slip arrangements for the funeral were
lawful Perfected last night, but it will Ilk
occur on Sunday.
Lttnck- The funeral of Mrs. Bowers Mil t;
at her on Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clo
from the home of her parents, Mr. r
;velops Mrs. Joseph Hero, 3315 Jacob street,w
elicate lnterment at Mount Zlon.
il> To- ^*ameM tj,c Companies Inclti
Many in this Section.
The combination of sewer pipe mai
ro or facturers, which has been in process
' , ? formation for the past three inont
was 'ias reac^otl a successful end, as det:
ed in yesterday's Intelligencer. H
ivoning naine 0f the new company is the F
er), un- eral Sewer Pipe Company, and will
which capitalized at ?25,000',000, half of wh
| as to do 7 pc-r cent prererreu ntock .1
u h ' half common mock. There will be Si
scussed 750,000 of each class of stock Issued
y, and the present time.
hadows- The companies comprising jhe F?
. eral Sewer Pipe Company are the Stt
ilcl be (jar(j Sewer Pipe Co.. Buffalo Sev
: of the Pipe Co.. J. V. Rose. Patton Clay (
guilty Pennsylvania Sewer Pipe Co., Buckt
th Sewer Pipe Co., Harry Thomps
en uu Crown Fire CIay Co Uhrlcsvllle F
law. Clay Co., Diamond Fire Clay Co.. C?r
le post Western Fire Clay Co.. Ohio Valley F
lins at Clay Co- p- Connor, Freeman Fire C
. , Co.. J. Lyth &Sons, Knowles, Tayloi
* Anderson Co., Myers, Hartford Co,. '
ternoon ronto Fire Clay Manufacturing Co., 3
at the Elfresh Clay Co.. Bennet Sewer P
condl- Co., Grand Ledge Sewer Pipe C
sicians Rochester Sewer Pipe Co.. Pittsbui
d been Clay Manufacturing Co.. Sharon. C!
: there Manufacturing Co.. Lock Haven C!
"dlrec- Works. Akron Sewer Pipe Co.. Natlo;
o have Sewer Pipe Co.. J. J. Mazurle, Buck*
hemlst, Eire Clay Co.. Columbia Sewer Pipe C
not an J?hn Francys, Sons & Co.. the Kenne?
en If It Eling Co., Calumet Fire Clay Co., E
known plre Eire Clay Co., N. U. Walker C
To-day Manufacturing Co., Ohio Vitrified P
a jury Co., Cincinnati Sewer Pipe Co., St;
he cor- Line Sewer Pipe Co., MeMahon. Por
>tponed ^ Co.. (laugher. McAddo & Co.. Jacks
exami- Eire Clay Co. and Summit Sewer P
ilef of
. Bow
:i that A National Remedy i'or a Xatioi
irtment Trouble.
he -To say that hemorrhoids or thed
le anu eaj,e commonly known as piles is a i
arrest, tionul disease may be slightly ov
e head- drawn, but it is Quito certain that
devel- lenst one in every four persQns is
a who afflicted.
id who Because it is common and not i
?. Bow- mediately futai many suffer for ye;
was without si vine: the trouble anv mwll
carters. attention.
i ofllce Moreover, the rather general impn
night sion that a surgical operation is t
certain only cure has much to do with delay]
e chief attention until the disease becomes dt
tlon. seated and chronic.
cCurdy Sufferers from piles should kn
i. This that the Pyramid Pile Cure is bet
Coroner than a surgical operation: it cures wii
.'d. The out pain, it causes no detention fn
cCurdy business and the cost is trilling.
kV. W. druggists selling it at 50 cents per pac
>rmally a&?omtnlt
astringent effects of the acids
nd E tllc Pyramid Pile Cure speedily cr
id as a tracts and restore to their natural cc
furnish ^ltion the blood vessels of the affect
1 " parts, and as it quickly dissolves In ;
rectum the remedy soothes and he;
i*ers ->n the Irritated surfaces, and these t
/ things are the only necessary requi
, f ments for a cure.
rnt i principal danger from piles
expired the ua|,jjitjes to chronic ulceration
. the rectal tissue, and nervous exhat
iMl be tjon from joss 0r sleep and attends
pain and irritation. All these sym
toms the Pyramid quickly relieves a
the fact that it is the most popular a
widely sold of any pile cure is qu
av liv conclusive evidence of thorough moi
' " If you suffer from bleeding, itching
' protruding piles try a fifty-cent pac
le Bero aR0 t0.night. Ask your druggist !
lasted Pyramid Pile Cure.
te and Pittsburgh...QUEEN CITY. 10 a. m.
?sented Parkersburg.BEN HUR. 11 a. in.
Slstersvillc...RUTH. 2:30 p. m.
isistanc Clarlngton....LEROY. 3:30 p. m.
resbltt, Stcubenvlllc..T. M. Bavno, 2:30 p. m.
Charleston...GREENWOOD. 6:30 a. m
ues;, J*arkersburg.H. K. U ED FORD, 11 a. n
in dls- SKtersvllle...RUTH. 3:30 p. m.
e. nor Clarineton LEROY. 3:30 p. m.
it. but Steul)envilk\.T. M. Bayne, 2:30 p. m.
potent Pittsburgh...BEN HUR. 4 n. m.
re the Pittsburgh...KANAWHA, 5 a. m.
fv this Pittsburgh...KEYSTONE STATE, 6 a.
. Zan* svllh*.... I.ORENA, 2 a. m.
lUe i)f Cincinnati....QUEEN CITY. S a. in.
I on Its ?
* tnaj Alone the Landing,
t" The George Shiras passed up w
at the empties yesterday morning at 9 o'clot
condl- The markc at 6 p. m. showed 24 fee
s found inches and falling. Weather, cloudy a
Ife foar warmer.
d been The Enterprise, with a tow of co
hough, passed tlite part yesterday afternoon
tragic 2 o'clock.
en" Thc' ^ueen c,t>" was latc ln
,f away for above yesterday on account
ry will th< ?? ,
The Queen City Is to-morrow's pacl
ith of Cincinnati and all western a
of the southern points.
1 was Captain Thomas, of the Leroy, a
; mar- nounces that his boat will resume Su
day of day excursions between Wheeling a
ertson. Slstersville, commencing Sunday, Ap
Third f?, departing from this port at *7 a.
d the Last season the Leroy excursions wn
n hai kept at a high standard and the pub
ro has appreciated the service by extending
liberal patronage. A repetition of t
e dead same patronage and hifrh standnrrl u
r the be hail this fear.
1181 ex" Information reached this city yesU
5 \or? day afternoon that the biff City
by all Pittsburgh has tied u;> above the I'oi
pressed picasant bridge on account of the hi
for the Water. She Is on her way to New C
he is leans with a big excursion. She had :
erU fu" cabin passengers when she cleared tl
ihudow jiort and probably has cuuny more no
2 Pres~ This boat 13 certainly having more b
resaeu, juc^ on j,er jajuui trip than any otli
ie has steamer in the recollection of steui
id f>ir boatmen of the Ohio Valley.
fn the River THfgrnam.
d and WARREN?River 4 feet. Cloudy a
sh-wo- mild.
c lived GREENSRORO?River 11 feet
g, said Inches and falling. Cloudy and three
a sur- MO RC5ANTOWN?River 11 feet
f.Row- Inche# and falling*. Cloudy and colder
ire re- BROWNSVILLE?River 12 feet
tlinony inches and falling.
give PITTSBURGH- River 13 feet ai
wever, falling. Clear and cool.
o'clock STEIWENVILLE?River 21 foot
:Ctirdy inches and fnlling. Cloudy ?nd cold,
in pi I no POINT PL DA HA NT?River 39.5 fc
'about and falling. Cloudy.
r. Hhr CINCINNATI?River 50 feet and rl
jevcr.il inn. Cloudy.
Tainted "CAIRO?River 40.3 feet and statlo
e, und ary. Clear and colder,
Dr. The Ilcpubllc Steel & Iron Coin]
*ob fo be Incorporated To-day.
^r* Articles of incorporation will be
ere ir. Trenton and Jersey City to-day
ard der the New Jersey laws, for a
_ in company to be called the Republic i
and Iron Company, with home ofTh
3rd New York, with a capital of $55,00*
no which may possibly be increaaet
JIOO.COO.OOO, divided Into common
J"- preferred stock. This company
*^d combine in several iron Interests ar
{** a connection link between the Fe<
h,s Steel Company and the tin-plate i:
?*" ests, with the former predominate
is said that there will be twenty
the concerns in Pennsylvania, Ohio
West Virginia in the combination,
subscription lists for the stuck of
ins ne\V company will be opened at
National City bank at New York
the company will be financed foyGc
n?\ R. Sheldon & Co., of that city.
eJ*' West Virginia company in the com
^ Is said to be the Wheeling Steel &
uuinpany, dui no connrmauon coui
ck. ?ecured last night,
r Missionary Day at the North S
M. E. church, Sunday?Easter ]
tile at c ft- m-: Baptismal am
ception services at 10 a. m.; preac
at 10:30, by the pastor. Rev. C. B.
ham, theme, "The Risen Christ"; !
of day School at p. m., and the Sui
hs School Missionary Anniversary at
' p. m. A good programme for the
"l* and fine music, "Welcome to all.
ed- First Christian church. Rev. C,
be Oliphant, pastor: Special Easter
lch vices will be held. Splendid appro?
ind music will be rendered by the c
10,- The church is beautifully decoratec
at the day. Sunday School at 9:30 a.
morning: sermon at 11 o'clock, on '
2d- mortality"; Mission Sunday Schoc
*n- Thirty-third street, at 2:20 p. m.; Jt
rer Christian Endeavor. 1 p. m.; Y(
'o., people's Society of Christian Endea
*>'e G:30 p. m., led by Miss Mary Bar
on. subject, "Birthday of Hope," I
^at At 7:30 p. m. the service will be
'5re honor of the Sir Knights Templar
lay Wheeling and Cyrene Commando
: & who will attend the service in a body
r?- led by their prelates, take part in
Ic" services. The pastor, Sir Knight
*Pe phant. will preach a sermon on "Kn
'o-* Ttmplarism." All visiting Sir Kni
jn the city are courteously Invited
join with the Wheeling Knights in t
la-' Sunday evening Easter services.
;ye At St. Luke's P. E. church there
-o- be elaborate Eaeter services <o-mor
ly" including Holy Communion at 7 a.
.m" service, sermon by Rev. Jacob 1
tlngham and Holy Communion at
'Pe a. m.; Sunday School festival at 2:
^te m.. followed by the baptism of infa
evening- prayer ana sermon vy me
j?n tor. at 7:30 o'clock,
Sunday's services at the Vance }I
orial church will be as follows: 9:*
m.t Sabbath School Easter exercise:
a. m.. Easter service, with special
?ic: 7:30 p. m.. service of song, with
dress. Special services will be heli
j3. Tuesday, Wednesday ar.d Friday e
ja. Ings of next week, preparatory to
er. communion. April 9.
po First Baptist church, Rev. Martir
Buck, pastor: Preaching- at 10:30 a.
m- subject, "A Great Fact and a G
irs Doctrine"; preaching at 7:30 p. m.,
r?al Ject. "The Abuse of on Excuse." 5
day School at 9:13 a. rn. At the m
es- ing service there will be special ir
.he by the Sunday school and also b**
ng choir. After the sermon the ordin:
rep of baptism will be administered. Ai
close of the evening service the <
ow nance of the Lord's Supper will
ter commemorated.
At the Flrit Presbyterian church
i?11 pastor. Rev. D. A. Cunningham, D,
:k" will preach at 10:30 a. m., and 7:30 t
Morning subject, "What is Impliei
ln the Denial of the Resurrection." E
)n" ing. praise service, subject. "Won
ful Words of Life." The choir and 1
gregatlon will sing appropriate a nth
alj! and resurrection hym.ns.
pp" At Wesley M. E. church?Sen
Sunday, as follows: 10:30 a. m., pre,
js ing by pastor, missionary sermon;
0f p. m.. Easter service of songs and i
1S1 tatlons. Sunday School at 2 p. m. S
int Crummett, pastor.
'nd Rev. William J. Harkness. Ph. D.
nd preach Sunday nt the Chapline St
ite M. E. church. Morning theme, "
:it. Resurrection." In the evening a spi
or sermon for the young, illustrated
:k- means of the blackboard. The Sabl
[or school of Chapline Street M. E. chi
will hold a special Easter service
Sunday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock.
Harkness will give "a bottle sern
for the school Special singing,
friends and strangers are Invited,
The Easter services of the Ger:
M. E.?church. Rev. L Allinger, pai
will begin with a" sunrise prayer m
Ing at 6 a. m.. conducted by the Epw
League. At 9:15 a. rn.. the Sur
school will celebrate an Easter miss
?. ary festival by song, speeches, re<
Hons and offerings. At 10:30 the pa
will have for his theme, "The Re
rection of Christ with Practical Les:
Therefrom." At 7 p. m., th& League
have a special Easter jubilee ser
ln and at 7:30 a. m. Easter service of
cred song and music will take
place of the usual sermon. A rare
slcal treat is in store for those who
tend. The Uoral decorations of
church will be a special feature of
1th day.
P The preparatory services held nt
* , Second Presbyterian church this w
have been unusually well attended,
pastor, Rev. Joseph Speers, deliver*
a*? series of sermons on the closing set
Ir. the life of Christ appropriate to
season, and preparatory to ihe com
ns nlon to be held to-morrow morn
of There will be appropriate services 1
morning and evening-. In the eve:
:et the subject of the sermon will be, "
At Wesley M. E. church to-mor
n~ morning, there will be a programm
n" special music for Easter. In the m<
Ing Rev. S. P. Crummett will preac
'* sermon on "Missions," after which
.] benevolent collection will be taken.
J.~ i Easier service entitled. "Easter G'
1 1 ness." will br? given In the even
, 8 worda bv E. E. Ilewltt and music
ft I W. J. Klrkpatrlck.
I Services will be conducted at 7.
Street M. E. church to-morrow by
or | patsor. Rev. E. D. llanna. The u:
nt- service will be held In the aftcrn?
Kh and at night the pastor will preach
(r- llrst of a series of sermons on "
!50 Wondrous Story of the Runa1
Boy." illustrated by Scriptural pa
w I
a<i '
..Second Sight
When you fool that you have'trled ov
Iui thlun and everyone, consult uh. A d
occurrence Is the surprise shown by
bonetltcd patients at our olllce.
r? ua you have headache? Do your
it- water? Do they smart or burn? Does
print run together when reading? I?'e<
if scutn before the eyes? Do things ap|
double or mixed up? Have a doslre to
the eyes? Twitching? Dors the light l
3 them? For any trouble of your eyes i
suit up. During this month wo de'
ad much time to children's eyes. We m
glasses at popular nrlces (ono reason
- our popularlty)~maM' a careful exam
0 tlon free of charge. The best proof of
buccchs Is tho number of recommondat
ot from our old patients.
: PROF. H. ml ife
Cor. Main and Eleventh Streets.
Cle 5(ub Clothiers. | Sj/ia Stab CloliUrt.
I've Been Looking All Over Town ^3^
'un" And here I am apiln !o get
ne;v that Suit. It Is a very common matter for us to hear this from
Steel customers almost dally, but it is only natural because these nobby out.
-e Ia flts wo are now offering for both men and boys are of that clasa of goods that
0.000. please both the eye and pocketbook. Every one we are showing this spring
1 t? are far ahead of anything we have heretofore shown, both in style, flt and fab.
and rlcs, and at prices, well they have been clipped and pared till there's but a
dbe trlfle above the cost materlal? antl i3 absolutely natural attractloa
leral wWch brings people to our store again and again.
iter- This is Children's week in our 13oya* and children's department*. Hundreds
g. It of new novelties offered last week now ready for the boys,
-two of course, your money back if you say so,
!day SRBK ra M any ofyonr famHj or
? il ill wbrm W'"1* \
illP M . ! ||l|wini#w *#r stecima^#'
we |ra|| J \ k| j|| fog. We are also showuoi
aBHg !;g | ?> |f|f tog a fine selection of
im; |||j% klfcfj fliese,'fesiM "PniK*
lvor. Children's Departmenls.
ber; ~ **"
gg; M a M M M W <j)
hese ... . a
SZaer's Clothing Jt'ousc. | Slacr's Clothing sioute.
Clothing For
isTCarefu! Bresserso
em. These are exhibition days in our store. Hand
;; 11 3U1I1C L^ctl UlClllb til C 11CI U 111 cl prUlUblOn 01
stylish fabrics. Suits are here that will match in conJen"
struction and finish the careful work of custom tailors.
j THIS STORE. We particularly point to the hand-made
r - collars, hand-made button-holes and square shoulders,
rjb- all of which cost more in the construction, but pay in
sun- ' .* J
or"- the confidence that our clothincr wins for us with the
,u.llc ..,i tt. T ^ ?
I hiuisncu wearers, nanusome ivien s ^uits, t^UAL 1U
CUSTOM MADE, are here at
SI2 and $15.
, the
We shall gladly help you in the seeing?we leave
it to the suits to win your further favor.
. ?
wm Twelfth Street. Clothing House.
reet : 1 yi
',^1 Seo. SI. Cay lor Co. I Sco. Si. Cantor Co.
KDI1 ? f
man ^ _ .
I baster Styles
ion ita
slor ,.,v _ , _
sur- I ]Vj
sons ^
tt Tailor=Made Suits,
Dress Skirts and jackets.
Our department complete with New and Exclusive
shapes and Materials.
The gratifying: success attained by our lines is the best
assurance that no buyer, however critical, will bo disappointed
by a visit to the department.
Etc., .Etc.
CENTEMERI KID GLOVES?Easter shades opened
this week.
In addition, we offer a SPECIAL BARGAIN in a genuine
LAMB SKIN GLOVE (white only), for $1.00 a pair.
Owing to the success of the "La Vida" Corbet demonstration,
Miss White, the expert titter, will remain with
us until March 31. Ladles are invited to call and be
An ? fitted, whether they wish to purchase or noL
by ? "
t!?e ?
?pclic Shoe Company. | JOoche Shoo Company.
" ^er ^0eS>
Iho \ K H fl ladies' Easter toilet will be complete
| EMj \without a new pair of shoes. We submit our line
thl! I u . I; of Ladies'fine Cincinnati made Shoes for you:
>1 ?u I /5-y^\ 111 // . ... . .. .... .1.. u.,.;nihc
;>ear / V| U j /? inspection, ocucvtng inaixney arc uic u?t
win ^\. \ city. \X'c have them in corrcct shades of Ten,
i-?"? ^ an^ a^so leather, or with silk vesting
lukn wjjgQs tops. Special attention is called to the new
(for DIAMOND las); it is a beaut)-.
our V>L ' tvV. ? ^ .
Ions ^ Grades ( $2.00,
\ $2.50,
> 3 Prlcca ( $3.00.
"c Locke Shoe Co.
v , r .

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