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Uphold President McGregor, of
the Board of Commissioners
Prosecuting Attorney 3Ieycr and Another
Prominent Lawyer Gave the
Opinions, 'Which AVere Read at the
ljJoard's Meeting Yesterday?Several
tie Votes in Evidence at the Meeting.
Appropriation Ordinanco Passed.
The board of county commissioners
mot in regular monthly session yesterday
morning, and an afternoon session
was needed before the table was cleared.
The five Republicans and the coalition
people were again stacked up
against each other, the first clash occurring
at the morning session, when
Mr. Fritz objected to the approval ot
the minutes of the meeting of March
29, when the officers were elected. The
vote was five to live, whereupon Prsldent
McGregor decided the tie, acting
along the line he adonted at the recent
meeting of the board, when the deadlock
waa broken, and the county jofllcnrs
elected. In Bupport of this action,
Mr. McGregor had read yesterday
morning opinions from two legal gentlmen,
Prosecuting Attorney Meyer and
another prominent lawyer, whose' name
was withheld. Both upheld Mr. McGregor
In the stand he took that broke
. the deadlock. Both opinions are given
' in full by the Intelligencer.
The following bills were ordered
Roads and bridges $ 380 43
Finance f>31 Oil
General school fund...,. 3,415 25
Poor house and farm 630 25
Contingent poor fund l)3S 01
Court house and jail 69 15
Total $6,021 14
The sheriff returned county orders
amounting to $6,131 41.
The superintendent of the county in..flrmary
reported cash recelptn $114 36
for the month cf March. In addition
he reported Inmates, as follows: White
males, 77; white females, 27: colored
v. mnlesi, 2. colored females, 5; totnl. lit,
One birth and two deaths during the
"When the minutes of the mooting ol
March 2:?, (at which the several count>
omcers were eiecieaj, were reaa. .Mr.
FrlU moved they bo not approved. Th.:
vote was five to Ave. The motion was
declared lost, and President McGregor
declared the minutes approved. lie
gave for hitf authority the following
from the prosecuting attorney:
To the Board of Commissioners of the
County of Ohio:
Gentlemen:?After a careful examination
of the act passed by the legislature
of the state establishing your
1 ' honorable body, the ordinance establishing
rules of order for the government
of the same, including Cushing's
Manual, which Is therein adopted and
made a part thereof, also the various
other manuals and works on the subject
of parliamentary law, as well as opinions
by the courts of last resort, of :i
i*t\\' of the states. It is my opinion that
the president of your honorable body
has the power to cast his vote as such
presiding officer In all cases of a tie vote
to break the same; and all this, although
he may have himself previously
exercised the right to vote as any other
member of tne board.
Cushing's Manual, Sec. 243, n 143.
Robert's Rules. Sec. 38., pp. 04-95.
69 Mich., p. 189.
State ex rel., vs. Plnkerman, 22 Law
Reports. Anno. 653.
Wooster vs. Mullins, 25 Law Reports,
Anno. 694
Prosecuting Attorney.
TV* was followed by the reading of
another opinion by a prominent memb?r
of the Ohio county bar, wno says:
Board ol Commissioners:
The boanl of commissioners of Ohic
county, consisting of ten members, one
of their number being president, divide
in voting so that the result stands five
for and flv.? against, a given action.
To put an enel to the continuance ol
such a situation, which would result
In an indefinite deadlock, and the tying
up of business, the following inquirj
has been made:
May the presiding ofllcer, having casl
one vote as a member of the board
the result being a tie, have an additional
vote termed the casting vote?
(a) Cushlng's Manual, paragraph 3,
page 12, says: "All the officers are ordinarily
members of the assembly, and
as such entitled to participate in the
proceedings; except that the presiding
officer does not usually engage In the
debate, and votes only when the assembly
is equally divided."
(b) By the act of the legislature creating
the board of commissioners, it if
provided by Section 7 that the member?
shall elect one of their number president
of the board, and that they maj
enact ordinances and by-laws not inconsistent
with the laws of this state.
(c) By Rule 11, Section 1, of the
Rules and Regulations of the Board II
is provided' "Every member shall vote
on all questions unless excused by the
(d) Rule 11', Section 1, says: "On al
roll calls the names of the member.'
shall be called In alphabetical order
except the president shall be called
(e) Rule 25, Section 1, says: "The
rules of parliamentary practice comprised
in Cushlng's Manual shall gov.
ern the board when they do not conlllcl
with the foregoing rules."
(f) Paragraph 213, page 143, Cushlng'r
Manual, says: "If the members are
equally divided It then becomes the
duty of the presiding officer to give the
casting vote: in doing which he may, ii
he pleases, give his reasons."
(g) Rules 11, 12 and 25, and Paragrapl
243, Cushlng's Manual, which Is inad<
a part of the board's rules, arc not Inconsistent
with the laws of West Virginia.
Rule 12 of the board says that the
name of the president shall be callec
last on roll calls, and to nay that il
when his name Is called the vote stand;
four to five ho may cast his vote wit!
the four and make a tie, and then, a?
presiding ofllcer, cast an addltlona
vote, and break the tie, may seem tr
some a most unusual proposition. But
inasmuch as the board's rules provide
that every member shall vote on nl
questions, unless excused by the board
and ns Rule 25 requires that the rule*
of Cushlng's Manual shall govern wher
they^do not conflict with the rules ol
the board, and one of the rulers ol
Cushlng's Manual which does not conflict
with the rules of tho board Is thai
1f the members are equally divided li
then becomes the duty of the presiding
officer to give the casting vote, it if
difficult to escape the conclusion thai
the presiding ofllcer, in the event of n
tie, has the casting vote.
Rule 11 and Rule 25, of the board, use
tho word shall as mandatory, and Section
243, of Cushlng's Manual, makes li
the duty of the presiding officer to give
the casting vote. It is therefore difficult
to s<!e how the nreslellng officer cai:
epcupe the obligation Imposed npor
him. He Is required to vote, and If lib
voting makes a tie he Is required t(
Klve the casting vote, and break tin.
If the presiding ofllcer were to give
th<* cnfltlng vote sunh action would result
In disposing effectually of deadlocks
In the board, and would tpnd t(
facilitate business. Experience In past
years has shown the necessity foi
some rule whereby dead-locks would b(
avoided, and it seems Hear that a strlcl
enforcement of the rules of tho, board.
Including the rule requiring the presld- "V
lng ofllcer to give the casting vote, ,bi
which, while contained in Cuahlng'a Ir
Manual, 1? made a part of the rules of tl
the board, would make the recurrcnce a
of dead-locks and the consequent stopping
of public business an lmposslbll- b
ity. 1(
Paragraph 243, Cushlng'dt Manual,
says: "Of course, It Is understood that p
a deliberate assembly would have the
same power to regulate the speaker's c
vote as to make any other rule. This, L
however, must always be subject to the M
organic law by which the assembly Is J
, constituted." The act of the legislature p
creating the board does not restrict the g,
right of the board to make rules regu- y
latlng the speaker's vote, and, as
shown above, the board has undertaken L
to regulate the vote of the presiding H
olllccr In requiring him first to vole as
a member, and then In case of a tie re- .y
quiring him to give the casting vote, (J'
and thus break the tie. Si
In the case of Whitney et al., vs. the IS
Common Council of the Village of Hud- U
1 son et al., 69 Mich., Rep. 189 (decided In
. 18S8, cited In 1 Beach on Public Corpor(
atlons, Note 1, Section 292, (page 29S),
and which Involved the collection of G
taxes to pay for municipal improve- C
ments, It was held: ?
, "The charter of a village whoso p
common council Is composed of the r
president and six ^trustees, and which r
provides that In proceedings of the S
! council each member present shall have S
one vote, and when there shall be a Si
| tie, the president shall give the casting "
! vote, makes the president a voter upon p
every question, and In the case of a tie u
he has an additional vote." G
With reference to the signing of the It
minutes of a meeting, and an effort to ^
prevent the same: ]"}
Rule 3, Section 1, of the board, says: 11
"The minutes shall be read at each
meeting, and corrected. If necessary:
shnll be signed by the president and c
attested by the clerk. U
; If in a given case the presiding ofllcer ^
[ having once voted as a member, gave ii
; | the casting vote, and the Ave members v
[ i on the minority side sought to prevent
the signing of the minutes, the only ^
proper motoln, according to Rule 3, ^
would be to correrct the minutes. It p
vvould require affirmative action to cor- p
rect. On a motion to correct, if ten g
; members were present, and the result L
! was a tie, the motion to correct would R
! | be lost. S'
' Paragraph 250, page 149, Cushlng's ^
Manual, says: "When a question has ^
1 been once put to a deliberative assem- l
' bly and decided, whether In the afllrma- g
live or negative, tnru decision id me i
i Judgment of the assembly, and cannot ^
be again brought Into question."
As a result the minutes as read would
I be signed by the president and attested *
by he clerk.
! Liquor licenses were granted to the
I 'Mozart Tark Association, William Fet- ^
te, C. Rudlcr. Robert Jenkins,sCi. F. y
Hartlleb, Joseph Herde-n and August y
Pestlnger. The application of Sam f
! Miller, on the National road, near the C
state line, was rejected, by a vote of
, six to four.
: The committee that examined the
; county Jail reported and the report was P
referred to the committee on court V
; house and jail for consideration.
: W. C. Keller resigned as supervisor of j
road precinct No. 14, In Richland dls- R
. trlct. William Linton was appointed to >;
1111 the vacancy. C
A communication from the Florence
Crittenden Rescue Home, asking the
[ county to furnish it with medicine and
that the countyl physician attend the 1
sick Inmates, was received. A com- tJ
! mittee was appointed to learn the cost f:
[ of the medicines, and whether the ,p
. county physician would assume these Vi
! additional duties. Messrs. Tyson, >
Stahnke and Fritz were appointed on ^
the committee. jMr.
Hare moved that the president
be authorized to vote the stock held by
the county in the Ohio River Railroad
, Company, which meeting Is to be held
in May. The motion prevailed.
! Bonds of G. S. Biggs, superintendent _
. of free schools; James A. Birkett, sup- *
erintendent of the county intlrmary; "
Tr? fin t'lrrnf aimnrln?nn/lnnl ,.< tlm S.
ond division of the Cumberland road; n,
William Downs, toll collector on the
, Wheeling and Fairmont pike, were ap- "
proved. On the Birkett, Niger and 11
Downs bonds there were objections Ci
' from the "coalition five." but the chair
decided the bonds had been approved. ,r
The Central District Telephone Com- P
, pany applied for permission to run Ci
its wires into the county building via pi
' an underground conduit. The permis- e<
slon was granted. n
Mr. Moore's motion that the road 11
i superintendents be notified by the com- A
. mlssioners of the several districts that fi
. they must enforce the law requiring i><
? two days' work annually on the roads 0I
or 52 In lieu thereof, was passed. This
; law has been a dead-letter for several
: years. It means several thousand dol;
lars of additional revenue for the
All of the ten members of the board q
were present at the afternoon session.
, The report of Mr. Moore, committee on 111
. poor, for the past three months, was ct
approved. Messrs. Hare and Bowman rl
, were appointed for the ensuing three
months. J1
I The annual appropriation ordinance ^
> was taken up. It was as follows: .
! Court house and jail $ 0,000 j
hnnin nnrl fnrm 111 flf?l ?1
Contingent poor fund 13,.Tin 5
Asw.sismcntB 3,700 '
i Births, deaths, marriages....'. 200 *
i Court expense 2,000 \
. Deaf, dumb and blind 50 J'1
. Inquests 2'0 J,1,
Insurance 750
Interest 15,500
Law library COO J;
! Local board of health 100 '
L Lunacy 200
. Misdemeanors l.OO-'i }'
Per tllem 2,000
Printing and binding 1.C0J }/
, Sheriff's commissions 0,000
1 Sinking fund, 5-0 bonds 3,500
5 sinking fund, 10-30 bonds 13,000 ~
. Stationery "' ) -j
I Taxes, delinquent 1,000 -j
Taxes, refunded 500 -J
. Water rent ; 450 -'J
Witnesses and Jurors 5.G00
Salaries 7,500 "
Engineering account 1,500
^ New Index 1,200 ^
General contingent fund 2,0?0 ul
i Roads 1S.230 ^
! Total 5123,500 ?
f Taxes, at valuation of 522,500,000
at fOc on 5100 $112,500 lr
. p. W. & Ky. dividends 0,000
, Railroad taxes 5,00-3' lr
Total 5123,500 17
After the second reading, Mr. Fritz n
? moved to take $500 from the new bridge
I fund, and place It to the credit of the
' north fork of Short Crcek^road. The
\ amendment was lost. The ordinance
i was then adopted, Ave to Ave, the prea- p
? ident casting the deciding vote. pi
I The clerk was notified to Inform per- c
> sons who had torn up the National pike Si
to repair at once to the satisfaction of
I the roads and bridges committee, or the q
I board will. p
, In thlfl connection, the following res- j?
i olutlon, by Mr. Moore, was passed by ^1
i the bonrd: SI
Itcsolved, That any plumber or other ^
[ person making application to tear up
the paving on the National road shall
t be required to give a bond of 11,000, to C
I he deposited with the clerk of the board J!,
; of commissioners, and s...dl bo required,
before beginning work to deposit the jj
I sum of $50 with the clerk of the board
i to defray the expenses of relaying the
paving which shrill have been torn up,
and the said applicant shall he charged
by the county for ropavlng the portion a:
of paving torn up nt the rate of 52 per w
srjuaro yard. Provided, however, tliat
In case the Suburban Water Company, tr
i or the National Gas Company of West
i Sflutual Savin
I $ "^wo ^
> <i? ?*?
Irplnla is compelled to tear up t
rick paving for the purpose of rene
iff or relaying their pipe line or lln<
iat they be chareed for said pavl
t the actual cost to the county. '
The appropriations for roada a
ridges, footing up $18,250, are a3 I
oggs* Hill, Springer's and Bushfleld'H
hand Run and Springer's
aid ley's run to Penn'n. stato lino
Idtllo Wheel'g creek, Lower End
lddlo Wheel'g creek. Upper Find
onument and Big Wheel'g creek....
ctor'K Run ^
tono church ."
alley Grovo & Middle Wheel'g creek
fCHt Union and Roney's l'olnt
aldley'B Run to Kidd's Mines
rown's Run
1m Grove and Boggs* hill \...
IcCutcheon's to Buchanan's mill
rheellnK" and Elm Grove
Ilk-spin's run to Stone church
Leenrod's to Mt. do Chantal
dglnton to Bethany
nlon. hill
Total V f U
richiSand district.
reggsv'e, Clinton & Potomac, 1st div
Impel run and Springer's hill
lolly's burn and Dement cemetery..
oguo's run
eter's run
Ivor road?1st division
Ivor road 2d division
hort creek?north fork
hort creek?south fork
hort creek?main stem
oonb hedges
. C. St P. to Cherry hill
oggs* hill, Springers & Bushfleld's..
rown's run
lenn's run and Cherry hill
ellly and Delaplaine
'addlo and Warden's run
tiff's Run
lehliind school Iiouri*
Total ?2,
roKftsvV, Clinton fr Potomac?2d dlv.
elly's barn and Dement comotery....
IcG raw's run to O. C. & P. road
lco & Cattleman's run
alley Grove und Middle 'Wheeling
'heeling, W. L. & U.-2J dlv
ong run to Potomac
rest Liberty to Wellsburg
attlo run to G. C. & P. rood
Ixon's run to G. C. & P. ro:id
Ilinore's crossing to Patterson's hill
ong run to Castleman's
Ice and Weidman's
tuhlflro's to West Alexander
"est Liberty and Harvey's
"est Liberty and Castleman's
'est Liberty to Glrtv's Point
onrc run to G. C. & P. road
restlcwork to Rodger's
,rcldman to G. C. & P. road
[cG raw's to R.. & W
otomac to West Alexander
Total * $3,
Wheeling and Elm Grove
.'heeling and Fairmont
.'heeling and ridge
roller's run
hapllne hill
Total 51.
eninsula, Washington
/heeling. W. I.. & It.?1st division....
rladelphla and P.bhhind?
ovonnnter church to Stuhlflrc's
rindolphla and Liberty?
:oney's Point to U. S. & 15
:ew brldyo fund 2.
umberland road 5,
Grand total SIS,
In constructing the appropriation <
[nance. the finance committee w
iced by a stated charge of $13,000 1
rincipal on the 10-20 (Terminal) loc
hlch was rot ir. evidence last ye;
iid bridges committee receives wit!
if.O as much as it sot last year, whi
; indeed a creditable showing.
Tin? Monmlsvillo Counctt.
The Moundsvilb council met Ic
ight. The town marshal's bond w
xed at $5,000, and he is given a we
1 which to execute It. The retlri
larshal, Mr. Steele, was given 6lx
ays In which, to collect outstandl
ixes and make a settlement. The i
iming marshal, George Miller, rccoi
lended Charles Still well nnd Char]
otta as oUlcers; the appointments we
>nlirnied, and their salary will he J
er month. Edward Xangle was elet
1 street commissioner; 6alary $10 r
lomn. Tiie town clerk's salary w
xed at $300 per year. The selection
. .7. McElrO{,* as fir^ chief was co
rmed. Council's regular meetings w
e held on the first ar.d third Thursda
: each month.
From figures contributed by "Weatfc
bserver Christian Schnepf and Whai
iaatcr John Crockard, the Intelligenc
smpllos the following weather a
ver report for the month of Man
ist ended:
[nr. Max. Mln. Rain. Day. Rh
IT 3.1 .CO Cloudy. in
! 57 -11 .. Partly Cloudy, 16
I (',1 4') .!!? do. " ];,
.*>5 M .CO Cloudy. in
1 50 .V, .. do. 18
; 45 27 .C'5 do. 2G
30 12 .. do. 27
l 34 10 .. Partly Cloudy. 21
4S .IS .. Clear. 1C
I W 37 .. Partly Cloudy. 1.1
7 i -IS .. do. 13
1 63 -12 .15 do. ia
; 47 24 .. Clear. i;
5S 21 .. Partly Clear. 11
? 65 31 .10 Cloudy. 10
1 42 35 .. Cloudy. 10
' 53 30 .. Clear. n
G1 :a .C6 do. n
' 42 31 .73 do. 10
rs L".> .05 do. 13
55 25" .. do. 17
: 01 50 .. Tartly Cloudy 16
40 3?? .. Clear. II
10 26 .. Tartly Cloudy. 15
51 3.1 .CO Cloudy. 15
! 45 31 ... Tartly Cloudy. II
r.l 25 .. do. 13
; [,z .i.i a.k: uiouuy. i;i
II ?1 .. Partly Cloudy. 17
i an 40 .. do. iU
19 W .02 Cloudy. LM
Maximum temperature?73 above on t
Minimum temperature?12 above on t
Total precipitation. 4.3G Inches.
Greatest precipitation Jn 21 hours?1
jches on the 2Mb.
Total snowfall during the month,
Clear days, 1; partly cloudy, 13; clout
: rain. 12.
Ono thunder storm on the 35th, at G:13
u , __________
nrkcwlnirff.HEN HUR. 0 p. m.
l?tcrsville...RUTII, 3:30 p. m.
larln/jton ? LEROY, 3:31 p. m.
loubenvllle..T. M. BAYNE, 2:X0 p. m.
lnclnn.HI....KEYSTONE STATE, 8 a.
IttKburKh...VIRGINIA, r. n. in.
arkorsburjr.JI. K. BEDFORD. 11 n. m.
latamoraa... LEXINGTON, 11 a, in.
li?t?rHVlllc...RUTiI, 3:30 p. in.
lnrlturton....LEROY, 3:30 i?. m.
loiU>i'nvUlc,.T. M. LIAYNE, 2:30 p. m.
boats Leaving to-morrow.
harlesto<i>...KI'N\A\VHA, 0:30 a, m.
lttHbun:li...BKN* HUR. 2 p. m.
l&tcrr.vMo...RUTH, 3:30 p. m.
Inrlnffton....LEROY, 3:Jit p. in.
lcubcnvlllc..T. M. BAYNE, 2:30 p. nv
Along I lie Landing.
Tlio mnrkH at C i>. m. showed.11 fr
ml falling. Weather, cloudy ni
The .T. C. Itlshcr passed down with
i\v of coal nt I] p. in. Monday.
Towboats up with empties yontordt
IJA Slnnh.
TUESDAY, April 4.
qual One Fire."
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i your savings and an easy, lonR-tin
i from the
buy a home of your ow
piercing pa
ll All Druggists sell
were the Hornet No. 2, at 7 a. m., an
3:0 the Dick Fulton, at 3 p. m.
250 JRIvcrTclcgrams.
BROWNSVILLE?River 8 feet an
0-0 falling.
WARREN?River 3 reet. Weathe
fair anil mild.
MORGANTOWX ? River 9 feet
Jj0 Inches and falling. Weather, clear an
153 wanner.
OIL CITY?River 3 feet and falllnj
200 Weather, clear and cool.
000 PITTSBURGH?River 9.7 feet an
falling. Weather, cloudy and cool.
? l isjv.vv iuuvs ? juver iet*i
fc? inches and falling. Weather, clea
)r- and cold.
ag PARKERSBURG?Ohio river 20 fee
, and falling. Weather, cloudy. Mei
or cury, 33.
in, GREENSBORO?River 9 feet 3 inche
ir. and falling. Weather, fair and cool.
,ds CINCINNATI?River 47.9 feet an
ilr. falling. Cloudy.
ch CAIRO-r-River 46.2 feet and standinj
MEMPHIS?River 3I5.3 feet and sto
tionarv. Cloudy and cool.
LOUISVILLE?River falling. 2G.7 fee
ist in canal; 24.5 feet on falls; 52.3 feet be
as low locks. Cloudy and cool.
. EVANSVILLE?River 39.5 feet an
eK rising. Cloudy and cold.
ng POINT PLEASANT?River 2S.8 fee
ty and falling. Partly cloudy.
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'I prepossessing, with nimble heels an
: 5 musical voices. The rendition of "coo
j \ songs" by the ladles' quartette and th
fi original cake walk Idea were pronounc
: 0 ed hits. "Town Topics" will bp re
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J- B 1320 am
!t :
" ?ohn Uric del & Co. [
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* WALL i
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the nun inoiMn ict *K!r?c
e Trade Sale Was Moi
:nt comcs forward and takes i
great March Furniture mov
sten to what it has to offer:
12 feet long by 9 feet wide
rich colors. See them in ou
shapes, made of line Wiltoi
and i-nlnrino-s. See them
shape, made of Axminster, Ve
will stand all kinds of hard 1
isplay window
s of good orders to the alreacl
delivery. Although we havi
layers, still there is a limit to c
all who want their Carpets pi
her delay. The best designs (
hittal, Victoria, Hartford, Wc
1124 Main Street.
novc without torture?As If
-a bad ease. j|
" it had been attended to 1
the end?Doan's Kidney I
i puer Vipnr nf n mi? ' ?
-* ~u. vast 01 El
says about it. He's a f
:asily verify his statement: 5
liana street, says: "Until four
: caused m'e any trouble, but I
tnd sorepegs of the muscles and
tch a cold,' It would settle at
the ordinary home remedies,
tly free from it, only to find It
5 with it there was a distresses
and my condition grew such
?n tried doctors, but got no
*K Wfln^V Pills n/lvnrftcn.l
Kht If they would only fulfill
lp me, so l pot a box. To my
ac my trouble left me. It
turn of It since. I highly rec'X.
Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. I, iijj
ou the prettiest styles of Men's
ever shown in Wheeling.
^les of Tan Shoes, handsome
orrect styles of Patent Leather
Russia Calf Leather Shoes, in
s Shoe Department,., ^
nd Boys' Shoes Only,
i 1322 Market Street.
cjohn Srie del & Co.
3APER. s
Make Your
Home Livable.
You don't know how it'll ['
brighten your rooms up to if;
cover their walls with some '
of the designs in wall paper ij
which we have. Every de- |
sign is artistic, and among :
them are just the combinations
you want, to harmonize li
with your furniture. Prices |
are exceedingly moderate.
-\r*T n
JttJL & <^U.,
1H9 Main Street.
'e Than Successful,
ts position. It had no
ement; now it com
choice of four
r display wini
Carpets, atin
our.: display / 31/
lvet and Body
kicking around,
T' I
y long list of Carpets
- a large and efficient
:vcn the best facilities,
romptly to make their
jf the following mills
ircester, Bigelow, etc.

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