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Discussed at a Meeting of the Committee
on JUglits and a
y\stt Bcmody for Existing Evils?The
Injustice Imposed Upon the Gas
Consumers, who Boar the Expense
or Street IdKhtiitK, llccognlzcd by
ilie Committee?The Kstimntc.ot't he
Gas Board Presented and Approved.
Last night a meeting of the council
committee on lights was held for the
purpose of considering the gas board's
estlmute of expenditures for the current
year. With the committee Dif;t the
members of the gas board, MesjeJ. Pollock,
Buckman and Ford, ciMuyor
Sweeney, and Secretary Schul.?of the
g;is board. The members of the committee
In attendance were Councllmen
TVaterhousc, Chew, Scally, Megrall,
Fltzslmmons and Caldwell.
Theehalrmun of thecommltte,Councilman
Scally, presided. Secretary Schul,
of the gas board, presented- the gas
board'.* estimate for the year, as follows:
To Ills Honor the Mayor and Council of
the City of Wheeling.
GENTLEMENIn view of the Wet that
tlien* have l>eon submitted and Wellnumerous
petitions lor additional lights by your
honorable body, and petitions for Increase
of wanes at both plants, wo beg to submit
our estimate of the receipts und expenditures
for IS!'!), based on th.? past scale of
w.'ircs and the probable luereiiso asked for,
also the various petitions for your ?uldnnco.
Wo would respectful^* nsk for an ,
early consideration und determination of ,
same, so that we can give an early answer '
to the petitioners' requests, and that we
tun prepare to carry out your wishes ns .
poon as possible. We herewith hand your *
estimate for 1S99. {
Estimated for 1899 JS9.273 00
Gas works:?
Apparatus und repairs...? l.STOn*;
Attending calls 2,3!M
Placksmlthlng & material 4to _tj
Benzine l.ixKT.
Coal 1S.90S
HauHrnr Coal L'.-KW
Expense, salaries, etc 0,226
(Jus making wages 28,207
Interest 200
Lime 1,400
Meters 1,900 .
Service 3,100 J
Stable feed, -wagon repairs.
Renewal' of retorts*. 2,S?X)?STl.aiC 00
Electric Light Plant:? c
Carbons and globes 2,227
Coal :,SOO '
Miscellaneous 43 I
Improvements 200 ,
VII, wasiir, imckiuk -w
Repairs 2.900 C
Wages 13,100? 21,170 00 ?
592,216 00 J
Estimated receipts $59,27.". 00 ;
Estimated expenditures 92,216 00 r
Shortage S 2.911 00 '
Overdraft. Jan. 1. 1SOT S S.SCH 00 <
New dynamo needed 4,600 00 i
Increased wages from April 15.... 4,910 81 \
$16,155 S4
A general discussion ensued, in the
course of which it was seen that the c
gas board must be given relief by coun- c
ell. If council passer, favorably on the i
request for advanced wages" at the gas \
works, an additional expenditure of 1
nearly $5,000 will be brought about for c
the present year. If the gas board is to t
grant all the street lights asked for by ]
councilmen, another dynamo must be
provided for the electric light plant at a t
cost of $4,500. Then there is the gas c
board overdraft, which the board can- c
not possibly be expected to lessen this z
i year unaided.
Mr. Chew said a way must be found
to help the gas board this year. lie was
in favor of paying the Increased wages
asked by the workers at the gas plant.
I T.w v.*qr!:crs' rcpr<v?*?nfnflve?:-vWlio were i
present, spoke . In their own behalf
uuvuj uuc ? " Li??r i/unu.
Mr. Pollock, of Hit} gas board, saiil it
would relieve the gas board if a five I
cent special levy were made tills year. j
After considerable discussion, Mr.
"VVuterhouso moved that council grant
thf? increased wages asked. i
In the course of the discussion, Mr. ]
Chew favored Mr. Pollock's proposition (
for a special tax levy, sutllcient to main
tain the electric light plant. He would ;
then decrease the price of gas to the
consumer to sixty cents net. By this )
arrangement the gas consumer would
be relieved from the burden of paying .
for lighting the streets. Mr. Chew's
i' amendment to this effect was passed, <
there being no opposition from any
member of the committee.
"Will l)c Held on Thursday to Close .
the GiiTcn Contract.
At a meeting of the city council committee
on health, held last evening, at
the city building, City Solicitor Nesbltt
reported having received a reply from
President George Heard, of the Natural
Gas Company of West Virginia, accepting
the proposition of the city that his
company turnIsh the United States ,
Fertilizer Company 10,000 feet, of gas (
daily, and that In the event of the fall- ^
ure of the Giffen process the company |
js 10 nirnian ine city crematory 12,000,- /
000 feet of gas per yeur. and extra gas c
If needed, at the rate of slx~fcents a j
thousand feet. In the evenFHhat the .i
Giffert people are doubled temporarily. \
the company Is to furnish the city 10,000 :
feet dally during the break-down. C
The committee received the:coinmunl- 1
cation, and the city solicitor. was In- <
structed to prepare the ordinance and i
contracts between the city and the Natural
Gas Company of West UVlrglnla,
and between the city and the United
Slates Fertilizer Company, both to be
presented to the committee for'approv- 1
al at a special meeting, to fop,held on <
Thursday evening. On the same eve- <
Tilng, the committee decided last night,
a special meeting of the cltv council :
will be held to act on the ordinances :
( jj^c===sr=J )
j fiiii mr i:
/ If this Is your pxporicnco. tlitrtyour *
< bloofl Is poor nn<l thin and filled with # I
, Impurities. Thero Is liut one=cftro. y i
|C You must ~ct rid nf nil theso poisons Sj ,
B Jn tbo blooO, Thoro U Lutoaorciuody
| sj| i
J It makoa thn blood puronnd rItch It Pv <
u now lift) And power. Tbo ntnrvcd K7 i
nnrvcB ?rn better tiourlnhed. Your K
( ceases to ttcbo, Your brain Ek
i kern* clear. Yon aro not obliged to ur
4 tMgin the day'n work "all tlrou out." ?
y 51.00 a Inittlo. All druKgl?t?. W t
J J. C. AYEIt CO., Lowell, Mn??. K ,
Lost! No man understands the full
meaning of that word like the man who
has been lost. He will tell you: 411 was
in the woods going ahead steadily when
I realized I'd missed the trail. With a
cry of Lost!' I broke into a run heedless
or ignorant of the direction I was
The first impulse of a man lost in the
woods is to run. The only safe thing ia
to sit right down' and reason out the
Sometimes a business man gets up at the
usual hour, breakfasts, kisses his wife and
starts for the office. He has for sometime
seen signs that he was off the trail
of health. To-day the signs multiply.
His brain is dull and dizzy, his heart
does not beat right, his breathing is difficult,
his limbs feel .tremuloim. He ia
scared. He realizes that he's far away
from the trail of health, and suddenly <
like a panther from A tree, the thought
leaps on him, "Youvare a lost'man."
The first impulse is to run for help,
thouzh the way is honey-combed with
pitfalls of quackery. But the rational
man faces th<* fnrtc c!ta
thinlcs over the position and its probabilities.
That is the man -we want to talk to.
Disease in almost any'form is generally
accompanied by the failure of the
organs of digestion and nutrition. Reestablish
these organs in healthy action,
the blood is at once enriched, the body
nourished and the general health restored.
This result is invariably accomplished
by Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery. It is a stomach-strengthenine,
nerve-nourishing, muscle-making,
blooQ-purifying medicine. It has cured
thousands who thought their health
entirely lost. The " Discovery " is not
a stimulant and contains no alcohol or
whisky. Sold at all medicine stores.
md contracts. The members of the
. ommlttee last night united In the call
!or the council meeting.
It appears now that the city will soon
3e in a position to abandon its present
mcatlsfactory crematory methods, and
:urn over the reduction of the garbage
:o Mr. Giffcn's company. The latter
u rnnnrlnnt- Hint thft nvnni'lmont
irove so satisfactory that the city will
lever want to return to the methods
low followed.
Fixed at a Mooting oV tlio Markets
Committee Imst Evening.
Last night's meeting of the council
lommlttee on markets was held >vhlch
vas attended by Councllmen Ivorh.Kal)it7.er
and Killeen. The committee took
ip the matter o? preparing its annual
:stimate of expenditures. This was
;oon, disposed of, there being: only two
tems in the estimate, salaries, $1,500.
md improvements, $1,000; a total of
12,500. Last year this committee had
12,024 30 to expend. This year the committee
proposes to make some improvenents
at the Second ward market house
hat have been wanted for some time,
ncludlng the putting in of frame side
Committees Called.
The sub-committee of the council
lommlttee on streets, alleys and grades
composed of Councllmen McCormick.
?Vaterhouse and Kindelberger, together
vith Solicitor Nesbltt and Engineer
White, will meet this afternoon at 2
j'clock, to decide upon the matter of
he extension of an alley in the East
The council health committee is called
o meet on Thursday evening at 7
'clock just before the special meeting
>f council, and on next Monday evening
it 7:30 o'clock.
The Woman's Musical Club gives Its
ecital to-morrow* evening in Milllgan,
Wilkin & Co.'s music rooms at S:33
j'clock. The hour set will permit at:endance
at church services earlier and
:he enjoyment later of the programme,
vhlch is an interesting one. The enter:alnment
Is open to the public and will
ae the last of this season's regular rentals.
The programme in full follows:
'Little Brown Boo"?(Voices) Beach
Misses Eleanor Vardy, Eva. Egerter. Margaret
Harvey and Amanda Spoil.
S'orweglari Peasant Dance? (piano)..GripR
Miss Nelllo Leonhart 1 and Miss Ella
[), Fair, O Holy Love?^voices) Cantor
Miss Gertrude Becker.
Valse Brlllante No. 1, opus. 34?(piano)
Miss Ella Brief.
Hall Welcome Day?(voices) Concono
Misses Estelle Chapman, Carrie Brandfass,
Eva EKerter, Amanda Spell,
Thercso Phillips.
!mo Mazurk. opus. 54?(piano) Godard
Miss Amanda SpelJ.
(a) A Dream?(voice): Bartlett
(by For Tills?(Voice). DeKoven
Miss Eleanor Vardy.
Water Nymphs?(voices) Hubensteln
Miss Margaret Harvey and Choral Club.
Mrs. Flora William*, Director.
Miss Emily Bay Pollock, accompanist.
Give it. a Burial Certillcato.
The American Potteries Company, the
lame given to the proposed $27,000,000
:ombIne to include the potteries of the
Jnited States, Is dead. The projectors,
t Is said, spent $250,000 In trying to ef'ect
an organization, but failed because
?f over capitalization. They could not
jersUade Investors to buy stock. It is
laid the property to be included was inrlnslcally
worth $7,000,000, but had been
ippralsed for sale to the trust at 522.(00,000.
The trouble arose in convincing
nvestors that dividends could be paid
>n $ 1 r,.000,000 more than the highest
1J. S. Court Opens To-day.
The United States court officials
reached the citf yesterday afternoon,
md to-day the usual spring term of the
joiirt In this city will begin. Judge
lohn Jay Jackson, Clerk Delllker,
Marshal Thompson, Deputy Marshal
Prlddte and the other familiar faces
ivIU adorn Wheeling for the ensuing
iveek or ten days. Wheeling feels
Highly honored.
Knster Monday Ekk Kolllng.
WASHINGTON, '-April 3. ? Ea?l?r
Monday egg-rolling, ? distinct feature
jC capltol city life, brought hosts of
children to the white house grounds torlay
to enjoy the hospitality of the
President's private \ gardens. During
'.he afternoon the Afjy-lno band gave a
concert for the espefclal pleasure of the
urmy of little ones who had gathered
!o roll the eggs down the grassy lawn.
President and Mra.'McKinley enjoyed
[he rollicking fun of the children from
he white house portico.
Pittfttmrgli DIsfi'iot Minors nt Work.
P1TTSRUKOII. Pa., April n.-AU the
nines In the Pittsburgh district wore in
jperatlon to-day under the new Interjtate
agreement, adopted last January. 1
ofjeinur with tho local dnad work settle
ratified at tho miners' convention lnt*t i
week. Tho thin and thick vein dlfTer ntlal
remalnH unsettled, hut the men
were ordered to continue? at work In
lie thick vein mlnea pending: the reault
?r tho movement to arbltrato the
So Quorum.
llARMSBlinn, Pa., April 3.?The
dxty-llfth ballot for United States
icnator to-day resulted an follows:
2uay, 8; Jenka, 6; Dalzoll, 4. No
Oliio-slJc Towns Roll up Handsome
Republican Majorities.
Owing to tlio Fact That Only Local
Candidates Wore up for tlio Con,
slricratlon of tlie Voter?All of the
River-front Towns Went Republican
by Normal Majorities ?A Remarkably
Close Race at llellalrc*.
The municipal and township elections
over in Belmont county ycsterilny resulted
in almost a clean sweep for the
Republican candidates. Bellalre, Martin's
Ferry and Bridgeport all came to
the front with good majorities for
the Republican candidates, and reporta
from St. Clairsville, Barnesviile and the
other towns in <he interior were to the A
effect that Republican success had been J
quite general throughout the county.
There was not a creat deal of Interest.
oil of the ofllces being local. The result
In the river front towns Is given In full
this morning.
The Republicans "Won a Splciulid
Victory?A Clean Sweep.
The city and 'township election held
at Martin's Ferry yesterday created little
Interest among voters and consequently
a light vote was polled. With
the exception of George Cooke, Democratic
cundldate for solicitor, who had
no opponent, the Republican <tlcl:ct was
eleeted from top to bottom with good ft
majorities, 1 i 1
Tho Issue of $33,000 bonds for Improvement
of v^ater works resulted In
a total of 425 votes for and 179 against,
being considerably over the two-thirds
required to carry the Issue. The Issue C!
of $3,500 bond for. completion of hose
houses, carrfed by a vote of .'05 for and
11G against. Following Is tho result:
First ward?Township trustee, George TTI'
Webb, K., D4; John Huklll, D.. 50. ?
Township treasurer, A. T. Enlow, It., V|S(
112; Loyal, T. Springer, D., 32. Water Woi
works trustee, James Crossley, R., 104; vot
Jacob Arn, 35i. Electric light trustee?, dat
William Joy, R., 205; Charleg Brown, wit
D., 37. Cemetery trustee, H. Williams, Ale
R., 202; John Pennington, D., 3S.,Coun- ele<
ell, Isaac Cecil, R., 107; George Ven- Ii
num. D.. 38. Board of education, (two trie
to elect)?L. J.,. Scheehle, R., 207; Phil- vot
lp Earp, R., 104; George Hell, D.. 37; ^
James Bayless, D., 34. Assessor, Harry ,
Romlck, R., 113; John Tlerney, D., 30.
For the Iesuc of water works bonds, 52; col
against. 34. For Issue of hose house
bonds-, 86; against, 11.
Second ward?Trustee, Webb, R., 210; T
Huklll, D., 80. Treasurer, Enlow, R., not
223; Springer, D? G2. Water works at ]
trustee, Crossley, R., 217; Arn. D., C8. __n
Electric light trustee, Joy, R., 213; cu"
Brown. D., 71. Cemetery trustee, Will- mei
lams. 214; Pennington, 71. Council, Ja- the
cob Farnell, R., 168; Helfenblne, D..120. ter:
Assessor, Frank Brooks. It., 218; Albert Sen
Graliam, D., 69. Board of education, ra^
Scheehle. R., 222; Earp. R., 221; Hell. ses!
D., 72; Buyless, D., 64. For the Issue of
water works bonds 127; against, 47. For F
Issue of hose house bonds, 136; against, Evj
41. ma,
Third ward?Township trustee, Webb, T
R., 1-IC; Huklll, D., 101. Treasurer, En- *}?l
low, R., 169; Springer,- D.. 77. Water Gec
works trustee, Crossley, R., 173; Arn. cnn
D., 73. Electric light trustee, Joy, It.,
162; Brown. D., S2. Cemetery trustee, F
Williams, R, 1G4; Pennington, D? 82. Jan
Board of education, Scheehle, R., 158; Si
Earp, R., 254; IIcll, D., 72; Bayless, D., Bnj
73. Council, Frazler. R? 231; Lewis. D., J
no. Assessor, isoDerts, k., 160; Hlggs, >v
D., CO. For (ho issue of water works J'
bond", 117: acalnst, 39. For issue of ft,ec
hose house bonds. 132; against, 24. cnrP
Fourth ward?Trustee, Webb, R., 107; . *
Huklll, D.. 7C. Treasurer, Knlow. R? .
130; Springer, D., 50. Water works trustee,
Crossley, R., 133; Am, D., 40. Cemetery
trustee, Williams, 123; Pennington,
D., f>S. Electric light trustee, Joy, Re
R., 121; Brown, D., 5G. Board of education,
Seheehle. R., 131; Earp, R.t 123; rp
llell, D.. 70; Ray less, D.. 57. Council?
Harry Grayson, R., 131; Charles Rotherinund,
D., 47. Assessor, Coleman, R., ant
138; no opposition. For Issue of water ma
works bonds, S4; against, 29. For hose to
house bonds, 95; against, 20.
Fifth ward?Trustee, Webb. R., 14S; ",a
Huklll, 93. Treasurer, Dnlow, R? 143; tru
Springer, D., 91. Water workj trustee, larj
Crossley, R., 143; Am, D.. 92. Electtlc to
light trustee, .Toy, R? 143; Broun, D.,
93. Cemetery trustee, Williams. R.. 14*;
Pennington, 91. Board of education, wa:
Seheehle, R., 143; Earp. R.. 139; Hell, kin
D., 92; Baylesa, D., 90. Council?Fisher, as
R., 147; Fout7., D., 95 Assessor, Will- firs
iam Coates, R., 133; Edward Shroades, dat
108. For issue of water works bonds, J
45; against. 30. For Jsoue of hose house 1,03
bonds, 4G; against, 20. T
The Republicans Carried by nn Old- 1;
Time Majority. wa:
The election for Pease township ofTl- qte',
cera resulted In an old time majority for b.
the Republican candidates for trustee S
and treasurer. The majority \r\, Martin's
Ferry was over 250 and In Brldce- 191
port over 150. For trustee, George ?r
Webb defeated John Huklll by a majorIty
of 43*?, and A. T. Enlow'tt majority sor
over L. T. Springer for treasurer, was * .*'
4S0. The vote In detail for those two p
offices was as follows:
Bridgeport:? * p
Prrclncts. Enlow. Springer. SOI1
First ward lf>5 10<;
Second wnnl 100 ti."i ^
Third ward 10:, 4.;
Country i;;o 31.10 Joli
Totals 40G 317 Dr.
Miirtln'n TCrtrrv?
First ward U2 t>
S^oonO ward 2?5 r,"? yon
Third ward ks 77 T
Fourth ward ISO m viol
Fifth ward h;j <U Lys
Country M jj; tCp
Total* SCO j""i ",n
fJrnnd total# HW; rri;
Knlow'n majority -ISO ' 'J'"
Precincts. Webb. Ifukcll. t.au
Bridgeport:- -ori
First ward JCl M
Second ward 107 KG 1,c'1
Third ward 100 47 wel
Country 129 101 ran
? ? the
Totals 497 333 jxm
Martin's Ferry?
First ward 01 ."0 ' .
* Second ward 210 SO ..."
Third ward Mr, HH
Fourth ward 107 "<*? of 1
Fifth ward US !? It
Country 7!? 1-3 Mc<
Totals 7M r.il Sml
(Stand total;* 121U MO ?
Webb's majority 435
In the Bridgeport country precinct, fjj;
F. S. Antrim?, R? received 110 votes, and
D. \V. Uowcn, P., i:!L*. For road superMake
into yo! shoes ??
Alton's Foot-Fane, a powder for the foot. 'x*
It euros painful. swollen, smarting, nor-! coJ1
vous feet, and ln?tantly takes tin* sting I
out of eorns and bunions. It'# tho grout- I'"1
em comfort discovery of tin* age, Allen's 111
Foot-Kane makes tight or now shoes feel
easy. It In a certain cure for sweating,
callous and hot, tired, aching feet. Try
It to-day. Bold hv all drugKlsts and shoe Bon
stores. By mall for 25c In stamps. Trial nut
package FH15B. Address, Allen H. Olm- ?
nted, U Itoy, N. Y. uh&H
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free from the ambiguities and cl
piece of property which will not
family, but will be a merchnntal
dauger of loss through your mis!
lie National Life Insu
with its experience of nearly flftj
lion for fair i^nd equitable dealli
which pledges payment !f the Int
specified premiums, of the faco a
guarantees, If premium payment
tlement which aro endorsed In a
t End ol Term Insurance (or Cosh
[ear. $1.000. ^
3 for f7 years, 329 days
4 for 1G "
r. for 13 " "
C tori-1 " "
7 for 13 " ?
8 for 12 " "
9 for 11 " "
Ki tcf in
1 1 for ?J " "
1 2 for S " "
1 3 for 7 "
1 4 for C " "
ir? for 5 " "
1Q for 4 "
17 for 3 " "
1 5 for 2 " "
1 9 for 1 " "
2 0 for 0 " " ....
PLUS ut the tlmo selected by yo
jPR0 ?n(| ndvantaE
atlve business management.
ir of district No. 4, Fred Beiswlnger
i with 47 votes: a few scattering
es were cast for two other candies.
In district No. f>, C. Giffen won
hout opposition. In district No.
x Moore got nine votes and was
a the Martin's Ferry country dls:t,
for assessor, Taylor, R? got 111
es. defeating Cochran, who received
me Out. Strong Enough to Scorc an
Easy Victory Yesterday.
hrough the fact that the election was
an Important one the vote was light
Bridgeport yesterday. The Republis
elected two of the three councila
and all of the three assessors. As
party made no nomination for cemef
trustee, the Democratic candidate,
ecu. Lyle, went through with a hur.
The vote for councilmen and assors
was as follows:
irst ward?Joseph Melster, R., 107;
"?rett A Thomas, D., 107; Thomas'
jority, CO.
hlrd ward?Chris Hertler, R., 87;
jert Smith, R? 88; Dan Haley, D? D3;
irge Delbrook, D., 59. Both Republis
irst ward?.Tames Clark, R., 1C2;
iea Wiley, D., 10G.
econd ward?'W. Bratton, R.. 11S; A.
. ha, D., SI.
hlrd ward?W. McAnlnch, R., 102;
Miller, D.. SO.
or cemetery trustee, S. Lyle, D.< was
:ted without opposition, the Republls
fulling to make a nomination,
he vote of Bridgeport for the Pease
nshlp ofllcers is given in detail elseL?re.
suited In tlie Expected Victory for
the .Republicans.
ho election in Belial re yesterday
s for important but minor offices,
I not as much general interest was
nifested. as when there Is a mayor
elect. Notwithstanding this fact,
ny persons realized that township
stees, council and school board
jely control taxation, and proceeded
the polls to make their choice of
n for these places, and the total vote
s quite as large as is usual at this
dto? an election. The result was,
shown by the returns below, the
t named being Republican candles
and the second Democratic:
ustice of the Peace?C. \V. Bonte,
1; Franklin Ness, 974.
ownship trustee?Alexander Lysle,
iS; Sherman Glasgow, 1,006 .
Ownship treasurer?"William A. Ma.,
1,053; William L. Mlillgan, 952.
a the wards of the city the result
'irst ward?Council, Jacob Boneyale,
136; D. L. Allen, 91; assessor,
M. McDonald, 157; J. P. Lowman, 77.
econd ward?Council, Moses Duga,
: John L. McCaffrey. 1S1!: assessor.
in S. Bowlln, 125; James Connors,
hlrd ward?Council, Martin Wlller,
122; E. J. Ste^er, 157; asses,
William Campbell,. 174; Henry Xa.
'ourth ward?Council, M. List. 212:
irlen Ludwlg, 132: assessor, W. D.
nsell, 210; Win. Glasser, 106.
Ifth ward?Council, William J. Cari,
(R.), 200; assessor, C. V. , Lead'
). 218.
lembers of the school board?Robert
inston, (H.), S09; George W. Keller,
), 851; Clarence Simpson, (Dj, 011;
J. Plernol, (D), C30.
fnter works trustee?D. T. Ander,
S03; Robert 12. Neal, 037.
he result Is a decided Republican
Lory. The closest race was between !
do and Glasgow for township trus- j
, the Republican, Mr. Lysle.'wln!<
on a majority of two votes. The
tlce of the peace and treasurei
ms went to the Republican candles
on decisive majorities. Three
the live councllnien are Republls,
and four of the Ave ward asses*
are Republicans. Roth the Ropubn
candidates for city school board
*o victorious, as was the party's
dldate "for water works trustee. In
country precincts, for assessor, the
nocratlc candidates, as usual, were
i the West Wheeling precinct, W. 11.
If. for assessor, won on a majority
"our votes, the vote belntr G5 to 01.
i the township product, Chester
3arv. Democrat, defeated C. II.
ith, Republican.
CZEMA, soalil licad, hives. Itchiness
the skin of any nort. Instantly reed,
permanently cured. Doan'sOIntit.
At any druse store. 4
ouch Dry Wunhcd? Starched nm\
I'd ?t eonts per pound.
lut Work, Washed and Ironed. 5
itm per pound.
11 hand work llninhod 10 cent* por
md. At LUTZ ltlios*.
'UK Homo Stontn Laundry.
r.tti, Kind You llarc Always BmjK
hance of conteatablllty or forfeiture; a
'only protcct the future of yourself and
do asset without fluctuation la value or
fortune or negligence?
ranee Company,
, years of unbroUon prosperity and repui?T,
furnishes such an insurance In Ita
flired keeps it In force by payment of the
ralue at maturity or period of death, and
s aro discontinued, threo methods of setBond
issued at
11,000, PREMIUMS $4G.75.
Payable A Cash and Loan On 0 Paid-up,
ind of; Participating
:rm Value. _J*ond: _
; " of '$ 95 M for j ind
.10 of '132 56 for 200
110 of J7J 02 for 250
JSC of 210 CM for 300
2uS of 2T.1 45 for 350
32fi or 21'121 for <00
390 of 338 97 for 450
4.'.2 of 3S5 82 for GOO
Ml of 434 fcS for K0
Ms of 4S12S for COO
1522 of 040 15 for C50
(?7J of 5W G4 for 700
72? of 6.V1 90 for 750
7S5 of 718 09 ? for WW
841 of . 7X3 40 for . HO
894 of ?2 00 for 900
94h of 92111 for 9M
1.0001 of 1,000 00 for 1,000
j Company guarantees to grant you LOANS
at any time up to the amount of th<? avnlla1
f mo?e*than $15,000,000.00, Is purely a pollcymanaped
In their Intercut, and every prlvl;o
Is grunted that is consistent with conBcrv,1.
<s Mil 1 in A N
General Agent,
City Bank Bull ding. Wheeling, W. Va.
j Sporting. 1
Oscar Gardner will begin training today
for his bout on April 10, In New
York, with Billy O'Donnell, of Memphis.
O'Donnell Is a good one, and Oscar
Intends to be fit as a fiddle when
tliev moot. W?? will troln In nnni-tnro
constructed for the purpose at his Market
street saloon, beginning to-day, and
as of yore jhis brother. Eddie, will
make it lively for the "Kid."
The Metropolitan Club has failed to
hear from "Kid" Goulette regarding a
match here with Oscar Gardner. Two
letters have been sent to Goulette, but
his present address is unknown, to the
club ollicials, hence there Is excuse for
his delay in answering. The club would
like to pull the match off about
April 18.
Jack McClelland, of this city, is trying
to get on a match with Eddie Gardner
at 124 pounds. If a sufficient guarantee
is offered they will met In Oscar
Gardner's club house In Wheeling about
April 25 or 26. McClelland should have
no trouble In defeating the "Omaha
Kid's" brother.?Pittsburgh Dispatch.
Team. Won. Lost. Tor.
Wheeling 07 12 .MG
All Alike CO 15 .SOI
Bowlers 59 16 .787
Puritans fiO 25 .667
Golden Hods CS 37 .507
Old Cronies 31 41 .45.1
Al?er N'lt 2d 43 .247
Rum Duma 10 f>9 .213
La Belle 15 03 .131
Frog Horns 13 G2 .173
Last nights' scores:
WHEELING. 1st. 2d. 3d. Tot.
Brown 159 17!? 137 475
Knoke 142 175 151 471
Wcltzcl 2f?2 1S1 140 K3
Campbell 1I>2 HG 16ft COG
Wagner 1G0 133 123 41G
Stevenson 151 KM 142 427
Total 100G IMS S70 2S21
LA BELLE. l*t. 2d. 3d. Tnt.
C. Eetto 110 116 145 277
Andllmrcr 114 152 ?s SSI
1 Nolle 1M "i VA 43.1
C. Nortenian 166 173 ISO ol'l
StouernaKel 149 1"U 13". 384
J Dk-hl 139 120 171 430
Total ?42 7s7 SS2 25J1
Scorers?Norteman and Detwllcr.
To-nljjht?All Alike and Aber Nit.
Carroll Clul) Cyclers.
The Carroll Club Cyders' meeting for
tills evening has beeri postponed until
next Tuesday. As matters of interest
will be discussed then, all members are
urged to be present.
Dr. Bull's CouSyrup cures
couulis and colds. Mothers, keep this
wonderful remedy handy for the children.
25 cents.
Story of a Slave.
To be bound hand and foot for years i
by the chains of disease Is the worst
form of slavery. George V. Williams,
j of Manchester, Mich., tells how such a 1
j slave was made free. He says: "My
wife has been so helpless for live years
| that the could not turn over In bed
I alone. After using- two bottles of Elec
| trie. lMtters, she Is wonderfully 1 improved
and able to do her own work."
This supreme remedy for female diseases
quickly cures nervousness, sleep|
lessness, melancholy, headache, bnckI
ache, fainting and dizzy spells. This
miracle working medicine Is a godsend to
weak, sickly, run down people. Every
j bottle guaranteed. Only f?0 cents. Sold
by Logan Drug Co., druggist.
I irilmll..!..' 1^ WjwWI.
Be sure and use that old and well-tried
i remedy. Mrs. Winslow'a Soothing
Byrup, for children teething. 2t poothes '
the child, softens this gum, allays nil ;
j pain, cures wind colle and is the host
remedy for diarrhoea. Twenly-flvo
cents a bottle. mw&f
Co ?otm. \
mo loa^^sToooI
Money to loan on real es. ;
TATE. Six per cent Interest nnd ono
| per cent premium, total seven pur ccnt.
1.UAN CO., 3Sd St., Bellulrc. Ohio. oc7
| SKcdicat.
IAlilKst Chlchcslcr's English Pennyroyal Pill*
M)l?monJ nrp thO Gent. * '?. lUIUbl*.
I Til* no ollirr. h?t<l 4?., lainfa, lor ivirtkulir*. "H?IUf
1 let !-*> "J* nrrin ly Return Mntl. At Uru.-?i,u.
CUlchcatcr chcimcafco.. rlillaiU., l'a.
?- All solid advertisements und? ?-j
tho following heading-#: s x : ? ?
? trill bo Inserted at tho rato of ?
Agents Wanted.
Its agency force, wants
capable men and women to travel and
appoint agents, Salary *75 a month and
expenses. Somo for local work. Good
opportunity for ambltloun workers. Apply
with reference. BUTLER & ALGER,
New Haven, Conn. opl'
housework. Apply at 33 Twenty-'
third street. mr!t
YY No. 11 North Ponn street, Island.
Small family. mr23,
YY House Work. Inquire at 8S-Fourteenth
a good cook. Apply with references
to MRS. O. T. RHODES, 915 Main street.
\j Rollers, Males J2.00, Femalca fjflc, at
HENRY HELMBRlGltT'S, corner Market
and Sixth streets. mr!7 .
Sor Sa/e.
JD tables. Inqulro at Grand Opera Houso
Billiard Room. mr7*
j barrels dally; J15D.00 per barrel; running
expense 51.25 per day; well nearly two
months old. Box 532, ScIq, O. iip3*
ING on Fourteenth Kt.; I offer my
residence, No. 115 Fourteenth st. for sale;,
posHcssion and terms to suit purchasor.
Inqulro of T. B. McLAIN, Dental and
Surgical depot, City Bank building, mrll
A Few Choice Lots
ot Edglngton. ?<*
City Bank Building, 1300 M&rket Stroot.
Dor Stent.
} in tho City Bank Building. Inquire at
tho City Bqnk of Wlicellng. mr20
: boat location In city. Possession at
once. NICOLL'S ART STORE, 1231 Market
street. oc20
JL} ChaplJne street; six rooms, hall, bath
and tittle; both panes. Enquire Of B.
KLIEVES, 2315 Chapllno street. tmr25
rooms at 1606 Market street. Water and
both rases in each room. Rent very reasonable.
Apply to 1504 Market street.
Five dWrtllngr rooms nt 1007 Main
street, $5iO. Lurco Store room numbered
1005 Main street; also store
rooms on Tenth and Main streOts.
Prices l'op store rooms from $.'15 to
?100 ppr month.
Renl Estate and Loan A pent,
1005 Main Stroot.
Lorlnsr Homestead, Elm Grove, 7 acres
with barn.
cistern and well, natural ?as, i*4 acres.
Brick residence, Pleasant Valley, 9
rooms, 4 acrcs, stable. Low flguro on a
quick deal.
1C E.xchnngc Bonk Building.
Steal Ssfafe.
8-room houso on Fourteenth street.
3-room houso on Fifteenth street.
Double house on Sixteenth street.
11-room frame house and 3 acres of
ground at Edglngton's Lane.
P-room frame house, wfth a fine lawn,
at Pleasant Valley.
12G South Penn street, 3 rooms and
.bath .510 00
29 North Broadway, S rooms 25 00
1035 Main street, 2 rooms and bath..
R-room house at Echo Point.'. 25.00
Store room in tho Egerter Building.
*Phonc687. 1520 Market St.
Store room ami dwelling 1145 Main.
Store room 1223 Main.
Store room 1520 Main.
3 rooms IS South York St., 2(1 floor.
S-roomed modern 33 South Front.
7-roomed modern 91 South Front.
S-roomcd modern 23 South York.
G-roomed modern 140 South Broadway.
S-roomed and stable 22 South Penn.
3 rooms Wabash, near Virginia.
2d floor, wltn bath, 95 South Front.
Ofllcc Exchange Bank Building:.
G.O. SMITH;EX uuiLpfNofNK .
Arlon Ilall storo room. No. 2002 Main
Residence, 10 rooms and bath. May I,
porncr Fifteenth and Jac< > streets.
3 rooms, first floor, and cellar, McCol*
loch street, April 2.
5750 cash?Brick cottairc, 3 rooms and
lot. East McColloch street.
51,700?Two-story brick, 4 rooms and
kitchen; one-najr cash; oaianeo on easy
terms*. Cheap.
Building sites, from one to fivo acres, In
Pleasant Valley, on electric line. Perfect
ilrainage; lino elevation. Desirable.
Corner Fourteenth and Market Sts.
Telephone .">17.
No. 2247 Market street, store room
and ten rooms; will rent as a tvhole
or will runt 10 rooms or store soparate.
N'o. 2322 Market street ?20 00
No. 129 Fourteenth ntreet 22 i<0
N'o. 37 Seventeenth street 22,00
N'o. 77. South York street r0 00
So. IMS Market street. 2d floor.. 21 00
So. 00 North Front street 12 00
N't). 108 Virginia street S oo
N'o. 110 Virginia street 10 Oil
No. 23M Jacob street, first floor S 00
N'o. 3U Sixteenth street, bottling cellar
12 00
N'o. 32 Sixteenth street, store room.. 10 00
No. :il Sixteenth street, storo room
and 10 rooms <0 00
N'o. 174 Alley 14 7 00
\'i>. I7.? Soventeonth street. 2 rnnms.. fi fti
So! 2Hl> AUey A, 1! rooms." 7.7.^.. 5-Oii
So. 2(120 Alley Tl, 2 l ooms 5 00
So. 2Ci<K Alley E S W
No. "iS and No. S) East Chestnut street,
Washington. l'a.. for Hotel or Restaurnnt;
will rent It furnished or unfurllshed.
Main street residence.
Clmpllnu street residence.
EofT streot residence.
Market.street business property.
Real Estate Agent. Collector, Notar>
Public ami Pension Agent, No. 1612
Main street. n\ar2l

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