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In the Philippines and its Effect
on Troops,
In Determining tho Character of the
Military Movements During tho
Next Six Months?If tho men Tako
Good Cftro of Themselves it is Said
no Extraordinary Serious Results
Will Ensuo?Experlonpp of .Troops
Last Summer. t
WASHINGTON, April 4.?War do- i
uartment officials look. UDon tho an- \
proach of the wet season In the Philip- ~
pines as likely to be an important, If cr
not a decisive factor, In determining fl0
the character of:the military move- 1)1
monts during the next six months. This
period of rain and storms is no new cc
and untried danger, for the United tr
States'troops were in the trenches P1
nround Manila through much of the ^
worst part of the wet season last summer.
Major Simpson, chief of the isi
bureau of military information, was
then on the staff of General Greene, J1
and learned from experience how far ta
this wet season affected t,he health and th
comfort of tho men, and retarded military
operations. Generally speaking,
he says the men were up to their knees '
in jnud and water during July and
August, when our tronches were drawn 0f
around Manila. But while this was sli
a great personal inconvenience, it did
not cause any material increase in the
sick rate. About the worst feature' was tr
that the stretches of quagmire made it pr
next to Impossible to execute military ^
movements on a large scale. * ^
The wet season does not begin, as a ac
rule, until June, so that It is about two m
months before its effects will be serlously
felt The present months, April
and May, generally come under the/
head of the hot season, which Just pre- n7
cedes the drenching rains of June. The n
hottest weather is In May, although it
never goes above 100 degrees. Gradually
this merges into tho heavy rains
and violent storms of June, the wet
season lasting for six months. The
season does not come on abruptly, but ]
is a gradual transition, until everything w
Is in a condition of soak. Last
summer, the llrst expedition of pr
United States troops landed about July gc
1, and by that time the wet season was
well under way. The men were sent
into the trenches for twenty-four hours
and then relieved. In this way two
regiments would be moved up every at
morning, and for that day and night c
would stand In the knee-deep rain and b_
mud. It would have beep dilllcult, if
not impossible, to have kept .troops ex- q
posed to such conditions 'fot any extreme
time. '
Tho Astor battery was one of the p.
bodies serving during the- part of the ,
rainy season. Captain March, one of
the officers of the battery, was here
recently, and in speaking of the sick ^
rate during the rainy season, said that
it was kept down to four per cent. This U1
i~... - ? -
iutt, cvcupuiiuer lavorablc
circumstances, and Sh taken to
offset some of the serious reports as
to the effect" of the rainy!season. This ^
low sick rate is in part attributed to J13
the strict sanitation enjoined upon the
American forces. Malaria and typhoid "e
abounds, so that our troops were made
to drink boiled water. Major Simpson "J*
says that at no time did the malaria *
or typhoid assume an epidemic form. sn
It is the general belief that General t*'
Otis will complete his present cam- lb.
palgri before the < wet season opens, and 3-1
conftho his efforts after that to holding
the ground already won. keeping up po
communication, protecting.his Hanks 5,3
and waiting for tlie dry season to give gr
him another period of active opera- er,
tion. W
Republicans Succcssful?Little Gen- 14
era! Political Change. ro;
DETROIT, Mich., April 4.?Revised JQa
estimates of election results, based on n\
incomplete returns from nearly all the as
counties in Michigan, place Judge i
Grant's plurality for supreme court ^
justice at 25,000 in round numbers. He ^h
lias probably run but little behind the (
Republican candidates for university fir
regents. In Detroit. Judge Grant ran ^
heavily behind his ticket, and lost the j0,
city by nearly 7,000 and the county by go
5,000. The Union Labor movement to
against Grant, however, gained little *
impetus in the smaller cities, and he linearly
held his own through the state 11
at large. Fully two-thirds of the clr- J
cult judges elected in the thirty-six judicial
districts of the state are Itepuh- As
licans. The fine weather did not bring lb!
out as large a vote as anticipated In lb;
any section. J
It is now certain that of the five clo
Judges elected to the circuit bench in 5
Detroit, three are Republicans, and bb
arc reelected. Judge Hosmer, (Dern), ?1
who was re-elected, received the larg- S
est majority, and the vote from- the adjoining
townships indicate also the 2,
election of I'ound, (Dem.), by a very 2-1
close majority. The two new judges of do
the recorder's court are Democrats, do
Detroit and the other large cities
of the state, with the Pingrec feature
eliminated from the contests, show '
Democratic gains. Otherwise the state P**
shows little normal political change. cr<
How he Explain* it ? His Opponent *'r(
Gives Other Reasons.
CLEVELAND, Ohio, April 4.?Mayor j0c
MclCIssdn has made the following
statement concerning his defeat:
"The Hanna. bolters and corporation
influences, through lavish use of mon- 2C(
ey, elected Farley and defeated the head c0
ot the Republican ticket yesterday. l>tj
That is all I care to say at present..
Signed) "R. E. M'KISSOX." 1
Mayor-elect Farley, in an Interview, V*
"My election simply means that the si'
people of Cleveland want honest gov- lb.
Rfiin O fil TO R BID 2 1
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to sco a child almost choking with
the dreadful whooping-cough) ,:iGivo
the child Dr. Bull's* Cough Syrup, fcho 5J.
irreatosb pulmonary remedy, and re- eli
hoi' will como at onco, tho coughing
apella will ro-occur less frequently,
and, in a few days, tiie sufferer- will bo
entirely cured. No other remedy can J?*
boast of so many cures. ^
KteBnlBg |
Oiygh Syrup :
Cures Whooping-Coiigh quickly. "I
Dosen arc nnuill nnd plcnuant to tnkc. Doctors
tccouimcud It. rricc 35 ctn. At all tlrtij'tf ists. of!
II It's a Localized Pain or Acho
You Can Promptly K1U It With a
?t Is the best
Olm nnlelrMt, mort prnninimt rollef la Tlhonmilium,
Kennlffia, Kciaticu, Lumbago,mc. No ox rnal
rotnmljr no enoctlro, 1'ricaSCc. AHDrusRiflts.
31 tn'I'ri,Beaburjr A Johnson, N.Y., if unnbUinabla.
nmcnt; that thoy arc tired of McKis
?.ii* me uvi'uscu 10 piuage ana
Congressman Burton, who aupport1
McKlsaon, said:
"The defeat of McKIsson can be atibuted
to a factional fight in our
irty. Of course the charges of coriptlon
had much to do with it. but
'ter all factionalism did the work."
"What Is the cause of the factlonalm?"
was asked.
"Oh, there can be but one answer,
id that is the Columbus episode of
year ago. McKIsson made the miske
of his life in attempting to thwart
ie will of his party."
Story of a Slave.
To be bound hand and foot for years
r the chains of disease is the worst
rm of slavery. George D. "Williams,
Manchester, Mich., tells how such a
lve was made free. He says: "My
ife has been so helpless for five years
at she could not turn over in bed
one. After using two bottles of Electa
Bitters, she Is wonderfully imoved
and able to do her own work."
lis supreme remedy for female dlsses
quickly cures nervousness, sleepiness,
melancholy, headache, backhe,
fainting and dizzy spells. . This
Iracle working medicine is a godsend
weak, sickly, run down people. Every
ttle guaranteed. Only 50 cents. Sold
Logan Drug Co., druggist.
"eckly Change of Quotations in all
Lines of Local Trade.
Office of the Intelligencer,
Wheeling, April 4.
Flours figure In a small advance this
2ek. There wa3 a sharp advance in
ovislons. Buslness^remalns very
od. *?
Flour?Fancy roller mill winter
heat, wood at $2'70 *ir barrel; paper
$3 50 per barrel; spring wheat, Minhaha,
Si 40 In cottcn sacks; ?4 40 per
irrel; $4 20 In paper sacks; Galaxy,
20 in paper sacks; $4 40 per barrel:
>1(1 Coin flour $4 30 in cotton or $1 10
paper; Royal, % paer, 53 70; Relitce,
51 10 in wood; 52 95 in paper,
llsbury, 51 15 in paper, 54 35 in wood.
Syrups--Choice sugar syrups, 27c; !
mcy drips 23c; Silver drips 19c; New
leans molasses, choice new crop, 35c;
ime 30c: fair, 28c; mixed good, New
leans, 2Gc; bakers' pood, 18c.
Provisions?Large S. C. hams. S^c;
edium hams, 8%c; small hams 9c; S.
breakfast bacon, 7?7%c; shoulders
|c; sides CVic; ordinary beef 13Vsc;
im dried beef He; knuckles 14&C;
mlly mess pork. 5-pour.d pieces, 59 50;
an pork, bbls., 59 00.
Lard?Pure refined lb. tierce, 6c; 50tins,
6V4c; Chicago lard, in tierce, :
ic; 50-11). tins, 6^c; the advance for
laller packages Is as follows: 50-lb.
is Vic over tierces; fancy tubs *%c; 20<ins
%c; 10-lb. tins, %c; 5-lb. tins %c;
b. tins lc.
Su.nars?Cutloaf, 5.S7c; cubes 5.49c;
wdered, 5.49c; granulated standard
7c; American A 4.87c; standard fine
anulated, 5.37c; standard confections'
A 5.24c; Columbia A 4.87c; standard
indsor 4.S7c; white extra . 4.G2c; exi
C 4.49c; fruit sugar 4.31c.
Coffee?Green coffee, fancy Golden
io, lGc; fancy gnoen 15c; choice green
'/?c; roasting grades lO&c; Java 26'^c;
asted in packages, Arrow 10.04c; Panndle,
10 04c: Arbuckle & Co.5s roasted
04c; Lion, 9.54c; bulk roasted 9c; Old
jvernment Java roasted 29c; Mocha
id Java 29c; A grade Rio 23c.
Teas?Young Hyson, per lb., C0(f?55c:
inpowder, COi08Oc; Imperial, 40?'55c:
pan, 2Sf575c; Oolong [email protected]; Souang.
bandies?Star full weight, 7^ic: Parnic,
per lb., 9&c; Electric Light, per
. Sc.
Vinegar?Choice cider [email protected] per gali;
standard city brands 105?llc per
lion; country, [email protected] per gallon, us
Cheese?Full cream [email protected];Sweltzer
??14c; Llmburger 121-c; factory [email protected]
Pish?No. 2 mackerel. 100 fish. 75 lbs.,
.50: Xo. 2 extra mackerel, tubs. GO
h, 55 00; new, 100 lbs., 512 00: No. 2, SO
511 00; Xo. 3 small 54 00 for 100
Xo. 3 large 100 lbs.. Sin 00.
Seeds?Timothy $1 [email protected] 50 per bushel;
?ver, small seed. $3 9004 15.
?alt?Xo. 1 per barrel, 90c; extra, per
1.. $1; dnlrv. line, five-bushel sacks,
15 per sack.
Seed Corn?11c per lb.
Wooden wore?Xo. 1 tubs 55 25: Xo.
54 50; Xo. 3, 53 75; 2-hoop pails 51 15;
loop, $1 25*. single washboards, 51 50;
iuble do., 52 50; fine crimped double
., 52 75; single do., 52 25.
Grain and Feed.
3rnin ? "Wheat, G5c. Corn, 45c ?
r bushel. Oats out of store, western
DP G8c per bushel; home, crop [email protected]
r bushel.
F'eed?Bran 517 00(f?lS 00 por ton; mid- '
ings 517 OOtfllS 00 per ton. Hay, Xo. 1
nothy, baled, 58 00519 00; mixed 57 00? 1
)0; timothy hay, loose 58 00579 00; 1
aw, wheat, baled, 55 00; straw, wheat
)se, 55 00.
Fruits and 1*1*00X1100.
(Quotations by Parker & Co.)
Butter?Creamery, 1-lb. prints, fancy
;; tub 22c; country, choice per lb. 22c; '
untry, fair, 13c; butterine, C. C.
and, 10:ftli)\4c: common, 10c.
Sggs?Firm; fresh In case 10? 11c per .
Yults?Apples, common, $3 00; choice
50; fancy ?5 00 per barrel. .
Poultry? Old roosters 3c per lb.; ;
ring chickens, 9c per lb.; hens, 6c per 1
; geese, 40c each.
roplcal Fruits?Lemons, fancy 52 50fi) ;
'5. Oranges, California navals, 53 255/) ;
<0; California seedlings $2 50. Bananas
nnci rr
^cgetableH?Cabbage, 3}ic per lb. Nne
onions $1 per bushel; $2 00fi>2 25 per
rrel. Potatoes, ?2 Of) per barrel; 75 to
; a bushel. Sweet potatoes, kiln dried .
rseys, large, $3 00(^.1 25 per bar- ,
; Delawnres 52 00 per barrel, j
anberrles, Jerseys, $2 23 per l?ox; per j
rrel, 55 75. Parsnips 52 00 per barrel; ,
75 unwashed. Turnips 50c per buah- J
$1 HO pr;r barrel.
Honey?New York lioncy 14 ?16c. ,
Miscellaneous <
Hoots nnd Porks?Ginseng, dry, per
., 52 50ft3 00; some In market; sossa;ts
hark per lb., jiassafraH oil, i
r lb., 30(Q!60c; May apple root, ]>er
, 6&@7c; yellow root, per lb., 40?50c; 1
necu snake root, per lb., free of top,
ff35e; ^Vest Virginia snake root, per i
, 25?35c; pink root. per lb., fine, 20<<?
c; elm hark, per lb., 7c; wild cherry c
rk, per lb., 8<n>12c. 1
Deans?Prime new hnnd-plckcd, me- i
um, 51 30; prime new hand-picked '
vy, 51 30. i
IVool-Finc washed 24(??25c; one-third i
! for unwashed; one-fourth oft for <
unconditioned; medium unwashed 18?
20c; medium-washed 23c.
"Wheeling .Live Slock Market.
(Quotations bv Goodhue & Co.)
Cattle?Extra, 1,000 to 1,200. 54 [email protected]
5 10; good. 900 to 1,000, M r,[email protected] 75; 800 to
900, 54 [email protected] 50; fair, TOO to 800, 54 00?
4 23; common, COO to TOO, $3 2303 50;
bulla, 2?2%c; cows, 1%<6'3c.
Hogs?Extra 53 [email protected] 00; good 53 60?
3 90; common 53 40?3 60.
Sheep?Extra, 51 [email protected] 23; good, 53 75?
4 00; common, 53 5003 75; lambs, 405c.
Fresh Cows?525035c; calves
The Features of the Money nnd Stock
NEW YORK, April 4.?Money on call
Arm at [email protected] per cent; last loan C per
cent. Prime mercantile paper
per cent. Sterling exchange steady,with
actual business in bankers' bills at
54 S6',[email protected] 8(% for demand and at
54 84f,/[email protected] 84for sixty days. Posted
rates 54 8304 85?? and 54 8704 87%.
Commercial bills 54 [email protected] 80%. Silver
certificates 00060%. Bar silver 59%c.
Mexican dollars 47ftc.
Government bonds strong:. State
bonds inactive. Railroad bonds firm.
Stock trading to-day was very, sensitive
end moved Irregularly. After a
wild and high opening for many stocks
realizations of active interests and depressing
efforts on the part of professionals
tended to produce recessions,
particularly in the active specialties
which of late have weakened the largest
advances. The traffic agreement between
the Third Avenue and Manhattan
produced a large advance in both
of those properties at the opening,
Third Avenue rising C and Manhattan
3 points. This brought about extensive
realizing and the stocks gradually receded;
Third Avenue losing eight 011 the
day and Manhattan half as much.
Metropolitan lost 3',4, although at one
time It was down 0& on liquidation Induced
by the combination of the rival
companies. Talk of brisker hostilities
in the war left Sugar six points down.
The suit to restrain Brooklyn Transit
from leasing a formal rival traction
company and together with realizing on
Brooklyn Transit's large advance caused
the stock to ease off three points. The
iron and steel shares ended irregularly
changed with Federal and American
Wire down sharply. International Paper
lost 4, and Chicago Gas 3. Excepting
the course, which rose In some
caseB materially, the oeneral railway
list showed little change, -the grangers
being fractionally off. Among the
specialties to-day's strength was
Rubber, Tin-plate, Continental Tobacco
and Long Island, the two last named
rising three and four points respectively.
An advance in plug tobacco prices
was 6ald to be a reason, for the rise In
Continental Tobacco. There was a confusion
of views on the stock exchange.
Bidders wpro InHlnPfl tn molm .it
crop prospects, the advices from the
grain regions being mixed as usual
that much liquidation had come from-,
active Interests, but there was no certainty,
but that part of their former
holdings had been re-purchased at a,
low el level. Uncertainty as to the immediate
position of large speculative
Interests was a cause of some of the
commission houses selling. In some
quarters, however, stocks were still tenaciously
Call money continued firm and ranged
from G to f>, with most of the business
at the higher figure. The dealings for
the day exceeded a million shares and
the market left off weak, not far from
the lowest.
General improvements resulted from
to-day's bond operations. Total sales,
United States old 4s coupon advanced
%. thfe new 4s %, the 5s and the old 4s
registered *4 per cent in the bid price.
IJ. S. new 3s?lOT'i! Col. Fuel & Iron S7%
U. S. new 4s reg.l2^Jil do pref 96
do coupon 129%( Gen. Electric?115
U. S. 4s 113% Brooklyn B. T...12>%
do coupon 114 Lead 35*#
do seconds &9%t do pref 112%
U. S. 5s reg 113--4, Pacific Mail 51%
do coupon 113%| People's Gas 1273a
Atchison 21% Pullman Pal....161
do pref 61% Silver Cer 60
Pal. & Ohio 72 j Su^ar ~..16G%
Can. Pacific S7%J do pref 116
Can. Southern.. 58% Tenn. Coal & I.. 53%
Central Pnc 5Cf%i U. S. Leather.... 71%
Chcs. & Ohio.... 27%| do pfef Til1,!
Chi. Si Alton....1G5 Western Wnion.. !U%
Chi. II. & Q....143%I Federal Steel.... G9%
Chi. G. W 1(P& do pref
Chi. & N. W....r?&% Amor. S. & W.. 67%
. do pref 192 do prof 101
C. C. C. & St. L. 59 Beading 24%
do pref iit>% do first pref... 66%
Del. & Hudson.. 117*4 Hoclc Island llSty,
Del.,Lack. & W.175 ! St. Paul 127%
Den. it Rio G... 22'/i do pref 171
do pref 75 | St. Paul & Om.. 96
Erie (now) !? %! do pref 1...I6S
do pref 28 | South. Pacific... 34% ,
Fort Wayne....180 j Texas & Pac.... 2?-*s
jiocxing vni.... svisl union J'ac -17-Ti
Illinois Central.llO^i do pref S8
Lake Erie & W. 19 ' Wabash SV~
do pref 07 do prof 24V*
Luke Shore 201 i Wheel. & L. E.. 11 >1Lou.
& Nash.... Gi?Vr| do prof ."1
Mich. Central...113 ; Adams Ex 110
Mo. Pacltle 50^1 Am. Express....140
Mobile Ohfb.. 44 I U. S. Express... 52
N.J. Central....120^ Wells l'argo 123
N. V. Central...140V, Amor. Spirits.... 14%
North. Pac 51** do prer 39Vi
do pref 78^1 Amor. Tobacco..220',i
Ore. 11. & Naw. 10 I do prof 142
Pittsburgh ISO 1
Cholor 351 Ontario 075
Crown Point .... 27 Ophlr 105
Con. Cal & Va.. 2C0! Plymouth 10
Dead wood 051 Quicksilver 250 ,
Gould & Curry.. 45| do pref 700
Jlale & Norcross 34! Sierra Nevada... 120
JHomestakc 5,500 Standard 233
Iron Silver 051 Un'.on Con 00
"Mexican 70| Yellow Jacket... 2G ^
Breads!nflfe and Provisions.!
NEW YORK?Flour, receipts 22,373
barrels; exports 9,142 barrels; market
Jull and easier.
Wheat, receipts 15,200 bushels; exports
39,431 bushels; spot market dull;
No. 2 red S0y4c f. o. b.; options weak
on crop news, foreign selling and better
homo crop conditions. The crowd
oversold, however, and in the last hour
covered shorts on news of higher
northwest markets, leaving the final
tono firmer, although lS^lS^c below J
last night. Seaboard clearances and
export trade were small. May 75*4? .
7GVic; closed at 7GVie; July 74%$ }
73 15-lCc; closed at 75%c; September
?2?f?(8>73%c: closed nt 73%c/
Corn, receipts 44,850 bushels; exports
131,001 bushels; spot market steady;
options opened easy on the decline in
wheat, selling off with cables and fine
weather west, but finally rallied by
shorts; closed partly Jfcc net lower; May
59 9-lCs?39-"Jic; closed at 39vic; July closed
at 38T>iC.
Oats, receipts 80,400 bushels; export*
25,125 bushels; spot market dull; No. 2,
13c; No. 2 white 35"Vr#3Gc; options quiet.
Hops quiet. Hides steady. Tallow
ivcalc; city $4 12; country 4\(.ffpl%c.' ,
Cottonseed oil steady. Rice steady.
Molasses firm. J
Coffee, options opened barely steady
md unchanged to 5 points lower; ruled
lull and featureless, with local operations
In control; bearish crop cable
'roin Santos produced little or no effect;
statistical changes unimportant, for- ,
jlgn markets destitute of Influential
feature. Closed steady and unchanged
lo f. points lower; sales 18,500 bags, in
MuuiniT .uay ?r?; June $" 10; July
(fi 15; August $5 25; September $5 .15;
November $5 50; December ?fi C5: February
55 75; .spot coffee, Rio Inactive.
Sugar, raw strong, tending upward:
fair refining ? 15-Gc; centrifugal, 00
test, -1 7-lGc; molasses sugar !! lfl-lGc;
refined firm and active. i
BALTIMORE?Flour firm and un- !
dinnged; receipts 27,363 barrels; exportn :
,09S barrels. Wheat dull and steady; ;
?pot and month 75%?75MiC; May [email protected]> i
ff?%c; June 75c; July 75c; steamer No. cmI
70-%tfp71e; receipts 111,480 bushels;
southern wheat, by sample, 70?j|>7Gc; do
lo on grade 7l*i<S75'/i. Corn easier; ]
spot and month .38038*40; May 38%0
3S%c; June S3?39Vic; steamer mixed
36% 037c; receipts 246,077 bushels; oxports
205,417 bushels; southern white
corn 41c; do yellow 28039c. Oats dull
and easy; No. 2 white 35035% ?35%c; No,
2 mixed-32033c; receipts 13,963 bushels,
Sugar strong and unchanged. Buttei
steady and unchanged. Eggs steady
and unchanged. Cheese firm and unchanged.
CINCINNATI?Flour dull. Wheat
quiet; No. 2 red 72%073c. Corn eas^;
No. 2 mixed 37c. Oats weaker; No. 2
mixed 28%@30%c. Rye quiet; No. 2,
60c. Lard quiet at $5 07&. Bulkmeats
steady at $4 85. Bacon quiet at $5 75,
Whisky steady at $1 26. Butter unchanged;
fancy Elgin creamery 21^0
22%c: Ohio 18019c; dairy 12V&C. Sugar
steady. Eggs quiet at 10c. Cheese
firm. j
Live Stock.
CHICAGO?Trade In cattle to-day
was slow with prices barely steady. The
bulk of beef steers brought $4 G505 30,
there being a purchasing of the better
class shipping- grades. Fancy cattle
brought 55 7005 GO, choice steers $5 350
5 65; medium S4 7504 95; stockers and
feeders S3 [email protected] 85; bulls $2 7004 10;
cows and heifers $3 4004 75; western fed
eteers $4 2505 50; Texas steers 54 200
5 10; calves $1 000 7 00. There was an
excellent demand from eastern shippers
for hogs and prices ruled .2%05c higher.
Fair to choice $3 SO03 95; heavy
packing lots $3 6003 80; mixed 53 G7tf.0
3 S7Vj; butchers $3 7003 92^; light
53 77V.-03 87%; Pigs 53 0503 75. Business
In sheep was brisk at steady
prices. Lambs comprised the larger
portion of offerings and ruled weak, but
not quotably lower. Poor to prime
sheep sold at S3 500 5 00;fr'enrllngfl 51750
5 15. Colorado wooled lambs 55 750
5 95; shorn S4 7505 25. Receipts?Cattle,
2,000 head; hog3, 15,000 head; sheep,
11,000 head.
BALTIMORE, Monday, April 3.
Swine.?Arrivals this week, 11,420
head. A rather light supply of hoffs is
r.n ,thr? mn rlfiif nriil n mrwlnrnfn rlotn/lnil
only Is reported. Values show but little,
if any, change since last week, or for
several weeks past. Far western hogs
sell at 51 [email protected] 50 per 100 pounds nross;
those from nearer points $1 10tfT4 20;
light pigs 53 GO?3 80, and roughs 52 750
3 25 per 100 pounds gross, few selling
ut the former llgure.
Sheep and Lambs.?There Is n fairly
active trade reported for both sheep nnd
lambs, and no variation in quotations
or values worthy of notice. Sheep sell
at 3?4%c, and extra 4^4c; lambs [email protected]*4c.
Calves.?Veals are o little weaker.
Prices range at [email protected] and a few extra
at C^c.
EAST IJBERTY-Cattle steady;
choice $5 50&5 65; prime 55 SOfto 50;
common 53 505X4 00. Hogs slow; prices
unchanged. Sheep 6teady; choice wethers
55 OO0T5 10; common 52 75?3 75;
choice lambs 55 90*56 00; common to
good 54 756T5 85; clipped lambs 54 [email protected]
5 20. Veal calves 55 00?5 50.
CINCINNATI?Hogs active and higher
at ?3 [email protected] 95.
BOSTON?The wool market here
shows more steadiness than last week,
and sales reported show an increase.
The depression caused by the combination
shares has resulted In forcing
prices forward so that purchases in
Territory wool can now be made at
fully 26c per scoured pound, lower than
during February. For fine medium and
line the scoured price is 40c. For dhoice
staple wool the price remains at 44?
45e. Fleece wools are quiet as a whole,
and prices for Ohio lino delaines are
27c, with Michigan. Illinois at 2C^27c;
Australian wools are in strong demand,
but held about steady. Following are
the quotations for leading descriptions:
unio una rennsyivama iicece3 .v and
above 23024c: XX and above 2CJ?27c:
delaine [email protected]; No. 1 combing- 2Sc; So. 2
do 2Sc.
NEW YORK?Wool dull.
Dry Goods.
NEW YORK?The weather has been
better to-day than for a considerable
time past, and so far as local influences
are concerned, has been the only
change in conditions Business done in
cotton goods in staples and seasonable
fancies has run upon moderate lines.
The general tone continues quite steady
and all prices are without change.
Print cloths quiet in regulars at 2%c.
Moderate business in odd goods without
change in quotations. Cotton, woolen
and worsted dress goods were all in demand.
Woolen linens are tending upward.
Exports of cotton goods last
week unusually large, reaching 2,400
NEW YORK?Spelter and tin were
the centre of attraction on the metal
lAlliausc IU-UU.1 .Mill MIIJtWMl (I
of activity than the other departments.
Copper held ilrm on pressing demand
and scarcity of spot poods. The news
from abroad and the west was practically
as expected and cut little figure as
an Influence. At the close the metal
exchange called pig Iron warrants dull
at 510 50 nominal. Lake copper firm at
$1S 00. Tin firmer, with $24 25 bid nnd
$24 37V6 asked. Lead dull ut 54 33. Spelter
firm, with $6 .10 bid and $6 GO asked.
The brokers price for lead is $1 15 and
copper lSU^TlBM-c.
OIL CITY?Credit balances $113; certificates,
only bid and close was ?l 12 for
cash, and sales 4,000 barrels nt $1 12;
runs 86,945 barrels; average 57,133 barrels:
shipments 7S,lll barrels; average
75.5S7 barrels.
ORDINARY household accidents
have no terrors when there's a bottle
of Dr. Thomas' Kclcctrlc Oil lu the
medicine chest. Heals burns, cuts,
bruisrs. sprains. Instant relief.
We have succccdcd the
ind arc now in the market
vith the finest line of
of all descriptions in the
state, at the lowest priccs, j
workmanship and quality
Succcssors to
)ur Spcclnlty: III 2M0-2II4
{El'AIMNti. Ill Mnln Street.
wk & a
A M, AVrrou* IHitittrt?Kulllntf Memory,
inipotcucy, HliKialr??np??, nto., omuio;!
bj A huso or other J'.xc*??cn nnj ImUi*
crctlnii*, Thru qiilr/.-fy anil eurcttr
nwtoro Lc-.t Vitality In old or yonan. Ami
f,lltiin:tmfar*tuily, bu*iuntior tnurrlni:-*.
*yiv^>sS<5? l'rovi.it inmnltr umi Goniutniitlou if
-ttM in uiiin. Their wn ?hovn lmmcilintn Improrn.
rrntand olfontn n HUMS whom nil other foil Inlist
opou harlnc thci R-nuino Ajar Tnhlttn. Tlicj
v.va ouivd thontutitl* anil \tl 11 euro you. Wo giro n po?.
:(<MT.*rlttAui:unrnntBQ toclhctnctiro nftf'TQ
)*.'hM?oor rotund tho money, l'rlco vjj? V B /1 pop
r.(kr.r?t?i or nix pkcro (full treatment! for fWO. I!;
tt.Ul, l;\ nlnln wrapper. noon receipt of prion, (Urculnt
- a.iax kemeoy co.,
For nalo In Wheeling, W. Vn., by Logan
Drug Co. fe4-tth&a
Title Insurance.
If you purclmso or mako a loon on real
cstato havo the tltlo Insured by; tbo
No. 1303 Market Street.
H. M. RUSSELL.... President
L. F. 8TIFEL Secretary
C. J. RAWLIKG Vice President
WM. J I. Tit AC Y Asa't. Secretary
G. R. K. GILCHRIST..Examiner of Titles
^ 15 safe'to usc?n ony sore.
11 lieela perfectly and
VIwvcj'co'jcar. It cures
^v? aV Va $ more ailnecta than a doz?J?cn
ottier "'V^dles.1 No
<i?i?2E3rwtnttUer what icaused the
*2f hV**'.aore. this ointment will
-<^^tffih&Ovi-P03^vc'T heal lt-You uso
to-dajrand praise It to\vv
. ro'fry**j$rc morrow. Prices: For huj
raan,25&&0c; lor beast 75c
? # ,
Sole Proprietors, J
PlttsburCi P?'? U. 5. A.
_ mrlT-mw&r
f' llilMB'D|| I ?
all troubles peculiar to'hor bcx. fSTSondby
mall or from our Agent. $1.00 per box.
For salo by C. H. CRIEST & CO.; 1123
Market street. d&w .
tThcjr OTorromo WoakneBS, irroirularltr
and oiul?ilons|lncr#aie Tlfror
and banlsli "painu of menstruatlon."
TUej aro "Life Sutpm"
toglrlnnt womanhood. aiding do*
velopmrnt of orirnn* and body. Ho
known rnnpdjr for nomcn equal#
them. Cannot do barm?llfo bccomo?
a pleaturr. SI per bnj;
by mull. Hold by drnraliti.
liOTT CHEMICAL CO.,W*??'*?d<0For
hcIo by C. H. GRIEST & CO., 1123
Market strcot. d&w
rbe only Keeley Institute in Western Pennsylvania.
JJooklet Free.
The Keolcy Institute, 4246 Fifth Avo., Pittsburgh. P>
%drlE??iW? X?&?I?Se
leaving whariboat, foot of Twelfth street^ ;
us follows: ?
Steamer QUEEN CITY?Robert R. Ag- ,
new, Master, Daniel M. Lacoy. Purser. ;
Every Sunday at 8 a. m. ,
Steamer KEYSTONE STATE?Charles
W. Knox. Master; Will D. Kimble, Purser.
Every Tuesday nt s a. m.
Steamer VIRGINIA?T. J. Calhoon, Mas.
tor: it. H. Kerr, Purser. Every Thursday ;
at 8 a. m. ;
For Freight or Passage Telephone 020.
octTl Agents.
Slai/roads. \
Ponnsylvor.la Station b.
lliFennsyivania Lines.] Trains
Hun by Central Tim? {
A3 FOLLOWS : _ ]
Dally. tDally, except Sunday.
"Sunday only.
Ticket Offices at Pennsylvania Station on .
Water street, foot of Eleventh street. (
Wheeling, and at tho Pennsylvania Station.
ILeave. Arrive
a. m. a. ni.
t 6:25 t C:07
p. III.
McDonald and Pittsburgh.. 16:25 t 8:15
Indianapolis and St. Louis., t S:45 t 5:15
Columbus and Cincinnati... t 8:45 t 5:15
Dayton t 8:45 I 6:15
Wellsburg and Steubenvllle. tS:45 t 5:1.1
McDonald and Pittsburgh., t 8:45 t 5:15
Pittsburgh and New York.. ?10:25
p. m.
Philadelphia and Now York 112:25 t 2:25
Stoubenvllle and Pittsburgh. tl2:25 t 2:25
Columbus and Chicago tl2:25 t 2:25
a. in.
Philadelphia and Nov.- York 2:55 t 9:55
Haltlmoro and Washington, t (1:00 t 0:55
iStoubenvllle and Pittsburgh. 2:55 t 8:30
McDonald and Dennlson.... t 2:55 t 8:30
p. m.
Pittsburgh and New York.. | C:00 t S:15
a. m.
Indianapolis and St. Louis, t S:30 t 6:07
Dayton and Cincinnati iS:20 t C:07
Stoubenvllle and Columbus, t S:30 | 6:07
Pittsburgh and East t S:30 t 9:55
Trains Run Daily, Except Sunday, as follow:*:
~ |Lo;ive. Arrlvo
From Bridgeport to J a. m. p. in
Fort Wayne and Chicago...! 4:53 S:35
*;na a:^a
a. m.
Alllanco and Cleveland 4:53 7:5S r
Steubenvillo and Pittsburgh. 4;53 9:40 ?
SteubcnvlUo and Wcllsvlllo. 9:09 P12:40 Steubenvillo
and Pittsburgh 9:09 12:40
p. m.
Fort Wayne and Chicago... 1:10 S:3S (
Canton and Crestline.. 1:10 12:40
Alllanco and Cleveland 1.10 S:3.?
Steubenvllle and Wcllsvlllo. 1:10 4:51
Philadelphia and New York. i:lo 4:51
Toronto and Pittsburgh...: i:io % 6
13altlmorr and Washington. 1:10 P>4?54
Steubenvlllo and Wcllsvlllo. 2:5$ a*7 3 f
Now York and Washington. 4:54 'V-S' b
Steubenvllle and Pittsburgh. 4:51 _4:54 ^
Parlor Car Wheellngto Pittsburgh and ~
2:55 p. ni. and G:C0 p. ni. train. Central
time. (Ono hour slower than Whccflnir time.)
Passenger and Ticket Agent
Agent for pll Steamship Lines.
Wheeling & Elm Grove Electric Railway!
Cars will run as follow?, city timer
Lcavo Wheeling. Leave Elm Grovo
a. in p. m. a. ni. p. m.
5:30 2:30 5:45 2:45
0:00 3:00 0:15 sir,
6:W) 3:30 0:45 . 3*4."i '
:C0 4:u) 7:15 4:15 i
7:30 ^ 4:20 7:45 4:451
8:00 5:00 X:15 6:15 i
SM5 r.-45
??:00 ti:0<) U'lo . ! 1 _
?:-1? C:30 9:J.r? c:r '
1(t:Ci3 7:00 io:i5 7-'-, U
10:30 . 7:30 10:45 705 1J
11:00 8:00 n;i:, J:,? N
11:30 S:30 11:45 U:15 c
p. 01. J>
12:00 9:00 XS:1S 9-15 N
P- . ' Ci
12:30 0.30 12:45 o-? ^
1:00 10:00 1:15 10-ir. Si
1:30 10:30 1:1.-, jom." S?
2:00 11:00 2:ir> 11:C0 M
Extrc* from Wheeling to l'ark and li?;. I-1
turn: 1?
"\ln* p. 111. p.m. p.m.
? j! 5:-(3
M 4:13 C;i5 _ jr
n 11 } ; MONONUA11 HOUTK IS T11 E l.i
X Short Line between Fairmont and
Clarksburg. Quick Timo?Fu*t Train*- i Sure
Connections. When traveling to or !
from Clarksburg or West Virginia una I CI
1 Ittsburgh railroad points, pro that your Uji
tickets reud via the Mnnoguhcla River
ttallroad. Clone Connections at Fairmont W
with D. & O. trains, and at Clarksburg Fi
with K. & O. and W.. V. & 1?. trnltin. Ticketa
via this rout* on sale nt all U. & O. a?
and W? V? & P. U. \\. maUons. nj
HUGH li. BOWLES, Gen'l Supt
Arrival and departure of trains on. and
niter Novemer 20, 1S3& Explanation of
Reference Marks: Dally, tDally, except
Sunday. tDally, except Saturday, t Dally,
except Monday. gSundays only. "Saturdayi
only. Eastern Standard Time; "Depart.
IB.&O.?Main-Lino East Arrlvo.
12:25 am Wash., Hal., Phil., N.Y. *3:20 am
4:45 pm Wash., Bal., Phil., N.Y
t7:00 am]...Cumberland Accom.. 12:30 pm
*4:45 pm .....Grafton Accom *10:20 am
*10:50 am|..Washington City Ex.. *11:00 pm
'Depart. IB.&O.?C.'O. Dlv., West? Arrive.
*7:35 ami For Columbus and Chi. *1:15 am
10:30 am ..Columbus and Clncln.. *5:15 pm
*11M0 pm ..Columbus ind Clncln.. *5:20 am
3:15 pmlColumbUB and Chi. Ex. *11:40 am
tl0:30 am ..St. Clalrsvlllo Accom.. 111:40 am
t3:i5 pm|..St. Clalrsvllle Accom.. *5:15 pm
10:30 ain| Sand_usky Mali..... *5:15 pm
'Depart. l|Br&*07-W.7P.~E. Dlv. Arrlvo.
5:25 ami For Pittsburgh *10:25 am
7:15 ami Pittsburgh *C:25 pm
5:20 pmLPlttsburgh and East.. *11:30 pm
t*2:40 pm|..pittsburgh and East.. *11:10 am
Depart, fp., c., C. & St L. Ry. Arrlvo.
_ East.
m :25 am Pittsburgh 1H:S0 am
tO:45 am Pittsburgh 1C:15 pm
11:25 pm Pitts., Phlla. and N. Y. 13:25 pm
3:rtr, pm Pitts., Phlla. and N. Y. 19:15 pm
t7:00 pm Pitts., Hal., W'sh., N.Y. 110:55 am
1^:30 pm Pitta., Hal.. W'sh., N.Y. 311:25 am
t<:2.i am ..Stcub. nnd Dennlson.. |9:S0 am
i9:45 am Steub., Col., Cin.. St. L. .17i07 am
tl:25 pm ..Stcub., Col. nnd Chi.. 13:25 pin
13:65 pm ..Steub. nnd Dennl?on.. 19:15 pm
t3:S0_pm Steub.^Col., On.. St t6jl5 pm
"Dopart. I C. & P.?Bridgeport. Arrive.'
t5:53 ami..Fort Wnyno and Chi.. 19:35 pm /
t5:53 ami...Canton und Toledo... 19:35 pm
15:53 amlAUlanco and Cleveland 19:35 pm
15:53 amlSteubenvlllQ ami Pitts. 19:$5 pm
am Steubenvlllo and Pitts, til'.05 am
12:10 pm ..Fort Wayno und Chi.. 1<?:10 pm
12:10 pm ...Canton and Toledo... 16:10 pm
12:10 pml Alliance and Cleveland 11:35 pm
13:58 pmlStoub'o and Wellsvllle. 18:5S am
15:51 pm Phllnd6lphla and N. Y. .1^:10 pm
15:54 pm|..Baltimore and Wash.. 16:10 pm
15:51 pmlStcub'o and Wellsvllle. i6:10 pro
"Dopart. [C? L. & W.?Brldgep't. Arrive.
17:05 amlClevG., Toledo and Chi. 12:30 pm
71:45 pm Clove., Toledo and Chi. 18:00 pm
15:25 pin ....Mus.slllon Accom.... 111:00 am
18:01 am ..St. Clalrsvllle Accom.. 19:23 am
tl0:0S am ..St. Clalrsvlllo Accom.. tl:34 pm
12:25 pmLSt. Clalrsvllle Accom.. 15:07 pm
15:55 pml..St. Clalrsvlllo Accom.. 17:10 pm
112:45 pm| Local Freight tll:50 pm
"Depart. I W. & L. E. By. "Arrive.
G:.i0 am Cleve. & Chicago Flyer *10:25 pm
111:15 am|Tol. and Detroit Special 1 4:00 pm
111:15 amlClevo & Mnsslllon Ex. t 4:00 pm
4:45 pm Cleve. & Manslllon Ex. *10:40 am
9:35 am Steub. & Brilliant Acc. 7:35 am
2:55 pm Steub. & Brilliant Acc. *12:20 pm
6:20 pm Steub. & Brilliant Acc. 5:50 pm
9:20 pmlSteub. & Brilliant Acc. ^9:05 pm
"Depart. I Ohio River R. R. Arrive.
6:20 amlPark. and Way Points. *10:50 am
17:40 amjCharleston and Clncln. *3:45 pm
*11:10 amlClncln. and Lexington. 11:30 pm
?11:25 am Clncln. and Lexington.
*4:15 pm|Park. and Way Points. |6;50 pm
Depart. I E., Z. & C. R. R. "Arrivo.
Bollnlre. Bellalro.
30:10 am Mall. Express and Pas. . 2:15 pm
5:00 pm Express and Passenger. 9:40 am
2:25 pmlMlxcd Freight and Pas. 1:20 pm
Departuro and nr.
/gBfl|K. Hyal of trails at
Schedule In effoct
November 20, 1S33.
^Ssffin^TOTORvy Station corner of
Twentieth and
12>^ Water Streets.
~ Leave. Ajrlvo
From Wheeling to a. m. a. m.
Grafton and Cumberland... *12:25 8:20
Washington and Baltimore. *12:25 8:20
Philadelphia and New York *12:25 8:20
p. m.
Pittsburgh and Cumberland 5:25i 11:S0
Wanhington and Baltimore. 5:25 11:30
Philadelphia and New York * 5:25 *11:30
Grafton and Cumberland... t 7:00 t 3:64
Washington (Pa.) and Pitts. *7:15 * 6:20
a. m.
ZaneBvllle and Newark * 7:25 1:13
Cqlumbus and Chicago 7:25 1:15
p. m.
^anesvillo and Columbus... *10:20 5:15
Cincinnati and St. Louis... *10:30 "5:15
Grafton and Cumberland... *10:r.0 *11:00
Washington and Baltimore. *10:50 *11:00
p. m. a. m.
Washington (Pa.) and Pitts. * 2:40 *11:10
Philadelphia and New York * 2:40 *10:30
?anesvllle and Newark * 3:15 *11:40
Columbus and Chicago * 3:15 *11:40
Grafton and Cumberland... * 4:45 *10:20
Washington and Baltimore. * 4:45
Pittsburgh and Cumberland * 5:20 *10:30
Washington and Baltimore. * 5:20 *10:30
Philadelphia and New York * 5:20 *10:30
Sanesvllle and Columbus.... *11:40 *5:20
Cincinnati and St. Louis.... *11:-10 *5:20
!*> > lit. O A
Pullman 'sleeping or Parlor Cars on all
through trains.
2ity Passenger and Ticket Agent. Wheeling.
Agent for all Steamship LIn?s.
General Manager. Mgr. Pass. Traffic.
Ohio KSver ilailroad.
Time Table Taking Effect Feb.
12, 1SW.
G:30 a. m.?Accommodation for
Daily. Moundsville, Clarlngton, New
Martinsville, Slstersvllle, St.
Marys. Waverly, WMiarastown,
Parkersburg and intermediate
7:40 a. m.?Fast Express for
Except Moundsville, New Martins
Sunday, vllle, Sistersvllle, Williamstown.
Pnrkersburc, Ravenswood,
Millwood,'Mason City,
Point Pleasant, Galllpolis,
lluntlnfrtor., Kenova, Charleston,
Cincinnati, Louisville,
and all points South, East
and West. Parlor ca&to Kenova.
11:10 n. m.?Express for
Dally. Moundsville, Powhatan,Clarington.
Proctor, Now Martinsville,
Sardls, Sistersvllle,
Friendly. St. Marys, Waverly,
Willlametown, Parkersbur^,
Ravens wood, Mason
City, Point Pleasant, Galllpolis,
Huntington. Kenova,
Charleston, Ashland, Russell,
1 ronton, and mtermedl
burp. Parlor car to Parkersburpr.
4:15 p. m.?Accommodation for
Dally. Moundsvll1e.ClarlnR;ton,? New
Martinsville, Sistersvlllo, St.
Marys. Waverly, Wllllamstown,
Parkersburpr, and Intermediate
leaves Wheeling 11:23 a..ni. Sundays.
.ASent? Ticket Agent.
200 Market St. Union Station.
o t6B O
'loveland, Lorain & Wheeling
Schedule In EiTect November 13, 1S93.
Central Standard Time.
r . T, u a. m. p. m.|p. m. a. m.
Lorain Branch. li 13 | 15 9
fraln 7:00 ~1:05I~4:26 9:50
llyrla 7:15 1:20 4 mo 10:03
irufton 7:31 1 ;3S 4:f.s 10:Jl
ester 7:53 l :57| 5:15 10:40
,T . Tl a. m.lp. mT p. mT a. itu
Main Line. 1 |_3 5 ^
lovcland 7:':0| l":00~H5
rooklyn 7:L"C i:iG 5:(?i
ester S:ir, 2:02 5:54
ledlna 8:2Si 2:11 c ot \
cvlllo 8:47 2:30 C:25 '
terllnff 8:51 2:36 6:31
Warwick 9:ir, 2:58 6*55
anal Fulton 9:22 3:05 7-02
lassillon 9:41 3:23 7:21
ustus 9:5S 3:40 7:36 6:4I
anal Dover......... 10:31 4:11 S:0S 7:l(
e\v Philadelphia... 10:39 4:1S s:i? v>n
hrichsville 11:25 4:5o s-35 7:7?
rlil report 1:20 7:jO jo:cC
, 11. a- ?>. a. rn. p. m. p. m.
Mr.ln Line. 2 4 G s
:ellnlre 5-TO "
ridgopoi t 6:05 12:45 4:25
hrichsville 5:20 8:10 2-?5 6-37
ew Philadelphia... 5:?.s S:2S 3:(& 6:58
anal Dover 5:45 S:3G 3:io ;:05
jstus C:H D;07 S:to 7:;a
;i\a*VUon C:30 9:22 3:5S 7 -so
anal Fulton 6;is 9:41 4;j
'arwiek G:.r,5 9:49 4:2.'!
lerllng 7:17 10:12 4:47
ivlllo 7:21 10:1$ 4:54
edlna 7:45 10:37 5:17
outer 8:00 10:49 5:;;o
rooklyn s:ts 11:3? c:is
love-land 9:05 ll:50| 6:35
" in- *n. p. m.
Lorain Branch. |_12 | 14 | 1C 10
i>Hter 7.7.-7.......... S:M 10:501 "5:53 2:03
rat'ton S:SS| 11:07 t>:!3 2:23
lyrlo. S:M 11:21 6:3) 2:?
main S:10| 11:3S| 6:<j _2:5o
Sunday iralnB between Uhrtchsvlllo anil
,e vol and. Other tralna dally cacopi Sun*
hllcctrlc cars between - Bridgeport and
heeling, and Bridgeport and Martin's
i<rry and Bellalrc.
Consult aRcnt.s for general Information
i to best routes and passenger rates to
1 points.

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