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Beginning to Prevail in This Community
and it is
Will be met by tlie Company in
Operating its Cars.
Yesterday Morning: by the United
Slates Deputy Marshals for Violating
a United States Statute?Ho was
Released on Bond for a Hearing
Later?Cars AVer e Run to Bon wood
lu the Afternoon and Encountered
no Opposition ? The Service to bo
1'jXicnucu to -unrtiiVH t erry xo-uay
A, bettor feeling la beginning to
prevail throughout thin community,
and the hope can now be entertained
that the situation will soon warrant
th? withdrawal of the United
States deputy marshals from the
Cars were run Into Benwood yesterday
afternoon, and there was none
of the hooting and track obstructing
that characterized previous attemps
to run the cars there.
The Hcrvlce Is to be extended to
Martin's Ferry to-day. and Marshal
Llndemuth has promised the company
nmple protection.
Tho union mill nmn of Martin's
Ferry met Wednesday afternoon
and passed resolutions deprecating
the violence that has taken place in
tho ovcr-the-rlvcr town, asking
that there be no repetition, and urging
strike sympathizers to help the
strike by staying ofT the cars.
Charles Hold.-rman was arrested
at his grocerv In Kenwood by deputy
marshals fur violation of a Federal
statute. He was released on
, bond.
Thehearintfs of Ttufus Hardflreand
Joseph McCren, charged with violation
of Judge Jackson's Injunction,
took place before Commissi incr
Floyd. The testimony Is to be- forwimlntl
tr> .Ttidiro .Tnok^nn. \vhr? u-lll
1 render his decision Boon. !
Whether It is. the effect of Judge
Jackson's plain talk to this community
from the United States court bench on
Tuesday, or the assertion of sober
sense over hot-headedness, the fact is
that a better feeling with reference to
the street car strike is beginning to
prevail both In Wheeling proper and in
the outlying towns where most of the
onstructions und violence have taken
place. The hope can now be expressed
that the situation will soon be relieved
to such an extent that the presence of
the- United States deputy marshals can
be dtepf-nsfd with.
' All sort? of comments are heard on
Judge Jackson's talk, but the sentinv.-r.ts
he expressed with reference to
violence in aid or" the strike have been
received with satisfaction by the xreat
majority of thi- people of this city and
neighboring towns. In this connection,
it it- timely to note the action of the
union mill men of .Martin's Ferry, who
met yesterjlay afternoon, and passed
resolutions deprecating violence in aid '
of the strike, and asking all who are in
sympathy with the demands of the
men to give expression to their sym*
pathy by staying off the cars.
Charles Holderman Arrested.
Charles Holderman. a brother of Oscar
I-Iolderman, the young cnan who
was arretted last week by deputy marshals
and who secured his release
through habeas corpus proceedings before
Jurlge Paul], was arrested yesterday
morning at his grocery in Benwuod
by Chief Deputy Marshal Randolph and
Deputy Cunningham. He- was on the
wagon with his brother at the time of
fhe trouble in North Kenwood, and it Is
alleged that he threatened one of the
deputy marshals with nrrest for violating
the fast driving ordinance of the.
town. Holderman L? now chargcd with
violation of section 59S of the revised
statutes of the United States, In other
words, with obstructing, resisting ond
opposing an ofTlcer of the United States
in the f-xecution of an order of the
United States court. The warrant was
sworn out before United States Commissioner
Boyd. Holderman pave bond and
was released, pending a hearing later.
Arrested awl Ilclcancd.
An Eighth ward man, named Smith,
was placed under arrest by deputy
marshals yesterday afternoon, on the
charge of allowing his little child to
place obstructions on the street railway
track in front of his home. The marshals
chased the child to its home,
whereupon Smith interposed to protect
his child. The deputies then took
Smith and allowed the child to go.
Smith was brought up town on a car,
nnd was started on foot to the Jail, but
on Chnpllne street, only half a square
from the Jail he was released by the
deputies upon promising that his child
would not be permitted to obstruct the
tracks again. Quite a crowd collected
while Smith and the deputies were engaged
in their "confab."
Cars to Martin's Fcrrj.
The company will extend its service
into Martin's Ferry to-day. There has
been no effort to run cars in the overthe-river
town since the disastrous attempt
of Inst Sunday, and it will be interesting
to lenrn the result of the ef
j?j?i ?renerni .Manager Kirner
yesterday telephoned to Marshal Llndemuth,
of Martin'.* Ferry, stating the intention
of ihe company to run into his
town again, and requested protection,
whl?h was readily promised by the marshal.
It is not thought there will bo a
repetition of th<* violence that was In
evidence on Sunday.
Deprecate Violence.
The meeting of the union mill men of
Martin's Ferry which was exclusively
mentioned In the Intelligencer yesterday
morning, was held Jn the city building
yesterday afternoon, Instead of in
Walnut grove, as was first intended.
There wwro about fifty men present at
the meeting, which was presided over
by Charles James. After several
upeeches w?*re made, In which the strike
at Wheeling was thoroughly discussed,
resolutions wore passed contending the
strikers In their action toward securing
.'i living wage, but deploring, any
lawlessness upon the part of any of the
citizens, and asking that no obstructions
be placed upon the tracks of the Wheeling
Railway Company, and that there
be no Interference In the running of
cars in Martin's Ferry.
Cleaning day at tin* Barns.
Cars were run through Ben wood yesterday
afternoon, beginning at 2:30
o'clock, and met with no Interference,
and as if not expecting any there wore
only n few deputies stationed along the
track. Some obstructions near Boggs'
run were removed in the morning. The
barns presented a house-cleaning spectacle.
due probably to there being no
fear of violence, the opposite side of the
street being bare of spectators, and also
because of thecdictof the Bcnwood coun
ell which Instructed Its feanltary Inspector,
Samuel Blake, .to enforce sanitary
measures at the bams. Windows that
hadn't been opened for ten days allowed
the breezes full play, and there was a
general cleaning up on the Inside.
Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen.
Ben wood Junction, W. Va.,
April 18, 1899. '
At a regular meeting of Mozart lodge
No. 395,-Brotherhood of Locomotive
Firemen, held this evening, the following
resolutions were adopted bearing
on the strike of the street car employes:
Knowing that all branches of organized
labor are dependent one upon the
nthor In .nriiitr>afa for hnttnr r>nmllHnn
We, tho members of Mozart lodge No.
395, B. ot L. F., express our feelings in
the following:
Resolved. That the employes of the
Wheeling Railway Company, now' on
otrike for 20 cents per hour and hours
of nine for a day's work, have our
earnest endorsement, and we commend
them in their action for a better condition,
a living wage and an opportunity
to enjoy life, and so far as this local
is interested in their behalf, we pledge
our support.
First, In every honorable way we
can to bring to them their Just compensation
for their labor.
Second, To render financial aid should
we be called upon, to further their demands
on the company.
Third, To prevent interference with
the property of the company whenever
opportunity presents itself, but we will
refuse to ride on the cars, and will endeavor-to
prevent others from so doing.
Fourth, We condemn the course of
the Wheeling Railway Company in im porting
an undesirable class of men to
our good city to take the place of our
own workmen, and also the act of the
company in calling on the United States
government, through the well known
"government by Injunction" process, to
the Insult of our city officials and lawabiding
"Was a Well Known Mill Man and a
Veteran of t he Civil War.
Cimnnl T>Mnnc n ii'oll Irnnwii
of Wheeling, died yesterday morning at
It o'eiock after a short illness. Mr.
Phipps was born in 1827. and was a native
of Mercer county, Pa. In the civil
wor he served In Battery B, First Light
Artillery. lie was mustered out on
.Wheeling Island, in ISG.'j. He remained
in Wheeling and was at once employed
at the Top mill by Atcheeon. Bell & Co.
Ha was soon made foreman of the
blacksmith shop, a position that he has
since held continuously.
He left his work Saturday evening in
apparent good spirits and health, but
soon bocame ill and died on Wednesday
evenlnjr. The news of his death- was
received with sorrow by many friends
and by his follow workmen. He leaves
n widow and three children, Mrs. George
Hlte, of Albany, K. Y.; Mrs. Thomas
Garden, jr., of Wheeling, and a s6n,
Frank. An older son, William, died
about a year ago. The deceased was
connected with the North Street M. E.
church, and was one of the oldest Odd
Fellows In Wheeling, a member of
Wheeling lodge No. 9.
The funeral will be in charge of
Wheeling lodge No. 9, I. 0. O. F.
Death of H. Louis Walthcr.
Yesterday morning at 3:30 o'clock, occurred
the death of H. Louis Walther.
of the Sixth ward, in the thirty-third
year of his age, after a short illness.
Mr. Walther was the fourth of his family
to die within the past year, the others
being his mother. Mrs. Mary L.
Walther; his brother. Prank Walther,
and his niece. Miss Clara Walther. The
deceased was the son of the late Lorent7.
Walther, of the South Side, and
has conducted a saloon business for
some years. He was a member of
Black Prince lodge No. 19. Knights of
Pythias, under whose auspices the funeral
will take place on Friday afternoon.
The Lecture Postponed.
The last of the series of lectures before
the Wheeling Teachers' Association
by President Jerome H. Raymond,
of West Virginia University, will be
given ut high schcol hall Saturday
evening, and the general public is cordially
Invited to attend. His subject
will be "Arnold Toynbce and Humanitarlanlsm."
Th?- lecture was to have
been given Friday, but Mrs. Raymond
writes to Professor Anderson that
President Raymond will be unable to
come to Wheeling to-morrow.
The City Clerkship.
Two additional names are mentioned
in connection with the city clerkship.
Ex-Councilman X. C. Hamilton Is announced
as a candidate for the office,
and the friends of City Receiver Alex.
H. Forgey are pushing him for the position.
Mr. Forney was out of -the city
yesterday, and it is not known that he
is aware of his friends' action.
Geyer?Hiificmau Wedding.
Miss Minnie Huseman, daughter of
Mr. A. Iluseman, was married to Mr.
Fred Geyer, last evening, by Itev. P. J.
Hoh, at Zion German Lutheran church,
in the presence of a large audience.
After the service the party repaired lo
the home of the bride, where a tempting
reparfc was discussed. A large number
of presents were received.
Tlic New Street Railway.
The. council committee on ordinances
is called for this evening, and the chief
business to be transacted will be with
reference to the People's Railway Company.
The new company will present
a map of its proposed route and outline
other details for the enlightenment
of thy committee. The meeting is
called for 7:30 o'clock.
Failure Statistics.
The West Virginia branch of Bradstreets,
Just located in this city, with
Will H. Kcogh as superintendent, has
Issued and is distributing a pamphlet
entitled. "A Record?Not a Prospectus,"
in which Is given a vnrt deal of statistical
information dealing with failures
and their causes.
Will Klect Directors.
The annual meeting of the stockholders
of the Wheeling Natural Gas Company-will
he held on Monday, May 1, at
the general olllces in this city, at 11 a.
m. Directors will be elected.
To lOrect n Now Plant.
The Wheeling Decorating Company
has purchased a lot on the National
road, North Wheeling, and will erect n
large plant there thin spring.
Stono it Thomas announce, beginning
till* morning, their entire Mock
of over S?(K)?OUU worth of merelmudlso'nt
SO per cent discount?tho
purchase handed linek to t ln? buyer.
Sfiutual Sn
"Be Wise To-day;
'Tis Madness to Defer."
Every man should own his home. I
to know how this can he done, or if you i
do it, apply at the
1521 Market Street
That Results in the Death of a Three
Year-Old Boy Yesterday.
On Tuesday afternoon, at their home,
735 Main street. n most deploruble accident
befell the little child of Mr. and
Mrs. Edward Lilienthal, and resulted
in his death yesterday morning at 1:30
o'clock. In some manner, the little
boy, Walter, fell Into a bucket of boiling
water, and received such serious Injuries
that' death was the result. The
body will be taken to Zanesvllle for Interment.
Mr. Lilienthal Is an employe
of the Intelligencer Publishing Company,
and the sudden taking off of his
only child, who was only three years
old, Is sincerely regretted by his friends.
In Marion County of an old Man by
two Young Ones.
Special Dispatch to the Intelllgcnccr.
FAIRMONT, W. Vx, April 19.?Top
Daddysman, about eighteen years old,
was run over by the accommodation this
morning and Instantly killed. Ills parents
formerly lived here, but are now
residents of Washington, D. C.
Ellsworth and Duke Jones, sons of
Robert Jones, living In Grant district,
this county, went to the residence of
Robert R. Anderson last night and got
Into an altercation, which resulted In
Anderson getting hndly cut on the arm
with an ax and his ribs broken. He
was cut on the head with a poker. Dr.
f Smith, of Monongah, was called and
dressed Anderson s wound and expressed
grave doubts of his petting well, a*
he Is a very old man. Mrs. Anderson
was also struck with a pckcr. The
Jones boys were arrested and brought
here to-day and commiited to Jall.awaltlng
the result of Anderson's Injuries.
Gave Iiotfus Chocks.
Special Dispatch to the Inteili^'cnccr.
GRAFTON, W. Va., April 19.?A man
whose name is given as John Phillips,
of Tucker county, is In Jail here, arrested
by Chief of Poiice li. F. Sayre. Justice
A. E. Dawson issued the warrant.
Worthless checks caused the trouble.
The Hcndrixson clothing company is
the victim to the amount of one suit of
clothing. Dr. \V. F. Vankirk was paid
an old account of $5, with the same
kind of check. The Elkins bank was
John's banking house, and it reports no
Report of his Settling in N'ow York.
Maine Man Xou-Cnmmittnl.
NEW YORK. April ID.?It is announced
here that Speaker Thomas R.
Reed has accepted the offer to become
a member of the law ilrm of Simpson,
Thayer & Barnuni, In this city. It Is
understood- that Mr. lteed will resign
his seat In Congress and remove to New
York. The statement has been made
that Mr. Reed Is guaranteed a yearly
Income of $50,000. Before settling down
here Mr. Reed will make a protracted
visit to Europe.
when asked It he would lender hla
resignation to the house, Jlr. Reed
said: "I would rather not talk or. that
subject: In fact. 1 have not given the
matter any consideration as yet."
The speaker declined to lallc about
his business transactions or intention,
and was equally reticent as to whether
he would take upthis residence in ibis
city after his return from Europe,
where he intends to pass the greater
part of the coming summer.
Marly in the Kin#.
UTICA, X. Y.. April 19.?Congressman
James S. Sherman was told to-day
that Speaker Heed had decided to enter
the practice of law In New York. He
J heard the news with evident pleasure.
"If that is true." he said, "I am a
I candidate for the speakership."
Rel'itscd to Kepca.1 Coercion Act.
LONDON April ID. ? The house of
commons to-day, by a vole of .20 to
141, rejected the second reading of the
bill repealing the coercion act of 1SS7,
after the attorney general for Ireland,
lMght Honorable J. Atkinson, had
pointed out the efficacy of the act, the
existence of which, he asserted, had
"brought about tnc present peace." All
rejoined, the attorney general added,
in the wisdom and lustic<?.of the act.
and ho demanded the retention of this
instrument, "ready fo:- use in case of
Only tlie Iininuncs Lett.
WASHINGTON', April 1?.?'The information
at the state department is
that all the state volunteers who went
to Cuba are now away from the island.
Some of them are on board ship, and
will arrive in this country in :i few
days. The only volunteers remaining in
Cuba are the immunes at Santiago, and
they will be brought home as soon as
the Tenth cavalry arrives at that place.
Strikers Accept the Plan.
INDIANAPOLIS. Ind.. April 10.State
Labor Commissioner Sell mid announced
to Governor Mount to-day that
he hail submitted the governor's plan
for a settlement of the Alexandria glass
works strike to the locked out men and
the men approved of it. and are willing
to return to work. The plan provides
for the acceptance of the strikers as
union men, and the submission of all
future labor disputes to the state labor
Will Test it. in Courts.
SAN FRANCISCO. Cnl., April 10.?
The signature law, requiring California
papers to attach the signatures of the
writers of articles in any way detrimental
to the interest of Individuals or
disturbing the peace of mind of individuals,
went into effect to-day. The
Pan Francisco papers have determined
to refrain from obeying the law unfit
its validity has been determined by the
Florida's Now Senator.
TALLAHASSEE, Fla., April lO.-Tallifero
was elected United Status senator
on the flrst ballot In the joint assembly
here to-day. The vote was as follows:
Talllfero, 59; Pasco, ISO; Call, fi; Clark, J.
"Thr Sleeping City."
A burning asylum In "The Sleeping
City." la one of the most wonderfully
realistic scenes ever attempted In stage
realism. This Is but one of the many
features. It Is a clean, wholesome play
dealing with New York life after dark,
of strong dramatic Incident and glossed
with a large fund of original humor
and eccentric witticisms. A strong
company, does the rest to afford a thoroughly
enjoyable evening's entertainment.
This attraction Is coming to the
Craiul the flrst half of .next week.
ICxtraordlnar.v ofl'ers Stone ?V Thomas
oiler their entire stoelc (carpets exI
eeptedmt V.M> p<w ci-nt dl'-coimt.
vinfix Sftnnk.
f you want I
iccd|hclp to I I
The Annual Convention Opens at !
Charleston?Largo Attendance.
Special Dispatch to tho Irftclllgencer.
CHARLESTON. W. Va.. April 19.The
seventeenth annual convention ot
I the West Virginia Sunday School Association
was opened to-day, with several
hundred delegates present. After a
' song service led by Prof. E. 0. Exccll,
I of Chicago, and a benediction by Dr.
Lyda, one of the oldest ministers in the
state. Prof. Fox. of Louisville, discussed
the "Sunday School Superintendent."
| Reports were received from the district
presidents, who are W. C. Shaffer, of
Fairmont; Rev. W. A. Nicholas, of
I Huntington; Col. R. S. Carr, of Charleston,
and T. M. Marshall, of Gilmer
I county.
The annual report of the secretary
and treasurer, M. P. Shawkey, was also
received. Dr. Henry Rumer, of Parkersburg,
delivered a lecture on "Handling
the Word of God." The programme
1 is lengthy and will require to-morrow
yet to be completed.
Contracts for New Buildings? Regents
Will Uphold President.
Special Dispatch to tho Intelligencer.
I MORGANTOWN, W. V., April 19.?
The board of regents of the state UnlI
versify convened yesterday for an ltnnnrtnnf
hiitlni.ee uduclnn (hn ririnnlrml
part of which will bo tho letting of contracts
for a new mechanical hall, a law
and library building and an armory.
Architects from all over the country are
here submitting plans.
The report that President Raymond
will resign is discredited by the regents,
who say they would not accept his resignation
if it were tendered. They are
a unit in the assertion that they will
uphold President Raymond and will endeavor
to remove the causes of disturbance
In the faculty.
Several additional members of the
faculty will be selected, among them a
successor to Dr. F. W. Sanders, of the
chair of European history.
Prominent People Wed.
Special Dispatch to the Intelligence!*.
CHARLES TOWN, W. Va., April 19.?
Miss Jennie Brenneman, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Brenneman, of Rlppon,
this county, was married this afternoon
at Beulah church, to Mr. J. Marshall
Melvln, of Baltimore, by Rev. A. C.
Hopkins, D. D., assisted by Rev. Joseph
P. WllEon, of Baltimore. The church
was handsomely decorated with plants
and /lowers. The best man was Mr.
Hnrry L. Melvln, brother of the groom,
and Miss Nellie Crittendon served as
maid of honor. The bride was attired
In blue novelty cloth and carried bride
roses. After a reception at the resldonoo
of tho bride's nnrents. tho counlo
left for a tour of Niagara and eastern
cities. They will reside in Baltimore
upon their return.
United States Court.
Special Dispatch to tho Intellltrenccr.
CLARKSBURG, W. Va., April 19.?
Thomas Blaekwcll, colored, in the United
States court to-day, confessed to
opening a letter written by his wife to
Robert Wntkins, at Worthington. Ow- 1
in? to extenuating1 circumstances, Judge
Goff imposed a small line of $25.
J. E. "Welsh Simpson was tried to-day,
charged with making spurious money.
A secret service man found a complete
set of moulds at his home. It is be- '
lieved to be a put-up Job by Thomns
"Wychoff, a Missouri ex-convict. No
verdict is rendered yet.
Minter Jackson Smarr, mall carrier,
from Glenvlll: to Burtwville. pleaded :
guilty to robbing mails. Judgment was
suspended until to-morrow, when his
brother, William J. Smarr, will be tried
as an accomplice in the robbery.
Capital Notes.
Spocinl Dispatch to tho Intclllgcncer.
CHARLESTON, "W. Va., April 19.?
following members o? the board of
dentil examiners: Dr. W. E. Minpthlni,
of Martlnsburjr, to succeed G. A. Hammi!,
term expired; Dr. James A. Stath
ers, of Sistersville, to succeed himself;
both to serve four years from June 22,
A charter was Issued to-day to the
Globe Coal fc Coke Company, of Farmer,
Harrison county. The paid up
capital is $500; authorized capital. $100.000.
The Incorporators are R. X. Aflleck
and others, of Columbus, Ohio.
Clarksburg in Luck.
Spoclal Dispatch to tho Intelligencer.
CLARKSBURG, "\V. Va., April 1I?.?
Secretary of the Navy Long has loaned
this city an eight-inch pun oft' the Viz
cnya, the Spanish vessel captured at
Santiago Bay, July ?,, in the defeat of
Admiral Cervera's fleet. Ii will be
mounted in the now depot park, with
appropriate ceremonies ?>n Decoration
Day. The people are congratulating
themselves on acquiring the valuable
historical trophy. _
lN-iul 'lone A- Thomas' nil.
' | .c.Credit
it the Most
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