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j Sporting.}'
i I
Won. Lost. -Pfir.
YouiiRstown ;... 2 Or-'1.000 .1
Toledo S l.-.: :CG7
Wheollng 1 V .500 I
Dayton 1 1 . .500 '
2iow Castle 1 1 .500 (
Grand Haplds 1 l .500 1
Fort Wayne 1 2 .333
Manstlulu 0 2 .000 1
>wu-iMiriK <s '
Younjwtown 2, Munntlold 1. ' j
Toledo 3, Fort Wayne iv.;
Dayton 10, Grand .Rapids 4.
ftew Castle at Wheel In g. ~
Youngstown ut Mansfield.'.; ?
Fort Wayno at Toledo. r
. Grand Rapids at Dayton, v
The scrond game between the Wheelings
and New Castles was for' blood;
twelve Innings of desperately'contested ftl
base ball were required before the Nailers
landed under the wire winners on
a margin of two runs, and only through =
a remarkable accident in their favor w
which possibly prevented the visitors u?
from tlelng the game In the twelfth in- C(
ning. W
It was a game of nip and tuck from ul
start to llnlsh, and numberless hairraising
Incidents kept the spectators on v.*
cipe through it all. Wheeling, as usual, th
scored first, In the second inning, Lytic
leading off with a dear, thrco-bagger jM
that would have been a homer on many fo
grounds. On Kllm's outfield Ily to Parrell,
Lytle trotted In with the run. The ?{!
next two batsmen were outs. ^h
In the third, the visitors went Into ti
the lead. Singles In succesRlon were
made by Nutress, Grafilus and Nadeau, *n
resulting in two runs.
The locals went to the front again In
nr. (UUIUK J/Uinu HIIIUCU fcUUU ana
hard on one of Flggemeler's Inshoots, ox
sending the ball to the right Held fence, W
and got two basee on It. Not to be out- *,
done, "Billy" Nile?, who la playing a
gilt edged ganv? both In the Held and at
the bat, also hit out for two bases, scor- 10
lng Durrett. On Natr<*s*' error Lytle SF
landed safely at first, and Niles scored. 01
Lytle wns thrown out In an attempt to
pilfer second. ?*
The visitors again assumed the lead ^
In the sixth, when they scored three th
runs. Gralllus led off with a single, and pn
Nadeau and Ashenbeck followed with
bunt singles which the local Iniielders
were unable to handle for outs; "With in
the bases full, Wright lined out a slash- cr
lng single that scored (Jralfius and Na- m
deau. but Lytle's clever work in throw- 'n
Jng to third from right field, retired
Ashenbeck. After Miller had performed tu
to the extent of an out to Heine. Cargo \\
singled, scoring Wright with the third ?
and last run of the Inning. H
Wheeling went out to tie the score In jj,
the seventh but .fell one short, scoring
only one run. Latimer singled and 1,1
Ilejnr- hit for two bases. Donovan's fly II
to Ashenbeck scored Latimer, but the J)
next man up was an out. In their half. I>(
the visitors scored another run, Natress
making .1 single and scoring on singles ^
by Grailiiw and Nndenu. vl
It was in the eighth that the WheelJnA's
t/ed the score. Dobbs led off with oi
a tun-bagger. Durrett was anxious, N
but the best he could do waH an out to A:
Farrell that didn't advance Dobbs. ^
Niles. however, was more fortunate, his p
single bringing the fleet-footed Dobb< p
in with run No. 1. . Cap. Lytic came
along with a timely single, and the fans
churussed their approval. Kllmr. sent
a sky scraper that went Into Cargo's big b:
glove for an out. and so with two out \\
the prospect wasn't very bright for tie- 1
ins the score. Lutlmer, however, was
there or thereabouts, his timely single N
fcoring Nlles with the run that tied the
score. Heine was (he third out.
it looked as though the locals would
score In the ninth, when, with two outs, T
Dobbs hit for three bases, but again D
Durrett was unequal to the emergency,
his out to Wright ending the inning, y,
In their half of the tenth, New Castle r
went down in order. Gratilus led oft' 1.
with a single, but was ennght off firs: A
by a sharp throw from Poole. The next *'
two men were outs. IP
The Nailers were unfortunate In the
eleventh. Latimer led off with a clean
three-bagger. Heine was an out at g.
first, nnd Latimer was held at third.
Donovan's best was a grass cutfer to
Miller. Latimer was Instructed to try
for tho run, but he was caught easily fo
by Miller's accurate throw to Grafllus ,,
at the plate. When it was seen that
Latimer was a sure out, the fans groaned
In their disappointment. ...
In New Castle's half of the eleventh,
the feature was the great pitching of
Poole. P.eth Wright nnd Miller, two gj
heavy hitters, were struck out. Eddie's
good work at this stage was enthuslas- f
tlcly applauded. The next man up,Car- Ir
go, sent an easy one to Heine, who fall- tlJ
'*d to handle It, and Bobby was safe. ^
Figgemoler's fine single to center, sent j,?(
^arfco t0 third, and "Fig" went to second
on the throw to catch Cargo. With ni
men on second nnd third, the situation
t Do you feel all tired out? Do you some- tn
titne? think you just can't work away at ^
your profeision or trade any longer? Do *
you have a poor appetite, and lay awake at u
nights unable to alccp? Are your nerves
all Rone, and your stomach too? iy
Isery. Vou can do 'n
i wS it if vou will. Dr. ni
fcfpjtl 1 Pierce's Golden .
Isr^T \ o3 Medical Discovery
ffiffrfll W'H make you a dil- b?
fe jiffy oi fercnt individual. It Jo
SBjitttll I W will net your slug- r.
pR-illd i tf\Ri"h liver to work. ''
ilfzfl ) r&ll will fjet infoevrry
[ I vein in your hody ko
\ I I and purify your t})
Wood. It will set things right in your sto:u* _
*ph, and your aup?*tite will come back. If
there is any tendency in your family toward
sonsuaiption, it will keep that dread dc*troyeraway.
Kven after coniumntion Uns A!
ltnost gained a foothold in the form of a cli
fafterinj: cough, bronchitis, or bleeding at rr
' Je InngA, it will bring about speedy cute in l><
pf-r cent, of all eases. It in a remedy pre- at
pared by Dr. K. V. Pierce, of Buffalo, N. Y.,
whosr tidjriw it given frrf to all who wish to
him. II h great success liar*come from t(?
??s wide experience and varied practice. nil
? 6. Copetihover, Ks#|., of Mount Union.
? i-itln/lrm Co., J'*, (llox }?), write*: "About
twrlv? yP3rl ajp | Wi1, (tidilcnlv token with a
P"'u In the tilt of the stomach wliicli was mi vlo
i i-uuia ik.i w.tik nr;in;ni. u wuuiu jjiuw ??
morr wrrr until it cntHcd watefbriwh ami Votn- \y|
"'"K *>f n Mirny yrllow w?t*r. A phyiitilh told
"J* I h?<t a form of ?lyami treated me for
nj*mt in month* with hut little benefit. An*
jthcr pliynlciau told me mv liver wn? out of or- th
4** and that 1 had ludigrkMon. He gave men
fwtment and I got nniar letter l?ut only for a
jnort time. I thrn tried another one, who' ?ald I
Had chronic indigestion, ulceration or the linlnjj
of the stomach, torpid llvrrand kidney affection.
He trratrd me for more tlmn it year and I frit
raorh Letter. hut ft did not hint. I then took to
utlug ?<evrrnl widely advertised patent mcdl* ]
finn, inn received no tnore than temporary re?
I then tried Dr. Pierce'* medicines, usinfj
'Golden Medical DUcOve'iy,' and the Pica*??t
Pellets,' and in two monln*' time I was feel*
"'K hettrr than I had for vtata before.".
Oon't he wheedled by u pentiy-Rr.ibblnjf
^ftlpr into taking Inferior imbstitnten for
pr. Pierce'* mrdiciuc*, rccouimetideU to
bs "just at koqU."
| No matter what r
| you pay for it S
' is thccheapest medi- |
i cine in the world for {
, that cough of yours. )
Wheeling vs. New Castle.
ondny, Tuesday und Wednesday,
MAY I, 2 AND 3.
Admission 25c. Grnnd Stand 13c.
as ticklish, but Farrel! ended the
rony by a fly to Donovan who accept*
I It.
In tho twelfth the game? went to
'heeling. Durrott, the llrst batsman
>. was safe on Ashenbeck's error, and
ored on Kites' hard single to Kadeau.
adeau's throw to catch Durrott was
lid and Klles landed on third before
0 ball was again in play. After,Lytle
ul outed, ICilm hit for a base, scoring
10 second run. Nlles'. The next two
itsmen were outs, but It mattered not,
r the game had been won.
In their half of the twelfth, Kew Cas?
made matters altogether too Interting,
and but for an accident that cut
em down in their wild career of hltng,
they might have tied the score
tain. With Gralfius and Natress easy
tleld outs from Nlles to Klhm.it look1
like an easy thing for the Nailers,
it Just here the great uncertainty of
e National game was given a striking
empllficatlon. With two out, Nadeau
id Ashenbecic hit for singles. Big
right cam-? up, determination written
1 over him, and.when, he sent a liner
iwn between first and second "for what
oked to be at least a single, every
ectator on the grounds knew at least
u? run would result?and possibly a
id score. Ashenbeck started for secid
Instantly he saw the ball leave
'right's bat. but most unfortunately
e ball struck his leg, and as "Interferice
with a batted ball" constitutes an
it, Ashenbeck's Involuntary act ended
e game, his being the third out of the
nlng. Maybe the whole' New Castle
owd wasn't sore over this peculiar
itcome of the game. They were seeg
visions of at least a tied score, and
? unexpected ending of the game na7
rally riled them. Score:
obbs, -c. t 0 1 2 .1 0 0
urrett.; 1. t ?J 2 1 2 0. 1
JJos, 3b . G 3 3 ' 0
rtle. r. f...; G - 1 2. 2.. 1 .0
Ihm. lb 6 0 1 34 0 0
miner, c a 1 a u a. -u
elne, s. s 6 0.1 11 2 1
onovan, 2b h *0" -0 f? 3 0
jolo, p *1 0 1 0 4 0
Total? r?l 8 14 *35 'IS' 2
EW CASTLE. AD. R. 1111. IK). A. *?.
nrrell, !. f 6 0 0 C, 0-0
litre*.1!, ?. h C 2 2 0 4 2
ratlins, c f? .2 4 1 1 0
ndcau. r f 0 1 4 3 0 I
shenbeck, c. f%.... C 0 2 3 0 1
'right, lb (1 1 2 1G 0 0
lller, 2b 4 0 1 4 4 0
irgo, 3b 5 0 1 3 0 0
Ijcgemcler, p 5 0 10 2 0
Totals 3$ ~G 17 3C 11 4
Ashenbeck out In twelfth, hit by battcil
f3 ....0 ?. 020012000 2? S
Ill's .... 01120024101 2-11
cw Castle?
Runs ....0 0200310000 0? C
lilt* 0O31OG32O12 2?17
Earned runs. Wheeling 4; New Castle f>.
vvo-baso hits. Durrctt, Nlles, IMne,
obbs. Three-base hits. Lytlo, Dobbs,
ntlmor. Stolen base. Nadeau. Doubio
ays, Wright unassisted: Heine, Donotn
and Klhmi Donovan unassisted,
rises on balls, off Poole 1; off Flggeineler
Struck out, by Poole 6. Sacrifice hits,
shenbeck 1. First on errors. Wheeling
New Castle 2. 1/ift on bases, Wheelg
8; New Castlo 8. Time, 2:20. Umpire,
ic-clal Dispatch to the Intelligencer.
MANSFIELD, O., May 2.?The second
unc of the Season resulted In a victory
r Youngstown. Score:
mngstown ..2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0?2 0 1
anstleld 0 0000010 0-1G2
Battorlop?Roach and Donovan; llackt
und Holt.
teclal DIr,patch to the Intelligencer.
TOLEDO, O., May 2.?Toledo won again
om Fort Wayne by hitting nt opyorir.fi
stages. Score:
jledo 1 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 O-.l 0 2
jrt Wayne...0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0-2 8 1
Batteries?Ferguson and Arthur; Brodle
id Zlnrum.
>eolaJ DlHputch to the Intelligencer.
DAYTON, May 2.?Dayton, turned tho
bios on Grand Rapids this afternoon,
orris' delivery was quite effective. Both
runs flclUeil a slovenly game.' Seore:
11 II 13
iyfon 0 0 0 0 fi rt 2 0 3-10 JO -1
Haplds 0 00200002?-160
Batteries?Morris and Donahue; Harris
id Cote.
Yesterday's game, with Its see-sawg
of advantage through twelve fnngs
of excitement, has revived quotlons
on the stock of the Wheeling
i?e ball club, which was somewhat here
par after Monday's defeat, and n
imc or two like yesterday's will set
ie town base bnll crazy. One fan was
enthusiastic that he asserted It was
e best game of ball he over witnessed
and he hno oeen a few.
To-day Is ladles' day at the ball park.
II Indies will be admitted free of
large both to -the grounds and Into the
and stand. In the futuro there will
two ladles' days onrh week, probity
on. Tuesday and Friday.
WcIIh will pitch for tho locnlfl thlsafrnoon.
and "Ducky" Mlnnchun 1?
a toil to ko on the Hlnb for t"he New
No word hnn been recr>lvo<l from
oodlock and Mnzena nn to when they
111 report for duty with the local-team.
Poole or Donovan will piny nt second
Ih afternoon, anil Heine nt short.
IMTTSIJtJItGJI, May 2.?I'lttrtmritli Jlnalwon
from St. I^ouIb aftor ono of tl)o
out iituhhornly contemn) wuhoR ween
<ro for yonri*. It wm? full of Incidents,
a. Onrilnor'M hand wa? upllt In the fourth
nlnn; Howermnn wan nut out of tho
mo for talking hack to multh; O'Connor
nt* taken from tho bench by policemen
ni put orr tho RroiniuBi novcral St. Louth
uycru "vvcro lined, and tho apoctaclo
closed with a hooting and Jeering crowd
following Umpire Bmlth to the creasing
room. Attendance, J,WO. Score:
n h e
Pittsburgh 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 i 0 1-1 is 0
fit. Louis 010000Q 2 00-3 9 1
_ Earned runs, Pittsburgh 2: St. Louis 2.
Pltchors, Gardner and Sparks, und Jones.
Time, 2:20. Umpires. Burns and Smith.
' BALTIMORE, Md., May 2.-To-day's
was nn Interesting* contest until the ninth
Inning, when the Orioles went to pieces
and made a bunch of four errors, allowing
the champions to scoro four runs without
a hit. Miller pitched a good game,
but Nichols showed to better advantage.
It If E
Baltimore 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-2 7 o
Boston 0 0 2 0 2 0 1 0 4-310 1
Earned runs, Baltimore 2; Boston 2.
Batturle*, Miller and Hoblnson; Nichols
and Clarke. Umpire?, Hunt and Connolly.
Time, 1:45. Attendance, 2.370.
WASHINGTON, May 2.?Tho Senators
wero shut out to-day, their batting being
Very weak, and tho Superbas fielding perfect.
The Senators fielding wus poor. Attendance,
1,000. Score:
mi E
Washington ..0 0000000 0~o 4 5
Brooklyn ...t.3 0 1 0 0 1 02 ?7 7 0
Earned runs, Brooklyn 3, Batteries,
Baker and Magnlre; Ilughos and Farrell.
Umpires, Gaffney and Andrews. Time,
1:40. .
NEW YOKK, May 2.?Tho Giants won
.to-day's game by timely hitting In tho
.sixth Inning. Foster's hit sending Jn tho
two runs that^von j:h? game. T?io laculs
aftor, ;tho visitors' eighth inning on account
of darkness. Score:
Philadelphia ....1 0 0 0 2 0 0 0-3 10-1
New York 0 002020 *?I 10 1
Earntal runs, New York 2: Philadelphia
1. Batteries, Eraser and D6uglass; Coak}?y
and Grady. Umplaos, EmslJe and McDonlild.'
Time, 1:17. Attcmdance, 1,500.
CLEVELAND, May 2.-Clovt'land and
Louisville broke even a*raln to-day. The
first game was a close and exciting one.
The home tentn batted out a victory In tho
second. game. Scores:
First game. RHE
Cleveland 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0-253
Louisville 0 0 1 0 2 0 0 0 "-3 10 1
.Earned runs, Cleveland 1. Batteries,
Carswy and Klmtner; Phillips and Kettrodgo.
Umpires, O'Day and Brennan.
Time, 1:30. Attendance, M0.
Second game. RHE
Cleveland 0 0 4 0 1 0 0 I M 121
Louisville 0 1 2 0 0 0 1 0 0-5 11 1
Earne druns, Cleveland C; Louisville 4.
Batteries, Sudhoff and Zlmmer; McGee
and Powers. Umpires, O'Day and Brennan.
Time, 1:30.
Good l'or W. V. U. Again.
Bpeclal Dispatch to tho Intolllgencer.
PRINCETON, N. J., May 2.?The
West Virginia Uuniversity team won a
weH played game of base ball here today
from Lawrence vl lie. Bowman
pitched a very fine game for the West
Virginians, and allowed only three hits
(luring the whole trame. Lawrencevllle
made all her runs on wild throws.
The West Virginians continue to improve,
and to-morrow will tackle the
Princeton team. Dent will pitch for
West Virginia, and Harrison will go In
the box for Princeton. The West Virginians
leave to-morrow night for
Charlottesville, where they will tackle
the University of .Virginia team.
The Mozart's bowling tournament
opened last night with a good attendanco
at rho park alleys, and the cool location
Induced a largo number of friends of tho
four teams to Journey up tho Incline. C.
C. C. dropped two games to Harvest after
winning .the first in good stylo, and tho
North lMids ran away from tho Nationals.
. Score:
N. E. L. & A. A. lrt. 2d. Sd. Total
;Beuter 1S7 1K? .148 431
Emblem, ,.150 viz lot 430
Jones 150 149 160 471
Wllholm 1W 122 137 4H
J. Rttdcr 1M H2 151 413
Falci: v. 134 . 132 W 409
Totals 921 S2C 1)29 ....
' NATIONAL. l*t. "2d. 2d. Total
Ilftseell 1W fcs 83 230
W. Smith ...112 '.t;i 87 322
llolmbrlwht 137 1LT 177 . 411
D. Smith >.. HI lit 1*3 3S"3
FUK.HO 130 121 125 37G
I'lankey: 114 J10 J2tf
Totals 713 C3) 761 ....
C. C. C. 1st. 2d. 3d. Tot.il
Weltzel 183 150 131 47.7
llOBloy 153 133 155 441
Hund'.in 10/ if.2 175 494
Cochran 103 171 lr.i 495
Nottf-r 176 ha 154 493
Blind 170 140 141' 453
Totals 101$ 915 923 ....
HARVEST. 1st. 2d. 3d. Total
Potto 150 171 13S 4C2
Franz 130 133 1S3 41(1
Yonko 142 132 135 409
Uahr 10' 17$ 1S2 461
Branch 11G 120 1G0 40S
Bad or 1G3 373 105 MO
Totals 80S 921 909 ....
Hough RUlers' Head Hue?.
Entry blanks for the Rough Ridors'
road race will be out Thursday morning,
and can bo procured at nil cycle
stores and from club members. The
prize list will be very attractive, Including
a high grade wheel for first
"Will bo I<eft to flie Pope.
WASHINGTON, May L'.-Tho following
memorandum was given out for
publication at the state department today:
"The strained relations existing between,
the republics of Haytl and San
Domingo, caused by a dispute over the
boundary line between those two countries,
is In n fairway of settlement. The
whole question, with others Involvud, !
Is to be referred to Pope Leo at Rome
to adjust. The statement that each
country wns massing troops on the
frontier Is untrue."
Post master Robbed.
MIDDLETOWN. n. y.. May 2.-Postmaster
Edward Smith, of Otlsvllle, wns j
knocked senseless and robbed In his
olllce.last night. He was posting his
books at 10:110, when ho heard a nolue,
and on turning round was struck on tlie
head with a stick. He did not regain
consciousness until I0::i0 this morning.
Two hundred and sixty-six dollars,
which was lying on his desk when he
wns attacked, was stolen by his assailant.
liurlal of 1!R2 Soldiers.
WASHINGTON, May 2.?The bodies
of 252 of the soldier dead brought from
the battlefields of Cuba and Porto Rico
by the steamer Crook, were intorrcd at
Arlington cemetery to-day with military
honors. The ceremony was Identical
with that held on the occasion of
the Interment of the bodies brought by
the Crook on her llrst trip about a
month ago.
*.n.Myrows HI iim'rt noiu.
ATLANTA, 0?., May 2.-The famous
Asbestos ?nlno at Sail mountain. In
White county, has boon sold for $200,000
to lJancroft te Konnlek, minimi engineers
of London. The sale on tha
basin of 5200,000 lu the fjrontest amount
?>ver paid for a mine In 'the state of
(hrvrght, not excepting that of some of
the iiohl mines In the northern pnrt of
the state.
Tho Appetite (if a (Joaf.
Ts envied by nil poor dyapeptlcn whose
Rtoinach and Liver are out of order. All
such should know that Dr. KIiik's No>v
lAtotJ1!!}*, the wonderful Stomach and
Liver Remedy. Hives a splendid n|tp'**
tite, sound digestion nnd a reHUlnr bodily
habit that Insures perfect health nnd
Krent energy. Only 25 cents at nny driiR
1 store. 4
For the Development ol*South Africa.
Cnpe-to-Cnlro Itnilmail.
LONDON,May 2.?An Immensa. crowd
of people gathered In the vicinity of the
Cannon street hotel here to-day In the
hope of hearing Mr. Cecil Rhodes' address
before the meeting of the Char- h
tered British South Africa Company.
The people began gathering as early ns
8 o'clock In the morning outside the
hall, and thousands were refused admission
to the meeting. "When Mr.
Rhodes arrived at noon he was, greeted |j
with tremendous cheering. u'
The Duke of Abercorn, president of
the company, occupied the Vhalr, and
was supported by Earl Grey and Lord
GlfTord, vice president of the company, t<
and other directors.
Mr. Rhodes addressing the meeting
of 2,000 persons, took an optimistic
view of the pastoral and mineral future
of llhodesea. Referring to his recent
visit to Berlin, Mr. Rhodes said that the
agreement for carrying on the telegraph lines
through German territory was effected,
but the kindness of Emperor /
William who, whatever might have been \
his feeling respecting certain little incidents
which had resulted very unsatslfactory
to Mr. Rhodes,was still a broadminded
man (cheers).
The emperor met his proposltlonswlth
an admirable breadth of mind and offered
him every means fpr carrying out
hie plans. The conduct of European
countries ordinarily, Mr. Rhodes said,
was to levy blackmail wherever It was
possible. The German emperor, how- (
ever, charged nothing for the conces- ?
slon excent the cost of mnlntonnnrn of
the lino. Dealing with his failure to
come to an agreement with the govern- ;
ment of Great Britain respecting the
proposed guarantee for the projected f
Cape-to Cairo railway, Mr. Rhodes said
the directors proposed to raise ?5,000,000 ~
(515,000,000) hy the issue of bonds bearing
4 per cent interest, and with this "
money to build the remaining 760 miles (
northward. Tl>e millionaire Alfred Belt *
had offered to take ?500,000 If Mr. Rhodes
took ?200,000. The government .
had failed the company tn this matter,
but the commercial instincts of the city "
had carried them through (cheers). jj
The loan scheme proposed by Mr. v
Rhodes was approved by the meeting
on a show of hands. f
Tho Dally Chronlclo of Wheeling's
Progressive Neighbor.
The directors nnd officials of the Peo- ~
pie's Savings and Commercial banks 1
were banqueted in a sumptuous manner
last night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. "]
S. J. Robinson, on Fourth street. The r1
banquet was given by the People's bank and
tho Commercial bank officials were "1
present as guests.'as were several gen- -r
tleinen connected with the business j.
frotn Bornsvllle. The evening was pleasantly
spent nnd the elegant spread
added inspiration to the occasion.
The funeral of Mrs. Emma Timber- ~
lake occurred from the Methodist Epls- 1
copal church yesterday afternoon, and was
largely attended. The pall-benrers "1
wore John Timberloke, Edward Mai- ^
lory, George Vennum, Bert Vennum, "
Snmuel "Westwood and Port Coleman, b
Floral tributes were numerous and n
beautiful. o
The Alumni Society hold a meeting In the
Central school bnlldlng last night. *1
Thr* memorial tablet lvhfrh hn?j hr>on *
placed In the hallway of the school In
honor of Mlas Laura 8wartz, who was
for so many years teacher In our
schools, was unveiled with short ceremonies.
The Ladles* Aid Society of the Methodist
Episcopal church has decided on
rimrudaj" evening. May 25? as the date ?
for the giving of their muslcole. As
this church Is supplied with an unusual
amount of excellent talent the event _
will no doubt prove to be a great sue- -i
cess. J
The unusual torrid heat for this season
of the year is having Its effect up- ?
on the mill men. many of ^vhom have j,
been compelled to quit work. Position* n
In the mills will from now on until e
more moderate weather be plentiful.
Miss Mamie Phillips at her home on v
West "Washington street last evening, h
entertained a congenial party of *
twenty of her friends In n faultless
manner. Social diversions and refreshtnonts
were features of the evening,
Mayor Shlpman yesterday lined Ed. j1
Johnson and costs for lighting with ill
an unknown man on First street. Mon- s
day night. The whereabouts of the un- p
known is as yet unknown, but will like- 'f
ly be plckcd up later.
The Alumni Association aro rehears- t<
1ng for an entertainment to be given T1
by them on the evening of the 21st of y,
"Mnv. tvlll en ?*-?? <> ? ?!?? 1 !!- ?> ? . * '
fund. o
The Ladles' Gull.l of the St. Paul's 11
Episcopal church are- making prepara- n
tfons for a supper which they will serve b
In the church Saturday evening, May 13. d<
A select few engaged in n boating ?
party last evening. The course was up ti
the river to the Sister inlands and re- ol
turn. v?
The township trustees met last night 01
in regular monthly session and trans- ir
acted considerable important business. v
Mnry. daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. M. C.
Mitchell, ill with dj-phtherln, was very ni
much improved last evening. M
The largo bell was plnccd In the bel- "J
fry of the Presbyterian church yester- pi
day. H
Jacob Rosenthal. of Marietta, Is visit- Jo
1ng his family in the Second ward, this w
city. M
A party of young folks will drive to er
Colerain Friday evening for eupper. 0r
Henry George has moved his family
to Steubenvllle. j'
Till- KlVHR, pr
Cnclnnatl....KEYSTONE STATE, 8 a. in. so
Pittsburgh... VIRO INI A, K n. in.
Parkersburg.il. K. REDFORD, 11 a. m. to
Matamoras... LEXINGTON, 11 a. in. 51
SlMiTsvillA...Rl'TII. 3:30 p. in. Tl
ClarIn>rton....LEROY, 3:80 p. ni. P"
Steubenvllle..T. M. HAYNE, 3:30 p. in. wl
Charleston...KAN*A"\VirA. C:30 tu m?
Pittsburgh,..REN 1UIH, 2 p. in. 80
Nowport JHNVEt/, 11 a. in. '*a
KI?utsvuic...HI;TH. S:SO p. m. n
Olnrlnicton....ljKHOV, 3::ti) i>. m.
StoUbcllvllIc..T. II. HAYXI'.. 2:311 |). 111.
PlttF!iurKli...OUBKN\VOOD, 0:30 n. 111. I'"
Cincinnati....VIRGINIA, S a. in. '
l'arkcrsbnrg.il. K. BEDFORD, It a. in. Hf
Matamonis...LEXINGTON, n a. m. ca
HIMcrsvlllc...RUTH, 3:30 p. m.
ClnrlUKton....LEROY, 3:So ]?. in.
StoubonvUle..T. M. BAYNE, 2:20 p. m. R<
i'ittHUurRh...iAmJSNA. s u. m. '
lllvor TclctffaniH. jo
WARREN?River 2 foot 4 Inches. Jill
"Weather warm, nml heavy.rain during ?
lust night.
MORUANTOWN?River 7 iVct fi ~
Inches and Htatlonnry. Weather clear w
and warm. B,
l'AKKHHSBUna?Ohio river 7 feet
and railing*. Weather cloudy; merourv
fir,. rOAIRO?River
23.8 feet and falling.
Weather. fair and cloudy. J
POINT PLEASANT?River 3.1 feet
und falling. Weather, partly cloudy.
CINCINNATI?River 1T..C feet and .n
falling. Weather, clear.
EVANSVlLLE?River 13 feet nnd
falling. Weather, clear and warm.
LOUISVILLE?River rising; 7.1 feet
In eanal: 4.11 feet on falls; 13.7 feet lurlow
locka. Weather, cloudy and warm.
House of Representatives, 1 C(
Washington, D. C., April 14,1800. J lo
win Jo *!1 th.it you claim for It. It
aa cured my Bronchitis of ten yearV ttandlnir. tl!
Member from llrooklyn. lr
Office of the Mayor of the City of Trenton, I
New Jersey, March 2, lbOo. J ?'
I believe " Hyomel" to be one ot the most wonderil
cures for Catarrh and Throat trouble that ha* UI
ver been discovered. In my case the effect has been ni
scovercd. In my case the effcct has been marvel* **(
n. EMORY N. YARD, Mayor.
It In the onlr remedy which nature allows til
> enter the bronchial tube* nnil lunus. g|
Concha, Cold* nn<I Consumption cannot m
list where It In U6ed. 121
' 11yrjmel Outfit, complete, $1.00
lixtra Bottle. .CO
Rooms 20-21 Audtorium Building, Chicago, III lU<
fhNE GENT^B !s
s=A WORD *
All solid advertisements tinder ??
tho following headings: t i : ?? ^
will ho lhB?rtc<l at tho rato of ?? an
>V and County Rights to manufacture
Itcel .Flexible Shutters and Blinds. Pat- re
nted March, 1859. Box G2J, Whoollng, W. ?
7 a. mayl
O' Boilers, Males 52.00. Females 50c, at ?V
Ten BY H R LM BRIGHT'S, corner Mar- N<
;et and Sixth streets. mrl7
-1 N(
Sen era f Zftortees*
lN Having been appointed administrator
f tho estate of George W. Lowln, I here- ti,
>y notify all persons knowing thomselves j
ndebted to said estate to call and settle, v(
,nd thoso having claims to present them
or payment. ALVA L. fcEWIS. L,
Administrator, c
No. 60 McColloch street
\ M. Garvin, Attorney. ap23
5or Sent *
1} 1513 Chtfpllne. T. M. QARVIW.
In the City Bank Building. Inquire at R(
he City Bank of Wheeling. mr2Q 1
Lj 1015 Market street; 12 living rooms: sa- A
oon and bar fixtures. Inqul/o at GEO. n
BOYD'S, 1417 Chapllne street. ap21 j
. . wc
Tor 3a/e. Vt
D ate Saloon. For sale cheap. api" de
_____?? *- - ? ac
U miles from Wheeling, on Wheeling ptt
nd Fairmont pike: HO acres; will soil 250
if hole or part; fruit of all kinds;, good I
ulldlngs- a farm on which you can make str
loney. For further In formation call on ^
r address WM. L. DOWLER, 2329 Chnp- 100
no street, Wheeling, W. Va. ap20-w&a lin
IjTJU BALt;. .
A Few Cholcc Lots r0!
nt hdglnglon.
:ity Bank Unlldlng, 3300 Market Streot
Sleeelver't Safe. Tj5
0 ncr:ivE'r.'S_KAi.K
In obedience to a decrec of the circuit lar
ourt of Ulilo county, West Virginia, In l
certain ohuncerv cnu?e therein pending, Ma
1 which W. W. wood et nl. are plaintiffs, inn
nd Robert \V. Kyle et nl. ure defendants, cot
ntored on the' Cth day of April, lSvM, the Mi
nderslgned receivers of the Woods Hroth- lov
rs' Planing Mill Company, u corporation, j;
ill offer for huIc, at public auction, to the Soi
lghest and best bidder, at the north wn
ront door of tho court house of Ohio (2,f
ountyy, on Wednesday, May 3. 1S)'J. and A
oglnnlng at 10 o'clock a. in., the follow- yoi
ik described property, to-wit: iltr
First?All that parcel of real estato situ- am
to In tho city of Wheeling, county o< r.
?hlo, and ytate of West Virginia, de- *>
crlbed as lot No. I. In souaro No. 4. In xj
prlgg and Ritchie's addition to tho city ?
r Wheeling, situated at tho Junction of
hlrty-thlru. Thirty-fourth and Chapllno
(roots. In said city of Wheeling, being
he same property heretofore conveyed rs-,
j Wood IS rot hers' l'lanlng Mill Com- |
nny, a corporation, by John Sneldcl ami x*
nna L. Speklel, Ills wife, by deed dated
line 8, 1892. which doed Is recorded hi tho
tllce of the clerk of tho county court v. i
f Ohio county, West Virginia, In Doed
ook No. 89. page 2121. C^1
Second?All the planing mill machinery
nd other fixtures In tho pMnlng mill ,,*
nlldlng situated on tho lot llrst abovo tno
xcrrlitnil CA"
The real estate described In tho first COr
aragraph. and tlio machinery ami tlx- jow
iron described In this paragraph will be a <
Tered for pale jointly and separately, and 0f
III be sold cither way. tPK
Third?The following described parcel inir
' real estate, situate in tho city of Wheel- the
isr, county or Ohio, ?nd state of West rnn
Irglnln. described as lots Now. 0 and 10, riv.
, square No. 33, In Sprlgg and Kltchle's
ldltlon to tho city of Wheeling, situ- fr?
l?d at tho corner of Thirty-sixes and ?.ni
cColloch streets. In said city, being tho t\'J
ime propertj' heretofore conveyed to tho
ihl Wood Brothers' Planing Mill Tom- I
my by Daniel L. Helsk.ll and P. Maude f;
elskell, hie wife, by deed dated April
. J.S9J. find recorded J? the ofllce of the "JK
erl; of the county court of Ohio county.
'est Virginia, In Deed Hook No. 80, page
Fourth? All the following personnl prop- ,!),n
ty, that Is to say, nil the lumber, wag- 1 , v
is, tools. Implements and stock of mer- ,v'?
landlse In the hands ot' the 'undorslcnod ,
reivers, as the property of tho Wood V10
rotbers .Planing Mill Company. 1,1
Fifth?The frame building situate on the t"<*
lUthwest corner of Thirty-fourth and |)Ur
lapllne streets, known as the Alhambra ,lm?i
Ink. This building stands on leased '?n ound.
and the building nlono Is to bo ron
id without any title to the real estate. n1" 1
Sixth?AH of tho book accounts owing dor
and claims of the Wood Brothers :U,\V
lanlng Mill Company, a corporation. 1
!ie nceounts and claims described In this ui
iragraph will 1m; offered us a wholo, and Jn J
111 not be sold In parts. in t
TEUM9 Ol' RAT,!-:.
For the property described In the first. Wor
eond and third paragraphs, one-lmlr
ah on tho duy of sale, or an much more j q
cash as the purchaser may desire to ly;
the balance In two equal Install- riv
ents iiayable In nix and twelve months JL
speetlvely. Tho title to ho reserved un- 11;
tho purchaso money shall havo been I.oii
ild In full. tru:
( 'or the proprrtv described In tho fourth, ond
...... niAin pin , n-riiiK 01 Mile- in
sh on dny of .mile. coir
KinvAitn WAnxr.n. ?*.
HROmiH I). MAXWHU., offr
>colvcrH of Wood Urothern l'lanlng Mill qou,
Company. npll
rim mIp of the nbavo property In ad- fom
timed till -Wednesday, Mny :l. at the low,
m? tlmn and placo. ap27-20-tnyl-3 bub
Jtlcdicnl. rou?
AllIKSI Ck'thcilcr't English roHnyroy.il [>.1| '.!Yid
i M)jion?i?J "'nfxD, nro tho iTont> ??/?. iuium*. irt,
1'?k? ho ctlift. fwnil ittlnjo, f.-r | *ttKuUr?, " lUlkf , 1 '
'r Rcturp Mnil. ai lor
Cblchc-nivr Chemical Co., I'lilluiix., l?a. bun!
: 1 , tblr
) Illustrated Catalogue?, plain or In
colors. Printing from llalf-Tono mm
KimravlnKH finely executed. jnm
Cards, Hill lleadw, Circular!* and nil In o
Ulndn of Job Work done at reasonn- witl
Mo prlc'cn. The boat colors only used witt
In the pr.ntliw: of all work. f,?rr
rriK INTKl.T.n'.KN'Crr.
5)tb!h Sale.
I *11L Belt fit public auction at No. 23
>uth From street (Island),
>mmenclng at 10 o'clock a. m., the folwlng
household ffooda: 3 Body Brussels
nrpets. 2 JpgraJfc Cornet, 40 yard? Matn?,
1 o-Plece Parlor .Suite, 1 Bird's Eyo
nplo Bed Boom Suite, 2 Mahogany Rockg
Choirs, 1 8-foot Extension Table. 1
ak Sideboard, 1 Refrigerator, 1 Largo
arlor Mfrror, 1 Hull Rack, 2 Iron Beds
ad Springs, 1 Sewing Machine, 1 Bed
oung?\ I Cook Stove, 8 Rocking Clialra,
id also a lot of other articles too mierous
to mention. These goods are
wly new.
Terms of sale?Cash.
rnyg C. 8. QREER, Auctioneer.
T will offer for salt* at the front door of
o court houso of Ohio county, W. Va,, on
lturday, May 6, commencing at 10 a,
., that deslrablo pleco of property. No.
!<J Chapllno street. situated on the comer
Chapllno and Thirteenth streets, east
rle; lot 83 feet on Chapllno street and
nnlng back un oven width abqut 130 feet
an alley. Has good house of thirteen
oms ana all modern conveniences atched;
good stablo In rear.
Terms of Bale:?One-third cash or more,
tho Purchaser so elect on day of sale;
io balonco In two equal annual naynnts.
with lntorwit roonrwl hv dood nf
list on the property pold. Title perfect,
Irn'x. of estate of John I>?n!on, dea'd.
?. C. Hcrvwy, Auctioneer. myl
Steal Ss fate.
or Rent.
83 South Front street, 7 rooms and
;th room; possession at once.
158 South Broadway, 3 rooms, bath
id laundry.
1520 Market street, 1 room. N
1148 Water street, store room.
2608 Market street, 3 rooms.
Icphono 687. 1503 Market St.
x S33 Mnln St., 5 rootry, 1st floor.
5. 120 Fourteenth streot $22 0?
j. (56 Seventeenth street .... 16 00
). 3013 Chaplino streets 15 00
>. 77 South York street 20 OO
x 30 Sixteenth streot, bottllns celar
12 00
). 82 Sixteenth street, storo room.. 10 00
j.- 31 Sixteenth street, storo room
ihd 3 rooms :.13tt>
J. 2503 Main street 9 00
Jtel or restaurant. Washington,
'a., furntflhed or unfurnished;
). 37 Twentieth street 13 00
>. 1130 Charles street 5 00
oomed houso on Eleventh streot,
xutt of McColloch street 8 00
ifatn street resldtnco. 1
^hanllno stfreet residence.
darket ctreot business property. \
al Estato Awnt, Collector, Notary
^ublfc and Pension Agent, No. 1612
Iain etrcet. ap24
I two-story Brick Dwelling. and Lot, -on
at side ofMoln street, threo doors north
Eighth street. Most desirable location.
iry best neighborhood.
iuildlng sites In Pleasant Valley, boeon
Edglngton Lane and Seibert's Oarn.
Second elevation from ono to llvo
-argeploco of ground on East McColloch
eet, near Uakcr street, -fll5 foot front by
feet to creok.
Sight building lots on East McColloch
eot. A line building lot on Llnd' stroet.
Pwo-ntory frnme. six rooms. Lot 50 by
feet, corner Thirty-fourth and Chap*
e streets, with front part of A'lharabra
nk on It, opposite Wood Bros.' Planing
^OR RENT?May 1. Brick Tlouro ton
>ms and bath room. Fifteenth and JaL)
street. Office room, best in the city,
^lasonlc Templo building, on Market
oet. Junltor, h^t, light and elevator
"vice free.
Corner 14th ond Market Sts.
Hjo property on northwest corner of
Irty-soventh and Jacob streets. This la
leslrable retail location, on corner of tv/o
jil streets, running back to alley. The
lldlrg Is brick, and can be romodeled If
ger store room is desired. Bargain,
iuslness property at Nos. 2109 and 2111
:ln street. Two storo rooms, with duellr
rooms over each. Property In good
ldltlon, and will pay as an Investment.
ist i hi aoici 10 ciosu up estnto. a very
i* figure will buy.
light-roomed modern dwelling, Xo. S3
Jth Front street. Four {eet'abovo hfeh
tor, with all jnodorn conveniences, for
>00. It will pay well n? an Investment.
l block of twenty-throe lota at a prlco
ii can double your money In a. short
10. vDont' tako much money to hando it,
I many other naying Investments.
>welling to let for May 1.
.0. SMITHlE?cMwffNK
Crustce Safes.
rustick's sale.
Ily virturo of a derii of trust mnde by
11. Glllecpy and Lizzie D. Gfllespy, his
V. to mo, as trustee, dated May 31, 1R92,
orded In the ofllee of the clerk of tiio
inty court of Ohio county, West Vlrla.
In Deed of Trust Book Xo. 35, pngn
I will nell at the north front door of
court houso of said county on
rURDAY, tho 3rd DAY OF JUXE, 1S99,
nmencing at 10 o'clock a. m., the foling
described property, that Is to say:
^rtnln piece of real cstnto In tho city
Wheeling, Ohio county. West Virginia,
crlbfd as follows: A plcce of land be115
foot long and 75 feet wide, lying in
north part of said city, and east of tho
imon road, on the margin of tho Ohio
r, commencing for the same at a point
nit 25') feet in a north-easterly direction
in the north end of the east parapet
II of tho bridge over Jonathan's Gut, in
line of tho north-w?st front of tho
iso commonly known /is the Stone houso
cory built by Andrew Thai ma nn
in the lot of ground now bedescrlbed:
thence in tho 1'no
tho front of the said stono houso
eery, one hundred and fifteen fee,t to
north-west corner of paid tract of
il; Whence south-easterly and at right
:lfs to said front l!nu sevunty-flve feet:
nee southerly and parallel with saUl
t line one hundred and Jlftecn feet:
nee north-westwardly sevonty-llvo feet
the place of begfnnlncr. together with
hnlldlfics thiwon nm 1 nil nrhrm ?n_
U-nances thereunto belonging, resorv,
however, n strip of ground running
;thul?J' through the property of a unl11
width of twelve foot to he kept open
i ro.nl: and reserving also tho coal unthe
property and the right to mlno
remove the same.
RUMS OF SALK:?One-third and n.s
?h more as the purchaser elects to pay
eoflh on the day of sale, tho balanco
wo equal Installments at one and two
rn. notes bearing Interest from tho day
lalo to bo tSven for tin* deferred pav>t?.
Hrrvey. Auctioneer ap20
y virtue of a died of trust made by
iU Jlarpfer to me, the undersigned
?too, l*?arlng date on the twenty-secday
of February, 1ST*', and recorded
the ofllce of tho clerk of the county
rt of 'Ohio county. West Virginia, la
d of Trust Hook .No. 42, page ii\ I will
r for sale at the frotit door of tho
rt house of said Ohio county, on
monclng at ten o'clock a. m., the folIng
property: 1 hay horso, 1 covered
L'hor war,on. 1 set single harness, \
if, Saver \ Holler cooler, 3 moat
titer, 1 counter platfofm ncalos, l
If, Sayer & Holler balance Rcales, 3
t cleavers, ? meat enwn, 3 meat knives,
1 nnuflajfo moat grimier.
10 above mentioned Wolf, Sayer & Itcl-,
cooler may l?e seen at tin- place of
ln?>fs of Carl Holm, No. 18 Thirty.
11 street, WheollnR. The other prop
will ho exhibited at the time and
i? appointed for sale,
'UMHMiF 8AM5-One-thlrd of thn
rhntw* money, or so much more a* tho
dmsnr may elect, to pay, cash In hand
ilny of pale, and fhi> resldwo In I wo
U Installments, payable' respectively
no and two month* from day of Palo,
1 Interest, the purchaser to kIvo notes
\ approved pernonal necurlty for deed
.101 IN UOSLEY, Trustee,
rll 23, 1 b?JL ap2i>-\v.

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