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There nrc not. and Cnnnot bo any
German Voters" In This Republic.
Chicago Tlmcs-Herald: Nothing that
Captain Coghlan, of the Raleigh, said
his Indiscreet speech at. the Union
Club banquet.' compares In aslnlnlty
with the deliverance of Dr. ISmll Pretoriu?,
described as the Nestor of the German
press, at St. Louis, on Sunday.
Captain Coghlan spoke simply for hlmgcIf.
and out of the fulness of his devotion
to Admiral Dewey he made one
of those frank bleaks that are often
worse than blunders' But he spoke tho
truth, and everybody familiar with
what occurred In Manila bay know it
to be the truth. The German government
Itself concedcd as much when It
recalled Admiral Von Dlederichs. It
was simply one of those instances where
the utterance of the truth was uncalled
for ami impolitic.
JStit what can be pleaded In extenuation
of the following utterance of tho
N<i?tor of the German press, spoken deliberately,
and for publication:
"Captain Coghlan is a reckless, Ignorant
and vicious ass. His net Is an :
insult to a nation and to 2,500,000 German
voters, who have been treated in )
the most shameful manner by the McKinley
administration. His severe ,
criticism on Admiral Dlederichs was
euch as one would expect to hear from
a school boy, but not from, a man, and
one who Js acclaimed as a hero.
Throughout the trouble In Manila bay
the Germans were friendly to tho
American tle.ot, and I know it. It was c
the Americans who were the aggressors, t
and they plied It on so heavily that it
was all the Gcrmuns could do to withstand
Reckless in his speech Captain Cogh- '
inn undoubtedly was. but that hf? !m n.n i
"Ignorant and vicious ass* (Joes not lie
In the mouth of any man to assert.
Neither la there anything: In what was
Bald by the captain of the Raleigh that
can be tortures! Into an Insult to the
2,500,000 German voters In this country.
In the first place there are no
German voters In the United States. It
1m on insult to the 2,500,000 voters in the
United States of German extraction or
nativity to be classed ns "German voters."
ready and anxious to take umbrage
at a heedless Bailors' blunt reeltnl
of the culmination of the friction
between the American and German admiral?
In Manila bay.
What occurred at Manila Is a matter
of history, too well established by the
testimony of the participants to admit
of question or distortion by Captain
Coshlan or Dr. Pretorius. The American
who attempts to put tho Americans
in the wrong there because of blood or
kinship mistakes the temper of fellow
citizens. As a nation we are singularly
tolerant of sentimental ties that bind
millions of our citizens to their mother
countries or home lands. "We would
not have tho Germans, the English.
Scotch and Irl^h.-the Scandinavians or
their fellow-citizens of foreign nativity
or parentnRe fail to cherish the sentl- <
ments and traditions of their home
Hut In its international relations, the
United States cannot trim Its policy to
favor sentimentu or traditions. This
policy must be American to the core, to
the utmost dollar, to the last drop of
Between Dewey and von Diederlchs we
can never pause tj> consider what sun
smiled upon the birth of the latter. We
know that Dewey was American. We
care not what von Diederlchs was. Tf he
had been the admiral of th*? British
fleet In Asiatic waters, and had acted,
as he did. Dewey would have sent him
the sam?* message, and It would have
been sufficient, or there would have
b<^n war. 1
ilie surcTOiion or i?r. jr'retorius that j
German-Am-rican voters have received t
any different treatment from the McKinley
administration than their fel- 1
low-Americana 1? utterly unfounded. 1
and sound? more like th? plaint of a
disappointed spoilsman than the utter- j
ance of a Xestor. 1
? 1
A Presidential Prediction* t
Washington Post: He was fat' nnd
Inclined to be fussy. The other occu- c
pants of the restaurant were made |
aware of his presence by the noisy man- j
r.er in which he gave his order to the
waiter. Just ns the latter returned
from the kitchen, the newsboys in the ;
street began to call their extra papers, j
"Here, waiter! Find out what that <
extra is about!" commanded the stout
"Shall 1 buy a copy, sir?"
"Buy a copy,? Thunder, no. Ask I
the newsboy what it's about! I've been c
swindled too often buying extra pa- I
pers." The waiter stepped to the door
of the cafe, and a passer-by informed t
him that the President has issued a call t
f'ir ?,r?,OQO volunteers for service in the [
Philippines. s
As soon as the fat man was apprised 1
of the startling news he pounded the
table with his nnd nnniK-il lin n
terrible bombardment on the government.
"I know it would come! It is'a fit- tins
result of our idiotic policy. Them 1
Filipinos are fighters from away back,
and ihey will never quit. They are c
going to give uh all sorts of trouble,
and old Alger will look like thirty cents r
before we are through with the nasty
business. Gentlemen, if you have no
i objection. I will make a prediction." 1
None of the auditors of the excited
man made so bold an to enter a protest, S
and he proceeded us follows: '
"Billy Bryan's the boy. He's got this 1
whole thing dead right. We arc a set z
of lobstcra to try to govern people
without their consent, and Bryan Is j
tight next to the voters on that propo- j
Bltlon. He Is going to sweep the coun- 1
try next year. and then we will hove i
a ?'hunk of the real thing In the white i
There Is no telling how much trim- i
rnlng would have gone with this partlc- j
ular prediction, for Just at this stage the (
wultor returned with a copy of the ex- i
tra paper, which he had purchased on
his own account. He Informed his
fleshy friend that he was mistaken
about Ihe call for volunteers, that the
f-xtra was occasioned by Aguinaldo pit-* '
Ins for peace, and that the end of the I
war was In sight. '
The man who made the prediction 1
gasped one or twice, looked nt the pa
per, and then declared In more moder- '
nte tones {hat he illdnt' believe a word 1
It. Most of the patrons of the res- !
' v.j rant contented themselves by 1
'flickering audibly, but one man. with
less feeling, remarked, as he paid his ?
Mil: "T guess I will go out and engage i
rn>' "'.-at for the Bryan Inaugural procerwion."
Discovered by a "Woman.
Another gr?*ut discovery has been
m:td?> .and that too, bf/ a lady In this
country. "Disease fasiencd Its clutches
xK>f>n her and for seven t'cars she with- P
Us severest tests, but her vital or- I
P-'inK were undermined and death seem- ,
Imminent. For three months she .
coughed incessantly, and could r.ot
She finally discovered a way to ,
recovery, by purchasing of tis n bottle 1
' f>r. Kind's New Discover*- for Con- {
* "option, and wan so much relieved on
?"uuk nrsi aoae, that she slept nil
n'Rht; and with two bottles. has been
*?! >'ilutcly cured. Her name Is Mrs.
Luther IAitsc." Thus writes "\V. C. Ham- *
nl?U & Co.. of Shell)*'. N. C. Trial bottk-3
free at Logan Drui; Co.'h drug store.
ftcBUlar I'lr.o 50c and il 00. Every hotguaranteed.
* <
II tlir* Hnby In Cutting Toefli.
fie sure and uro that old and well-tried '
jwni-dy. Mrs. Wlnalow'fl Soothing '
for children teething. It soothes 4
child, noft?nn the gum, allays nil .
P^ln, curcn wind colic and Is the bout
r"rnedy for diarrhoea. Twenly-llvo ;
cents a bottle. mw&f 1
cabtohia. i
Setr, xu IhB Kind Yen Have Always Bcufjil
Sold 2)utt. |
whose house Is conspicuously <
I her least, whose leisure time is )
The chances are ten to one si
" I do all my cleaning witl
fl Sold by oil gtoccre, Largest paclcag
Chicago. BU Louis. Now York. B
" cl
SVcckly Change of Quotations in all a|
Lines of Local Trade. ol
Office of the IntelllHencer, a(
Wheeling, May 2. ?Q
Outside of produce there were few
ihanges la the local market quotations, p,
o-day. tl
Provisions. J1'
Flour?Fancy roller mill winter ^
.vheat, wood at $3 70 per barrel; paper jj,
it $3 5.0 per barrel; spring wheat, Mln- ?u
lehaha, $4 35 In cotton sacks; $4 35 per
larrel; $4 15 In paper sacks; Galaxy, J ?}
4 15 in paper sacks; $4 35 per barrel; J*'/i?l?
n *> oa - - -- '
x^xjih nuui ou in cuuuii, ?r ** iu "'
a paper; Loyal ^ paper, $3 G5; Rell- ??
tnce, $4 20 irv wood; $4 OS In paper, ^
3lllsbury, $4 25 in cotton, J4 25 In wood. J.r
Syrups?Choice sugar syrups, 27c; 0
rancy drips 23c; Silver drips 19c; New 8j
Orleans molasses, choice new crop, 33c; a|
prime 30c; fair, 28c; mixed good, New cl
Drleans, 26c; bakers' good, 18c.
Provisions?Large S. C. hams*, 8%c; re
nedlum hams, 831c; small hams 91,ic; S.
1. breakfast bacon, 7<0>7ttc; shoulders c'
Vic; sides G%c; ordinary be^f, lS^c; tri
iiam dried beef He; knuckles 14&c;
'amlly mess pork, 5-pound pieces, $9 50; fe
jean pork, bbls., $9 00. Q'
Lard?Pure refilled lb. tierce, 6o; 50- T
b. tins, 6Vic; Chicago lard. In tierce, t*1
i'Ac; 50-tb. tins, 6Y.>c; the advance for
smaller packages is as follows: 50-lb. ol
Lins VjC over tierces; fnncy tubs %c; 20- a<
b. tins %c; 10-lb. tins, %c; 5-Ib. tins %c; v<
l-fb. tins lc. P<
Sugars?-Cutloaf, 5.9Dc; cubes' 5.G2c; tli
Knvdered G.G2c; granulated standard tc
?.49c; American A 4.99c; standard line ht
rranulated 5.49c;' standard confection- c;
ts* A 5.37c; Columbia A 4.99c; standard P<
.Vlndsor 4.99c; white extra 4.74c; ex- tfc
ra C 4.G2c; fruit sugar 4.37c. th
Coffee?Green coffee, fancy Golden sc
Rio, 16c; fancy fjroen lilc; choice green w
.4*?c; roasting grades 10V?c; Java 2G,<4c; cc
oasted In packages, Arrow 10.04c; Pan- tfc
landle, 10.04c; Arbuckl^ & Co.5s roasted C
0.04c; Lion, 9.54c; bulk roasted 9c;. Old si
jovernment Java roasted 29c; Mocha st
ind Java 29c; A grade Rio 23c. T
Teas?Young Ilyson, per lb., 30?5dc; pi
Gunpowder, [email protected]; Imporlnl, [email protected]; co
Japan, 2S^75c; Oolong 27(ffS0c; Sou- es
rhang, 27?70c. in
Candles?Star full weight, 7}*c; Para- Ir
Ine, per lb., Oifcc; Electric Light, per hi
b.. Sc. w
Vinegar?Choice cider 12?14c per gal- h<
on; standard city brands lOf^llc per le
gallon; country, 13? 15c per gallon, as Pi
:n ounlltw hi
Cheese?Full cream 12<Sj>12%c*SweIt?5er er
2*a?14c; Llmburger 12\?c; lactory 111$ w
l%c. sa
Fish?Xo. 2 mackercl, 100 fish. 75 lbs.,
rr 50; Xo. 2 extra mackerel, tubs, <30 4s
Ish, J5 00; new, 100 lbs.. J12 00: Xo. 2, SO bl
1)S., 511 00; Xo. 3 small 14 00 for 100
bs.; Xo. 3 large 100 lbs.. $10 00. GO
Seeds?Timothy SI 25ftl 50 per bushel;
lover, nmall seed. 13 D0(ft4 15. v
Salt?Xo. 1 per barrel, 00c; extra, per ?
ab!.. 51; dairy, tine, five-bushel sacks, t|
51 15 per sack. J,
Seed Corn?11c per 11).
"Wooden ware?Xo. 1 tubs 55 25; Xo. t
!. 54 50; Xo. 3, 53 75; 2-hoop pails 51 15; 1
Mioop, $1 25; single washboards, 51 50; 1louble
do., 52 50; tine crimped double A
lo., 52 75; single do., 52 25.
Grnln uud Feed. C
Grain ? Wheat, [email protected] Corn, 4Sc c
)er bushel. Outs out of store, western C
Top 3Sc per bushel; home, crop [email protected] C
>er bushel.
Feed?Bran 517 OOfilS 00 per ton; mid- p
llinfTH $17 OOJj'lS 00 per ton. Hay, Xo. 1
Imothy, baled. 510 00; mixed. 5S OOtff) c
? 00; timothy hay, loose 59 OOigill 00;
itraw, whent, baled, $G 00; straw, wheat I
oose, SG 00. jFrulfK
(iml Produce.
(Quotations by Parker & Co.)
Butter?Creamery, 1-lb. prints, fancy F
!0c; tub lS%c; country, choice, per lb., *
Sc; country, fair. 13c. j
Eggs?Firm; fresh in case 10c per
lozen. I
Fruits?Apples St 50^5 00. Strawber- I
les 25c per basket. ^
Poultry?Old roosters' > per lb.; ^
-iif; cuiiAuns, uc per iu. , Jiuua, uu yut jy
lb.; geese, 40c each. >
Tropical Fruits?Lemons. fancy J2 50? >
! 75. Oranges. California navals, U COW
I 75; California seedlings $2 75573 00.
Bananas $1 00*$1 75 per bunch. Plneipples
51 25(3/1 CO per dozen.
Vegetables ? Native onions, 51 00 S
-at bushel; . 52 00fr.2 25 per bar- ~
el. Potatoes, S2 per barrel; 70'i?75c a 4
inshel. Cranberries, Jerseys, 52 25 per v
jox. Turnips 50c p*.r bushel; Si 50 por ^
>nrrel. Splnlch, 75c per bushel; kale, 00c a
i barrel; lettuce 75c n bushel; cucum- A
jers 51 50 P'.-r doz?>n. ttermuda onions,
>1 lOUl 50 per crate; radishes 20c per c
lozen; grt<?n onions 15c per dozen; rhu- C
>arb, 25c per dozen. C
Honey?New York honey HJflGc.
Miscellaneous. }
Roots nnd Harks?Ginseng, dry, per I
b., J2 50#3 00; sonv In market; nassa- ^
rraa bark per lb.. SftOc; sassafras oil,
per It)., nOtffGOe; May apple root, per
b., G*4<fi7c; yellow root, per lb., 40(5fi50e;
S?meea snake root, per lb., free of top,
[email protected]; West Virginia snake root, per ,,
"b., [email protected]; pink root, por lb., fine, 20g> J;
!5c; elm bark, per lb., 7c; wild cherry J
jark, per lb., S(f{>12c.
Beans?Prluw new hand-picked, me- 'j
Hum, 51 HO; prime neiv hand-picked
lavy, SI 30. w
Wool?Vine washed 24ft25c; one-third (j
Dff for unwashed; one-fourth off for u
incondltloned; medium unwashed 18? Fi
!0c; niedhun washed 25c. w
Wlirclln/f Iilv?* Stock Market. p
(Quotations bv CJoodhue & Co.) di
Cattle?Extra, l.r/iO to 1.200, $1 75ft tl
i 10; good, i'00 to l.Oto. 54 f,0<tf4 75; 800 to hi
00, $1 2Wi 50; fair, TOO to f00, 54 00ty Vi
I 25; common, COO to TOO. $3 25(33 50;
)tills, 24*2^?V, cows. l^'ii,3o.
Hogs?Extra S3 M)$i3 !?0; good .$3 70? "2
I Ki); common $.1 30?. 3 50. r<
Sheep?Extra. SI 00W4 25; good, S375? k
I 00; common, 53 50? 3 75; lambs, 4ft 5c. ^
Fresh Cows?525ft25; calveti 5^5'^.c u
Hie KcfttuiTHol'tlio Money uiul Stock w
Markers. ?[
vcini: o -?ti
iv.m, v, uu chii n>
it 4 @6% pcrccnt; lust loan 5 per cent, w
Prime- mercantile paper S'MHUc.
Sterling exchange weak, with actual
twain t?><? In bankers' bllln at St 87%? >v
I 87% for demand nnd at SI 85% ci
for sixty days; posted rntft* SI Sfi($ 'l.
I S?;*L- and S4 8SffJ 88%. Commercial J?
Ills SI M1M 85V.. Silver certificates 62?
12140. Bar silver 61^c. Mexican dollars n
18c. (1
Government bonds (ivfak. Railroad p
jond* weak. State bonds Inactive. vl
Stock prices ranged over n wide ra- ,Ti
llua (o-day-and cnilod with pood gulns ci
Sold SDust
:lean, whose work worries |
jreatcst, liow she manages.
le will answer:
fWasftni ':
i Fbwder
e?greatest cconomy.
:ompany, t }j
onion. Philadelphia. *
ir the day. A considerable advance
mglng from 1 to 4 points in the spealtles
occurred In the first half hour,
ded by purchases of round amounts *
! the international stocks for London
icount. Stock values then suffered on
continuance of yesterday's heavy 11ildatlon
and receded sharply, the spealtles
closing from 2 to nearly C
)lnts. By noon liquidation had praceally
ceased and there were rallies
hleh among the specialties ranged
oved far less widely except for Burigton
and Delaware & Hudson-, which
ade net gains of respectlve.
Among the specialties the net
ilns extended to 14Vi' In Air Brake,
4 In Metropolitan, 3% In Manhattan,
ft In Brooklyn Transit and an average
' 2 points In Federal Steel. Sugar,
atlonal Steel and Tennessee Conl and
on. Call money rates ruled at about
per cent most of the day and their
;eadiness was a source of confidence,
i was the easier tone in sterling exlange
which was attributed to Lonon'a
purchasing of stocks. Another
ason which might be assigned for the
illy was the fact that the Ford franlise
tax bill would not figure In the
.x levy for this year and the hope of
lose Interested in the securities efcted
that delay of a year might bring
tout a modification of its provisions,
he sharp speculative contest between
le bulls and bears In Brooklyn Trant,
which ultimately resulted in favor
' the former was because of Its great
:tlvity, a sentimental intluence In 'fa>r
of taking the long side In other pro?rties.
The dissemination of a story
iat the sugar insiders1 wer& Indisposed
i come to terms with present rivals
icause of the fear that other syndlites
stood ready to start up a new opjsltlon
was supposed to have someting
to do with the dip in Sugar, but
le readiness of a large house to ab>rb
offerings brought about a rally in
hich the earlier loss was mare than reivered.
Besides the tax franchise bill,
le gas rate war Induced liquidation In
onsolldated Gas, but covering of
lorts and other purchases caused the
ock to rise above last night's figures,
he rapid fluctuations with alternate
renounced weakness and strength
lused a reduction in the outside Intert
and left the market-much of the day
i the hands of the professionals. Late *
i the afternoon when the market
oadened out and o general movement
as under way activity of commission
!>uses was again noted. The .market
... DI.IUI *f> ? ?. ftWIICIU ll.> 11IU UCSl
Ices. Some recessions occurred in th^
and market in sympathy with the
irly liquidation in stocks, but there
ere later partial recoveries. Total
lies. $2,525,000.
United States 3s coupon and tho new
i coupon declined % per cent in tho
d price.
The total sales of stocks to-day were
2.5S0 shares.
F. 2s reg 95% JPIttsburgh ISt
r. S. 3s reg 107-\ Heading 2?-%
'. S. 3s coupon..107% | do first pre.... C3M,
'. S. new -is reg.UW; Rock Island ....lHT's
S. new 4a cou.lSS'i ISt. Paul 12T.4
r. S. old 4s rep..312',% I do preferred...lfWU
r. S. old 4s cou. 113 St. P. & Omaha. H5
'. S. os reg Ill':* | do preferred...165
F. S. 5s coupon..111% Southern Pac... 32
.tchi?on Jo Texas & Pac.... 22l?
do preferred... C0% Union Pacltlc... 1.">T3
lal. & Ohio 72 | do preferred... 7SVj
'an. Pacific 9G"i Wabash 7"jj
an. Southern. . .W, | do preferred... 227*
entral Pacific.. ilO";, | Wheel. it L. E.. 13Vi
!hfB. & Ohio. . StlT# do preferred... "I
!hl. & Alton?1G"? I Adams Ex 112
'hi., Itur. & Q..143VJ I American Ex.;.140
'hi. O. W lf.H r. S. Express... 51
hi. & N. W 157*4 I Wells Fargo.... ILK
do prefer red... lt?2 Am. Spirits JCVj
!. C. C. & St. L. 5S do preferred... 86
do preferred... KG Am. Tobacco....217
)el. & Hudson..121 du preferred...143
)el.. Lack. & W.170 Col. F. & Iron..' u?'a
)en. & Rio G-? -4 do preferred...110
<lp preferred... TS^-L iGen. Electric...11S%
'rle (new) lCVj [Brooklyn R. T. .13154
do first pro.... C(J Lor.d 34Vi
'ort Wayne ....1S< | do preferred...113
iocklng Valley. 1M& Psiclilo Mall ic.*.;
Illnols Central..116% People'*; lias.... 124"*
.ake Erie ?fc W. 17 iPullinan Pal lW-'j.
do preferred... OOVi !Silver Cer f.2
;ake Shore 200 Sugar IfiPi
.on. {'. Nash.... G7&I do preferred...117
Ilch. Centra!....113 iTenn. Coal & 1. fi2*i
l?. Pacific 4S-; U. H. Leather... C%
lolille & Ohlo...t44__ |..do preferred..7 72
.. i w osiern union. 91!
V. Central....WV. (Federal Stool... <77%,
Jorthcrn Pae... f.2% J do preferred... SfiVa
do preferred... 79 Am. Steel & W.. G9\
). R. & N., pro.. C3_|^d<> preferred... 9S^i
The following quotations on National
tool Company and American Tin Plato
ompnny stocks are furnlsbod by Simpson
Tat urn, City Dank building:
Opened. Closed,
ntlonal Steel, pre. stock.. 01 91
lationnl Steel, com. Ftock.. ?.9U Od'i,
tn. Tin Plate, pre. stock.. 90 SOVj
in. Tin Plato, com. stock.. Wj -liT,^
Iholor 28 'Ontario ..' 90Q
town Point 2i>jOnhlr 120
'on. Cal. & Va.. lTOlPiyomuth JO
londwood Quicksilver 2.*?
lould & Curry... do preferred... 850
lale & Norcrons 30 LSIerra Nevada., loa
[omostake 5,r>f'> [Standard l!-!5
ron Silver WlUnlon Con -IS
lex lean ......... G8 | Yellow Jacket.. 4-1
JJreadstufTs and Provisions.
CHICAGO?Hold,rs of wheat liquidled
freely to-day on a partial break In
le drought, and on predictions for gen:al
rains. July cloned with a loss of
ic. Corn declined %^p%c and oats
tc. Pork lost fie, lard and ribs dell
ned 2V6$&c each.
Scattered showers throughout the
inter wheat country, where fears of
rought bad been entertained, caused
bearish sentiment In wheat at the
'.art. Liquidation was heavy, and
Ith the exception of a feeble rally on
jports of heavy exports the market
licllned throughout the session. Furler
deliveries on May contracts nlso
id a weakening Influence. July opened
c lower at 73\ic, declined to 72"sc, re>vered
to 7.".Vie, declined slowly to
?V4c, advanced to 73c and closed at
l^c. Receipts light. Chicago rejived
73 cars, elcht of which were
raded contract and Minneapolis and
uluth received 279 cars, compared
ith -174 cars for the same day last
oar. Western prlmnry markets ivMved
121.000 bushels. against 1,021.000
ushels last year. Export clearances
ere equal In wheat and Hour to 77.10
bushels. The world's visible sup!y
docreaBod 3,.711,000 bushels, against
000,000 bushels decrease for the same
eek a year ago.
rroiniscu rains nml reports of In eascd
acreage weakened corn. ShipIns:
bids, were nut or lieeclptn
pro earn. Th<? visible Hiipplv de"ensod
2.f?4a.OOO bushels. July opon?*d
. shade lower at HIWt4?4o. |oiioh<vl
Tic, dccllned to nti.;.c and closed with
iiycrw at
Oats firm for May on covering
gainst cash fairs, but easy for flu*
iKtant futures, mvlnic to good crop
ros ports. Receipts. ITH ears The
slide supply decreased 7M.0W) bushels,
ily started a shade lower at 24V(e. d Incd
to 23%c and closed at 23*[email protected]
? ?\
Tlie premium of May over July at the
close was 2%c. 1
Liberal receipts of hogs and scattered
selling by packers weakened provisions
early. The market became
9teady near the end on covering. July
pork opened a shade lower at 59 02%,
sold off to 58 92% and advanced to 58 97%
@9 00 at the close.
Lard and ribs were dull, with fluctuations
No estimates were made on grnln receipts
for to-morrow. Estimates for
hogs, 30.000 head.
The loading futures ranged ns follows:
Articles. Open. Hlgh.j Lojv. Close.
Wheat, No. 2. ' j
May 71'i 71% 71*4 71*4
July 73", 73V* 72V* 72t4
Sept. 72}i 73 72 | 72%
Corn, No. 2. I
May 33% 33"i 33!, 3.TS,
July 3IT* atVil ?%
Sept 3% 35% 35 | 35%
Oats. No. 2. |
-May 2fiK ?r\\ 2f7*
July JM% 2-1% ZF%\ 2.1%
Sept 22 Hj 22% 21%) 22
Mess Pork. ' " {
May SRj 8 80^ 8 70 J 8 75
" * ' o '-72 j?
Sent 3 12Vi 3 15 1110 3 15
May 5 12% 6 WA 0 1% 5 12T-6
July 5 25 6 25 G 20 5 2%
Sept 0 37M: 5 37% 5 32Ms 5 37?b
Short IIIbs.
Muy 4 E% 4 R7ft 4 4 67U
July 4 80 4 SO 4 7Vn 4 77fc,
Sept 4 30 4 92?,? 4 85 4 DO
Cash quotations were as follows:
Flour?Quiet and steady.
Wheat?No. 2 spring, 71?>72c: No. 3
spring, 66?71c; No. 2 red, [email protected]
Corn?No. 2, 33%@34c; No. 2 yellow,
OatH-No. 2, [email protected]; No. 2 white,
29%?30c; No. 3 white, [email protected]
Kye?No. 2, 59c.
Barley?No. 2, 35?42c.
Flaxseed?No. 1, jl [email protected] 14%; northwestern,
$1 17.
Tlmothyaeed?Prime, *2 40.
Mess pork, per barrel; $8 [email protected] 80;
lard, per 100 pounds, 55 12%@5 15; short
ribs sides, (loose), $4 45<Zz4 47; dry salted
shoulders (boxed) 4>4<&>4%c; short clear
sides (boxed) $4 [email protected] 95.
Whiskey?Distillers' Ilnlshed goods,
per gallon, $1 26.
Sugars?Cut loaf, 5.95c; granulated,
Clover?Contract grade, $G 25.
Butter?Quiet and easy; creameries,
i2{?15,?c; dairies, 115?14c.
Eggs?Steady; fresh, ll&c. '
Cheese?Weak; creams, 11%@12%c.
NEW YORK ? Flour, receipts, 17,300
barrels; exports, 21,500 barrels; market
dull and easier.
Wheat, receipts, 37,000 bushels; exports,
1S.700 bushels; spot market easy;
No. 2 red, 78c f. o. b. alloat and 78c elevator;
options opened weak and closed
weak al c net decline. Close:
May, 77%c; July 77c;'September, 76ftc;
December, 77c.
Corn, receipts, 112,000 bushels; exports
61,200 bushels; spot market steady; No.
2, 42i?<fi)431,fcc f. o. b. afloat to arrive and
spot; options opened steady and closed
easy at %c net decline. Close: May,
89Vic; July, 39Vic.
Oats, receipts, 78,400 bushels; exports,
96,600 bushels; spot market quiet; No. 2
22c; No. 3, 31c; No. 3 white. 34c; track
mixed western, 3U?{2>34c; options dull.
Hay quiet. Hops quiet. Hides
steady. Leather steady. Beef quiet.
Cutmeats steady. Lard weak. Pork
easy. Butter steady. cneese, uia
easy; new, steady. Eggs quiet. Potatoes
steady. Tallow weak. Cottonseed
oil dull. Rosin steady. Turpentine
llrm. nice firm. Molasses steady.
Coffee; options opened firm mid closed
firm, and [email protected] points higher; sales, 14,750
Sugar, raw strong; refined firm.
BALTIMORE?Flour quiet; receipts.
13,500 barrels; exports, 82,700 barrels;
sales, 150 barrels. Wheat dull and easy;
spot and month. 751,[email protected]; receipts, 24,400
barrels. Corn easier; spot, 38 Vx?
3S%c; month, SSVi^SK'^c; June. 38}*^
3S<ftc; receipts, 76.500 bushels; exports,
77,COO bushels. Oats quiet;
No. 2 white, 35<Q 35^c; N.o 2
mixed. 32Vi(5'33c; receipts, 16,300 bushels.
Rye dull and lower; No. 2 western
G3%c; receipts, 15,700 bushels. Butter
quiet. Eggs quiet. Cheese quiet.
CINCINNATI?Flour quiet. Wheat
quiet and steady; No. 2 red 72%c. Corn
quiet; No. 2 mixed 36c. Oats dull; No.
2 mix-d 2S%fft29c\ Rye quiet; No. 2.
6214c. Lard dull at $4 97??. Bulkmeats
easy at $! SO. Bacon easy at $5 65.
Whiskey steady at $1 26. Butter easy
and lower; fancy Elgin creamery 17ff
lSe; Ohio 14tf?16c; dairy 10c. Sugar
steady. Eggs dull at 11c. Cheese firm.
Live Htoclc.
BALTIMORE. May 1.?SwineArrivals
this week. 13.S35 head. There
is very little difference in the number
of the receipts (less than 100 head, us
compared with last week. It Is considered
a fuir supply, and the market
is some nji 10e weaker than it was last
week. There are but few far westen
hogs, not sufficient to make qotations.
Those from nearer points, $4 OOlfM 15,
and a few extra $4 20ft per 100 pounds
gross. Light pigs arc not wanted, being
very hard to- sell. Quotations,
?3 60(^3 75: and roughs. $3 OOftS 40 per
100 pounds gross. Trade is dull
Sheep and Lambs?For both sheep
and lambs there is only a moderate
demand. The quality is not as good
:lh wmx thnt nf lust week's offerings.
Values, In view of the quality, are without
any serious change. Sheep sell at
3ff4*&c; lambs (fall), $5 00(ji 5 75; an a a
few extra. $5 Sf? per 100 pounds. Spring
lambs. TCriS^c per pound.
Calves?A fair trade Is reported for
veals and no change Is reported jls to
values. Quotations range at D'&Glic
per pound.
CHICAGO?Cattle, fancy lots sold at
40#5 GO; choice steers ?."? 056P5 35; mediums
$4 r?5$t4 75; stockers and feeders
53 [email protected] 10: beef steers 51 00$4 50: cows
ahd heifers $3 50<ft4 25; hulls J- CO?"4 10.
Calves $4 OOrfj-G 75. Hogs, fair to choice.
$3 75<?3 90; heavy packers ?3 55(513 72%;'
mlx?'d G503 80; butchers $.1 G5^3 85;
Sight srniUW 53 GT.ft.3 85; pigs *3 30$ 3 70.
Sheep, clipped lambs $5 00<fi5 55; culls
54 50(<T4 75; spring lambs $s' 0(tfjl2 00
per 100 lbs. Yearlings 55 10#5 25 and
sheep 53 [email protected] 15, not many fed westerns
bringing 34 S5&5 15. Receipts?Cattle,
3,500 head; hogs, 19,000 head; sheep,
12.000 head.
BAST UHERTY?Cattle steady; extra
$5 '.Wii5 40; prime $5 20{T5 30; common
$3 50Q3 P0. Hogs steady: prime
mediums and best heavies J3 0": Yorkers
$3 1>0; light Yorkers $3 S0$3 S5; pigs
$3 65<ft3 75; roughs 52 505/ 3 40. Sheep
steady; choice wethers $1 OOfffS 00; common
$2 50^3 50; choice lambs $5 65(fl>
f? 75; spring lambs $C OOfo'J 00. Veal
calvcs 55 001/3 50.
CIXCIXX ATI?Hogo stead? at $3 15ft
3 t>5.
Met alri.
NEW YORK?A sharp reaction in tIn
constituted the only notable feature of
Interest in metals to-day. This relapse
was due, In a large measure, by a
refusal of consumers to bid and less
fovrable news from abroad. Lead, on
the other hand, advanced slightly on
k<uui rvituns uuu iiiercnseu utmimmi. av
the close the metal exchange called pUr
Iron x"arrants steady at Jli 00 nominal;
copper quiet at Jl'J 25 bid; tin dull and
lower with 65 hid and $25 SO nuked;
lead firmer at $-1 P,7',<; hid and $4 40 asked:
spelter unchnttKi'd at SG 75 l>ld and
$7 00 asked.
The brokers' prlee for Kid Is $1 1,"
and for copper $li? I'J&G'IO L'5.
OIL CITY?Credit Imlnncos, <1 1.1;
shipments. April 2f) and .'W, 145,017 barrels;
dally average shipments, 71,011
barrels; uhlpmeiUs, May l, 71,962 barrels,
runs, April 2!> nnd 30, 110,223 harp-Is;
dally avera^r" runs, 75,696 barrels;
inns, May 1. 100,151,barrels.
NI'JW YORK?Petroleum dull.
I>ry (Iooiim.
N'l'W YORK?Tho dry poods market
Is without material change to-day.
Prints are Ann In prices, rc-ordera fair.
NEW YORK?Wool dull.
Educational. _
Mont de Chantal Academy,
First-class tuition In all'branches. Excellent
accommodations: homo comforts:
jjocd table; larpo and healthy rooms; ex*
tensive Grounds; puro air.
For terms and other informa- '
Hon. address
Directress of Mont de Chantal Academy
Wheeling. W. Vo.
Slicdica ,
fflott's Nerverine Pills
lex, Each as Nervous Prostriiwn, FaiKng or
lost Manhood, Impotency, Nightly Emissions,
Youthful Errors, Mental worry, excessive
use of Tobacco or Opium, which
lead to Consumption and Insanity. $1.00
per box by mail; 6 boxes for $5.00.
WOTTS CHEMICAL CO., Prop's, CMand, Ohio,
For sale by C. H. GIUEST & CO.. 1139
Market street. d&w
m in
" Is safe to use on any gore.
It heals perfectly and
leaves no scar. It cures
\A morc a"mcnt3 than a dorcn
other remedies. No
loflPn ft* matter what caused tho
Wrt?y IW*??yu^.35?l sore, this ointment will
^ST feywiw positively heal it-Youuso
\S$?V **oo?* wTJ ? to-day and praise It toro
ts> Jw morrow. Prices: For hu?
vjV >^y man/i^A-50c; for beast 75c
Sole Proprietors, <
Pittsburg. Pa., U. 5. A.
rbc only Koeley Institute in Western Pcnnsvl*
vunia. Booklet Free.
Tho Keelcy Instilulo, 4246 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh. Pano9-mvv&f
leaving whurujoat, foot of Twelfth street,
as follows: ? .
Steamer QUEEN CITY?Robert R. Akncw.
Master, Daniel M. Lacey, Purser.
.AS?nl- Ticket Acorn
1-M Market SI. IJnlon_St.itlon!
Wheeling & Elm Grove lilcctric Railway!
Cars ?vlll run n* follows, city time:
I.cavo Wheeling. Lcuvo Elm Grovo
a: !? !' "i. a. m. ?. m
S:S f;!5 ^
"'W c :15 3.15
I if i . a
fi-.uu n:ou K:15 7 ft; 15
8:30 5:30 S:45 5:45
9:00 t'.-.oo r. -1 r?
n :30 r.:n.) 9:ir. * n
10:00 T;C) Id:lit 7
10 :M i-.r.O V-.ir. ' 7:45
11:00 S:M 11:15 8:15
11:30 S::o 11:45 k:!3 i
p. >n.
12:00 9:C0 12.15 D;13
p. m.
12:30 9;C0 12:45 0:ir,
1:00 in:t>0 1:15 10:13 |
1:S0 10:30 1:45 1ft:4."; !
2:00 11:00 2:15 11:0ft
Extras from Wheeling to l'ark and Heturn;
a. in. ji. m. p. in. p. m.
C;45 2:iw 4:?5 ' &:lo
7:45 4:15 t;i5
ivvrry ounuay at a. m.
Steamer KEYSTONE STATE?Charles
W. Knox, Master; Will D. Kimble, Purser.
Every Tuesday i?t s" a. m.
3teamer VIRGINIA?T. J. Calhoon, Mastor:
K. H. Kerr. Purser. Every Thursday
at 8 a. m.
For Freight or Passage Telcpliono 930.
oct24 Agents.
Departure and ar.
rival of trains at
Wheeling. EastSchedule
In effect
November 20, 1S9S.
Station corner of
Water Streets. '
Leave. I Arrive
From Wheeling to a. m.| a. m.
Grafton and Cumberland... *12:2..| 8;J)
Washington and Baltimore. I2:25i 8:20
Philadelphia and New York *12:251 " 8:20
p. m.
Pittsburgh and Cumberland 5:25 *11:30
Washington and Baltimore*. * F?:2r? *11:30
Philadelphia and New York 5:2." *11:30
Grafton and Cumberland... 17:00 13:50
Washington (Pa.) and Pitts. 7:15 6:20
a. m.
Zanesvllle and Newark *7:35 *1:15
Columbus and Chicago *7:35 1:13
p. m.
Zanesvllle and Columbus... *10:30 5:15
Cincinnati and St. Louis... *10:30 5:15
Grafton and Cumberland... *10:?>0 *11:0)
Washlngtbn and Baltimore. *10:50 *11:0)
p. m. n. m.
Washington (Pa.? and Pitts. * 2:10 *11:10
Philadelphia and New York * 2:10 *10:30
Zanesvllle and Newark * 3:15 *ll?l
Columbus and Chicago * 3:15 *ll'.iJ
Grafton and Cumberland... * 4:45 *10:2>>
Washington and Baltimore. * 4:45
Pittsburgh and Cumberland * 5:20 *10:20
Washington and Baltimore. 5:20 *10:30
Philadelphia and New York 5:21 *10:83
Zanesvlllc and Columbus.... *11:40 * f?:2J
Cincinnati and St. Louis.... *11:40 * 5:20
Daffy" 1 Except Sunday
Pullman Sleeping or Parlor Cars on all
through trains.
City Passenger and Ticket Agent. Wheellng.
Acent for all Steamship Lines.
General Manager. Mkr. Pass. Trafllc.
Ohio River Railroad.
Time Table Taking Effect Feb.
12. 1S39.
C:30 a. in.?Accommodation for
Daily. Moundsvllle, Clarlngton, New
Martinsville, Slstersvllle, St.
Marys. Waverly, Williamstown,
Parkersburg and Intermediate
7:40 a. m.?Fast Express for
Except Moundsvllle, New Martins- i
Sunday, vllle, Slstoravlllo, Williams- ,
town. Parkersburg, Ravenswood,
Millwood, Mason Cltv,
Point Pleasant, (Jnlllpolfs,
f Huntington. Kenova.Charlestor..
Cincinnati. Louisville
and all points South, East
and West. Parlor car to Ivenova.
11:10 a. m.?Express for
Daily. Moundsvllle, Powhatan,Clarimcton.
Proctor, New Martinsville,
Sard is. Slstersvlllc
Friend I v. St. Marys. Waverly,
WJlliamstown, Parkerslmrg,
Ravenswood. Mason
City, Point Pleasant, Onlllpolls,
Huntington. Kenova,
Charleston, yvunland. Russell,
lronton, and intermediate
points south of Parkersburg.
Parlor car to Parkersburg.
4:15 p. m.?Accommodation for
Dully. Moundsvllle, Clarlngton.- Now
Martinsville, Sistersvllle. St '
Marys Waverly, Wllllainn- I
town. Parkersburg, and In- I
Arrival ana departure of trains on and
after Kovemer CO, IKS8. Explanation of
Reference Marks: Dally. tDally, excopt
Sunday. tDally. cxcrpt Saturday, flDaily,
except Monday. {Sundays only. "Saturdays
only. Easterr. Standard Tlrno.
DeparC ll.&O.?Main lino East Arrive.
12:25 am Wash.. Hal.. Phil., N.Y. *8:20 sm
4:45 pm Wash.. Hal., Phil.. N.Y
17:00 am ...Cumberland Accom.. t3:50 pm
4:45 pm Grafton Accom *10:20 am
10:50 am ..Washington City Kx.. Ml :00 pm
"Depart. lG?6.?CA Dlv? West. "Arrive.
7:25 am For Columbus and Chi. *1:15 atn
10:30 am ..Columbui and Clncln.. *5:15 pm
11:40 pm ..Columbus \nd Clncln.. *5<20 am
3:15 pm Columbus and Chi. Ex. *11:40 am
|10:20 am ..St. Clalrsvlllo Accom.. {11:40 am
13:15 pm ..St. Clalrsvlllo Acconj.. 15:15 pm
10:30_am| Sandusky Mull *5:15 pm
Depart!" |B."& O.-W.. P. C7D1v. Arrive.
5:25 am For Pittsburgh *10:2u nm
*7:15 am Pittsburgh *C:25 pm
o:20 pm ..Pittsburgh and East.. *11:30 pm
2:40 pm ..Pittsburgh and East.. *11:10 am
Depart I P.. C., t. & St L. Ity. Arrive.
? ) East.
t?:2C ami Pittsburgh 19:a0 am
19:15 nm Pittsburgh ?C:15 pm
11:25 pm Pitts.. Phlla. and N. Y. 1?:25 pm
3:a5 pm Pitts., Phlla. and N. Y. 19:15 pm
17:C0 pm Pitts., Hal., Wuh., N.Y. 110:55 am
t9:30 pm Pitts., Hal., W'sh., N.Y. |U:23 am
!J:.? StP1ub- nnd Dennlson.. 19:SO am
?:Jk nm o. L Col" CJn., St. L. 17:07 am
Io.-g5 eub., Col. and Chi.. f3:25 pm
12:55 J'"J ?te,ub. nnil Dennlson.. 19:13 pm
.t^pm btcub^Col., CJn., St. L. 10:15 p:n
?* A P-tfrldgoportT" "Arrive:"
Irln "F?,n w'*yne and Chi,. 19:35 pin
-"Canton and Toledo... 19:35 pm
5.1,a.nco and Cleveland 19:35 pm
4in.'no ? Steubenvllle and Pitts. t ?:35 pm
' ?:fn Stcubenvillo and Pitts, fll:03 am
lolln E? ,F!Srt Wayne ?"<1 Chi.. 16:10 pm
tv.in B "-Canton and Toledo... 16:10 pm
!,Iq {*m Alllanco uml Cleveland fl:3.r?.pm
?1^7 pm ?/.p.,.,b'c aml Wellnvlllo. tS:53 am
T5.W pm Philadelphia and N. Y. tC:10 pm
Icci,),n Baltimore and Wash.. 10:10 pm
t5:5l pm|Stoub'o and Wellsvilla _1G: 10 pm
?,plLnrt< C.? L. ft W.?Brldgdp'T Arrive.
!' ,? am Clove., Toledo and Chi. 12:JW pm
11:4.? pm Clove., Toledo and Chi. iS:00 pm
5:Sj pm ....Masslllon Aecom.... 111:00 am
J5:S| am Clulrsvlllo Aecom.. 19:2$ am
t]0:W) am ..St. Clairsvlllo Aecom.. 11:34 pm
1?:2.j pm ..St. Clairsvlllo Accom.. 1.1:07 pm
*!? .'? *irn Clairsvlllo Aecom.. 17:10 pin
i12:4j pm Local Freight 111:50 pm
Depart. W. ft L. E.Ry. I A'rnveT
C:30anj Clovo. ft Chicago Flyer 10:23 pro
'? *? ttni Tol. and Detroit Special M:? pm
111:1a atnJCIevo ft Masslllon Ex. 14:00 pm
. ,,n' Clcvo. ft MasslUon Ex. *10:40 am
9:35 am Steub. ft Brilliant Acc. 7:3". am
2:y5 pm Steub. ft Brilliant Acc. *12:20 pm
! C:22 Pn?[Sti*ub. ft Iirllllant Acc. 5:5') pm
PjSOpnifSteub. & ljrllllant Acc. 9:05 pm
n-parV. I Ohio It Ivor R. It. Arrive.
. *6:20 am Park, and Way Points. *10:50 am
ti:40 ainlCharloston and Clncln. *3-:4.1 pm
11:10 amlClncln. and Lexington. 11:20 pm
511:.? am Clncln. and Lexington.
/liKpm |Park. and Way Points. 1G:50 pm
Depart. [ B., Z. & C. R. It. Arrive.
Bellnlrc. j Bcllalre.
10:10 ain|Mall. Express and Pas. 3:15 prn
5:00 pm Express and Passenger. 9:40 am
prnjMlxcd Erelght and Pas. 1:20 pm
fr Pennsylvania Stations.
ennsylvania Lines.
Trains Ran by Central Tima
An ror.T.ow-3: '
Daily. 'Daily, except Sunday. '
"Sunday only.
Ticket Offices at Pennsylvania Station on
Water street, foot ot' Eleventh street.
"Wheeling, anil at tho Pennsylvania Station.
Leave. Arrivo
From Wheeling to a. hi. a. m.
Wcllsburg and Steubcnville. ^ 6:25 t 6:07
p. in.
McDonald and Pittsburgh., t 0:25 t 8:15
Indianapolis nnd St. Louis.. | S:4f? t 5:13
Columbus and Cincinnati... t S:45 t 5:13
Davton t S:<5 t )>:13
WollBbnrg and Steubcnville. t S:45 | 5:13
McDonald and Pittsburgh., f S:45 t 6:13
Pittsburgh and New York.. ?1G:23
p. m.
Philadelphia nnd Now York 112:2.' t 2:23
Steubenville and Pittsburgh. 112:25 ' t 2:23
Columbus and Chicago 112:25 7 2:23
a. m.
Philadelphia and Now York 2:55 t 3:53
Baltimore and Washington, t 6:00 t 9:55
Steubenville and Pittsburgh. 2:55 t 8:30
McDonald and Dennison.... t 2:55 t S:30.i
p. n?. ;
Pittsburgh and New York.. | 6:00 7 8:15
a. m.
Indianapolis n,nd St. Louis, t S:?.0 t.6:07
jpayton nnu Cincinnati | t S:no| t 0:07
Steubenville unci Columbus. | S:30j t 0:07
Pittsburgh and East | t S:30t t 9:55
Trains Iiun Daily, Except Sunday, as follows^
Leave. Arrive
From Bridgeport to a. m. p. m.
Fort Wayne and Chicago... 4;:,3 8:3j
Canton and Toledo 4:5" 8:33
a. m.
Alliance and Cleveland 7:53
Steubenville and Pittsburgh. 4:53 0:40
p. ni.
Steubenville and Wcllsvllle. 9:09 12:4')
Steubenville and Pittsburgh &;09 12:4i)
p. in.
Fort Wnyno and Chicago... 1:10 S:C3
Canton and Crestline 1:10 12:40
Alliance a."?d Cleveland 1:1,j s:3j
Steubenville and Wellsville. 1 no 4:51
Philadelphia and New York. i:i?j j;5j
Toronto and Pittsburgh.... l:io
Baltimore and Washington. 1:10 P-l'r?4
a. m.
Steubenvlllo and Wellsville. 2:5S 7:53
p. m.
New York and Washington. 4:M 4:51
Steubenville and Pittsburgh. 4:5i 4:54
Parlor Car Wheeling to Pittsburgh and
2:5o p. m. and G:C0 p. ni. train. Central
I time*. (One hour slower than Wheeling
p-. ...... . lunvk
Agent for all Steamship Linus.
0 THIS o
Cleveland, I.orain ic Wheeling
Schcdulo In Etfoct November 12, 1691. ;
Centra! Standard Time.
tn. ui'.jp. iu.lp. m. a. in.
Lorain Ilranch. | 11 |_is [15 _ 9
Loral n V.? 7:001 1:0$|~4:25 9:54
Elvrla 7:15 l:2u 4MO 10:03
(irufton 7:31 i:S$| -\-.:a \0;2X
LtstiT 7:53| 1:57} 5:15 30:40
[a. rn.fp. m. p. m. a. m.
MalnJLlne. |_ 1 |_ 3 _5 7
Cleveland ...a. "7:?o| J:00 4:43
Brooklyn 7.1.C 1:1C 5:01
Lester ?:19 2:?-2 5:54
Medina S:2S 2:11
Hcvlilo &:47 2:30 ti:25
I Sterling 8:54 2:otj C:31 ,
Wurwlok 9:ltl 2:5S 0:55
CntinJ l-'ulton 9:22 3:05 7.-2
I Mafflllon P:4i 3:23 7:21 G:3l
Juntns i>:5> 3:40 7:26 6:4t
Canal Dover l?:Sl 4:11 S:0S 7:1C
New Philadelphia... 10:39 4:1SI 8:',C< 7:23
llhrlchsville 11:25 4:5->( i:35 7:44
yrldgoport 1:30| 7:001 10:00
UclUU-s I I 7:15| I
la. m.,a. in. p. in. p.
Main Lino. | 2_| 4 6 8
pellnlre ]~~5:50
Bridgeport C:?-G 12:? 4:23
ITlirlclinvlllo r,:? S:10 2:45 0:37
Xew Philadelphia... Ii:3$ 8:28 .1:03 0:G?l
Caiml Dover......... 5:45 8:3$ 3:1-) 7:0.1
.IIIMU* 0:14 l?:U7 3:40 7:.tj
Mus?U!oti C:2U 3.v$ l;c<J
Canal Fulton 0;4S 9:4^ 4:10
Warwick C:f.S 9MO 4:1*3
Stvrllnc 7:17 10:12 4:17
Seville T:ri 3?J:is -4:51 Medina
"No 10:37 5:17
Letter S'.\X\ 10:4J 5:30
Brooklyn S:4S ii:34 0:1S
Cleveland 9:C3| 11:50 g38
|a. m.la. iu.jp. in.lp. m.
I.ornln Branch. M2 | 14 |_io J 10
I foster .........V...... S:i0j lO:CO| 6:551 2:.\?
Grafton 8:3s 11:07 0:13 2:2.1
Klyrlft S:C.?! ll:2l| C:3) 2:4)
Lore.ln i':10| ll:::o| 0:J5J 2:33
taunday iralua between 1'hrlcht.vlllo und
Cleveland. Other trains daily oxcept Sunday.
Klectrlc cara hotwecn Ijrldgeport and
Wheeling. and Prldueport and Martin's
1?\ rry and L'ellnlre.
Oonnnlt agent* for nonenil Information
nn to heat routes and passenger rates to
nil poltitfl.
M. C.. CAUUEL. C. P. A.
X Short Lluu between Fairmont and
ClurkHhurK- <julck Tlmo?Fa*t Trains?
Sur*? Connection*. "When trnvoting to or
from ClarkpburK or West Virginia and
IMiubnrgh railroad polntH, hoo that your
tlckotr. road via th? Mono^ahda River
Railroad. Clow? Connections at Fairmont
with Ii. & O. train!*, and at Clarksburg
with R. & O. and \V., V. ,<t I\ trains. Ticket*
via this roulo on salo at all B. & 0?
and \V? V. & I*. R. R. stations.

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