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Stone & Chomat. | Stone & (Jhomns
Stone & Thomas.
Should Say We Are, and the
DUM ?Reasons Are Very Plain
This ofTcr embraces every department in our store,
excepting' Carpets, whether it is a yard of Lancaster
Gingham at 5 c or aiv elegant Blaclc Silk at $2.00 a
yard, \vc hand you back one-fifth of the cost.
Our reason for doing this is that we have made prepa<
*- - '
.v. uvinj; me iargcsi uusmcss in our History,
and all conditions were very favorable until the present
deplorable strike occurred, which has made it almost
impossible for customers in nearby towns and frdm the
extreme ends of the city to get here.
It is the fixed policy of this store not to carry goods
from one season to another. Appreciating the fact that
it will be impossible to dispose of this stock under the
conditions we have made
This Unusual Cut Right
In the Heart of the Season.
i\o\v, just one word about our. stock: Expert buyers
for three months have prepared and brought to-.
gether what we believe to be
stock ever the ladies of this vicinity have had the opportunity
of inspecting. Bought as low as experienced
men could buy and for spot cash.
We invite you to come and take advantage of this
unusual offer, which will last just as long as the present
difficulties of getting here exist
Stone & Thomas.
Seo. Sff. Snook it Co. I Sco. 5)1 Snook S: CoSnook
& Co.
taut Prices sii Eil Mi
the winning arguments here. Offers like these
plainly indicate where your interests lie
Umbrellas, 3 for $1.00.
Two hundred 2C-incb fast black cotton Gloria Um- &
brellas at 34ocach; 3 for $1.00. Only new styles in 4 2I1U llOSiCr)'
Colored,Umbrellas and Parasols to show you. 'y gygj-y :
Black Silk Ribbons. | member in |
Ko. 5, 40c piece; No. 7, 50c piece; No. 0. 65c piece. the laniilv.
They're all silk: Everything in our big Ribbon Z<j. ;
department, and new ones daily added, i\ ^ ^
Handkerchief Flyers | welNfiiting I
for men. Pure Linen H. S. Handkerchiefs, worth COTSfitS are %
25c at 17c; worth 3;ic at 25c. All the new Hand- f, . y ?
kerchief styles for men and women here. < > HerC. ??? UP> 4,
Irish Poini, | Thousands of |
Pillow Shams, Scarfs and Stand Covers. Average <? rin,,, Whifn <?
value 85c, choice at 59c cacli. ' > '
i n d u DC i Black and .i
Leather Delts 25c. | Colored Fans, t
Made of genuine Seal leather, worth 39c, only 25c i
cach. "Can't Slip" Kelts, Dog Collar Belts, Plain % n lnt.,n|ct X
and Jetted Elastic Belts, Belt Buckles and Collar- MliiniS ?.
cttc Clasp??",e nmvest. |> and I'
Wide Torchon Laces 5c Yd. | Children's |
S.ooo yards in this lot, one to four inches wide? fl63d\VCar <:
are worth all the way up to 18c yard, choice 5c yard. & is SllDCrl) $
iWc start Val. Laces as low as 10c dozen and Embroideries
as low as lo yard. Immense is the
showing. All-Overs, i
Net Ties 25c. 1 {i"gs; f
New styles in wide, long Net Ties at 25c each and . "S"
up. India Silk Ties 50c up. Handsome Novelties Z Und TllckingS %
m Ncckwear. | jn var|ety i.v
250 Envelopes for 35c. 150c to ?16.501
Fine satin wove or Irish linen finish. Writing Pa- yard.
per to match 10c per pound. Initialed and other %
tine Writing Papers. | You Call Still ?
Men Are All Driftino ::: buy Sails, i
our way (or dressy Shirts, Neckwear and sensible 7 Reefers and |
Underwear. Sec .Market street window. <j> <jj||. ;;
The Most Trifling | at 25 per |
or exacting want can lie easily filled by our big ;? CCDl (iff.
Notion Department. Try it. v
9ood Shoes.
Ali Men
like (a wear patent l?athi
shoes for dress occasions.
Many Men
will not buy them because <
the uncertainty of the we:
tor the money they usuall
"The Wheeling"
line includes patent leathei
that have all of the appea:
ance and wear of a six-doll:
shoe. You take the satr
chance of course, but it cos
you less to do it.
Good Shoes, 1049 Moll
jCadica' Shoes.
| $3 '
| SHOFS.? ?
Y Conscientious lmylnir? Roods of
Y tho bust tnntorlnl?pfilnstnklnfj '
A nttcnttou to every flotull?strict i
T truthfulness of statement?uniY
form lair dealing with nil and '
A conscientious methods of html- ,
T nossnrctho principles wo liavo
Y put Into m-uctlco to lirlutr our '
A footwear bofo.10 you. This Ik best
I exemplified In our
A Wo Jiavo always Insisted on a
I shoo at. this prion that will SiisY
thin our ronutatlon aMSclllnirt ho
A best shoe in Wheelluif ?t three
I dolhuv. Space will not permit
V description?Aufllco to sny our
A assortjnent was novor creator,
I styles novor so attractive. Too
V much cannot he wild In pralKoof
t tills shot;, hut, wo prefer to leave
this to tho wearer.
a Reliable Shoes. 1317 Market St.,
Dcicoll'a jirt Store.
Supplies for
w w auuv> a lumpim uosui muni ui in
struments, papers, linens and every
thing needed for the drawing table.
1231 >1qrkct Street.
Ofllce: "i> ainKiT Fourteenth Street.
Xow Advcrtlscmcnti*.
Hospital .Association.
Blank Hooks? Stanton'* Old City Boo
For Sale anil For Rent?James L. Hav
Every Woman Wanting; I3.Q3 Per Day.
Coatmakers Wanted at Onc??.
Wanted?Situation as Bookkeeper.
K. of P. Funeral Notice.
Standard Malt Quartette.
Prollts?WnUer Marsha'l.
Men's Fnlon Mode Hats?MeFndden'sSecond
Reasonable Prices ami Good Good.*?Ge<
M. Snook & Co.?Eighth PaBe.
Lace Curtains?Geo. 15. Sllfei & Co.Fifth
Viyucla. Dairy?Simpson, "Tho MHV
Veronica Water?Goetze's Drupr Store.
Klectrlo Wall Paper. Cleaner?II. F
Behrenn Co. '
Remember?R. H. List.
Bonds For Sale?Simpson & Tatum.
Lawn Mowers?Georgo \V. Johnson'
Surety Bonds?Alfred Paul!.
For Sale?Howard llnzlntt.
Wo Imvp now oil exhibit one of t1i<
lurircst and best sol6cted storks offlm
tailoring u? popular prices Iti tlio city
Wo hnvuudilofl to onr cutting depart
.J. Ed. Uorner. ono oft h?j most fashion
able cutter* oast.
Tho artistic cut, stylish uppoarane
and excellency In mnko-up ofoui'Kur
muntH will speUW for themselves.
Always the newest In lino furnish
l'ltshlouuhle Tailor* and Fine Furnish
ers, 1JJ21 and l.'ICJl Market Street.
Wo linve flttod more tltnn twent;
thousand pillrs ol' Spectacles, Klvlnir ti
n record mid experience uiioquallrd l>;
miy other opt l (* 11111 in West Vlr^Inlti
>utl?fnctlon ffuumnt cod.
JACOH .W. (SIKU(111, Optlclnn.
No. UJOCJ Market street.
Subscriber* to llm Dully 1 ill??1II
ttiMieer chnncliiK their residences oi
Muy 1st will pleiiKORlve noticeut thl
?>fllec? No. i!7 Fourteenth street. s
that carriers may be notified and thu
there may lie no Interruption In th
delivery of the paperH.
In tlie Courts.
Yesterday In Part I of the clrcui
court, the appeal core of Weddle & Sim
mon? vs. Shannon Shnnkley was put o:
The docket in the criminal court wll
be called to-day.
ChforcicinniiK' Report.
Tlie report of Chief Clemans for th
month of April was completed yester
tiny, and shows: Fines assessed, $B03 T?5
fines collected, $23t) 15; number of ar
reats, S3, of which -17 were white males
fi white female?, 1 colore:! < male; t?
workhouse, 29: sentences .suspended, 5
dismissed, 3; appealed, Z.
Two School Commencements.
The dates of two commencements o
Interest, those of the \V>st liberty nor
mal school and Bethany college, hav>
been selected. The West Liberty af
fair will occur on Wdnesday, June 11
and Bethany's Is set for the followlnt
day, June 1T>. Many Wheeling peopi
will attend both commencements.
Tii Clerk Robertson's Ofllce.
Yesterday, In Clerk Robertson's of
flee, tho following transfers of real en
trrto wore reported:
Deed made April 29. 1690; Frank Kro
gel nnd wife to Ulchnrd C\ F. KroRel
consideration, 1250; transfers north It i1
of lot No. 12 In square 44.
Deed made April 211. 1SU9; by O. T
Zane nnd others to Natural Gas Com
panv of West Virginia; considcralior
W.400; transfers tin? blncksmlth sho
ground on Sixteenth street, betweo
Market and Chnpllne.
Deed made April 21?, 1S1?9. by "Willlai!
J I. Kxley to Charles ICrcley; consldera
Hon, $400; trnnrsfera lot No. ? In uqunr
Deed innde April 0, 18511, by O. I
Zane to Amanda Tlechei?;eon?lderat!or
M7?; transfers lotB 40, f.O and 51 In Trl
Caroline Wnrr.ter riunlMcd n? execn
trlx of the will of Christ. Wurster.
It KG IN to-day to ? :*t Wheeling IJnk
orj* Bread. Cents no more than com
moii bread.
Wakes up in a Poker Joint Minus
Hard Earned Cash.
Fop Over two Days?Snm Owens, an
Innocent Individual From Ohio,
Proves Tender Picking According
s to his Talo ol' Woo, "Which Ilcsults
p. In Robert Clarlc, a Colored man,
ir Belli;; Held lor the Grand J ury.
ts A typical rurallst told a tale of woe to
Squire Haberfleld last night. Jt was
another story of a greener separating
.. himself from his money under the enticing
wiles of the city shark. Sam
Owens, hailing from near Bamesvllle,
^ but recently employed at the Bellalre
~ steel works, came to Wheeling Saturday
night. Ho had his appetite with
0 hjm and 542. ire recovered yesterday
$ morning. The appetite was with him
6 and the money?well, Samuel alleges
6 that Robert Clark despoiled him of It
$ In his jx>ker joint, In the Second ward.
^ Owens claims he was "doped." On
V arriving In Wheeling, he says, a color?
ed man learning of his hunger, led him
V to the restaurant. After satisfying the
V wants of the inner man, Owens was ln^
duccd to tempt fortune in the room
& above the restaurant. Like Clark, all
k the other Inmates were colored.
X Concerning what followed, Owens is
T unable to state clearly, as he says a
? drowsiness overtook him shortly after
V eating in the restaurant, and he slept
& for nearly two days In one of the rooms
K in the Clark place. On leaving.CInrk
a gave him the envelope he received his
v nnv In nf thr? Ilollniro stool works, and
$ It contained Tour cents instead of
() $22 Ot. the amount In It Saturday night.
J, In addition he lost 520. presumably nt
I cards, but he swore out the warrant
for 522, and Clark waived an exanilna9
tlon before the squire, giving bond for
l) his appearance at the next term of
& criminal court.
* Owens said he wouldn't mind If they
1 took his money fair, but lie knew they
? "had doped and cheated him, and he
- allowed he'd find out If the law had
anything to say. "I took a good look
- nround the place this morning," he
continued, "and to my Idee it*>? nothln'
but a skin-gjwie place." Gwens couldn't
give a connected account of what occurred
between Saturday night and yesterday
morning, and he denied having
touched liquor, asserting that he "mu6t
have surely been drugged to sleep so
long." Clark's story varied in evert* pnrl
tlcular from the ruralist's, ar.d Owens'
.. story Is not very incriminating.
Mrs. Minnie Maddorn Fiskc Delights
u Brilliant Audience.
A large and brilliant audience assembled
In the Opera House last evening
to greet Mrs. Minnie Maddorn FIske
and her excellent company in a production
ot "Love FVnds the TV ay," a
comedy of sentiment. The reception
_ given this eminent artiste was indeed
a nattering one; at the end of all of the
13 now located In his now store ot
1410 Market street. A full and complete
stock on exhibition at popular
f prlccs. w&s
a May It Excursion to Washington,
D. C.? $10. via Pennsylvania Lines
The last of the popular $10 6prlnp-tline
1 excursions from Wheeling: to the nue
tlonnl capital will be run Thursday,
May 11. via the Pennsylvania lines.
For further Information plenso see John
G. Tomllnson, ticket agent, Wheeling.
- r.-s.
: WmMM
When you (pel that you liavo tried
c ovcrythlns mul cvoryono. consult iih. a
dally occurrence Is the surprise phowu by
the bcnellUul patients at our onion.
' Do you have hcatlncho? Do your eyes
' wate/? no thoy rniurt or bum? Dooh
- the print run together whes muling?
For oily trouble of your eyes consult
. tin. We main* k1i\a??r nt poptilnr price*.
Mnko n careful examination free of
l" ThoHolontltlo Corner Mulu mul |
OpUciiui IJlovouth Streets. (
imet; uvia inert-* were curium cutis. iu
k the charucter of Madeline Mrs. Flsko
portrays a woman ot gentle breeding
- and Inherent nobllltv of nature, whose
life has been embittered by a slight
physical affection. Brooding over misfortune,
the result of which she magnifies.
and passionately desirous of a
part in the happiness she seos about
her, 8he tries to solve her life problem
"* in an unusual way. She is balked in
her purpose, but the sequel 16 a happy
on<\ In the drnmatlo picture gallery
- which Mrs. Fiske has bestowed upon
the public, this character ranks with
c* "Toss." It furnisher another instance
of the triumph of her art over a difficult
\ role, which. If treated by a less consummate
artist, might fall to win sympathy
because it would not be wholly
, undo-.ctood.
Mrs. Fiske's support was exceptionally
strong, and Included Mr. Frederic
De Belleville as "Dr. Lee and John Craig
as Douglas Colbert, who were especially
ly effective in their characterizations.
p Factory Closed Indefinitely.
c The Belmont nail factory is closed
- down indefinitely. Several days ago
iho Ht tinllpra pmnlnvoil nn o??>lL-o
e for a 15 per cent Increase of wages,
which demand was refused. The fac
tory was In operation for about five
weeks previous to the strike, and wa.s
- started after an Idleness of six months.
The mill doesn't devote much attention
to the factory which was operated
clilefly to use up some scrap plate. The
y strikers have given up their Jobs and
* no attempt has been made to set men
in their places os the mill Is Indifferent
In the mutter.
Buckeye Idtliln AVnter.
Having been appointed agent for the
sale of the above celebrated water,
a which is endorsed and prescribed- by
n physicians for rheumatism and rhfu0
tnn'tic gout, stomach, bowel and kidney
* troubles, and is a certain cure for constipation,
Indigestion and dyspepsia, I
. am now prepared to deliver some to
any part of the city.
' Cor. Twenty-secvmd and ChapJlne Sis.
n Second-hand
1 for $11)5.
Owing to a death in the family Mrs.
Garden offers her Stein way Piano, 7i-3
e octaves, rosewood case, carved legt*, for
- 5190, with stool and cover. The piano
; can be seen at our warerooms, No. 1310
- Market street. ,
D ^
! IV. 1). Jones* tho Tailor.
Che 5(ub Clothier*. ! She 5(ub Clolhlert.
psa gg skeptical.
| wjT | Don,t Relieve 3,1 y?u hear about
^ | clothing. Don't think because a
1 I thing is aclvert'sed at half price
| I t,iat il is necessarily desirable.
| | There's usually a reason for cut
| |||| | prices, and the reason is in the
| I quality of the goods. The Hub
^ j?f8 & l^inH -frvr crr\rir?nr ic* .i I
^ i\-?i 10 lcuuy tne
| cheapest clothing in the state.
t; Fit?style?finish?fabric -wear
| ?all guaranteed. Your money
| back any time you want it.
t Tl.~ HJ..U I^!_J
% rffij M | 1 lie nuu muq
| | ?f Spring Suits in checks, plaids
* ^^ | and plain materials, in light and
| I dark shades, at $5, #7.50, $10,
| "honor~brighv> clothinb. | $12, $15 and $20. No tailor in
t]ie world can ma],;e better clothes
^ ^ Ya vi ^ vd ^ -i. driiihlp fftp nrirp
ai Q0UDie me PnceSTRICTLY
White, 3iandley <?* Zoster. I White, 3(andley & Jotter.
Call and See Us For
Anything Sn the . . ?
tn O . TT o
rtirniiiire Line.
We Will Give You
Lowest Prices..,
7? ; I
Special Attention Given to Undertaking.
2245 and 2247 Market Street.
$ohn jtriedel <C- Co. | ?ohn Sricdcl <? Co.
Very Low Prices on Our v-_v---v,<
Large Stock of A
Dinner Sets.
Chamber Sets.
Wall Paper. |
Room Mouldings.
uhe Sample-J^ingnmnn Co. | Che Sartip/e-?inpanian Co. ^
Yon Will Serve Your Own Interests
by visiting the NEW STORE when on your shopping tours.
We propose establishing this business on a basis of merit.
Willi"I* Another Dimity Waist nt
Yr IlltC Truiols* white India Linen, with two rows of In*
sertion nnd tucks.
SiilJ n lady: "Never have 1 seen such n Another thnt would bring hut sells
beautiful lot of white waists." That she ij nt SU'.V-nlso of India Linen?two rows or
mntlo a selection, returning with another I'Insertion.
customer who olso bought. Is proof con- \\*hltn Plmio WnW with trinlo rows 6f
ctuslvo that stylos ami prices arc rlsht In ,n" D-V? oKect-mo than
(his stiperl) waist assortment. j; ,.tV?
A Plain white lawn Shirt Waist at TSc. I TlMvy plquo Walst-(o..r row!
A pretty white striped Lawn Shirt Wnlst t insertlng-very newest back,
at, ' 1 The daintiest, prettiest nnd mo?t orlcA
white Pique Waist, with single point Inal In style?thta and more wo claim for
yoko in back. 51.50. H our &.00 und ?5.M Whlto Wnlstf
The Sample-Lingaman Co., .
1217-1219 MARKET STREET.
JL'ocke Shop Company. | J2ockc Shoe Company.
' i-iwiiBim.iwiaiiii, in mmmamKammKMaxmmmmmaimmammmmmmmmm '
[ ::::FIT WELL
kinds of shoes nrc the ones we carry and sell, and
consequently sell MORE of them than anyono else. Why not? The goods
advertise us.
flay*We call spcclal attention to our line of Ladies' fine Cincinnati PA
Imnde Shoes. THEY ARE RIGHT in every way?fit, wear, J)A#3U
looks and price ^
GtiTGentlcmcn's Hne Vici Kid and Willow Calf Shoes in Black AA
and Tans, mnrtr* nn th* FAQV-Tn.WM v nw ?.*? WAthlnn TkA IIII
I - nu.vun ?>. (l/y#UU
like tlicni in Wheeling or unv place else for -
Locke Shoe Company

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