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Conditions Existing in the Gold
Mining Districts.
Advent ofU. S. Troops Met With I)is?
favor?Peoplo not In Favor of any
Sort ot' Government ? Circle City
Citizens Claim they Already Ilavo
too Much Law and Government,
WASHINGTON, May 3.?Acting Secretary
of War Melklojohn to-day give
out a report from Captain "W. P. Itlchanlsun,
of the Eighth Infantry, who
comanas tne post at circle City, Alaska,
together with a brief report from Lieutenant
E. S. "Walker, of the Eighth Infantry,
In command at St. Michael,
.Alaska, upon the conditions existing
along the Yukon. According to Captain
Richardson's report tho advent of
the United States troops at that place
* met with considerable disfavor from
the majority of the people at Circle
City, while at St. Michael on the other
hand, Lieutenant Walker reports that
the business men desire the retention
of the troops and he recommends the
continuation of tho garrison at that
Captain Richardson mado several attempts
to induce tho better clement of
the community to establish some sort
of local government and special meetings
were held during November and
December, but in January at a nig mass
meeting all his work was overturned
and by a large majority the town decided
to reject every form of town ??ov
eminent suggested. The sentiment of
the meeting, Captain Richardson says,
was "the people of the town already
have too much law and government." *
Captain Richardson explains this opposition
to the establishment of the
local government upon the ground that
few of the Inhabitants expect to remain
longer than a few months or years
at most. The only general regulations
issued by Captain Richardson up to the
timo of the report have been for closing
saloons, dance halls, and gambling
places from 6 a. m. until 9 p. m. on Sunday,
and against the carrying of concealed
weapons. Ho says he may be
obliged to prescribe in addition some
general regulation upon sanitation and
police with the coming spring. He established
a patrol of nine non-commlssloned
officers and six men in the town
and reports that this work has been
satisfactory and acceptable to the better
He commends the work of the commissioner's
court at Circle City, which
he says has maintained itself with dignity
and has administerd the law within
the limits of its authority. At the
time uapiain Kicnarason sent his ra- M
port no mail hail baen received over the "
ice from the states. He underatood v
that the first mall sent through early f
la the season was lost. The Bervlco on
the river from Circle City to St. Michael
Is working satisfactorily. Local and
delayed mall fro:n the outside was received
from Dawson In November ami
December. He directs attention to advantage
of a c?oss country routo from
Circle City to Cook's Inlet or some other
point on the coast.
The river and lake country 13 only
safe for travel during two or three
months of the closed season, whereas
the overland route could be used while
the river Is closed.
Lieutenant Walker reports everything
quiet along the river on February 8. h
Supplies were plentiful and there were
lew cases of destitution. Tho command
at Rampart was reported in good
health. Lieutenant Walker urgently T
requests that the garrison bo maintain- c
ed at St. Michael. Tho business men t
want the troops there not only because (\
they afford protection hut because dlfllcultles
are more quickly and less ex- i
pensively arranged and the people feel '
that the decisions mad* by military otil- F
cers are Just and equitable. Some stray j
reports of possible trouble with the In- ?
dlans at the mouth of the Koyukuk
river were reported to him and Lieutenant
Walker is apprehensive that
eome trouble may occur in the Golovin 1
bay mining district ns thore is a dlsor- /
derly element at that point. Many fall- c
ures are reported among the bulldors of c
small river steamboats due apparently (
in the majority of cases to n poor quail- f
ty of machinery. Lieutenant Walker fc
warns the publlo that no machinery can ?
be obtained and that faulty machinery *
cannot be repaired or replaced without ;
great loss of time and pxpense. He n
also cays that many strambontmen i;
comc wlthotit?proper papers ns masters
and engineers and have difficulty In
clearing from the'ports. Th^rc Is no
dock at Circle City at present hut one
is being built and win lie ready for use
during the coming season. He aays
that the troops are well aupplled with
clothing except fur gloves arid sugRests *
that a good library is needed for the ,
Archbishop Ken no's Return.
WA6HINGT0N. I). C., May 3 ?
Archbishop K-fane, whose deparlurw t
from Rome for a two years' Uave was
recently announced, is expected In
Washington before long. He will innke
his headquarters here, either at the
Catholic university or at St. Patrick's
church, and will ku on extensive lecturing
tours through ihe country, for the
purpose of ral*inn funds f-ir the university
ns Irs rector, that his uppeafr< In
its behalf aro always productive of HUhstantlal
results. There is no pretient
purpose to erect new buildings, but <o
thoroughly endow thoMV nlready i?r?-ct- t
ert. The larjt* dormitory bulkllng haw <>
l)ccn nntned Keaqo hall In honor ?>f t
Archbishop Kean<\ Two other buildings
will be completed lit the full. That
of thf If?ly Croc* order will brlnjf about
forty additional member* of thai nodoty
to tho univornUy. The monastery
of th" PranrUcan Father* will bo occupied
In September by this ancient order.
The university oomrm?ncernent b??Klnwon
June V. wh?'it It lw fxi'.u-?*. <] tint:
Afiii i
Tho Finest Clonnor J
President McKinley and Cardinal Gil
jqns, anil possibly Archbishop Koan
nay be Present.
\t Buffalo- Strike of tl?o Grain Sho
olcru Delaying UiibIiicsh.
BUFFALO, N. Y.( Muy 3.-So far <
Ihe unloading of grain Is concerns
:here is no Improvement ir> tho labi
rttuatlon thla morning:. It is estimaU
:hat over six million bushels of gra
ire now afloat in the harbor and th;
wt more than 1,K>0,000 bushels ha^
seen elevated thus far. Henry C. Ba
er, general secretary and treasurer <
he international Longshoremen'.'! A:
soclatlon is here for the purpose of ii
luiring into the trouble between tl
ihovelers and the contractors. He cajlc
>n Contractor Co*nora and the latti
served notice on him, calling upon hi
;o furnish three hundred grain shove
ire to assist in unloading the vesse
lere. This demand was made in ' oi
:ordanc? with an agreement with tl
issociation. Mr. Connor nays Barb
tesured him that he \yDUld furnish tl
i>fjn as soon as possible.
Contractor Connors has made the fo
owing statement: "Aftor I secure
he grain shoveling contract last wii
er I went bofore the Longshoremen
Vssodation and laid my plans befoi
h.m t *1 t - ' .
iicmi. * luiu iiicm cuaL x inienueu i
iboltoh the saloon bosses, and I have,
old them how I Intended to pay tt
nen and they endorsed thnt plan. T1
nen who are now complaining nev<
ame near me to ?tate their grievance
rhey never asked me to make any oth?
trrangwments than those which I ha
leclded upon. They mailt* no attem]
,o reach an agreement with me bo thi
annot expcct cne to treat with them.
la<m that the men would make moi
noney under the system which I pr<
jose than thef.* made last year. The
afused to trust me, and now I am g<
ng to get along without them."
The season la fully a month late. T1
oceljrt*1 of grain during thf? month <
^prtl last year were 27.450.4S9 bushel
nd 34",325 barrels of flour. The first ai
Ival this season was on April 29 an
ip to date It Is estimated that but abox
000,000 have reached Buffalo.
lomothlng About the Now Conipan
That has Been Formed.
ANACONDA. Moni., May 3.?Tho Ai
iconda Standard prints an Intervk;
vlth Marcus Daly, president of th
L<malgatnated Copper Company, receni
y organized with a. capital of $75,000,00
dr. IDaly says that the control In tli
Anaconda company la sold to the ne
rompany, wbtch also owns the Parr<
>roperty, the Colorado properties an
hii Washoe. Other largo property
iiii w?H uu uuucui iu ineao nomine
inder an Increased capital stock. Th
ompany has no relation whatever, r
rad boen erroneously reported, with
Michigan copper property. The propei
ies owned by the new company will t
Forked to full capacity and the outpi
lie r eased.
"Underground Buttes" Mr. Daly sai<
'will b* explored and tested with a d<
rreo of thoroughness* and to an exter
lever before dreamed of."
In the Interview Mr. Daly also salt
'Whilo I live and manage these proi
:rtles there will be no agitation of tli
rage question from any end of the lln<
diners wages will not In any event t
owered. This is perfectly well undei
itood by those with whom I am uh-oc
ited. If the Butte property cannot nl
ord the present wage scale then th
vhole organization 1* a mistake, and
ee! sura It is not a mistake."
Rejected the Option.
LOUISVILLE, Ky., May 3.-Th
onthern Railway has rejectttl the 01
Ion given some time ago by the hole
rs of the bonds of the air lkie rallroa<
Ch\? reason is that the aggregate prlc
s higher than tb? company feels Ju^t
led in pay in?;. The word that the 6\
ion had been rejected was received 1
Louisville to-day by Mr. John Sttlei
\Mio represents a number of holders <
he bonds. President Spencer and otht
itttetakt of the Southern recently mail
m inspection <v' the air llnv. Th
kmthern by acquiring the nlr lins v/ot?l
lave a direct line from Et. I/ouls :o ?
>olnts Jr. thu south and to th? Atlanl!
:eu board.
To Oppoao Whisky Coin bine,
LOUISVILLD, Ky.. May 5.?It is rt
norotl anxmjj whlaUty mon that th
ontruc< has been let for the buildlntf <
h- Ion? promised biff distillery to 1:
vara ted In opposition to the Kentuck
llMilierUs and warehouse com pan
ibout which so muclVhas been Mid. 1
s nmv said that northern dealers an
levcral malt ilrme are behind th
cheme. Alfred S. Austrian, the Chk*n
rn attorney, who hn*< managed th
Centuchy com puny affairs here fo
evernl weeks, left I>ouhrv?\te to-day.
Americans "Will Talco Part.
CITY OF MEXICO. Mop l.-The com
n?r bull fight at Duranfro, In u*h|c
ctnmont find the English sprafcln
lergy denounce It with f"w exception
Dne clornyman say? ho cannot sc
vhnt particular sip there is iu bu
Ightlng nny more than- !n pugllLsrr
ior?e racing, etc. The Catholic rlcrir
ire preaching sermons against ih
trevalent suicidal mania ami urgln
nor* devotion to the worship of th
virgin of CJuadaloupe, which course I
ilso advocated by the bishop of Tepl
n a pastoral letttr.
To Kljht Window Glass Trust.
-leave, formerly president of the Vn
Heave Glasa Company, anfl a nrnnbe
f other Cleveland anfl Pittsburgh capl
alista, have orjronleed a company un
er the name of the Pennsylvania Win
low Gluss Company, to oppose the Win
low glass trust. The company will con
truct a plant at Kane, Pa., which wl
ie the largest window gins* factory i
h" own try, outsldo of the trust. Hlnu
aimer, an extensive lumber op?-ratoi
f McKean county, Ph., Is president c
he new company.
In SherlflTs Hands,
POUT CLINTON. O.. Mnv 3.?Sherll
lenfert hi In popsesfilon of the Hotel Vic
orla, one of the largest nummur hut? l
n America, which Is located on hlstorl
'ut-ln-Hay inland. Thu large bulldln
vm ntlzeii on u ivrlt ??f Httuchmunt I
nvor of Ityan & Co.. of Toledo, fo
41.000. The hcHt'l wuh appraised a
7k.000, but originally cu*t more jha
lulf a million dollars. The hotel hd
eon it loning venture ever r.4nce It iva
if-ned. it ha.i (hanged hands Hevera
North Aiuorluati Itcrlctvr
The "North American Hevlow" fo
iu> tuimunn Hii 1MIIUU v>> UlU
run. Sir'Francis II. J^inc, Judpe-udvo
ate general of the Drltlsh uriny upo
ho Kuhjeot of "Court# Murtlnl la L'nji
imd ur;d America." The JuilinlictV)
nd "HW'li.'iicy of court* martini ahoul
ecelvo from thu American pvople rooa
uroful consideration, an It Ik now cer
nln that in thu Immediate future th
.rtny will form a port of national life ti
;roat and growing Importance. Untie
hi- title of "The Ourwo la Education
teb?*oct? JlardiiiK I'M vis contributes t
lie Mny nurnUr of the "North Amoti
an H?'vlew" an exceedingly practice
?.rper, In which *h? deploren tin* pros
nt American .system of vducatlon, nn
rtliiR that true education Is to lln.
he quality and bent of each pupil'
idnd, und i^vfi It only ?uch food an wll
cvelop Ita iH>wer? <o the h?*st effect.
13 That cMarrh has any, relation to
barrenness in women surprising to
3r many. It la one of tho mysteries of p
^ catarrh. Thfc insidious disease pene'n
trates to every orpan of the body.
*t Thousands of women liave catarrh 0J
'e and are iguoraiit of It. Dr. llartsian's bt
r- book for women makes these matters
l)f plain. Write to Pe-ru-na Mcdielne Co., jtJ
!J* Columbus, 0., for this book and a book ec
ie of cures effected by Pe-ru-na. ec
I ,,JlfeSlif I
to Mrs. L. M. Griffith, Cambridge, Keb., 2:
T writes: b,
J J "Your medicine did me a wonderful 01
?r amount ol pood. It cured me of bar* bi
a. renness. I am 30 years old and had jtj
?r never borno any children; but sinco ni
4 beginning your roedicinc I pave birth Gi
,y to a 10-pound baby pirl. She is now "i
I six months old and weighs 2J> pounds. ^
'c My friends were all surprised. Somo tl>
}" would not believe it until they camo er
to see me. My husband says he never J*
saw such a Change in any ono as there
le was in mo after I had taken three or
four bottles of Pe-ru-na. Id
"I am stinger than I have been cl
ltj since I was quito young-. God bless
it you and your medicine forever." ll(
y Matters of Interest in tho Metropolis
of Belmont County Cj
w The project of paying fancy prices
fnr ittvn onvill n(n^o? r?f v Ir* l? ? u.
iT . J..VWU J I. int ill
lft rear of the lockup to make room for a ro
new city building, seems to be 'point? p
along quietly. After the money Is paid "l
0. there will come a howl, perhaps,, but It Pl
ld will only be crying- over spilled milk
then. The council seems to be set for a m
new ?35,000 building, and no or.e can .T.
blame theso who have property that la jo
d wanted for getting all they can out of It. Sc
18 Bellalre folks who knew Mr. James II. c0
^ Canfield, ,president of the Ohio State
iQ University, rogrvt to learn that he has M
13 reslgnod to accept fhe position of llbrar- th
a lan of Columbia University?not be*
cause he has secured a place more to m
^ his liking, but because as head of the
state university he had made a success h(
In every desirable feature. Ilia moral H
J. Influence and his work generally com- su
mend him, and he had force and power
it in the right direction. tr
. Marshal Johnston took Mary Peters cu
"to the county Jail yesterday to serve
thirty days and a fine of $25 and costs re
'e Imposed by Mayor Freeze because of ho
the reprehensible conduct of the girl.
'e This lit the first case of the kind In a ci
long time nnd yet it is common talk
that the town Is worse off In this respect ,
c" than ever In its history. But they seem
j to be too cunning for the oftlcers. ^
George Stephen*, the Temperancevlllo
speak-easy man. taken to SteubenvlUe . 4
recently by United States Marshal liar- * (
ness, was hold in $500 for his appearance. j
,e In the United States court at Columbus trl
?- next month. In default of bali he will
I- repent in Jail.
The eastern representatives of the j)3
o National Enameling Companies were
[. In town yesterday und perhaps closed
>_ the deal for th?l Stewart ISnamel plant, J
n though no official statement to this ef- coi
a> feet has: been given out. to
>f Mr. J. M. Marlng and bride who have
t been traveling on the eastern continent
! } for tho pant Hcven months, ever since
i?? | mnr marriage, nave returned to 31 tin? nif
d cle, In J., and will be "at home" after w'
11 I th? lBtto. t,jl
'c Mr. W. A. Gorby, formerly head of T
the Hellalre Goble*. Co., but now a cap- 'ar
itailst of extensive oil anil gas holdings ^
in Tfidlana, and some Interests In thl3
i. section, wac in town yesterday. 2
e Tht* painters ami paper hangers of ^rt
thin city never were r.n busy rvs they atI
are this reason. Thereseems to be plenty 1
of money for improvements and they ?n
\ are being ciade all over town.
A slight lire at the Novelty Stamping j
works was extinguished by the* workit?
niftn before any damage wan done. The Sh
plant iu well equipped to put out flres. ]
'i The Industrial stock market la Just
ir now in a condition that causes those *rl
who parted with th^ watered portion to J
congratulate themselves. in?
A movement has been started to have tei
the schools dismissed at noon for tho .1
balance of this school year, which ends bu
h with this month. j
b Several folks from this city will (jo to on
g Flushing to-day to attend the Christlan
church convention, which opens
e there to-day. f
11 James C. Tallman, r?q., will leave to- wa
*? day for Pittsburgh, where he will spend j j
u week or ten days with relatives. COI
? Davis & Archer, of this city, secured on<
? part of the contract for street improve- ins
s rr.ents at Bridgeport. am
c Superintendent J. K. Anderson has nil
added a number of new books to the drc
school library. am
Common pitas court will begin ugaln
n to-day.
? jioundsvii.i.i; buijcji-t. c.
r at;
. Yesterday's News From Marshall
County's Chief City.
The Uterury society of the public No
- school gavft a public special programme h
.. ui uiu r.cnwJi unit featfru:n uuernoon. h
I A number of cUlaonn ware present who rj
n Bpoko very hlahly of the performances. Rt:i
Miss Riva Baldwin was awarded the ftn,
" medal contested for during the school R0,
,L yiiir by a number of students, she lmv- nej
lr?g been the successful one In reelt.i- js
<lon In the greatest number of contests, nt.-i
The Epworth League at thrtr busl- In
rf nes* tr'.M'tlnir Tuesday night, elected the yoi
- following delegates to tho convention to th<
s be hold here May 18 und 19: M1sbc:i art
Vlrgte fihaffer, Madge Mathews and ?
Vornle Johnson and Dr. W. D. Stewart RtJ*
and J. W. Rod?ers. bu:
i- Mrs. Herman McDonald ami her sist
tor, Miss Daisy Hunter, left yesterday ?
n for M uncle. Ind., where Mrs. McDon- J.V
,t aid's husband Is dangerously sick with ..
n typhoid fever. l?h)
ti Mbs Mtlla Logan Is home from Rip- ha I
ley. JncHaon county, wlwe shu has been n?"
In charge of a millinery store. cm
Isnao Rodgera took his wife, who has dlfi
r been ulok for sevttral years, to Wheel- rov
lag yesterday, for treatment.
u Mrs. Mont Salters left t'oaterday for j'*j
M Des Moines, Iowa, to make her home
II with her parents there. J
" Miss Reno Haley, of Toledo, Ohio, la rh
! the pucst of her brother, Reuben Haley. r:*\
of Fifth street. ' Ilc.
'* "Miss Cora l'arlclnscn will lcav<* ft/it- trn
. unlay for Cambrld&u, O., to visit rt'lu- , '
>f tlV"- tw,
r Mian Ttotta Johnnon will tench a nam
nu-r school at the Third ward bulldlnK. <j0,
i> Humuel Park I Htm returned yoaterdny I
- from ii trip to Valley Wills, Ohio. qui
' Mrn. Phil A. Bhnffvr Ih home from vln- 'Ht!;
Itlnjf relatives at Uellnlrv, ''
i Dr. lid ward Davh, of Cameron, *vaa In mr
? the city yc6terday.
1 A car load- of eighteen hornes wan pes
chipped to Mttcungle, Pa,, yesterday, by oiti
Dasher. ^lr. Dasher is etill In the
ly, looking- for other horses.
Lester Rodgers was at Falrview yesrdajr
Dr. D. J. Slates is In Monroe county,
, ?n Luslness.
Mlf.s Uelle Crow, of Sixth street, Is on
le filck list.
oings of Poop In In the ttrooko Couit
ty Metropolis.
At the rocent city election the hoard
' education was authorlxed to issue
jmlw to the nmount of $20,000 Tor
Jllding purposes. The board has not
>t decided on n location, but it will be
the Third ward, and a building crectI
at a moderate cost that can be addl
to an the continued^ growth of our
hool population r?Mjulre.n. There will
so be Improvements made to the ^resit
building, in the Second ward', and
le whole will be completed in time for
le beginning of the school term in
?ptember. There are 1,225 youths of
hool ago In the district, and the tax%
bio property Is about 31.000,000, on
hlch there will be an Increase of taxa6n
by reason of the bond issue of
to 20 cents on the $100. Our peopla
e Justly proud of their public schools
id are ready to endorse any reasonne
expenditure to increase their efllcllcy.
The fallowing officers were c'.octed by
le new city council: President, first
anch, Henry Stlngle; president, secid
branch, A. W. Reeves: clerk, first
anch, Jesse G. Johnson; city solicitor,
C. Wright; wharfmaater, E. A.
loots; welghmaster. John T. Louck;
ember board of public works, Samuel
porge, Jr.; policeman and street comIsfiioner,
Thomas M. Hudson. All are
epubllcans except Hudson, council acpting
Marshal Myer's recommendaon,
upon his refusal to make any othDonilnatlon.
Hudson eufceeeds Geo,
Robinson, who has tilled the position
r live years, to the satisfaction of the
Mrs: John JC. List, of "Wheeling, present
of the West Virginia Humane Sooty.
was In the city yesterday, In
e Interest of the society. It Is probata
a local society will be organized
>re, with ex-Mayor. Simpson as agent,
le new law enacted at the recent sesDn
of the legislature, gives this soety
very lmpprtnnt powers and dunnd
the establishment of an agen'
here will have a^nalutary effect.
Harry Smith and Lizzie Taylor, a
reubenvllle couple, secured a license
;re yesterday afternoon, and were
arried by Rev. T.' J. Putty, of the
ithollc church. The bride, who was
;t sixteen years of age, was accominled
by her mother.
The Shakespeaare club held the last
eetinff of the season at the home of
0. W. Davles, Monday evening, ndurning
to meet the !ln*t Monday in
tptembcr, at the home of Mrs. Z. Ja>bs.
Rev. C. E. Clatfc, pastor of Thomson
. E. church, of \VTieeltng, will deliver
o addrejiB to the graduating- class of
e Wellsburg hirrh school at the com- j
encement exercises, on May 25.
Charles Vollhardt is visiting relatives |
>re, after an absence of nine years, j
e is now located in Kansas, and is
perintendent of a railway.
Thomas J. Gracy, of Cross Creek dlsIct,
has moved to "Wellsburg. and oc!ples
the Lytle house, on Main street.
Attorney "W. M. Workman has
turned from a visit to his former
mie. at Greensburg, Pa.
attorney F. A. Chapman was in New
imberland on legal business the first
'o days of this week.
rhomaH M. Hudson, the new policein
tinder Marshal Myer, went on duty
lesday evening.
Mrs. Dr. A. F. Gasmlre, of "Wheeling,
visiting relatives here.
5. II. Sn?*deker has returned from a
p to Ironton, Ohio.
Lily Items of Interest About People
ami Events.
r. J. Hi ley, Baltimore & Ohio yard
uluctor. left yesterday as a delegate
the national convention of the
oth?'rhood of Railway Trainmen, to
held at New Orleans, next week.
me luuerui ui inarm i-erRUSon. wno
'd at Bon wood Junction, Monday,
11 take place from the M. E. church
s afternoon, at 2 o'clock.
^retl Nieberpoll left Tuesday for Oakid.
Md., for tne bentfl of his health.
; was accompanied by his brother,
Urs. Arthur Steele will return home
>m Grafton to-day, where she was
lending the funenil of her mother,
lenry Pracht 1b home from Grafton
a visit to hl?* parents. Mr. and Mrs.
L.. Pracht. of McMechen avenue.
,nck Powell, of Proctor, was here,
? guest of his sister, Mrs. Thomas
arpe, yesterday.
Vllsa B. West has returned to Rt.
llrsvillo, after a. pleasant visit with
ends here.
Tames T. Powell and wife, of "Wheelr.
were the guests of friends here yesday.
Foseph Burthorft, of Bellaire was a
slneas caller In town yesterday.
F. T. Gillespie and John Gosney arc
the sick list this week.
Break in Insurance Situation.
KITTLE nOCK, ATk.. May 3.?Thnro
s a break in the Insurance fcituatlon
re to-day when four of the old line
npanles announced thc-y would at
?e resume business In* this field. All
urn nee desired enn now be obtained
1 it is believed that in a short time
the companies which recently withw
will bo doing business in compll:e
with the new law.
atemcnt of a Neighbor is to be
thing bo Convincing as What Foron*
Whom wo Know uml Kcspect
'hero Is nothing so convincing as tho
dements of people whom we know
il respect. If your neighbor tolls you
nothing, you know It 1* true; no
Ighbor will deceive another. So that
the way wUh Kkl-ne-old?. Tho
itemonts ot' people living right hero
West Virginia are published no that
u may ask these people, and find out
> grout good Morrow's Kid-ne-olda
? doing.
dr. F. F. Smart. No. 1004'Thirteenth
eet, Parkersburg, a retired farmer,
vs: "I have been a HUfTerer from
Iney dlHeaao for years. The seereuh
of the kidneys were very freent
and excessive, and contained a
Itish sediment. I Buffered constantwith
nnln nnf??eo ..... ? ??* -
111 j i'uuiv aim wiiii
jumctlsm In my limbs; the doctors
(1 my trouble w?h diabetes. 1 was
k*cr able to got anything that would
re me, and I have tried n number of
feront rom?iVii?n. I heard ubout Morv'?
Kld-ne-olds bHnff a aure cure for
t backache. and I decided to try
in.; In about a week uftvr 1 begun
nif Kld-ue-olds my backache wan
. I rely gone, ur.d xny urluo was rered
to ItH normal condition, and tlH
'Umatlsm greatly rdluyed. I cannot
too much In praise of Morrow's lvldohls;
what they have done (or me la
ly wonderful."
cid?-no?olds are put up In wooden
:<?s, which contain wnough for about
r> weeks' treatment, and well for
y cents per box at Charles K.
>tze's drug store.
eserlptlve booklet mailed upon rejafby
.lohn Morrow & Co., Chcm'.
Springfield, Ohio.
'or sale ut Gootao's drug store, corMnrket
and Twelfth streets.
HRR1UL1S plagues, those itching,
terlng diseases of tlio skin. Do/in's
Uncut euros, At nuy drug store. 4
The Wonderful Doctor Slocura System of Treatment
is Demonstrating Every Day to the Entire Civil
izefl world, mat consumption is Curable.
TMBAiss mum OURED.
By Special and Particular Arrangement, Four Free Prej>
arations, Embracing the Complete Slocum
System, May be Obtained by Every
Reader of This Paper.
'' " * -ai
. ^^
. > "Ni . "n i 1
Consumption is curable. Third?It stops at once all catarrhal and
The. discovery hos been marte, perfected, mil con* discharges and killi the cough,
triumphantly tested and given f/? the world Fourth?It provides a trno tonic intiticnce,
by tho eminent American mcdical expert- which invigorates and stimulates, vitalize*
upccialist?Dr. T. A. Sloeum. ^11 weak spot* and brjuKs the entire system
The Slocmn Sclera is a thoro-jrh.com- b*$! to ? healthy normal condition.
plcte end cofflpfehensivo System of Treat- , Best of ^1 thus tflortom dkcorwy ,s ymri
mcnt.consisting of Four distinct Prspara- j j?L .,nen /a arrangement
?<??.. ComMr.Nl, tlicy represent the nctnnl made with the Doctor, readsnol thiswpei
annU.ilttor of Consumption: couchs. colds. rn:Lyobt?in lie Four Prorations making
asthma, bronchitis, catarrh, weakened and l?c complete Sloeumi extern. as lllcstnlea
rtm-dovrn svstems. anemic conditions, larjm- ?" fveA, ^ sending thgir complete naraes,
ritis irin'>e-nd ;Hsoriouv after-e^rti postorafc and express addresres to the
al ? ? ci J . , ,r ?i . Sloeum Laboratories. 00 and ft Pine Street,
? ^cuni and dm-ee >>V,v York, beinc sure to mention this paper,
osit of th? human system every deofh-deahn- Editorial Advice. Write to the Doctor totwrra.
tUereoy rendering it susceptible to re- ^v. nsk*hls advice. and he will give you tha
sponslvo treatment. benefit of his years of experience. Don't de?
5ccon<3?It Introduces a buildinir-up. fat- lay, but send*your full name. po.stotTlre ?ad
vnhur, streujrth-rc.storinp fopd. which-rc- express address to Dr.T. A.Slocum- 98 Pino
etores the disease-wasted (issues and brines Street. New York. N*. Y.. and r>e sure te say
tho throat andlnncsinto active, "healthy use. that you rcadthis generous olftrin this paper.
dAe Dlational Sxehanae Sank of TDhepHnrt.
.7. N. VANCE President. SKi I.. E. BANDS CMhlcr,
JOHN EllEW... VIco 1-rcKldciit. IV. 11. IRVINE &BS't. Caohlcr.
The National Exchange Bank
$?$? Of Wheeling. g8gS??
J. 17. ToncoP John "Wqtorhouso, Dr. .John L. Dlckoji
JohnFrtnr, "Wlllfum Ell Ingham "W. E. Ston??
G. E. Stll'ol, J. M. Urown, \Y. XI. Frank.
Business entrusted to our core will receive prompt ond careful attention*
?iqtiorn- Plumbing, Sfe.
ALL WHISKIES we f. t schnelle. n "SB"
ucaier in ell goods pertaining to tbo inula.
ore good, but some ore better than others." 2012 Street,
Telephone 37. Wheeling, W. Ya. ^
We Sell the Best. GE0 hibberd & son,
c:|.?r An-? B?.n The Plumbers and Gas Fitters, aro no*
Oliver Ag?K>L, putting In tfcMr CALORIFIC Cook Stovi
51.50 per quart. S6.C0 per gallon. burners for JC.00 and JG.50. If your rlumtor
cannot accommodate you with one, c?!?
Bear Creek Rye, on "s. nr.d wo wlll>put It in subject to yow
c( . c. ftA ? approval and guarantee satisfaction. v?
$1.00 per quart, S4.00 per gallon, defy competition on this burner.
... . .. Cull at 1314 Market street.
Cabinet Rye, . ? *
75c per quart, S3.00 per gallon. J^OUEItT vr. KTLE.
W. pmanteo thrac Whiskies to bo praclico| an(1 stcora n,W
puro and old, and on every order of
one caller, or over. No' "" M"ket ",r"L
Gas and Electric Chandeliers, Filters,
and Taylor Gas Hunners a specialty.
P"V nil Charges. Wlliam HAKE 4 m
and ship by express or freight, do- ' ? _____
prnd.n,: on the dbtano. No char*, PraclIcaI Plumbers, Gas ami Steam Fitted
for packing, or shipping, cither.
Try a sample gallon?wo know wo No. ?3 Twelfth Street
can please you. u*ork don* promptly at reasonable priced
" fcVwx'""
Wholesale Liquors, 0?supp "house?.
82 Federal Street, Alloglicny, Pa. ZZZ
Sena for complv.o caUtORUO, mailed fn*. PLUMnINQ AND_GAS FITTING.
A m m,. or iL,*
K25sC^. -?0^f BKOW STEAM I'UMrS
^Wheeling Warehouse & Storage Co,
^^cK' SUf?' Convcnlcnt Depository for
/W^Sa^'l- Household Goods nnd
I Ocncrnl Merchandise.
*?? *
11 Transfer Wagons Will Call.
/ Wn?A' *1 f^\V'^V ,Pl??nr 310. 1G1G-1620 Chnpllnc St.
The Intelligencer..
J?h Printing Office
Iu3 ThrunrnnP , 0v\ M* Tho largest and most eompleto
*C3 riHOTP?cirv,nuf>,l e COATED Vj)
W tiicm v\?>T*RS science can make fH " Job Printing Establishment in
tf1 n?S~WM *?a?J?rohlCC?MinU?lt ft
v-J*taln3 In con* A* 1,10 c?ty and ono of tho mo?t
Jfcfl 5i*u*4*n*s 1" u week.0 Th?s A vrhv K\ M' extensive In tho Ohio Valley*
s$ KB '" ramwt mrr fac""y ,or""
ff, S^%^S5??jSa1SSfe ?v "' luy>niPt execution of MI
"Wl lienl?hvT^I'lV''},ralnmattC5U,orce !K "' worK, rrom a ivcni caru ur w..
fifl |jjjySnS?e Jirof . |m '" cular t0 " Monitor Posttr. in our
S ?ml _ K? " vnrlcly or colors, nt (ho ahortwt
tniv#iM^t^n^ncnt'y r,UP?'- Deltvy i i. ,M notlco and on tho most rooaonablo
M 1""y' C""?Urapti3U i? ... terms. Conn.ry mcrcha??. f.n?5n*??
?w and othora requiring Btorn
^ iwu^ssji'-fvj100? {^n'nlnlnff Mils, Public Sale Bills, ctc.. will
Alcdlclno Co., Clavctand, o!"" ** ,M And It to their advnntaso to call
::: In,c,"ccnc,r

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