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Stone & dhomas. | Stone & Choman
Stone & Thomas.
20 Per Cent
Discount Sale
Wash Goods. Lace Curtains.
Tho largest and most varlnd stock j,lst mention two Items to show what
thin store ?v?r invito! you to select a saving It means to you.
*tom" j Fine Nottingham Lacc Curtains,
There's over 500 plcces, SO to 54 inches newest designs, 314 yards long, full
wide. Lawns, Dimities, Percales, at one ; width, our price J1.4S pair. Deduct 20
price?10c per yard. Deduct 20 per cent ! per cent and they co?t you
discount, they cost you ?..,? ,
8c* ; 51.19. pair.
Over S00 pieces finesti English Per- 4 finer grade Nottingham Lace Curcoles,
Lappet Mulls, Finest American *1 ? , Freilu
Organdie?. Ginghams, at one price? Cluny styles, full width and length.
12V6c yard. Deduct 20 per ccnt discount, Jur P*^0 ^.9S pair. Deduct-0 per cent
they cost you discount, they cost you only
10c, $2.39.
Over 300 styles French Dimities, Satin And so on tip tc? the finest Curtains
Stripo Organdies, etc.. at 15c per yard. nt j>o.oo per pair?one-flflh ot tho prlco
Deduct 20 per cont, they cost you is refunded to you.
75 styles Silk Stripe and Inlaid Ginghams;
also Imported French Organdies r ?{1* -.5
at 25c per yard. Deduct 20 per ccnt, LOCaEGS WolStS*
they cost you
20C. styles Ladles' Waists of Ginghams,
Percales and Madras, all colors, plaited
Finer grades Wash Goods up to 51.00 ! yoke back, at tho popular price of 49c.
per yard. Yoji get one-flfth the price Deduct tho 20 per cent and they cost
handed back to you. you only
'i 100 styles Ladles* Fine Madras, Lawn,
YvlBfifcC VJ?00s5? jj Ginghams and Pique Shirt Waists,
I tucked fronts; also trimmed with inOver
1,000 pieces White Goods?, serting, plain white or colors. Our
bought In great quantities for spotljpric* 98c; 20 per cent discount makes
cash. Range of prices j, them only
5c to 98c yard. 79c?
OA . aiutoa f ? ? ?%?_?_ H
iJauru JJJWIIH IXIIU X*iaUl 11
White India Lawns at Sc per yard. Do- |i '
fluct 20 per cent malcea them cost you |l
6^c. 1 Silk Waists.
one-nith mates them cost >ou ed fr0Rts yoko or Fr^ph brvcUB>
10c. !i sty,e5 nt ea?h *4-93. Deduct 20 per cent
. , i makes them
And so on up to the finest-one-fifth CQ no
the purchase is handed back to you. |j
All over this great store the same discount
allowed, except In the Carpet Department.
Stone Kc-Thomas.
9eo. Sli- Sr.ooh <?* Co. I Sco. S)l. Snook & Co.
" Ti sFb
the winning arguments here. Offers like these
plainly indicate where your interests lie
Umbrellas, 3 for $1.00. :
Two hundred 25-inch fast black cotton Gloria Um- X . %
brellas at 34c cach; 3 (or $1.00. Only new styles in 2nd HOSlCr)'
Colored Umbrellas and Parasols to show you. <v Jqj. gygj-y ?
Black Silk Rabbons. | member in |
No. 5, 40c piece: No. 7, 50c piece; No. 9, 65c piece. <; the family. ?
They're all silk' Everything' in our big- Ribbon
department, and new ones daily added. ? ^j| ^ ?
Handkerchief FSyers | well-filling |
for men. Pure Linen H. S. Handkerchiefs, worth <S> Corsets IirC X
25c at 17c; worth 3-Jc at 25c. All the new Hand- % ? un !'
kerchief styles for men and women here. J; Here. L3C up.
BnsSl Point | Tiiousandsof |
Pillow Shams, Scarfs and Stand Covers. Average |jj{e <:'
value 85c, choice at 59c each. '
a <. r> . 1- ? B'ac!( an^
Leather Belts 25c. | Colored Fans. |
Made of genuine Seal leather, worth 3pc, only 25c
cach. Lan t Nip liclts, iJog collar Melts, i lain <f> a I,ifnil<c? v'.>
and Jetted Elastic Belt?, Belt Bucklcs and Collar- $ lilIaHlS
ctte Clasps?the newest. <j; and ?
Wide Torchon Laces 5c Yd. | Children's |
5,000 yards in this lot, one to four inclics wide? <j> Hcsdwcsr <j?
arc worth all th-c way up to 18c yard, choicc 5c yard. & gf|n2Fb '
iWc start Val. I-accs as low as 10c d07.cn and Embroideries
as low as lc yard. Immense is the ,/A ' '
'showing. All-Overs,
Net Ties 25c. f fiJgs' J ;
New styles in wide, long Net Ties at 25c each and <j> ""HIl^S g
up. India Silk Tics 50c up. Handsome Novelties J. and TllCKlIlgS % i
in Neckwear. | jn varjefy_ | |
250 Envelopes for 35c. 150c to $16.5011
Fine satin wove or Irish linen finish. Writing Pa- <:>' )'3rd. " > '
per to match 10c j?.t pound. Initialed and other % 1
' Snc Writing Pajrers. | YoD Can Still t
Men Are All Drifting | buy Snits, | :
our way lor dressy Shirts, Neckwear and sensible | Reefers and f ,
Underwear. See Market street window, f gjjj. IIiS(S <t
The Most Trifling % at 25 per | ;
or exacting want can Ire easily filled by our big 4 CCnt Off.
Aofion Department. Try if. 4>'< '?$$$$
Sood Shoea.
All Men
like to wear patent leather
shoes for dress occasions.
Many Men
will not buy them because of
the uncertainty of the wear
for the money they usually
"The Wheeling"
line includes patent leathers
that have all of the appearance
and wear of a six-dollar
shoe. You take the same
chance of course, but it costs
you less to do it.
Good Shoes. 1049 Main.
Stetoon Shoes.
There Are Men
who want to pay five dollars for
a five dollar shoe that is worth
five dollars. That shoe is the
..Stetson Shoe..
"Finely finished" is no empty
phrase when spoken of the Stetson
Shoe. ' The good work
shows all over it. This is the
shoe they are talking about In
the leading magazines.
Reliable Shoes. 1317 Market St.,
Oflleo: ?5 and ?7 Fourteenth Street.
Now Advertisements.
To a Generous Public.
For Sale?Howard Hazlett.
For Sale?G. O. Smith.
There Aro Men?Nay Brothers?Eighth
Base Ball?Island Park?Third Pa^e.
One Train-Load After Another? House
& Herrmann? Fifth Pair*.
The New Store?The Sample-Lingaman
Co.?Eighth Page.
2Gc for Men's Cool Balbrlggan Vndorwoar?McFudden's?Second
"Leg Over Leu tho Dog Went to Dover"
?Mutual Savings Hank?Fifth Page.
20 Per Cent Discount Bale Continued?
Bton? & Thouwii?ttlchth Pago.
K. of P. Funeral Notice.
Hyjreia Dairy?Simpson, "Tho Milkman.1'
standard Male Quartotto.
Veronica water?Goette's Drag; Store.
Electric Wall Paper Cleaner?II. F.
Bohrena Co.
H?m?mb?r-IL II. List.
Blank Hooks?Stanton's Old City Book
Bonds For Bale?Simpson & Tatum.
Surety Bond*?Alfred Paull.
Wo have now on exhibit ono of tlio
lurtco??t anil best selected stocks of lino
tailoring at pimular prices In tlio city,
Wo haveadded to our cutting dejmrt.1.
Kd. Dorner. one ofthomost flishlonable
cutlet's east.
Tito artistic out, stylish uppenrunoo
and excellency In make-up of our garments
will speak ftir themselves.
Always tho newest In dno furnishings.
c. IlKSS i\> SONS.
Fashionable Tailors and Flno Furnishers,
11101 and lOtfJJ Market Street.
Wo hnvo 111 ted moro than twenty
tlionsaiul pairs of Spectacles, glvlnccu*
n rccord and experience unequalled by
nnv oilier optician In We?t Virginia.
Satisfaction iruumntced.
JACOlt W. cmtTHH, Optician,
No. laOCt Marlit't Street.
Subscribers to the Dully Intelllponeer
changing their residences on
Muy 1st will plensoKlrn notice at tills
ufllco, No. 1'ourteentli street, so
that carriers niny bo notlhcdand that
tlirro may bo no Interruption In the
delivery of the papers.
The A. O. ir. W. On tin?:.
The A. O. "P. "SV. outing committee,
made up of representatives of the several
lodges of the order, met und organized,
as follows:
Chairman?M. .T. O'Neill.
Secretary?Frank Stanton.
The outing- will be held at "Wheeling
park,, but the date has not yet beeu
fixed. The
Grand IiO(l;je Meeting.
The general committee in charge of
the arrangements for the approaching
meeting of the West Virginia grand
lodge of the Knight? of Pythias, has decided
to give a valuable cash prize for
the best drilled'Uniform Hank company
attending the meeting, and a prir.e to
the subordinate lodge having the largest
percentane of its membership here
during the affair.
In Clerk Robertson's Ottlce.
Yesterday, in Clerk Robertson's of
flee, the following transfers of real estate
were recorded:
Deed made April 20. 1S?0. by John
Btfeher and wife to James W. Plants:
consideration, $500; transfer.* a piece of
ground on Twenty-ninth street.
Deed made May 1. 3S93, by E. A. H logins
and wife to Joseph and Albert
Foster; consideration, $1,000; transfers
n piece of ground on the south side
5f Kentucky street. Island.
Three deeds of trust were recorded.
In the Circuit Court.
In the circuit court yesterday, Judge
Hervey, In the case of Louis Hurt vs.
Sfjulro James Allen and his bondsmen,
charged with selling of goods under exemption,
tho trlnl was begun.
In the criminal court. Judge Ilugus
an the benrfh. In the barratry cane of
tho state vs. W. J. Cotts, the defendant
intered a demurrer and moved to qnosh
the Indictment, consideration of which
ieas set for May 5. Colonel Araett appeared
for Colts.
In the barratry case of the r.late vs.
T. E. \V. McCulley, there was the same
>rd?-r. Richard Ryan represented McCulley
In the case of the state vs. 13. F.
Beans, alias John Smith, thoro wna a
lernurrer una motion to quash; r.et for
May C.
City vs. J. Cl. KUno and "WnUnm BqrIcy.
three charffCH; motion to quash
uade, and hearing net for May R.
State vh. Mrs. McNa?nee, un appeal;
llnmlB aefl.
The old gambling casos ngnlnst Ike
Seel I, Albert Campboll, .lohn Hmlnerth,
Charles Pox, James llohman, Charles
Haines, John Kyne. Olllo Hawyer and
John weir wore nolltad.
Tho ^canrt of the Rtato vs. William
Frcdenbcrger was f??'t for May 10.
The case against Marshall Carrlngton,
>n thv charge of stealing a watch, was
nol1l?*(1. Carlngton Is now serving a
twenty year oentenco for the Harden
burglary. ^
GOOD bread Ik halt a meal. Always
jet .IVlicolinu Bakery, tin ueal bread,
Accepts the Invitation to Open the
Ellis' Street Fair.
Things Rounding Into Shape Nicely
fop tlio Summer Carnival?"Wheel*
Ing Lodge's Successful "Stag1* Last
Nlglit the Last. Until the Fall?Presided
Over by Congressman Dovencr.
Lodge Given a Banner.
Govornor Atkinson yesterday accepted
fhe Invitation to make the opening
address at the Elks' street fah- In this
city, the latter week ot June. Wheeling
lodge, No. 28, B. P. O. E., a few days
ujio invited tne governor to perform tnis
ofllce and In liis reply to C. Rcsley
, Tracy, of the executive committee, the
governor added that In all likelihood
several state officers "would accompany
him from Charleston. The Allegheny,
Pa., lodge of Elks Is to have tho fair
attraction two weeks later than Wheeling,
and Governor Stone, of Pennsylvania,
will deliver the opening address.
Last night Wheeling lodge gave the
Inst social session ot the season, and
from now until the fair the lodge will
put forth Its best licks to make the
summer carnival the success It certainly
will be. Yesterday's Intelligencer
noted some of the features of each day
of "carnival week," and the committees
are perfecting arrangements for many
others. The lodge has decided on a
specially designed cap to be worn by
local Elks during the fair.
Congressman B. B. Dovener was
Mlillrmnn nt lite* tnoclnn
which was hold in Arlon hall. The atondance
was good and embraced many
visiting brothurs. A business meeting
preceded the "stag," four new members
being elected and five applications received
that will be acted on ut the next
meeting. There were no initiations.
The lodge now numbers 218 members.
Fortunate Is the individual invited to
an Klks' social session. There is "the
feast of reason and the How of soul,"
and likewise- the feast of substantial
and the flow of liquids, with cigars,
music, song and anecdotes on the side.
The antlered gentlemen who have deviated
from the paths of righteousness
according to the Judgment of the chairman
are ever and anon escorted to the
^throne and assessed fines, n quarter be,
Ing the minimum limit. The deputies
sworn In to enforce the Injunction last
night were Captain John Cummlps and
Major Nell Qulnn.
The Opera House orchestra furnished
occasional snatches of melody, and the
pjusnmala Quartette, composed of colored
gentlemen, sang, while appropriate
addresses and other remarks were made
by Fred II. Lange, J. B. Handlan and
F. Enoch, of this city, Mr. Hall, of Allegheny,
and Mr. Chapyee, of Grand
Iiuplds. Il/ilph ITeynian recited and
Secretary Thomas O'Urlen, Jr., was
forced to respond to the toast of "If I
Were City Clerk," which he did In a
humorous manner. Charley D. Kyle
had to explain why he cluinged his residence
from Short Creek to Wheeling.
The committee In charge was composed
of Harry I*. Wheat, Charles A.
AuJ, Charles J. Klllmyer, A. A. Marls
and James O. Campbell.
The members of the lod*e were
agreeably surprised, and. In fact, delighted
to receive for the lodge a hand
some siiK wanner, presented ny one 01
the charter members, whose modesty
forbids using his name. The banner Is
certainly a beauty ami, was deeply appreciated.
Enjoyed by Frank GifTen, Arrestort
Alter .Jail Release.
Frank Glffen was released from the
courtv jail yesterday and last night he
was placed in the lackup. The grand
Jury failed to find against him on the
charge of bunkoing the unwary. Last
night he ran up a bill of drinks lr.
Hen Wilkle's saloon, on Sixteenth street,
totaling $3 50, and left the saloon without
paying for his refreshments. W*IIkle
followed him ln<o Oscar Gardner's
saloon, on Market street, and n lively
scene ensued. Tho polio? were uotliled
and Lieutenant Ed. Michaels arrested
Glffen. who is big enough to vat tht:
wiry lieutenant up. He showed fight,
hut Michael* gave him a right hook on
the Jaw, and soon had him handcuffed,
after which proceeding GifYen accompanied
him as meek as a Iamb:
Charges of disorderly conduct and
abusive language were placed against
Glffen, end he will appear before the
mayor this morning. Glffen is registered
on the police docket n* a bunko man,
and he is said to be an expert fllmllammer.
Republican Conncilinen to Name tlic
Xcw CTity Clerk.
The Republican members of the city
council will likely caucus to-r.lRht to
name their candidate for the ofllce of
city .clerk, a position that will be vacant
If the present ofllclal, Charles H.
Watklns, carries out his Intention of resigning.
Last night Is was said that
all but three of the twenty-six Republican
councilinen had signed the call
for the caucus, which will be hold In
the second branch council chamber this
evening at 8 o'clock. The candidates
we Clerk of t,lie First Branch Thomas
O'Brien, Jr., City Receiver A. II. Forgey,
Assistant Pity Clerk "William
Nolle, N. C. Hamilton and Councilman
John "W. Klndelberger.
Some take the stand that a cauous
shouldn't be hold until there is a vacancy,
and Clerk "Watklns' resignation
in the near future Is not a certainty,
as he has declared that he will not
tender his resignation unless he believes
the mantle of ofllce will fall on
the shoulders of it man satisfactory to
the people at large.
Poor Man's Friend.
Buckeye Llthla "Water, nsed and
rocommended by physicians for Rheumatism.
Stomach and Bowel Trouble,
Constipation, Indigestion and Dyspepsia.
Gallons, 15c; two gallons. 25c.
For sale by "W. J. MAIKR,
Corner Twenty-second and Cimpltae
Pan Handle to Sclo.
Trains leave (cHy time) at 7:23 a. m.,
9NG a. m., 1:25 p. m., and 3:u5 r?. m.
Hound trip. 52 33. 11Jjas
^V,?you J, 1 you hftvo tried
exurythlni? nru iivoryono, conxult ixi. a 1
.la?y urrurrriicv h i ho nurprlko nhown by 1
tho lirnoiitcd patients ut otir office
ltd Villi llIIV'll linn.l.,1. ..'.A.
water? Do th*y nmurt or burn? Does
tliP print run tOKcthor vrlion rending?
X'or nn> troul.U. your cy?n cnnnult
ZntVolau"1"0 V',
ojitu luu J:iuvcnth:itrouu.
tThe Stub Clothiers. |
v* IB.
| j (
I ' i dark
tithe \
^ V'* V& Vg o(. j.
JL ut
SSaer's Clothing Stouae. i
plays the leading part w
of a tailor. You imagin
paying more. Wc are
that has the style, the <
good wearing qualities
Our Suits at
Ten to Fifteen Dollars
the collars and lapels art
shape, just as the best
Newest Spring Suits :
double-breasted, and the
fabrics?all have stylish
Twelfth Street.
(John Urlcdel Co. |
CHINA and W.
Very Low Prices on Our
Large Stock of
Dinner Sets.
Chamber Sets.
Wall Panor
H ? W *.
Room Mouldings,
u,fie Satnplc-eCinnaman Co. 1
The New Stor<
offers for to-da
E*<tra size, 90x00 Inches, good, soft finish M
Since 2V.- yards of the cheapest 10-4 131
you about 50c, you can see that this is :
Is one caso Bleached Pillow Blips, 45x30, mi
The Sample-Li
So t'it' Shtic Company. |
Elook well
wear well
::::fit well
kinds of shot!
nity sett MORE oi tlicm than a
IWWe call special attention to our line
made Show. THEY ARE HIGH!
lool;s and price
fifi-TGcntlonien's fine Vici Kid and Will
I and Tans, made on the EASY-TO-^
like them in Wheeling or any place c
Locke Shoe
Che Siub ClotHert.
3 Skeptical
't believe all you hear about
ling. Don't think because a
I is advertised at half pricey
it is necessarily desirable,
e's usually a reason for cut
is, and the reason is in the l
itv r>f orw-irlc Tlia U..L I
,w J ~ 4 4 lie A1UU
for spring is really the
pest clothing in the state.
guaranteed. Your money
any time you want it.
The Hub Kind
)ring Suits in checks, plaids
plain materials, in light and
shades, at $5, $7.50, $10,
$15 and $20. No tailor in
vorld can make better clothes
mble the price.
Siaer's Clothing Siouio.
J ,
hen it comes to buying clothes
e tlicy'rc better because you're
selling ready-made Gothing
mduring good shape, and the
of the best madc-to-ordcr
: hand-made, arc kneaded into
made-toorder work is done.
show blue serges, single or
fine grey and brown checked
Clothing House
: . |
?ohn jtriede! & Co. !
' -v a <i
^ ' a jV.
^ ^ I
TT>k TT"* tr n
Che Samph'jCin[jnman Co.
y's selling, and to-day onlyi
uslin, Hemmed and Ironed, 30c Eacli
eached Sheetlnjr you ran buy cost*
iiore than an ordinary sheeting op1
ido of the same muslin, 7c Each
ngaman Co.,
jCockc Shoe Company.
> are tlic ones we carry and sell, and
nyonc else. Why not? The goods
of Ladies' fine Cincinnati.(M rft
' in every uay-ftt, wear,
ow Cair Shoes in Black d"} AA
Jt'ALK-ON last. Nothing
Ise for v

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