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Of tlic WliccIluB District Alcet in
Annual Convention.
\j.(> Iluiprtalnin?r the Visitors in
f|u?il*oim; Style?Nearly 100 Do!o^atcs
nro in Attendniico and tho.
Sessions are Rcinjs Thoroughly ISnjoyotl?'The
Convention Closes Tonight
?Preparations Being: Made
lor I lie Christian Kndeavor Convention.
The Wheeling district Epwortli
League convention inet at the M. 13.
charth at .Moundsvlllc yesterday afternoon
at l:o0 o'clock. Almost 100 delegate*
and members of tho convention
were present when the convention was
failed to order by District President
James A. Slgafoose.
]lei>resentutlv?3 from twenty-six
leasuo chapters in the district were :
present and the convention started off
with an amount of good feeling and en- ^
thuslnsm which promises that this will <
be the best convention la the history of f
the organization. <
Rev. D. W. Ruble has chargc of the I
r.uslc of the convention, and the fine 1
singing at yesterday's session proves !
hiin to be the right man in the right
V t
After the devotional exercises con- J
ducted by Rev. A. Moore, of Wheeling, ;
the roil call of chapters was called and '
two-minute reports were given by a ^
member of each chapter. The reports
phowrd a general and stendy growth of
the league throughout the district and
jts future Is very promising and hope- '
A committee on constitutional revision
made it? report, suggesting several
important changes in the district constitution,
which were adopted by the con- ,
A very able paper was read on ,
the subject, "Should there be j
active and associate members?" The
speaker took the position that
there should, and very clearly set forth
the reasons for and advantages to be
gained by having both active and asso- ?
ciate members. c
The "league prayer meeting," was 3
discussed by Oliver Cook, of Cameron, 1
la a five minute talk. c
Miss Estell Balrd, of the Fourth street c
League, Wheeling, read a most excel- c
I-r.t paper on the subjefct, "Use of the c
topics In prayer meetings."
"Who should be leader and his Dart
In :h" meeting," was the subject of a
very interesting paper by Mrs. R. S.
Fclr, of Zane street, Wheeling.
The last hut not by any means the
least part on the programme for the
afternoon session, was an address by
Hov. John Bryson, of New Martinsville
circuit, on the subject, "The boundaries
of the Ep worth League." Ills remarks
were well received and enjoyed by all
In the evening an entertainment was
given by Simpson chapter, of MoundsTtllo.
The programme as published in
Wednesday's Intelligencer was carrle'd
?t. A large crowd was present and
tie affair was enjoyed by all.
The convention will close to-day with
f-ssions in the morning, afternoon and
Adopted as C. E. Colors ? Arrange- r'
moms for the State Convention.
Blue and white art: the colors ad aptfl
by the Wheeling Christian Endeavor
I'r.lcm, for the state convention, to be
held in this city, Tuesday. Wednesday
end Thursday of ncx: week. The English
Lutheran church, where the convection
sessions will be held, will be
wttsticaUy decorated with these vert,festive
color?. Thf business men of
' > city .1 re Invited to decorate their
fores with these colors.
V,'heeling, noted Cor hospitality, will
?tend a cordial welcome to the Christen
Endeavorerj of the Mountain
State who will corn? to this annuo!
taw. The local committee* arc working
fai:hfall> to entertain the convention
e"J rnrjkc this the most successful of
Christian Endeavor gatherings.
Dr. J. L. Sooy will welcome the Chris
avcrcrs on uenair of tno citj* i
Pastor* u. Truxcl!, president of the s
Endeavor Union. ;vlll tflva the r;
Mn?- on behalf of the Wheeling En- i
< svorer* Rev. P. C. White, pastor of t
Weston Presbyterian church, will
r?ponrf to the wo Iconic addresses.
' r'.rw.A of sixty trained Vu!cs wll'.
&*otcs herself to her first child as she
c<-*er dots to another. As child succeeds
child she n^> longer reads them storica, tells
t~cn tales .it t'Aili^h*. or joiar, with them in
amrn-rronip at bed time. Dora shelve
?t liter children lesd because she loves
wtnlen? No. She Rives them less Y>fQUie
she has less to give. The birth of
. each child has left Iter a
V ft little more weak, a little
more nervous, a little
more worn out. She
W&WrcJ-i'Wl hasn't strength to he
lkcir intimate and play
Fr mate. What a losi
W A this means, to mother
and to children, s
fc_ t-. O.T53S It is to ouch (
* l\ M 1
-wifcawfr i
^'tli-rc. worn with the burden of mother?':'"
;? ',<I drunml of vitality, tliat Dr.
r:-:rr\ JV/orite Prescription comes as the j
' { blessingR. The timely tine of i
|j-'- ;-(iv j.r-vf.ts th? strain and *toj>i
i'h from child beuritiK. Where this \
ami drain have been experienced, j
> |h-!v r.n.l thnt Dr. Fierc*'* Favorite^:?- t
.11 :ictiiiK directly upon the dclicatc f
which brar the burden of mother- (
j ) them to u normal condition
01 ''Hi arid elasticity. Ulcerations are *
c;?-l In:1au;mationa ure removed. The 1
*P?"*tiir become* i:r?o?l, tdeip is refreshing:, 1
J'" "tivrs %raw (juiet. Tlierf! is u new 1
U';ntueM in ti,c Pyc; * new lifhtnosn in 1
ur There ban eor.ie the pcrfcct happing
of perfect health.
I J.'tran taking your ' Favorite prescription *
'^ Tut wrltrt Mr?. MoUle K. Crirurn, ,
ii.tii '"?*1'1"' RwwnWu Co., Ala.. "nwMookH
i-. i,.n r "7 ''"Wv w?? born. 1 wa* ,u better |
*>< ? than I fvrr \?m* with nnv of my other
, n think oil women with child should 1
, r 'i'rte't I'nvirit* rrfforlptlon. I I
fi 'V'jvthinrr that fleih could Miffer with nil 1
t ,Jr ' ,f ,ny children, and I w.i* olno ?ubj?ct ,
< inw mrrta^r. Now t am the ha;.py mother .
cl 1ii'np r'rl rtl"" r,a* ,hp hitMr*t,<in2 <
n7 "'"1 "l ??'p tjlrth 1 had art
ft, . a shorter tlmetlum I ever had. Ism 1
?*?<? and litalihicr than I ever wu>." 1
Youth's Secret. i
| Hair Vigor
) restores color to <
s gray hair. j
;lve Inspiring mu?le. Special music
vill nlya be rendered. William Sham,
)t Boston, will speak at different seailons.
The younj? people who are active In
Christian Endeavor work should toe
nt .1 n m ' Wml-ftn/i-.. .? ?- -
- f "viuiiwa uuj JUIU Hi.'
jenetlted by the "School of Methods"
:onducted by Mr. Sham, who Is an oxlert
in this line of Endeavor work. Dr,
f. Z. Tyler, of Cleveland, Ohio, can ony
he present at the Tuesday evening
session, when ho will speak .on the'ineresting
theme, "The Present Statu?
ilid Needs- of Christian Endeavor.'
Phis convention will be very helpful tc
I uri go Jackson Arrives To-night, and
Will Open ix Special "Strike" Term
oi'Court. Saturday?Mr. llccvcs Enters
a Denial.
Judge Jackson, of the United State*
llstrict court, comes to Wheeling from
Charleston to-night, nnd on Saturday
le will hold a special "strike" term ol
lis court, to ivy the several men anil
>oys arrested for violation of his street
:ar injunction.
Mr. .Reeves, of the street car workers'
latlonal union, stated to an Intelligenrer
reporter yesterday afternoon, that
his paper's statement that the conduct
?f the strike had been taken from the
Trades Assembly's hands was not correct,
and that fhe assembly is connectid
With the Strike* now ns much ?? it
;vcr was. The local union of street
:ar workers also deny that a strike
irisis is approaching; that is a matter
>f opinion, of course, and future deveiipmentss
will show which is correct.
fn the Navy to Quicken That Section's
Interest in it.
WASHINGTON, D. C., May IS.-Secretary
of the Navy Loner is deeply inerectcd
in the result of an experiment
vhlch is to be made under the direction
>? Captain John M. Ilawley. for the enIs
tment of three* hundred or three hunlred
and fifty men in the- middle west
md wesi. It is believed western enlist
nentc will quicken that scctlon'a inter
st in the nn\T. Many inquiries have
icen received by the department from
he west by young men of adventurous
spirit who would like to join the navy,
nit who cannot afford the expens? ot
raveling -to New York or lJoston with
he chance of rejection after their ar~
ival. It Is proposed, therefore, to send
i recruiting officer through the weal
text month to gather in "00 or .*!."() results.
Only bright and promlslns
American citizens between the ages of
ighteen and tiventr-five'will be taken,
rh.ey must be able to road and write.
Exceptional Inducements are to be oferod
these recruits in the shape of a
ohk cruise on Atvminit i-arraput's OKI
lagshlp Hartford, which It? now at the
dare Island navy yard, belnft thorHighly
refitted at ? cost of $3"i,0Q0: The
ecrulta will bo sent to the receiving
.hip Independence at Sun Fmnclsco,
or three month.'! of preliminary shakily
down, and then will embark upon
he; Hartford for York. elth<M- by
ho'way of Cape Htjrn or across the Pacific
to China, ther.ee around to India,
mi! through-the Red sea and Mcdlter a
n can.
Her executive officer will be Ivleutenmt
Commander Alexander Sharp, a
iephew. of General Grant; who dlstln:uisheJ.
himself during the recent war
is the 'commander of -the auxiliary
,*acht Vixen, which was attached t<>
Schley's JlylnR squadron. In addition
o the recruits ?he will carry ir>0 experienced
men. Upon arrival in New York
he rccrnlfs will be aligned to warihlps.
If this experiment Is a success,
is Captain Hawloy conlldently expecls
t to be. it will l.i' repeated with a view
o the enlistment of more westerners.
Captured Spanish Guns.
ecrotary of war has secured from Juilg'j
^dvocato General Hebtr an opinion,
on/lrmln? his right to Joan or glvo to
nunlclpalitlcs, G. A. R, posts nnd oth?r
mtrlotic organization/), such of the
annon captured from the Spaniards in
,'tiba. and Porto Rico oh are unservlceible.
To-day ih? lirst of the suns which
ire In possession of the army, wore betowed
upon the military post nt Fort
Thomas. They are two beautiful bronKC
tlcces of antique pattera made in Uarelona
In lTfiS and 17C9.
Smallpox Anions Indians.
WASHINGTON". I). C.. Map IS.?Tho
iccretary of war to-day ordered th?
:ornmuni!!ntf oflicer nt Fort Wlngate,
s. M., lo dispatch on jnUri'.mte force of
roops Immediately t.) the Moqul Ptiobo
Indian ylllngo ?" Arizona to nsalat In
>vcrcomtnfT resistance to the work of
:1s In footing and quarantining: the vilaj^s
where pmnllpox Is prevalent. Socetary
Alger snyn tUnt with careful vnc:lnatlon
there will ho little danger to
he troops, as they will he used only to
:nforce the orders of the agent.
McMillan Will Hun.
DKTHOIT. Mich.. May IS.?At a con'erence
held to-dny between Senator
McMillan and several of his political
!riends, Republican loaders from varouh
parts of Michigan, it was decided
hat Senator McMillan will l>- a Camilla
to for a third term os United .Statoit
lenator. According to the expressions
if some of thofltf who were in the oon'ercnce,
the senator and his frl?-nds do
jot apprehend that Secretary Alger's
candidacy f??r the senator.'Idp will do;
,-eiop into unythlng formidable.
Vresldcnt's Mf/vpnientN.
HOT Sl'HINCH. Va.. May IS.-Secreury1
<if the Interior Hitchcock reached
Mia nnrlv Irnln ? .....I ...in
remain t?> accomptmy the proalilontliil
arty to WnrOiliiRton. Tho pn-a.-nt phm
* to Iphvm lu-rt' to-morrnw nliiht, fto'intf
)Vfr n iJIfTor nt nmt<> from Hint tnk"!i t<>
;ome here, nnrt reaching Washington
iaturdliy evening. Nt.-cretary 11 ttrhcork
iviih Mr. Mt'Klnley'n companion durlny
lilts cubtoinory walk In tho forenoon.
j Sporting, j
Clulis. Won. Lost. Per.
Toledo 13 i> -0.S4
Mansfield 10 5 .M7
Youngstown 10 0 .C2j ,
New Caatlo 7 7 .WO
Ton Wayne 8 10- .411 ,
Wheeling G 10 .S75 1
Grand Itaplds (' 10 .t<T3
Dayton 4 10 .2?C
Wheeling G, Fort Wayne 4. ,
Youngstown f>, Toledo 3.
Whtelliiij at Fort Wayne.
Mansfield at Dayton.
: Toledo at YounK?town.
New Castle at Grand Jtaplda,
, Special Dispatch to the Intelligencer.
l'URT WAI'NIJ, incl., May IS.?Wheeling
played an errorless game, and bunched ,
| hits. Tho llooslers lilt Crabill hard, but
; scattered. Wheeling played a brilliant
; llelding game. Errors of Fort Wayne
, wero not costly. Twlneharn has signed
with Wheeling, after accepting Fort
Wayne's terms, and tho latter club will
; protest. Score:
! I-'load, lib 5 2 2 2 5 1
iieidun, if :: o 1 i o o
. Letchor, cf > 0 2 'J 1 0
Mlllrr, rf 5 1 2 1 0 0
, Glasscock, lb 4 0 1 10 0 1
Kuohno, 3b 4 0 2 0 0 0
Uolllmrsworth, ss... 5 0 14 3 0
lferjton, c 4 0 0 2 0 0
It radio, p., 2 112 2 0
I Norcum, p 2 0 I 0 2 0
i Totals 37 4 14 21 13 2
. WHEELING. AB. It. B1I. I'O. A. E.
By tic, rf b 2 2 2 0 0
Dobbs, cf 3 1 2 5 1 0
; Nlles, 3b 3 0 2 2 10
Durrctt, If 4 0 0 3 1 0
? Taylor, 2b 3 0 1 1 2 0
liabb, a* 4 112 3 0
, Klhm, lb 2 1 0 10 0 0
Hunt, c 3 0 0 2 1 0
I Crabill, p 3 1 0 0 3 0
Totals 21 ?I 9 27 1 2 0
fort Wayno 0 1 2 0 0 0 1 0 0?4
Wheeling 0 0 2 1 0 0 2 1 ?C
Earned runs, Fort Wayne 4. Wheeling 2.
TM*o base hits. Kuehne. Brodle, J>etcher,
Habb. Sacrtllc? hits. Holllngsworth,
Dobbs, Klhm, Hunt. Stolen bases. Flood,
OilnHKcock, Doblm. Innings pitched by
> Brodle, 3: by Norcum 5. Baso hltn, off
Brodle 3, off Norcum G. First base on
balls, off Brodle 2. oil' Norcum 1, off Crabill
2. Struck out. by Brodle 1, by Norcum 1,
bv Crabill 1. Passed ball, Bertren. Double
play. Letcher to Holllngsworth; Dobbs to
j liabb. Umpire, Ebrlgh1.. Time of game,
. 1:30. Attendance, 500.
Other Inter-Slate Games.
At Youngstown. R II E
Youngstown ..0 3000020 0?f> X 1
Toledo 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 1?3 6 2
Batteries, Carney and Donovan; Fcrgu'
son and Arthur.
' LOUISVILLE, Ky.. .May IS.?Willis
pitched grrat ball to-dn y. and only two
of the Colonc'.* reaehcd third base. Cun
nlnglmm was touch.il up rather lively,
and tho home team':* error* were costly.
Attendance, 1,000. Score:
Louisville ....o o o o o o n o o-o r? i
Boston 0 1 1 1 0 0 1 2 0-614 2
Earned runs. Ronton 2. Batteries, Cunningham
and KJtt ridge: Willis and Bor?;?
n. Umpires, Hunt and Connollyy. Time
, of game, l :&t.
! At the llusee alloys last night the (allendcrs
tok two of the three Karnes bowled.
The games were very exciting, tho feature
being t-ho high score of Heokett, who made
2ii] in tho last game. Scone:
ROUGH RIDERS. 1st 2d 3d
Miihon 1S9 137 112
Dcokett 1JS 137 2-H1
, Itatvling ltt 110 153
McCuMough IK- 141 135
, rvJjKT 170 lTtJ 14S
Wilson &1 121 1LT
Totals SO S52 &21
STEI.VEHS. 1st 1M 2.1
Mayors K\ 1X? 1 .V,
Halnos 101 l<?7 1?
Johnson 10 J 1.77 ll'.t
Frohmo US 1CT 144
Modar .. l.M 1S?T 91
McCnnn 1C2 112 12T? i
Totals *07 S14 7S3
China's Powerful Sword.
There Is an ancient and droadfu'.
sword In China. Tt gives to the man 1
' who happens to hold it the power to 1
, cut off, the head of any one he wishes '
wrtliou't danger of punishment. All
people tire from this sword as fearfully '
a:; stomach Ills llee beforo the approach
of Ilostetter's Stomach Hitters. This
famous remedy cures all forms of stoin- ,
nrh troubles, beginning with constIpa- ,
tlon and ending with liver or kidney
disease. It will bo found In all drug
stores, and It always cures.
Till: RIVKR.
Pittsburgh.. .G RI-1KN WOOT >. c.-.m * m
I'arkertfhuiiT.H. K. JiEDEOub, 11 a. in. ,
Wfttamoi#aa...LKXIyN'f"rON, 11 a. in. ,
' Slst??r3diro...HUTI-f, 3:.10 p. ni.
iMarlngton...LEROY, 3:30 p. m.
StHilx'iivllle..T. M. llAYNE, 2:20 p. m. ?
Pittsburgh... LOUKNA, 2 a. m. (
rttts?bunfh...QL'EEN CUT, 12:S0 a. m. ,
l'arkorslnirtf.UEN HUH. 11 a. in.
Now port TEW EL. 11 a. n?.
SI?t<*wMlo...ItI!TH, II:3') p. ni.
(:iarln?fton...LI'HOV, 3:30 p. m. I
8teiibcnyllle..T. M. HAYXE. 2:20 p. m.
Charleston...GREENWOOD. fi:3G a. in.
l'arkw.'bnrfr.Ii.' K. HKPFOKD, 11 n. ni.
Maluniorna... LEXINGTON, 11 a. in.
SlBtor*vino...UI,TH. 'C.10 p. nj.
(?I.irlntrlon...I.EnOY, Itp. in.
Stcub'invtllc..T. M. HAYNM. U-.CO p. m.
Along tlie liuiulitif*. 1
The marks nt C p. in. .showed S foot I) '
In-hfS rttnl rMl;m. At 1 '11{riuir;;!i l.ut s
A common expression is: '
"The human race is grow- j'
ing weaker and wiser." J i
That we are growing weak- j;
| er is proved by the large j j
number of pale, thin and j j
emaciated people. 1
That wc are growing
wiser may be proved by ,
overcoming these disorders i
with the timely use of |
Scott's Emulsion of Cod- J
liver Oil with Hypophos- j
phites which gives strength, '
enriches the blood, invigorates
the nerves and forms 5:
j fat. I'
50c. an<1 ??.oo, nil druggiM*. | ]
| SCOTT & IlOWNL, ChciuU;*, New York. |
night, the stage was 15.1 feet and rls- I f?
>ng. From twenty to twenty-five leet
;an -be expected here.
There was no Cincinnati pack't
down yesterday morning, the Virginla
laying up at Pittsburgh to receive repairs
to her starboard cylinder. The
Hudson will be up on the Virginia's .
Jay, next Tuesday.
The Queen City La making a record
sreaking trip up the river from Cincinnati.
She reached this port at 12:30
Vclock this mottling and deported for
Pittsburgh an hour later. The Queen j
?ot the benefit of the rise and she "Just me
walked up the river." us one of her }? ?
crew, who are delighted over the fast |"*i
run, expressed it this morning. rvt
Auks for au Injunction. Dr
Joseph H. Gaines, United States dis- ?rt
Lrlct attorney tor West Virginia, has by [j[j
direction of John W. Griggs, the attor- ri]
ney general of the United States, asked cm
for an Injw.cllan against the Baltl- "g.
more &. Ohio Hail road Company, re- wi
straining the company from recon- to
structlng the railroad bridge at Bellatre.
It is expected that the injunction
v.ill be granted. w
The bridge nt present has a channel yo
span of 322 feet. The rlvermcn want the
bridge constructed so that the channel
span will be S00 feet in width. The railroad
company Is nu?k.'ng an effort to
wconstruc* the bridge under the old j
bridge laws and the ease will be watch- _
ed with inti:reit by the rlvernten. ?
River Telegrams. fi
OIL CITY->KIver 4 feet 11 inches and \1
falling. Cloudy and cool.
WARREN?River 2 feet 3 Inches.
Cloudy and cool.
CJRHENSnORO?River 13 feet C Inches
and falling. Cloudy and warm.
BROWNSVILLE?River IS feet 3 *~
Inches and rising. _
PITTSBURGH?River 13.1 feet and
rising. Clear and pleasant. ?
STEUBEXVILLE-River 11 feet 6 _
PARK EltS BURG?River ?J feet and __
rising. Cloudy. Mercury at C2.
POINT PLEASANT?River 10.3 feet
and falling. Rain. C
CINCINNATI?River 20.9 feet and
falling. Cloudy. ?
CAIRO?River 33.G feet and falling.
Cloudy and cooler.
EVANSVILLE?River 21.3 feet and falling.
Clear and pleneant. f
LOUISVILLE?Rlvf-r falling; G.f> feet ft
in canal; C.7 fret on falls, and 20.7 feet k<
below looks. Clear and pleasant. =
MEMPHIS?River 24.C feet, a rise of
.2. Cloudy and warm.
The Dally Clmmiclc of Wheeling's ?
Progressive Neighbor.
The members of the Thimble Bee th
were very hospitably entertained yes- -*
terday afternoon at the home of MLsa )
Iit'sslo Grllil th. on North Third street, llj
in honor of her cousin, Mrs. George at
Blackford. The afternoon was spent in ?
a most agreeable manner by the young
ladies who expressed their desire to attend
many similar functions In the fu- -y
ture. Appetizing refreshments were J;
served during the afternoon.
The Junior class of the hlph school Jl
met yesterday morning and elected Ev- tti
eret; Drennen president. They have
purchased a large and handsome cray- J;
on of Mist} Luura Swartz, which will be lo
placed In the high school room on next E
Thursday afternoon at the public exercises
glvon by the school. An appropriate
address will be delivered by the
The preliminary hearing of John Lemmon.
of Coloraln. who was arrested last
Friday, charged with violation of the
pension laws, took place ot Stoubenville
yesterday, before United States ?
Commissioner It. G. Richards. Lemmon
waived ?v hearing and was bound over
to the next term of the United States p,
court at Columbus, In tho sum of ?"?00.
The t>ar mil! at th* Aetna-Standard 1,1
was off yesterday morning. for about
three hours'on account of n shortage of
men. After somr> dlfllcully they were
successful, In getting the required num- ni
ber of mcti to run th<> mill. rc
Rev. and Mr.?. II. N. Campbell, of Al- l>r
toona, PnV, arrived hero last ovonlng,
and are the KUonte of the latter's pareats.
Mr. and 'Mrs. James A. Gray, on ~
Third street.
Earl Thompson, while at work nt the
Laughlin Jate Wednesday night, cut his T
foot severely by stepping upon a piece j;
of tin scrap, whlcli will confine. him for rca
few days. p<
The mnrrlagv of Mr. George Kreush. gj
of this city, to Miss Margaret Dunn, of
Wheeling, will occur at the home of the ~
latter on North Main .street, Tuesday. J
Leonard Flslier, an employe of the
Aetna-Standard, was overcome by heat
while at work yesterday, and was conveyed
to his home In a carrlago.
Mr. and Mrs. Ij. J. C. Drennen leave
this morning for Grandvlew, Ohio, to
spend a few days with the former's
sister, Mrs. W. D. Cochran. C]
Joseph (Hockey) Porter was arrested
by Oflicer JJnlley yesterday, for drunkenness
and was fined 31 and costs by
Mayor Shlumatt. * - -
The Ladles' Aid Society of the Moth- l??
odlst church, will glvo ? musical enter- ^
lalnment next Thursday evening, nt the it
shureh. ul
Tho contract for wiring tbo now Pros- nV
byterlarr church was let yesterday, to
Kurner, of "Wheeling, for J2.*i0. J},
Mies Uuth McClenry has returned to I'"'
Tiltonvllle, after a few days' visit with
licr pnrents on Vine street. "j,
The Pease township commencement P*:
will bo held at Steele's Grove, Wednes- as.
day. May 31, at 1 o'clock.
Mrs. Benjamin Perry, of Muncle, Ind., Pji
arrived here yesterday and Is the guest 1
jC relative*? In this city.
Misses Rosa Alhoff and Rosa Fetter- ~
its left yesterday to visit relatives and
friends at Wellsburg.
Examinations In the public schools
rcmincnce Monday and continue the
;ntire week.
Mrs. Elir.abcth Bridges leaves this
morning for Cardiff, "Wales, to visit relitlves.
Ml.?s Jcbanna IIuFkins, of Zanesville,
s the guest of relatives in this city.
Yesterday's News From Marshall
County's Chief City.
Frank Hlake, jr.. son of Mr. and Mrs.
P. II. Blnkc. of Fifth street, died yes;erday
morning nt 6 o'clock, nt the home
>f bis parents, of appendicitis. lie had
been sick about two weeks and was
ipparently getting better until n short
line before his death. He was sixteen
rears of nge. and was a bright, Intelli;eni
young man.
About 3 o'clock yesterday morning, a P"
nan who gave his name as Luther Km- ffi
dor. ?>f Scottdnle, Pa., was knocked on' j/
in oast-bound freight at the Lafayt tt<> a
u'enue bridge. A man living near the : g
uldge was wakened by the imjn hoiowing
for help and went to his aid. Dr. V
It. W. 11 All attended him, anil had to fc|
uuputate his right leg at tho knee. V
'tli; WCftWi'V l?
? )
Whooping Cough.
I had a Utile hoy who ivar nearly
lc:ul from fin attack of whooping cough. Jol
ity neighbors roconinicndfid Chumborain'n
Cough Uemedy. I did not think ?**
hat uny medicine would help him, but |
tfter glvlni; him a few doae.i of that
ciwdy 1 noticed an Improvement, and
me bottle cured him entirely. It l? the
jest cough medicine I evrr had In the
louse.-?.T. 1,. Moore, South Hurgettaown,
Pa. For sale by druggist*.
llouirh Dry WaHhed, Starched and
Dyed ,'l omits p??r pound.
Vint "Work, Washed And Ironed, A
c< ills per ixiiind. TT,
All hand work finished 10 cents nor H'
poiuid, At l.UTZ MHOS'. .
miur Homo Steam Laundry.
3g The N'ew Treatment? ?
IIOLYOKS, MASS.! Aus. 21, *97. y'
It ft. T. flOOTH Co., t. U(
bar slrt? Booth V Hyomel' and Home Treatnt
Complete has cured me of Consumption, cmlit
physicians of the South and West all prnnounc:
It tuberculosis of the lungs. Four months of tho
io 1 traveled in New Mexico and Colorado Sprinjr*. ?
urnlnjc home much weaker, weighing W*, and ?
JO nut nf pocket. My friends did n&ttnlnkltposle
for me to lite two weeks. My home physician,
. I.M. 'futile, advised me to k*o to th? Boston
ice and try your treatment. After eight days I "Z
urned home with the " Exhaler," Complete sup- n.
' of " Hyotnel" and llalm. For three months I fi
d it nlcht and day. Would not take f500 for my
ialer. I'o day I weitfh ICS pounds. Have had no
,ch for six months, and feel confident there will bo
rrtum of the disease, as this was ir. September. q.
PO. 1 sincerely indorse Booth's "Hyotnei" to all
th like trouble or weak lung*. You are at liberty
ujc thia as you think best.
o MRS. E. A. SMITH. *
yon or yonr friend* nro suffering from
is diseases it Ih ii crlmo to ncclcct tho ,
o of " Hyomcl," for it is cunrametfl und 11
u risk nothing except being cured. ,
Jlyomel" sold by all driiKk'iits, or sent by mail.
!ce$1.00. liatra bottles 60c. ... . . t
looms 20*21 Audtorium Boitdlng, Chicago, lit. ?
Jword |
? All solid advertisements under ?? ^
? the following headings: : : : ?
v<rvn T>T--?-rn tmrt n t t n V
? x'v^ic x \ji\
? will bo Inserted at the rato o? ?
.... - St
J Rollers, Males J2.00, Females f?0c, at
ENRY HELMH RIGHT'S, corncr Mar;t
and Sixth streets. mrl7
= E
Idanted. _
V ERS; bftth and nil conveniences.
'SI Eoff street. mylo*
HOLD work: J3 .1 week. Apply at j,
e Rectory, Moundsvllle. W. Va. my9 ^
V general housework In a small fnm- Ic
r. Stwuly work and good wa?es. Apply ,c
No. 17 North Ponn *tr<'*t. my!2 ^
? a
Dor Stent
) 1513 Chapllne. T. M. GARVIN. my2 *
3 In the City Bank Building. Inqulro at ~
o City IJank of Wheeling. mr20 a
} 1G15 Market street; 12 living rooms; sanu
anil h:tr (Ivttirpvi lnr?utri> nt fiPfl
. EOYD'S. 1417 Chapllno street. apL'l
Dwelling Rooms on I5tli street.
Store Rooms on Mold street. ^
1065 Main Street.
Eight-room dwelling, opposite Echo \
Dint. Large lot. Modern conveniences.
Monument Place, Elm Grove. Ono of n
ie handsomest places out the pike. j;
Nine-room dwelling. Pleasant A*alley. All
odern conveniences.
l*ot Si foot front by .VO feet deep. Ex- ?
llent barn. (This Is a choice residence ~
If, Exchange Bunk UuiUling, rj
j-or Sale. J
7\OtTsAIjE - PINE~55lCK rm'EM,- ?
' ING on Fourteenth t<t.; I offer my g!
sldcnce. No. 11L Fourteenth at. for sale; n
>sscsslon and terms to pu!t purchaser. {}
iqulro of T. IJ. McLAIN, Dental and ^
irgical depot, City Jiank building.
mrll-tth&a ^
' ol
A Few Choice Lots
at Edglngton.^^jkt *l(
W. V. liOCE, I'.
iiicia tl
: >??i" h.
Valuable Farm For Sale. S]
!35neres of land, known as "Losan Hill," ul
"The Moans Farm," adjoining the cor- pi
rat?? limits of Mln^o Junction. JefTerfon tl
unty, Ohio. This land Is \t??!l watered In
d Improved, and underlying a portion of ft'
I? a ilvo (5) foot vein of excellent coal? tl
out 60 acres?suitable for fuel or the A'
inufacture of Iron. It also contains an tl:
undanco of the host quality of lime- tc
one. Its' proximity to Mingo Junction, tl
e plants* of the Aetna-Standard Steel and J'1
an Company and projected electric rull- in
ivs from Minuo Junction to Steuhcnvllle J.0
xke it dcslrnhle either as an Investment,- r<:
a sale of residence lot* or ?pcculatlve "
irposi-s. It may he sold in parcels or
an entirety. 111
. "or prices and terms address.
J. II. DUHY. *n
Lvmaster P.. C...C. & St. L. R. \V\ Co.,
.Jlttshurgh, Pa., |.n
or T. I'. SPEXCER,
myr. Sti-uh<?nvllK o.
The Original c<
f io
. i
h I
Beware of Imitations "r
in Duncan's Sons, Agents, New York ~
' l'OK
Amateur I'lioiographers.
Mull Or?li?rs Solicited.
. C. BROWN, 1222 Market St Jjtj
Studied/. 011
/UHKSt Chlchcstcr'a CncUth rrnnyr0v.1l Pills
iii*bvibi| tir<* tho OcBt. ii?)i?wi?. *"
l.k- ku rti >r. l-'n4 itvr|?, ? J 1*1
' L'hitbMicr I'hcmlol"c'o.TT'L'llaa'*.', fx* t
Subtle Sale.
'ubllc Sale of
'aluablc Real Estate
n Chapllno street, between Thirty-fourth
id Thlrty-fttth streets. will bo ottered ot
ubllc eaJu at tho front door of the Court
louse, at 10 a. m., on
nils Is a valuublo piece of property and
irtles seeking property for homes or tnestmcnt
will do well to inquire o? thu
City Bank Building.
C. S. C. Hi; Kit, AuctlOhcer.
Steal Osteite.
or Sale
No. Ill South Front street, 1 rooms, with
11 the modc-Vn Improvements; corner lot.
29 North Broadway, S rooms; larfjo lot
15J South Broadway, 3 rooms, bath and
S5 South Front street, 7 rooms.
THEO. w. FINK & CO.,
oncy to Loan. 1503 Market St.
'o. 100 Vtrxrlnlo. nfr??At
o. ICS VlrKlnla street 8 00
:o. 71 South York street 20 00
o. 05 Seventeenth street 16 00
'o. 35 Seventeenth street, 4 rooms.. 12 00
'o. 71 Seventeenth street, 4 rooms.. 12 00;
o. 37 Twentieth street is 00^
o. 41 Twentieth stroot 11 00
o. 2605 Wood street, 3 rooms ? 7 00
!o. 2506 Main street - 9 00
o. 2.110 Main street, 2 rooms G 00
o. 1130 Charles street 6 00
o. SO Sixteenth streot, bottling cellar
12 00
o. 32 Sixteenth street, storo room.. 10 00
'o. 34 Sixteenth streot, storo room
and 2 rooms IB 00
table, Fourteenth street G (JO
table, Alley B 6 00
Business hou3o and dwelling Sixteenth
Main Ptrect residence.
Chapllnc street residence.
Market street business property.
:en\ Ebtalo Afrcnt, Collector, Notary
Public and Pension Agent, No. 1612
Main street. myll _
:OR SALE{BAR0A1N 'a home.
j no property at 1.12 Zano street; 8-roomed
ouse; lot fronts on both Zane and South
luron streets; room enough for two moro
ous'is. Will sell at a big bargain, and
>an you tho money to pay for samo on
ing time. Easy as paying rent.
The 4-roomed dwelling at 2* Baker street,
Inst Wheeling, for JC50; $250 cash and balnco
In monthly payments.
For Sale, Now Offered.
A two-story Brick Dwelling, and Lot, on
est side of Main street, throe doors north
f Eighth street. Most dcslrablo location,
cry best neighborhood.
Building sites in Pleasant Valley, be;veen
Edglnirton Lane and Selbert's Garen.
Second elevation from on? to flvo
A line building lot on Llnd street.
Two-story frame, six rooms. Lot 50 by
0 feet, corner Thirty-fourth and Chapne
streets, with front part of Alhambra
Ink on it, opposite Wood Bros.* l'lanlng
nu. .
FOB BENT?Very cheap, a few ofllco
Doms in Masonic Temple. Heat, light,
inltor and elevator service free.
Corner Htli nnd Moritct Sts.
tjfustec Sale*.
By vlrture of a deed of trust made by
. H. Glllespy and Lizzie D. .Glllespy, his
Ife, to me, as trustee, dated May 31, 1S92,
icorded in the ofllco of the clerk of tho
junty court of Ohio county. West VlrnI:?
In 11.^.1 T>?i. VT? nr.
2, I will soli iit the north front door of
10 court house of paid county on
A.TURDAY, the 3rd DAY OF JUNE, 1K59.
iinrmwclng at 10 o'clock a. m., tho folwlng
described property, that is to ray;
cor tain ploco of real ostntft in tho city
[ \Vht*>ling, Ohio county. West Virginia,
' scribal as follows: A piece of land belt
215 /rot Ions' and 75 feet vide, lying in
m north part of paid city, and cast of tho
imraon road, on the man?in of the Ohio
ver, commencing for the same at a point
>out 2i?) foot in a north-easterly direction
om the north end of th? east parapet
all of the bridge over Jonathan's Gut. in
le lino of this north-west front of tho
duso commonly known as tho Stone house
rocery built by Andrew Thalmann
;>on tho lot of ground now beig
described: thence in tho lino
: the front of the said, stone house
rocery, one hundred and fifteen feet to
ie north-west corner of said tract of
,nd: ?bunco south-easterly and at right
iprles to said front line seventy-five feet:
lencc southerly and parallel with paid
rst line ono hundred and ilfteen feet;
lonee north-westwnrdly seventy-ilvo feet
? the idaco of beginning, together with
ie buildings thert-on and all others apirtenances
thereunto belonging, reserv;g.
however, a strip of around running
ngthw'.pe through tho property of a uni- '
irm width of twelve feet to be kept open
j a road; and reserving aluo the coal un- '
*r the property and the right to mine
id remove the same.
TKKMS OK SALE:?Ono-third and aa .
uch more as the purchaser elects to pay
t cAnn on the ua>* or sale, tho balanca*
two equal Installments nt one. and two
nr*. notes Iwarlni; Interest from the day
saie to bo given for the deferred payents.
C. Honey, Auctioneer. ap29
Ry virtue of a deed of trust made l>y
imuel llrubak-r to mo, as trustee, dated
>e 2!Mh day of April, 1S9S, recorded In
ie olHce of the cl?rk of tho county court
Ohio county, West Virginia, In Deed
Trust Rook No. 52, pnpe 30 , I will sell
i the promise?, N'o. HOO and 1402 Market
reet, in tho city of Wheeling, in said
>unty, on
MAY. 1K?:?,
immenclng nt 2 o'clock p. nr. tho folwlujr
described personal property, toll:
1 counter, together with working
>ard and rixtures connected nnd belongg
thereto, 1 sideboard nnd mirror, 1 clear
so, bur-pump*, spluots and all plumbing
tached and connected thereto, t Ice chest,
t of pictures ami frames, IS chairs, 4
blew, 1 radiator, 1 water cooler, 1 hot
liter urn, lot of bar ornaments, doennrs
and bottles, 1 liquor case, lot of gla*?[ire
of all descriptions and kind required
id used In saloon business, 1 cash rentsr.
1 desk and olllce chair, lot of linoleum
i the tloor of the bar-room, and all pnrtlons
erected therein. 1 range, fixtures
id cooking utensils all complete, lot of
she*. Klnsswaro, tinware, of every deriptton
and kind used and required In
st-elass restaurant nnd kitchen, 3 dining
bles, IS chair*. 1 sideboard, lot of table
lens and napkins, lot of pictures and
Irrors, knives, fork*, ten and tabl*?
oons anil castor*, camels, mat tines, oil
>th ami rues, oto,
I'HKMS OF SAMv-Ca?h on tiny of pale,
on crodlt with wood ioourlty, on terms
o trimtoo of till* trust ami the purchaser
purchaser* may wrre* to at tlmo of sale.
C. .V f>t?ll,\KFi:U. Trustee.
I. C. HKUVKV. Auctioneer. mylO
Summer Sioxorfa.
4'0n the ( rc?t of lKf? Allegtanlos,"
Dl F R PARK, Ml).
?i?roral desirable nowly furnished COT%
\C1KS FDR HKNT for th?* coming soaTi;
ready for oeeupuncy from Juno 1.
toso cottages arc fully equipped for
ni5ok?M>plnK. or If preferred, occupants
u arvutw tor meal* at tho hotel, which
ens Juno 24.
dost dotdrnhlo location In the Allegheny
ountaln*. On lino of It. ?fc O. It. it. For
rms and full Information, odd res*
I>. C. JOlS'lJfl. Manager,
.li&ii Uultlq;0^C. M4.. JJ.^ \

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