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Siom <f Chomai. I Stent & Cicmai.
1 Stone & Thomas.
120 Per Cent.
Discount Sale
Continues 411
Through July.
|f?! Regular prices are guaranteed to be as lo\
; : as any reliable house sells same class of goods
Any competitor makes any special price on an;
stated article, you will find as good here, an<
for every dollar you spend twenty cents is handei
Kirlv w?SN?* T ~ ~
tu yvu, uu iiiciiu*! wiicu&ci n z? jLautdbit
|: Gingham at 5c per yard, or a Royal Wilton Vel
vet Carpet at $2.50 per yard, one-fifth the prici
is deducted from the amount of your purchase.
Summer Goods
Of every description must be closed at once
, Special prices have been placed on all sue]
goods. No matter how low the price, one-fiftl
the amount of your purchase is handed back t<
NOTICE. No goods will be sent on memo
S * nor will any be charged unless a
| regular prices.
Stone & Thomas.
- ???????? ?? ???????
i iro. J7T. Srocfi A Co. I Sto. SK- Snook & Co.
SNOOK & co/s
UlbAN I It
Starts July 5. Goods from all over the store repre
sented. Prices are, as usual,
Just One-Half.
Remnantt of 5c Prints 2 l-2c yd Remnants of 50c Dress Goods...25c y
Remnants of 12 l-2c Percalcs.6 l-4cyd Remnants of $1.00 Silks .80c y
Remnants of 25c Zephyrs 12 l-2c yd Remnants of $2.00 Crcpons...$I.OO y
Could multiply these quotations, but come in ant
you will quickly realize that our offers are th
Great quantities hcrc-^-you will not be disap
pointed I
On lots of other merchandise are from
25 to 50 Per Cent. Lower.
Shelves must be clcarcd of all Summer Goods
During these months store opens at 7:30 a. m. an<
Close at 5 p. 111., Saturdays excepted.
$3?=?A11 cars pass our Main and Market strcc
yg^Spccial prices on Chinawarc continued thi
- i
SDolW Shot*.
HAVE you seen the wlndowful ol
Dolls' Vici Kid Slippers? They
arc the made-to-measure sizes ordered
from Mr. Robert H. Focrderer, the
p only maker of
And ire fortbe girls who came here on
Dolls' Day with dolls whose (eet didn't
fit the regular stock.
Thursday, after 4 p. m., these slippers
will be distributed to their owners.
If you care to see a storeful of the merriest,
happiest girls that ever gathered in
Wheeling come here when they get this
footwear for their dolls.
1049 Main Street.
jCadlii' Can Shoea.
Ladies' Tan Shoes
AT 1-5 OFF
^ Wo greatly overbought In ladles' tan
j shoes this season, and take this method of
quickly converting shoes Into cash.
J Remember, this Includes every pair our
Immenso stock Ladies' tan shoes?the
j- choicest styles we are showing this summer
at 20 per cent off price.
A $3.00 Shoe costs you $2.40,
A $2.50 Shoe costs you $1.97.
2 A $2.00 Shoe costs you $1.58.
This sale is attracting attention of many
economical ladies. They are at front of
our store?will pay you to look them over.
Sileoirs yirl Store.
, The Finest
i Effects
1 Securcd by using our "Universal" Developer
for plates and our "Universal"
3 Toner for "Sollo" or "Albuma" prints. If
you are not a user of these popular preparatlons
try them at once.
PRICE, IN 6-ox. Bottle, 29c.
? 1231 Market Street.
Office: 85 uud 27 Fourteenth Mtreot.
No-wr Ad\ artlflomopts.
For Rent?James A. Henry.
Architects?M. F; Glesey, F. F. Farla.
Attention, Hibernians.
Wanted?Two Good Men.
For Rent?Four Rooms.
| Wanted?An Upstairs Girl.
Notice?Howard Hazlett.
3 Polka Dot Neckties?McFadden's?Seccmd
We Want Your Wife?House & Herrmann?Fifth
St-mi-Annual Clearing Sale?Lee Baer?
TOirhth nunt.
lIlnnk'Hookd?Stanton, tho Stationer.
> Hammocks?George W. Johnson's Sons.
) C. HESS * SONS*.
A full lino of Serges, Pin Chock* and
Cheviots, which w? are prepared to
inako up nt popular prlcoH.
Our lfalbrlggnu underwear nt BOo,
7 Bo and 91 .OOoannot bo excel led. Sizes
us large as BO. ft IIoso ? specialty.
Always tho newest In Neckwear,
Collars and CulTs.
C. llESS ?fc SONS.
Fashionable Tailors and Furnishers,
1U81 and laJi.'J Market Street.
We havo fitted more than twenty
i thousand pairs of Spectacles, ?:1 vl nic us
a record and experience unequalled by
1 ony other optician In West Virginia.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
JACOl) W. iiUUHlI, Optician,
No. 11)0(1 Market Street.
Events In and About the City Given In
a Nutshell.
M. F. Glesey and Fred F. Farls, architects,
have opened handsome offices
In rooms 11 and 12, of the Masonic
Parke division, A. O. H., has been
called to attend the funeral of M. J.
Sweeney, a member of the order, which
_ takes place this morning.
A bunch of keys was picked up at the
corner of Market and Seventh streets
I last night by Officer Rite, which the
: owner can recover at police hcudquurters.
John Caylor, an employe of the Beltz
planing mill, had one arm badly lacerated
yesterday morning. His arm got
caught In the machine familiarly
known as tho "bumble bee." Ho bled
profusely and the Injury to the urm
may be permanent.
The Wheeling Elks have decided to
attend the street fair and carnival given
by the Allegheny lodge on Thursday,
d July 13, In a body, accompanied by a
j band. All members desiring to go will
a rail at Kraus llros.' store and sign the
d list. Persons wishing to go along are
;J The executive committee of the Elks'
oriental carnival did not make Its re?
port of the receipts and expenditures
last night, at the meeting of Wheeling
lodge, 13. P. O. 13., but held a meeting
after the lodge adjourned, and will
i. likely report at the lodge's next meeting.
In any event, the report will be
submitted to the lodge before being
made public. The profits will be at
least <2,000, probably more.
Ttongh Dry Washed. Starched nnd
Dyed 7j cents per pound.
Flat Work, Washed and Iroued, B
cents per pound.
All bund work finished 10 cents por
pound. At 1.1TT7. llltOS*.
MTiur Ilomo Steam laundry.
jOockc Shoe Company.
1 j LAC
Fine Dongola Flexible Sole Shoes,
best shoe in Wheeling for
Fine Black Vlcl Kill or Tun Willow Ci
torn. Nothing like tiicm in the city 1
S price.
. I Locke Shot
: WANTS $100,000. [
Big Damages Sued for by Young
Dr. S. K. Htasom and
| In the Suit?The Declaration in tho
Suit was Filed Yesterday, and Enters
Into Many and Various Allegations
Touching the Events That led
up to Youui? Hissom Being Incarcerated
ou the Charge of Insanity.
Yesterday in the circuit court tho
declaration in the suit for $100,000 damages
brought by Dr. 8. K. HIasom
against his father, James R. Hissom, of
the Island, was entered by the plain
tiff's attorneys' Messrs. W. P. Hubbard
and S. Q. Smith. The stilt was to have
been entered some time since, and as all
newspaper readers will know Is another
chapter in the litigation between father
and son, which came before the public
prominently when Dr. Hissom was arrested
and tried on an insanity charge,
preferred by bis father.
There was an effort to compromise for
$10,000 before the damage suit was Instituted,
it is said, but failed of effect
The declaration stipulates on what
grounds young Hissom claims $100,000
damages, and the document, which covers
six typewritten pages, alleges principally
that the plaintiff's health and
business prospects were injured to that
extent by reason of the plaintiff's arrest
on February 10,1899, on the lunacy
chargc and his subsequent detention in
jail and commitment to the Bpencer insane
asylum, whence he was released on
May 4, 1899, by order of Judge Blizzard.
The declaration states that the plaintiff
was and is a good, quiet sane citl- (
zen and In no respect a lunatic; that he
wus afflicted with weak lungs and the
defendant knew confinement of any sort a
would impair his health and tend to
cause his deuth. He was carrying on
the practice of medicine and his arrest
injured his practice; his being dragged
from a railroad car by officers in this
city, and hauled through the streets to
the jail also had the effect of injuring
mm in me esumuuuu ui iub icuun wuzcns.
Continuing the declaration alleges
that the defendant contrived to defame,
impoverish, oppress and ruin the plaintiff,
and It caused the plaintiff to expend
$2,COO in procuring his discharge
from Imprisonment "and the aiding of
himself In the premises and the manifestation
of his Innocence and sanity In
that behalf.''
In brief Dr. Hissom maintains he was
Injured to the extent sued fpr on account
of the lunacy charge brought
against him.
Of tlie Street Car Line Said to be Result
of t he Eleven-Hour Day.
The new schedule of the Wheeling
Railway Company is unsatisfactory to
thnt portion of the traveling public
wishing to use the cars after 11 o'clock
at night, and also to those who depend
on the early morning cars before 6
o'clock. The schedule went Into effect
yesterday, and as a consequence last
night Islanders who waited In town for
a car after 11 o'clock were Inclined to
do some of the kicking which other
wards have been prone to accuse them
The new schedule Is the outcome of
the strike settlement, and it was adopted
on account of the men being granted
a eleven-hour day. Before the strike
they worked twelve hours, and it is
said a smooth working schedule can
best be formed out of a twelve or ninehour
day. The first car leaves the
Kn*>na nnw of R'W n m Inntpnrf llf
a. m., and tho last car at 10:52 p. m.
Instead of 11:33 p. m. The last car under
the old system was a source of Joy ,1
to belated citizens. It passed the corner
of Fourteenth and Main streets flf- ?.
teen minutes after midnight, bound for LI
the barns, and now passes this point ?
at 11:28 p. m. The new schedule works V
a hardship on the men wanting to go
to work early in the Benwood mills. \
A Cigar Indian's Fate. ^
A fatality of the "Fourth," not hitherto
recorded, befell the Indian that has tl
rendered fnlthful service for years outside
a Market street cigar store, not a \\
hundred miles away from the Opera
house. In sunshine and shower the
bronzed brave held out cigars and Inducements,
but Tuesday night a dealer ff
In firewater put fireworks In poor Lo's ?P
mouth. A match did the rest. The Indian's
head was blown off and he was ^
otherwise dispatched to his happy %
hunting grounds. Of the two brothers "
In the cigar firm, one prompted the
deed, while the other's Ire yesterday
morning when he discovered the Indian's
fate, was sad to behold.
910 to Atlnntie City via Pennsylvania t
III ties.
July Cth and 20th, August 3d and 17th,
excursions lo the seashore wlU be run
from Wheeling via Pennsylvania lines;
return limit of tickets, fifteen days.
Ask John O. Tomllnson, ticket agent,
for particulars. '
Thin week wo will kIvo 20 per cont dincount
on our entire stock of Diamonds and
Watches. This mean* that you will have <
over worth of diamonds and watch*-*
to select from and get 20 per cent off our
regular priced. A $50.00 diamond or watch
will cist you 140,00 at thin sale, a Having
of $10.00 to you. Wo have diamonds from
$5.00 to $300.00 each, ladles' and gentx'
watches from $5.00 to $12.1.00 each, and we
glvo you 20 per cent discount off regular ?
prices. ?
New style Shirt Waist Sets at 20 per
cent off regular prices.
Rogers' l?C8t Silver Knives and Forks, ?
$3.10 per dozen.
Sterling Silver King Bracelets, tho best ?
quality, at 50 cents each. 1
We are giving special bargains In over "
$50,000 worth or diamonds, watches and
silverware this week.
Corner Main and Eleventh Streets.
. . .i ~ A
I ?oekc S/iot Company.
tils' Is
Cincinnati mndc. The $2.00 L
ilf. Genuine Welt Motor
more money. Our $3.00 ?
:n's i
3 Company. !j
Str Slut Chtkltr*. | Uh X*t C/triUtn.
There Are \
Poor Storekeepers
Good storekeepers?better and best?the same way be said of stars
stocks and values. Those who trade here are'the store'* best advertisers.
Ask Sny good dresser or anyone whom you know to be
economically inclined?if they deal here they'll recommend you to;
if they've never tried us they cannot tell what they've missed. You'll
not find a single enemy of this store?its methods?its prices?is
there another in town can truthfully say the same?
.We arc in the business for profit?there's profit in making
.{riends?friends arc only secured by square, fair dealing, t
Noble sentiments in business wouldn't have much commercial
value unless accompanied by tact, talent and facilities. Judge for
yourselves whether we have our snare, juage ay ^cuun ajjpcaiauw:
?by comparison, by stock, style and prices.
Make any test you see fit?we'll warrant you'll select our store.
Money back protects you here and demonstrates our self-confidence.
Fourth of July Specials in Men's Suits this week.
Fourth of July Specials in Boys' Suits this week.
Fourth of July Specials in Vestee Suits this week.
Fourth of July Specials in Sailor Suits this week. !
Fourth of July Specials in Shirts this week.
Fourth of July Specials in Underwear this week.
Fourth of July Specials in Tics this w??k.
Fourth of July Specials in Night Robes this week.
Fourth of July Specials in Troupers. )
Strictly One. Pci&e.HUB
LBJ , S===Sgg=ggggB>
SBaer's Clothing Jfouse. | SZatr's Clothing SRouat.
" 1 ' -
no and $12 Suits, *6.50
*14, $15 and $16 Suits, $9.00
These are the magic figures that will fill our store
rith customers for the next ten days. We have dejrmined
to make a clean sweep of all our Men's AilVool
Cassimere, Worsted and Cheviot Summer
Veight Suits now piled on our counters. We don't
'ant to carry over these suits. We have got to sell
lem before inventory takes place. There is just one
?ay to do it? ? 1
6.50 for Suits, that have been selling for $10 and $12.
9.00 Suits, that have been selling for $14, $15 and $16.
All sizes in the combined lots. We need not
ell you what it means to have early choice.
Twelfth St. ? ? Clothier,
C/ie Scmp/e-jCingairan Co. I She Scmplr-Xlrgainaii Co
Welcome to the New Store
Bargains in Ready-Made Department.
nc Lot Suits at 1-3 Actual Prlcc.
nothcr Lot Your Choice at 1-2 Prtcc*
These goods arostrlctly tailor* made. All the latest styles In Etons,
Rlazors, Reefers mul tight-fltting Jackets.
hlrt Waists.
This season's latest styles In white anil colors. One lot on Spcelal
Counter <tt One-Half Price.
Everything suitable tor summer wear?Ties, Ribbons, Belts, ShirtWaist
Word About Onr Corset Dept.
Wo still have a fow of those 60c Corsets at 25c.
All the most colebrated makes of Corsets are to be found In this department.
Isltors and Stronger*
to the city will And that we can supply all their wants.
i nun" af

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