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(The INTELLIGENCER, embracing Ito
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Crfltorto 1 Boon 823 I CoeaUng Boom B12
The Kentucky Situation.
The situation in KentucKy Dears an
ugly look. The Republicans claim they
have received returns from every county
In the state and say Taylor's majority
will not fall below 5.000, and that
late and official reports from many
counties, from which they have had unofficial
figures, have increased his majority.
On the other hand Goebel and his
friends are claiming the state by 4,000
plurality without anything tangible to
base their claims upon except their
dogmatic assertions. The Republicans
have undoubtedly carried the state, but
the provisions, of the infamous Goefcl
election law makes It possible for them
to be cheated out of their hard-earned
victory. The whole election machinery
is In the hands of the Qoebel party, and
3 man that was unscrupulous enough
to *ieal the nomination will stoop to
any methods that will consummate the
rraud that was begun In the nominating
The best element of the state and the
Kentucky Democracy, however, are
against Goebel's methods ana will not
allow such a scheme to succeed without
a bitter struggle. Such a triumph
/would put an indelible stain on the Blue
Chrass state.
The latest reliable figures give Taylor
* plurality of 1.283. with three counties
,t? hear from. One of these in 1897 gave
ft Democratic plurality of 220. and the
remaining two a Republican plurality
of 1,135. Estimating that these counties
have not changed materially, the
difference would be 885, which added to
- Taylor's plurality noted above gives the
Republican candidate a lead of 2,168.
Party Traitors.
Of all the elements that entered into
the recent elections none was more to
be deplored than party treason. This
was emphasized in Ohio and Maryland.
In Maryland It contributed to the defeat
of Governor Lowndes, but In Ohio,
fortunately. It failed of Its object. Men
of the same party may honestly differ
as to policy and expediency. They
have the unquestionable right to do
that,but nomanhas a right to assume to
be a Republican or a Democrat and use
the name of the party as a cloak to
vent any spite or personal pique he
may harbor against any candidate of
the party to which he belongs. When
he does this It Is simple treachery. In
speaking of the Maryland case the New
York Press suys:
."The worst of such a foul party treason
as that of Senator Wellington, of
Maryland Is that it invites reprisals.
It will be difficult In the futuro to persuade
any Republican to cast a vote
which will in any way inure to the benefit
of the man whose political Impotence
can furnish the only absolution
for the crime of the defeat of the befit
governor the state has ever hud and the
probable return to power of the Gorman
ring. Yet he will attempt to play the
boss In Republican politics for the remaining
half of his term and nt Its end
will seek re-election. Thus Republican
domination In the state, even on national
issues, will be threatened by feuds
for an indeterminable period. It is,
perhaps, too high an appreciation of
this gentleman's capacity even aH a
renegade to say that his defection and
that of his faction in Baltimore lost the
state of Maryland. But It will always
l?o remembered during his political life
that he prayed and prophesied throughout
a campaign for his party's disaster
while holding an office far above hln
deserts which his piirty had given him.
This fact mny lead to worso results
than the strictly local miahup of yesterday."
In Ohio the action of Bushnell, Kurt*
and McKlsson was doubly dishonorable,
^^^br they treasured no enmities towards
Judge Nash. The treachery of these
Republlcan? was Inspired by personal
differences with 8enator Hanna. and WOr
dates back to the time that gentleman Ff
was elected senator. Senator Foraker bosc
had some personal grievances, but he T1
manfully upheld his party. They had the
nothing to do with the Issues at slake. In
nor did they involve In the most remote wJi'
degree the question of parly principles.
Why did not Wellington take the same
Impersonal view of the matter? It 0f t
would have been better for him had he if
done so. The Maryland and Ohio sire:
traitors now have nothing before th%m a*al
in the way of party preferment, and
they will be barred from the continence Am*
and councils of the party. T]
Picturesque Browne. the
Carl Browne, the erratic son-in-law
of "General" Coxey. who led that fam- 8he
ous army of the unemployed to Wash- w
ington, is making a picturesque tour of wit!
Kansas in a log cabin on wheels. He brat
is also making open air speeches to lu"1
large crowds on expansion, and he Is as an{j
radical on that point as he was violent jt; f
in semi-anarchistic views when he was ?so
"on the road" with coxey.
If he can catch a group of old-style
Populists In his audience he scores them BE
In a fashion as vigorous as It Is orlglnal,
and If he can drive them away from Wrlt
the meeting amidst the laughter of the \v
Republicans he is more than satisfied, thai
Here are a couple of his phrases which N<
have the merit of originality: "You fellows
think you are Populists, but you ^
are not. First, you were tadpole Pops, worl
then dropping your talis by fusion you for.
become the bull frogs of Democracy, pj
and are now chiefly engaged In croak- Just
Ing against the government and the up- a fo
holding of the common flag of the common
people in the carrying out of a dl- ^
vine mission?the expansion of the republican
form of government to the fur- gen
thermost parts of the world." "I was yoH
a Populist, but I don't know where I "VJ
stand now. My party has done the e {
scriptural act of the lamb lying down "
with the lion, and now they are one, the . g
lamb being on the Inside, but I have escaped
the Jonah act and stand here as (
a living evidence of one part of that ?
Populist Iamb that objected to being dl- app(
jested by a Hon with a Bryan head, a j"PSL
Croker stomach and a Belmont tall." e r
^ com
One New York lady called on another the
the other day. They were warm 1(,<?n
friends. The hospitable hostess set out l,e c
a bottle bupposed to contain a fluid
conducive to sociability. Both drank
copiously until an unnatural Internal go t
warmth moved the hostess to look at but
the bottle more closely, wheil she dis- jiny'
covered it contained carbolic acid. Both ^
will recover, but the question arises "G
what kind of liquor was It they had Stat
been used to drinking that they could
not tell the difference between it and jang
carbolic acid by the sense of taste. was,
^ and
Senator McLaurln, of South Carolina,
In a recent letter said that while he was frorT
uninformed upon the Philippine subject your
when the treaty of peace came up in Geor
the senate, he has now decided oplnIons
upon the question and is strongly nien
opposed to our abandoning this key to give
the commerce of the far Pacific. Now 8'?"
comes the senator's colleague, the radlcal
Tillman, endorsing these views and McK
emphasizing the Importance of hanging
on to the Islands. The people are grad- "y
ually coming around to the admlnlatra- agni
tlon's way of thinking. mea
We hasten to prepare the public for
an appalling spectacle. The Hon. aaju,
Thomas J. Sharkey, lying on a bed of to l<
pain and swathed in bandages as a re- j
suit of his recent discussion with the
Hon. James J. Jeffries, In commenting ranh
on some remarks made by his opponent
says: "I will call him down the first
time I see liim, and forfeet that I am a
When the Parkersburg State Journal dolp
presumes to Instruct the Intelligencer ran*
in what it 1r nleased to term "Rood motl
Journalism and good taste" It will, we altoi
trust, pardon the Intelligencer's suggestlon,
that when it feels it stands in jnff
need of such ethical instruction it will her
apply to a more competent teacher than t,,e
the Journal.
Too much cannot be said of the com- Jcff?
blned good taste of Admiral Dewey and nUg
the woman he married, In being quietly Jni
wedded, without show or ostentation. johv^
True modesty always accompanies Win
greatness. Long life and happiness to
you, admiral! ' To
The result In Ohio Is said to have surprised
Chairman Jones, of the Demo- A
cratlc national committee. Now will bloo
Chairman Jones surprise the people soul,
by acknowledging that the country Is old
prosperous. "J'1'
mm nest,
Can It be possible that Goebel is using
his infamous election law to count himself
In? If he attempts anything like ??Th(
that there will be troublous times, in- ?Tlu
deed, in Kentucky.
^ Like
The election of Judge Nash by the ?n
largest plurality given any candidate "Na;
for governor of Ohio since the re-elec- ^hll
tlon of McKlnlcy in 1893, Is more than
significant. j^}
Morgan town Is advancing with startling
strides. The other day a man was Was
given knock-out drops and robbed of
1100 In true metropolitan style. of
The cause of women's rights lost an who
able champion in the dcuth of John
Bright, of England.
The boys In Luzon will be pleased qJJ,!
when they hear the election news. Swai
Now that Thanksgiving turkey will
have an added flavor and delicacy. ^Itl
i? Thcr
The Jones vote of 12.000 accounts for
the slump In Hamilton county.
Agulnaldo really carried but one stale
?Nebraska. ,11st I
mm ? ii 41/
No Fear of Death. ,,H f
Philadelphia Record: "I have seen
thousands of persons die under all jmn
sorts of circumstances, and never yet ing
have I seen one display the slightest worn
fear of death." This remarkable state- pern
ment was made by n physician who ha* the
practiced many years In Philadelphia good
and who has seen ft great deal of hos- else
pltal service. "It la a popular fallacy,"
he wont on, "to suppose that a deathbod
scone Is ever terrible, other than as n
a parting between loved ones. The fear J.
of tho unknown Is novor present at the BlCn
last." i
nre men die of Idleness than of hard
k. x
ilse shirt fronts are the poor maA'a
>m friends.
le closer we get to our good deeds
smaller they seem.
the politician's new bonnet you
find the same old bee.
ie one great drawback about loafIs
the unsatisfactory compensation,
ibor is the only successful collector
he living the world owes to man.
wishing would only fulfill our de9?but
there's that troublesome "If'
itentB of nobility are frequently
?wed with the assistance of the
erlcan heiress.
ie man who invents a successful
hip will he of great assistance to
rising generation.
) matter how costly a thing may be
oman considers it valueless when
has lost all interest in it.
hen a man gets so deeply in love
i himself that he begins to celee
his greatness, he has reachcd the
i In the lane.
a girl refuses an offer of marriage
becomes a spinster, she may regret
md if she marries she may regret it
what can the poor girl do??Chi)
Dally News.
I iM-uunifi iiiaituca vufiiu iu uw
ten In rag-time.
omen like sensible men a lot better
i they like men to be sensible.
3 msn ever thinks a woman Is an
el till he has found out that she Is
lere Is nothing In the world that Is
th dying for that Isn't worth living
obably a girl could never explain
why she Jumps up und down so at
otball game.?New York Press.
Good Story on the Lee Boys.
arhlngton Post: Some Virginia
lemen were dining at Chamberlln's
erday and laughing reference was
e to the gentle roast by The Post's
)r of General Ludlow, Captain LuYoung,
and Lieutenant Fitzhugh
for their participation in Sunday
e racing in Havana.
apropos of young Fltz," said one
he party, "did you know that his
>intment as first lieutenant in the
liar army was due to the hit that
nade with President McKinley? In
pany with his father. Fltz went to
white house one day, and the Prest
was so taken with his looks that
trdered his appointment then and
e. much to the youngster's elation
the gratification of the general,
ther son, Gcoige. had occasion to
o the executive mansion later on,
he didn't on that occasion have
Lhing approaching his brother's
In fact, he was 'trun down,' as
street gamins say.
leorge Lee had been at the United
es military academy for two years,
stood well In all his studies except
ich. On the subject of the French
uage he had declared himself. It
, according to young Lee. a vain
empty thing, and he proposed to
It out. The professor heard of the
irk. and thought that the cadet
: Virginia was a rather brash
ic man. who needed disciplining,
gc failed in his French, as ho had
icted. and the professo played for
He wouldn't sign the recomdation
of the other professors to
the lad another chajicc. Persuawas
used, but he was obdurate. Fir.
In company with General Hosser,
plucked one went to see President
'inley, nnd asked his kindly Inter- j
tiow. Firmly but mildly the Presi-1
oung George saw he was 'up
nm it, oui nt* ioiu inc i lesiueni is*1
nt to bo a soldier, anyway, anrl
Id enlist In the regular army as a
ite. Thin tickled McKlnley Im- i
soly A mnn that will do thnt, he
has Rood stuff In him. He agreed
>ok after <?eorge, and that Is why
appointed him a major of volun<.
Fltz, Jr.. will soon go to Manila,
re he will And his brother George
;lng him, and 1 hear that the latter
already threatened to put Fltz unarrets
If his behavior Is not of the
Family of Heavy-Weights.
iRSONS, W. Va.. Nov. 8.-ln Ranh
county ther was a family, whose
is were broken by the death of the
tier a few dnys ago. that weighed
?ether. two thousand. hIx hundred
forty-eight pounds. They are n
-lived people, too. the mother beelghty-Mve
years old at the time of
death. There were ten members of
family, and their respective
rhta follow:
i K. Scott, (father) 227 pound*
fiol A. Scott, (mother) 2'N pound*
rson Scott 278 pound?
rles Scott 275 pound?
h Scotf 2T.i pounds
ph Scott 265 pounds
>r Scott 316 pounds
i J. Seoft 276 pound?
Held Scott 225 pound?
In 8. 8eott 313 pounds
tul weight 2.6IS pounds
Export Opinion.
paw paw. with Juice In Its skin,
d In Its heart and ginger In Its
, may be a good thing, but a little,
wornout. dry. tasteless affair, with
Ing <>n its bones. Is like salt that
loBt Its savor, or a last year's bird
Parkersburg State Journal.
Only xiust.
>u shalt die." the priest said to the
ui shall vanish like the leaves of
the dust of any common thine
e day thou upon the winds shall
r. not ho," the klnp said. "1 shall
le the Kreat sun In the sky makes
fen and earth, when I do pass a way.
my tomb I wait till all things go!"
i the klnK died. And, with myrrh and
hed with palm-wine, swathed In llnon
d In naphtha gum. and under guard
his steadfast tomb, they laid tho
ury fled to century; still ho lay
le as when they hid him Nrst nway,
I), the priest had nothing morn to say?
. it seemed, the king, knew everything.
day armies with the tramp of doom
threw tho hugo blocks of the tomb;
-tnlng sunbeams icarched Its chambered
loulns camped about the sand-blown
0 Arabs, answering to their name.
1 a broken mummy fed tho (lame,
i a wind among the ashes eamo.
iw thorn llahtl.v and the klnK was not!
-Harriett Prencott-Spofford.
Tho New Explosive.
orlte, the new explosive, has been
nguishing Itsolf by passing through
f, Inch Harvey Ixed steel plate, if
luccess continues, It will nuike ns
t a record for Itself In the military
d as Hosteller * Stomach Hitters
In the medical world. So far nolhhns-appeared
which con equal th!?
ilerful medicine In Its speedy an '
ianent mastery of all dlsen'ica of
stomach, liver or kidneys. It's / .
I remedy to try when everything
has failed.
(! H?' X.' U. * ? * m n
.j __/j Ihi Kind Yoo Han Al*m Bon,..
above every
other medicine J'J ^^Jgl
stands the record
of Dr. Piftrce's Golden Medical Disc
ery as a remedy for diseases of the bio
stamach and organs of digestion i
nutrition. The claim is made that
" Discovery" will cure ninety-eight ]
sons in every hundred who are suffer
from the diseases for which it is ]
scribed. That claim is based upon
actual record that it has cured nine
r*. . eight per cent.
/ /7 number of th
sands. Will it cure you? Try it I
a wonderful medicine and has worl
wonderful cure*.
Let no dealer sell you a medicine a
to be "just aa good." Just as g(
medicines don't cure.
" About ten year* ago I be ran to have troi
with my utomnch." wntea Mr. Wm. O>no<
of Walnut St.. Lorain, Ohio. "It got to
that I had to lay off quite often two and tl
daya a week, ray atomach would bloal, an
wuuid belch up gas, and waa in awAiI diati
r at auch time*. I h
I .! . \ been tteated by
V TUP V whatever. I wroti
\ ' nt \ you. for advice.
\ ti\ fl/V?\ \ told mc th,t by
VolOOu j i
\ XV v u ^ thought I had II
complaint and advi
the use of your 'Golden Medical Discovery' i
Pleasant Pellets' in connection. The*e m
dnea 1 have taken as directed, and am v
happy to state that I commenced to get be
from the atart and have not lost a day this ai
mer on account of my stomach. I reel tip
and better than I have for ten year*."
Dr. Pierce's Pellets cure biyousm
Strong Words in Flanders.?1
Flemish phllogists have introduced
new term Into their language. In Flc
iah an automobile Is asnelpaardelo
zoondeerspoorwcgpetroolrijtulg. 1
etymology Is "snel," rapid; "paar
loos." horseless: "zoondeerspoorwe
without rails; "petroolrljtuig," drii
by petroleum.?Detroit de 1'Homi
"Did you say that I scattered moi
right nnd left in my campaigns?" a:
ed Senator Sorghum. "No. s!
"Well, somebody said It. and It wai
mighty mean trick. The first thing
know they'll have the people who w
going to vote for me anyhow think!
It's a sheer waste of money to go up
the polls and cast an honest ballot.
Washington Star.
Mse Cohenstlen, (rapturously)?(
Ikey. vot if Moses vould gome
eardth vonce more? Vouldn't it pe
Glorious sighdt to see him make
votter In de Enst Rlfer standt on >
side, undt den lead der Jews agros
Ikey Hockstien (with a gleam of ho;
?1 wish he vould do it. Mose.
mighdt find dot halluf dollar I drop]
ofT der ferryboad last spring!? Pucfc
Vain Regret.?"Did you step on <
of those weighing machines when 3
were down town, Johnny?" "Yes
Weighed myself on two of 'er
"What did you do that for?" "Wan
to bo sure about it." "Did you wel
the same on both?" "Nome. Fif
11Ino n/innilq nn nn? nnrt slvfv.nno
tho other." "You foolish hoy! You
wasted a cent on one of the machin
and you don't know which one."?C
caso Tribune.
You "Will Never Be Sorry,
For doing your level beat.
For your raith In humanity.
For bolng kind to tho poor
For hearing before judtrine.
For being candid and fwink.
For thlnkimr before speaklnc.
For discounting the tale bearer.
For belriK loyal to the preacher.
For standing by your principles.
For stopping your earn to Kosslp.
For nnking pardon when in error.
For the Influence of high motives.
For bridling a slanderous tongue.
For hdnc jrenerous with an n?'iny.
For helm: square In business deals.
For sympathizing with the oppressec
How's ThisP
We offer One Hundred Dollars I
ward for any case of Catarrh that c
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props., Toledo
We, the undersigned, have known
J. Cheney for tho Inst 15 years, and I
lieve him perfectly honorable in
business transactions and flnancia
able to carry out any obligations mi
by their firm.
WEST & THFAX, Wholesale Dri
nlciu Tnlodo. O.
Wholesale Druggist*. Toledo. Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Intern
ly, noting directly upon the blood a
mucous surfaces of the system. Prl
76c per bottle. Sold by all Druggif
Testimonials free.
Hall's Family Plljs are the best.
To National Export Exposition, Phi
delpliia, l*a., Baltimore & O!
Tho Baltimore & Ohio railroad v
sell special cheap excursion tickets
Philadelphia on account of the Natloi
Export Exposition for Thursdays, Oc
ber 12th and 19th. and November I'd a
16th at one fare for the round trip, p
f>0 cents admission to the Exposlt!
(minimum rate $1.00). Tickets will
rood going from all points cast of i
Ohio river, and are valid for return I
days, Including date of sale.
1 Rough Dry Washed, Starched a
Dried 5 cents per pound.
I Flat Work, washed and Ironed,
cents per pound.
1 All nana work finished 10 cer
per pound. At LUTZ BROS'.
Home Steam Laundry
The Original
Beware of Imitations
John Duncan's Sons, Agents, New Yc
Prompt Completion of Orders at I
| Intelligencer Job Printing OHlce.
/ s. Slktdn * Co.
\ Near Seal and
' Electric Seal Jackets
The highest grade mone;
can produce.
You will find our price
3" right.
ind 1 1
S Cloth Jackets
2 and Golf Capes.
New ones arriving daily.
Sale of
a Fine Black Crepons.
irce *
d I
ve 15 per cent to 25 per cen
tht , , .
less than regular prices.
e to w
my 1
Friday and Saturday, November 1
and 11. Vatlnae Saturday.
STAB CAST?Oua. Pillev, Edit:
^e,T Kinrsley, Gladys Van, The D
f' Vaulls, Chas. Boach and others,
ne The Subject of the Hour. Set to Nei
and OriginaJ Music.
Night prices?2Sc, 50c and 75c. Matinc
iu prlcoR?25c and 50c. Reserved seats on sal
HK,1 at Opera House Box Office Thursday a
9 a. m, no6
" 1 + + OPERA HOUSE. + In
Holiday Right, November 13.
on The Astounder of All Nations. Pros en tin
a Many Extraordinary Novelties in th
de Manic Art. A Series of New and Startlln
on i Illusions Invented by the GREAT KEI
??? [ LAR. and Surpassing Anything Hlthert
"? I Accomplished. New and Original Dlsco>
pe' eries In the Realm of the Marvelous.
I Prices. 25c, 50c, 7oc and 31.00. Reserve
ied spat sale opens Saturday morning at
o'clock at Opera House box office. no8
Z ? ? OPERA HOUSE. * *
'm. Tuesday Evening, November 14.
lEh Presents
've Version of Berton 4 Slmon'a Play,
" ZAZA."
The Greatest Dramatic Triumph o
Prices, 56c, 75c, 31.00 and 31.50. Sale c
seats commences Monday morning* at
o'clock at the Opera House box office.
One week. commencing Monday. Nov. <
with dally matinees commencing Tuesday
Presenting a repertoire of scenic produc
Hons. Change of play each night.
Night prices?10, 20 and 30 cents.
Matinee prlcea?10 and 20 cents. no2
Tljree Nights and Wednesday Matlne<
November 13, 14. 15.
The Peerless Yankee Comedian,
In his beautiful comedy drama of Nei
O. England Life,
be- Night prices?15, 25. 35 and 50c. Matlne
all prices?lfi. 25 and 35c. nog
ltll! Seeoralcrt, jurnilurc. Sic.
*. The Van Tine
s Constable Co.,
428 Peon Avenue,
'? Pittsburgh, Pa.?
"? Decorators.
? Drapery,
lS Furniture,
Interior Wood Work,
8 Mr. W. H. Van Tine (forlt"
merly with Van Tine & Lipp=
hart Co.) can be addressee
at Fort Henry Club or Mcf
Lure Hotel, Wheeling, W. Va.
S^rllan Sat Stnnge.
are more contented and do bettei
work when they have the labor
oavlng Oa* Range In the kltchcn.
are unanlmouit In paying that It
maken a notv thing of houaekecp?
Ing. and aa for the reuniting cook*
I cry, why tho moit exacting
Head of the Family
will admit that it t? .Imply perrcca;
* THE PURITAN I* the beat Clan
Range wade. We havo them In all
atylea. Call and examine.
= Nesbitt & Bro.,
IJI2 Market Street.
Sine Jbtoertiummti.
When making your own mine*,
meat you should have pure cr?b
| older. We have received thru
barrels of the celebrated pin,
1117 M?rkft S? *
2217 Market.St.
"Old fashioned" hot cake* and biscuit
are in demand these cool mornings. f?ur
grandmothers used buttermilk to mak?
them. We can furnish the buttermilk at
15c per gallon.
SIMPSON, "The Milkman,"
Telephone M7. 1610 Market SL
Money To Loan
On Househcold Furniture, Piano*, Stocki
without removing same. Strictly private
Can bo paid back in small payments. Ad*
Union Loan Company,
P. O. Box no._
[ The kind that wear, and don't leak.
For Coughs and Colds. At
R. H. LIST'S, 1010 Main St.
Developing and printing
Amateur Photographers.
~ Mall Orders Solicited.
0 W. C. BROWN, 1222 Market St
Wheeling Steel A Iron Co.
La Belle Iron Works.
Bellaire Gas & Electric Light Co.
Wheeling Pottery.
Wheeling Bridge Co.
h Wheeling & Kim Grove R. R. (common),
e BOND?Parkersburg St. Ry Co.
v 16 Exchange Bank Building.
Weather Strip.
1 Now is the time you want to pre"
pare for the cold weather, which will
soon be here. We have a full line of
Very little money invested in then;
k saves big gas bills.
geo. w. jaii.mvs sons,
i It is Ihe lime or year when you should
? make up your list of
> .a Magazines ^
and Papers ^
for Winter Reading and let us send you:
subscriptions to the publishers at publishers*
prices. We take all the risk
and guarantee delivery.
9 Wheeling Pottery.
La Belle Mill.
Bellaire Gas & Electric Compacv.
National .Tube.
Wheeling Stool & Iron.
S Crystal Ola*? Company.
Wheeling* Bridge Company.
Fostoria Glae* CompanyWheeling'
Railway Company,
Wheeling Steel & Iron Co.
Wheeling Stamping Company.
National Steel Co. slock. American Tin
Plate Co. stock. National Biscuit Co. stock
and National Tube stock bought and fold
on oiock nxcnaiiKf, lhhiiku huu ." ? i
v Room 4, City Bank Building. 'Phong frfy
$4,800 Town of Salem, V. Ya,
Water forks Bonds. Interest
5 per cent, payable annually.
) National Exchange Bank Building. _
In the Circuit Court of Ohio County,
West Virginia.?In Chancery. No. 1721.
J. T. Goodwin and Louis Schrador. partners
In trade doing business under tha
firm name and style of J. T. Goodwin &
Co., plaintiff*.
Richard Ryan, assignee of William S.
Dickson. William 6. Dickson. McLuri
Hotel Company, a corporation: P <?
Brown. constable; B. 8. McLure and H.
W. McLure. defendants.
By virtue of an order entered In th*
ahove entitled cause on the 27th day ol
October, ISM. It was referred to th?? undersigned
commissioner for the following
First?To settle the account of Richard
Ryan, asslgnep of William S. Dickson. ?n<J
? to ascertain all pertinent facts relattv?
"thereto. , ,
Second?To ascertain the lndebtedne.?? ">
William S. hlckson and to whom payable:
. also, what liens, If any. exist Rgninst thi
property of the said William S. Dickson,
and their priorities.
Third?To ascertain and report any otH^f
pertinent matters that any party in inter*
I est may require, or which th? said cotn?
I mlsslonVr may deein proper.
Notice Is hereby given that the und^r.
signed commissioner hns fixed u|"\n
Wednesday. November 29. ISM. at 9 o'clock
a. m.. as the time, and his ofllce. at N"*
, H17 Chapllne street, in the city of Whef*
Ing, Ohio county, West Virginia, ns tn?
! place, at which he will procerd to
and report tbe several matters In said order
of reference required.
Given under my hand this 6th day ol
November, 1H99.
C. P. FLICK. Commissioner.
Solicitors for Complainants.
(Published first time November 7. 1W >
no7-tU _
A I.T. AVrr?u? pise****? Palling M?o"
pry, Irapotancy. 8lo?plaa?n?aa. ate.. ennf i
by Abuaa or otbai Kiommn and
vmUout, T*t>u quickly and tnrtiV
raatorn Lost Vitality In old or youti*. anil
fit a man for ?turt>, butlnsa? or intmti"i'nrfit
Insanity and (V>n*utni'tl<>n
ia. Thalraaa ahem* Jromo.lUta iRtpm"want
nod *#ec> a cUUP wlmr* all othar fill Inflat
upon bavins tha grrnlnn Jklai Tablets. II
barn ctirrd I honantiila and will core yon. We st?? P?**
Ui^iwritHinauarutM* toutlfe-i a cure C/lflTC ?<*
ao?'b enanor refund tho monay. lVtooWU WI Qip?r
or tlx j'k<?oa (full tre?tRiaot> for flfiO. }'T
? jr sale in Wheeling, W. Va.. by Loga?
Dr'itf Co. _____ fe4-tthii _
j of the moat obstinate rtu>oa of Gonorrhoea i [
i | nnd Oloct, guaranteed in from 3 to fl J,
' , days; no other treatment requlml. ,>
J Sold by all druggists.

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