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St,. S. SUM * Ce. I Seo. e. Sllte, & Co.
1134, 1156, 1158, 1160 MAIN STREET. i
Half Dollar
Seems to be the popular thing just 'now, providing the styles are
new and stylish, nud that's what makes our lines so popular.
Indies' Fancy Striped and Folks Dot Lisle Thread Host? S
patterns varied, as well as the colors ?J vll.
Ladles' Fancy Hose, of which the foot is black (that won't BA?
stain), while the' boot is of some color in fancy design.. 3vC
Ladies'Best Lisle,Egyptian Lace Hose, Colored and ( A?
Black ?Ut
A special line of "ONYX" Black and *) ( ?
White Dot Hose at
that are extra value.
I All Black Boot, Full Gauge Mnco Foot, Double Sole and Off- .
Spliced Heel Hose <6 j
Ladies'Black, Seamless, Silk Finished, Full f aj r
Fashioned Hose S
Fancy " Sox." j
Why not? They are all the rage, and that's why we have them, c
Polka Dots and Stripes on JtZr Sftr u
colors and black CJvC n
Ten Cent "Sox,"
These a j* fast black, heavy heels and toes, full width |A. 1
across Instep, and are extraordinarily cheap at the price.. I wV J
n v
When "Jier Majesty's" I
people guarantee a Corset for 30 dayn and will refund money if *
said Corset is not satisfactory at the end of that time,' you can 0
feel assured that this is the Corset to wear?and WE SELL IT.
Geo, E. StifeS & Co. I
f-i L.J . ? F
2. SuntHint) & Co- I Suadling j- Co. ^
B M Perfect Fitting i
?The man who appreciates a perfect
- -w- < . .< a If II
\ flHFM "lhe itar nothing nouse ?
I1 tSf ''OTS3SBI % Hi ,b by 1111 odds the Place 'or hlm* We n
1 iV 4 flni make a deeper study of quality, fit tc
S <1 and workmanship than any other tl
SR^llBwS Iran house. This naturally connects us
^'IPB^SSk ? I B t0 the lendinR manufacturers of the oi
I 'm * I H country?houses who are strangers to ft
|iffl ) lB the Cheap John Stuff so extensively 0i
351 IBm^W ID advertised by some of the Wheeling n
I'! |W H H retailers, none of which is found on t)
f-u In B H our s^ves* The truly good, the t)
II OB la most reliable, the perfect fitting gar- t}
, [Iff |H M ments is what we aim to sell. Our lr
I* labcl on each garment is a guarantee ,r
B| for the character of our clothes, and ((
A money back for the asking. TRY tJ
yf US, and our word for it* youll come u
'***" n
34 and 36 Twelfth Street. ti
Seo. SL Gay lor Co. I Seo. SI. Cantor Co. 1,1
Black Mi-Wool Armure Suiting, ic. Per a
46 inches wide '"^Yard sl
Black and Blue Zybeline Suiting, ffl 1A Per
50 inches wide ?pl?l" yarc| *
Black and Colored All-Wool India Serges, Cflr Per <..
44 inches wide Yard {J
Black and Colored AH-Wool Etamines, 7Cr Per
46 inches wide Yard J
Bordered Novelty Robes,'worth $22.00, for $10.00 l"
Persian Brocade Robes, worth #28.50, for $15.00 *>>
~ ..r u i
DCH/fM A MTC In the center of the lower floor we have 8;
8 v " l V tl l \i / w MI 1 /V placcd a countcr and filled it with remnants
* left from our Silk and Woolen Dress C.oods, ft
Hanncls and Wash Goods, anil among them you will find many choicc pieces of ^
material-' suitable for a number of purposes at prices far below incir original value, ?i
JvnV A^f7 P AtfV^Wc display of Oriental Novelties will he on J(
rut i lllyai S exhibition for the balance of the week. ,j
I his will bo a rare opportunity to r.oetirc exclusive Christmas Presents at low prices, tl
L _ | I*
I J<
Last Chance to Secure a Resurrected
Industry for Wheeling
XThich Will be Held This Evening at
Mozart Hall, When the Business
Ken Below the Creek Will be Asked
to Lend Their Support to the
Movement to Acquire the Hobbs i
Glass House.
To-night, at 7:30 o'clock, In the Mo- '
sart hall, corner of Thirty-eighth and
racob streets, South Side, there will be
l meeting of business men and citizens
if the district south of the creek, for j
he purpose of extending support to the
novement to acquire from the United ,
States GIufH Company and place in ]
peration the Hobbs glass house. There i
ire no formal invitations?everybody '
vho feels disposed to udd his support, !
vhether largo or small, to on underaktng
that ought never to be allowed <
o fail, Is Invited to be present. A representative
of Senator Scott, who reently
secured a very favorable opUon
in the plant, will be present to explain 1
horoughly the project, and solicit subicriptions.
The fate of the project
iangs on the success of to-night's meetng,
and if failure comes the blame will
est In but one place?with the South
ilders, who are most directly interestd.
With a liberal stock subscription
rom the South Side, the balance of the
lock will be readily subscribed up
The Conference Fruitless.
Yesterday, at Pittsburgh, there was a
onference between the tableware manifacturers
and representatives of the
American Flint Glass Workers' Union,
elatlve to * readjustment of the scale,
'he conference deferred action on the
emind of the workers for a ten per
ent advance until November 29th,when
nother meeting will be held. The
lold-making scale was settled by the
greement that workers in that branch
hall not receive less than $15 a week
fter eighteen months' service as aprcntlces.
The manufacturers agreed
!> a four weeks shut down for 1900 be
VVCCn >11111'; 10 auu oupiuuiucr xu. All \
ustificutlon of their refusal to allow c
he ten per cent advance asked by the
workers, the manufacturers say the t
resent scale In the pressed ware t
ranch Is as high as at any time In the ?
ast twenty-five years. J
The manufacturers who compose the e
rational Association of Manufacturers '
f Pressed and Blown Glassware were 1
spresented by A. Hart McKet, of PlttJurgh;
W. A. B. Dalzell.of Flndlay. O.;
. D. Wilson, of Tarentum; W. S. Bray,
of Moundsvllle, W. Va.; D. E. Caroll,
of Jeanette; Charles Bockius, of ?
larion, lnd., and David Jenkins, of g
reentown, Ind. The American Flint )
lass WorkersUnion wa3 represented by *;
resident W. J. Smith, of Pittsburgh; j
'ice President M. S. Branln, of Mill- ?
[lie, N. J.; Secretary John Kunzler, of 1
lttsburgh; John Corcoran, of Wheelig;
Harry Thompson, of New Brlgh- a
>n; George Roberts, of Muncie. Ind.; 1
i'illiam Rehbeck, of Newark, O., and
/illiam Robinson, of Tarentum.
At the first conference, held in July, (
le workers made a demand for an ad- ,
ance or ten per ccm, uui u was itiscd,
and it was Anally agreed to start
le factories at last year's wages pendig
a vote of the membership on the
latter. It was understood that If the
orkers opposed the settlement another
inference would be held and the mat;r
be reopened. The vote was against
le settlement, and for more than a
lonth President Smith has been trying
> get both sides together to consider
le original demand.
The conference opened in the rooms
f the American Flint and Lime Glass
lauufacturers' Association. The dlsusslon
was opened by some of the
tanufacturers contending that the setement
last July was flna.1. They said
ley had taken orders that will keep
jeir factories Tiusy until January I at
ist year's wages, and that It will be
npoHslble to grant an advance at this
me. The workers were positive that
te settlement was conditional on the
cceptance of the old rates by the
lembers of the organization.
The manufacturers represented In the
inference are all In the National Glasi%
ompany, the new combination of taleware
manufacturers. Five of the
rms In the combination have indlvldal
scales with their workmen, and
ielp plants are operated on a nonnlon
basis. They will not. therefore,
a governed by the action of the con rcnce.
Iventa in and About the City Given
in n Nutshell.
Matinee at the Grand to-day.
Grand to-night?Glbney-Hoelller Co.
Opera House to-night?"A Hag Time
Glass house meeting at Mozart hall,
>uth Side, to-night.
Foot ball this afternoon?Llnsly InJtule
vs. City high school.
William Malcrom, drunk, was arrested
?sterday by Officer Conrad.
Bishop Donahue will deliver his famih
leettire: "My Trip to ICuropc," In
annlngtoti, about the last of Novemur.
W. F, Bentley and II. B, Foreman
ere arrested i?> License Officer ISIHott
isterdny lor peddling without a 11 me.
The hotel registers were brisk at the
itels Inst night, following the dullness
f the two days previous, which was
no h> ihe elections.
Sue Foster, of tin- Hast End, entered
lulre Fit -/.pa I rick's ofllro last night.
Ith blood oozing from bruises on her
ice, which she averred Thomas Manii.
a young Fast Under, administered,
warrant for his arrest was sworn
In atonement for past offenses In the
n?' of killing people off, an evening pa- ^
t*r. In a "Good Times" edition last I
Ight, resurrected a business? man who *
parted tills llf- over n year ago. Hut ?
ii n, strange things will certainly hap- *
Boys' $1.50 oolid lenthor, doublo
>lo Winter Shoos for $1.20 at Mc- *
"(HOT There; Stay There," Sam P. "
>nes, November 14. j
The Wheeling & Lake Erie has Ju
issued a statement of its finances f<
the month of .September, which shov
that the road is keeping the eost i
operating down to the bottom note
During the month of September ti
road was operated for 67 per cent. Tl
gross earnings of the road were $233
604 34. and the operating expenses we
1157.296 16. which leaves net earnings
the amount of $76,208 13. This is hard
up to the estimates as made for tl
first three months of the operation
the road, but still the per cent is vei
low as compared with the cost of ope
citing most roads. At the same tin
that the above statement was madeai
other was issued which shows the ean
Ings of the road from the first of Ju
to the last of September. These sho
gross earnings to the amotint of $600
M9 32. operating expenses $378,873 C
which leaves net earnings of $222,076 2
From this amount must be deduct*
the taxes, the fixed charges, and tl
Interest on the first preferred stoc
amounting to $147,271 02. This w!
leave a surplus of $74,806 27, to be app]
cable to the second preferred stock.
The last report, or that for tl
period between July 1 and Septemb*
30. is more interesting than for tl
month of September alone, for It shov
that the per cent of the earnings it r
rjulreri to operate the road is Jess the
for the Blngle month. The figures sho
lhat the cost of operating the road f<
those three months was approximate
53 per cent of the gross receipts.
iiavance in com Maxes.
In railway freight circles it Is r<
garded almost as a certainty thi
ivlthln the next few weeks, perha]
within a fortnight, the recently a<
winced prices on coal will be sent i
several notches higher. The lnabllll
>f the railroads to provide adequat
facilities for transporting the winter
requirement of the fuel to the mai
<ets, the traffic managers say, will t
Hrectly responsible for the addition)
Coal cars arfc scarcer now than the
vere several months ago. when tfc
laullng of the winter's supply of coj
vas begun, the demand to-day beln
ilmost twice oh great as at that tlnv
rhe railroads, feeling that they are er
Itled to a reasonable share of the ger
nil prosperity, have advanced rates o
he fuel, several of the eastern one
laving ordered another raise, to go int
(fleet next Monday. The advance c
lext week applies to points west of tli
3ig Four road from Cleveland to Co
imbus, and will be on shipments froi
he West Virginia, Pittsburgh and Oh!
lelds. It will be fifteen cents a ton t
mints In Illinois. Indiana and wester
Michigan. and ten cents a ton to easl
rn Indiana, western and northern Ohl
ind caster Michigan. At present th
loal-traffic associations are preparln
he tariffs on the basis of the advano
vhlch soon will be issued.
It Is strongly probable thnt generr
reight rates, too. will be materially Ir
Teased before the year is gone. Th
idvance Is expected to be made all ovt
hi* country. At present the matter 1
mder discussion In freight circles, an
here Is a' general Impression that th
>resent rates, though recently ad vane
id, are too low considering the ad
ranee in the price of supplies an
qulpment required by railroads. Th
?lg increase in the price of steel rails
ha railroads think. Is alone sufflclen
upport of their argument for highe
Volcanic Eruptions.
Are grand, but skin eruptions rob HI
if joy. Bucklen's Arnica Salve cure
hem all: also Old. Running and Fevc
ores, Ulcers, Rolls, Felon*, Corni
Varts, Cuts. Bruises. Burns, Scald!
!happed 11 ands, Chilblains. Best Pll
ure on earth. Drives out Pains an
Iches. Only 25 cents a box. Cur
uiMu?tv>.-u, wiu *>t -Ljuniu.il isms ?-?
Jruggists. 2
Canvas Leggins for men, in al
izos, with patent fastenings, 75c a
HEAR Snm Jonea November li.
| $2.00
I Tn
| Be
Golden Or!
> Bed Linen.
Z Comfort,
s Pillows.
? Bolster.
5 Curtains
S Picturca
:? Shado.
! *
je Is Beautiful, Ma
| verj' best quali.i
? i
if Secures it for
I afford to miss tl
| Rouse
Xrau SrtM.
? Oar Broadway E
,e Already have the approval of
of lnfc- It come* Into the marl
some pattern* that no matter
le . satisfy you. Innovation* in
J" ideas in finlah, newer, better
ly unexampled style, all combii
" are a credit to the men that i
13. Such an Kraua Bro*'. Bout
sold quite a few of these chol
of Wheeling and vicinity. 1
ui meats from
10 T
w ?
jj Strictly One Price.
11 Going and Coming of Wheeling
,y People and Visitors.
ie w. T. Lewis, of Washington, is at the
ll Grand Central.
? W. H. Barlow was a Barnesvllle man
& at the Windsor yesterday.
W. C. Mawhlnney, of Mannlngton,
~ was at the MeLure yesterday.
>h George Slmpklna* of Holliday's Cove,
o was a Howell guest yesterday.
J. R. Elliott, of Slstersvllle, Mrs. M.
ie L. Benedum, of Cameron, and G. B.
I- Phillips, of St. Bfary's, were arrivals at
n the Stamm yesterday.
? City Clerk Thomas O'Brien left yea?
terOay afternoon for Baltimore, where
. he is to marry Miss Walsh next Wed"
neaday. He Is followed by the good
? wlHhes of many friends.
P Mr. Walter Thomas, of the Grau
j opera troupe, stopped off in the city
' yesterday for a few hours to shake
tl hands with old acquaintances*. He
t. Joins the company at Cincinnati,
e E. M Statler, of Buffalo, N. Y., for;r
merly of Wheeling, la in the city. Tola
day, with Harry Mendel and other
d Wheellngltes, he goea to Joplln, Mo.,'
e where they are Interested In a lead
?- mining venture.
" Gerhardt C. Jansen has returned from
" Morgantowr., after succeaafully taking
0 the law examination before the factulty
* of the university law school, the trib11
unal before which all candidates must
'r now appear in this state.
Miss Anna Moyer, of South Chapline
street, has returned home after a pleasant
visit to Ironton, Ohio. Miss Moyer
0 is accompanied by her sister, Mrs. W.
8 H. Clendennlng, who will be her churmT
Inr, minut fnr oAVornl months.
?? -
John W. Ensgn, of the Ensign plant
p of the America Car Maufactnuring Co.,
J at Huntington, was in the city yestere
day, en route home from Pittsburgh.
The Eslngn works is now getting out
an order of car wheels for a Japanese
railroad, the latest of several orders
] that have been received from that count
To Restore Church Harmony. '
YEW YORK, Nov. 9?By a decision _
Per meek Turnisb
fine Enough Tor 1
Our Olind
. . is a*.,..*
droom Out
Wall Pa
2 Btntgl
Center T
Floor Ri
Toilet S?
? ? Cbis Outfit? ?
ignilicent. Gorgeous, Lovely, Ele
/; all high-class, finest workman:
6 $2*00 Per ttkek?
you. Marry that girl right aw
lis chance.
: ? Bern
?4 i <L
Xrtnu Sir**.
- - - - -
w* /.
the beit dressers In Whealset
In such a variety of handwbat
your tastes are, we can
doth manufacture, modern
kill in detl<rn, tailoring and
le to -produce Overcoats that
rear them.
[h Coats. We have already
ce garments to the dresay men
'rices range in these (jar0
1319 Market Street.
' M
of the session of the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian
church, sitting: as & Judicial
court, the charges against Hermann
Warsxawlak have been dismissed and he
has been restored to full membership
In the church. Notice of the action of
the court will be rend. from-the pulpit
of the church next Sunday.' The affair
has been pending three y^ars and has
done much to disrupt the Internal pol- ;
iuy of the church. The iate Dr. John
flail believed in Warsiawlak and
championed his cause. It Is said that
a desire to restore harmony before
calling a new pastor has much to do
with the settlement of the case.
ATWELL?On Wednesday morning. November
8. 1S99, at 11:30 o'clock, at
Steubenvllle. MARGARET AT WELL,
daughter of W. Q. and the late Margaret
Atwell, aged 26 years.
The funeral will occur at 2 o'clock this
afternoon from the residence of Mark
Douglass, on North Third street, Martin's
Ferry, Ohio Interment will be at
Mt. Zlon cemetery. Friends of the
family Invltedjo attend,
Louis Bertschy,
1117 Main St.-We?t Sid?.
Calls by Telephone Answered Day or
Night. Store Telephone 63S. Residency
GOfi. Assistants Telephone. 695.
BRUEMMER f Funeral Director.
. J and Embalmers,
& ~\ tor. Market end 224 St*
HliPEBRAWP 1 0w,0Tr^rKW
Parlors and Chapel | Open Day and Wght.
41 fifteenth Street | Ttlephoae 800
es a Bedroom |
Royalty.**** j|
ow I
lit |
it Chair*.
gant, and of the
;hip and'artistic, \
| *
ray. You can't j

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