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He Responds to the Intelligencer's Invitation to Attei
the Approaching
The Intelligencer Submits the Admiral's Answer to the Committ
in Charge of the Tablet Setting, the Members of Which a
Enthusiastic Over the Probability that the Hero of Mani
Will Come to Wheeling?A Committee to Visit him in Was
ington Next Week to Follow np the Initiative Taken by t
Intelligencer?A Sword to be Presented to Ensign Doddridj
of the Boston, at the Same Time
1747 Rhode Island Avenue
washiwotow, November 9, 109b
Dear Sir:?
Admiral Dewey desires me to acknowledge the racelpt of
your letter of the 6th Instant, inviting him to participate in
certain patriotic ceremonies in Wheeling on February 22
next. The Admiral'is unable to determine, so far in advance,
whether or not he will be able to accept the invitation.
.Very Bespectxully,
Secretary to the Admiral.
B. M. Archer, ?
City Editor, The Wheeling Intelligencer,
Wheeling, W. Va.
Admiral Dewey will probably come to at the time of the Fort Henry cei
"Wheeling. monies, and were of the opinion that
The Intelligencer Is able to give this would be the "biggest" day in Whe
pleasing bit of information this morn- lng's history.
ing on the most encouraging grounds. Bald Mr. McGregor: "Magnificent.
February 22, Washington's Birthday, course I approve of what the Inte!
is the probable date of the admiral's gencer has done." In reply to the si
visit to Wheeling. gestion of the Intelligencer that 1
What day more appropriate! Dewey tablet committee meet early next wc
and Washington! Both names are and arrange for a sub-committee to
linked in imperishable glory, and the to Washington and follow up the Inlt
story of one's achievements before and tive taken by this pape?, by extendi
after the birth of the republic does not a personal and formal Invitation to t
even dim the lustre of the other's mag- admiral, Mr. McGregor said: "Y
nlficent contribution to one of the that's just the thing, and let me si
brightest chapters of American his- gest that we secure the very best d
tory. ^ ' ner service of Wheeling pottery tl
* ? ?- Man hfl ho/I nml tnko It down to Wn!
nui lire renucr is ucgiiiiiiiiB vu uuuu mw -? how
this prospective visit comes about, ington with us and present it to t
To be short and to the point, the Intel- "Old Man" as Wheeling'*! wedding g
llgencer sent the following letter to to Admiral and Mrs. Dewey.
Admiral Dewey early in the week: ' Mr. Hulllhen Quarrier was equa
WHEELING, W. VA., enthusiastic. He said. "The Intelllgi
Sir: November c. im cer hflg mode ten-strike in suggest!
We tnko thn liberty of addressing you to this thing, and has done even better
Voice the desire of the people of wheeling ,?i?k an
nnd of West Virginia to see and honor the assuming the Initiative with so mi
Hero of Manila. . success. It will be the greatest d
An approaching event in Wheeling is the t,00 0..?r mntxn P(tnn|. v
setting up of a tablet at the site of Fort Wheeling has e\er seen. People %
Henry, to commemorate the last battle come here from scores of towns a
of the Revolutionary War, fought Septem- ... nf ?
ber 11-13. its;', when the fort, with a garrl- cities, nnd the name of our fal. c
son of sixteen men. was besieged by a will go broadcast over the land fri
Jlrltlsh force, composed of forty red-coats ?, . u,,??nmtinn ,<
nd ir.) Indians, the latter under the no- end 10 end- And that ""ff&estlon tl
torioin Ciiriy During the siege occurred we give Ensign Doddridge a sword
the famous powder exploit In which "Ret- .. < > .. whooii
ty Zane /Inured, nnd which is familiar ^ust 08 8ood? Doddridge Is a Wheell
to every American boy ana girl. The boy, and he deserves anything that i
tablet referred to has been completed, un- . ?r
dor contract with the state of West Vir 8ood people of our city can bestow ur
Klnla. and the ceremonies to attend its set- him, even a $500 sword, as you he
time up at the site of the old stockade In . . t. ?r ,t
thin rliy. nre In charge of a committee "UBKcsted. Put me down for jr. on t!
eompoted of representatives of the city score right away."
of Wheeling, county of Ohio, and chamber ~ n r,ni_f
of commerce, and of the Sons of the Rev- Mr. O. C. Dewey, of Ecno Point,
olutlon and Sons of the American Kevolu- member of the Fort Henry tablet co
lion, hor the date of the ceremonies the ... ? , n, Mw? qnna nr \
committee ims decided upon February 22 m It tee on behalf of tne Sons of i
(Washington's Birthday) 1W0. American Revolution, heartily endori
ihcro Ih also, a movement on foot to .. .. ?.. ?
j raise a fund by popular subscription to that the Intelligencer has done, c
present to Ensign John 8. Doddridge, II. said that he could be counted upon
f- N- whoso home is In this city, a sword . nf ,urt
In recognition of his services in the sea do anything in support of the proj
JlRht In Manila Hay. which has endeared to have Admiral Dewey come to Whc
your name to the American people. If . ... ... , . .
your presence can be secured, it is pro- Infc thnt was In his power.
V"f? this testimonial to Mr. Mayor Sweeney learned of the rece
JunTon" ? K?rt H"nry of the admiral', letter Kite In the at,
i2^2ngEb8SEfc& 'vtiiti'. >? i
.mends io you. honored ?lr. their moil dorse cverythlnK the IntellKeneor I
SI?1?.! ,'k"1 p "'"* Invitation to cuke done |n this rnntter. The city of Whe
jiart In these ceremonies. r
ir your plans will prevent your accept- ??????
mice, owing only to the date selected, wo visit from Admiral Dewey above m
L?" Xr li-*'" .ny other thin* and the Intelllgon
l.?y ho^'^'rem^n0"""0 ?"r' " ?"?** for h?v
Most Respect fully, brought the matter to Its present i
To 0.nrKo B^'AS^V!8 *.. c?u""<ln* ?"?? 1 hoP? ,he "r?>
Washington, D. C. will come to a successful consumn
Though just married, ft time when tlon, and you may count on me to do
even an ordinary Individual would be In my power to forward It."
pardoned for dismissing matters of Dr. R. M. Balrd, a member of l
business summarily, Admiral Dewey committee on behalf of the 8ons of I
l?st no time In Inditing the letter which Revolution, was seen. He said: "N
precedes thin story. It will bo seen that this Is a coincidence. I had alreu
the admiral would like to come to written to u cousin of mine In the arr
Wheeling if his future Imperative en- who Is on staff duty In Wnshlngt
gitgrments will permit of acceptance, asking him to see Admiral Dewey,w
and as the Fort Henry tablet commit- whom he Is acquainted, and Invite It
tee is ready to change the date of the to come on for the Fort Henry celob
ceremonies tn any time that will meet tlon. The Intelligencer Is nil right; j
with his favor, the chances are that It deserve a medal for your bar
will soon be definitely known that the thought and for your enterprise In ti
Hero of Manila will be In Wheeling Ing up the matter In this enterprls!
both to take part In the ceremonies at- manner. And. especially, I like the!(
tending the setting of the Fort Henry of giving John Doddridge a sword,
tablet, and to tako a prominent part In hope this part of the project will
tlie proposed presentation of a sword to celvo the most liberal support of
the only Wheeling boy who fought with public, for Doddridge Is a boy who .
Dewey In the wonderful sea victory serves well of his home people. Ho
achieved In Manila Hay, Ensign John now on shore duty at the Norfolk ni
H. Doddridge, of the cruiser Boston, yard, and we will have him here for t
who Is now stationed at the Norfolk, occasion without nny trouble.
(Vn.), navy yard on shore duty. ahead with the good work that 1
Upon the receipt of Admiral Dewey's been started so successfully."
reply yesterday afternoon, the Intelll- Mr. C. W. Brockunler, anothor mc
Kencer Interviewed several of the mem- ber of the committee, was out of
hers of the Fort Henry Tablet com- city. Ills son, Mr. Sam Hugh BrocI
JnJttee, Including Mayor Sweeney, Prrs- nler, felt assured that hl? father wo
Merit H. P. McGregor, of the Ohio coun- enthusiastically endorse the project,
ty board of commissioners; President Mr. Alex Updegraff, of the ootnn
Hulllhen Qunrrler, of the Winding tee, was "In the same boat" with
chamber of commerce; Mr. 0. C. Dew- others. "It's a great big thing,"
cy, of the Sons of the American Revolu- said, "and If we can get the adini
tlon (who Is a distant relative of Ad- fur Washington's Birthday It will
mlrnl Dewey), and Dr. It. M, Balrd, of tract the attention of the entire cot
the Sons of the Revolution. All united try to Wheeling. Undoubtedly it Wo
In praising the Intelligencer for having be the feature affair in the entire coi
taken the Initiative action In securing try.*'
fo'lmlral Dewey's presence la Wheeling Already tho Intelligencer has recoil
two subscriptions to the Doddridge [
Sword Fund, and doubtless there will |
be a rush to figure as contributors on
the part of the people of Wheeling who
f always delight to honor Our Boys when
r they distinguish themselves. The fact
[l that Admiral Dewey Will most likely
present the sword'to the young officer
will give added Interest, of course.
Contributions may be left at the Intelll
J gencer counting rooms, or may be mail- ?
IU ed to the Intelligencer Publishing Company.
The money raised will be expended,
under the direction of the Fort
Henry tablet committee, in purchasing
the sword. K
j The Intelligencer has been requested
? to call a meeting of the Fort Henry
tablet committee for next Monday
evening at 7:30 o'clock, at the rooms of
the chamber of commerce. Hub bulldgg
Ing, when the matter of sending a subcommittee
to Washington will be dlsposed
of. Other matters of Importance
are to come up, and a full attendance Is
j|ft desired. al
fr theTword fund. i
L. A
uc To the Public: **
r. We endorse the initiative action t&- a
[6, ken by the Wheeling Intelligencer, w
both in inviting Admiral Dewey to ti
take part in the ceremonies attending ](
the setting of the Fort Henry jsommemorative
tablet, and in proposing
the raising of a fund by popular,
subsrciption for the purpose of pur- n
chasing a suitable swora. to be pre- ti
! sented to Ensign John Doddridge, XT. .
S. N., in recognition of his services "
contributory to the great victory won tl
by Admiral Dewey in Manila Bay. y
We suggest that the Intelligencer
Srocecd at once to receive subscrip- *
ons to the Doddridge Sword Fund, o
to the amount of $500. same to be ci
expended by the Fort Henry Tablet ??
Committee in purchasing the sword,
to be presented to Ensign Doddridge, ri
in connection with the Fort Henry tl
ceremonies, February 22, 1900. si
A. T. SWEENEY, ! n
R. M. BAIRD, si
0. C. DEWEY, B
Members Fort Henry Tablet Com- el
mittee. dl
The intelligencer accepts the trust, *!
as suggested and imposed by the ,
Committee. Donations to the fund
rc~ may bo left at the Intelligencer tl
It counting rooms, 27 Fourteenth street. a
el- Out-of-town contributors may mail
subscriptions to ' the Intelligencer 81
Qf Publishing Company, Wheeling.
is- H. F. McGregor $5 00 .
he HulUheii Quarrier S 00
- - - v
ek ? i.
???. o
Indications Arc that the Goovrnor- g
es ship Will Go to the Legislature for r
ig- Settlement ? "Western Union Fig- ^
|n- ures.
mt FRANKFORT, Ky.. Nov. 10.?The \
ih" Democratic state committee, with a Ci
Lhe score of clerks, is busy to-night tabulat- ti
lng the returns as telegraphed from the p
various county canvassing boarda. Sev- n
eral counties are still out, and In num- ti
In" ber of those heard from to-day the cour.Ing
ty boards will meec again to-morrow, to
by pass on contested ballots, which may "
lch materlaly affect the- result. L
The members of the committee claim li
lay that Goebel's vote was slightly increased g
kill by the official count to-day, and still
,nd claim hi* election by at least 4.000. The
lt committee declines to give out the vote
y by counties as received by lt and on
om what claim Goebel's election Is based. It 01
<?? nn nil hnndn that the re- ?i
I8 null will not be definitely ascertained
. for at least two days, and that no niat1
? ter what candidate may be declared 9.
the elected, the legislature wll flnaly have to q
>on settle a contest which Is certain to be
lV0 Instituted for possession of the office. ^
lot LOUISVILLE, Ky? Nov. 10.?The offl- ci
clal count of the bnllot* cast on Tuesday j,
, r was begun to-day throughout the state.
m_ In this city a large crowd gathered at
the court house. Representatives of all o
the the parties wire admitted by the com- a
sed mlssloners, and the examination of the ,
in(j ballots proceedd in an orderly manner.
fn Judging from the progress already made e
10 the ofllclnl returns will show no great E
ect variation from the unofficial figures. 0
el- which give Louisville and Jefferson
county to the Republicans by a plurality
of about 3,000. ?
lpl The Times has the following from n
er- Bardstown, Ky., concerning the count lit
?n- progress there:
"A serious technical error In the vote 11
may Increase Goobers Nelson county Ic
!el- plurality to l,tf86. In the official count It
o a was discovered that In every precinct
ost except one. W. P. Instead of \V. 8. Tay_
lor was voted for. and the one precinct.
cer Newhope, gives W. S. Taylor, the Being
publican, candidate, only 7.1. leaving the
sn- official vote, aw certified to by the two cl
democratic commissioners, us follows:
BCl Ooebel. 1.9P9; W. S. Taylor. 73; W. P. "
,R- Taylor. 1.198. The Republican commls- v
all slonrrs refused to certify to these fig- hi
.. Reports to the Commercial (Repubtno
lfcan) up to midnight, show gains of
the fiftl for Goebel and 368 for Taylor, on
ow changes from the unofficial returns, p
l(iy This leaves Taylor's plurality, accord- f(
Ing to the Commercial's advices, at
?y. 3.641. Reports to this paper from to- 11
on, day's count cover sixty-eight of the b
1th 119 counties In the state. ci
tlm C
CINCINNATI. Ohio. Nov. 10?The ,
Western Union Telegraph Company tofOU
day Issued Its last bulletin on the Ken- xv
ipy tucky election, saying that with com- "
ik- returns from 94 counties and n??nr- c
. ly complete returns from 23 others. jr
ln? Taylor's plurality Ih 1.382. The two ?
lea counties not reported, Ix?slle and Mar
X tin, gave In 1897 n Republican plurality d
rc. of 1.135. 11
the Grassed Pasenper's Leap.
HASTINGS, Neb., Nov. 10.-K. F. ?
' Lamed, of Poland, N. Y., probably will d
ivy die as the result of a leap taken to- J*
his day from a Burlington passenger train ?
Qo near Harvard. He Is lmdly hurt about *'
_ the head and one shoulder Is dlsloca- n
ted. Mr. Lamed, who was accompanied
by his wife and child, was on his
in- way to Ilalgler. Neb., to visit hlfl brother.
It Is supposod Lamed suddenly i\
became Insane, for ho gave a scream .
<u" and dived through the window before
uld any one could stop him. The train o
stopped and the man was pfeked up In *
.. an unronselous condition, from Which tl
there has been no recovery. v
the ? ? h
Twonty-Flvo Bound Draw.
. NMW YORK. Nov. 10.-?Dave flulllat
van and Joe Bernstein fought a twentyJn"
five round draw to-night at the Broad- "
uld way Athletic <*lu 1?. Sullivan out-fought ^
in- Bernstein. He led, forced and landed, 'I
while the other man blocked and rc- li
malnud on the defensive during the ma- <1
tea jorlty of the rounds. 2
lood of English Troops to bo Poured Ri
Into All Sootiona of the ar
Transvaal. **
1 nc
. th
ly Christmas and Shiploads of Am- th
munition and Supplies Will re
Acompany Them.
LONDON, Nov. 10.?With the arrival w?
t Cape Town of the British transports ^r
oslin Castle and Moor, to be followed <]e
y a continuous succession of troop- mi
iden ships, the real campaign in South
frlca may be said to have commenced,
nd the fact that the first named ship th
as ordered to proceed to Durban, Na- by
al, forthwith, is said to Indicate at
fast a modification In the plan of ad- p|,
ance. kl
It seems that General Butter's first re
love will be to free General White, JjJ
ius somewhat departing from the ear- te>
er plan credited to him of advancing
irough the level country of the Orange
'ree State and southwestern Trans- m
aal. It has been apparent for some sl<
ays that the situation at Ladysmlth hc
suld not be Indefinitely prolonged, and J?
Is understood that Information has w]
cached the government to the effect fir
Hat the quiescence of the Boers will th
lortly be changed by the arrival of the
iege-traln from Pretoria, Into a deterilned
attempt to deliver a telling
trokc. This, It is added led General &
iuller to prepare a counter-strqko and
udeavor to push tho Boers back by a
Irect attack. Such an operation, if at>mpted
will necessarily entail great
cpendlture of life, as during the month ^
le Boers have occupied northern Natal 0(3
ley have fortified most of the passes ch
nd other positions suitable to their re
tyle of fighting. re
While the pigeon dispatch of General h?
fhlte shows the beleaguered garrison re
as holding Its own yesterday. It Is ce
?ared here that the silence regarding
rhat the British artillery wo* doing u'
1 reply to the Boer guns Indicates that
ne dread that General White Is short en
f long-range ammunition is not altoether
groundless. If this is tru\ the
ported further destruction of the c?
nilroad near^Colenso assumes greater Ca
nportance. In
One very serious passage ih General Jn'
White's metsage gives the first official cj
Dnflrmation of the statements of Boer at
reachery, which there has been a dls- J?
ositlon hitherto to discredit, but which pe
iust now be accepted as at least partly cv
rue. of
With the additional division an- JJj
ounced by General Wolseley at the jj)
ord Mayor's banquet yesterday evenig,
General Buller's forces will >;ggre- ^
ate about 95,000 men by Christmas.
War Office Dispatch.
LONDON. Nov. 10.-The British war
fflce has received from General Buller Ki
ie following dispatch: pa
"Cape Town, Thursday evening. Nov. ro
?Have received by pigeon-post from su
eneral White to-day the following: fn
"*** *- ? -? -o n? .? liv 9ft
' rnc uoiuimiuiiiciii. ?*?. ??B?
eavy gun* continues dally. A few se
isualtles nrc occurring, but no serious
arm is being done.
" 'The Boers sent In to-day a number mi
f refugees from the Transvaal under
flag of truce. A flag of truce from th
adysmlth met them outside the pick- M
ts. When the party separated the Tj
oer guns flred on It before it reached r(J
ur pickets. mi
" 'Major Gale, of the Royal engineers,
'as wounded to-day while sending a
" 'The entrenchments are dally grow- wi
ig stronger and the supply of provls- "VI
ins Is ample.'" da
Rumor of British Casualty. ar
LONDON, Nov. 10.?Another rumor M
mnnating from Amsterdam sources, J*
iys that "A British regiment was deImated
Frlduy by Free Staters." It of
i added that 600 of the British soldiers sti
ere killed or wounded and thut 300
arses were captured. to
Censors Working Overtime. jg
LONDON. Nov. 11, 4:30 n. m.?Comlotc
silence has again fallen upon afilrs
In South Africa. The British pub- ;
c must perforce be content with the be
rlef, stereotyped report which the to
ensor allows to filter through from Ni
ape Town. That this condition of tc;
lings Is no longer due to pressure of
ork or defective cables has been th
mply proved. The Eastern Telegraph fo
ompony reckons that the real delay 01
i transmission Is about two days. It th
i evident, therefore that the censor- ci
hip is responsible for the other two Cn
ays of delay which seems to befall all tic
,io dispatches. at
Moreover, the Daily Telegraph an- th
ounces that the "appropriated" dls- cl<
utch from Ladysnilth, dated Monday, ^
hlch the war office published on Tues- bn
ay, was not delivered In Fleet street
ntll yesterday (Friday) morning. It
? believed that the war office received
irther dispatches last evening, but
othlng has been published. I*
England Not Prepared. cfl
LONDON, Nov. 10.?At a banquet in d?
his city last night the Duke of Cam- Fl
ridge, speaking of the war, said: "We ^
ught never allowed ourselves to be in ?t
!)e position in which the outbreak of pr
fi'* war found us. I could cry over the u,,
aluable lives which might have been
pared had we been better prepared."
Oil in Illinois.
CAnHONDALK. III., Nov. 10.?Con- |n
idcrabie excitement has been created in
outhern Illinois over the fuel that near 0N
'exas City, In Saline county, oil in pay- er
tig 'iiiantltles. and of the very best bf
unllty, has been secured nt a depth of th
,000 feet. Several wells are to be sunk, at
licftgo Butcher, Eu|(l Yesterday,
Disposed of His Wife In A&nt the
Same Way u the hatu tausags
CHICAGO, Nov. 10.?Albtrt August
scker, the German batcher, who on
nuary XI last, murtkirtd his wife,
ichael, and after*art chopped up ;
id boiled fhe remain* la order to discs
of them, was hanged - In the
unty Jail at 12:05 o'clock this afteren.
Becker's neck was not broken .
r the rail and It was sixteen minutes
fore he was pronoilnmd ted. On I
e scaffold Becker protected his lnnonce
and declared (More* Sutterlln.
e father ot his second wife, was the '
al murderer.
The case In many ways bore a rewritable
similarity to that at Adolph
jetgart. Both of tha condemned men
ere butchers, and tha motive for the
Ime was the same In both Instances?
e desire to ret rid at the wife In or- '
ir to marry a younger woman. The (
inner of committing the crimes was j
so much the same, both men, accordg
to the testimony/being extremely 1
utal In the killing, and both using i
e same means to dispose of the body, {
boiling and burning. It was proven .
Becker's trial that after killing his
Ife, he had chopped her body to <
?ren. then boiled the remains on his a
tchen stove, afterward burying the t
mains in various places. As in the
ae of Luetgert, the rings of the
urdered wife played no part in the J
itimony leading to the conviction, i
ke Luetgert, al?o, Backer endeavored .
explain his wife's disappearance by 1
ylng she had eloped with another ?
an. Becker made several confes- c
>ns. In his first statement he said he
id drowned his wife in Lake Mlchl- .
,n. Later ho endeavored to implicate 1
the crime the father of the woman C
tiom he married after murdering his fl
st wife, and to the last he stuck to Y
is version. ,j
ssult of Newspaper Inevsti Ration
in Philadelphia?Government Employes
Held on Seriotxs Charges. }
PHILADELPHIA, Pa., Nov. 10.?Aa t
e result of an Investigation conduct- t
by a newspaper opposed to the ma- t
ine politics of this city, five men, all j
sldents of Washington, D. C., ar- }sted
on Tuesday night, were to-day a
ild in ball for court on the charge of <]
peating. Impersonating election offl- c
rs and making fraudulent returns. j.
le defendants are John F. Sheehan, b
M. Drlnkert, William Cook, Harry ?
cCabe and George KIrklsnd. All but c
e are said to be In the government's .
iploy. 1
[t developed that Klrkland had been t
lployed by the newspaper mentioned t
enter the conspiracy. He was prln- \
pal witness to-day and ball in his
se was fixed at 91,000, the others be- *
% required to furnish $1^00. t
rhc testimony involved several prom- v
nnt Republican politicians in this
ty and a lieutenant of oapltol police *
Washington. The fraud was ac- t
mplished in the thirteenth division of i
e Seventh ward and the election pars
of this division were produced in
idenco. The returns showed a vote c
3.17 for Colonel James E. Barnett, p
e Republican candidate for .state t
tasurer and five for W. T. Creasy, the
smocratic candidate.
i i g c
rominent Pittsburgh Railway Offl- g
cial Missing. v
PITTSBURGH, Pa.. Nov. 10.?W. F. h
ants. general eastern frelfht and l:
issenger agent of the Cotton Belt railad.
with headquarters In Pittsburgh, t
ddenly and mysteriously disappeared u
urn this city Sunday morning, October p
and since that time nothing has been "5
en or heard of him, although every 0
tort has been made by the Cotton Belt
mpany to ascertain his whereabouts. 1
Mr. Kantz had been summoned to the t
Din office of the company it St. Louis, c
it he never reached there. It is fearthat
he has met with foul play and
at he never got outside of this city. P
r. Kantz came to Pittsburgh from v
rler, Texas, four years ago. He has
en connected with the Cotton Belt
ad for many years, and was one of its 11
pst trusted and efficient employes. ii
v., n
Viae President Improving. e
PATERSON, N. J., ttov. 10.?There h
ia annihuf rhanirn for thi? hotter in n
ce President Hobart's oondltlon to- n
y. He was able to sit up In a chair a
his room and picked up a newspaper
id examined it, eventually turning to
re. Hobart and asking her to read for ,
m. The patient was evidently stron- 1
r to-day and took more nourishment h
an at any time since his bad attack j
nearly two weeks ago. Defepite the
itements of attending physicians the 8
mlly still have hopes of his ultimate t
covery. They were much encouraged
-day by the fact that he was able to *
: up such a long period of time and
the way in which he apparently rel- r
>ed his food. I
Monnett Still After Them. T
POMEROt, Ohio. Nov. 10.?8uit was *
gun In the circuit court to-day by Atrney
General Monnett, to oust the
itlonul Salt Company, familiarly
rmed the "Salt Trust/* Incorporated _
ider the laws of New York, on the *
ound that It has been In violation of t
p Valentine anti-trust law, and has 8
rfeitcd the right to do business In c
lio. Suit also was instituted against c
e United States Salt Company, of
eveland. it being alleged that this
mpnny has been merged into the Nainal
Salt Company. The salt works
this place, which were purchased by I
e National Salt Company, have been <
)sed, and the price of aalt has been
Ivanced, It Is said, 30 cents on the 1
irrei. *
t i t r
Indiana Natural Gas Falling. J
KOKOMO, Ind., Nov. 10.?Natural gas J
rapidly failing in the northern part of ,
e Indiana fleld. The Dietrich eyndl- 1
te has given notice that It will aban- 8
n Its plants In the smaller towns. c
ve towns In this county are left to f
eeise. and nearly 2.000 families will eat c
M victuals and shiver over flreless
oves. Coal cannot he had at any
Ice, and there Is no wood In the mart.
. r
Overcomo by Oas. t
BETHLEHEM, Pa., Nov. 10.?Nine of r
gang of thirty men. who were clean- J
g boilers nt the Itethlehem Steel ,
unpany blast furnace to-day, were 1
rercoms by gas. One of them. Fred- I
Ink Llntner. nged fifty years, died j
fore he could be rescued. Several of t
ic men fell on torches they marled j
id were severely burned. 1
Ch* Insurgent L?d?r Picks Out the Jl
Wildest But Bichest Spofc ou dl
the Entire Island. oc
_____ ac
1 in
With Troops Behind Him and War- *
ships in Front of Him at the SeaCoast,
Bis Chanoss Slim. bl
. <x
WABHINOTON, Nov. 10;?It U olf the t?
leadwaters of the Magat that Agulnal- B
lo Is now located. The way Is open for JJ
lira down the long stretch of the river F
o Apam at me mouin oj me tsgiiyiin, g;
vherc It flows Into the sea. This is one df
?f the wildest but richest valleys in the
aland. It Is believed that the river 0j
2agayari Is navigable for our tin clad w
runbofiti ICO miles from its mouth and 111
or Cascoes much further. It Is expectid
as soon as Agulnaldo shows any dis- b!
>08iti0n to move down the valley to- V
rard the China sea that warships and Jj
runboata will be sent round the north- -y
m end of the island to meet him and F
lut oft his escape. h!
If It la hia Intention to escape from J1
juson he would naturally seek Aparrl w
ir some northern port, but the country S
round Carabello mountain is such that
le could probably stand off the whole
American force in a game of hide-and- el
leek in the hills for the greater part of *1
he coming aeaaon. t]
?? g
Qenral Wheaton'a Expedition. p
MANILA, Nov. 10, 10 a. m.?General a
RTheaton'a expedition arrived off 8un cl
r'ablan Monday night, but the aurf waa
00 high to permit the landing of the
roopa In small boata. On Tueaday S|
uornlng the expedition apptoachcd
Jnguyan. a suburb of Bagupan. which
las a sheltered harbor with sand dunes r<
tretched from the water to the town.
Che Bennlgton, Heiena, Manila, Callao
ind Samar shelled the town and the ^
teach for an hour with the full strength C1
if their batteries, but there was no re- ai
ponse, nor was there visible any signs
if life. The troops were manned in B,
loats, Ave steam launches each towing rc
our boats. When these approached ai
he shore and the troops began to land,
l long line of insurgents rose from the p
land and poured a heavy, volley over m
he heads of the soldiers,following this
vJth a rapid fusllade. The insurgents L
vere excited and flred high, few of their it
lullets striking the boats. Two men, cc
lowever, were wounded.
The companies were formed and or- cr
iered to lie down In the sand. They in
rave the Insurgents a few volleys and
hen charged, driving the enemy with a
ush. The Filipinos had lain behind the S1
tunes during the bombardment, the
hells ploughing through the pand and Cl
lolng them little if any damage. The
:unboat Manila brought the news that
irhen she left. General Wheaton with <j?j
tis entire force of 2,700 men was march- cc
ng eastward leaving Dagupan. Q
The battleship Oregbn, which had Jj*
icen ordered from Hong Kong to Dog- th
ipan, had not arrived at thd latter th
lace When the Manila sailed. General
'oung, with his cavalry, took San Jose ja
n Wednesday. A small Insurgent fe
orce stationed there retreated. The P*
roops were ferried across the river to ^
Jabanatur.n on a raft. During the pas- fQ
age an accident occurred by which a wi
rivate of the Twenty-second regiment 00
? ^?
aa U4"TT"1? ...
Another attack has been made by the
nsurgents on Ballnag,' the rebels firing
nto the town for four hours, but doing 8j
;o damage. The insurgents held a celbratlon
at Tarlac on October 29, In A
onor of tho antl-Impcrlallets. The de- c?3
nonstratlon Included a procession, re- CI
glous services and speeches by Aguin- pi
ildo and other officials. in
The Independence in an editorial bi
ulogizlng Mr. \V. J. Bryan, says: "Mr. rt
Jryan should be pictured in Filipino to
ilstory with equal glory with Dr. Rlsal. P
Usal, Bryan and Agulnaldo are the*
lorlous trinity of our political redempIon."
General Otis and the Spanish and T
Irltlsh consuls have made arrange- J
rients In accordance with which the H
irltish crulscr Peacock Is to take 20,000 w
atlons and clothing to tho Spanish
trisoners in the Alby and Camarines v
>rovinces. j<
Serjeant Bintz' Death. tn
WASHINGTON, D. C., Nov. lO.-Gen. ?*>
!rooke at Havana, has Informed the
rar department of the death of Servant
Philip Hints, Company E, Second
avalry, who died on the 7th instnnt, of a
hronlc alcoholism. .?]
* * Id
Ona-Cent-a-Mllc Excursion.
PHILADELPHIA. Pa., Nov. lO.-Thc ro
Pennsylvania railroad, the Baltimore & w
)hlo, the Philadelphia A Rending, and
he Lehigh Valley railroad have made B,
he unprecedented rate of one cent a sf
nlle over their systems to Philadelphia p!
,nd roturn for "Pennsylvania Day" at th
he International exposition, November a
G. Tickets will bp on sale at all points h<
iest of Harrlshurg and Sunbury, on fr
Jovember 1ft, good until the 17th. No
uch excursion rate has ever been made
iver these systems for use to Phllndelthla
and the exposition management Is
lulte pleased with the announcement. Si
Suspicion of Foul Play. pi
GREENSBORO. Pa., Nov. 10.-The rt
nangled remains of ttv? men were
ound to-day on the Pennnylvanla ralload
tracks near Latrobe, Pa. A third ...
nan, who rofuses to Identify himself. Im f,,
ield by the authorities. He nays the m
nen were killed by a freight train, but
ill* strange manner has caused susplcons
that there may hnvo been foul j,
>lay. One of the men killed was Iden- ni
Ifled as William Cahone. aged forty ;
.'earl, of New York. HI* companion is <i
inknown. 12
msecration of Bov. W. Loyal] Gra*
vatt to the Offlce of BUhop Coadjutor
of Wot Virginia?Prominent
Divine* Present ?
Molal Dlipatoh to the intelligencer.
CHARLES TOWN, W. Va, Not. 10.ev.
W. Loyall Oravatt, who was last
ily elected bishop ooadjutor ot tha
oceee ot.West Virginia, was to-day
insecrated to that office in Zion Eplsipal
church, this city, the ceremony,
sine witnessed by perhaps a thouuad
person!. The church had Jolt
ten remodelled and frescoed, this belt
the first service held in It slnoa. Rt.
sr. R. A. Gibson, bishop coadjutor ot
Irftnla, and Bishop 7. K. Brooks, of
le diocese ot Oklahoma, presented the
shop elect Rt Rev. h. ,W. Burton, of
is dlooese ot Lexington, Ky? preach1
the consecration sermon. The atindlng
presbyter* were: Rev. R. D.
oiler, ot Charleston, W. Va.. and
ev. J. J. Oravatt, of Richmond, Va.
t the close of the sermon ths Rt Rev.
M, Whittle, ot the dlooese of VlrInla;
Rt Rev. 0. V. Peterkln. of the
locese of West Virginia, and Rt Rev.
[. T. Batteries, ot Washington dlo:se.
performed the Impressive service
: consecration. About fifty clergymen
ere In the procession. Beside* these
inny other clergymen were In attendance
from different part* of the coun y.
Rt. Rev. W. Loyal 1 Oravatt now
Ishop coadjutor ot the diocese ot West
Irginla, was born In Port Royal, VirInln,
was educated at the Virginia
illitary college and graduated at the
irginla theological seminary in 1884.
or three years Immediately following
Is graduation at the seminary he wa?
isistant to Rev. Charles Minnegerode
t St. Paul's church, Richmond. He
as tendered a call to the rectorship of
t. Peter's church, Norfolk, which he
ccepted and filled until 1894, when ho
>ok charge of Zlon church at Charles
own and remained Its rector until
lected to the bishopry. He will connue
to make his residence in this city.
During the presence of tho bishops in
10 city. Rev. J. N. Deavcr, rector of
t. Phillip's parish, was raised to
rlests' orders on Saturday. To-night
reception was tendered the visiting
iergy at the Parish building.
Railroad Sold.
peclal Dispatch to tho Intelligencer.
PARKERSBURG, W. Va.. Nov. 10.?
he Alexander and Rich Mountain rafliad
was sold at public auction in front
P the federal building this afternoon
y an order from the United States
rcult court The purchasers were C.
and J. B. Hart, of Clarksburg, mailnists,
and they will wreck the road
nd dispose of it as second hand mater.1.
The price paid was 889,667, and the
Lie includes the track, engines, cars,
vltches and all the equipment of the
)ad, which Is valued at 875,000 merely
i old Iron. A great many lumber men
ere bidders. It extends from Alexan?r.
on the line of the West Virginia ft
ittsburgh, twenty-two and one-half
lies through the timber covered hills,
: Upshur county to Rich mountain.
: was the property of the Alexander
umber Company, and was used as a
imber rosd altogether. When this
impany became Insolvent the road
so went into the hands of a receiver
id Is was sold for the benefit of the
editors of the defunct and at one time
iDortant lumber company.
Gubernatorial Candidate.
jecial Dispatch to the Intelligencer.
PARKBR8BURO, W. Vo., Nov. 10.Dngressman
Freer, will be n candidate
>r governor. The statement Is made
ithout any qualifications. Tour cor*
ispondent knows whereof he speaks,
here was a meting here to-day of the
mgreiisman and his manager, Colonel
ene Campbell, and a number of the
rsonal and political friends of tl\e
ilr, and there was an agreement that
e eloquent son of Ritchie would make
ie race. This Is the first positive anmncement
that has been made that
0 congressman will be a gubernator1
candidate, and It is made without
ar of contradiction. Lloyd Smith, the
'oprlctor of the Blennerhassett, Who
is been mentioned in connection with
e race for the Democratlo nomination
r auditor, stated this evening that he
Duld be a candidate. Smith Is a Tyler
unty man, who has a wide acqualntice
and it is believed that he Will
ade a candidate hard to down*
New Corporations. ,
try th? TnUtllminfMP.
CHARLESTON, W. Va? Nov. 10.?
rticles of incorporation were obtaln1
here to-day by the Greenbrier A
Heat River Railroad Company. which
oposes to build a railroad* commencg
at or noar the Fork* of the Green ler
river, in Pocahontas county,, and
inning by the moat practicable route
i a point at or near Rowlesburg, In
reston county. The capital stock of
ic company ia 150,000, divided lnt6
lares of $100 each, held by David L.
uke, of Piedmont,W. Va.; C. F. Moore,
: Covington, Va.; Joaeph K. Caaa, of
yronc. Pa.; John G. Luke, of New
ork; William Luke, and Preston Lea,
! Wilmington. Del., and Robert D.
opklna, of Baltimore, Md. A charter
as also Issued yesterday to the Long
ole Lumber Company, of Welch, W.
a., composed of W. J. Newenhall,
Milam Lang, Lang. M. P. Deagan,
>hn P. Haller and E. J. Ware, all of
ocahontns. Va. The subscribed capfJ
Is $11,700, of which $10,000 is paid up
id authorised capital, $40,000.
Cleveland Murder.
CLEVELAND,Nov. lO.-Charles Bias,
notorious negro better known as
Race Horse" Charley, was shot and
lied early to-day by Joseph W. Smith,
le colored proprietor of a billiard
torn at 450 Erie street. The shooting
as the result of a quarrel between the
rn men. Smith gave himself up to the
illce. Bias at one time followed the
and circuit races and by reason of his
>ortlng proclivities and gigantic
lyslquo became a familiar figure at
iese meetings. He recently completed
term at the Ohio penitentiary, where
j was sent on nccount of n cutting afay
In which he was the aggressor.
Shamrock's Voyage.
FATAL, Azores Islands, Nov. 10.?
r Thomas Llpton's steam yacht Erin,
hlch left New York November 2,
issed here to-day towing the Sham>ck.
Weather Forecast for To-day.
For Went Virginia. Western Pennsyl*
mlA and Ohio: Rain and cooler. Sunday,
ilr and cooler: winds shifting to frash
id brisk northwesterly.
Local Temperature.
The temperature yesterday as observed
y C. 8ehnepf. druggist, corner Market
id Fourteenth streets, was us follows:
n. m 481 3 p. m 61
n. in <Kl| 7 p. in fo
in Weather fair

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