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The summer girl ha* not yet gone
To charm beside the sou.
Nor has sho pucked eleven trunks
And started for Puree.
She has not nought the mountain tor
To breathe the sweet. pure alrAh.
where's the splendid summer ?
. Bo charming ana so fair?
You will not And her with a book
Reclining at her ease;
She's hunting for no *hndy nook.
She spurns the spreading trees!
She has no use fur parusol
Or powder, puff or fan?
You'll And her out uj>on the links
Accumulating tun!
?Cleveland Plain Deaic
The farewell reception tendered
Henry W. Hughes was the nota
function of the week, while the Spel
reception* the McMechen and Cecil i
tertalnments, the home-coming of
Delaplaines, the Scott-Vorhecs i
Baer-Kraus weddings, were Interest
to the circles embraced In the lnvitat
and calling lists. The reception at
Highland Golf Club to-day, ends
week with eclat. The coming sei
daye hold .the Peterson, Hollow
Simpson and Quarrler dancl -g pa
Monday, and the cotillion on Thursd
as affairs of more than average lnt
The most brilliant affair planned
some time In Wheeling society Is
come off next Monday evening, at
Park Casino, under the auspices of ]
and Mrs. B. Walker Peterson, Mr. o
Mrs. J. J. Holloway, Mr. and M
Charles Howard Simpson and Mr. t
Mrs. Hulllhen Quarrler. The* invi
tlon list claims society of Wheell
Bridgeport and surrounding suburbi
XVnt. JnHonh Sneldol nlaboratelv i
tertained at her home on Chapl
street, Thursday afternoon. Every;
polntment was handsome, and over <
hundred guests called during the aft
noon and were charmingly entertaii
by Mrs. Speidel, Mrs. Julius Polio
Mrs. George K. Wheat, Mrs. James
Taney, Mrs. A. Allen Wheat, A!
Maude Eccles Heiskell and the daui
ter of the house. Mrs. Edward B. Fri
sheim, whose charming ofllces in
dining room were beautifully sacon<
by a gay party of girls.
The event of the week here was
magnificent testimonial to Mr. Hei
JW. Hughes, by the citizens of Wh?
lng. Mr. Hughes is deservedly popu!
and his talent and manner both are
countable. He takes to the operc
stage a voice of unusual power, spl
did enunciation, fine physique and g<
stage presence, and with them the h
wishes of every one who ever knew h
'At his farewell recoption Thursi
evening, were associated with him
'** 111-.?.? u. n-11- r>_?/ DI.i
Ciura II niiiiiiio, 1U1. ram, x- IUI. U1U
enberg and Prof. Schockey.
Mr. Will Delaplaine, of Graysvl
came to the city to meet his mother i
sister, Mrs. Mary Delaplaine and M
Hulda Delaplalne. just returned fro?
year's stay on the continent. Mrs. I
nplaine and daughter are quartered
the McLure, until their Chapllne str
residence 1s ready for occupancy.
Mr. Joseph Baer and Miss F1
Kraus, two prominent young peo
were married among beautiful s
roundings, at the Windsor. Tuesd
The marriage was solemnized at h
noon, by Rev. Harry Levi. Mr. j
Mrs. Baer will be at home on No
Main street.
? _
Bows in the hair have become
common that they are considered ou
style by the ultra smart. And for
enlng dress, a wreath of leaves, elt
arreen. silver and gold in color, or in
fray faded tints of violet and red,
worn instead. Young girls wear
wreath of small flowers or one sir
real rose.
The delegates to the state convent
of King's Daughters. held at Park*
burg, last Tuesday, have retur
home, delighted with their recepl
and the work accomplished. The r
state meeting will b^ in October. 1
at Fairmont. Mrs. J. H. Lltteil i
again chosen state secretary; 3k
Harry J. Mendel, corresponding set
tary for the state, and Miss Abbie P
cliffe, treasurer. The delegates pre*
from Wheeling wer?: Mrs. H. J. M
del. Mrs. C. S. Morrison, Mrs. J. H. 1
tell. Aim. William nrooKB, aim. rei
Mrs. Irwin, Mrs. Singleton, Mrs C.
Taylor, Mrs. A. Shahan, Mrs. Thor
Burke, Ml*s Swift, Mrs. Hanke, J
Johnson, Mrs. Wantsbaker. Mrs. At
Beed, Mrs. Harkncss.
. Lieut. Guy Scott, of the Third At
lery, son of Senator N. B. Scott,
jthla city, was married Tuesday, at I
iF^ancisco, to Miss Leila Voorheei
society belle of that place.
Mr Charles W. Paxton won the j
contest on the Woodsdale links I
Saturday. Mr. Paxton Is conceded
be the best golfer In this section.
The third cotillion of the series coi
off next Thursday evening, ?n?l will
the usual delightrui arrair to tne inv
tion recipients.
Mr. And Mrs. Charles R. Caldwell
Staunton, Va., nee Mrs. Kettle Adi
Allen, are, with their children,
guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Ada
Pleasant Valley.
Miss Mary McMecben charmingly
tertalned the Spinsters In her moth
apartments at the Rtnmm, compllm
iary to MIbs Delaplalne and Miss 81
ley Brockunler.
Mi', and Mrs. D. Garth Hearne h
the sympathy of a largo clrelc
friends In the death last evening
their llftfe daughter, Ada.
The cottage formerly occuplcd
Mrs. Mcllwaln, Ocean avenue, Atlantic
City, has been taken by Miss Virginia
Day, of Pittsburgh.
,jrj Miss Martha Ott and Miss Jennie JepBon
are members of a house party being
entertained by Mrs. Alexander, at
Zancsvllle, Ohio.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Bowie delightfully
entertained the Island Whist
Club at their home on South Psnn
r. street.
to Mr. Henry L. Dalzell, son of Mr. and
bit Mrs. It. C. Dalzell, is a graduate of
del Princeton this year.
en- ?
lho Mrs. Morgan Nelson Cecil entertained
m(1 the Twentieth Century Girls at Cecil
lllnnn Wiulnnifllav
ion Tingle Culbertson and Harold Wlsa
the are two students home from college for
lha the summer.
ay. Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Reed have rerty
turned from a two weeks' stay at Atay,
lantlc City.
Mr. Charles W. List will make his future
home in Baltimore.
to Dr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Hiidreth are
the at Atlantic City.
in(l Master Frew Hall left yesterday to
[rs< Join his mother. Mrs. James K. Hall,
md w^? '8 sojourning at Mountain Lake
ta_ Park. Frew will accompany his father,
ngf and grandfather, Mr. John Frew, to the
Philadelphia convention next week.
ane Preparing lor the National Elstedder
fod at Atlantic City?New Castle
led Society to Appear in Wheeling.
'ck. One year ago to-morrow the Welsh
B. people held their First Eisteddfod at
Irs. | the Wheeling Park Casino, and it was
5?- a uuy mat Win UC ivmunuutu ?, U.I
nn- music lovers in this vicinity. Very few
tht? persons outside of the Welsh people
3ed themselves had an idea that such a
success could crown their effort?. This
year only a few programmes of el&,tede
fods are published, and so far none to
"ry be held in Ohio. Pennsylvania or West
Virginia of any importance, yet the
lar' Welsh singers have not ceased singing,
a^~ but are busy preparing in many parti
for the prizo competition to be held at
Bn~ the eisteddfod at Atlantic City, on July
30 IS. Among the noted societies prepar"s"
ing are the Gwent Glse Society, of the
Wyoming Valley; the Scranton Glee
*ny Club, of Scranton, Pa.; the Pittsburgh
Irs' Glee Club, of Pittsburgh, Pa.; th*
im" Reading Glee Club, of Beading, Pa.;
the Wilkesbarre Glee Club, of Wilkesjle
bar re, Pa., and the Cleveland Glee
in,j Club, of Cleveland, OhIo.v
j,ag A large number of Welsh people
n u from this locality will attend the meet)el_
ings at Atlantic City, to listen to the
at best societies the Welsh people have.
>eet But those that cannot afford to go to
Atlantic City, can, on Monday, July 2,
enjoy listening to one of the finest of
ora these societies nt the Cuslno, In Wheelpie,
ing Park, whan the Now Castl? Gleo
ur- Club, numbering over seventy voices,
ay. will hold afternoon and evening corv
Igh certs. Last year this noted society took
md both prizes at the Wheeling elsteddrth
fod. and has now been increased nearly
double In number and Is well trained
by Prof. John Phillips.
80 Last year a great number' of peo1
of pie could not attend the eisteddfod,
ev" owing to Its being held on Saturday, but
^er this year It will be hold on Monday, to
the glve nn advantage to all clerks and
aro merchants In the city to be present In
a the evening session, if not convenient In
igle the afternoon.
The choruses that the society Is
Ion PreParln? to rcnder at the Casino are
" _ "The Destruction of Cazu", "The Cru?.?< .
"Mirlvra nf Aronn"' "Thn
ned B-"u? - -
Jon Village Wedding"; "Halleluja Chorua,"
ext '
r. wrlDMes come
' To many a face which should still be
'rc'" smooth and fair. Worry doesn't bring
tat" them. There are no care-j and anxieties
tent to furrow the face. They are the signr.
en- of physical suffering graven by the ban:l
Lit- of Pain. It is the saddest result or the
ric E5&8SSSV9E9K1 diseases which affee*
the womanly
organs that they
naH BBg&JV.' write plain'.v. the
Irs* I recorl of sufnna
fSHm' ferine on the face
K& | flnf^ *?nn T'ie 8^';i
1 becomes sallow, the
til- 'M \ cheeks* are sunken,
of Hvwtf ^ t\ the eyes look dull,
san fiii'TKT i\ ^,e awQy.
No womun who
'* U a a n\ k\ value t her health or
i good looks should
iDi neglect to use Dr.
? I Pierce's Favorite
last ffllM fi Prescription for disto
C0f,C9 ?f vom^
anly organs It
fflllv? N cures irregularity,
men 'P'mVfl IS inflammatiou, ulcerI
j)P i at ion and female
\\ VA I weakness It lights
U JM ivp the eye, brightJ
| y . ens the complexion,
f |i 7 v and rounds out the
' jjj. I sunken curvc9of the
,mp !ft V bcxlythe
'1ft y \ " I take great nlrafure
mH \l\ \ \ M ftcommrndlni; Dr.
H\ \ \ Plercr'd Favorite Pre
| | k(i(iuuu i./. ichi??
r weakneiw." write* Mm.
en- Buaannah Permenter, of Panla Wore. Shelby Co.,
Texna. "I wri troubled with l/rarlag Hoirti
or h paint* in my back and hip* air yeara. anifl wrote
,^n. to Dr. Pierce for a<l*iee. I tried his 'Favorite
Prescription * and aiz bottle* cured inc. I feel
nlr- like .1 new peraoo. awl I thank Dr. Pierce for
ray health- Ufe H a burdcu to ony one without
health I have told a tfrcat uinny of my frienda
about the ffreat medidnea I took."
nV1' Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical
"r Adviser, 1008 pages, scut free on receipt
of of stumps to pay cost of mailing only.
Send 21 one-cent stamps for txtper covered
liook, or 31 cents for cloth. Adby
dress Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
) . and
"Comrades in Arms." 8olo?, duett*,
etc., v.ill also be rendered by Madame
Myles Eaynon, Pro!.. William C. Lewis.
Prof. H. Donna, Prof. Llewelyn Jones,
and Mr. J. TaranlJs Thomas^ All especially
fine soloists.
In addition, one of the most noted
'-lUica ul mc UU) mil IIC IUB PlQglDg
of congregational Welsh tones by the
club and all the Welsh people united.
Full proKramtne will bo amused and
published later. Any information concerning
the concert can be bad from
the local secretary, Mr. Bhys T. Willlams,
of Martin's Ferry, the editor o?
the only Welsh paper published in
Clubs. Won. Lost Per.
Wheeling 27 IB . .643
Dayton 2<1 17 .035
Fort Wayne 25 21 .54:1
Toledo 23 20 .635
New Cafltle 23 24 .489
Columbus 18 25 .419
MnuKlleld 18 ? .404
Youngstown 15 27 .337
Wheeling 9, Dayton 2.
Fort Wayno 5. Youngstown 1
Alansflcld 4, Columbus L
New Castlo 8, Toledo 5.
Dayton at Wheeling.
Youngstown at Port Wayne.
Columbus at Mansfield.
Toledo at New Castle.
The Wheelings won the second game
of the Dayton series by a decisive score.
Skopec and Wicker were the opposing
twirlers, and the Chicago ex-amateur
clearly outclassed the Daytonlan. Five
safe drives were the extent of the Daytons'
hitting, and one of t^ese hita was
a scratch. The iielding game put up
by the locals was a beauty bright from
start to finish, and if Lytle's men can
mulntain their present form they ought
to stay in the lead to the finish.
The feature of the game was a onehanded
catch by A1 Miller in the seventh
inning of a long fly off Rothermel's
bat that looked good for three bases.
Pequinney was on second, and started
for home, thinking, like everyone else, 1
that "Bobby" had paved the way, and \
of course Miller easily threw him out at
second, thus working a remarkable
double play. >i
Meaney, rf 3 1 1 r0 0 0
Lyons. 2b 5 1 t 4 ,) 0
Tumor IK R 1 ? 1? 1 A I
Congalton, cf 4 1 2 0 0 0]
Taylor, It 4 0 0 10 0
Pequlnney, 3b 5 0 S 0 4 0
Hothermei, us 3 1 1 2 3 0,
Rltter, c 3 3 2 7 2 0'
Skopec, p 2 1*1 1 2 1
Totals 36 9 14 27 15 "l :
DAYTON. AD. R. UH. PO. A. E. (
Donnelly, cf 4 0 0 1 0 0
Uarikflty. 2b 4 0 2 1 5 0:
Prank. rf 10 0 10 1!
Dotiohuo, c 3 12 2 11
Miller, If 4 0 0 2 10
Myorn. lb 3 1 0 13 1 0
Gochnnucr. sa 4 0 0 3 2 0
Wheeler, 3b 3 o 0 2 0 1
Wicker, p 3 0 1 0 4 0
Totals 32 ~2 ~5 27 14 1
Wheeling 1 0 0 3 1 2 1 1 0-9
Dayton 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0-2
Two base hits. Rothertr.el. Turner. Three
base hit. Donohuc. Sacrifice hits, Ct?ntfalton.
Taylor. Skoper 2. Stolen base*.
Hnrdesty Ba^es on balls, off Wicker 2,
off Skopec 2. Struck out, by Wicker 2.
by Skopec 8. Doiible play. Miller to Hardest
y. Time, 1:&0. Lmplre. Colgan.
Another for the Hoosiers.
Special Dispatch to the Intelligencer.
I'ORT WAYNE. June 15.-Both Swalm ,
and Crowe pltchcd good ball to-day, but ,
the Hooslers had the luck. Youngatown's '
errors were costly. Score: R H E '
ruri uync ..v i i v w v v v o?o fl 1
Yuungstuwn .0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0?1 5 5 <
Uatterles, Swalm and Bergen; Crowe (
and Iiees.
Joss Got His Bump*.
Special Dispatch to the Intelligence.
NEW CASTLE, Pa., June 16,-New Cm- j
tie's heavy hitters Rave young Jon hi*
bumps good and hard to-day. while Wads- J
worth was effective In all but one inning. <
The HQpjje; R H E i
New $N(U?..0 0 H 0 0 ft MM 1 I
Toledo U 0 0 8 0 0 0 0 0?1 8 2 <
Batteries, Wndsworth and Graflhn; ?
,Josu and Hanaford. (*mplrc?. Jordan (
and Butler. <
A Light-Hitting Game.
Special Dispatch to the Intelligence*. 1
MANSFIELD, June 1.V-Mansfield won
one of the lightest hitting games ot the
year, bunching her few hit.", and taking
adv.intaRo of errors by the Senators. The
fielding waa ragged. 8coro: R H K (
Mansfield ,,..0 I o 2 0 1 I) 0 H H
Columbus 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0-1 1 1
Batteries, Ames and Fox; Wolfe and
Bevillc. ;
Clubs. Won. Lo?t Per. I
Philadelphia 29 II .6 9
Brooklyn 27 16 .?C.S
Boston 21 fl .600
Pittsburgh 23 24 .489 I
Hi. Louis SO . SI Jfi- 1
Chicago ? M .?5 '
N?w York 17 M .415 ,
Clnclnnntl ItJ 28 .381 j
Philadelphia 3, New York 2. ]
Urooklyn 4, Boston 2.
Brooklyn nt Boat on. ;
New York nt Thllndnlphla.
Chicago nt Plttsbunrta, . I
fit. Louis at Cincinnati, i
PHILADELPHIA. Pa.. June 1R.-ioral !
bone ball onthuidaflts to-day wttne?sed ono (
of the cleanest game* played hen this ?eason.
Now York mml? a strong bid for
(ho gumo, and Philadelphia won out on a
very cloxs dcclfllon at the plat*. Merer
and Fnizer were In fine form, end both
pitched utmost perfect balL Delthanty
undoubtedly wived tho day for tha home j
team by a brilliant Htop, retiring the aide
with thrco men on base*. Score: _
ft H IS
New York .....0 001rt0100_JM2 1
Philadelphia .0 2 0 0 u o 1 I M10 0 i
U.itterlrM. Mercer and Warner: Frsrer i
and Douglas*. Earned run* York
2. Philadelphia 1. Time. 2 hours. Umpire,
Em?llf Attondance, .1,141 i
Boston Defeated.
IIOgTON, June 15. llrooklfn won to- !
day's game by bunching hits In the flrr.t
and eighth Innings. Tho abort atop work <
k &
* j
The above cut Illustrates the new st
their present building, the wails ot whlc
of 43 feet 4 Inches. The two lower stc
floor of the present double building will
will be central, broad and roomy. The
in Wheeling store-room construction,
posing balcony projects from the third s
requirements of the modern store wil! c
growing business. From five to six thos
Plans for this magnificent structure we
of Dahlen and a catch by &tahl in the ]
first Inning wero features. Attendance, .
5.000. Scoro: R H E c
Boston 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 0?2 9 2 ,
Brooklyn 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 1?4 11 1 ^
Batteries. Pittinger and Clarke; Kennedy
and Farrell. Earned runs. Boston t
I. Brooklyn 3. Home runs. Cross und
Stahl. Time, 2:40. Umpire, O'Day. t
American League. v
At KanwiB Clt/. R H E 1
Kansas City..4 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 1?7 15 3 r
Detroit 0 1 0 1 1 5 0 0 -8 11 1 t
At Chlcagc. R H E '
Chicago 1 0 2 1 0 0 0 0 Mll'-O Indianapolis
.0 0 0 0 0 ,0 0 0 O-O 3 1 c
At Minneapolis. R H E 1
Minneapolis ,.0 1 1 0 1 0 1 1 '-5 5 2 1
Cleveland 0 03000100-45 .1 i
At Milwaukee. R H E ^
Milwaukee 02111001000-6 J2 1 \
Buffalo 0 0 1 0 3 1 0 1 0 0 :-8 13 3 '
Amateur Base Boll. c
The Winder and Parkers will play the t
A1 Hibberds two {Tames on tho brick- 1
yard grounds Sunday, morning and at- ^
ternoon. t
The concluding game of the Dayton J
series will be played this afternoon, a
?'l ?' ?? It ?Vio Whonllnoa worn tn ln>u>
Ihey would sill! remain In first place,
ibout nine points to the good. For the
Jld Soldiers, Moore, who lias always
been a bothersome proposition to the
Stoglec, will officiate in the box, and
?lther Bates or Pardee, probably the
.'ormer, will do the box work for the locals.
Bates Is now in excellent condition,
and ought to make a win of it tolay.
Manager Armour, of the Daytons, has
profited by the disbanding of the Atlantic
League, having signed Scott
Stratton, the ex-American Association
pitching star, who has been playing a
i*ery strong first base* In the Atlantic
for the Wllkesbar-es. Th<! signing of
3tratton means that Armour will not
continue his hunt for nnother catcher to
isslst Donahfor Myers will be taken
jff first and given his regular turn back '
jf the plat?. The Dayton management /
s also after Ssecnd Baseman Burns, of ?
the WilkesDarres, anu whj prooaoiy i
and him.
"Johnny" Skopec, an predicted by the c
Intelligencer, had the heavy hitting i
Daytons at his mercy. As is usually
the ease, the left-handed hitters could
do nothing with the sotuh-puw. Five 1
hits were the best the D&ytons could do, a
and one of thsso was a bunt In the
ninth, which Skopec let go, thinking it t
would roll foul.
Not until the seventh did the Day
tons send a fly to the outfleld, and It
was the only one In the game. The In- c
Held was the whole thing on the WheelIng
side of the score sheet. *
In the fourth Inning, Skopec made a ]
great play, receiving Turner's assist at '
Irst that retired.Short-stop Gochnauer. I
rhe latter ran Into "Johnny" nt full f
cpeed, and the latter claimed that the
Daytonlan sluggad him. Skopec went
ifter Oorhnauer, intending to "slug'
Mm In return, but wos prevented by I
Toledo dropped to fourth place by
losing yesterday to New Castle, Fort r
Wayne advancing to third. Mansfield n
Is nearly up with Columbus for sixth
position, and another win for Mansflold
to-day, will work an exchnng') of place
an the part of the two teams.
The general committee In charge of
the International bowling ournament,
to be held In New York July 14 to 22.
Intend to conduct the affair on similar
lines to L. A. W. meets. Bach dny
will be set aside for a different pur..???
hut tho mnnv frnm mid Individ
ual competltloni will be In no nay In- n
terfered with. r
The festival will bp opened on Sal- 1
unlay evening, July 14, with an enter- ,
Inlnment and smoker, followed by a (
bnn'iaet to the' vlnltlnlt tenia* and
players. This affair will be held at
Beethoven hall, a latno and tommo- '
illouo buildlti*. located lu tho heart of 1
Che New O. M. Snook & Co. Building
oreroom George M. Snook & Co. pri
:h will be used-in part; The bu'lding t
>rles will be 132 feet deep, and the upp.
be thrown on one level, with the dlvh
vestibule will extend to the top of the
Massive bay windows extend over th<
itory. An electric elevator, luminous i
ill be added, affording this enterprislnj
land additional square feet of floor sp;
re prepared by Giesey & Faris.
tfcw York City. An elaborate pro
jrammo will be arranged, and un
loubtedly the visiting bowlers wll
juickly realise what a taste of Nev
fork hospitality as extended by bowl
>rs Is.
The first day at the actual scene o:
he many contests?Union HIU Park
Vlllch is across the Hudson river, anr
an be reached from any part of the
netropolls below Forty-si?cond street lr
wenty minutes, will be known ai
'Singers Day." AM the leading aoci
itles in the east have promised to at
end and enliven the day with approjrlate
songs and music. The onlj
jowllng that will take place that daj
'till be exhibition contests on eight ai
The tournament will be formallj
nn Till.. 1 C. ...Kl .1. it'll
>e known as "Dewey Day." for on tha
lay tho Hero'of Manila Bay. who ii
in liono/ary member of the United
fowling Clubs, under whose auspice!
he tournament will be held, will oper
he tournament by rolling tho first bal
lown the alleys. The pins he wil
oil at will be colored similar to th<
Spanish flag, so as to encourage the
idmlral on to a "ten strike."
Thf*re will also be a monster parade
>n that day. in which all the bowler.1
if New York and the visiting bowlers
vlll parade In uniforms, assisted bj
he various uniformed societies of New
fork and vicinity. Admiral Dewoy wll
evlow the pamde as they enter th<
;rounds. All the team competition foi
adles' and gentlemen's clubs will be
ipcned In the afternoon, and continue
very day until the last day of the afair.
Tuesday. July 17. will be Volkesfesl
}ay, when the various German socleles
will be on hand to greet the bowlrs.
' The Royal Arcanum will join th
nn Wnrinr?H?lnv. .Ttilv IS
vbllo on the following day the shooting
ocletles will share In the prize bowlng
and prize shooting. Fridiy, Julj
ft. will be a typical bowlers' day. It
<ill be known as "Champions' Day/
md the. prent Inter-clty contest will be
lecldpd In the afternoon. All the lendtier
bowline: cities will bo represented
n this competition. Saturday will Ik
'Wheelmen's Day." and the cyclers
:nd bowlers will then rub shoulders,
tunday. July 22. th" closlnpr day. has
ieen set aside as "Turners' Day." Al!
he team competitions will close Satirday.
.Tidy 21. and the prizes will be
iwardrd seme time Sunday.
There will be numerous other nttraeIons
for those who will attend. Tr
hort. It will be a "Bowlers' Fair." 01
is pome have nlready styled It, a
Howlers" Dream."
Entries to the Tnter-Clty Championhip
and the Individual contests will b.1
' celved for a few more days. Samuel
Cnrpf, sceret.iry-mma?er western dl'-I
" Ml nnntlnim hla nfllfn In flnv.
o'). Ohio. until July 7. from which
olnt all Information will bo cheerully
Cddlo Gnrdner Delayod by the Train
and Oscar Whipped his Ulan.
NEW YORK, Juno IB.?Oscar Hardier,
the "Omaha Kid," won on a foul Ir
i bout with Billy Barrett, of this city
n the flftonth of what was to have beer
i twenty-five round bout beforo tht
3rondway Athletic Club to-night.
Oscar's brother, Eddie, was the 1m;
vho was matched to meet Barrett, bul
hrough a delay on th" railroad frotr
Vhoollng, Eddie was unablo to appear
)scar, though suffering from an Injured
Ight hand, went In at catch weights foi
wonty-flve rounds. He put up a llval>
Ight, feinting with his Injured right and
aiming neavny wim ni? i?*n mi
ich, chcst and head. Occasionally Barett
pent back rights for the hend ami
r-ftH for the body, which Oscar cleverly
ilorked. Gardner forced the fighting t?i
he sixth, always feinting with his
Ight. When an opening showed In tli"
ilxth, he hooked hi* loft to the pit of
he stomach and Barrett fell flat on hie
? ,> m
)pose erecting next year on the site of 3
kill be five stories high, with a frontage **
er stories about 50 feet deep. The ground c,
ling wall removed. The store entrance J
second floor, introducing a new feature yj
L* handsome show windows, and an im?rism
lights, reception room, and other |{
j firm the needed facilities for their pi
xce will be secured by this addition. J',
. back, his head striking the floor violent- r
. ly. It looked as if the contest was over,
1 but Barrett revived and got on his cc
f feet Just a3 the referee counted nine. **
" Many times after thJs Barret landed on gt
f Oscar's body, but he got back worse jh
than he sent and was frequently block- m
J ed and countered heavily. At all times ti<
, Gardner's defense proved too good for '
j the New Yorker and the latter kept ?u
? dropping to one knee to avoid punish- {J
- mcnt. In the fourteenth round Barrett
" landed a heavy left on Gardner's head
* which staggered the "Kid" but he re- bi
covered himself quickly and sent a left q|
. to Barrett's wind before the call of the th
Bong. |j|
r In the fifteenth round Barrett re- In
1 sumed hie "dropping" tactics and Ret
feree Charlie White disqualified him. h*
j giving the bout to Gardner. Time of
J round one minute and eleven seconds. ?r
j Lou Meyers, of this city, met Jim ^
j Hay ward, colored, of Chicago, in a bout ro
I at 136 founds and Meyers knocked his Its
? opponent out in the fifth round. 0f
% Gardner and McClelland Matched. fa
> PITTSBURGH. Pa.. June lS.-Bllly m
? Corcoran announces to-night that he he
' has matched Jack McClelland and Os- th
r car Gardner for a twenty-round go at th
j the MUlvale Opera House June 26. The
, men are to weigh in at 123 pounds. M
, j Junior Hough Riders' Race. Jr
. , tfAiink 11I.IAI. TnnUw ?til Wt
their first bicycle road race on Tuesday,
June 26. at 7:30 p. m., starting th
I from Fifteenth nnd Jacob streets, out hf
th? national read to Altenhelm and return.
The officials are: Judge, Harry th
Blebcnson: timer, Milton Kline; start- an
. or, William Plankey. Entry blanks
r ran be secured at J. C. Stamp's or from Co
R. McCracken and A. Beuley. nn
, . . . sti
Xranls Full of Skeletons. cii
LONDON, June 15.?Reports Just received
here from the White House Har- o\*
I rlson expedition to Abyssinia, which
. aafely returned to Monbaza, on the east tin
i coast of Africa, June 10, show that the
. | explorers found the districts around an
1 1 Lake Rudolph and Slephonla deserted, ^
' j the inhabitants having either died or th
| 1 left the country. It Is added that the
i Kraals were discovered 10 be full or r.ti
j skeletons. JJj'
* ? ah
Newspaper Writer Dies. wi
PITTSBURGH. June 16.?James A. SI!
i Israel, one of the best known newspaper rn
I men In Pittsburgh, and for many years nf,
political editor of the Pittsburgh DIs- da
j patch, died at 10:30 o'clock th's morni
Ing, of penumonla, after an illness of coi
less than a week. The deceased was V(y
I thirty-eight years of age and leaves a to
j wife and one child.
CURES croup, soro throat, pulmn- ,
nary troubles?Monach over pain of
i every sort. Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil. thl
i ~2. by
? ? ? of
i WHEELING PARK to-morrow nf- "h?
i tornoon nnd evening. Concert and m{
* ! c??U,? nil ... *r V?1_
muu|jo wjr wiau wiimuii) ui 111 w x ui IV. I in
m t 9 no
HOT Mill Club Picnic nt Moi*rt S?
Park this afternoon and evening. iw
FAIR Grounds should bo tho only jjj!
place visited on Saturday. Tickets, 0tl
10 cents. f
^ 9 o!o
BASE BALL, Wheeling vs. Dayton, jj,
Inland Park, Thursday, Friday, 8at- In*
urday. htt'
j> ? m?'
FOR latest fashions In cut and ma- put
torlal, ko to l?oi
c. W. SEABniOHTR BON, Tailor,
i - " * oac
Bout tbo Kind You Ham >lmp BawM
; v=
, McPA.
nr 'I1 V *1' V IP t VV VTf
^ Special liarg?la-Muu'i
I ^ MM
f \r TTdSll
I dozen fine
T /i 'jj\ New Style Sil
T sX\ Pretty Imperi
F rj/U Silk Windsor
I RT/ FiBeBla<:kSi
I McFadden
I3IC to
nu l fun
f a Special Election in Ohio County,
West Virginia, for the Purpose of
Taking a Vote Upon the Question
of Said County Subscribing Five
Hundred Thousand Dollars to tho
Capital Stock of the Uniontown,
Waynesburg A West Virginia Bailroad,
a Corporation of the State of
West Virginia.
Notice Is hereby given thnt the board
t commissioners 01 Ohio county. West
Irglnla, at a meeting of said board, duly
tiled and held on Monday, June 4. 19CU,
t the court house of wild county, in tho
ty of Wheeling, at which all the memera
of such board were present, did
nanlmousiy pass an ordinanco or order,
copy of which is hereinafter contained.
od that the vote provided for in said orInunco
or order will be taken in Ohio
aunty, West Virginia, at the several
laces of votJng in said last mentioned
>unty at a
Special Election, Which Will
Be Held on Tuesday, the Seventeenth
Day of July, A. D.
Such ordinance or order is Jn the words
id figures following, to-wit:
"An ordlnuncu urovtdlmr for a vote to
j taken lu Ohio county. West Vlrglnlu.
: a special election ordered for the pur5se,
unon the question of said county
ibecriblng flvo hundred thousand dollars
i the capital stock of the Unlontown.
'nynesburg & West Virginia Hullroad, a
nrporatlon of tho state of West VlrInin."
Whereas, the Unlontown, Waynesburg
West Virginia Railroad, a corporation
[ the state of West Virginia, has rejested
a vote to be ordered and money
? be appropriated by Ohio county, West
Irglnla, to aid In the construction of Its
illroad through the counties of Ohio and
iarshall, in the state of West Virginia,
om a point at or near where the West
Irglnla and Pennsylvania stnto line
'osses the s?uth lork or branch of Big
Wheeling creek, by way of Elm Grove,
i said county of Ohio, to the city of
'heeling, in Ohio county. West Vlrglnlu;
And Whereas, the board of commission's
of the said county of Ohio deem It durable
for the said county of Ohio to aproprlate
money to aid In construction of
jch railroad through said counties. as
foresaid, such Appropriation to be made
y a subscription of live hundred thoutnd
dollars to the capital stock of said
nlontown, Waynesburg & West Virginia
Therefore, It Is hereby ordered by the
ild board of commissioners of the said
mnty of Ohio thut a vote be taken upon
ic question of the appropriation by such
sbscrlptldn by said county of Ohio of tho
tm of five hundred thousand dollar* to
o work above specified. Such vote shall
> taken at the several places of voting
said county of Ohio at u special decMi.
which shall be held on Tuesday, tho
th day of July. A. D. 1900.
If such vote shall be In favor of such
iproprlatlon. any subscription thereof
' this board, or Its agent. >hnll be upon
e terms and conditions following:
The said sum of Ave hundred thousand
illars shall bo subscribed to the capital
ock of the said Unlontown. Waynesirg
& West Virginia Rallrond. and such
ibscrlptlon shall be payable as follow*:
lie hundred and fifty thousand dollars
lereof when at least four hundred and
!ty thousand dollars shall have been exrnded
by the said railroad corporation
the construction of Its rallrom' In the
Id counties of Ohio and Mnrshall; such
ur hundred nnd fifty thousnnd dollars
Lvlng been raised wholly by the sale of
te capital stock of said oompuny to prlite
subscribers: a second one hundred
;d fifty thousand dollars thereof when
least nine hundred thousand dollars
all huve been expended by the said railad
corporation In tho conntruction of
t railroad in the snld counties, the last
ur hundred and fifty thousand dollars
such nine hundred thousand dollars
ivlng been In like manner, and In good
Ith, obtained wholly by the sale to prlite
subscribers of like capital stock of
II railroad corporation, the Intention
reof being to make It a condition of the
ibscrlptlon by the county that before
o payment of the first two Installments
ereof. three times as much money shall
ve been furnished and put Into the conruction
of such rollroud In Ohio und
arehuil counties by means of the sale* .
other stock of the company, of tho
me kind, to prlvnte owners or subscrib?
who shall have risked such monev
Ithout obtaining nnv preference or adntage
over the county of Ohio In regard
ereto. The remaining two hundred
ousand dollars of the subscription
reby authorized shall bo payable when
e "did roailroad corporation shall have
mpletcd h standard iraupe railroad In
e raid counties from the West Virginia
d Pennsylvania state line at or near the
Id south fork or branch of Bis Whcel*
creek, by way of Elm Grove, to the
rporatfon line of said city ,of Wheeling,
d shall have provided for access to a
ition or depot In the city of Wheeling
r the transaction of Its business in snid
ly, either by the use of tracks and
cillties already in existence, or by tUt;
ustruction of n tjnek or tracks of its
m. or by a combination of existing and
w construction within mild city, and
nil have trains running from such stain
or depot In the city of Wheeling over
track or tracks constructed by It or the
o of which It acquires within said city,
d over Its own railroad In Ohio and
irshall counties and over a railroad in
o state of Pennsylvania connecting
erewith at the ptot?* lino ni or ni-nr the
nth branch of Wheeling creek, to Unionwn,
In the county of Payette, In the
ite of Pennsylvania. Provided, that If
p construction of said railroad In both
said counties of Ohio and Marshall
nil not b?> In good faith commenced
thin six months from the dati- of talking
of such subscription, if it i> j
thorlted. or being commenced, such
Mrnnd ulmll nnt tin fn mulotnil In m?l?l
unties and have trains running, a*
..resald, within three year* from th
to of making such subscription and such
pther time us may bo rendered neee?ry
by (allure of contractors or subtract
ors. by labor strikes or by litlgan
which could not reasonably be avoidth??n
the said board shnll be at liberty
withdraw as to any part of the subrlptlon
of tlye hundred thousand do| s
which may not have .become payable
der th?- termti of thin ordinance. And
such subscription be authorised, the
Id roailroad corporation shall accent
decline the said subscription within
rty days after the same may be offered
the board, or Its agent. The said board
commissioners may for good cause
iwn extend the time Mr the commence*
nt or completion of the work.
t shall be a condition of said subscripts
that said railroad corporation shall
t charge greater rates for the translation
of frclpht between Unlontown
any intermediate point on Its line beeen
Tnlontown nnd Wheeling, or from
heeling to t'hiontnwn. or any such Inmediate
point on its line, thnn is levaIIv
irRcd for like service between the Con
llsvllle district and IMttsburRh by any
usr rnllrond compnny.
laid subscription *hall be nnld. at the
ctton nnd determination of wild board
commissioner#. ,n cash, or In the court
bonds of nnld county of Ohio, bourr
Interest at the rate of thrco and oneIf
p<*rcenfttm. per annum. payable 1111illy,
Which bonds must be received 1-y
d rnllrond corporation. In payment
h subscription. ;>t nar. Math <>f *h|?i
ids shall Is- payable to bearer thirty
rs after Its dj'.te. have coupon* ?thed
thereto payable to bearer for the
d annual InstnllmentH of IntereM, and
h of said bonds ?hitll bo redeemable
yen years after Its date ut the tlmr for
rnient of the Interest thereon, and at
time for payment of lnt<-ii>Mi in nnv
ir thereafter before the expiration of
:h thirty yearn, nt the option <?f until
ird of commissioners. If tho board do1
it 7*Jc Soft bblrts lor i.sa. rjf
?"y. Kr !
lies tor $
White Ties for 19c T
Ik Bow TiiS for I2ic 7
ial Fonr-ia-ifaflds for.. 25c 7
Ties for Soft Shirts 25c 7
ilk or Satin Ties for 25c
i's Shirts, Bats, Shoes, 7
1322 Market .Street, Wheeling.
k 4* 4.4* 4^4^ 4^4*^44^^
, ?a
sires to redeem less than the whole num.
b?r of such bonds outstanding, the bonds
to be redeemed shall be selected by i0i
in the manner determined by sub) board
and notice of the Intention to redeem *uch
bonds and of the numbers of tho bonds
selected for redemption, where leu thtr
the whole of the outstanding bonds ire
to be redeemed, shall be given by iht
said board by advertisement in one or
more newspapers in said city of Wheel,
ing at least ten days before the uate (c,r
the redemption thereof Such bon<ls
coupons shull be.payable at the oftic* 0f
the sheriff of said county of Ohio, ^
such bonds shall bo numbered conseea.
lively from one to five hundred, lnolu.<i*?
of both numbers, and be for a prlndpn
sum of one thousand dollars onch. it
such notice of intention to redeem said
bonds, or any of them, as afores il l. ahaU
have been duly published as nforewid,
and default shall not be made in the redemption
and payment of the bond* to
be redeemed, then from the date for such
redemption Interest on the bonds thon to
be redeemed shall cease, and the Interest
coupons belonging thereto and not then
due and payable shall be and become null
and void nnd of no further force or effect.
At Jeust one-twentieth of tho said bond*
issued in any year must bo redeemed and
paid by said county of Ohio at the expiration
of eleven years from the lusunnce
thereof, and at least a like one-twentieth
ut the expiration of euch year thereafter
until all thereof so issued are fully pnld.
iinu ii r-hh inun ??i mi- iu w ruuuemeu
and paid at any of such times, the boifds
so to be redeemed and paid hhoJl bo previously
selected by lot for redemption and
payment In the manner aforesaid, and
notice of the Intention to redeem any of
the numbers of the bonds so .selected shall
be given as aforesaid, but If at the ? *.
plratlon of such lost named eleven years
or at the expiration of any subsequent
year, not more than such one-twentieth
shall be outstanding and unpaid, all sueh
bonds so issued still outstanding and unpaid
shall be then redeemed and paid by
said county of Ohio, notice of the Intention
to redeem same being given as afore,
The said election shall bo held by the
following named commissioners, who are
hereby appointed for that purpose, that
is to say:
Washington District.
Precinct No. 1?Patrick Moran, Dennu
O'Leory, H. Serlg.
Precinct No. 2?Henry Voelllnger, Patrick
Frederick. JucOb Klndelberger.
Precinct No. 3?Sumucl Larnhart, Louli
Weitzel, Benjamin Barlow.
Precinct No. 4?John Baclitier, Joseph
Young. Louis Meizner.' ,
Precinct No. 5?Charles Vlerhellct
Charles Klein. C. J. Ruwllng.
Precinct No. fr-Wllliam Syivis, 1L
Brockhardt. George Sehmalz.
Precinct No. 7?Michael Stein, II. Craft.
G. W. Colvor.
Precinct No. 8?Nicholas Roth, A. J.
Frick, William Myers.
Madison District
Precinct No. 1?James Campbell, R. B.
Burt, G. O. Smith.
I Precinct No. 2?-George Smith, J. H.
Dailey, R. B. McCollough.
i Precinct No. S?B. F. Goodwin, Henry
Hoop. Thomas C. Wilson.
Precinct No. 4?William Wincher, John
Berger. Ad. Everett.
Precinct No. 5?James Bodley, 8amuei
Furls, W. E. Williams.
Precinct No. 6?G. W. Schenck, R. T. lie*
Nlchol, G. R. Scatterday.
Clay District.
Precinct No. 1?Robert Arrlngton, Fer
dlnand Wlngerter. Thomas Ball.
Precinct No. 2?H. B. Clemens, John
Schellhase, (.'. G. Bradford.
Precinct No. 3?Frank Mllligun, George
K. McMechen. It. G. Richards.
Precinct No. 4?Louis Gutman, Thomar
O'Brien. William Miller.
Precinct No. 5?George Wells, Jacob
Berger. H. W. Fair.
Precinct No. &?John Arthur, L. D. Flo
rn, H. Huller.
Union District.
Precinct No. 1?Morris Horkhelraer,
John Kinghorn. J. S. Butts.
Precinct No. 2?Charles Loeifler, Merlin
Pebler, Levi Casscll.
Precinct No. 3?Harry Hocking. John
Beekett. Walter H. Rinehurt.
Precinct No. 4-M. A. Chow. Charles
Stelnhauser, David Neabltt.
Product No. S?Jamen Manubarger,
Jume.s Marshall, Prank Grose.
Precinct No. C?Samuel Darrah, fr. H.
Lnngc. Charles Brftndfats.
Precinct No. 7-John Brill, R. B. Mer?
chani, Fetor J. Farrell.
Centra District.
Precinct No. 1-C. 13. Colburn. Louh '
Conrad. A. C. Kennen. . ?
Precinct No. 'orec H. hbellrg.
Charges Conrad. John W. Myles.
l'rcrlnct No. 3?C. P. Bachman. Jo?ep5
Hall, P. Voclllnger. . _
rv cinet .-.o. i--A. F. Gusmlre. William
Nesbltl. A. V. McDonald.
Proclnct No. 5-llcnry Kern, Harrli
Johnson. Charles 6. Snook. '
Precinct No. 0? Edward C. Hand)
Charles M. Moore. H. C. Caldwell.
Proclnct No. 7?F. W. Raymond. Lcro/
Millard. L. H. Albright.
AVeDster District
Precinct No. 1?Michael Grogan, Henry
Rosen burg. W. C. Dlckman.
Precinct No. J. P. Hoinlein, Wilson
Johnson. Albert Auber.
Precinct No. 3?Harry Ebellng, John
Rodman, Joseph Weldner.
Precinct No. 4?William Rogers. Jacoa
Steurnagel, R. M. Manley.
Precinct No. 6?Theodore Schultze, Alex.
Beabout, Theodore Wagner.
Precinct No. 6?William Shields, David
Evans. Harry Qartley.
Precinct No. 7?John Morschrod, Clmrlcs
Gilmore, Dennis Mullarkcy.
Ritchie District
Precinct No. 1?Jacob Klein, B. Schul,
Benjamin Speldel. .
Prrclnct No. 2?A. J. SchuHae, Dr. J. ??
McCoy, Thomas Doyle.
Precinct No. JU-W. P. Meyer, A. Mornings
tar, Charles Efchtruth. ,,
Precinct No. 4?George Carl, Jacob Honeeker,
Charles Jones.
Precinct No. 6?John Roth, William
Arrnbrecht, Louis lloclsche. ,
Prrclnct No. O?Charles Craig. Otto halbltzor,
Jacob Bit*. Precinct
No. 7?J. Sinclair, Alex. Guson,
Daniel Hit*.
I reclnet No. 8?James Wagner. Go?n?
Wolfe, Joseph Htiutnan.
Liberty District
Precinct N'o. 1?Robert Bonar,
vicursv iticv-oy, oainrn lmauji.
Precinct No. -?Johnson Garrison
George Klc?, Milton Howard. _
Precinct No. 3?George Morrison, Jr.. l>G.
Frailer. 1>. Ferguson.
Richland District.
Precinct No. 1?George EbertH. J. WNichols.
William t>l*L .
Precinct No. 2?Burton WeMihan; 'W?*
ert OoHtaln, John W. McColloch. Jr.
TrindelpUift District.
PretMnct No. 1?Samuel Ilaslett. Ha?
ilton Hill, A. VV. Paull.
Precinct No. 2?W. D. Johnson. Jcnn
Bnlrd, J. B. Acker. .
Precinct No. 3?John Duncan. 1 HU
Wharton, F. M. HcndetMun. . ...
Precinct No. 1?J. H. Connelly. Il)hn
Crelflhton. D. M. Thornburg.
Precinct No. 6?J. F. Weeks. Junes
Maxwell. C. 8. Terrlll. , ?
Precinct No. il-M. H. McCau?lan4. KG.
Buchanan. W. 8. Oldham.
And the poll shall In other reppec*
thkfn. and the result shnll be certified oj
directed by Mcctlon twenty-four of
ter thirty-nine of the code'of WMt
The ballots used In taking the *uld P^"
pha.ll have written or printed t hereon tn?
words "Subscription" or "No 8ul*?'r"P*
tion," or any othc r words that will
how the voter Intended to vote on *nd
question proposed. , , ,
Thl? order vhtlU be posted nnd Pu,1,:'
as rwiulroil by law. and w??u ni*1' ' ' h. H
ituhwl in thn following ncwnpJ*P4'r;, Vha
I1hIi. i1 In 1*111 d county Of Olil?. to-wlljji
Dally ItexlNtor. th? Dally intclMc* J1.' I
Wi-5t Ylrgtntochc 8taat? Sfcltung. an'1 11,0
WhoollnK Dally Ncw.t c MO),faT. I
Clerk of the Uo.\K\ of CommlMlouort oi h
Ohio County, W?*t VlffltUiu

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