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imir i.vnn i 1)1 C i
' lOf
Production Increases rhrouriiout the
Southwell 911 Country and
StocflAlv Swell.
01 the Sltuat Jfcta Olldom?All the
Latest D^RopmenU is the
The report# the lvariou* pipe lines
handling oUMdr th* month of June,
concluslvelyffhow that th* predictions 1
made in .Ihre columils have come to '
pass and tljat ihe production has ma- j
terially Increased an< r the stocks like- f
wise augmented. T1 ie Increase, how- (
ever, Is greatest In th ? Trenton rock regions,
although the ?;alu IriVthe Penn- 1
rylvanla socks Is m ach larger than ^
was anticipated by tl 10 average produ- {
cer. It wis plainly foreseen some time
ago that the many good wells struck
in compa;:ittvely new territory would
increase runs fUr above the ship- *
ments an3 as a consequence the iftocks 1
show a large dallj* gain. Th? large 1
gain in iho net stocks was indeed a
uurprlse *'.the trade und gives but llttlu
encouragement tar ahy reaction In
the marwit for oil.
Especially Is this outlook discouraging
In the toco of the steady and continued
dewlopment of good we|Is in new
territory and the finding of more than
averagtt^rwlucers jn diggings well defined.
* The almost unprecedentedly
large d|9y~av?rage runs of Pennsylvanli
oil ?r?s not considered possible by
raany^prodiieers. who thought the decline
<ii jtyie old well# would hold the
pain dovsrito n small p&rcentnKe. Jhu
daily ru?4'of Pennsylvania oil were the
largMt fcrejage in the month of May
Gh6w&4n'ft long tline, reading almost
100,000 bsrtels.
And It; drill is pushed with usual
enorfry Ittjthe deep sand pools of Wetzel
CO aaty ufl in hi- new Wallace district J'
in Harrison coai-ty, West Virginia, toirijh
the increased production 1
th*t *irtf?come from the uaines annex
In county, Pennsylvania, the 1
Indications are that the pipe line re- 1
port' lit,'funis will show a still larger
dolly Avtrage.
' "Frwjuction. v?. Consumption.
Bj/kea ul study of the.situation it }
Is f/uiid operations have steadily widened
out and developed new territory in
alwost every quarter uiit^J there is
ro ro oil produced than there Is a demmd
for, and the surplus Is piled up
ir stocks as an unsurmountable barrier
ar&tnst better prices. In the face of all
tiese bearish features there are sevcrul
prospective fields likely to bo opened up
ind add to the already lurge output a
considerable new production.
Lewis county, "West Virginia, Is so
.ar an unknown quantity, but the largo
number of well informed operators who
are pushing the experimental drill In
the Camden and Weston districts show
their fi\Hh in the future of the territory
and the unexpected in just as likely
to happen here as it did at Gaines, ,
Gurner or the Wallace district. (
In the prosecution of most other in- j
dustrles where the output exceeds the ,
demand and the stocks become heavy
with no indication of any c?ahge for the .
better, production is curtailed until the
demand warrants a resumption of (
work. But in the oil industry there are
no restrictions, no government in pro- (
duction, but everyone for himself, nil j
striving hardest to acquire the largest
production, and the result is an over ,
production and a low market. Why
do not the producers form a trust as Is
found In the production of every staple
nrticle or commodity, and prosecute ,
their business upon business principles?
Producers, as a rule, never hnng up the
drill until compelled by circumstances. ,
Necessity becomes the mother of inventions,
so to speak.
The Small Producer.
With the beginning of the new year
everything looked bright and prosperous
to the small producer, and he felt [
certain this year he could drill his light
territory and increase his bank account
or start one. Upon the strength of the
outlook he plunged into debt when th?:
market for crude was high and production
not equnl to the demand, but before
he could realize upon his Invest
ments, conditions were changed?completely
reversed, and he find* himself In
ft hole, from which it Is hard to extricate
himself. Some ar* inclined to take
nn optimistic view of the present situation
and think with the dawn of a new
year the big production will have dwindled
down, the stocks drawn uponnnd
that the calling will he fair again. Then*
nre others Just as pessimistic in their
way of looking at the situation, and
ar#uc that unless drilling Is suspended
and the slocks worked ofT the situation
will be no better for years. The view is
largely drawn from the large amount of
now territory recently developed and
the prospective pools In night, which
they think will hint 11 long while to
maintain a large production. To revert
to the May report, the figures show thf?
net Increase of stocks were over 800,000
barrel?. Of this amount the Ohio and
rndlana stocks are credited with 632,097
barrels, leaving the gnln In Pennsylvania
stocks to be 272,277 hnrrels, ? There
were only two months of the year 18!?9
that showed a decrease In the IVnnsylanla
stocks. Fn round numbers the runs
of Pennsylvania oil for the month of
May averaged barrels a day,
which were the heaviest recorded for
the past three years and a half. This
Is a gain over April's dally'averag" of
over 3,000 barrels n day, as the .'Hurts In
April wero 06,033 barrel# n To
make matter? woroe, while the run# Increased
the filpment* ilfcronHc^fli The
shipment* of Pennsylvania for May hud
a dally average of 30,105 barrel*;] which
Ik a falling off from April of nlmoHt
5.000 barrels a dny, /in the shipments In
April averaged D4.h07 burn-In a clay.
The report "f tht lluckeyr plpfi lln??
shows that th? average dally runs of
Trenton rock -ill wore M.U7 barrels,
which in a gain over April of 2,692 UnrruJf
a tlay, thu avorugo dally rutin! In
Vprll being 49.481 barrels. In May the
lally ttv,*iu?je ?hipm*n{?j of Trenton
ock oil were 40.281 barrels, which are
he smallest re-Jrded during the present
year and oT.r 4,000 barrels a day
jnder the dally average In April. In
he aggregate the runs of Pennsylvania
ind Lima oil footed up a daily average
>f 151,363 barrels, while In the month of
\pril they aggregated 45,514 barrels a
lay. The net stocks of Pennsylvania
)il at the close of 1868 were 11,541,753
jarrels, and were Increased during 1899
to 13,163.819 barrelB. . They suffered a
eduction in January' ol 58,760 barrels
ind in February were followed by anjther
cut of 228,818 barrels, a gain of
157,240 barrels net in March; 36,777 barrels
in April, and 272,277 barrels in
Slay, leaving the present available
Pennsylvania stocks- at 13,335,535 bar*els.
Added to this' tho net Buckeye
itocks makes the aggregate stocks 24,>95,205
These enormous stocks ought to be
i warning to the producer to stop the
Irill, and there is no reason why, by
' nnrAntpnloil nollnn. nrniliipHnn
restricted, stocks reduced and a
'air and equitable price received (or
their product. If tho same course is
pursued that has marked operations
ilnce the beginning; of 1900, there is but
ittie hope of the situation growing bet;er.
Some Good Wells.
The last week has not been prolific of
:he big producers that characterized
leld developments for some time in
he past. However, In different localties
some very fine wells were discovered,
but they were mainiy confined to
leflned territory.
The Gaines p.nnex Js doing some beter
than it did when last reported, and
ilnce then the drill has determined imjortarJt
and tangible results. The
south Penn Oil Company have finished
IP their No. 1, on lot 14, Bslllngs. loca.ed
to the south from the Dlossburg
fushers and found a fifty or sixty barrel
well. This was a very interesting
,'enture and kept the talent guessing
jntll the end \ras reached. Opinion
vos about evenly divided as to the outcome
and the result lias somewhat
changed the trend of matters at Galneft
is a new lead seems to have been developed
to the south. When the drill
ound the' pay the weft at first gave ev
deuce of being a gusher. But us the
Irlll was sent deeper Into the rock no
mprovement was shown and visions of
i gusher vanished. The Blossburg Oil
Company's Ave wells are still malntalnng
a dally production of three hundred
parrels, which Ih a far better record
,han was looked for In this shallow for-natlon.
The Blossburg company will,
n a short time, complete their test
venture, east from their producers,
yhlle Dr. Styner, after a siege of fishing
>ut tools, has got to drilling again in
His test well, located on* mile to the
lorth of the good producers and with u
itralght run should And the Interesting
jpot by the time the report ia in type,
rhe Mallory & Van Seoy test well, looted
In the Watsonvllle pool, is In
ind charged to the dry hole account,
fhey have not given up all hopes yet of
converting It Into a producer by the administration
of a liberal shot, which
they say will be done In a day or so.
rhe chances of success, however, seem
to be against them, unless the history
31 past rauures in mis territory snouici
be reversed.
The Cheater Hill pool In shallow sand
Morgan county, Ohio, has produced
another big well since our rpport of this
development a week ago. This venture
Is located upon the Yarnell property,
and belongs to S. D. Logan & Company.
When first drilled Into the pay It made
250 barrels, which at first was thought
to be Its best gait. The owners, however,
concluded to run another screw,
which resulted In Increasing its production
to twenty-seven barrels an
hour for a time. It Is not considered of
any particular Importance aside from
Its calibre, as Its location Is clearly
ivlthin the radius of defined lines. 8.
H. Jennings & Company have another
well on top the sand that has all th"
earmarks of mnklng a fine shallow sand
nrmliirnr If Ih ktrnfiul nn fhr* .Tnhn
Zimhro farm, and Is good for one hundred
barrels a day.
A Monongalia Guslier.
The South, Penn Oil Company In the
beginning of the weal: were successful
In developing a gusher In the northeast
extension of Campbell's run. Monongalia
county, West Virginia. This Is ths;
biggest well found In this locality for a
long time and shows thTe Is yet some
flue locations to drill. The venture on
the start-off had a production of between
thirty-five and forty barrels an
hour and at this time nas an official
output of twenty-five barrels an hour.
It Is locnVed on the Robert Hell furm
and in defined terrllory.
The Big Injun development In the
Btrlngtown district, Tyler county. West
Virginia, ulso produced another big
well on the west side. of the pool. It In
owned by Smith & Compnny and loca
tod upon the J. W. Ifealey property, on
the'start-off tho venture made twenty
barrels nn hour.
While nothing big was developed this
week In tho old Garner pool, east of
Proctor, In Wetzel county, the new producers
are holding up well, end in the
aggregate the Held Is making quite a
large production. Several additional
wells wore added to tho completed list,
ranging In production from 140 to eighty
barrels a day. The South Penn Oil
Company this week completed a test
well on Klchwood run. In tho Bam*?
county, while not a big producer shows
the development of some new territory
that will pay to worl*. It Is located
upon the John Newton Jollff farm nn l
Is scheduled at flfty barrels or butter a
Tho South Penn people's star wus
nlso In the ascendant this week In tho
Mount Summit pool, \vh :e tboy scored
ii 150 barrel won on tnc J. x. wiiiium.**
The Htout district, In IUtclllo county,
Wont Virginia, In looking good, t*nd th"
well* nro holding up remnrknlily well.
Allon'* Foot-Kaae, n powder. It curoa
painful. smarting, swollen ' "' ! I >KruWIm:
nalln. and luMnntly lake* I ho
Kjlnu out of corn* and huplun*. 11'? il.o
tnfoft dl -very of the AJen'n
("out-la make* tight fir now nhOftt
feel oaf .v. It In a rtftln ''OH* f->r nwcolIiir,
callous and hot, tired, aching font.
Try It to-day. Sold by till druKghtft ?"<! I
hui- Htoron. My mull for Zoo In fltamp*.
Trial package rni;K Add row, All^ti 8.
Olnitflt-d, J?e Hoy, N, V. 'Ih&B
The Reason Why So Ma
Ura.Ellia'WUte.UO Iron St., Akron, 0. "
Mrs. Ellia Wlko eaya: ?I would bo in w
mygraTonowif lthadnotbeenforyonr ea
Qod-aeatromody, Pc-ra-na. Everybody n<
aaya I am looking so much bottcr. No I
doctor conld help me as Pe-ra-oa did. I n<
waa a broken-down woman. Jt la sow tli
sevon years past that I wae oared." hi
Mrs. Sarah Oallltz,of Luton, la., alio pi
writes: "I was suffering with tho change b<
of life. I hod spells of flowing ovory fli
two or three weeks, which would leave I
roe nearly dead. I had given up hope of ai
being cared, when I heard of Dr. Hart- be
man's remedies and began to use thom. I
I am entirely cured, and give all the ta
credit to Po-ru-na." hi
But comparatively few women who ta
are suffering with pelvic catarrh know y<
that this is tho case. Their trouble sa
is called dyspepsia, heart trouble, female
weakness, weak lungs, nervous debility; es
indeed, almost tho wholo category of co
medical terms has boon appJJod to ca- si.
tarrh of somo orfean of tho femalo on
anatomy. If these women could only .
tealizo that their troublo is probably ca* Ai
The Carter Oil Company's big well
struck some time since, Is still maklnj? _
a production of 230 barrels a day. This
company has one or two more wells In
this pool doing: better than one hundred
barrels a day, and they are pushing the J},
drill for more of the same kind, at least bi
they expect to find them. h<
Late Developments. Xl
Dispatches from the various develop- tr
ments of Importance last night show h(
several large wells were struck and In ^
territory likely to produce considerable ai
new production. ly
The Hartman Oil Co.'s big strike at u'
"l""""'- n..n nn<m?v U'nc n
genuine surprise and is the biggest y(
producer found in this locality for a
long time. The new discovery Is loca- er
tod upon the John Fanel farm, and its
initial output was forty barrels an rj
hour, but at this writing has 'declined th
to twenty-eight barrels an hour. It
has opened up nothing new and is only n<
important on account of its calibre. jj
A message to-night from Proctor
says the South Penn'n No. 8, Henry at
Garner, is flowing 275 barrels a day and
that It makps quite a large scope of ter- kritory
look good which until the advent ol
of Garner No. 8, was not considered
very favorably. \v
News Just received from the Wolf fp
Summit fltfd states that the South **
Penn Oil Company's No. 4, Brown, and .
No. 2, M. I. Duncnn are each doing 145 ai
barrels la day. They are both located w
in the northeast extension, the latter
being the most advanced well in the' cr
new lead. This result shows the possl- ta
bility of mor* good territory In advance.
An old scout writing from the Woods tj;
run development and also the Rlchwood
run pool, in WPtzel, states there are a ni
number of hlg-hly interesting test ventures
nearlng the Band, that are bf>lng
nlnaalv n-n?nti<w1 Tl oo.i k'lIIh tvlll ohniv .
" * m
whether there Is the large scope of
good territory existing there that lias fr
for a long tlmo been thought a sure vl
gamble. It is the general opinion that
the locality will prove proline nnd alone
furnish all the crude the market demands.
Just at present this section of g,
the Mountain State Is both Interesting A
and Important the trade.
Events of a Dny in the Town at the o'
End of the Bridge.
I'ark Alexander leaves the first of th.? ?
week for Washington. Pa., to attend the
common cement cxercls a of Washing- B
ton & Jefferaon collope. Park graduates
from that Institution this spring.
Miss Viola rtomnns was the guest of p
friends In the city yesterday, en route
to h-.-r homo at Qfaaker City, from the
Yv\ C. T. U. district convention, held at
Coleraln. Thursday. F
Mrs. Thomas Moore and two c hildren
lr>fl vi?ti>nlnv fnr Nntt* f*iLMtln. Pn
wherr- they will spend several weeks
with Mrs. Moore's parents. 2.
Miss Minnie Majors, of Woodsfleld. lg
the? Kuest for a couple of weeks of the "
family of George Yeager, out the pike. s
Mr. and Mrs. James Remnant left
yesterday overland, for Guernsey county,
to spend several weeks cainplntf.
D. H. Sullivan was In the city yesterday
and left last evening for Maynnrd, j,
to attend a meeting of the miners. g,
Carlos leather wood returned yester- ?
day from the sfate Democratic conven- r
lion at Columbuk.
Mrs. Frank Mnytierry and daughter, 9,
of Tiffin, are the guest? of relatives in L
Klrkwood. gl
A large number from here will take in ?
the labor day picnic at Belmont park ?
A crowd of young people from Kirk- V,
wood picnicked at Wheeling park yes- jr,
terdny. p
.T. c. Hose was a business caller in
I the city yesterday, from Mt. Pleasant. b
O. G. Smith will be In from Dillon today,
to spend Sunday with friends.
To-ilay is pay day on the Cleveland,
Lorain & Wheeling railroad. 4
i lir-jrular services will be held el all
the churches to-morrow.
I IT'S a mistake to Imagine that Itch- n
I Ins: piles can't ho cut;'?1; a mistake to
siifft a day longer than yon ran help.
Doan'fl ointment brings instant relief ?
nnd permanent cure. At any drug store,
| r.0 cents.?3. |r
HOT Mill Club Picnic at Moznrt lr
Park tljH afternoon and evening.
I Republican National Convention, c
Phlladelphln, Juno 10th. f<
For the accommodation of delegates
! and othern to th?- convent!cm, a ulcrp- y'
InK car will ho attached to train No.
! 4. leaving Wheeling ut f? p. m. Sntur- ct'
I day, Juiv lflth. For space in this
| sleeper apply to
T. C. DintKB. "
| Passenger and Ticket Agent 1$. & O. "
It. I?.. Wheeling. W. Va. f
^ m b:
Bwr, tb? ^ lls,t
iny Women Are Sick.
rrh of the organs pocullar to women 01
slvio organs, and cure thcmselres with
a-rn-ni, bow much onno:ossary suffer* ,
g would bo saved.
Mrs. Karollns Suler, 2133 Vine street,
incinnati,O., says: "Two years ago I
11 on the ice. At first I did not think
onths after I Yelt pain* In the abdomen,
id a little later my moceef (ailed to
ipoar. I wrote to yon in regard to It,
sarlng that yon oared female troubles,
id followed yonr directions. I took
s-ra-na aftd Man-a-lln. I now hare
10 beat of health.'
Mrs. Marie Hanson, of Hlebnll, Wlsv
rites: ? A boat two years ago I had dl?
king Pe-ni-na. I fonnd relief when I
kd taken the first bottle. Now I have
ken seven bottles of Pe-rn-na. I thank
>a for yonr advice and I am glad I can
y that I am well now.
Dr. Hartman has written ? book
peclally for women. Ittreats of female
.tarrh In all Its different phases and
ages. It contains conynon sense talks
i subjects which should Interest every
A book will bo sontfroetoany&omaa.
jd.vss Dr.Uurtman,Columbus,O.
ne x/auy v*nruuigie 01 wuowiug a
Progressive Neighbor.
A number of young people of this
ace started on a yachting trip Thursly
evening, nnd owing to a slight
eak-down of the .engine, did not get
)me until 6 o'clock yesterday morng.
The results were that several anous
parents spent a sleepless night
od'ding the river bank until the early
>ur In the morning.
It has Just become known that Miss
argaret McGlumphy. daughter of Mr.
id Mrs. Hugh McGlumphy, was quietmarried
tn Charles McCune, the popiar
conductor on the Martin's Ferry
reet car line, at West Liberty. Sunly
evening. The b. Is a well known
>unK huly of thir *m.y.
This evtning at ci*k Star theatre, an
itertainment of an excellent nature
III be given under the -auspices of the
. A. R. The best locul talent of this
ty hns bcqn secured to take part In
ip affair.
Mrs. E. C. Boyd left yesterday after>on
for East Hadley, Mass., to attend
it? commencement exercises of
t. Bolyokn college, from which her
lughter. Miss Essie, will be gradu:ed.
A lawn fete will be given thte evening
V the members of the Second Methost
Episcopal chnrch at the residence
' Mrs. Alice Curtis, on Seventh street.
The condition of Mrs. N. G. Truax.
hoso serious Illness was reported a
w days ago, took a sudden change for
le worse yesterday morning.
The funeral of Mrs. Anna Frits took
ace yesterday aftornoon at 2 o'clock,
nH wnn liirir^lv nttnniled. Interment'
as made at Weeks' emetery.
The Alert hose company met last ovllng,
to pass upon some business perilnlng
to the coming tournament.
The ladies of St. Paul's Episcopal
lurch will serve supper this evening In
le basement of the church.
A general meeting of the fire depart lent
will be held this evening at the
antral hose house.
A social will be given by the members
the Christian church nt Commercial
ill. this evening.
Jacob Sehrneder returned yesterday,
um a month's business trip to Rothille,
New Mexico.
Harry Bartholomew will go to Morstovn
this afternoon, to spend a few
iys with friends.
Miss Ella Cochran will entertain her
unday school class this evening at the
. M. E. church.
Rev. Mu lb earn bus returned from o
iw days' visit with relatives at Toledo.
Miss Laura Helling Is entertaining
^r friend, Miss Ella Lundy, of Newark.
The shoe Htores will nil close at 7
clock on nnd after next Monday.
OLAM SOUP at Prick's Summer
arden Saturday evening.
Miss Lillie Dean Is vlsting relatives at
lalne for a few days.
Flatulence Is cured by BEECH AM'S
Mill Club Picnic at Mozart
ark this nftornoon and evening*.
TWO first and four second prizes
cro won on Rambler bicycles at the
[lgh school field day races. 1890
todels, $25. Sold only by Jason C.
tamp, 1128 Market street.
nrkorKburff.REN HUR, 11 u. m.
ltlsbur(rh...AVALON, up. m.
tfubenvl!Ic..T. M. PAYNE. 2:30 p. m.
iMorsvUlo...R\?TH, 3-.W jv m.
luriiiRtnn...,l.EKOY, 3:30 j?. m.
harU'*ton...ORKKNWOOD, 6:30 a. m.
arkerHl)urB.II. K. BEDFORD, 11 fl. m.
?wport JEWEL. 11 a. nv
l8tersv!llo...RlTTH. 3;30 p. m.
Inrlnpton l.KROY, 3:Sft p. m.
teub<'nvll!?'..T. M. BAYNE. 2:30 p. m.
11tiburi;)) ...KEY8TONE STATE, 6 n. m.
Inclnnatl... A V AI .ON, s a. in.
nnesvlllo? LORENA, 2 a. m.
lttnhurgh...BEN HUR. 4 n. in.
ttt shurKh ...KANAWHA, ? u. in.
IsIcrsvlTle...LEROY, 7 a. m.
Along the Landing.
The mrirks nt 6 p. m. Friday showed
foot find falling. Weathor, cloudy and
River Telegrams.
OIL CITY?Utvw It Inches ami stnonary
Weather, clear and pleasnnt.
GREENSBORO?River 7 feet 10
irh?s and stationary. Weather, cloudy
nd cool.
BROWNSVILLE?River B feet 6
iches and stationary.
PITTSBURGH?River 6 feet and rlniK.
Weather, clear and cool.
Is Your Ailment CatarrhP?"I had
ntarrh for one year." "I hod Catarrh
?r two years." "I had Catarrh for live
ears." "1 hnd Catarrh for twenty
pars." "I had Catarrh for fifty years,"
nd Dr. Atcnew's Catarrhal Powder
jred me. These are sentences from the
olumcs and volumes of testimony for
ils great catarrh cure, not mythical paents,
but words from men and women
tl iv.T tl\i> continent who hnve been
irml. It rollrvi-H In ten mlnut . Kohl
y Chnrh'H Tt. Clof-tjco. Twelfth and Mnr?'t
IF business men And merchnnta
insult their best Interests thoy will
dvertiso in the Intelligencer.
Matters cf Interest In tbe Metropolis
of Belmont County.
The city council let the contract (or'
the rtpalrs of the squaie In front ?(
the postolTlce, to JI. T. Day. and he had
n force of men at work yeeterday removlng
the brick. The brick arc taken
up from curb to curb, but Alt the good
ones will be re-laid upon the ?ame foundation.
with an additional two or three
Inches of ?and In which to allow the
brick to pack. The contract for taking
up *na re-iuying uie buwi
th? 0,d br,cIc arc u*ed ,8 twenty-.
tu>: cent* per square yard; for new
brick it Is sixty-seven cents. This seems |
to be very chtap for such work. The 1
street where the repairs are being y
made was paved fourteen years ago, u
but that particular square was very bad ?
to begin with. But the experience of
this city Indicates that the life of street
paving where the street is used a great a
deal for ordinary hauling, is about flf- ?
teen years. In most parts of the city
where repairing is needed, re-laying 4
and straightening up sunken places d
Bee inn all that Is necessary. m
It is not generally known, but it Is a *"
fact nevertheless, that at Kodsfer's
glass factory In this city, they have
been making glasses for opticians for 2
years. The quality is growing In favor
and the trade Jn this special line
extending. The finishing touches areput
on, of coursa, by opticians, but the ?
very best results have been obtained. ei
Within a short time the population of J!
the various towns as taken by the
enumerators this year, will be officially j:
announced. The towns in this county ^
showed up In 1890 as follows: Bellalre,.
9,934; Bridgeport. 3,369; Barnesvllle, ?<
3,207; Martin's Perry, 6,250; St. Clalrs- tl
ville, 1,191. ?
Carl-and William Dorer leave to-day
fdt* New York, where they will take ai
ship for Germany next week. They h
will take In the exposition before returning.
The Knights of Pythias will hold their d
usual annual memorial service to-mqr">?>
nmi th?? members are generally nj
very loyal to this beautiful custom. <jt
O." P. Mason, who Moated down the
Ohio with a stock of fancy chfna, rc- hi
turned yesterday, having had only o
moderate success.
The "sock" social nt the Windsor ho- l
tel yesterday evening. net*od a hand- fi
some sum to the ladles acting for the
Mrs. Joseph E. Blackburn, wife of
tho state dairy and food commissioner, t,
Is thw'guest# of friends In this city.
Mrs. Frank P. Barker, of Portla*nd, ,
Oregon, will spend the summer months
with her folks In this city.
Miss Wllma Bergundthal, #of St. 01
Clnlrsvllle, was the guest yesterday, of
Miss Helen Sanders. 0
Robert C. Gow returned from Kenyon
academy yesterday evening, for the C
summer vacation.
Yesterday's News From Marshall J
County's Chief City. J
The case of D. W. McConnaughey c
against A. E. Pox, of Cameron, was on t
trial In thf? circuit court yesterday and f
to-day. The case of the state against o
Lester and W. H. MeCullum, of Sand [
Hill, known as the "sheep pelt case," J
was commenccd last evening. >
Mr. Frank L. Nusjs and Miss Alice
Logan were married at the residence
of the bride's parents, Mr. ami Mrs. D. ?
L. Logan, at 8 o'clock yesterday evenIng.
They will go to housekeeping on
the camp grounds.
S. S. Wilson. of Glen Easton, secretary
of the Republlrun executive com- n
mlttee, was here yesterday, completing s
his work In regard to the iftte primary n
election. 0
Miss Katherlne Williams, of Point *
Plensant. hns arrived to spend the 9um- *
mer with her father on the camp
grounds. n
Dr. and Mrs. J. C. Schmidt, of New x
Martinsville. are visiting Mrs.
Schmidt's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. F.
Mrs. Charles Lyons and Mrs. Mollory li
of Huntington, are the guests of War- a
den and Mrs. S. A. Hawk, at the prison, k
Miss Lorena Elliott, of New Martinsville.
is th> gue%8t of Misses Cora and ?
Emma Parkinson, on Sixth'street. '
Mrs. W. F. Taylor, it-New Martlmtvllle.
Is visiting Mr. ani Mrs. Frank u
Taylor, of Grant avenue.
W. M. "VVlrt, ex-county superintend- C
cnt nf schools, of Dallas, wne here yes- J
tordny on business. <J
Leslie Rankin, of the clerical force nt P
Slgafoosc's. hns returned to duty, after 1
a brief illness.
Jacob Roberts. of Newark, O., is here,
vlsltlhg his brother, J. F. Roberts, of ]
Baker avenue.
Sheriff Wade, of Wood county,
brought four prisoners to the prison
yesterday. I'
Mr. and Mrs. Farrell. of Parkersburg, c
were the guests yesterday, of Capt. A.
O. Raker.
Thomas Riley, of "Webster district,
was transacting business here to-day.
Mrs. Charles P. Wells,' of Welcome, "
was visiting fflcnils here yesterday. *
,T. K. Chase, of Cameron, was a busl- g
ness caller here yesterday. q
Hon. J. V. J31alr, of West Union, la
the guest of Glrard Rlffgs. n
Miss Genevieve Hostettler Is visiting v
friends at LeatherwoOd, C
Doings of People in the Brooke Coun*
ty Metropolis. J
The Ep worth League convention elos- j
ed yesterday with the election of the ]
following1 officers: President, 0. J. 4
Gross, of Coraopoll*. Pa.: recording 4
secretary, Miss Maine Holey, Mononga- n
lieln. Pa.; corresponding secretary, j
Miss T.Ida Hahn; treasurer, Hoy Hor- :
n<*r, Homestead, Pa. Resolutions of "
thanks to the local chapter were'adopt. .
od, The next convention will be held !
In Waynesburg, Pa., at a time to be 1
The street railway company is en
deavorlng to buy out the Wellsburg *
Electric Lignt company. An oner wni ,
made to purchase the stock of the company
at par, but 25 per cent of the pur
chase price was to be In Mtock of the "
railway company. The latter threaten
to go into thp lighting buslnens In com- petition
with the home company. (
Several Wellsburg Republicans expect
to attend the national convention
at Philadelphia next week, nmong them
Dr. J. H. McCleary, who goes with the- \
Wheeling delegation this evening. B
The funeral of Mrs. Henry I. Mendel j
yesterday morning, was very largely
attended. The deceased was a member .
of the Methodist Episcopal church, th?
pastor. I)r. It. T. Miller, conducting the*
services. ,
The delinquent tax list posted at the ,
front door of th" court house contains I
381 capitations and :<*venty-flve places
of reul estate, the total tax delinquent r
being ll.Slfi 21. j
i j (
NO oue would ever be bothered with
constipation If everyone knew how n it- .
urally and quickly Burdock Blood Bit- I
tor* renulateB the stomach and bowels.
?I. _
Al<I< Intent novelties in Suiting* t\nij
Fancy Vesting*. nt C. W. SliABHIQHT'fl
BON. Merchant Tullor. /
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought }
Basra th? /V. Jjfj1
giguotoro of Lfiac/Z JGUcJuCi f,
ortured by Nervous Diseases,
fomen And In Celery Ring the great healing
mlo that frco? them from pain and makes
Tine ft Joyful experience.
Cooatlpotion, headacho and itomach, liver
nd kidney disease* all yield to the Influence
rthls grand medicine.
Celery King 1* a peculiarly pleasant medlloe.
It U sold In 25c. and GQc. packages by
ruRgliU. - 4 T
ally Items of Interest About People
and Events.
Chester Lewis, sr., was bruised very
sverely by being thrown from his eniglne,
and Chester, Jr.. had three fln?rs
of his left hand broken the aamo
Ight while on duty as flrcmon on the
entral Ohio division of the Baltimore
Ohio railroad.
The Methodist Episcopal Sunday
:hool has raised about $50 with which
ley will purchase a library for tho
William Stewart returned to his home
t Glen Easton, after being the guest of
Is brother, Robert, here a few days.
Mrs. William Wllcon returned to her
ome at Glen Ea*ton. after visiting her
nughter, Mrs. Harry Weld man.
C. E. Goodwin ivlU occupy tho pulpit
L the Methodist Eplsropal church Sunny,
morning and evening.
Mrs. B. McDonald has returned to her
ome at Silver Hill. aft ?r visiting Mrs.
. D. Pockroan.
Oirr. u * . uyui*i hub ifiumw n<?" ,
Ittleton, where she was the guest of *
Mrs. C. C. McMcchcn Is the guest of :
lends ftt Flndlcy, Ohio, this week.*
Mrs. W. L. Hicks, of Huntington, is 1
le guest of fMends here this week. j
The Epworth League will give a trol- j
iy party to Moundsviile to-ni*ht.
Mrs. George Artz Is visiting her fathr
at Central City, this week. \
Mrs. James Howe, of Cadiz Junction, j
'hlo, is visiting friends here.
Mrs. Frank Howard Is visiting at I
ameron for a few days.
Relief in Six Hours.
Distressing Kidney and Bladder dis- '
ases relieved in six hours by "New 1
!reat South American Kidney Cure." It !
3 a great surprise on account of Its ex- ,
ceding promptness in relieving pain in <
.ladder, kidneys and tvock, in male or !
email*. Relieves retention of water J
Imost immediately. If you wont quick :
ellef and cure this Is the remedy. Sold ;
iy It. H. List, druggist, Wheeling, IV.
ra. ttii&s
lusical Teachers' Association, Des
Moines, Iowa?Half Bates Via Bal- ;
timore & Ohio Bailroad.
On Juno 17 to 21. Inclusive, the Baltlnore
& Ohio Hallroad Company will
ell excursion tickets from all local ;
tatlons to Des Moines, Iowa, at rate
f one fare for the round trip, account ;
Lnnual Convention Musical Teachers'
tssociation. Tickets will be good for
eturn until June 23. 1900.
For further information call on or ;
ddress T. C. Burke. passenger ana
Icket agent, Wheeling.
Marquette, on Lake Superior,
s one of the most charming summer reorts
roached via the Chicago, MilwaU- ,
;ee & St. Paul Railway.
Its healthful location, beautiful scenry,
good hotels and complete Immunty
from hay fovcr, make a summer
utlngat Marquette, Mich., very attrac- j
ive from the standpoint of health, rest
.ml comfort. i
For a copy of "The Lake Superior 1
Country." containing n description of
Ijirquettf? and the coppcr country, ad
Iress, with four ( ? cents in stamps to
ay postage, Geo. H. Heaftord, General
'assenger Agent, Chicago. 111.
THE attractions aro wonderful at
,'rades Assembly Picnic Saturday.
MY Stock of Fancy Suitings Is the
irgcst and cheapest in the city.
:. W. SEADRIGHT'S SON. The Tailor,
Twenty-secoad and Main Streets.
Yellowstone Park and Alaska.
Extended tours under the manage
lent of Tin* American Association,
teau Campbell, General Manager, 1423
Tarquetto Building. Chicago. Pullman
leeplngand Dining Cars leave Chicago,
Uiesday, July 10. at 10 p. m., via Chlca:o,
Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway,
rickets Include all expenses everywhere.
Address George H. Heaflford,
General Passenger Agent, Chicago. 111.
Have for many years been the popular fata- <
^ ily medicine wherever the EmOrI! lanjfungo i .
> li fpoken. and they now stand without a ?
'? rival for Bllloun and Nervous IMsonlcw, i
Wind, Vain lu the Stomach. Sick Headache, i >
* KuIoom nftcr meal*, Dlzsluc?. Prowslncw,
OmlvencM un?I Sallow Complexion. These
> nfllletioiw nil arV-o from a disordered or
> viUuscd condition of the otomach and liver,
r' Uocnhnm'A Pillt, taken a* directed. will
c onliLly renujroyomalwtocompleto health.? ?
,? They nmmptlr rwmovr any obstruction or *
u Irregularity of Urn system.
s 10 cents aad 29 casta, at aft drog stores. J !
VILLI AM A. 1SETT President
10UTIMKR POLLOCK....Vice President
. A. MILLER Cashier
. II. Mr DONALD Asst. Cashier
Drafts on England, Ireland, Franco and
William A. Ifett, Mortimer Pollock,
I. .\. Miller, Itobort Hlmpson,
K. M. Atkinson. C. M. Frlssell,
Julius Pollock.
. A. JKFFKH80N Cashier
;I1A6. LAM 13 Assistant Cashier
Uien Brock. Jo.?eph F. Paull,
M'nu. Schmidt, Henry Bleberson.
toward Hlmu'on. Mnnnll>al Forbeo, |
A. J. Clark#.
Interest pnld on Hitrriul depontts.
riratte on Knftl&nd. lrrl*nd and
Icotland. J. A. J10FFKK80N.
my 11 CuthlT.
. Lawn Motvrra need Bhurpcnlng. IWOII
hem lo the Wheeling Seal'1 Works*, or
i-lcphon? %5 and we will call for tham.
Ul kind* of other work dono here. Wo
ive th?> beat *aIl*faction nnd work done
romptly. 1033 Market etrect. ay IS
Situation* Wanted.
One Help Wanted.
For Rent*
Cent Fors#kEtc.,
Etc.. Etc
J.., The One Cent a
I ",M Word Column of the
W/.-J Intelllgcnccr Brings
vVOrfl Oulck Returns on a
Small Investment.
I f
It rcferenco required. Apply at No.
7% Twelfth street. Ju?_
MEN for nicely furnishfd room, with
if without board, at 11T7 Eoft street Ju&
it laundry glrla at once. MENDEL
3ROS., Pearl Laundry. Nos. 133 dnd 1215
Sog it reel Ju5
V ERQET1C salesmen to sell the well
mown Dleterlchs Valve-Oleum Lubricating
Oil" to the coni<umlnff trade on
!omml?ilon. Apply to D1ETF.H1C1I8
iulldlng, Cleveland, Ohio.
?f to physician and surgeon In Wont Vlrflnla.
Have had live years' experience,
Un willing to do tho hord work, or can
tperato any of the modern mechanical ?p>sratus,
Including Hydro and Electro
rheropy In their various forms. Can furilsh
references. Address lxick Box No. 6.
Ireensboro, Pa. m&a
Improved gasoline lamps; sells at
ilgnt; bent* electricity; oheaper than ker>*ene;
retail* 14.00 up; 12 different styles;
exclusive territory. STANDARD LAMP
?0.. Manufacturers. Chicago. Jelti*
CRU1TS WANTED - Able-bodied
nen: service on our warships In ull parts
if the world and on land in the Philipilnes,
when required. Recruiting offlcor.
Market and Fourteenth streots, Wheelng.
\ifanted-h?~an established.
Y* ?ell rated firm, scheme or specialty
men to sell an exceedingly attractive and !
salable line. Speelnl terms and unique
Inducements. High priced men Investigate.
Box 2G4, Detroit,_Mich. J?lti_
TER; deliver and collect for old esabllshed
manufacturing house; $900 a
year and expenses guaranteed. Addrcnii
MANUFACTURER, 3d floor. 330 Dearborn i
3t.. Chicago. 3sl6-CTAs
profits by nelllng our 14-k, gold-filled,
rull jewel watches. Write for particulars
or send money order for 33.96 for samplo
(It retails at $13.00). with prtvltoge of returning.
Guaranteed for 20 years. Also
the beat 1900 blcyclen made for only >15.95
sompleto (retailing at $50.00). Offers never
heard of. We guarantee salary to your
agents. Write or order at once. NEW
ENGLAND WATCH CO., 326 Grand Ave.,
Milwaukee. Wis. my19
Hypnotism-methods" of wei.tmer,
Harradcn and Now York In
stltute of Science given In our Complete
OF SUGGESTION, Publishers, Atlanta,
an. JeI6?
1 Liberal reward paid if returned tn thin
office. JeH_
J terrier pun. Reward if returned to
Jj Twelfth street (McLain Block). Best
location in the city. Enquire of R. B. McLain.
Young's Pharmacy, Chapline and
Twelfth. apS
8 rooms with modern conveniences
at 1005 Main street.
STORAGE Warehouse at Main and
renth streets. Honey advanced. Apply
Real Estate and Loans, 108B Main St.
~ AtUnU(Tcity7N~
ati iutir rrrv ii I
A1VA1UIV VII If 11. ?f?
A new and modem hotel, complete
tn every detail. Absolutely tlio
Quest Ocean view. Rooms en suite
with sea water baths attached. Elevator
to street level. Palm Boom.
Capacity 400.
Owners and Props.
Manager. jel6_
Atlantic City, N. J.
HfF Wll nflPF N** York ave.. near the
1UC nALWllr, Beach and nil attractions.
Extensively enlarged and refurnished.
thoroughly modern In every detail.
Superior table. llonudlk?> and cheerful.
Write for Booklet. H. E. WRIGHT. ju2
Atlantic City.
Maryland Ave., 30 Yards Prom Beach.
Full Ocean View from wide three-story
porehes. 92 to }3 per day. Jir> to $1S per
week. I. O. KENDRK'Iv.
JQi in millers of linen.
EJ~I Our faultless launOyl
fir)' work challenges
BtT;* the closest and severest
30-J2 Tenth Street.
Telephone 560. P. R. ScrofflM.
I Mi ImJ A ?ea^ ^low
J I to one of the moRt
I excruclatln* pain*
if t0 "hlch mortal*
5k nrr "Ubject-tpothPhTwfyy
n nrhr?in given with
iHlffgUV II fir, celerity nntl comt*jlwK/Pn
I ill fnrt nt ,he ('<>n,aI
\Ul B\>- I establishment of
Jj\ *f\\y Um Albany lvntui
l\/ Ww Parlors. We nro
1 X-Jtfcr >. pain alleviators
for th?? many?
benutlflorx. a* well, for we will furnlwh
you with plnffm tcetn or lull noia m nio-i
reuonablc rain FlUltMt n spcclnlty.
1036 Main Strrtt-Ovtr Drug jBlorc.
Op?n Kvnlnpi and Sunday*. Whirling.
W. V?.
Qmdni will ttttutUUi th? lm!:.
rmiuotoi?laiunant rmwlh.
X?*v?r to K*stor? Or
lUIr 10 II* Towthful Ool?r.
Pt?**nli l)?n?lr?fr ami kali tailing.
Nk. ami >t W *lDnircUt*. _
: honk*. Inquire at Twenty-ninth street
toll-gate. Caldwell's Run. Jell* ^
For bale ? fink kricx dwell
INO on Fourteenth at.; I offer mj
residence, No. lit Fourteenth at. for sale?
possession and terms to *uU purchaser.
Inquire ot-T. R McLAlN, Dental and
Surgical depot. City Bank bulldtuff.
mrll ? f
I Lota 13 and Ut Wabaib ureal. ??4 1M
Water itrw? D. Zua'a laUnd addition.
W. V. HOGE, rs
i citt bjmk pumnwq. ,
i Wheeling Ice & Storage Company.
Fostortft Qlaait Company.
Beaumont Glatir Company.
lilvi rsido Pottery Company.
McCoy Shoe Company. :
8tHt?rffVlU? Gold Mining.
Virginia Gold Mining. : .
Wheeling Pottery,
Wheeling Steel ft Irion Company.
Wheeling Brldj^^Company.
Wheeling Stamping Company.
Industrial utock* bought and sold direct
on New \ork Stock Exchange.
Room 4 City Bank Building, Wheeling. |
Wheeling 8teel & Iron Company*
l?ul3elle Iron Worka.
Wheeling Urldiro Company.
Wheeling ft Belmont Bridge Company
Wheeling Brldce Company.
InUdHtrial Block* bought and nold direct
on New York and Chicago Stock Ex*
Nat. Exchange Bank Bldg.
. _ _ 1 V.
Wheeling Steel &
Iron Company
All Stocks and Bonds bought and sold ?
the New York Stock Exchange.
Wo offer for iuiIo somo Ato per
cent first mortgnK? bonds. Wo
have examined the security behind
theso bonds and wo can recommend
them with conQdenco
to Investors.
Particulars upon application. 1
The City Bank
of Wheeling.
Do You Want a
Country Place?
Wheeling & Elm Grove R. R., Ara
the Beat and Cheapest.
nr'ati l,nnn ..an nf *unf?rlnr locution. flnS
uppoarnnco find excellent shade.
CHEAPEST, because water, g&a and
drainage connection are laid up to e&cb
lot. and many other iraprovemonta
have been made.
Your Inspection ot the property Is a<h
II cited.
'Phone No. 08.
No. 742 North Main stroet, brtclfr
dwelling, 9 rooms and store room.
No. 2241 Chnpllne street, brick!
dwelling, 11 rooms and two bath
rooms. Desirable property and flna
location, at a special bargain on *
quick deal.
1103 Market Street
No. 138 South Droadwny street, Upuea^l
G rooms, cellar, both gases and barn. Bbf
STixliS. Newly papered; In ftr*t-o1an? con*
dltIon. Possession can be had July 1.
Owner leaves the city. Arrangements can
be made for all or nny part of furnlshin*?,
ROLF & ZANE, No. 30 Fourteenth Sty
Residence For Sale.
One of the most
delightful homes
on South Front
street (east side).
G. 0. SMITH. 'Sa
v.tinnni TTirnhnneo Bank BuUdlnff.
Brick dwelling and lot. 7 rooms, wcg|
aide of Main street, $4,000.
17 building lot*, 40 by ISO. Elm Orovo; 4
7 building Kites in Pleasant Valley; vcrjj
A Krocerv business, with postoffice con-*
nected. and frame house and lot, on Natlonnl
Road, near railroad station; a great
bargain. *
3 brick dwellings on Fifteenth streot#
from 52.500 to |7.W?.
2 deslralbe building lots on Wood street^
South Wheeling.
Motel business, with 22 furnished rooms,
at a great bargain-^KG00 for ono vreeK
Tclephono 517,
Wheeling W. Va.
....FOR RENT....
No, 335 Main street, 8 rooms $20 00
No. 1121 EofT street, ? rooms uv
No. 2*0 Wood street. 3 rooms 7 00
Building on Alloy in roar ol Germanla
Half Dollar Dank ??No.
ISO Nineteenth street 15 09
No. 2907 Chapllno street 13 00
No. 12!* Fourteenth street ??
No. 32 Sixteenth street. lar*o cellar.. 10 00
No. 1612 Market street, storo room.
No. 3527 Chapllno street.
No. 32 Sixteenth ftreet, 3-story brlcfc
stare room and 10 rooms.
No. 7S Maryland street.
No. 21 Maryland Street.
No. X2 Main street.
No. 442 Mala street.
Lot on Fifteenth s?trret.
Lot on South Front street.
New house or South Huron street
No. North Front street.
No. Pfvrnieenui ?AA
No. 131 Nineteenth !?tivrt-S1.1M.
1 x>t i?i\?t end Nineteenth streot, 69 fe?t
Real Katat" Ac??. coiKftM, Notary
Public nnd Paiuton A*eul, No. lill
Main street.

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