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S . - ?
Beginning Ttiurs' ' "
day, July 5th, this LJ J _
Store Will Close at ^fcVgg
: ,5 o'clock Every Af- |,\|
tcrnoDn, Except Sat.
urday. ]
The contractors, Ji
inside of two weeks th
DOWN. That mean's ,c
men begin tearing the w;
Our Stock Musi
v& *^0 only wny to noil that amount o
- ' Is to-bo done nnd dono with a vengeance
Wash Fabrics.
Sfilptcces navy bluo and' white figured
IMmltlesj the 8c kind. Rebuild- Ca
: v-lrtK price, per yard Ub
iOO1 pieces choice new Dimities and
Corded Wash Fabrics; the regular
:' lQc and 12M?c kind. Rebuild- ' -jJLti
In# price I*U
LIrien Lawns?Soma choice, pretty
styles lw pink and blue stripe# and
'figures: worth 25c a yard. i r)1a
nrlnn I /ZD
Linen Toweling, Etc.
200 pieces Blenched Huck Tow- Gin
ellng at, per.yard O'U
200 pieces Bleached Barnalcy Crash;
air^uro. linen. Per
100 dozen hemmed Linen Towels; Qn
Brood liberal size; at. each Ou
100 dozen large-sized Turkish 7^
.Towels at, each I u
DO dozen Turkish Wash Hogs ?p
at, each I u
DQ-lnch wide unbleached Dam- f)Rn
ask; 33c quality; per yard ZuU
tt}-lnch wide lull bleached Tabto
Damask; 59c quality; per yard.
CS-lnch wldo heavy bleached Damask;
our best 75c quality; eight cQa
styles; at, per yard uOU
72-lnch wide Irish and German doubll
bleached Damask; tho $1.00 ana $l.Iii
Domestic Dry Goods.
100 piocca best American Light Qn
. Prints at, per yard Oil
300 pieccs Simpson's blnck and white,
and gray and white; also skirt~"1ng*
prints;, per yard *+u
Probably 400 pieces best fancy Chintzs,
regular sellins price GUc and 7c; n ?
rholro. ner yard T'U
> '<5,000 yards Lancaster Ginghams, known
the world over as the heat /\ 1 n
made; at, per yard 4^u
. 100 pieces 40-lnch wide unbleach- Aip
ed Sheeting at, per yard 4"?u
' 100 pieces Dress Ginghams; good, serviceable
patterns, n l p
at : -O'-u
I Corset Covers.
20 dozen Ladies* Cambric Corset 7*
Covers, at, each... lb
10 dozen Ladles' Muslin Corset Covers,
trimmed In embroidery, at, |
100 dozen Ladles' Muslin and Cambric
Corset Covers, handsomely trimmed
in tucks,.embroidery and lace, QCa
at, each Lub
10 dozen Ladles' Mualln Under yjOn
skirts, lace trimmed, at, each, feu
23 dozen Ladlea' Umbrella style Skirts.
, flounce, trimmed with Inserting, eoged
with lace, at 7CP
each.... I uu
Finer Skirts relatively as cheap, at
prices ranging up to $11.85,
f Sale of Se
gr Of Summer Goods hei
? season to another; hen
1L- three great divisions.
i- division;
lot of Fancy Silks; worth SI.5
1.4 rjl.75 and $2.00 yard. QQ
|Sale price 3 0
fef Lot of evening shades in Brocudf
iif- Silks; -worth $1.50 yard. QQ
S Sale price fcO
#"lot of Checked and Striped Was
{ Silks; worth 50e yard. Q (T
!/" Salo price tu
Lot of Foulard Silks; worth 7C
f and 85c yard. CQ
Salo price <J<J
Lot of finest Satin Foulards; wort
1$1.00 and $1.25 yard. ? *7
Salo pricc I I
Lot of Plnlc and Bluo Gauffrc
Wash Crepes; worth 75c ft O
yard. Sale price H"0
Lot Black Gros Grain Silks an
Satin Luxors; worth 00c */ Q
and 91.00 yard. Sale price.. 1 o
Lot Black Taffeta Silks; wort
05c yard. * y
Salo price. .4*1
Lot handsome Appliqucd Crepe tl
Chene All-Overs; white groundi
colored flgureB; worth tfj/| Q
97.95 yard. Salo price.. .^p4'?0
Table Linens, Ets.
Lot of 72 inch wide Silver Blonc
Table Linen; worth $1.00 -/q
and 1.15 yard. Salo price... lu
E^"Lot of Barnnley Pure Linen r
H Crash. Sale price u
ET Several lots of Honuned an
mL Fringed Linen Towels. Sal
prices? CJ-4c. 8c and 10c eac
|{L ^ot ?* k?st black French 9 q
\$T Haircloth. Sale price Oil
Fffijy_Lot of bnst 100 yard 3pooIs 0
IVf Black Cowing Sill;. r
ml Salo prico u
!r ^
Js^1 irrtfen
lessrs. Klicvis, Kraft & C(
e north wall of our bu
lirt, dust and damaged ?
alls out
fc be Reduced at L
f merchandise In so short n tlino Is to CU1
Ladies' Drawers.
Ladles' Muslin Drawers; made with
deep horn and cluster of tucks, j n n
at, per pair I o u
Ladles' Cambric Drawers, umbrella
style, and made with hem- QCn
stitched ruffle, at, per pair.... /,ui?
Ladles' Cambric Drawers, deep flounco
B ixlci'il wlth Jnrnhnn In no lit not* n r* -
Night Gowns.
Ladles Muslin Gowns; yoke made of
solid tuckn; ncck ami sleeves trimmed
with cambric ruffla; ut, Q I o
each 0 I u
Ladles* Muslin Gowns, trimmed In
tucks nnd inserting, at 4>0C
.Ladies' Cambric Clowns, mude with
round, sqiiaro and V yokes; trimmed fi
with tucks and inserting; at, QJjQ
Ladies' Fine Silk Waists.
1 Silk Waists, were $15.1)0,.. <57 QC
now u> I .gu
1 Sillc Waist, was J12.SS, $6 43
5 Silk Waists, were $9.05, (Jjg gQ
20 Silk Waists, with fancy fronts; were
K ; $3.50
A lot of about 10 White Silk Qjn cn
Waists, were $1.08, now CD/i.uU
Shirt Waists.
Probably 15 dozen?ISO Shirt Waistsmade
of percale; some trimmed with
inserting-; were flSc, fi Q?
now S-3U
Probably 20 dozen?240 White Lawn
Waists; trimmed with two rows of
inserting; were 9Sc, 7Kf?
now I Uu
About 1 dozen White Lawn Waists,
trimmed In wide Inserting; I
were ? 1.40, QQn
now vJOu
About 12 Colored Lawn Waists, handsomely
trimmed in tucks and inserting;
wore $1.45, tgrt GQ
now C /.. j O
The Drapery Department.
20 pieces Sllkallno Draperies. r_
j Per yard DC
10 pieces Tapestry, 4S and w Inches
wide suitable for couch covers and
upholstering: sold as high as $1.00 per
yard. Rebuilding 4*3 G
j 20 pieces of tine Drapery Silk, 32 inches
wldo; sold up lo ?2)c a yard, A7n
now 4-1 u
'75.Mantle Lambrequins; best quality
of* sateen, fringed all around and of
fast colors; were $Sc cach. VI Qn
! Rebuilding price *rau
50i) pairs of fine Lace Curtains, 51 inches
wide, r.\A yards long; per (ft 1 r r
pair during this sale vD I ,uU
One lot of about 50 pairs of Tapestry
Portiures; beautiful colors and designs;
sold as high as $-1.00. Qn r (n
This sale, per pair Q)c.u 'v
asonable Mi
e. Very much more thai
ce this greatest of all July i
Come early. Bring your
Lower Main Street.
Dress Goods.
0, Lot of lustrous plain and figured
Black Dress Goods; 40 inches
CI wide; worth GOc yard. n Q
Sale price c.vi
Lot of wide Roman and other plaid
2! back reversible Cheviot Skirt1,
ings; all colors; worth n r
j $1.25. Sale price
Lot of Jamestown and Collingic
wood Mill Suitings; worth q r
i 48c and 50c yd. Sale price.. Zu(
i Lot of black and colored Applique
:h j Lace Dresses, Grenadines and
Dress Nets at a reduction oi
^ Lot of Dress Goods Remnants at
a Domestics, Etc.
C Lot of figured Turkey Red Prints;
. ! worth fjc yard. n,
11 Sale r-ice LiC
Lot ct 30 inch wide Bates' Seer,e
suckers; worth 12i?c yd. 7 .
u, Sale price / 7C
5 Lot of finest French Dress Ginghams;
worth 25c yd. { r
Snle price 1 OC
'6 bales yard-wide Unbleached Idusp
lin; worth QJ4C yd. ft ,
0 Sale price <ttC
C Lot of Lawns nncl Dhnitfes; worth
15c, 18c, 20c and 22c yd. | qj.
d Sale price 1/-C
:h Lot of white India Linons; worth
10c azid 12%c yard. 7 \
q Sale prico I TC
if Lot of severnl hundred dozen Buttons
of all kinds; worth up 1
01 to 25c dozen I G
Store Closed
/ V?.
This Store Will be I
mb wednesday'
July 4I1i,
[Q Independence Day. ;
ig sale: !
a., have notified us that
ilding IS TO BE TORN
foods. Before the work-east
r AND Sl.ASH PltlCES. una ttint'n what 9
Fine Silk Petticoats. 1
About 12 colored Taffeta Silk Skirts; K
were 51.0s. Rebuilding N
About 10 colored Slllc Skirts; were j
$6.50 !
One Taffeta Siik Skirt, trimmed with
black silk laco; was $13.S5. <|)Q OH :
Rebuilding price CDo.JU
, Two very elaborately trimmed Taffeta 1
Silk Skirts; wore $19.W. m | n r n J
Rebuilding price vDlu.uU ?
Inductions in Dress Goods.
3S-lnch wide Plaids: the latest color j
combinations; sold at i!oc a I r?i?
yard. Rebuilding price.. I Z'-ili !
One-lot of 3S and 40-lnch Dress Goods. I
including stripes, checks. plain black 1
and white mixtures, tweed and novelties;
all sold nt r>0c n yard. Rebuilding
price Is ono-half? ORo !
per yard jLUlf S
38 nnd 40-lnch Molmlrs, Canvas Cloths, k
JOtnmJnes, Granites ami Mixed Kf- \
fects; sold for GOc to 75c per yard. 5
Rebuilding prtce, per 300 ^
DnVlJot'r(Jf)Sim%TWHvtJ&K arcnaflinoc; I
pattern suits and other high grade
dress fabrics; sold from $1.50 to rn. ?
! ?1.00.per yard. Rebuilding price uUU $
Black Dress Goods. j
Wool niled Brocho Etamines, 40 Inches
W'de; sold at 25c a yard. Re- Qr\ <
building price, per yard JJu
i 3S-lnch Black Reversible Mohairs, fast \
blacks; sold at 39c per yard, i fln
i Rebuilding price. I Ou
Mc" Mohairs for 33c
75c Mohairs for 50c
9S'o Molmlrs for ..75c
Every piece of our fancy Wash Silks, i
In corded, printed ana embroidered \
effects; ail this- season's styles and
colors; worth 4Sc, u!)c and C5c. QCp 5
Rebuilding price, per yard Ouv c,
300 pieces high grade Taffeta Silks, in ?
. the new Pllsse, lace stripe, hem- ft
stitched satin stripe; Persian, etc.; ft
In all colors. Including pastel shades; I
actually worth $1.00 a yard. CHn B
Rebuilding nrlco DUii M
Entire line'of this seasons' Foulards, R
Liberty Twills and Satin Liberty*. In &
rose, nlle, violet, blue. tan. etc.; worth K
uj>^ to $1.35 a yard. Rebuilding J0g |
Wall Paper;
I In order to reduce this stock at once R
j Ave offer Monday and until sold, 5,000 R
rolls of regular 15e nnd 20c papers: gj
I rich and elegant patterns. In dark g
I red. blue and green,-at, per On s?
j bolt PC 9
j Seascnabie While Goods.
j 100 pieces nice quality barred Naln- w
I sook; the Sc quality at, per cn K
yard uli f*
srchandise E
ay. A T?ei
i there ought to be?their d
Sales, with its corresponding
friends along.
Lot of boxed and pound package 1
Writing Paper; some of the boxes
worth 35c. Sale q .
price J C
' Lot of Ferris' Famous Moth and
Bug Exterminator; worth \ r,
25c. Sale price it*C:
* 50c cans at 29c. j
Lot of Japaneso Crepe Paper Nap- j
kins. Sale price for lots of I r :
) ioo ....I0C4
! Lot of Enameled Wood Tabourettes; 5
worth up to 80c. Sale 29cj
Lot 9x7 White Enameled Frame jj
Mirrors. Sale q 'i
price OCj
Lot 8x10 Photo Frames. 1 r j
Sale price ' I
Lot of 20-inch waterproof Dress }
1 Suit Cases; steel frames; heavy <
leather corners. Sale (t\ j /I Q p
price ip I /fO j
; Lot of cotton filled Ruffled Crotonne j
Porch Cushions. Sale j ft n
Pilco lUc
' Lot of 35c Corsets. Sale | n j,
' price iyCl
Jbot of 91.OO, $1.25 and $1.50 Cor- j!
, sets and Coract Wnists. on IT
Sale prico j
Several lots of Children's trimmed 8
, Bonnets. Salo prices aro a3 fol- 1
50c Bonnets at 29c U
$1.10 Bonnets at 50c jj
$1 05 Bonnets at 08c j
$2.05 Bonnets at $1.<18 j
July 4th.. From July 5t!i \
Picnic and
Excursion Parties
On the Glorious Fourth should go pro*
vided with Kodaks, Films and Dry
Plates to secure permanent souvenirs of
the day and the jolly good time. Complete
assortment. AH sensitive prod
ucts fresh at
1231 Market St.
Wm 5tticl%eiirer
Ollledt !i.> and *J7 Fourteenth St root.
New Advertisements.
Wanted?Dining Room Girl.
A Graml July Ucaruace oale?Snook &
Co.?Eighth page.
Your Vacation Ouflt All Ready?Kraua
Brothers?Fifth page.
llnvlland China, Etc.?John Frledel Co.
?Fifth page.
Special Sale of "Wash Goods?George E.
Stifel Co.?Fifth page.
For Sale?G. O. Smith.
Travel?European Tour?Third page.
Atlantic City?Albemarle Hotel.?Sixth
Notice?TV. U. B. S.
Situation Wanted?French GentlemanThird
Wanted?Experienced Salesladies.
The Glorious Fourth?The Hub?Eighth
Summer Undcrmusllns?George R. Taylor
Co.?Fifth page.
A Great Rebuilding Sale?Stone &
Thomas?Eighth Page.
Picnic and Excursion Parties?Nlcolls.
Wo have fitted moro t.hnn twenty
thousand j?n I ! ? ? of Spectacles, plvftic us
a rccorilnnd experience unequalled by
nnv other optician In West Virginia.
HuilBl'uoLlon Kit/mm toed
JACOl; W. (JKUim, Optician.
No. l.'IOU Market Street*
A full line of Plain and Fancy
Ssrces. Pin Checks and French Finn
nels, which we are prepared to make
up on short notice.
Fashionable Tailors and Tine Furnishers.
1321-1323 Market Street.
iegfits &t Ge<
nendotss Sttf
isposal is a matter of imp<
> sacrifices. Space only foi
, Market Street.
Lot of wide Oriental Lnccs worth
10c and 15c a yard. Sale r
price 0 C
Lot of Low Taped Week Jersey Rib j
Vests for ladies. Sale r i
price 0 C |
Lot of French Normal and grey
mixed Balbribban Underwear for
men; worth 50c. 6ale OQ ^(
price OuC
Lot of soiled Muslin Night Shirts
for men; worth G5c. Sale n q si
price 0 JC
Lot of bilk Front Shirts for men
and boys. Sale q Q '
price uJC
Lot oi Ladies' fast black seamless
Hoso; worth 12^c pair. q
Sale price v/C
Lot of Men's fast black and colored x,(
Half Hose, with silk embroidered
figures and stripes; worth rj r
5Ua. Sale .prico OOC
Lot of Belt Buckles and Pulley
Rings; worth 19c and q
25c. Sale price uC !
Lot of Ladies' Leather Belts; worth
50c and 75c. Salo I p
price IOC
Lot of Shellino Hair Pins; various ;
styles. Salo i i
price I C
Lot of soilod and mussed Lawn *
Baby Caps; worth up to q r Lc
, 91.30 each. Salo price UuC !
iVe Close at 5 p. m., Satnrds
The Glorloo
Got yourself and boys read
ting good comfortable hot went
city where you will find a lore
prices P
Soft Shir?5 In every good patten
Styles in Iho -?Sc and 00c lino alone,
I Elegant line of Hoys' "Wash Suit
othcrw ut J2.C0. The'regtilar ?l.0O J;
Wash I'unts at Jlc, 25c unci 50c.
For summer wear Serges nro tli
vlceable: will keep their f hope *ui<
weight. Our line of them Is as near
thy qualities, worthily tailored, wo
|I2CO. Coats and Vests, J4 00 and CI
IVe dont' think t,hat any three h
. Summer Trnurors which we ore nc
lino.of the celebrated Paraxon Talk
very, best to order kind In fabric, lit
*2.00 to 50.U0. '
It la a well known fact that no o
good reliable Underwear than wo a
also for Htout men who urc hurd tof
our.wludow Uiapluy.
Best 4-ply Linen Collars
100 dozen Boys' Extra Stronj
Knee Pants on sale Monday nn<
Tuosday at
Strictly One Price. All Good
Back io
Fourteenth and
Market Streets.
| Al! Men's Tan Vici Kid a
I that were ,$2.50 and ?>3.(
I All Men's Tan Vici k'id :
| that were $3, $3.50 and
| Early Buyers %
I Get the Best ^
I Bargains. ij
Total expense for tuition, m H gA
f>oard and room can be kept H h tt V
below $3.50 a week. (3
Fnll term, Sept. iS-Dce. 19;. Winter, Jai
s-March 27: Spring, April 2-Jaue co. Sim
jr.er School, luuc =5-August 9,1001. Cntnlc
tree. AIAlASfcE, OHIO.
s. M. Ssi?e;
;rative necessity, as we
r a limited number of
it of tailor-made Venetian, Broadcloth,
Cheviot and h.omo spun
Suits; all new. July sale prices
$4.'x5 for $0.00 Suits.
$7.45 for $14.90 Suits.
$12.50 for $25.00 Suits.
Others in proportion.
>t of Venetian and Fancy Camel's
Hair Plaid Tailor-Made
Skirts, worth up to d}Q OK
$15 00, Sale Price ?P0,0G
lirt Waists for July selling- reduced
this way:
49c Waists at 33c.
75c Waists at 49c.
$1.39 Waists at 93c.
$1.09 Waists at $1.25
$1.98 Waists at $1.69.
$2.75 Waists at $1.08
>t of Black Colored Mercorizcd
Porcaline Petticoats, with 10ncrrtv/Hoti.nloHn^
worth $1.25, Sale
it of Finest Colored Taffeta Silk
Waists, worth up to mn Qr
$11.00, Sale Price \pU.?JJ
it of Huslin ' Underskirts, with
flve-incli ruffles, Sale ft r
Price ZUC
it of Empire Cambric Night
Crowns, with Lace and Tucked
Fronts, and Rutlled Collars, O r?
Sale jtrice *0 u C
it of Soiled Muslin Underwear at
jnc-hnlf price.
t of Curtain Ends, i n
Sale Price IjC
lys Excepted.
;s Fourth 1
71 to eriobrato tho Glorious Fourth by gather
waarables. There Is no placo in tho
cr variety ? and ;need wo say tho lowest
i, in nil ilit> tnncy and subdued hues. Over J00
and at 9Sc wo'vo biggest line in tho city.
a in colors and White Ducks, noma aa low as DOe,
Ind inado with patent facility waist, -, Coys'
' ' " ' > /t. , ,.. '
io ideal fabric; thrjy'ro cool, light, dreaey and scri
xwnr heller ihtui any other fabric o? etfua]
perfect as It l? passible for garments to be?worrthy
8tyk?a, lined and skoloton suits, $10 00 and
H). Odd Coats, 92 73 to 00.
onsca in tho city can show tho variety of Mcn'B
>w sliowlng. Among them, you'll nnd a lam
>r-Made Trousers which are the equal of tno
stylo and workmanship. .Strictly, all-wool,
ther houso in the cfty show aa large a Ifno of
re nlwava showing. We have them in regulars; .
It. Our 25c und 00c lino will surprise you. Boo
,10c. Where will you And a tailor who
r | daro put up .his motto:
1 j A pcrfect fit to your own satisfac*
,18c | tion or your, money.
.s Harked in Plain Figures. Money, .
r the Asking. ' Wf
Clothiers, Hatters
and Furnishers.
KE SHOE CO. g ' ''WWW'
nd Russia Calf Shoes (M AA |
30 go in this sale at
md Willow Calf Shoes FA
$4 go in this sale at...
(7W 11
1 shoeco.
l The T9-20II1 Century school year, the 55th of the
College, begins September iS, 1900. Collegiate, Aea;
demjcl,*Curmal, Oratorv, Business, Music and Art
departments. Increased equipments and attendance.
H H Mtf H Advantages are numerous
9 fl H H tl niguihcaut. The locnvd
u la ^2 tiou,favorable and healthful.
k & Coo's j
carry no goods from one _J|
articles lrom cacn 01 our j
Upper Main Street. J
j 100 Dozen Glass Tumblers, [
July Sale Price I C >?
Lot of Glass *.emon Ream- Q jfc
ers, Sale Price
Lot of Small Night Lamps, n
wortli 25c, sale price uC
Lot of gold-trimmed, liand-paint- -<S3
cd, Opal Cologne Bottles, Hand- jj|
kerchief Boxes a~..l Trays, Sale
Prices, 25c and 15c. >gj
Lot of fancy Ornaments, Atom- ?
izers, Vases, etc., worth up i q -4jJ
to ouc, sale price I uC JEJ;
Lot of fancy Tables, with lino 'S
hardwood tops and antique metal
legs, worth $15 00, sale (jjg Q Q Jj
Spaco prevents a mention of tlie a
special sale prices on Warwick and
Haviland Chinaware. The cuts are VS .
decisive. Cnmr in. nvifl find nut- An
what we are doing. 10
Lot of fine Jap. Mattings, nc
worth up to tf9c, sale price.. ?uC \
Lot of GOc and GOc mattings, QQ }"
Sale Price
Lot cf double-faced, fringed Sniyrna
Ru^s. 27x54 incU. sale "j
Lot of Nottingham and Brussels j
Effect Curtains, worth mn on "v
t?-l 25 pair, snle price... .\|)Z?Ou ljj
Lot of rulHed Swiss Curtains,
worth $1 75 pair, (T\ i iq _< J|
salo juico * w 3
t$?. j

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