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$ Tuesday, July 3. >
j Special Sale of
? AT HALF PKICE and a little more. Isn't it nice when your J
S summer clothes cost only half as much as you expected? Or, v
> batter still, if you could have twice m many. You can; here's >
< tho nows that will prove it: ?
^ "FTnlf n llttnrlrivl v?lr?o<?a TilWIl". ^
^ and Dimities, various styles and . J
S colors; wore 12}^c and 15c; >
< marked now at, per yard Vlpraw J
n Between 60 and 75 pieces Linen : fl >
< Lawns and Dimities; our quarter M ]@ " 5
> grade; all season and g ood styles; |3 Er ^ S i
> marked now at, per yard gj ^ >
> Small lot fancy Colored Swisses, j *zrr7 >
i Stripes, etc., that were splendid S \
> valuo at 2oc; now m m w >
S Hali value is the plain truth. Taffstas, Ketallics and Horn- j
5 ctltchcd Taffeta Ribbons. Rich High Lustre. All the now sum- $
? mor colors, 3 to 5 inches wide? ?
I i5c, S8c, 23c and 27c yd. J
> oooooooo \
1 Velvet gibbons. !
$ Hardest to get, hut they are here, too. All widths from Wo. >
< 2 to No. 40; all shadeo and at popular prices. ?
< <KKKJ.4"J.O? k
! Special Notice. 1
< and after Thursday, July 5th, store closes at 5 o'clock, Sat- 5
| urday excepted. |
| 1154 to 1160 Main Street. |
J. S. WSCB - - President. Cl/. i T.. K. SAN] Ciihlilor.
JOHN I'KKW -Vice President. W. 1!. IHYJM:.... CuslUer.
The National Exchange Bank
^Jo.ooJ: Of Wheeling. gff
.T. Vnnco, .fohn V.'ntorhouso, Dr. John Tj. DIcOccy
.lohuFrew, "William Ellluirlmm. iv. v <iniw.
E. Stllbl, .731. Hrown, AV. II. Frank.
Business entrusted to our care v ill receive prompt and careful attention
A (lividend of 2 per cent. >vas declared, payable Juno JJO, 11)00.
M5f? 1150 MAIN.ST.
Summer Undermuslins.
More new French Corset Covers daintily trimmed with lace and insertions,
with just the lace or narrow shoulder straps; upwards to $4.00 each.
Pretty Muslin Gowns, 75c. Finer Ones upwards to $6.50. Short and
Long Skirts, Plain and Flounce Drawers, Chemise and the comfortable
Dressing Sacques.
PARASOLS.., j Lace Allovers.
Fancy"sllkKParafloK "n? 0f laCC H For Wal??? nn.1 Yolco,. Tho newmt
$ S no Ones for $1 styles Just received. Prices from fiOc a yard
12 50 Ones for H 50 to JG r?0. A most choice assortment.
5 50 Ones for 3 IW
6 w ones tor aw yaj, Laccs and Insertions.
I 2;> Ones for 2 13
Silk Umbrellas, colors fast . In all widths, from 25c a dozen yards
..K 00 ton 50. I upward*.
White and Wash Colored Fabrics,
Colored Lawns nnH
Patterns all new, bright and fnst colors, 12lnc and 15c yard. Embroidered
Swisses, French Ginglmras, New Chambras and Stylish Percales,
White Nainsooks, Persian Lawns, Dimities, Organdies, India Linens.
Priccs, 20c to $1.00 yard.
Store "Will bo Closed Wednesday on Account of Fourth of July.
HAVII AND CHINA < niTn.cc ....nr
EVERY WOMAN"SomoUncwnod*arelliblo,rnonthlf,regnlatlnc
modlcino. Only linrmlnvi an;]
MrvS J tbo pufosldfugilihonld b? nsflJ. II youvnnt ibu bitmjot
Sf (A. PeaH's 'Peiiiiynnral Ms
JZ< *\ Tlioy ornprompt, nafo nnd t>?rtaln in reriUt. v
' \ ?t Tbo cunutuo CDr. real'n) iwycr ditappolut.. Sold for 31,00 por box.
Sold by CliiiB. R. Goetze, Drugg'st, cor. Market nnd Twelfth utreota.
| ".r^.
Let Yesterday Afternoon by Board of
Public Works, and the
City Work
All Along the Line?Martin Flanagan
Secures the Contract for
Euilding Sewers.
.Yesterday afternoon thy boaid of
puouc wonts inei ana awarueu uie, last
of the 1900 public works contracts?
thbsa for sower construction.. Thy contract
for. extending the big Forty-flfth
street bj-lck sewer from Eoff street eaatvvard
was let to Hamilton iiios., at
their blil> of $9 50 per llenal foot, and
man holefi $71). About 175 feet will be
added to this sewer this year. Hamilton
Bros.' was the only bid received by
the board.
F9r putting In the smaller sewers, a
number of Ijlds were received, and the
contract was awarded to the lowest
bidder, Martin Flanagan. The sewer
work mapped out and lor which Flanagan
secures the contract, is as follows:
No. 1.?Sewer on West street, between
Third and Fourth streets.
No. 2.?Sewer on Twelfth street, from
xiign to jacoo streets.
No. 3.?Sewer on Lind street from
Tenth street, south.
No. 4.?Extending sewer at east end
of Ohio street.
No. 5.?Extending sewer at east end
of-Fink street.
No. 0.?Sewer on North Front street,
from Zape to Maryland streets.
No. 7.?Sewer oh Alley "2," from New
Jersey street, north.
No. 8.?Sewer on McColloch street,
from Thirty-seventh to Thirty-eighth
No. 9.?Sewer on Alley H, from Thirty-ninth
street, south.
No. 10.?Price per cubic yard for
blasting where blasting Is necessary.
The several bids received by the
board for thl3 work were as follows:
Lawrence Coffey?No. 1. 19 cents; No.
2, IS cents; No. 3, IS cents; No. 4, 12
cenis; No. 5, 12 cents; No. 0, 33 cents;
No. 7, 43 cents; No. 8, 18 cents; No. 9, IS
cents, per lineal foot; blasting through
rock, 45 cents per cubic yard.
Patrick Rellly?No. 1, 25 cents. No. 2,
22 cents; No. 3, 2G cents; No. 4, 10 cents;
No. 5, 19 cents; No. 6, 3G cents; No. 7, 37
cents; No. 8, 24 cents; No. 9, 22 cents;
blasting, S5 cents.
John Lenahan?No. 1, 30 cents; No. 2,
32 cents; No. 3, 28 cents; No. 4, 40 cents;
No. 5, 25 cents; No. G, 49 cents; No. 7, 50
cents; No. S, 35 cents; No. 9, 33 cents;
blasting, CO cents.
Hamilton Bros.?No. 1, 29 cents; No. 2,
21 cents; No. 3, 19 cents; No. 4, 49 cents;
No. ft. 411 pnnts'- T<Jr> 7
cents; No. 8, 37 cents; No. 9, 25 cants;
blasting, $2 per cubic yard.
Michael ind Lawrence Clarke?No. 1,
19 cents; No. 2, 20 cents; No. 3, 21 cents;
No. 4, 65 cents; No. 5, 65 cents; No. 6, 23
cents; No. 7, 25 cents; No. 8, 30 cents;
No. 9, 28 cent's; blasting, 65 cents.
George Arkle?No. 1, 22 cents; No. 2,
20 cents; No. 3, 21 cents; No. 4, 20 cents;
No. 5, 20 cents; No. 6, 55 cents; No. 7, 55
cents; No. .8,"22 cents; No. 9, 20 cents;
blasting, $1 75. %
Martin Flanagan?No. 1, 16 cents;
No. 2, 25 cents; No. 3, 13 cents; No. 4, 23
cents ;No. 5, 25 cents; No. 6. 31 cents;
No. 7, 34 cents; No. S, 25 cents; No. 9, 14
cents; blasting. $1.
The work on the brick paving and
curbing contracts Is now making excellent
progress. The paving contractor,
Henry Robrecht, is now paving Grandview
street, on the hillside, which will
greatly improve that section of the city
and appreciate the value o? property.
The curbing contractor, Wlllam Staib,
is uun tii ?uiiv mi v^uaiuiuv: sireui, souui
of Eleventh.
Meeting of the Committees of the
Potters and Trades Assembly to
Prepare for the Coming National
The tenth annual convention of the
National Brotherhood of Operative
Potters will occur In this city, beginning
on Monday, July 9. and the local
members have planned a week that
will be remembered by the visiting delegates
for years to come. The various
committees of the local unions have
been laboring unceasingly for the perfection
of convention plans and tho entertainment
of visitors.
The convention will open In the trades
assembly hall, and Mayor Sweeney
will make an address of welcome to the
visitors and tender them the keys of
the city. The delegates will then organize
and a committee on credentials
appointed, after which the body will
adjourn to "Wheeling Park.
Over 153 delegates are expected to attend
the convention. Among this number
will be renresentatlves from nniii-iv
every pottery In the Unlteil States.
Ycaterdny the Trades Assembly committee
met with the general committee
of the potter's unions and offered to assist
them In entertaining' the visitors.'
It was decided that they give a smoker
one night during their stay. This will
probably be done Thursday night.
Among other forms of entertainment
there probably will be arranged a boat
ride down the beautiful Ohio, a trolley
ride over the street railways centering
in the city and probably a trip through
the plant of the AVhlttaker Iron Company.
The special committee of the Trades
Assembly Is composed of A. L. Bauer,
president of the assembly; J. ,1. Byrne,
vice president of the assembly; Edward
King, chairman; T. M. Doyle, Charles
Stein and Frank Thomas' This committee
has tendered their services to
the potter's committee and will assist
them In the entertainment of visiting
The potter's committee^ on entertainment
Is as follows: J. J. Jackson, .lohn
Glmlock, Edward Baker, William Allison,
Charles Mullcr and Ed. Muggc,
Committee on reception contains William
Hughes, chairman: William Latoush,
John Harney, William Prltchard,
Edward Collins, James Faunce, A. Davison,
Harry Ilalles, Edward . Simpson,
E. Bourne, A. Oleson, A. Oolner, Frank
Wagner, J. B, Cannon, Fred. Cook, Ed.
Taylor, James Eggert. William Henderson,
William tirltllth, ,T. Atmon. J.
Mann, C. Helmhrluht. William Falck,
Charles Ocli and W, Crowt*
Going and Coming ot Wheeling
People and Visitors.
W. B. Smith, of Grafton, is at the
Hoberf H. Wlison, of Clarksburg, is at
the Windsor.
J. A. Kennedy, of SistersvIUe, was In
the city yesterday.
H. A. Jarret, of Grafton, Is visiting
friends In the city.
Chrles Meyer, of Wellsburg,. Is a new
arrival at the MeLure.
T. A. Anderson, of Slstersvllle, is registered
at the Stamm.
Samuel Bogers, of Fairmont, registered
at the Park yesterday.
R. W. Wallace, of Parkersburg, Is a
business caller In the city..
T. W. Anderson, of Morgantown, registered
at the McLuro yesterday.
W. S. Wiley, of New Martinsville,
was a caller in the city yesterday.
Miss Nettle Meyers, of South "Wood
street," Is confined to her home, seriously
Mrs. Will Menkemeilsr and children,
Nlla and William, are sojourning at Atlantic
Miss Llllle Smith, of Allegheny, Is
vlaltlntr relatives on thn South Sldo for
a few days.
Miss Mary Rlneliart. of Pittsburgh, la
visiting Miss Nettle Mcyera, of tlic
South Side.
Harry and George Haaenauar will(
take a trip to Pittsburgh on their
wheels to-day.
Sirs. John Collins, of Toledo, O., Is the
guest of her father, Ayilllam Asmus, on
the South Side.
Mr. Henry Snodgrass, of Wilson
street, leaves this morning to visit relatives
In SteubcnvHle.
A. W. Eowt'r, of Mannlngton, has re.
turned horn? after a two .week's stay
with South Side friends.
Miss Jennie Moore, of the South Side,
leaves to-day for SVelluvIlle and East
Liverpool, to visit friends.;
W. \V. Brannon, Asmus Peterman and
W. B. McGary, of Weston, were state
arrivals at the Windsor yesterday.
Jaseph Baughman and wife, of Toledo,
Ohio, are visiting Mr. '.Eaughman's
parents on South Chapllne street.
John Hasenaiier, who is working at
Toledo. Ohio, is spending his vacation
at his home on South McColloch street.
Miss Margaret Flood, clerk at George
E. Stlfel's, will soon.be able to be at
her post, after a siege of serious illness.
Mrs. Henry Snodgrass and children
and Miss Isabelle Fry, of Wilson street,
are visiting friends in Bakerstown, Pa.
Earl Barr, George Beckett, A. J. "Wilson
and George llannan go to Atluntie
City for a sojourn of two weeks, next
week. '
John iv. List, Howard; Ilazlett and
Edward Ilazlett left Inst night for the
South 'Branch of the Potomac country,
for a stay of several days.
Misses Bass and Llla Molter. Sarah
and Anna Monnhan and Anna Brannen
will muks up a party of young ladies
that will enjoy a two weeks' vacation
In the vicinity of Triadelphlu.
E. AY. Finney, of Boston, "The Hub"
representative of the McMeshen Company,
is here on a visit and inspection
of the company's plant, on the South
Side. This Is his first visit to Wheeling
since leaving, nine years ago, to take
charge of the Boston oHIce.
Joseph McDermott. of Morgantown:
C. U. Hubbard. Charles H. Copp and
Bcrnle S. McLure left yesterday for
Maryland, thoir destination being the
North Glade Fishing Club's -preserves,
in Garret' county, where the club house
was recently given its house warming.
Works Wonders in Health.
It is worth knowing that a change in
food can cure dyspepsia. "I deem It my
duty to let you know how Grape-Nuts
food hus cured me of Indigestion.
"I had been troubled with It for
years, until last year my doctor recommended
Grape-Nuts food to be used evsry
morning. 1 followed instructions
and now I am entirely well.
"The whole family like Grape-Nuts.
Wo use four packages a week. You are
iivikumi: iu uac una icniiiiKiuiui us yuu
see lit. I am willing to give any information
to anyone who desires.to see or
write mc regarding Grape-Nuts." Respectfully.
Mrs. C. II. Lowe, GS1 Parker
Street. Roxbury, Mass.
The reason Mrs. Low? was helped by
the use of Grape-Nuts.food, is that the
food Is predlgested by natural processes
and therefore does not tax the
stomach as the food she had been using:
it also contains the elements required
for building up the nervous system.
If that part of the human body Is
in perfect working order, there can be
no dyspepsia, for nervous energy represents
the steam that drives the engine.
When the nervous system Is van
down, tl:e machinery of the body works
badly. Grape-Nuts food can be used by
small children as well as adults. It is
perfectly cooked and ready for instant
SECOND Grand Concert at Prick's
Garden, Martin's Ferry. Music by
Meister's full band; also, display of
fireworks, Tuesday evening-, July 3.
Markers, Guides, everything for Tennis,
PICNIC, Mozart Park, July 4. Incline
runs all day.
DR. IIENNIG'S Cough Syrup Is the
only remedy that cures Whooping
Cough. 25c and 50c. tts&w-2
BASE BALLS, Gloves, Masks, Rats.
Protectors, Shoe Plates, Shoes, everything
for the great American game of
base ball, at JASON C. STAMP'S, Peabody
FOR latest fashions In cut and material.
go to
2201 Main Street.
Markers. Guides, every thing, for Tennis,
THE Klondike Shoo- Store's special
nale prices will only be good' on Saturday
and Monday.
MY Stock of Fancy Suitings Is tlio
largest nnd cheapest In the city.
Twenty-second and Main Streets.
JASON C. STAMP. Peabody Building.
DOWLEK?On Sunday morning. Julv 1.
IftTO. at 8 o'clock, ut his home, nt Powhatan.
his CStli year.
Funeral services at Mt. Olivet church.
i ui'Miny, jiiiv .i. in a. 111.
Louis Bertschy,
1117 Main SI.?"West Sldo.
CnllH t>y Tclcphono Answered Day or
Nlpht. Storo Telephone G35. Hcaldcnco,
WC. As?l?t:n>l'H Tclcphono. G9S.
HRUHMLR f Funeral Dlrcclorj
? ) and Lmbnlmcrs.
v tor. Marhit And 22J Sti
UILUliltKiVND (. oi,cuI''j)ahy?n?a'NialU.
i/ivai asig
5^clf 6????e
I $10 and Eft I
| $12 Suits . . . fO.OUf
! l\i V!L $9.00!
?;> A cr a to o o o t Z
These are the magic figures that will
fill our store with customers for the
next ten days. We have determined
to make a clean sweep of all our Men's
'Summer "Weight Suits now piled on our
counters. We don't want to carry
over these Suits. We have got to sell
them before inventory takes place.
There is just one way to do it?
$6.50 for Suits that have been selling for $10 and $12.
$9.00 for Suits that have been selling for $14 and $15.
That have been selling up to $5.00, now .$2.50
That have been selling for $6.00 and $6.50, now .$3.50
Twelfth Street Clothing House.
THE RAILROADS. will be retained In tli?ir respective posi
lions by this company until further noOfllclal
notlflcatlon of the recent J?^PHPresident
changc in the ownership and manage- r r -
mcnt of the Terminal road, has reached THE FOURTH AT THE PARK.
the employes In the following ofllclal , , ,
communication: Vlcjclc Haces, Fire Works Display,
and Other Special Features.
Wheeling; Bridge & Terminal Ry. Co. The Wheeling Park management has
WHEELING. W. Va.. June SO. 1900. made elaborate arrangements for the
Not in* Is hereby given that the prop- Fourth of July. The programme is the
erty of the Wheeling Bridge & Terminal most attractive ever prepared for any
holiday or outing. One special feature
been sold under foreclosure proceedings; will be the bicycle; races, which will bo
and will be operated by Tlri WhcrMng conducted by the Wheeling Novelty
Terminal Hallway Company, commune- works. There will be thrue eventa.with
Ing at midnight this date. , . . , , ,,
All Indebtedness of the receiver, ccn- handsome prizes In each, and Indicatracted
before July 1st. 1900, will be ad- Hons pointing to a big Held of starters,
justed and paid by him. The fireworks display will commence
All remittances on account, of buslres3 ?.m )lo i? ,.h.nf
transacted before July 1st should also at 9 o clock, and will be in charge of the
be made- to the understlgned. as re- Bremer & Mabls Company. The procelver.
C. O. BREWSTER, gramme Is elaborate, and Insures a
Receiver. vlsclal fi?ast. There wll be dancing all
The Wheeling Terminal Railway cjay untll midnight in the Casino, and
Company. the Opera House band will bo assisted
PITTSBURGH. Fa.. June 30, 1900. in Its concerts by West, the comedian
Notices hereby slven that the prop. instI.Umontal soloist.
nrty of the Wheeling Bridge A: Terminal t
Railway Company, heretofore operated _ , ? , ,
by C. O. Brewster. receiver, was recent. In Clerk Robertson's Office,
ly purchased by thl.< company, under Yesterday, In Clerk Robertson's ofllco,
foreclosure proceedings, and will bo ? rnllnivlnL- deeds were recordedoperated
by It. commencing ill midnight to lo>Mng deeds #tn. recoraid.
this date. A separation of the accounts Deed, made May i, 1900; by Taul Zelas
between the Wheeling Bridge & Ter- gelmeyer and wife to C. A. Schaefer;
mlnal Hallway Company, C. O. Brews- consideration JMO: transfers lot 37 at
tor. receiver, and this company, must ,, . v.
therefore lv made as of this date. arK
Reports of ticket sales, car mileage, Deed, made June 26. 1900; by Albert G.
freight accounts, etc.. covering trans- Craft, to W. C. and Nora Keller; con!{uil?T
nho1,S,,Ti',|'any,nn.:U!'? a""r slderatlon JSOO; transfers apiece of
.July 1. 1900. should be made to the un- ,
derslgned as auditor of the Wheeling ground on the Cumberland road, at
Terminal Railway Company. Trladelphla.
Remittances for account of business * two deeds of trust were recorded.
transacted subj-enuvnt to this date . 0
should b'; made to T. II. B. McKnlght, _ , . . ,
treasurer. Pittsburgh. Pa., and drafts m your provisions to-day. All grofor
balances due by this company eery stores will be closed, all day Wedshould
be made on him. Drafts for bal- nesday.
ances due this company will be made * *
by the undeisigned. BASE BALLS, Gloves, Masks, BatA,
JNO. W. RENDER, Protectors. Shoe Plates. Shoes, everyAudltor.
thing for the great American game of
The Wheeling Terminal Railway l"1"1-' 'l?11.'. ,.,.t -TAS0N c- STAMP'S, Pea
uouy uuuuing.
Company. ? ?
PITTSUUKOH. l'a.. Jwn.' 30. 1500. DOING ABROAD P
.... ? . _ ? COOK'S TOURS.
The Wheeling Terminal P.nllivay T a Tomiinson Ae-cnt
Comi?nry, :i corporation of Olil.i and of _J" u' * ? ?!, m SJJ, i t
West Virginia, h iving bought ihe rail- Pennn. Station, Eleventh St
road and appurtananccH lately belong- ? ?
lag to the Wheeling Bridge & Terminal THE Klondike Shoe Store will have a
Railway Company, will take pojassslon sacrifice sale of ladies', misses, and
of and operate the same, commencing childrens' shoes.
at midnight this date. &
Tiro olllcera ?)f the company are as fol- ROSES, flowering shrubs and
,05lh: ' , , ,,r , plants nt lowest prices. Extra fluo
^President, Joseph Wood, Pittsburgh, nnd jarp0 seiection. Catalogue free.
Vice president, James McCrca, Pitt3- Reid's Nurseries, Tel. 58, Bridgeport,
burgh. Pa. Ohio. ttus
Secretary, S. B. Liggett, Pittsburgh, "*
Pa. Ocenn Steamship Tickets
PiMHh?lrihl rTlecrc,ary' S> H* Cl,urch- to and from Europe, via all lines, can
Audit or. J olin W. Uenner. Pittsburgh. -l0 lhc Purls .
Pa. . _ 7~^"?r^~zr?
oii|ivi iniuiiui'iiit viim neuron, wncol-| V, * ?'*" * ?
iiik, w. v:i. ; /tltoKind Yu llam*tapsBuiga
ar .Mils ilii'l cmployoa IrTctofor* In tlu- \ /nV //<T>: . "T~
nervlco of tin? receiver of tin* Whuvllnjr, ; o'6nataro f V*
UrhUro & Terminal Railway Company, of /, / CoCC^oc/i/i
rr-^AVJNGS BANK JL^sr^^st |
pflhimcra time, ea^v terms, low Inior- >?
rPmEM 1521 es?t. arc throe special ilavan- X
UjSKwgl MARKET STREET. loses. Wilie for booklet. g
? wssccctceiaeccciBcececcccciEececeeeccccc^ccc-^gsr
iv. \

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