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Tho Threa Palatial Steamers Appear
to be Complete Wrecks.
Not Possible to State Accurately the
Number of Victims?Many Bodies
Bcduced'.to ABhes in tho Furnaces.
Loss Will be $10,000,000.
NEW YORK. July 2.-The partially
submerged bulks of the huge North
German Lloyd steamers Saalei Rrempn
and Main, ,lle smoking In the upper
hnv nnft' Minrth no I
thoroughly Wrecked us the Spanish
,cruisers that ventured out of Santiago
harbor two years ago to-raorrow; Like
the Spanish ships, these German merchantmen
hold many dead men within
V; their iron sides. A police patrol forbids
: , near approach to the 3unken steamers
and warns off tho curious who hover
v about in row boats. Eleven charred
v bodies now In the New York morgue
were taken from the dcck of the Saale,
and divers are expected to bring up
^scores qf dead men to-day. . The remains
of the huge North German Lloyd
piers in Hoboken are still burning and
'flremen are throwing water upon the
embers, but nothing remains to be
savcd.N Charred logs, sections of planking*
from half burned scows and lighters
and other wreckage art* drifting
about the upper nnd lower bays, compelling
steamers to pick their way with
caution, to save their scrcws and
Number of Dead Not Known.
It -is not yet possible to state accu>
rately the number of dead, but thp first
reports of the fire, which reported the
stp/imprs arid thf* niors ns rnntnlnlnir
many visitors and prospective passen?
gers, are not borne out by Investigation
and It seems likely that nearly all
of the members of the district were,
employed In some capacity by the
steamship company. However, the loss
of life Is appalling. Forty bodies have
bpen recovered, hundreds are missing
and no estimate of the number of dead
now falls below two hundred. Many of
the dead will never be found, their bodies
having been reduced to ashes In the
/furnace. It Is reasonable to suppose
that the rescued will report themselvej
to-day and to-night's list of missing
will be the list of the dead. Nearly all
of the members of the crews had their
homes In Germany and news of the disaster
will carry sorrow to many a lireside
in the fatherland. No missing except
those employed aboul the steam
ers, have been reported to the police or
to the company.
Most of the estimates of loss do not
fall below $10,000,000.
Divers and "Wreckerr at TVork.
NEW YORK, July 2.-Dlvers and
wreckers are still hard at work or. the
burning North German Lloyd steamers.
It Is believed that there arc yet many
bodies to be recovered from the Saal-i
and two Jarge wrecking derrick? are
alongside ner removing the bent una
twisted pleccs of heavy Iron that cover
her hold.
The Injured in the Jersey City hospitals
wera reported to be doing well this
morning, but several arc not yet out of
Total of Fifty-seven Bodies.
NEW YORK, July 2.?At 4 o'clock
four more bodies were taken from the
water off the burned piers, making th?
total up to that hour flfty-seyen bodies.
Charred Beyond Recognition.
NEW YORK. July'2.?Nine dead bodies
have been recovered from the Saale.
Only one has been identilied?Olilcer
Gusch, of the Saale.
wumn ine iasi ioriy minui'-'s bi\
bodies have been found on the Main.
Five in the gallery were charred be'
yond recognition. The sixth was lloating
in the water In the hold.
Postmastara Appointed.
Special Dispatch to tho Intelligencer
. WASHINGTON. D. C., July 2.?The
following postmasters have been commissioned
Jn West Virginia:
William E. Jones. Smithton.: Charles
S. Pltchford, Emma. Putnam county,
(late In Jackaon county): Calvin M.
Morrison, Creston, and Thomas C.
Griggs, Rlchwood.
Betura to the Capital.
Spcclal Dlipatch to tho Intelligencer
WASHINGTON, July 2.?Mr. John L.
Steele, Senator Scott's private secretary,
and Sim.'Steele returned yester*
day from Ardmore, Pa., where the Jattor
has-been recuperating for the benefit
of her hea.lth.
Mr. W. I*. Scott, who attended the
Second West Virginia district Kepub
llean convention, at Terra Alta, returned
to "Washington yesterday.
HIVES are a terrible torment to the
little folks, and to nome older ones.
Easily cured. Doan's Ointment never
fails, instant relief, permanent cure.
At any drug store, GO eentfl.?3
These unwelcome visitors .usually app
itself front-tlic-many
^niJV Carbuncles,-.whit
F eating great holes in
1 people as blessings,t
fl the mistaken iden tl
Nature's nlan of thin:
FA* uuless relieved the c
troubles, which arc o
Mr. K. M. Pratt, Care, S. C.. write*: buildilip v
" 1'or twenly years 1 van norcly S. S. ?
lafllicted with U?iU and cnrbuuele*
enu??! by Impure b|oo<l. Itlaimpo*- BW "CCpaible
to dcsciibe my auflerlnic; fait of S. S. !
the time belnn uiwblt to work or alerp. f, f? T Vrar?
Several doeloratreiited me. and 1 tried ?. * {
aii (lie blood rrmedle*. but "'francs.
nothing aeemed to do tue any K^od. It M a plct
Duilng Ibe xummer of iW8 I wan j>er* proves til
.auaded >o trr {i. ft. K., and aflerlaliiiin
aereral bbttleawuH entirely cured, nn'l i>cncrJl cc
'have ftad rctur* of tlie?e painful Otir ti
pcitavpiolbe prc?eut time." eases uitfi
and any information or advice wanted wiii-,
whalcvor'for tb??<rvice. Ueiui forotft?-bfcc
The Next Vice President .of .the United
States on His Journey West.
CARROLTOX, Mo , July 2.?Governor
Theodore Roosevelt arrived ftt Carrol
ton this morning one hour late, but
prospects were good that the Santa .I?train
would make up much of this time
before reaching Kansas City. The govpernor
arose shortly before 7 o'clock.
Soon after breakfast was served In the
private car of Paul Morton, which-is
[occupied by the governor and h'Js party.
Since the first break . of dawn there
has been fair sized crowds of people at
the stations which the train passed and
even before the governor, was awake
shouts' and cheers for the "Rough Rider".
were numerous. After breakfast
[Governor Roosevelt responded to the
Cheers of his admirers by appearing on.
the platform and bowing his acknowledgments,
but' In no case did he make
any remarks beyond saying:
. -x uiUHii-j uu," or " j am giau 10 ace
'At Carrolton a number of Kansas
City Republicans, constituting an advance
reception committee to welcome
tbe governor boarded the train.
Cablegram From Admiral Kempfl
States He Has Sent Assistance.
.WASHINGTON, D. C.. July 2.-The
following cablegram has been received
at the navy department from Admiral
' . "CIIE FOO, July 1.
"Secretary of Navy, "Washington.
"Oregon has run aground. It Is not
In a dangerous position, about thirtyeight
degrees north latitude, twenty degrees
forty mlnmes east longitude.
Have sent to her assistance three-naval
vessels. It Is reported that there Is ,
water in one compartment. The commander
of .the,Oregon did not request '
assistance, a Japanese man of war hav- ,
Ing boarded vessel.
rsitrnort.l "CrMDOT ?
Changes in Star Eoutcs.
Special Dispatch to the Intelligencer.
WASHINGTON, D. C.. July 2.?The
following changes have been ordered In
the star schedule of West Virginia: 1
Route No. 16,302, McCue to Buckhannon;
leave McCue Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday at 8 a. m., and return {
Ing leave Buekhannon at 1:30 p. m. j
Route No. 16,520, Oxbow to Petrn- ,
leum; leave Oxbow dally, except Sunday,
at 8 a. m., and returning, leave Petroleum
at 1 p. 111.
Following are the changes which -J
have been ordered by the post-ofllce department
I11 the star service In West
Route No. 16,151, Fort Seybert to Oak- j 1
flat. From Jun 2, 1900, increase ser
vice to six times a week; schedulb to j :
be dally, except Sunday, and the-hours i 1
same as at present. j
Route No. 16.181, Morgan's Glade to J (
Terra Alta. Supply Gussman both j ,
ways at site heretofore authorised.
Route, Eglon to Horseshoe Run. From J'
July 2, 1000, Increase service to six 11
times a week; schedule to be dally ex- '
cept Sunday, hours as at present. I
Route No. 16.394. Williamsburg to. |l
Lewlsburg. Hereafter supply Dick ' ]
Pointer between Hughart and Rlclc- I ,
Route No. 16.620, Gilbert to Wham- !f
cliff-?. From July 2 Increase service to ; 1
six times a week; schedule dally, ex- j1
cept Sunday, hours as at present.
Pensions Granted.
Special Dispatch to :ho Intelligence!-.
WASHINGTON. D. C\. July L\?Pensions
have been granted to West Virginia
applicants as follows:
Original Andrew J. Bo wye r. Spencer,
SO; Samuel Devore, Itaven Rock,
$6; Thomas Wolford, Martlnsburg, $0;
John J. Dlhvorth, Gormanla, $6; Francis
M. DeMoss, Grafton, $G; David G.'
Lee. Sislersvllle, SO.
Increase?William H. Painter, Island
Branch, to $S; Johnson Hugglns, Wa- '
verly, to ?H; Anderson Hard wick. MelIin,
to $8; Oliver J. Flttro, West Mil- ;
ford, to $10; George K. Mallory, dead, j
(restoration), Parkersburg, to $12;
Isaiah Rush, (renewal), Burton, to !
$12; John T. Britt, Wheeling, to $12; \
J. N. Pemberton, Union Bridge, to SS; !
Lewis Alllnger, Wheeling, to $10; Joshua
F.. Davis. Wallace, to $17, and G. W.
Hood, Welch, to $10; Joseph L. Hays, j
Beech Hill, to $10; G. W. Hill. Stevens, ;
to $12; Amos Hyde, Calcutta, to $10; I
John T. Hudson. Rome, to $12; William 1
Prlrin tifnvi-n em- T XXT rri ! '
man, Kenton to $S; David Slaughter, ! (
Rlplsy, to $12. t
Widows?Hannah C. Harris, Grafton, ;
$S. and Margaret J. Mallory, Parkers- 1 \
burg. $.8; Nancy J. "West, Big Otter. 5S. ; i
Dopndents?Minors of John Plants, \
Point Pleasant. S1G.
Additional?Ethan Carpenter, Alton, (
512. <
RETURNED?'The transport Grant,
which was forced to return to the San n
Francisco port Inst night by the ripping
open of the steam pipe which feeds hvr
starboard engine, will probably again 1
start for Nagasaki to-night.
OPPOSITION?Thy report, has boon
received at Skngway that the British
members of the international boundary
survey commission haw met opposition
from the Indians in making th:* survey
and setting their monuments.
QUIT-?-rnlon coal miners In Alabama
about 10,000 In number, quit work Monday,
pending the settlement of the wag*.'
dispute. The old wag- contract expired
yesterday and the miners demanded a ,
pur cent ralao and othvr concisions. I 4
The operators refused this demand and |
car in the spring or summer, when the bl
impurities that have accumulated during tb
:li are more painful and dangerous, come m
the flesh, exhaust the strength' and often f
uul they patiently and uncomplainingly end
sat their health is being benefitted, thiit thcii
uitig it. The Mood is nut too rich or too thirl;
ntire system will suffer. The boil or catbt
nlv wait::.}; for a favorable opportunity to dev
even cancer, i"? the. result of a/neglected
Keep-the bland pure, and it will kee
skin clear of all the iiritiitlng impurities
cause these painful, disfiguring diseases.
{?. S. 8. ceres boils and carbuncles (
cud permanently by reinforcing, pwrlfyin;
ip the blood und ridding the system of all ?c
>. is made of roots and herbs which act direeth
seated, arc soon overcome and driven out by t
S. is not a ucvr, untried remedy, but for
has been curing all kindsof blood and skin
It ljaaciuod thousands, und will cure you. 1
want tonic as v,-ell as blood puriGcr~im- '
c appetite and digestion, builds up your
tnltli and keeps your blood itt otdcr. i
ibysiciann have made blood and r.kiu dis- '
; study?write them fully about your care,
be cheerfully given. wc make no clwirge
?k on Illood and Skin Diseases?free. Addr
j '
Is a proud snd peerless
fecerd, St Is a record of
curep of constant eonquest
over obstinate His
of women; ifis that deal
out despair; suffering
that many women think
is woman's natural heritage;
disorders and displacements
that drive out
I . . " " "" m' " I
I Lydla E. Pinkhanr/s Vegetable Compound j
euros these troubles of
woman, and robs menstruation
of its terrors*
No woman need be without
the safest and surest
advioo, for IVSrse Pen/sham
counsels women free of
charge. Her address is
Lynn, tllassu
*@an any woman afford
to ignore the medicine and
the advice that has cured
a million women ?
Dffered to renew the old contract, which
Is an advance of from 40 to 70 per c?nt 1
i>Ver tho one in-effect prior to July 1.
PREPARING?Sine? the wreck of the
battleship Oregon, shore leave is belnj,'
refused all men on the Iowa, now at
Tacovna. port, and the officers say tlvjy
would not be surprised at any moment
to receive orders to sail for the Orient.
SUBMERGED?The teacrvolr of th?
city water work.' system of Grand
Rapids, burst early yesterday, letting .
loose a deluge of more than 100,000,00'j
gallons of water i*pon a thickly populate:!
district on th.- hlil sidiMmnv.'diately
beneath it. The damage is estimated
at hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Doings.of People in the Brooke County
Hon. S. W. Atkinson, president of the
state board of agriculture and candilate
for state treasurer, was in town
yesterday. He thinks his chances for
lominatlon at Charleston no*t u-opV
ire excellent, under certain contingencies.
His candidacy appeals strongly to
:he farm In'? and soldier classes. Mr.
Vtkinson expects to leave on Saturday
or Charleston.
There will be no public observance of
.he Fourth in "Wellsburg. There will
jc two games of bail between East
Liverpool and Wcllsburg? morning
jame at 10 o'clock and the afternoon
;arne at 3:30. In the evening, Company
?, of the West Virginia National Guard,
vill give a ball at city hall.
The Methodise Episcopal Sunday
ichool lias decided to picnic at Chester,
he new resort on the New Cumberland
xtension of the Pan Handle railroad,
m July 17. The railroad gives a rate of
orty cents for the round trip for two
umdred or more people.
Brooke lodge No. 5, I. O. O. F? last
evening moved Into its new quarters is:
he Union Chapel building. The breth'eri
have.a nicely furnished lodge room
md will probably be calling on their
vivos and sweethearts to help dedicate
There will be no preaching at the
Presbyterian church during the next
our weeks. Rev. C. H. McDonald. th?
lastor, leaves to-day on a vacation at
lis home in West Alexander, Pa. All
>mer services will be held as usua'.
James*A. Russsll, of Pittsburgh, was
lere over Sunday, visiting his brothers,
}. W. and T. A. Russell, and sister,
Urs. Caroline Hays, the latter being
ierlously ill, having suffered a paralytic
The street railway people expect to
lave the road in operation by the latter
>art of this month. The trolley wire is
>elng put up and work is progressing on
lie power house.
The European tourists, Judge Hervey,
Dr. W. K. Cummlngs and the Messrs.
'aimer, left yesterday for New York,
vhence they sail on Wednesday.
The Riverside plant of the National |
Jlass Company closed down on Satur- !
lay last. The notice posted states that
he atop will be for four weeks. ,
'Jatters of Interest in the Mctrbpolia
of Belmont County.
Mayor Freeze htfld quit? a lively ses- ,
lion of his court yesterday. Eight ,
nalcs and females caught In one house,
vere disposed of by assessing sewn of i
hom and costs each and the mad- ,
irrie SL'O and rosts. The Wheeling and
klartln's I'orry aggregation who exhlbted
themselves In a hack Sunday after- ,
loon, were taxed $r? and costs each. ,
Jharlle KittleweU, for stabbing George (
daccabee In the side, was held to court
ii a uunu 01 youu. two or three pin In
oorl is making an extra effort to lree 1
e winter months. I
ost frequently on (he back of the neck
ItOVf Unilc ...... ?.,nr.U.l % ' i
.iiu ?<-fc,mui:u ut mum: 1
uru tlic pain ami inconvenience under <
r blood is too thick anyway, and this is
:. but in lui! o! poiton- -ami ^
mole gives v..?:win? serious internal
clop. Many old }*ote. runnintj ulcer, 1
n..iiy [email protected]&Pij3M!r8G$?Q ,
, and ,
cumulated waste matter.
ou the blood, and nil poisons, no m.iltcr
hin powerful purely vegetable medicine.
cm, Tlio Swift Sneolflc Co., Atlanta. Ga. -
drunks were Iet off lightly amLqrie saloon
keeper who lia/1 hit. a customer
with the back of a fork, .was fined $3
and costs for assalilt and battery.
There Is a great deal of talk about,
the .possibility of a gigantic-'tube wdrks
being located here, as suggested In the
Intelligencer the other day, and the
feeling Is a unit In favor of offering every
encouragement possible. "Whllo
many towns have secured such enterprises
by offering bonuses, free sites
and free taxes for a stipulated humber
of years, Bellalre ofTers unusual advantages
In shipping, easy access to
coal and fair taxation. The manufactories
here have 'always been treated
fairly and equitably and this much, can
be assured to stranuer capitalists who
may look favorably upon this section.
Albert Bahra, whose serious ..accident
at New Castle. Pa., was noted at the
time, about ten days ago, died Sunday,
of his Injuries. The remains were
brought to this city last night and tinfuneral
will take place from his father's
home this afternoon. He \yas a
member' of the local lodge of Knights
of Pythias, and that order held a meet
ing last night to arrange attendance at
the funeral. Al. Bahru was a strong,
hearty young man, well and favorably
known to many of the younger people :
here, who will regret his untimely
death. !
Epworth park Is an attractive spot \
these days, and the cottages are filling
up rapidly. The venerable Jacob Heatherlngton
went out last week*to spend a
day or two, but was so taken with the ^
beauty of the place and the pleasure afforded
that he may stay all season. ,
Quite a number of new faces are there I
this year and more are to go.
Bellalre will be almost depopulated )
to-morrow. Hundreds will go to the 1
fair grounds at St. Clairsvllle. some to
Sistersvllle, some to Carter's orchard,
and others to the Wheeling parks for a
ciulet time of their own.
The postofilce will be open only the
usual holiday hours to-morrow forenoon .
and the curriers will make the usual
first morning trip and collections. J
Squire J. W. Morrcll and wife left
yesterday evening for a short vacation
at Cleveland, whore they have rela- 1
Bellaira firemen will be well renre- i
rented at the tournament at Martin's
Ferry this week, beginning Thursday.
Mr. A. B. Carter, superintendent of
the Natlonnl steel plants In this section.
Is home from New York. I
Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Faris will join the I
Bellalre party on a visit to Thousand 1
Islands and other lake points. !
Everett Baker, wife and son, of Arcadia,
Ind., are the guests of friends
here. i
Mrs. Thomas Boyce, of Gas City, is
the guest of Mrs. C. H. Dankworth.
H. W. Herman and family will go to .
Canton for a two weeks' vacation.
News Notes From the Busy Marshall
County Town. :
One case came up in police court yesterday
morning. The lone offender was
given one and costs on a drunk and
disorderly charge and was given live
days In jail In default of payment.
The five hobos held In custody were
discharged. At last evening's session
two drunks and disorderlies were on
the docket. One was clven $1 and
costs and the other, a man named :
McDonald, was given $10 and costs for
resisting an olJicer. Of the two men 1
charged with selling stolen jewelry
one was discharged and the other
given $1 and costs. j
While Squire Riddle was at Cameron I
looking for' the horse that was stolen \
from his stable Saturday evening, a
telephone message was received from
the "Wheeling police headquarters to ?
the effect that the horse had been
found by the Wheeling police.
Andrew Gales, of the Shifler Bridge
Company, of Pittsburgh, who has
charge of the erection of the structural
Iron work In course of crccllon at the '
Riverside, has returned from Pittsburgh.
-where ho has been visiting for
Lhe past few days.
The regular mbnthly business and
consecration meeting of the Methodist
Episcopal church will be held this ov- i
aning at which arrangements will be f
made for the boat excursion to Steu- v
benvllle on the lfith. ^
All the mules worked in the mines ot ?
the Wheeling St^el & Iron Company
were taken out to nasture yesterday
morning. Some persons say this means
1 long shut-down at the mill.
Earl Newton, Sllke Straughn, George
Ofior and Will Ilublg made up a jolly
llshing party that departed for Martin's
Landing last night. They will be joined ^
by others later in the week.
The Wheeling Hallway Company has
n force of men at work on McMechen
ind Seventh streets, raiding the tracks a
lo a level with the new street paving. 1
The Kmplre Athletic Club gave a ('
largely attended and highly enjoyable v
ilance at the Pabst hall last , evening. 'h
Prof. John Long furnished the music.
The Epworth League held a meeting
at the Methodist Episcopal church lant
evening and transacted business of
considerable Importance.
A heavy iron street roller was at
ivork on Seventh ptr ?et yesterday solid- ~
Ifylng the earth preparatory to the
paving of that street. *
David Dowd. a bricklayer at the coke s
ovens, departed for West Union, Pa.. |
where he will visit his family for a few
lays. i
Ocorgc Fisher, the genial ex-police- !
nan, has accepted a position as bar.endcr
with the Hotel Windsor.
Albert ICearns and Frank Geraghty.
lave gone to Piedmont tn hn tl?n i'in<to
)C relatives for a f?\v days.
The HaUiniore & Ohio Kallroad Com- |
any has a gang ?f nu?n repairing th.j
rosslng at Sehad's.
There Ip some talk of the Riverside? *
esumlng Monday, hut nothing d.ilnlto
ould he 1'jarned. t
John Mealy, out Uogg'H Uun, hud a "
lui; shot yesterday thnt showed signs
if rallies.
Stop that Head Cold in 10 minutos
-or It will develop Into Chronic Catarrh, i
)r. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder stopa ?
old In the head In ten minutes, and ro- >'
leveo most acute and deep seated Ca- i
arrh after one application. Cureu
inlckly and permanently. "1 have used
:r. Agnew's -Catarrhal Powder with ?
)est,results. It Is a great remedy, and *"
never erase recommencing it."?John ,
1. J-'oil, Paulding. O, Sold by Olmrle.n
X. Goetne, Twelfth and Market streets. "
-1U- J.
1 \ "In the fall of 18311 had o severe
1 J wttled in my rij?ht arm anil nhouldei
? to rae and I determined to give it a t!
1 J hpoonfui dosrs daily, diluted in wntc
' j J ' of two davn waa relieved to such nn c
I J left me. l]y continuing the treatmen
1 ) cured and I am gratified to state tba
] 3 trouble. Sincc then I hare frequen
1 J auffering from rheumatism, ncuralgi
1 ? of a aiuglc iuitauce where it failed tc
1 ) June 24,1S59 Missouri Pat
1 \ In !t? wont yaroxyras it i* relieved by
' ' cure (uvuriubty follows lU? prescribe'
? or mornhiue or other danaerou* drug Is
an well ns the best remedy known for I
? Lumbago, Nervous nnd sick Jlenditcl
: Write for a free copy of tho book d<
Cure Impotcncy, Nipbt Emissions, Loss o!
cases, all effects of self-abuse or
j A nerve tonic and blood bt
S'ow t0 Fa'c cheeks and restore
mail 50c. per box, 6 boxes for I
a^-e Kuarantce *? cure or re
SffioNlvN ^cnc**or c'rcular an^c?py?f0UI
rnmih table*
(yellow label)
Positively guaranteed cure for Loss cf Pom
Organs, Paresis, Locomotor Ataxia, Nen
Paralysis and the Results of Excessive Use
in plain package, $!.oo a box, 6 for $5.00
cure in 30 days or refund money paid.
Wlnton and Jackson Streets
i?? n,?tj t-> 1
WU1VI VJ uuasi U. VJUtWi;, X/lUg?lDk;
ng, W. Va.
MHCB aMBBggangg?wa>pB?aBraHagaTO
' ilwsnac v&V'
"a fair face may i
gain." marry a pla;
*3?> 8 ^ G ^
OH A?c Postponed.
0/"% TROS'rMK.. J
Sold by Chris. R. Goetze, Druggist, co j
Atlantic City, N. J.
A new and modern hotel, complete
n cxvptm tliA
Inest Ocean view. Booms eri suite
irith sea water baths attached. Elector
to street level. Palm Boom.
Capacity 400.
Owners and Props.
Manager. jo!6
Atlantic City, N. J.
Virginia Ave.. Ncsr Dcscli aaJ
This elegant new hotel, complete with
11 modern convenience? including elcvnpr.i,
baths, ctc., is offering specially' r.>luceil
rate 'during July of to 512 p r
cook for large, pleasant and cool rooms
nd superior accommodations. Illustrated
ooklet mailed. J. P. COPE. jy2
Atlantic City.
.Maryland Ave., 50 Yards l:rotn Bench.
Pull Ocenn View from wide thre " -story
iorehen. J2 to i.1 per day, 510 to SIS nor
fc?.k, 1. a. kkndiupi:.
11- r t?, a-? i u * c ft /"> o T r~"* /" *
Fop YOUNG LADILS, Roanoko, V a.
Opens f-'cpL lEtli, 1W0. Due of the lending
ohools for Young Indies In thePonth. Marilficent
hutldlut:*. nil nsodrm lnijiroveiEcnu.
['nioptii*ton nous. Ur.v. . u.ountivtii ffcncry In
Vnllfj ol Va , lnn.nl for houltli. European nut
Airencnn traclurs. Full conr?e. Unexcelled
uil>nn?ftRi?iIn Ait, MuMc nml F.locutlon. Mutlcjjt>
!i?tn thirty Stmos. For catnlnRUM address
MATUK i?. IU11111*. I'rcrtrteut. Uoar.aUv \ a.
Vloot de QsasifctiJ
Academy:::::"1"* w^"u
ilSTCKS G! lilt VISITATION', 13. V. M.
ri rrv -ri kst yka u, i sns-ttn,
ol'f.ns \vkdn"f!M> a y, skit. ltt.
C'llmntotlrnlruUlo for ?!oUoi?to ?lr*I?
Ton iumvn Immhii I ("it 11 v Inl?l out. <?oir,
'imiiiIh, . Croqtiot mm otliop nthloilo
uriHVH. K\.-oilon I. euro; rotuioimlHo
lit oh. Ailrirt'M*
lit uukcircss or mom ni mint a acidimy
Nenr Wlicollnsr, NV. Vn?
JL l'rlntlng. An rntlro new line of mm.
leu or llnll Programme*. Tickets and lnItatlnn*
ut nit nrlro* ut tin* iiiteWiienccr
oh Printing Olliu? .
i: o . . -
attack or muscular rheumatism which ) 1
r. T*np*U+e was highly recommended C1
liorouch trial; I took mi or eifht tea- S 1
r, with plenty'of hot water una inside > 1
xtcntthntttjciiaia had almost entirely 5 |
t a abort tlm^loaRfr I was thoroughly 5 1
t there hac been uo recurrence of the S 1
tly recommended Tcnr aline to friends V 1
a, sciatica, etc. nnd 1 hOYe yet to bear $ 1
i curc the disease." $ 1
\Y. F. MAYHEM. \ !
:ific Ry. Co.', Equitable Uldg., St. I.ouls. S 1
a few dosea of Tonaalinel Its complcto j |
1 treatment with Tonpnttne. No opium i
contained In 'J\mgultne. It la the aafeat >
thonmatlnm, (Jout, Neuralgia, Sclutlcu, >
it, LnOrippe, tfprlnic Kovor, otc. J:
r.icrlblug jvngaline and Its carcfc >
*PANY, Ct. touts, Mo. V*. \ I
ooooorooooofiwoogooQOooooi I
m 0 (p Restore Vitality
fif M jjjj fS ^ LU5I *lgUr
I liaEia^P and Wood,..
Memory, all wasting dis- _ ?
' excess and indiscretion.
lilder. Brings the pink PILLS
:s the fire of youth. By .
92.50, with our bank.fund
the money paid.
bankable guarantee bond. '
Immediate Results
. er, Varicocele, Undeveloped or Shrunken
'ous Prostration, Hysteria, Fits, Insanity,
of Tobacco. Opium or Liquor. By mail
with our bankable guarantee bond to
. Address
Market and Twelfth otreets, Wheelttlis&w
ma??nmm?? ? ? 1
fhe Best Books
in the G)untry recognize the
superiority of
- For Game, Steaks, Roasts, Soups,
1 , ond every variety of made dishes,
"0^0/0 is most Invaluable.
J ohm Du*can's Sons, Agents, New York,
i '
The Rent of TCerrous Disrates Is nt base of brain.
Then the nerve cells at this point waste, n terflb'.e
ecline ol the- system occurs. Nervous Debility,
trophy, Varicocele, Hailing Memory.Pain in Hack
lyspcp-sia. Insomnia, Htc., are symptoms of this
Diidition. Neglected, it results in Paresis, CH*
isanity, or Consumption. Palmo Tablets:) IJ li.
ire these ills by renewing the starved
rlls, checking nil drain*; and replacing wcakneso
ith strength and ambition. 50ca box; 11 boxes
;vith iron-clad guarantee) $5.00. Send for Free
\ Market and Twelfth streets. apl4
Real Estate
Title Insurance.
If you purchase or make u loan on real
estate liavo tho title Insured by tho
Wheeling Title & Trust Co,
No. 1305 Market Street.
II. M. RUSSELL '. President
L. F. ST1FEL Secretary.
C. J. HAW LING Vice President
WM. JL THACV Ass't. Secretary
G. R. K. GILCHRIST. .Examiner of THIen
c; A PITAL-S 17 A,OUO.
WILLIAM A. 1SKTT President
MORTIMER POLLOCK....Vice President
J. A. MILLER Cathlce
J. 11. Mr DON A LI) Ass't. Cahttler
Drafts on England, Ireland, France and
William A. Isett, Mortimer Pollock,
J. A. Miller, Robert Simpson,
E. M. Atkinson. C. M. Frisscll.
Julius Pollock. '
11 AN NIB AI. FORBES President
CHAS. LAMB Assistant Cashlee
Allen Brock, Joseph F. Paull,
Chan. Schmidt. . Henry Mlcberson,
Howard Simpson. Hannibal Forbes.
A. J. Clarke.
Interest pal J on special deposits.
Issues drafts on England. Ireland and
Scotland. J. A. JEFFERSON.
rnyll Cashier.
Steam and Hot Water Hen tin jr. High
Grade Plumbing Fixture*. Call and .*co
tho,"l.lnke" Fillers In operations. Plan*.
T<.-.-lfl<vitli<uu nnil i iilmntPH for nnv u'nrl/
iii our lino furnished on application. Prices
mod cm U\ consistent with tim*cla&a work,
anil m tlsf act Ion guaranteed.
\o. t loo nlurkot St.. Wheeling, W. Vft.
Plumbing, Gns and Stoam Fitting.
Penlcr In all pood* pertaining to tho trado,
J0I2 Main Street.
Ttlephone 37. Wheeling, W. Vft.
Practical Plumbors, $-+ $*
Gas and Steam Fitters.
No. "S3 Twelfth Street
Work dono promptly at rcasonublo prlcet.

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