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\ '? Friday, July 13. ||
[ *? >- , - vif
? ' I <&>.'!>
f <fxi/ 1 * < ' >
I m : I
II . it
I Clearance 1
U Q*8a /tf EMBRACES: M
p Y1 ^ FOR LADIES? ?
1 Neckwear jar-*- |
h Lawn Ties* and v?
|| Pnr I Hfiipc Colored and Black and ||
rui LdUlCi White Jabots. |v
|l and Men for men- 1|
ii Friday and . Enc,|sh squares, #
r , , , . Imperials, <?A
Saturday at Four-ln-Hands, jjSi
|g *" Club Ties, $<S"
^ .~J Bat's Wing Ties and
I At Exactly I
$; J Most All This Sea- S|
I One-Half If
|| Former Prices. I:'
| Price..!... ^ i I
II " . wxs- S
I? iul <?$
I - 1
8 i
I V. ' ^
'II C- gaa H
|l *? n
Store Closes at 5 o'clock, Saturdays excepted.
?<;> < *?
|| ."t see tt
i & Pfiff 1154 TO 1160 If
M;4? W?- MAIN ST
.'.'..":r? i
t Jq
[ i 1-4 off.
This means three things: First, every one is this season's
;> style. Second, every one is an exclusive pattern, of our
own. Third, there Sire no hold backs, every one will be
I sold. "
P-ii*a cnlc 0hly about flft>' left of this mason's
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"t" one-haf price.
new Line of short skirts,
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j Water FiSterSo
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price that all can use them.
J. N. VANOK ....I'roMilont. rtLI J,. IS. SANI}S..._ Cashier.
JOHN FltKW -Vlco President. ?"? IV. JJ. HtVJNi: jfint'l. Cunlilcr.
The National Exchange Bank
t&o.oob1: Of Wheeling. ggg/m
J. N". Vanco, John WutorUouwo, Dp. John L. l)lcko>
John Frew, William F.lllnuhum, W. 15. Stone,
U. E. fitlfol, J. M. IJrown, "NV. II. Frank.
BusIrcsb entrusted to our care will rccelve prompt and careful altcntloft
8oawtlacanoo3otr?lUWe, monthly, rajnUtlnc mmllelno. Only hnrmlcaj Ifld
fjfiA Lha purMtdragtohoald be utoU. If you \rnnt tho lx?si, not
<8^^ Dp. PeaS's PemiswcowaE PSIla
J-: *\ Tboy nro prompt, ba^? ami curtain in rrpult,
r V m ^v^Tfioi:?nulno(Dr. l'eol'ajncrcrdljiippolnt. Boldfor.Jl.OOpcrbox.
Sold liy Cli??. K. Qoctaa, Druggist, cor. Market nnil Twelfth otreots. a;14
To Eeliove Themselves of tho Responsibility
for the Present Situation
of Their Government.
Is "On to Pekin" for the Protection
of American Interests ? Wu's
Document Subject of Concern.
to Pekin," Is the policy adopted by our
government. -It Is said that regard lea j
of the Issues raised as to the authenticity
of the last Chinese note, or the
ficonrru'v nf lt? statement of fact or the
question as to tlie responsibility for thr
present situation our government at
least is determined not to relax its efforts
to reach .Pekln, to get in touch
with Mr. Conger, if he Js alive, to take
the necessary steps for the protection
of American interests, and In tact to do
all those things set out In Secretary
Hay's note to the powers, including a
reckoning with the person or persons
responsible for the outrageous events
of the past six weeks.
TXVenty-four hours consideration of
the Chinese note leaves the otllclals
here convinced'that it marks the beginning
of a general effort on the part
of the Chinese officials to relieve themselves
from responsibility for the treatment
of the foreign ministers and the
fighting at Tien Tsln. That In Itself Is
regarded as a hopeful sign of the approaching
collapse or the "boxer"
movement and the termination of th?*
state of Insurrection that exists In P:;
kin and Shan Tung. Victors do not
apologize; hence the exculpatory statement
yesterday is believed to be pregnant
with meaning.
Good Impression Will be Offset.
The good Impression made by the
edict of the Chinese government given
out by Minister \Vu yesterday, threatens
to be offset to some extent to-day,
by the reports from London stating
that Prince Tuan was the real author of
this edict and that some of Its ino?-t
forcible anti-foreign language was
omitted from the version given out
here. But at the Chinese legation these
intimations from London are dismisse-3
as groundless. The dispatch was received
here in Chinese that is, in the
numerals by which the Chines* government
transmits its official eoue messages.
This In itself, it is said, indicates
that it came with the sanction of
those In imperial authority as the official
code Is not known outside of this
limited circuit. The translations will
be required first, from the numerals to
the Chinese and second, from the Chinese
to the English. . These translations
were made by the members of the
legation staff here,' so that the ultimate
text as made publ'c contained the
phraseology adopted by the officials in
this city. In making their translation
they say they adhered literally to the
telegraphic edict, so that the published
text contains everything embraced ,'n
the original.
Does Not Sign His Name.
When the emperor, ICwang Hsu Issues
an edict, ho does not alirn his name.'I
but his acta are authenticated with the
seal, which in this case could not be
cabled, so that the document was authenticated
as coming from the privy
council, the highest body of dignitaries
in China and the one most closely associated
with the imperial household.
Following an invariable custom in time
of disorder, the war ofl'.ce at Pekln was
entrusted with furnishing the runners
to carry the message to the imperial
treasurer of Chill, who In turn, got it to
Shanghai. From that point it was sent
direct to the various ministers the
world over, coming to Washington direct,
Instead of by the usual route of
London. Under the foregoing circumstances,
the Chinese oflleials regard it
as established beyond the slightest
question that the edict Is a bona-flde
expression from the Imperial government
of China and moreover that it Is
complete as given out here without the
anti-foreign addenda sought to be pu
Into it In other quarters.
Of Silence Enshrouds Pekin?Number
of Snanglial Rumors?Allies
Sold to Havo Been Defeated.
LONDON, July 13, 4:10 a. in.?A terrible
veil of silence enshrouds Pekln
and there Is nobody but believes the
worst has happened. It Is taken for
granted that all the powers have exhausted
everv means to iret dlroct nnww
from their legntlons and the fact that
their efforts have been In vain, leaves
but one Interpretation.
The Chinese representatives In Berlin
denies the statement that LI Hung
Chang had sent to him a hopeful telegram.
lie says that, on the contrary,
no direct telegram has been received
by him from LI Ilung Chang for some
time past.
The day's news Is again restricted to
the usual crop of untrustworthy Slmnghnl
rumors, the most serious of wh'oh.
reported by the correspondent of the
Express Is to the effect that Europeans
arc directing the Chinese* mllltnry operations.
The correspondent asserts that
Captain Bailey, of II. M S. Au?ora, distinctly
saw n man In European garb dl
reeling the Chinese artillery operations
outside of Tien Tsln.
European Parties to tho Plot.
Foreign refugees from Tien Tsln
openly accuse a European ofllcial whoso
name the Express correspondent suppress^,
and Colonel Von Hanncken,
who wns formerly employed to drill tho
Chinese troops, of being parties to a
plot to procure the escape of General
Chang and themselves from Tien
Tsln before tho bombardment, leaving
the other foreigners to their fate.
Htatoments are In circulation In
Shiitmhal accusing the Hussians of Indiscriminate
Hlaughter of friendly Chlncso
non-combatants, without regard to
ajje or sex. Tho manngor of a Chinese
steamship company who has arrived In
Shanghai, asserts that h2 only escaped
from Tien Tsln by cutting off hla queue
and donning European clothes.. It is
stated that the Taotai of Shanghai protested
to the powers, against theso
Russian slaughters.
Allies Said to Have Been Defeated.
It is asserted thaV. the Buddhist
priests throughout the empire' a.e
propogatlng Prince Tuun's untl-forelgn
News Is circulating throughout thi
Yang Tf?a valley that General Ma Ires
Inflicted a crushing defeat upon the allies
at Tien Tsln and that the foreign
army has been cut to pieces east of P-kln.
The actual Importance for the
moment of the allied forces naturally
give color to these stories w.th the
worst results.
The Shanghai correspondent of the
Express gives Tien Tsln advices to July
8, when the superior r^rge of the Japanese
artillery enabled them to relieve
the Russluns, who were hard pressed a:
Try station.
Bodies of Foreignera and Imperial
Troops?Princo Tuan Celebrated.
LONDON. July 13.?'The Shanghai
correspondent of the Dally News says
tue louowing siory regarding mu positlon
In Pekln erriunates from Chlnc-su
official sources:
"The two remaining legations, the
British and Russian, were attacked \v
force on the evening of July G, Prince
Tuan being In command. The attack.ers
were divided. Prince Tuan commanded
the center, the right wing was
led by Prince Tsal Yin and the left by
Prince Yin Liu. The reserves were ui.der
Prince Tsln Yu.
."The attack commenced with artillery
fighting, which was severe and lasted
until 7 o'clock In the morning, by which
time both legations were destroyed and
all the foreigners were dead, while the
streets around the legations were full of
the dead bodies of both the foreigners
and Chinese. ""
"Upon hearing of th.? attack Prince
Chlng and General Wang Wen Shao
went with troops to the assistance of
the foreigners, but they were outnumbered
and defeated. Both Prince Ch?ng
and General Wang Wen Shao were
"Two foreigners are said to have escaped
through the gates, one with ,a
heavy sword wound In his head.
"Prince Tuan, in celebration of th?
victory, distributed 100,000 taels and
huge quantities of rice to the boxers."
Events in and About the City Given
in p. Nutshell.
The Wheeling, delegates will arrive
here from Charleston to-day.
One Cletus Houser's famous saying
regarding politics still holds good.
The Seventh Day Adventlsts have
pltphed a tent in the Eighth ward, anfi
are holding religious services there every
The Kenmore Club will dance at Mozart
Park on the l!3rd Instant. Prof.
Killniyer will furnish the melodic Inspiration
for dancing.
The Pleasant Valley Social Club gave
its weekly hop at Pleasant Valley Park
last night. A large crowd of young
people were in attendance.
A large crowd gathered .at the corner
of Fnrty*thlrd and-Market streets last
evening to hear the Rev. John McCue
discourse on the topic, "Jesus."
A movemont was started last evening
looking to the holding of a grand Republican
ratification meeting, and next
week the national and state tickets will
be ratllled In a rousing demonstration.
The interior of the Eighth ward hose
house is receiving Its annual cleaning.
The ceilings are being white-washed,
the walls re-papered and the whole
plhce Is receiving a general cleaning.
It has come at lastl A real, genuine
automobile was seen meandering
through the streets last evening, piloted
by Mr. Hal Speldcl. Now that the
lo hrnl-on It iu lllrolv thit ntVw.rc
will bo aeon In the city before long.
Franz Selbert, a resident of Twentythird
street, has entered suit against
the cltv for $3,500 damages, which ho
alleges was done to his property by the
change of grade In front of his place.
His residence, being now below the
level of the street, every little rain
causes his home to become flooded, and
besides being a great Inconvenience It
Is ruining Ills property. i
A meeting of the old Republican SixFooter
Club will be helfT at the police
court room next Monday evening, for
the purpose of reorganizing for the
coming campaign. All believers, in
sound money, expansion and prosperity
j living In Ohio county are invited to be
present. The club Inst campaign was
one of the most famous In the state,
and It Is the intention to malce It larger
and better this year. ^
I HAVE Just returned from Franklin,
Ivy., where I spent a year as professor
of principles and practice In the
Southern School of Osteopathy, and
would be glad to see my former
I friends and nil who are Interested In
C. M. CASE. M. D. D. O.,
TrI-State Osteopathic Institute, corner
of Tenth and Main streets.
furnished for laying out private
grounds. Reid's Nurseries, Tel.
58, Bridgeport, Ohio. mwf
UICKERTON?At the residence of her
Kon-ln-lnw. John Ilnley. LIokks' Run,
on Thnrndny. July 12. 190). nt H n. in..
74 th year.
Funeral imllri' horoaftor.
Louis Bertschy,
1117 Main St.?Went SIilc*.
Colin by Telephone Answered Day or
Night. 3toro Telephone C33. Residence,
5CC. A^ylyt'-iufH Telephone. 693.
Open Dny find Nltfhl.
Corner Thirty-sixth nnd Jnroh ' Rtrcets.
TclcphnnoH; Btoro. 1712; ltcnldence, 1735.
BKUBUiiiK r FxniAr Dlr?tor?
o J una l;mhiilmcrs.
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In Town?
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of prico, 25 CENTS A BOX, pi
Preparedoniy byJHO. G. McLA
Soing and Coming of Wheeling
People and Visitors.
R. B. Wick, of Bellngton, is at the
C. H. McDonald, of Wellsburg, is at
the Stamm.
Carl Jnrvls, of Weston, is at the
Park Hotel.
M. Campbell anci wife, of Sistersville,
are in the city.
O. Cook, of Cameron, is reglsterd at
the Grand Central.
F. A. Chapman, of Wellsburg, is autographed
at the McLurc.
Miss C. Parkinson, of Moundsville,
was in the city yesterday..
J. T. Hervey, of New Martinsville, is
registered at the Windsor.
M. S. Bush, of Auburn, is a state arrival
at the Grand Central.
Thomas V. Bradley, of Sistersville,
is a state arrival at the Windsor.
Miss Rena Elliot, of New Martinsville,
is visiting'relatives in the city.W.
B. Hauer and wife, of Sistersville,
are calling on friends inrtho city.i
William H. Nave and wife,'of Bethany,
were calling 011 friends in the city
Col. W. H. Nave and wife and Mrs.
jane Dawson, 01 x&euuiuy, \v??
tors in the city yesterday.
Mrs. Otto Pell and family, of the Island,
leave to-day for a two weeks'
visit with SlstersvMe friends.
- Percy Callahan, Frank Hervey and
Dr. Ed Arbaugh will leave to-day on a
two weeks' tour of the lakes.
Dan Brannen, the well known grocer,
of the South Side, lias gone to Atlantic
City on a ten days' vacation.
Miss Bessie Caldwell and party departed
for Atlantic City last evening,
to spend two weeks at that resort.
Mrs. Garden, one of thp. assistant librarians
at the public library. Is enJoying
her vacation at Atlantic City.
R. L. Martin, James W. Crawford
and Van A. Shafer were the Parkersburg
arrivals at the McLure yesterday. I
Andrew Hablg has returned to his !
home, at Sebrlng, Ohio, after a very j
pit'iloilill ?u*> ?>11U luitiuvca uuu iwcuua
in the city.
John W. Wilson, of the East End, la
able to be at work again, after an enforced
Idleness of two weeks with a
badly swollen leg.
Will Bartels, of Illcks & Hoge's
clerical force, left for Cincinnati yes*
tcrdny morning, where he will spend a
week with friends.
Misses Nellie Ellsworth, a former resident
fo the South Side, but now of
Toledo. Ohio, Is calling on relatives ;
and friends In the city.
Fred Danvers, formerly of this city, j
but who Is now a commercial traveller J
In the west. Is on a ten days' visit to
hJs home, on Sixteenth street.
Misses Florence and Lulu Sweeney,
daughters of Mrs. J. F. Sweeney, of
Elm Grove, have returned home, after
a delightful month's visit with friends
at Washington, Pa.
Among the state arrivals at the
Grand Central yesterday were W. F.
Brown, of Brownsville; William Moore,
of Bethany: P. F. Wlllard, of Cameron,
and William C. Dawson, of Bethany.
Among the Wheeling people depart-.
II ?tt im.vn.u.i.iuu OU IIIU wucun L.liy
yesterday were Mrs. John S. Welty,
Mrs. John J. Hoffman, Mr. and Mrs.
Jones, Miss Bessie Welty and Miss Mabls.
George Bowers, of the office force of
the Wheeling Pottery Company, Is able
to he back at work again, after a few
days' Idleness on account of his foot,
which had ben mashed while at work
In the shipping room a few days ago.
Hev. C. W. Bent, wife and daughter,
of Benwood, left yesterday, morning on
the Queen City for Parkersburg, en
route to Gilmer county, on a two weeks'
vacation. Hev. James Price and Jo soph
Mnhood will occupy the pulpit
Dr. W. W. Monroe and Editor E. E.
Smith, of the West'Virginian, of Parkersburg,
were-here last night. Dr.
Monroe was on his way home from Canton,
where he represented West Virginia
yesterday ns a member of the
committee to formally notify President
McKltdey of his nomination.
WHEELING PARK Sunday afternoon.
Mnasillon Military Band and
Froncclli and Lewis, Operatic Songs,
Evening. Opora House Band and
Frcncclli and Lewis
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Tho largest assortment in tho city,
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Simi & THPM-AS.
Fop YOUNG LADIES, Roanoke, Va.
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Schools fur Young ladles In the South. Magnificent
building*, all modern improvements.
Cnmj>u*ten aert*. firnr } mountain fcenciyln
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Amencnn teacher*. 1- nil course. Unexcelled
advantage* in .\it, Miifle nnd Elocution. Student*
fioin thirty Simc*. torciunloyucs addrcts
MATT1E l\ HAKHlS, Preiddctt. Roavoko.Ya.'
Mont de Chajsta!
IX Till? Cll ARG1? or Till?
QlQTruc nr nir vicu itiom u m *
FIFTY -I'JltST YKAlt, J t*lhS-00?
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