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President Sounds tho Keynote in His
Speech at Canton.
The Matchless Leader of the Republicans
Reviews the History of
tho Party, and Modestly Promises
Many Achievements in tho Future.
Discusses All the Phases of Politics.
CANTON, July 12.-Tn implying to tin
. speech of Hon. Henry Cabot Lodgv,
notifying him that ha hail bfitn nom-1
lnated by the Republican party at Philadelphia
for President, Major MeKloloy
Senator 'Lodge and Gentlemen of the
Notlllcatlon Committee:
"The message which you<brlng to me
1b one of signal honor. It la also a
summons to duty. A single nomination
for the ofllce of President by a great
party, which In thirty-two years out of
forty has been triumphant at national
elections, Is a distinction which I giatefuily
cherish. To receive unanimous renomlnatlon
by the same*party Is an
expression of regard and a pledge of
conunueu commence ior wnicn 11 is ?uflcult
to make adequate acknowledgement.
If anything exceeds the honors of the
office of President of the United States
It Is the-responsibility which attaches
to It. Having been Invested with both
I do not underappralse either. Any
one who has borne the anxieties and
burdens of the presidential unjee, especially
In time of national trouble, can
not contemplate assuming it a second
time without profoundly realizing the
severe exactions and the solemn obll
gatlons which It Imposes, and This foaling
Is accentuated by the momentous
problems which now press for settlement.
If my countrymen shall confirm
the action of the convention at
our national election In November I
shall, craving Divine guidance, undertake
the exalted, trust, If accepting It is
for the Interest and honor of the country
and the wall being of the new peoples
who have bc-oome tha objects of
our care; The declaration of principles .
adopted by the convention has my
hearty approval. At some fulure datu
I will consider Its subjects In detail and
will by letter communicate to your
chairman a more formal acceptance of
the nomination.
A Party to ho Trusted.
"On a like occasion four years ngo I
said: "The party that supplied by legislation
the vast revenues for ihe conduct
of our greatest war. that promptly
restored the crcdit o' the country at
its close; that from its abundant revenues
paid off a largo share of the di;bt
Incurred by this war, and that resumei
specie payments and placed oar pap?r
currency upon a sound and tnduring
bails, can be safely trusted to preserve
both our crcdit and currency, with honor,
stability and inviolability. The
American people hold the financial
honor of our country as Facre?' as the
Hag. and can be relied upon to guard
it with the same sleepless vigilance.
Thev hold its oreservation nbuv> narts*
fealty, and have often demonstrated
that party ties avail nothing when thy
spotless credit "cf our country is threatened.
"The dollar paid to the fanner, the
wage earner and the pensioner must ;
continue forever equal in purchasing
and debt-paying power to the dollar
paid to any government creditor.
"Our industrial supremacy, our productive
capacity, our busings and
commercial prosperity, our labor and
Its rewards, our national credit and
currency, our proud financial lienor and
our splendid free citizenship, the birthright
of every American, nro all involved
In the pending campaign, and
thus every home In the land Is directly
and intimately Interested with their
proper settlement.
' Our domestic trauc must bo won
back and our Idle working people employed
in gainful occupations at American
wages. Our homo market must bo
restored to its proud rank of first In
th6 world, and our foreign trade, so
precipitately cut off by adverse national
legislation, reopeped '?n f:ilr aiu? equitable
terms for our surplus agricultural
and manufacturing products.
Public Confidence Must be Resumed.
"Public confidence mu3t by resumed,
and the skill, energy and th" capital
Tmr W
tWomen suffering
from female
troubles and
^rom irreKular
or men?
^)T??SC5, 0UK^t not
se ^?PC ^
?>v. f Joldoctors cannot
ti. ^ * A EJhelpthem.PhyAJ
A sicinns are so
\ kus*'with other
d iseasc s that
/ not un"
/ VA/m derstand fully
la the peculiar ail'
? ments and.the
. -r
ucucaw organism or woman, vvnat
the sufferer ought to do is to givo
a fair trial to
FomaBa Regulator
which is the true cure provided 1
by Nat pre for nil female troubles. It
is the formula of a physician of the
highest standing, who devoted his
whole life to the study of the distinct
ailments peculiar to our moth- j
ers, wives and daughters. It is made
of soothing, healing, strengthening
herbs and vegetables, which have
been provided by a kindly Nature to
cure irregularity in the menses, Leucorrhcen,
Falling of the Womb, Nerv- 1
ousness, Headache and Backache. ,
In fairness to herself and to BradHeld's
Female Keuutntor, every
suffering woman ought to give it a
trial. A large $1 bottle will do a
wonderful amount of good. Sold by
fnr? filcsty HliMtrttfd frr? Iwtok no ih? piilject.
aMpillraflflclil Regulator Co,, Atlanta. Ga.
of our country And ample employment
at homo. The government of the
United States must raise money to
meet both Its current expenses and increasing
needs. Its revenue uhould be
bo'revised as to protect the material Interests
of our people, with the lightest
pOESlble drain upon their resources,
and maintaining that high standard
of civilization which has distinguished \
our country for more than a century :
of. Its existence.
"The national credit, which has thus
far fortunately resisted every assault ,
upon It, mu3t and will b^ upheld and
strengthened. If sufficient resources are
provided for the support of the guv- .
ernment there will be no necessity. tor ,
borrowing money and increasing the '
public debt."
"Three and one-half years of legislation
and administration hnve been concluded
since these worrlb wei'e spoker.
Have those to whom was confided the
dedication of the government kept their
pledges? The record is made up. The
people are not unfamiliar wlt'.i what
has been accomplished. The gold rtaudard
has been reaffirmed and Mrengthened.
The endless chain has been broken
and the drain upor. our gold reserve
no longer frets us. Th? credit of
the country has born ndvaiivcC to the
hllthpftl ntnrr. jimnn? nnnlit tta TV.>
tiro refunding our bonded debt bearing
a, 4 and 5 per cent Interest, at 2 pjjr
cent, a lower rate than that of any
otl\er country and already more than
three hundred millions havo been so
funded with a gain to the government
of many millions of dollars. Instead of
16 to 1, for which our opponents contended
four years ago, legislation has
been enacted which, while utiJzlng uJJ
forms of our money, secures one fixed
value for evcr^ dollar ar d that the best
known to the civilized '\orld.
Tariff That Protects American Labor.
"A tariff which protects American labor
and industry and provides ample
revenues has been written In public
law. We have lower interest and high- ;
or wages; more money and fewer mortgages.
The world's markets have been I
opened to American products, which go !
now whert they have never gone bofore.
We have passed from a bond-Is- '
suing to a bond-paying nation; from J
a nation of borrowers to a nation of <
lenders; from a deficiency in revenue <
to a surplus; from fen* to confident-;".; J
from enforced Idleness to prolitablo 1
employment. The public faith has beyn 1
upheld; public order bus been main- I
talned. We have prosperity at home <
and prestige abroad. Unfortunately, I
ilo-nxi tcni- i- ? ?- - :
me uhcui ul joju uu? juai, uecu r?nuw
ed by the allied parties without abate- I
ment or modification. The goid.blll has <
beeii denounced and its r-epeal demand- i
ed. The menace of .16 to 1, therefore., i
still hangs over us with all Its dire cor. 1
sequences to credit and confidence: to J
business and Industry. The enemies ct 1
sound currency are rallying their seal- '
tcred forces. The per pie must once "
more unite and overcome the advocates \
of repudiation and must not relax their I
energy until the battle for publ'c honor 1
and honest money shall again triumph. '
"A Congress which will sustain and if s
need be. strengthen the present law. '
can prevent a financial catastrophe J
which every lover of tlie republic is In- i
terested to avert. '
"Not satisfied with assaulting th?? cur- I
rency and credit of the government, our f
political adversaries condemn the tar- *
lit law enacted at the extra session cf {
Congress in 1EU7, known as the Dlngley 1
act, passed In obedience to the will of <
the people expressed at the election in <
the preceding November, a law which <
at once stimulated our industties, open- I
ed the Idle factories and mines and >
gave to thii laborer and to the farmer '
rair returns tor their toil aril Invest* *
ment. Shall wo go back to a (ar;ff i
which brings deflclenc} in our rove- 1
nues and destruction to our Industrial
Always Faithful to Its Pledges.
"Faithful to Its pledges in these Inter-, j
nal affairs, how has the government j
discharged lis Internatl ?nal duties?
"Our platform of 1896 declined: 'The ]
Hawaiian Islands should be controlled ,
by the United States and no foreign j
power should be permitted to Interfetc (
with them.' This purpose has been
fully accomplished by annexation, and j
delegates from those beautiful Islands {
participated In the convention for which '
you speak to-day. In the great conference
of nations at The Hague, we re- <
afllrmed before the weld the Monroe t
doctrine and our adherence to It and 1
our determination not to participate In (
the complications of Europe. We have
happily ended the European alliance in <
Samoa, securing to ourselves one of thr. i
most valuable harbors in the Paolllc
ocean, while the open door in China ]
Elves to us fair and equal competition r
In the vast trade of the Orient. Some (
things have happened which were not
promised, nor even foreseen, and our l
purposes In relation to ihem must not '
be left In doubt. A Just war has bnrn r
waged for humanity and with It have
come new problems am', rcsponslbllit- \
Ics. Spain has been ejected from the i
western hemisphere ntitl our Hag* floats i
over her former territory. Cuba has
been liberated and our guarantees to
her people will be sacredly executed. A
beneficent government has been provided
for Porto Hleo. The Philippines
are ours and American authority must
be supreme throughout the nronlpelugo. (
There will be amnesty broad and lib- ?
cral, but no abatement of our rights, '
no abandonment of our duty. The./, !
must be no scuttle policy. We will ful. '
fill in the Philippines the obligations f
ImpoHed by ths triumphs of our arms ,
and by the treaty of pcncc; by Interna- .<
tlonal law, by the nation's seiwe of hon- 1
or and more than all. by the rights, In- ^
terests and condition of the Philippine |
people themselves.' ' i
Peace Not Blocked hv Outsiders.
"No nutafdc Interference blocks tf'ie L
way to p.:ace, and a xtuHe government. j
The obHtructlonlHtfl are hero, not else- i
whore. They inny poH'pone, but ther 1
rnnnot dcreat the realization of the "
high ptiriioirc of thin ttitlon to mrto'C T
order to the iHlands and to cRUbllHh a n
JnHt and gencrotiH government. in which
the InhabltantH Hint 11 have thr. Iarg?rt 1
participation for which they, are capa
bb. The organized forces Which have
been mlnl<Ml Into rebellion have been
illBpemed by our faithful floldlera a*.J jj
Hallorn and the people of the inlandfl. t
delivered from anarchy, pillage and op- f
prcsslon, rceognlzu American nover- J
tZ a day
Swift and Company's sales for the 312
working days of 1899 averaged over a
half million dollars a day.
Why buy unknown goods when the
name of Swift guarantees reliability
| and highest quality in every Iiam, piece
of Bacon, or pail of Lard, bearing the
brand of Swift?
Swift and Company
Chicago Kama* City Omaha
J St. Loui* St Joseph St Taul
Wheeling Branch, 50-54 Sixteenth 8treet
elgnty as the symbol, und pledge. cf
peace, Justice, law, religious freedom,
education, the security of life nnfl'property,
and the welfare and prosperity
of their several communities.
"We reassert the early principles of
the Republican party, sustained byutTbroken
judicial precedents, that Aho
represane.ttlvcs of the people in Con
Kress assembled,'have full legislative
power over territory belonging to the
United States subject to the fundamental
safeguards of liberty, jus4Ice and
personal rights, and arc- vested with
ample authority to act 'lor the highest
interests of our nation and the people
entrusted to its carp.' This doctrine,
ilrst proclaimed in the cause of freedom,
will never bo used as a weapon
for oppression. I am glad to be arsured
by you that what we have done In the
Far East has the approval of the country.
Grave Consideration, in China.
"Thesudden and terrible crisis in China
calls for the gravest consideration
and you will not expect from mo now
my further expression than to say thai
my best efforts shall he given to the
Immediate purpose, of "protecting the
lives o$ our citizens who arc In pen',
with the object of the peace and
welfare of China, the rafeguarding o'
ill treaty rights and the maintenance
Df those principles of impartial intercourse
to which the civilized world is
pledged. I cannot conclude without
congratulating my countrymen upon
the strong national sentiment whlcu
finds expression in every part of our
jommoii country and tVc increased approval
with which the American name
Is greeted throughout the world. We
have been moving in untried paths; but
Dur stops have been gutded by honor
md duty. There will be nc turning
.,U ... v_4i.it,, 111' IVUUUl. itj
|>loW has been struck except for liberty
mil humanity and non .- will be. Wwill
perform without fear overy national
and international obligation. The
Republican party was dedicated to
freedom, forty-four years ago It lips;
jeen tha party of liberty ami emancipation
from that hour; not of profession,
but of performance. It broke the
shackles of, 4,000,000 slaves and made
Lhcm free, and'to the party of Lincoln
tas come another supreme opportunity,
.vhich it has bravely mot, in the liberation
of 10,000,000. of the human faxnPy
from t^.ypkft.jOf .lmft:j$iu\l?j9}1_,.lln it-?
solution of-'great problems, .in its p.sr'ormancc
of high duties It'hay had the
mpport' of inemberfl of all partus in the
;mst and'Confidently invokes their 'cojperation
in the future. Permit me to
press, Mr. Chairman, my most sincere
appreciation of the complimentnrj'
erms in wlilch you convey the official
lotlce of my nomination and my thanks
to the members of the committee an I
he great constituency which they represent
for this additional evidence of >
heir favor and support.
Postmasters Appointed.
?pcclnl Dirpatch to tiio lntelllcenccr.
Washington, d. c., july i?.-tii??'
following postmasters have been comTilfiaiohed
in "West Virginia:
Ina P. Williamson, Congo; John N.
Sorinett, Dovener, Lewis county, (new
jlllce); Frank J. Watson, Proctor, and
Toseph A. Pickens, Ash. Mason county,
now office).
An order lias been Issued, dlscontlnung
the star service on route 16,484,
?ancho to Mlddlebourne, West Virginia,
rills order tnkes effect July 14, 1900.
The postoHlc'e department 1ms order d
the establishment of mall messenger
iet;vloe to Sprlnghlll, Ktinuwlui county.
IVcnt Virginia, from the Chesapeake &
Dhlo railroad.
The following change? have been orlered
in the star schedule on routes In
iVest Virginia:
Route 16,SOT, Iacger to Avondale, leave !
Jaeger hereafter dally cxcept Sunday,
it 10 a. m., and returning leave Avon- 1
lale at 12:4f? p. m.
Route 16,808, Peeryvllle to Avondale;
eayo Peeryvllle hereafter Tuesday,
rhurstlay and Saturday, at 8 i. m., and
eturnlng, leave Avnndnla at 1 p. m.
Route 16,790, Ilecla to Launa; liereiftor
leave Ilecla Mon'ia.v, Wedneday
md Friday at 6:30 a. m.t and returning
cave Launa at 7:40 a. m. <
Read What Wheeling; Citizens Say.
Get down lo the facts of the matter.
Don't take a stranger's word, it Is (
jnsler to prove the truthfulness of i
tatements made by citizens of Wheelng
than endorsements coming from .
mmo far away place. Read the folowlng:
Mrs. Robert Llebcrt, of No. 17i? Four- 1
oenth street, says: "With the exccplon
of kidney trouble I wus always
nroni; unu iienuny until pain in my | '
olns, back und lirnd prevented me from >
lolng anything l?y day or resting well at I '
light. 1 was obliged to sleep with my '
lands on my bade. It hurt me no. I used ;
llfTercnt remedies and plasters, but i
!vi:n the latter In lime fnll-il to afford J
my relief. I saw Doan's Kidney Pills ;
tdvortlsed and came to the conclusion |
hey would help me, so 1 got a box at the I
iOgati Drug Company's store and took
hem. I was not dlsapoplnteil.' us ,thcy
Velped me right, away und I felt better (
ind stronger than for years." ,
For sale by all dcalorc. Price fiO cents, ,
fOHter-Mllburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y? sole .
igentH for the United States.
Uemcitvbcr 'the name?Doan's?and
ftke 110 other. J
"""" If Ha by lo Cutting Teeth i
jo r.urc and ugo that old and well-tried ^
eme.ly. Mib. Wlnslow's Soothing
iyrui), for children teething. It soothes
he child, softens the gum, allays all '
uln, cures wind colic and Is the best j
eniedy for diarrhoea. Twonty-ilvo
cut* a hnftlc. mwfif I
-v V; i i;
Some Statesmen "Who Have Occupied
That Position in Earlier Years.
The flrst Republican national convention
met in Philadelphia In 1S5G, on July
17, and was called to order by Edwin
D. Morgan, of New York, nfterward
governor, the permanent chairman oi'
the convention being Henry S. Lar.e,
of Indiana, United States senator.
Among the platform of principles adopted
wan this: The Constitution confers
on Congress sovereign power over the
territories of the United States for
their government.
The Republican national convention
of 1SG0 was held Jn Chicago, and was
presided over a? temporary chairman
by David Wilmot, of Pennsylvania, the
author of the "Wilmot Proviso," a part
of the bill presented by him in CongrcfS
putting the S'J,000,000 at the disposal of
the President to enable him to make a
treaty with Mexico, then at war with
the United States, and providing for the
exclusion of slavery from the territory
annexed by the Mexican treaty. The
permanent chairman was George Ashimm,
of Massachusetts. The extension
of American sovereignty was not opposed
by any one In that convention, the
first held by the Republican at which a
successful ticket was nominated.
The Republican national convention
of 3SG4 was held In Baltimore. It wa3
nresldod ovor hv Wllllnm Dmilnr.n fnr;
nicr governor of Ohio, and afterward
poBtmaster-Bcnerul In the cabinet of
President Lincoln: One week before
the meeting of the convention Sheridcn
captured Cold Harbor: one week after
the convention Grant crossed the James
The Republican national convention
of 2SGS was held In Chicago, and was
presided over by General, now Senator
Joseph It. Hawley, of Conneclcut. There
wan one ballot for President and five
for Vice President. Senator Hawley
was ihe second New England man to
preside at a Republican national convention.
The Republican national convention
of 1S72, the second to be held In that
city; was held in Philadelphia on June
fi. The temporary presiding olllcer wai
.Morton McMichael, of Philadelphia, and
the permanent chairman Thomas Set- :
tie. of North Carolina.
The Republican national convention !
of 2X76 was held in Cincinnati, and was t
presided over by Edward McPheraon, of
The Republican national convention
of 1880, one of the most sensationally
exciting in the bfwfory of American politics,
was presided over by George F.
Hoar, of Massachusetts. He was both
temporary and permanent chairman.
The convention was held in Chicago.
The Republican national convention ,
of 1SS4 was presided over by John B.
Henderson, of Missouri, and the platform
of principles adopted was submitted
to the delegates by,the chairman ,
of the committee on resolutions, William
McKinley. Chicago was the ,
place. i
The Republican national convention 1
of 1SSS, like the two preceding, was held <
in Chicago, and was presided over by
two chairmen from west of the Missis- <
sippi, John M. Thurston, of Nebraska, "
being the temporary chairman, and M.
M. Estee, of California, the permanent
chairman. s
The Republican national convention
of 1S92 was held in Minneapolis, and
was the first convention held by the Republicans
in a city not of the first population.
The chairman of this convcn- >
Hon was "William McKinley. of Ohio. |
The Republican national convention J'
of 1S01 was held In St. Louis, In June. ?
C. "\V. Fairbanks, of Indiana, was the
temporary chairman, and John M.
Thurston, of Nebraska, the permanent
chairman. Roth are United States
Pensions Granted. j
Special Dlspatcn io the Intelligencer. \
"WASHINGTON. D. C. July 12.?Pen- C
islons have been granted to West Virginia
applicants as follows: ^
Original?Charles H. Patterson, Fori<3
of Capon, $8; Josiah S. Wilson, Junior,
$S; Festus Jones, Fairmont, $C, and
Andrew Perry, Preston, $G.
Increase ? Herman J. McGIvern, /
Wheeling, (renewal), to $17: K'.isha M.
Metheny, Valley Point, to $17, Charles
Kraft, Mllroy, to $3; Edward D. Madden,
(special), Womelsdorf, to $24; Elijah
E. Riley, (deceased), St. Albans,
(supplemental), to $S; John S. Turner,
(deceased). Hopeville, (restoration), to
$!10; John DeWItt, Barboursvllle, to V8;
Charles S. Rogers, Wheeling, to $10,
William Woods, Clifton, to $17: \ndrew
Miser, Huntington, to 5.17; James A.
Brians. Athens, to $11'; James L. T.
Sharp, Palatine, to $17. |
Renewal?Samuel Mavnard, Preston,
?C; John S. Butler, Wappocoiro, $C.
Supplemental?Orland E. Harden,
Piedmont, $-.
Widows?Matilda A. Myers, Wise*
burir. $S. and Phoebe E. Lvda. Mason. <
J8: Elizabeth Riley. St Albans, $S; Ma- f
tllda Stephens, Pint Rock, ?S; Drucllla v
Cantley, Glomera, SS. J
Patents Issued;
Special Dispatch to the intclllgenccr.
WASHINGTON, D. C.. July 12.?A
patent ban been Issued to William P. Pink,
Caperton, West Virginia, for a
ball caster, and to A?a" O. Neville,
Wellsburg, West Virginia, for n ma- I
:hlnc for spreading blown glassware.
Glorious News
Corner from Dr. D. R. Carglle, of
W.ashltu, 1. T. He writes: "Four bot- a
tics o( Electric Hitters has cured Mrs. t
Brewer of scrofula, which had caused o
her grciit suffering for years. Terrible v
Fores would break out on her head and
face, and the beat-doctors could give-no '/
ucip; dm ncr cure is complete and her "
health Is excellent." This shows what
thousands have proved?tfiat Electric
Hitters Ih the best blood purifier known. 11
It's -tlie supreme remedy for eczema, tot- "
ler, salt rheum, ulcers, bolls and run- b
nlnj; s>ores. It stimulates liver, kidneys ll
uid bowels. expels i>olsonB, helps dlgesHon.
builds up the strength. Only 50 J1
sents. Sold by Logan Drug Co., drugalst.
Guaranteed. 4 ^
Pennsylvania Lino's Second Excursion
to the Ocean?1? 10 Round Trip
From Wheeling;.
Thursday, July ll?. In.date of excursion
'.o Atlantic City, Capo May, etc., $10
ound trip from Wheeling, via Ponnsyl- .
ranlii linos, good -sixteen days return- ~
ng. Pullman sleeping oar on Train No.
!14. leaving Wheeling at 2:55 p. in'., Ctn- tr?l
time, running through to .Atlantic
-Ity without change. PleAso call upon
jr address John (>. Tomllnson, ticket
iRent, Wheeling, for sleeping car reser- r
rations, etc. _ Jy 10-13-17 ,
Dean tho ^ Kind Yoj Haw Alv>ay3 BougM "
Tlio Kind You Hnvo Always
iu uso for over 30 years,
All Counterfeits, Imitations
pcrimcnts that triilo with
Infants and Children?Exp
What is C
* i
Castoria is a suhstituto for <
und Soothing Syrups. It is
contains neither Opium, HI
substance. Its ago is its gi
and allays Feverislincss. It
Colic. It relieves Teething
and Flatulency. It assimil:
Stomach and Uov/cls, givin
Tlio Children's Panacea?Ti
The Kind You Ha
In Use For 0
We pay the above reward foi
TV,? i- O;_f_ T T. _ J. _1
i-'yapepsia? oiut neauaciK
or Costiveness w<
Liveritg, Tiis Up-laThey
are purely Vegetable am
25c boxes contain J 00 Pills,
boxes contain 15 Pills, Beware
Sentby mail. Stamps taken.
Clinton and Jackson Sts., Chii
Sold by Clias. R. G-oetze, Druggist,
ing, W. Va.
"A hand sawis a goc
ZITUtr'tJDnrifri'Tr'ri*'!/^ i
iniiYU: j
^STR0?ee. 1%
vi'St vipor to the whole beintj. All dr.-uns
flBlsST^Kv! a,e P?P?'y cured, their condition ofl
''r* Mailed sealed. Price (i per box; 6 box
MV-ii Xi-5 A.X mocey,$;.oo. Send lor tree book.
Sold by Chns. R. Goetze, Druggist, cor
Atlantic City, N. J.
^#?f? ofi?
llPjS SSiL
I? JALSi.?? S ? > n 5 Q J?
A new nntl modem hotel, c-mpleto
n every detail. Absolutely the
Inest Ocean view. Rooms en suite
iritli sea water batlis attached. Elector
to street level. Palm Room.
Jnpacity 400.
Owners and Props.
Manager. jel6
Atlantic City, N. J.
Virginia Ate.. Near llesch onJ
This elcfjant now hotel, complete with
U modern convenience*. Including olevaon?,
baths, etc.. Is offering nj?>clnUy r^uced
rate durlnt- July of to S12 p'r
cvk for InrKo. pleasant and cool rooms
nil superior accommodation?. Illustrated
oolclot mailed. .1. V. COPR. Jy2
Atlantic City.
otrl Imnprinl ?l?y'nPi!?vc.:W "f
i"" Dcacli; m ??|. n. "i irnnt
oreh, with full ocean view; a mortem hot'l.
di-ll^htfully located, liberally mnnfiert:
artesian water; capacity ?50: }L' to S3
er day; J10 to J1S per week. 1. G. KKN*.
>RICK. Ji: J *
3NT. "3T.
Pleanant rooma, wfth fli'st-class hoard.
Hoe.tu* delight fully and conveniently i
loo.itcd; private family. Terms moderate.
11QX <11. CHAUTArQlTA. N. V.
AINSUirS hair balsam"
McntiHca and f'catJtlfloH (ho hair. 7'ro.
)oten a luxuriant growth. Never fHll?
3 restore Gray Hair to Its youthful color.
CurcK pcnlp dl??>a*e.i ntwl hair falling.
)o a bottle. (Send utamp?.)
(JLCNKlDtiG. N. V.
ilh~ ,
Bought, and^vjjich bus beeu
lms borno tljojjSlgnaturo of '
ins l)ccn luiulo under Ills per.
supervision siuco its infauey.
110 one to deceive you iu this,
and Substitutes' nro but ExMid
endnugctf1 Iho health of
erieuco against 'Experiment,
103 U ,
Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drons
Harmless and'Pleasant. It
[orphiiio norMthcr Narcotic
inrautcc. It destroys Worms
; cures Dlarrhtea and Viml
Troubles, ciii'iiii Constipation
ntcs tlio Pooti,' regulates the
g healthy nmlJ^iatiiral sleep.
no iiiotucr s ^pciia,
fORffi. always
Ye Always Bought
ver 30^'ears.
* ' ''::
- : -r r n r.-v
r.cuiy uibe ui i-ivcr v-uuipiauii,
Indigestion, Constipation
z cannot cjhij with
Hale Lie Liver Pill
3 never fail.to. give satisfaction.
JOc boxes'Contain 40 Pills, 5c
: of substitutions and imitations,
Nervita Medical Co., Cornet
:ago, Illinois. Sold by
Market and,twelfth streets, Wheel*
. mwf&w
UBT, TRY* Ri Theyhnractcod the teit of rtut.
ant' huve cured thoujand* ci
V f Jz ases ?' Nervoui Diieitei, luch \
Ctbllinr, Dmioti.. Sltipltiinew
and Varicocele,Atrophy.&c. I
They clear the brain, i?/tR?thfa
SOli' thr circulation, ir.ake difctticn
"" , ' perfcct, and impart a htalihj
and losies are checked flrmantnily, Unlets pititati
lea worries thurdoto Insanity, Consumption orDejth.
;cs, vrith iron-cjadi/'sal Guarantee tocureorrefundtis
Addrei:, "PEJU. MEDICINE CO.. Cleveland. 0,
Iilnrkot Hfe'd1 Twelfth streets. apH
Real Estate
Title .'Insurance. ^ dt'/S
lid .
If you purchase or make a loan on real
estate havq tho title insured by th?
Wheeling, Title & Trust Co,
No.9'4'305 Market Street.
H. M. RU^slvLL President
L. V. ST1KRL Setretcj
C. J. HAWUSG Vice President
\VM. U. TRACY Ass't. Secretary
G. R. E. GttlCHRIST..Examiner of Titln
CA WTA L?$17.1,000.
WIIJJAM A, . ISLTT... President
MORTIM Kh POLLOCK....Vice President
J. A. MLLLER Cashlcf
J. II. MrDpNALD Ass't. Cashier .
Drafts on England, Ireland, France und :
Germany. 'jJli-r
_ HK
William A. Isctt, Mortimer Pollock,
J. A. Mlll'/r.' Robert Slmp?on,
K. 2kl. AtkUmdn. C. AI. Frifsdl,
Julius Pollock. . .
J. A. J liPPKHSON CaJhltf
CI IAS. LAMB: Assistant Cftshlet
CAPITAL, ?*200,000, PAID IN. v
Ailcn Broclc'/'' Joseph F. Paull.
Cbas. Schmidt, 1-Irnry Uleberson. "t,i
llownrd Simpson, Hannibal Forbes,
MT A. J. Clarke.
fntere.?t pnM'on <?jicciai deposits.
Issues drafJs on Kngland. Irclnr.tl an: i
Scotland. J. A:-JliFFKKSON, I
my 11 .w v Cushion^
Steam and,. Hot Water IloatlnK. dt.Vh [,
C.rade riujnbliiK Fixture?. Call anil 5ffl IU
xIih "Ulnkt'" Filter* in operation*. I\'an#.
f'poclftcatlon.i <iml estimate* for any writ ..
In our lln?> furnir'hod on application. 1'ricM
motlcntd', 'Militstriil with j)r.<t-cla.-?s woiK. /
and p.itlpfartlun guaranteed.
No. 1 iris Mnt'Lrt St., Wlic<dltig^^V?* n
Plumbing Gn* ornl Sloim llt'.In}Dealer
In all'i^ods pertaining to the tra-K jgj
TN12 Main Strevt. , <!S
Tclephoijp37. \VhcellngL^' 8
Practical Plumbers,>+f
Guijopcl Stcnm tillers.
No, 23 Twelfth,Street.
Work dono promptly at rcaioniblo prlctf

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