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' r '
; Senator Hanna to h^Chairman and
Ferry S. Heath.' Secretary.
P? i
; At the Meeting and Was Selected a3 |
> a Member of thet Committee.
I Dick's Resignation Received and
Accepted?Heath to Besign a3 As- .
sistant Postmaster . General.
' ?? " ,
t-'T-EVELAND, O.. July, 13.?An important
political confersr.ee attended by
a number or* prominent Republican leaders',
was "held at SenSu^r Hanna's off.ce
here to-day.- The mating was call'
ed by Mr. Hanna to discuss and decide |
i upon the personnel of. the new executive
committee, and to name a secretary
of the national comtiilttee to succeed
Charles F. Dick. C!'JC
Before the eonference^osos It Is also
probable that a number, of [the national
committee to fill.the vacancy caused by
the resignation of Gedrge'B. Cox, of
Ohio, will be chosen.
Among those presenf <tf the conference
were Chairman Hanna, Cornelius
2s\j Bliss, Perry S. HenUy Charles F.
Dick, Henry C. Payne, Charies Dawes,
Myron T. Herrlck, R. C: Kerens, N. B.
Scott, #C.ruham Stuart, Harry S. New
, and others.
Dick's Resignation". Acccpted.
General Charles F. Dick's resignation
ns' secretary of the naffinal RcpuLJican
committee was received and accepted.
Messrs. Hanna. Heath and
Priyne were named as a committee to
draft resolutions concerning the resignation
of General Dick!' .'Mr. Hanna
stated that the personnc-Iof an advisory
committee was under consideration,
but that it would not b* announced for
ten days or two weeks. It was also sild
that all of the members-,of the old national
committee of lSC?t> requested
President McKinley to" consent lo the
resignation of Mr. Heatir as first assistant
postmaster geieril lu order
that he might become tie S2c??taryp*
the national * committer^ ^The President,
it was added, strcrrTgly demurred
!to this proposition until, yesterday,
when he finally gave his consent.
Mr. Heath will tender'his resignation
to the President in about a week or ten
At noon Senator Hanna announced
fy that the following named had been
g- chosen as members of the national exj|
ecutive committee:
Graham Stuart, Illinois; H-nry C.
Payne, Wisconsin: "Richard'C. Kearens.
Missouri; J. H. Manley, Sfafne; N. U.
*-> Scott, "West Virginia; 'Fredciick S.
>' Gibbs. New York; Franklin Murphy.
New Jersey; Myron T. Herrick, Ohio.
Harry S. New, Indiana.
Chairman?M. A. Hanna; Secretary,
Perry S. Heath; Corn-JItST? N. Blis-f,
| i treasurer.
,v They Have Affiliated Themselves
With One or the Other of the Great
NEW YORK, July \Z.? A special to
: the Times from Washington, cays:
"The gold Democrats will not put a
. ticket in the field this yt-ar,'; said W. D.
;:>y Bynum. of Indiana, chairman of th?
i;-'' ^old Democratic executive committee in
7.; 1E0C.'
?$ cannot get our ielectoib on the
official ballot in New yprk because no
votes were cast for the party candidate
V, fol governor in 1S9S. and the statf- law
H requires that a certain" number of
, votes shall have been cast for state of:.f.
fleers In the preceding faction before
$ the nominees of any party can go 011
the official ballot In the pending contest.
Our party organisation Ir. New
; y York was abandoned two years ago,
0 members of our party. , voting other
"The only way we car. have our ca?dldates
for electors put oty th-" official
i:' ballot is by petition ofra certain nu?...
ber of voters in each "county, an enceedingly
difficult thing to do in the
!$T' present case, as the members-of the
gold Democratic party have affiliated
themselves with one ajiithe other uf
r;;> the old parties on the 99 w issue. New
.York is the one state xttiere our ticket
might do the Republicans some good,
and If we cannot get in on the official
V ballot there Is little usfi of nominating
a national ticket. The new Australian
ballot laws in other states/also operate
against independent movements."
Her Great Beauty.
Beauty of some women admits of a
diversity of opinion. E;n'lie Schaum?
burg's did not, we are told in the July
& New Lippincott by Virginia Tatnall
;, Peacock. It was absolute and the effect
jvas Instantaneous.
auc una fi neaa or classic mold, with
rich adornment of lustrouk black hair,
proudly poised upon throat and
shoulders of perfect form;) an oval faco
lighted with a fine vivacity and captivating
smile; great hazel eyes, with
dark brows and 'sweeping lashes; delicate,
regular features antl a complexion
: which no art could imitate,f in Its trans*
parent fairness and brilliancy; a figure
tall nml svelt. all undulAtlug lines arid
willowy gruces; a regal carriage and,
abovf all. an air of high-bred elegance
and distinction?such In her early jnrlhood
was Emille voiv-jSchaumburg,
whom the prince of Wales declared thu
most beautiful woman had seen In
' America.
It wii8 on that famous night when
the visit of his royal highness to tho
[Academy of Music brought thither onu
of the most distinguished uudlencos
ver assembled In PhlUOj'Jphla. She
was dressed with girlish simplicity In
white, her only ornament belrig a small
chain of gold sequins \Vhlrh bound the
rich marsL-s of her hair and defined
her shapely head, yet shcli was the
BUbtle power of her prescribe that from
thcx moment she entered that crowded
assembly with its tier upomtier of brilliantly
arrayed women,'she became the
focus of aII eye*, dividing, ffia attention
of the prince of Wales and the audience
l with l'attl, who was pouring out h<>r
i soul In matchlccs melody upon the
Killing Off Thousands of Cattle.
Wells and Elvers Drying Up. i
LOS" ANGELES. Ca!.# July 13.?R?s- j
I porta from the,drouth stricken sections |
I of Arizona, are to the eflact that eve: y
water hole and most of the wrlls have
gone dry. In eonsoque.ice, cattle arc
dying by the thousands, and thc-lr
shrunken frames dot t? u des/rt' country'
of Pima, Pinal, Santa Cruz, Yuna,
CochJ.s.' and parts of Maricopa counties.
The loss to owners of herds cannot be
computed as in their present gaunt condition
no market can be found. Rarely
in the history of the territory had the
water tri the Gila and Salt rivers
so scarce. Not a drop Is reported In the
Gila, and thfre Is none In-the San Pedro
from Benson to Its confluence with >
the salt river above Phoenix. At Casa
Grande th? Immense reservoir Is dry,
the supply having long since been exhausted.
Crops of alfa, barley a'.id'j
wheat between Florence and Casa j
Grande, as wrtl as on tf.e Indian resor- j
vatlon at Sactor. where the PimasJ
dwell, nre beyond hope Added to this, 1
fs the destruction of timber by the foi- >'
est llres, which continue to rage In the
Santa Catallna mountains.
ILL.?A dispatch-from Christiana announces
the serious illncs3 of Hendrlk
Ibsen, who Is sutfering from erysipelas.
SPAIN.?Senor Sllvela, the Spanish
premier, sny3 that no Spanish war vessel
will go to China, Spain having no
interests to detend in the extreme
APPOINTED.?lion M. M. Estee, justice
of the United States district court
of Hawaii, has appointed Walter B.
Hailing, of Portland, Maine, a nephew
ot Senator .Perkins, of Calflornia, clerk
of his court.
RESTING.?The American athletes
who are to take part in the contests
organized by the Paris Exposition authorities
spent the day in easing their
muscles from thfe strain of their recent
work, and are'^ giving themselves a
thorough rest.
EXPLOSION.'^A special from Boston
to th?? New York Herald says: By
an explosion of'un oil tank in Somerville
last night, nearly a hundred persons
were inore or less Injured, and early this
morning two were reported dead. Many
of the injured are in the hospitals, while
others "were taken to houses near the
scene of the explosion.
SATISFIED.?The date. August S, on
which he is to'receive otficlal notification
of his nomination by the Democrats
is satisfactory to Mr. Bryan. It
is doubtful if he will leave Lincoln
much before that time, though he do:s
not himself know just what his programme
will be. He does not. however,
expect to make any speeches in advance
of his nomination.
DESTROY.?Inquiries are being made
into what may possibly turn out to be
a serious attempt to destroy the Grand
Palace of the Chamns Elysres Wednos
day night. A watchman of collars,
which wer? filled with packing cases
and a lar^e quantity of other inllamir.able
material, .overheard a conversation
between two tnen. leading him to
believe that a plot was on foot to set!
fire to the building.
FLOUR.?Vice Consu*. General McLean
has made a report from Yokohama
on the subject of the importation of
American tlour into Japan. He says
that the use of llour Is not confined to
the large cities of Japan, but Is becoming
common throughout that country.
He speaks of three or four American I
built our mills, the largest having a ca- |
' pacity 'of tiTtftfaVre's a day. that'are now
helping'to'sup'ply Japan .with flour. j
SOLICITING. ? Two.thousand soHc- I
itors engaged by i\u- Trades and Labor
Unions Louis, to canvass the city
and collect contributions for the striking
street railway men's bus lines, began
work yesterday morning. In addition
to collecting sums for this pro- j
ject, the solicitors are expected to as- |
certain what proportion of the population
favors trades and labor unions, j
DEMAND.?Th.? Chinese residents of
the recently Quarantined district of Sun
Francisco are preparing to demand
compensation for losses alleged to have !
been sustained owing to the action of
thv health officials. Detailed lists of !
losses are being prepared, which are expected
to form the basis for a suit for
damages, estimated by the attorneys at i
about 5-.000.000, against the^lty of San '
Francisco, or of a claim of about that
amount against the federal govern- j
CLOSED.?The directors of the Di:r.a 1
Savings Bank, of Newark, N. J., de- !
elded to-day to close the institution's |
doors until its affairs can be straightened
out. ThV- announcement that |
Charles Westervelt, the bank's secreary
and treasurer, had been arrested, i
on a charge of having stolen a large !
sum of money, caused a large crowd
! of depositors to Assemble to withdraw |
i their funds, andrthere was much exj
citetntnt when iLfwas '.earned that the 1
j bank would not ,'ppen.
; AGREEMENT.; ? The commercial I
treaty between the United States and I
Italy. Just ratified by the Italian chamber
of deputies, is an agreement similar I
to those already made with France and .
Germany under section 3 of the Dingley !
act. its text has not yet been made j
public, but it admits to the United i
States from Italy* at the reduced rates |
provided in section 3 of the Dinsley act j
the articles there enumerated, including
brandies, wines, works of art and gold. |
The principal benefit received by the
United States is understood to be a re- i
duction in the Italian duty orv wheat
imported from this country.
ONE of nature's remedies; cannot j
harm the weakest constitution:. never |
fails to cure summer complaints of j
young or old. Dr. Fowler's Extract of |
Wild Strawberry.?1. j
Convenient j
I iSiPv,odcp?l,f' a !
i theatt" and
Kf. fi? f5\Sn! stropping dis- E
| t| 5<cond (o Third Avenue, a
FRED. S. AVURY, Proprietor.
\ Jc30-w&*
Why One Young Woman Threw Hers
Into the Gutter in Wrath.
Kansas .City Slur: She was fair of
face and?well, say, twenty-flv>.
Her clothes were neat rind coo!. Pinned
to the bosom of her shirt waist was
one of the large buttons now being distributed
by the bureau of Information
for the accommodation o? stranger?
visiting this city during the session of
the Democratic national convention.
This large button bore the tallsmanlc
words, "Ask me."
When she tripped Intc the car ami
took a seat the men stared at her. T.ie
women did likewise. Opposite sat a
middle-aged woman with her sevenyear-old
The child stared at the laige button
on the shirt waist, then, pointing to it.
asked, "What Is that, mamma?"
"It's very rude to point, don't you
know, my dear?" quoth mamma.
"Well, what Is it?" she again inquired.
The young woman heard the Inquiry
ar.d reprimand and smiled at the perverseness
of the child, then, holding out
her hands, said, "Come here, HttJi
sweetheart, and I'll explain It to you."
The child looked at h?r mother, who
nodded assent. She went over and was
lifted to a seat In the young woman'slap.
"Now, I'll tell you all about It. These
buttons were designed for the purpose
of furnishing information to the many
visitors who will come to Kansas Ckv
next week. If they are seeking a hotol
or Btreet or store all they need do Is ask
the wearer of a button like this. In
other words, the wearer of a button like
this will answer questions asked. Do
you understand now?" ?tie asked. The
child nodded her head.
"And are you going to answer questions?"
queried the child.
"Just try me and see," replied the
young woman.
The child lingered the button In silence
for a few moments, then she suddenly
"How old are you?"
"I'm "
"Are you as old my mamma?" pre*
slsted the child. Mamma frowned. The
young woman smiled.
"Are you married?" was the next
"\*n T nm ?
"Why don't you get married?"
The young woman showed signs of
"I expect to?some time," she replied.
A Chinaman came into the car. The
child took her eyes off the young woman
loner enough to see- who was the
I new passenger.
"Would you marry that Chinaman?"
, she as5:ed, pointing to where he sat.
! Mamma smiled. The men luugbed, and
! the young woman blushed furiously.
; Putting the child down, she signalled
the conductor to slop and she stepped
i from the car.
j Before the car was out of sight si e
threw that "ask-me" button as far as
j she could send it.
| The Features of the Money And Stock
| NEW YORK, July 13.?Money on call
1 quiet at 1V6 per cent. Prime mercantile
j paper [email protected] per cent. Sterling exI
change firm, with actual business
in bankers' bills at
S? [email protected] SG"i for demand. and
at $4 S4H for 60 days; posted rates 54 85
@4 S7^>. Commercial bills $4 83US1
4 S3*?. Silver certificates 61riS6-^ic.
Dar silver 61%c. Mexican dollars 4S*4c.
Government bonds steady. Slate bonds
inactive. Railroad bonds inactive.
To-day's stock market was but a dull
and uninteresting affair and marked
the further relapse from the manipulated
rise of the earlier pure of the
week which came into evidence yesterday.
Selling to take protits was the
order of the day and the bears put out
some fresh short lines. That neither of
these operations was on a very extensive
scale is sufficiently shown by the
small figure of the total sales of the
day and the greater part of. even these
small dealings took place in the forenoon.
when the bull interests were still
making futile efforts to continue the
advance. The efforts were not pu:
forth In the opening transactions and
i the sympathetic depression from foreign
markets was allowed Its full effect.
| The weakness there was due to re new |
ed fears regarding the Chinese situation
j and to the mishap to the British forces
in South Africa. The effect here was
purely sympathetic and when it was
| seen how small the sailing for London
I account was, the bulls braced their
' energies and attempted to resume coni
trol of the market. The pressure of
protit taking which met the advance
wnen lasi nignrs level or prices was
approached, discouraged the attempt
! and the market was allowed to lapse
into an almost lifeless state. The sharp
break in the wheat market,which might
be fairly construed as indicating a
more hopeful feeling regarding the
j crop, was powerless to sustain the stock
! market. Small a a thi: offerings were,
1 they were KUlUcient to drive prices
i sharply below last night's level. Th
grangers, southwestern and some of
I the southern railroad stocks were most
I notably affected, but there were examj
plea of weakness all through the list
| both of railroads and specialties. The
I steel stocks became notably weak late
in the day on a growing apprehension
that the general reaction in both curtail
i the consumptive requirements for iron
I and steel, whatever the ultimate basis
I of prices may be. A further advance in
I the sterling exchange rate, the harden
j lug of the London discount rate and the
I continued drain on the sold reserves uf.
I the bank of England Jed to tin? opinion
j among International exchange housed
| that further shipments of gold from
New York to I'arls are likely to be
made next week. At the same time to'
day's reduction In the discount rates uC
the lniperl.il bank of Germany and a
further relaxation on the private discount
rate In Berlin makes It probable
that Berlin has been further reducing
Its loan obligations to X.'W York. A
liquidation of foreign borrowing accom- j
panted by an export movement In gold I
would present an astonishing state of
affairs. Estimates of to-morrow's bank
statement are rather tentative in vlow
of th:* discrepancy last we k between
the preJlrnlnary Indications and the actual
results. The banks seem to have
gained over a million dollars from the
Buckman & Kraus,
On Margins or Outright.
1202 ilarfcet Street, Mure House Black.
Telephone Nol 20C.
A Dlrcet Wire to New Vorkond Chicago.
1510 Market Street,
Opposite Posfolllco.
New York unci CTOfk'^ Chicago
Pittsburgh.... 01 vWIVO. Market*.
Sfundurd Investments Securities.
TKJ.K1M1QSK 1037.
sub-treasury during the week and the
movement of currency from the interior,
though considerably reduced Is still
In their favor. Call loans. Ml ta 1 par
cent this afternoon and the probability
Is In favor of an increase In surplus reserves.
The bond market continued '
dull and the changes were mixed. Total 1
sales par value $1,535,000.
United Slates bonds were unchanged
In bid quotations. *
U. S. Bonds.
U. S. Refunding 'U.S.. new 4s reg.134
2s \yh?n issued. |U.S. now 4s cou.121
registered 103VJ|U. S. old 4s reg.1141* I
do coupon IKJ^iU. S. old 4s cou.lHV. t
Jv ? :'s rc? lu0 IW. S. 5s reg 112U
H' e' reK 10$HIU. S. 5s coupon.114
U. fa. 3s coupon.j
Atchison 25t4IMo. Pacific....? SVj.
T,d,? V.reJ?rre<i? ?HiMobil? & Ohio. 37
Bal. & Ohio 74J4JM0., Kan. fc T. 10^4
Can. Paclnc SS^- do preferred.. 31?4
Can. Southern... 4S }tS. J. Central..128'
Ches. & Ohio.... 27?ii.N. T. Central...12?
Chicago G. W... 11 .Norfolk & W.. 32H
Chi., Bur. & Q..124*41 do preferred.. 7Tf?
Chi., Ind. & L... 22 ;Northern Pac.. -K-*4
do preferred... 50 do preferred.. 70\
Cni. & East 111.. So Ont. & West... I'A
Chicago fit N. W.15K jOre. Ky. & N.. 42
Chi.. R. I. & P..1(?K! do preferred.. 75
C. C.C. & St. L. 57^ Pennsylvania ..12$
Col. Southern? 6*4 Heading isa;
do 1st pre 41 j /Jo 1st pre 53'
do 2d pre 16V>' do 2d pre '?.K
Del. & Hudson..lllliilKio G. West... 50*i
Del., Lack. & W.17S | do preferred.. S3 "
Denver A: R. G.. tf?,St. L. & San F.. Sfi
do preferred... 65%i do 1st pry 65*1
Erie io*. I do 2d ore 33
dotal pre WiiSt. Louis, s. \y. w
G. North, pre...1j>2H do preferred.. 25U
Hocking Coal..., lS^iSl. Paul llK
Hocking \ alley. 25 ; Jdo preferred. 171
t!!!."? & Omaha.110
Iowa Ceinral.... is lSouthern Pac... 32
,,(.0,Pre'eiT.td4-- Southern Hy.... im
? 'iL-w' V ^ Vi?* Udo Pre'erred.. 5lVLake
Lrte & \\. ss (Texas &. Pac... H'4
do preferred... %j .Union Pacific... 54?! I
Lake Shore. 21'.) j do preferred.. Ta-i, 1
Lou. & N a.-h.... 72Ti Wabash &
Manhattan L.... w do preferred.. 1&
Met. St. liv. lio;, iWhcel. Ss L. K. V.
Ilex. Central? 12^] do :d pre 23?
Minn. & m. l... ?WJs. Central.... u "
do preferred... ?ti jThird Avenue...110
Express Companies.
Adams 115 (United States... <G
American 153 j Wells Fargo.. ..12
Am. Cotton Oil.. 3IU|N&t. Riscuit 2S*i
do preferred... ! do preferred.. S2*
Am. Malting..... 2^'.National Lead.. 19
do preferred... U'-iI do preferred.. f<6
Am. t>, tc Ref g. Zb^ National Steel.. 23VI
do preferred.... Si | do preferred.. Ktti
Am. Spirits.. ... l n.y. Air Erake.l.'G
do prvfjrrtvd... 1, ;.\\ American.... 15?
Am. Steel Hoop. l'J tPacltic Coast... 50
do preferred... G^i] too 1st pre.... &
Am. Steel & \\ .. 32* i! *do 2?1 pre 60
do preferred... 72 iPaclJlc Mall w
Am. Tin Plate.. 20 People's Gas- <?su
do preferred... 7.? Pressed Steel C. 43
Am. Tobacco,... 9is?| do preferred.. 7j
do preferred... 11S (Pull. Pal. Car... l$tt
Anactmda Mine. 4i> (Stand. R. & t.. 5^
Brooklyn R. T.. 53^ Sujfar U7U
??'". ^ fron.. 32fcj do preferred..!!?'"
Cont. Tobacco... 2a tTenn. Coal & I.
do preferred... TSfciu. S. Leather...
Federal Steel.... 32 I do preferred .
do preferred... G5%|U.. S. Rubber... ra"
Gen. Kleclric....l20 ? Jdo preferred 01
Glucose faugar... 51U Western Union. 7S-I
do nr*f tarred... D? iRontiMfa T .r- ? ni-.
Inter. Paper 22u) do preferred . 53
do preferred... IP. C. C. & St. L. 11
j Laclede Gas 73 1
Assessments paid.
t Ex-dividend.
Total sales of stocks IM.Sto shares.
New York Mining Stocks.
Cholor IS lOntarlo C25
Crown Point fifophlr C6
Con. Cay. & Va . 1S5 J Plymouth 10
Deadwood 49'Quicksilver 150
Gould & Curry.. i)l do preferred... CM
Hale & Xorcross 22 'Sierra Nevada.. 21
Homestake 5,0^)lStandard 410
Iron Silver 53tUnlon Con 17
Mexican 15|Yellow Jacket .. 10
Breadstuffs and Provisions.
CHICAGO?Weather conditions Influenced
all the grain markets to-day.
Reports of improvement In the northwest
and the raising of the figures on
the estimated yield were the principal
factors in a decline of Di'&lUc in
wheat. Corn closed %?%c lower and
oats H'SUc lower. Provisions were
steady on light receipts and good cash
demand and closed 2Vi1i5c higner.
The opening tone of wheat was rather
strong, September starting al an advance
of V?){l*sC at SOl^SO^c. T'nl3
was due entirely to pit trading, local
speculators being influenced by the
fact that foreign markets did not
show an adequate response to yesterday's
decline here and to the seriousness
of the Chinese situation. The
strength disappeared almost immediately.
Reports from the northwest told
of an Improved condition of wheat fts a
result of rains and the cooler weather
prevailing and the changes In the crop
given out to-day In the Trad* Bulletin
were considerable. This quickly
changed the balance of trading In favor
of the bears. The northwest sold considerably
and tha steady decline in the
price finally discouraged longs and re
was jjept up with more or Iops stendtnut'8
all day. Towards the close of th*
session there was a slight Improvement.
in tone, caused principally by
covering by northwest traders, who had
put out wheat earlier in (he week and
who had pood profits In sight. The closing.
however, was heavy, though at a
little better than bottom prio. Choice
sold down to 70c, hut recovered to 79tjic
late on buying. The clone was at 79\$<$
7?>Hc. Northwest receipts xvere 142
cars, com pa ml with 102 last week and
4S" a year ago. Chicago receipts were ;
97 cars. IS of contract grade. Toial j
primary receipts were 509,000 bushel", I
against 7S5.000 bushels a year ago. New
York reported fifty loads taken for ox- l
port. Seaboard clearances were equal ,
to 215,000 bushels. Corn wuj> strong !
early, Influenced by reports of pontic- j
ur-d weather in Kansas and Nebraska ;
and absence of rain with decldtdly r?fs- j
slmlstlc crop reports. Opening prices j
showed a substantial advance, and this j
fact Induced enough profit taking to
keep prices on the down grade for the
.vi-v rcMiuii. .lyini- uyuniuuoii |
was Induced by predictions of rnln in
the drought stricken districts. Countrv
ofterlngs were light. The seaboard reported
sixty loads taken for export.
Local receipts were G:i." cars, beptsmber
ranged from 45c to 43^^43)40 and
closed ^5"."S?c lower at 43vie.
The oats market followed closely the
fluctuation of corn. The opening prices
were slightly higher, hut the market
soon declined on rolling by local traders.
Influenced by the weakness* of oth*r
grains. Traders who bought early In
the week on damage reports ttom the
west were conspicuous In the selling.
Itecslpts were 151 cars. September
ranged from 24'lic to 24Vic. ai d closed
lift He lower at 24>j<e.
Provisions, though rather dull, showed
steadiness throughout the session.
Hog receipts were light and the cnMh
demand tor meats was good and prices
wore well sustained, even wnon the
grain markets wore at their weakest.
Fluctuations were unimportant. At the
close September pork was 2&{iie higher
nt 51- C2V&I September lard Do blgU
<*r at $6 92%. and September riba
higher at ST 00,
Estimated tecrlpts Saturday:
Wheat, 75 cars: com, ;50 cars; oats.
170 cats; hogs. 15.000 head.
Tho trading i inures rntig+d as follows:
Articles. Open. | High, f Low. I Close.
Wheat, NcTl t .1 I
July n??i! 73?i; 77r?> 77*
Atiff 7l?i 7s?*,| 7S;?| 78**
Sept. . y>^| '.f I
Corn. No. 2. I i I
July ?Hl U\v 43-4
Alts 4IV?i .4iJ 41>| 4 J*
fcept 44^! 45 | 43.*! 43*
Oata, -No. 2. l } 1
July 2* ; 24 1 X\\ 23*
AUK 54*1 1'4H-: -4 .
, s -pi- -?M '-(5ii. si. :1H
SIojjs Pork. i
July I .... 12 45
Sept 12 C7?? 12 CTVjI 12 CO 12
Lard. i
July CS7Vs 6S7?i C S5 OSS
Sept 6 Kyi 6W> 6 92}?
Oct G 90 ti 9i i 6 '? 6 95
Short liibs. I
July 6 95 6K C9> ?W
_Sept. 7 U2H " O.Hl 6 Sf7!? "_t0_^
Cash flotations were as folio vs:
Flour steady.
Wheat?No. 3, 74?77c; No. 2 led 78HQ1
Corn?No. 2, 42?ic; No. 2 yelJow
Oats?No. 2. 24U.17?:,!,'.r- No. 2 whiles
2Se: No. 3 white 26%@2Sc.
Rye?No. 2. 60061c.
Hurley?Good feeding 3S1?42c.
Malting?Fair to choice 43ft4Sc.
Flaxseed?No. 3, $1 SO; No. 1 northwestern
|1 80.
Tlmothygeed?Prime, S3 27Vj.
Mess Pork?Per barrel $12 50312 55.
Lard?Per 100 lbs., J5 8506 87?i.
Short Ribs?Sides (loose) $6 90?7 20.
Dry salted shoulders (boxed) 6->[email protected]
Short clear aides (boxed) $7 .' 057 80.
Whisky?Basis of high wines. 51 23.
Sugars ? Cutloaf 6.78c: granulated,
6.22c: confectioners' A G.18c: off A 6.03c.
Clover?Contract grade, $S 00.
Butter?Steady; creameries 15? 19c;
dairies 14tf?17c.
Cheese?Quiet at 9U?lO*ic.
Eggs?Firm; fresh 11c.
NEW YORK?Flour, receipt1: 15.173
barrels: exports 23.6SS barrels; market
very dull and weaker at 5ft 15c decline
to sell: winter patents 54 00(^4 GO.
Wheat, receipts 40.700 bushels; exports
55.970 bushels; spot market weak;
No. 2 red 85'ic f. o. b. afloat; options
opened firm; closed weak at ~*$j>l^c
net decline; close: July. 84ysc; September,
83%c: October, S5V*c; December,
Corn, receipts 317,830 bushels; exports
531.S60 bushels; spot market weak; No.
2, 51c f. o. b. afloat; options open?d
strong: closed weak at [email protected] net decline;
close: July, 49c; September, 4S"ic;
December, 48T*c.
Oats, receipts 223,400 bushels; exports
23,119 bushels: spot market quiet; No. 2,
29c: No. 2 white 31c; options dull ar.d
Hay quiet. Hops qul?t. Hides firm.
Leather steady. Beef steady. fLard
steady. Pork firm. Tallow dull.
Cottonseed oil firm. Rosin firm.-Turpentine
Rice firm. Molasses dull.
Coffee, futures oppned steady at 5f:15
points higher; closed steady to 10
points net higher; sales. 23.750 bags.
Sugar, raw strong; fair reflnin< 4'.^:
centrifugal, 56 test, 42ic; molasses sugar,
4c: refined firm.
BALTIMORE?Flour firm: receipts
7.194 barrels: exports 5,114 barrels.
Wheat weak: spot and tlie month 77&(<i
77";c: receipts 11.791 bushels: exports
S.000 bushels. Corn steady; mixed spo:
and the month and August 4S%'5'-4SVre:
receipts 213.903 bushels: exports 1S2.0C0
bushel**. oats firm; No. 2 white 30'4?
Sic. Hay steady. Butter about steady.
Eggs and cheese firm.
CINCINNATI? Flour quiet. Wheat
firm; No. 2 red SO&ftSlKc. Com quiet:
No. 2 mixed 45c. Oat? steady; No. 2
mixed 27c. Rye quiet: No. 2. C2c. Lard
quiet at $S 75. Bulkmeats steady at
17 25. Bacon quiet at 55 23. Whiskey
quiet at $1 23. Sugar firm.
TOLEDO?Wheat dull anil lower,
spot, S2s',c. Corn dull and lower; No. 2
cash 45*4c. Oats dull and lower; No. 2
cash 25c. Rye dull and lower; No. 2
cash 57w.c. Olovcrseed dull and lower;
IS3S prime, $5 05.
Live Stock.
Wheeling, W. Ya., July 13.
Following were the quotations that
ruled to-day:
Cattle?Extra. 1.000 to 1.200, $4 [email protected] 25:
good. 900 to 1.000, $4 60?il 90; good, S00 to
m. *4 250"4 50; good. 700 to S00. S3 OOQ
4 25; common, 52 50$t3 "5; bulls. }2 50?
3 SO; cows. $2 00 ^3 23.
Hogs?Actlre: extra. J5 30^5 50;
good. Jo 10<?j5 30: common. $4 505J5 00.
Sheep?Dull; extra. 3^ZSVsc: good 2
3c: common, 2(?2*$e.
Lambs?Active at 4Jrr?ic: calves. 455)
GJxic: fresh cows, S20?3S per head. Market
CHICAGO?Cattle, receipts S00 head;
steers steady; butchers' stock firm: na
m-es, gooa ro prim* steers. id lojjd 70;
poor to medium 54 F>')#5 00; selected
feeders steady at 54 00?4'75: mixed
Blockers $2 754?3 S5; cows. 53 00??4 75;
heifers, 53 00$ 5 00; canners, 52 00Q2 75;
bulls. 52 60?4 45: calves. 54 50$6 75.
Hogs, receipts to-day. 15,000 head; tomorrow,
21.000 head estimated; left
over. 2,500 head: market 10c higher: top.
55 45; mixed and butchers 55 15^-5 45:
good to choice heavy 55 20S?5 45: bulk
of sales S5 35?5 42V;. Sheep, receipts
3.000 head; sheep and iambs, good to
choice stronger; others steady; good to
choice wethers 54 10Q4 50: fair to
choice mixed 53 10ft4 10; native lambs
54 25ft6 90.
EAST LIPEUTY-Cattle steady;
tra 55 [email protected] SO; prime. 55 45j?3 CO; common.
53 505?4 00. Hops steady; piers,
Yorkers and mediums 55 00^5 heavy
hogs, 55 5065 55; roughs. 53 00^5 00.
Sheep steady; choice '.vethers $4 GOg
4 65: choice lambs 55 2506 75. Veal
calves 50 50^ 7 25.
CINCINNATI?Hogs stronger and
higher at 54 70^5 42??.
NF.W YORK?Iron continues in the
same unsatisfactory shape. Pig iron
warrants wer* ouotorl nt *1?. r,n ??.???
nal. Tin in London advanced 1 pound
on spot. The local market continues
tlrm at S3." 75 i 34 12*4. Business, however.
was very quiet. Copper In London
was 5s lower, hut the local market
ruled unchanged at 516 50. Lead rulod
dull at 13 07Vs't* 4 024., end spelter dull
and easy at ,<4 20ft 4 2=5. The brokers*
price for lead was 13 SO, and for copper
$16 25.
Dry Goods.
NEW YORK?No change In the market
for cotton goods. Demand up to
previous day? of the week and general
tor.? of market steady. Print cloth
division Arm. Linens dull, hut genially
steady. Burlaps firm nnc! slightly
dearer for Calcuttas. Dundftes neglected.
OIL CITY?Credit balances SI 2.": certificates.
no bids: shipments. G2.042 bar- '
rela: average. 6S.330 barrels; runs, 96.S5T
barrels; average, 88,743 barrels.
NEW YORK?Standard oil sto,*.!< 1
NEW YORK?Wool dull
ITCHINESS of the skin, horrible
plague. Most everybody nflllcted In
olio way or another. Only one safe,
never falling cure. Dean's Ointment.
At any drug store, 50 cents.?3.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
^ Is the title,of an Interesting little <y
book that shows how ^
^ Is LOST, and how It miy ba x
^ It Is sent securely sca'ed In p'aln 1! '
X, envelope Free, on rccclpt or :'c Y I
* etnmp for postage. x.
i 3\ are the lcaclag specialists In X !
curing all c,ib?*a of Kidney and ?
Ulaailer trouble. Sexual "Weu'Kncja a I
and lmpote.ncy. Syphilis. Gor.or- % I
& rhcru. NiKht I/OSjcm, (Meet and <S>
) Stricture quickly and permanone;>\ J, !
?> AVo have cured thous.in'ls at thc;r i\ I
?i? own homes. All letti-rr. kept strict- <?
?*> ly private und answered In plala <j? |
? > scaled envelope. Conrultatlcn by w
? ? mall free. Write to-day. Address,
$ DR. W. H. SAUNDERS & CO., ?
I fv Chicago, III. <v
| ^ ^ . <v I
<1 *. v; j
Arsenic Beauty Table!.? ;md P 1.3. A ?rr/actJr
safe ami ffuar*rt< ed treatment for
Kit ?feln disorders. R<storM> the Maor.vof
youth to faded faces. 10 days' treatment
Mc: 39 days" 51.CO, by mall. Send fcr circular.
HECVITA M?D!C\L CO.. CUsica & Jxiio-. Sa.. Cilcjp.
Ecld by Chaa. It. Goetze. Druislst. Market
and Twelfth strees, Wheel :?f. W.
Va. tcCl-d&w
T^AJAtXjXi<?).; ? Vvj'C*'
l DRUNKENNESS cancb^Ed. 1
"f ER, FATHER, or any of your re!a?
*f tlvea afflicted v.lib the Disease of < >
Y Drunkennect;? W<? have n sure <*/
It cure Trhlch can be slven with or >*
without tho knowledge of the r-t-.
rV tlent. Send for particulars. enu'os- <j>
2' lnc 2c stamp for reply. ' Addr*.-*.*-.
T Dr. W. H. Saunders & Co.. Chi- >?
jx cago, 111.
5 of the moit olwtlnate caw of Gonorrhoea <J
2 and (Jlert, euarntitecd In from 3 to G s
5 days; co other treati&ent required. 5
5 Sold by all droqsists. ?
! leaving vvhanooat. foot cf Twelfth street.
I., follows;
Steamer KEYSTONE STATE-Charles
W. Knox. Master; Will D. Kimble. Purser.
Every Tuesday at S a. in.
Steamer CiUEKN ClTf?Robert R. Att
i new, Piaster: uanir?; .m. ;-acey. i-urser.
I Every Thursday nt'S a. m.
i Steamer V1BG1NIA-T. J. Calhoon. Mas?
ter; R. II. Kerr. Purser. Every Sunday
: at S a. m
i For Freight or Passage Telephone 930.
3al9 Agents.
Salem, W. Va.
Newly furnished. Baths In connection.
Leading Hotel of the County.
West Union . . . . .... West Va.
None Better.
Mannlngton W. Va,
Hou?e Heated by Steam.
Opp. B. &c Q. Static. Rowleaburg, W. Va.
CeniraJJy Located. Kate.* 52 M Per Day.
Slstersvllie. W. Va.
Under New Jlanagemen*.
Opposlte^Couft House. Moundsville, W. VaEAKIN
Nrw .Martinsville. W. Va.
Home for Commercial and Oil Men.
Mlddltbourne, W. Va.
First-Class Livery Attached.
At Drpot. Fuirinont. W. Va.
Sample Booms Opposite New Court Housa.
Harrisvllle. W. Va.
Ciood .\<oor7imcd.itio:i- I.'.vcry.
f, Pejirsylvcnio Ststiorc.
Trains P.ua by Coatral Ticro
Dally. tOaily, ex cop I Sunday.
Sunday only.
TJcket Offices a: Pennsylvania Station on
Water street, foot or Eleventh dtreet.
Wheeling, and at tho Pennsylvania 8ta?
tion, Bridgeport.
, Lcave.lArrlv*
From Wheeling to a. m.| a. m, >
Wellnburg and Steubenville. t S:2i; t 6:07 j
p. m. \
McDonald and Pittsburgh.. 1 &:25i t StI5
Stcubfnville and Coluinuus. t 6:ii| f 5:1a!
Columbus and Cincinnati... t 6:23j t 5:1? j
Wellsburg and Pittsburgh.. 110:00; j 5:1c
j a. tu. |
Pittsburgh and New York.. I *10:23 |
p. m.J p. m. i
Philadelphia and New York. jJCr.-O, f 2:17 i
SteubenvUle and Pittsburgh| tl2:.0 t -:17 I
Columbus and Chicago j 11-:3o. t 2:17
1 { a. m.
Philadelphia and New York; 2:53 *10:25
Baltimore and Washington, t G:30; *10:25
Steubenville and Pittsburgh, 2:.rS; t
McDonald and Dennison..... t 2;?>j i
I P- m.
Pittsburgh and New York., t 2:30; t S:13
ilk. m.
t 6:0\
t 6:C2
| p. m;
Pittsburgh and E?sf _ f S:2>r M:1J
I From Bridgeport to , a. m.| p.m. '
Fort Wayne and Chicago...! ? 4:4S| t S:13
Canton and Toledo ; |
I I a. in.
Alliance ana Cleveland i i:J<j t s:li 1
Stcubenvlllc and Pittsburgh | \ 9:.j
Fteubenvllle and Wcllsvllle. t 9:>!of j'jvfo
Stcubcnvlllt ana PJttauurgh t 9:C8, hiMj
P. m.
Fort Wayne and Chicago... t \:\:,\ t S;n i
I Canton and Crestline t i;is tl2:40 '
Alliance and Cleveland I t l:jr> tM3:i
I Stoubonvllle and Wellsvllle. t 1:15] j B:iS
! Philadelphia ?nd New York 11:1SJ t 5::5
WcllRvllle and Pittsburgh... 3:3m i
I Toronto and PittNburgh? t 1:].Y ? y.i's
Steubenvllle and Welhvlllc. t t S:li
| p. jji. !
Baltimore nnd Washington, t 1:1Si t f>:ri i '
I\'vw York and Washington. t <::V t j
Stvubenyllle and t'ltt>burgh| t 4:W]
Parlor Car Wheeling to Pittsburgh on '
2;&> p, ??. and 0:20 j>. m. train, centra ,
time. (One hour doner than Wheeling
Pa.***n>rer and Tlrkat Agent.
Agent for all Steamship Linen.
/V. Printing. An entire new line of aam.
plea or Hall ProgramnieB. Tickets and In- 1
citations at all nrlcctf at th? Intelligence* 1
Job Printing OiTica, ;
Arrival and departure of trains on and
after May 27. li>oo. Explanation of Reference
Mark*: * Dally. tDally. except
Sunday. ;Dally, except Saturday. tDally,
except Monday. {Sundays only. 'Saturdays
only. Eastern Standard Time.
Depart. IB.&O.?Maln Lino East. Arrive.
1?:N nmlNVajih., Hal., Phil., N.Y. 8:10 an)
5:00 pm Wash.. Hal.. Phil., N.Y
t G:50 ant}..Cumberland Accom.. t 5:50 pm
Girv) am Grafton Accom * 5:50 pm
5:00 pm) Grafton Accom *10:io am
IO:CO ami.. Washington City Ex.: *10:30 pm
'Depart. 1&&0.?C.0. Dlv.". Weat. "Arrive.
7:i'5 nmjColumbUH and Chicago 1:10 am
I *10:15 am ..Columbus and Clncln.. * 6:17 pm
| *11:40 pmlCoL, C'ln. and St. Louis 5:10 am
j 4:05 pin}....Chicago Express.... * 8:40 am
|1Q:15 um..St. Clnlrsvllle Accom.. t S:40 am
t 4:0"- pmLSC Clalrsvllle Accom.. t?:l" pm
I *10:15 ami Sandusky Mail 5:17 pm
j "Depart. III. & O.?W.". PrB. Dlv. 'Arrive.'
I 5:15 am; Pittsburgh *10:13 am
| 7:r? am Pittsburgh fi:35 pm
| .1:20 pin].. Pittsburgh and East.. *11:50 pm
3:15 i?mi.. Pittsburgh and East.. *10:W am
j 5 6:00 pm|..^.'.,.^l,ltt?burgh
; Depart. P., C., C.~*&~St lT~Ry". Arrive.
t 7:?S am Pittsburgh t 9:53 am
i am Pittsburgh f C:15 pra
; t 1:30 pm Pitts.. Phlla. nnd N. Y. t 3:17 pm
3:5S pm Pitts., Phlla. and N. Y. t 9:15 pm
t 7:3) pm Pitts., Hal., W'sh.. N.Y. *11:35 am
t 3:30 pm Pitts., Hal.. W'sh., N.Y. ~_1:35 am
. . West.
t 7:'^> am ..Stcub. and Dennlson.. t 9:53 am
i f 7:25 am ..Slenb., Col. and Cin.. t -:07 am
i t 1:30 pm ..Steub., Col. and Chi., t A'.l" pra
t 3:53 pm ..Steub. nnd Dennlson.. t 8:15 pra
t 9:30 pm Steub., Col., Cin., St. L. fans pm
Depart. Ohio River R.~~R. l Arrive.
8:60 am Park, and Way Points *10:50 am
i 110:00 amICharleston and Clncln.!* 3:46 pm
*J1;45 a m}. Cincln. and Lexlngton.it 7:26 pra
: ?11:15 amj^...Kcnova Express....[5 ?:2S pm
; - 3:45 pm 1'ark. nnd Way Polntslt 6:60 pm
t 7:00 pm Park._and Way_Polntslt 9:15 am
Depart. C. & P.?Bridgeport. | Arrive,
t 5:48 am Ft Wayne and Chicago t 9:13 pm
t 5:4S am ...Canton and Toledo... t 9:13 pm
f 5:43 nitt Alliance and Cleveland t 9:11 am
tlO:G9 am Steubenvllle and Pitts. * 9:33 pm
t 5:1$ amjFt. Wayne and Chicago tl0:2f? am
t 2:15 pinj..Canton and Toledo., t 9:33 pm
f 2:15 pmjAIUanco and Cleveland t i:40 pm
2:15 pm ..Steub. and Wellsvllle.. <10:25 am
0 5:53 pm)..Steub. and Wellsvllle,. ?1X:5S am
t Pl'l Jjnr Philadelphia and N. Y. t 6;25 pm
T 5:w pm!..Baltimore and Wash., t 6:25 pm
t 5:53 pmlSteubenvlUe and Pitta. I 6:25 pm
*7:09 pm|..Steub. and Wcllsvllle..|t 9:13 pm
Depart. IC..' L. & W.?Bridgeport! Arrive."
t 7:45 am Cleve., Toledo and Chi. t 2:05 pm
t 1:20 pm Cleve.. Toledo and Chi. t 8:05 pm
t 5:30 pm ....MassiHon Accom.... tl0:40 am
t 8:18 pm ..St. Clalrsvllle Accom.. t 9:41 am
710:13 am ..St. Clalrsvllle Accom
St. Clalrsvllle Accom.. t 5:07 pm
t 5:00 pm ..St* Clalrsvllle Accom.. t 7:25 pm
*12:22 pm Local Freight |*13:30 pm
Depart. W. & L. E. Arrive.
T:.tO am Cleve.. Tol. & ChL Ex. *10:20 pm
*11:45 amiToledo and Detroit Spc. t 6:15 pm
711:4") am Cleve. nnd Canton Ex. * 6:15 pm
5:15 pml?Cleveland Spcclal.... *12:40-pm
7:30 am Steub. and Brll. Accom *12:40 pm
*11:43 amlSteub. and Brll. Accom t.6:lB pm
5:15 pmjSteub. and Brll. Accomj*10:20 pm
Depart. | B., Z. & C. R. R. Arrive.
Bellalre. BellaJro.
11:05 ami Mall. Express and Pas. 9:40 am
4:55 pml Express and Passenger 3:50 pm
2:35 pmjMlxed Freight nnd Pas. 1:15 pm .
Departure and ar
, rival oi trains at
Wheeling. Eut*
Schedule In effect
sf Station corner ot
V^vv'-y Twentieth and
Water Streets.
"Leave. Arrive
From Wheeling to a- m. a. m.
Grafton and Cumberland... *12:20 3:13
Washington and Baltimore. *12:35 -8:13
Philadelphia and New York *l-:?0 * 8:13
p. m
Pittsburgh and Cumberland 5:15 *11:8)
Washington nnd Baltimore. p-JS ni:J)
Philadelphia and New York *5.15 *11 :W
Orafton and Cumberland... t 6:H? t 5:5?
Fairmont and Gratton...... * 6:50 *5:50
Washington <P?i.) and Pitts. <:20 6;JJ
a. m.
Zanesvlllo and Newark *7:25 1:1U
Columbus and Chicago * 7:25 1:13
p. m.
Zanesvllle and Columbus.... *10:13 5:17
Cincinnati and St. I.ouls.... 10^151 *0:17
Grafton end Cumberland... *10.-S5i 10.-U
Washington and Baltimore. *10:50 ?10:M
p. si. a. m.
Zanesvlllc and Newark 4 4:06 8:40
Columbus and Chicago 4:M S:40
Washington (Pa.) and Pitts. 3:13[ *10:00
Philadelphia and New York 3:16 *10:13
Grafton and Cumberland... 5:001 *10:30
Washington and Baltimore. 5:(Wf
Pittsburgh and Cumberland ? 5:20 *20:13
Washington and Baltimore. * 5:^0 *10:13
Philadelphia and New York 5::o *10:13
Zane&vllie and Columbus? *11:40 *5:1)
Cincinnati nnd St. Louis.... *11:401 * 5:W
Pitts, and Washington (Pa.) } 6:00|
Bally. tExcept Sunday. {Sundays only.
Pullman Sleeping or Parlor Cars on all
through trains.
City Passenger nnd Ticket Apent. Wheel*
inc. Asent for all Steamship Lines.
General Manager. Mgr. Pass. TraiHc.
Time Table in effect May Z7, 1900.
S:tO a. m.?Dally?For Parkersburg and
Intermediate points.
10:00 a. m.?Dally except Sunday?For
MoundsvJile, New Martinsville, Sistersville.
St. Marys, Marietta. Parkersburg,
Ravenswood. Millwood,
Pomeroy, Pt. Pleasant. Charloaton,
Galllpolls. Huntington. Kenova, Ironton.
Portsmouth, liills'boro, Cincinnati.
and all points South and West.
Runs solid to Cincinnati. Parlor Car.
11:45 a. ra.?Dally?For Slstersville, Marietta.
Parkersburg, Pomeroy, Point
Pleasant. Charleston, Galllpolls,
Huntington. Kenova, and principal
Intermediate nolnts. Parlor Car.
3:13 p. m.?Pally?For Parkersburg and
intermediate points.
7:00 p. in.*-'Dally except Sunday-For Sistersville.
St. Marys, Waverly.. Marietta.
Parkersburc. and intermediate
points ,or,l,
Gen. Pass. Agent.
TmeyhIIUI IMS t mwsmmtyf
^ Tl U K SCHCPUtX." i ? ?
I I I ??i ??" |
Wheeling &' tlm Grove Electric Railway
Carf tfltl run ?3 follows, city tlmo:
Lcavo Wheeling. Leave Elm Grove
n. m V' ?" * m- p. m.
"g-S 4:15 J:?
?:1S *:l?
6?> *;5? f:?
? ? 4:? J:l? 4:11
4>& *:W 7:<a mi
?*0 8:15 j;ii
?:?> t:W i.U
S-0Q 6:00 ?:I5 0:11
oiS C'.W 5:43 0:4A
.?:? T:W 1C;15 7:U
oS 7:X> 10:45 1:if
}ijS 8:10 11:? ?;tl
11 p. in.
[2;W 9:00 12:15 IOi
&.& * ? 11:45 :?
.P^o 1:15 1804
1-jO 10: W l:? M:?
CO 11-.C0 2:l? U*t
Extrtfl Jronv Wheeling to Park and R*
fcif MS
i.li ?0?

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