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And Perhapa Longer?The Valve Had
Been Repaired and Pumping Resumed
at 1 P. M. Monday, but
At 6 P. M. in the Blowing Out of a
Joint?Twenty Men Being Worked
on thr. Bepoirs.
Throughout the City Yesterday on
Account of the Shutting Off of
the Water Supply.
Early yesterday morning, when the
morning papers finally got to.press after
surmounting obstacles Innumerable.
It was the impression at the water
works Dumnlm; station that the numo
Ing of water would be resumed at 10 or
11 o'clock Monday morning. This prodiction
was not far from being realized.
Superintendent Oliver succeeding In
sturting the pumps again at 1 p. m., after
sixteen hours of continuous work In
putting In a new valve In the place of
the one that had broken so Inopportunely
Sunday night Just when the
making of the new connection at the
pumping station had been completed.
But the fiend that is pursuing thi
water works department of the city
government had still another trick up
its sleeve?In the shape of the blowing
out of a Joint In the new connection at
the pumping station. This occurred
Monday evening at 6 o'clock, and, o*
course, it was necessary to shut down
the pumps at once. At this time there
was very little more than the five feet
of water in the reservoir needed as a
reserve..for fire protection, and very
soon the outlet valve at the reservoir
had to be closed, thus shutting off the
city from a water supply for the third
time In two days.
Worked Faithfully.
Superintendent Oliver and his men
had worked faithfully for forty-eight
hours and were worn out In body and
distressed in mind, but the superintendent
and his assistants and workers
were equal to the emergency?everybody
Jumped in to do his best to surmount
this latest and most difficult obstacle,
and all Monday night and Tuesday
morning a gang of twenty men has
been at work taking out an immense
"y," and fitting tw'o new pieces of thirty
Inch pipe from the "y" to the valve.
This work requires great care and can
not be done in a hurry, and last night
it was stated that the pumping of water
into the reservoir could not be resumed
before noon to-day and possibly not until
tnmo ilmp tn-nicrht. A mnn r?rtn
aervatlvfc estimate Is that the work In
progress will not be completed until
Wednesday morning.
The supply of water furnished consumers
from 1 p. m. (the time of the
completion of the new valve) to 6 p. m.
(when the blow-out occurred), was not
bountiful at any time, the fact that
every consumer In town was eagerly
awaiting the arrival of water making
the consumption nearly If hot quite
equal to ths supply furnished to the
reservoir with both pumps at the station
Many Plants Shut Down.
The failure of the water supply has
had the effect of shutting down neaily
all the Industrial establishments In
town that depended upon the water
works for their supply for boilers. The
potteries, for Instance, were unable to
work yesterday; the electric light plant
~ had another nff-dav: th-? Irrtn
works shut down for the day; the
"Wheeling stamping works ran until 19
a. m. and then gave up; all the small
establishments that depended upon the
municipal plant for water were compelled
to shut down. Both the breweries,
the street railway lines, the Whltaker
Iron works and a number of other
manufacturing establishments having
their own water supply ran without
The Newspapers.
The newspapers, of coursc, had their
troubles again, and overcame thsm.
Iron mills may stop, electric plants may
lllcker, but the public never excuses
the non-apeparance of its favorite
newspaper, and naturally the four
Wheeling dallies strained even* nerve
to make their appearance on schedule
time or thereabouts. The Intelligencer
got to press yesterday morning at 5:20,
only a little more than an hour later
than usual, and the Register was on.
press Just a few minutes later. On both
pupers there was some hand composition,
owing to failure of the power to
run. the typesetting machines. TinNews.
too, had recourse partially to
hand composition, and. with the StaatsZeltung,
came out on time in the afternoon.
This morning's papers are being
got out in the face of great difflcultle*.
uu\ uiv iim-ijt io iiium; Litcir appcuiuiicj
ut or near the usual hour. Each of the
morning papers had a water,team constantly
at work bringing water from
the river for use In running the gas engine.".
The sccnes about town ri'sombled
thoH;? of Sunday?there were the same
rushes for springs nprl wells by women,
'children and, In many Instances, by the
men of families. At many homes cooking
was suspended and meals taken at
hotels and restaurants, and these establishments
all over town were entertaining
to their fullest capacity.
Teamsters bad :t very busy and profitable
day. Water void readily at
twenty-five cents a barrel In the morning
before the resumption of pumping.
Between 2 and C o'clock, when ther*
was a scant supply In the pipes, householders
took the precaution of ftlllng
barrels, buck??tn and even bath tubs
with the precious ufua.
The scene hist nlxht on Market and
other thoroughfares In the business district
was dark and gloomy. With the
electrical conipany's plant shut down
and majiy stores not provided with gas
k /
?Jio?t of the mercantile establishment*
were closed throughout the evening,
and their dhplay windows without Illumination.
The city electric light plant
suffered no shortage of water, and gave
an excellent street lighting service
throughoat the city.
Going and Coming of Wheeling
People and Visitors.
L, E. Smith, of Parkeraburg, Js at the
Orloff Muller, of Pittsburgh, Is visiting
his mother* on Chapllne street.
John T. Troll, of St. Clalrsvllle, was
a business caller In the city yesterday.
Ernest Marshnor, of Ooreapolls, Is
visiting his parents, In the Eighth ward.
' Miss Margaret Dobbs, of South Main
street, Is the guest of relatives In Mansfleld,
C. W. Arnett and C. C. "Wheeler were
the Fairmont arrivals at the Stamm
Misses Besslo and Flora Koen, of
Cameron, were calling on friends in the
city yesterday.
Misses Mame and Clara Gavin are
spendlnga pleasant vacation with Newark,
Ohio, friends.
blisses Gertrutle Lynch and Gertrude
Ward have returned from a brief stay
with Pittsburgh friends.
. Misses Bens Miller and Matilda Lindsay
will leave for an extended tour of
the lakes In a f?w days.
Atu* Kmma Giillker. of the South
Side, leaves to-day for nn extended visit
with East Liverpool friends.
Miss Matilda Ise, of Geo. E. Stlfel'H
clerical force, wlfl spend her vacation
with Portland, Ohio, friends.
George Chj-lstlelb, of the Palace Furniture
Company, Is in Grand Rapids,
purchasing a stock of furniture.
Miss Dona Thornburg, of Elm Grove,
1$ visiting her aunt, Mrs. Elmer Thornburg,
on North Wabash street.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Davis, of South
Chaplloe street, leave to-morrow tor
Terra Alta to visit Mrs. Davis' mother.
Charles W. Blair, of Huntington, and
W. R. Fitch, of New Martinsville, were
yesterday's state- arrivals at the Windsor.
Miss Minnie Kettler, of H. F. Molte's
clerical force, departed for Marietta
yesterday, where she will be the guest
of friends.
Mrs. Helen Flading and daughter.
Mrs Walker, of the South Side, have
returned from a pleasant, sojourn at
I-Jansas City.
Mrs. I. S. Wells and children, of Chicago.
and Mrs. Franocs WeUs, of
I3arnesville, Ohio are vlEiting Mrs. Jessie
Wells, of the Island.
A. J. Hablg, of Hearing, Ohio, wfll
more his family to this city In a few
days. He has accepted a position with
fhn fhlnn Cxmnonu
The state arrlvajs at the Park hotel
yesterday were D. Duvas, of Mannington:
L. A. Rorc, of Fatkersburg, and
S. A. Drummond. of Huntington.
Axton Campbell. Lou Stauver Jaines
Drum and George Shaffer left yesterday
for a week's stay al the Isaac Walton
fishing camp, up Wheeling creek.
M. L. IJenedum. of Cameron; E. J.
Xolan, of Weston: J. B. Wills, of Hundred,
and Caleb Burtt, of Mannlngton,
were among the state arrivals at the
Stamm yesterday.
Jesse McMechen and Dr. Klnsey are
shipping a car load of horses via the
Wheeling & Lake Erie railroad to Orrville.
Ohio, where they will enter the
races, which begin next Wednesday.
There was an Important change yesterday
In the affairs of the Wheeling
base ball club. Pop Lytle being engaged
by the owner, the Wheeling Railway
Company, as team manager. Pop
assumed control in the afternoon, and
the team started off auspiciously with
a victory over the Youngstowns. This
move will be received with satisfaction
by the fans, as Lytle is generally recognized
as an able handler of ball play
The "Wheeling club's .official scorer
was given his release yesterday because
he "knocked" on the club, according
to the gentleman who Is acting as
its business manager. ThiP Is really
the Joke of the season, as the 'knock"
referred to was the Intelllgencer'8 advice
that an experienced base ball man
In the person of Lytle be secured as
team manager. The club, by releasing
the "knocker" and heeding the "knock"
Ls In realilty 'knocking" on Itself. If
the club was under the Impression that
the holding of the position of official
scorer precluded honest criticism, the
ex-scorer ls glad to be out of such a
The second game of the Youngstown
series will be played this afternoon, and
A1 Pardee wilj put *em over for the
Wheelings, while Gue$e, he of the Iron
arm, will twirl for the visitors. The
club ls putting up an excellent article
of ball, and is deserving of the most
generous patronage of the fans.
Rain Kept Bryan Indoors.
LINCOLN, Nob., July 23.?Rain kept
William J. Bryan indoors to-day, but h ?
had a number of visitors, among thorn
General James B. Weaver, of Iovpi;
Louis C. Ehrit, of Colorado, and John
E. Pitts, of Cincinnati. Mr. Pitts is
secretary of the Democratic national
rnmnnlirn pommUlmi nf ?Vi? rnrnmoMUi
Travelers, und In conversation with Mr.
Bryan, claimed accessions to the ranks
of the organlaatlon. He said th* Democratic
traveling men proposed to establish
headquarters In every city of
importance In th? country.
Woman Conspirator Pleads Guilty.
CHICAGO, July 23.?Miss Margaret
Sheehan, former financial secretary of
Iillnots Council 420, Knights and Ladls*
of Security, n fraternal Insurance order,
pleaded guilty In court to-day to a
charge of conspiracy to defraud that
orKanlzatlon of $6,650. It Is said that,
hoping for leniency, two more of the
persons Indicted, will to-morrow plead
To Have Preliminary Trial.
EL DORADO, Kans., July 23.?Jessie
Morrison, charged with killing Mrs.
Olln Castle, her former sweetheart's
wife, by cutting her throat with a racor,
will have another preliminary hearing.
juuge uanuan, or mo prouate court, today
over-ruled the motion of the state's
attorney to quash the habeas corpus
proceedings and ordered thwin huurd
August 10.
German Statesman Dies.
BERLIN*, July 23.?Baron von Manteuffel,
the distinguished conservative
statesman and member of this Reichslag,
died to-day.
Eleven Negroes Drowned.
TUSCALOOBO. Ala.. July 23.?Eleven
negro men were drowned In thy Warrlon
river near Akron, Ala., by the capsizing
of a skirr.
Will Not Travel on Sunday.
CHICAGO, July 23.?President McKlnley,
who was scheduled to reach
Chicago on Monday, August 27, for the
purpose of attending the thirty-fourth
national encampment of the G. R.,
to-day notified, Executive Director W.
H. Harper that; Inasmuch as it would
necessitate Sunday railroad travel to
reach here on that date, he has decided
to change his,plans. He will arrive
In Chicago on Saturday, August
25, and attend the patriotic religious ex *
erclses scheduled for Sunday.
And Desolation Appears to the
Aahanti Belief Column.
LONDON, July 23.?Advices Just received
here say that Colonel Willcocks,
the commander of the relief,
column In AshantI, describes his entrance
Into Kumassl, July 15, as presenting
a scene of horror and desolation,
burned houses and putrid bodies
being visible on all sides. He adds
that the native soldiers were too weak
to stand and that the-British officers
thanked God for the relief, as a few
more days, they declared, would have
seen.the end.
Colonel WJJIcocks Jeft the garrison
well supplied with food and ammuni- .
Killing Two and Fatally Injuring :
. NEW YORK, July 23.?By the explosion
of a naphtha launch on Long 1
Island sound to-night, Mrs. A. E. Crow 1
and her ten-year-old son, Chilton, were
instantly killed, and A. E. Crow perhaps
fatally injured. Mrs. Crow and '
her aon were frightfully mangled. Mr.
Crow was hurled into the water. Ifis
thigh was fractured, and he was Internally
Injured. It is believed that
his injuries are fatal. Mr. Cro\v is a
wealthy resident of New Rechelle. and
Is a member of the New Rechelle Yacht
Died From Poison.
ALTOONA, Pa., July 23.?As the re- 1
suit of poisoning while making cigars,
Louis Sbarsky, a leading cigar manufacturer,
died here to-day, aged fiftytwo
years. He leaves a wife and six
children. At the death-bed his daughter
Sarah nnd Meyer Silverman, were
united In marriage just bafore death
came. Sbarsky Is prominent In Jewish
church circles. and president of the
Talmud Torah congregation.Freight
House Destroyed.
BUFFALO, N. Y., July 23.-The Lehigh
Valley freight house, at Buffalo,
together with flve c.irs loaded with ,
merchandise, was destroyed by fire- today.
Loss, $150,000, dfvided as follows:
Building, $50,000; freight cars and
contents, $100,0Q0.
Plenty of Gold in the Treasury.
WASHINGTON, July IS.-The government's
holdings of gold to-day
reached the highest point In. its history,
and amounted to 5427.49S..S2. in- ,
eluding the lawful reserve of $150,000,- !
Mullen Electrocuted.
NEW YORK, JUIy 23.?Jos-ph Mullen
was electrocuted in the state prison at
Sing Sing at 6:05 this morning. He
murdered his wife in this city on June 1
4, 1S9S.
Steubenvil!c..T. M. BAYNE, 2:30 p. ni.
SlMersville...RUTH. 3:5) p. m.
Clarlngton....LEROY, 3:30 p. m. .
Parkersburx-AVALON. noon or Inter.
Parkereburg.H. K. BEDFORD, 10:33 a. m.
Newport JEWEL. 11 a. m.
Cincinnati KEYSTONE STATE, (delayed.)
Steubenvllle..T. M. BAYNE. 2:30 p. m.
Slstersvllle...RL*TiI. 3:30 p. in.
Clarlngton....LEROY. 3:30 p. m.
Steubcnvllle..T. M. BAYNE. 2:3) p. in.
BlMer*vllle...RUTH. 3:30 p. m.
ClarJngton....LEROY. 3:3) p. m.
rhnrlocton. KAN'AWIIA fi-M n. m
Along the Landing.
The Keystone State Is to-ilay's packet
for Cincinnati.
The Virginia and Queen City have
gone to the bank on account of the low
The. marks at 6 p. m., Monday, showed
3 feet 9 inches and stationary. aether,
cloudy and warm.
Pittsburgh Eiver News.
PITTSBURGH. July 23.?The steamers
Avalon and Kanawha and the towboat
Two Brothers, are hard aground
In DulT and the towboat John Moren Is
aground at 'Possum. The Avalon and
the Kanawha both packets, are on
their way to Pittsburgh and stuck on
the sand bar at that place shortly after
9 a. m. The Two Brothers has been
aground in Duff sVnce Sunday afternoon.
She was on her way to Rochester
with a tow of lumber. The Lee II.
Brooks has been sent down to make an
effort to haul her into deep water.
The Kanawha and Avalon both ran
aground while'attempting to pass the
Two Brothers. At last accounts the
boats were unloading their freight an-1
the chances are that they will soon be
alloat. There Is a slight rise coming
out of the Allegheny and Monongahela
rivers that will be of material benefit
to the grounded boats. This swell
should reach here by night. It will,
however, only amount to a few inches.
Additional rains are anticipated and
they are badly needed, for the river Is |
now lower than It has bean nt any |
time for one year.
Prom present Indications the members
of Harbor No. 23, Musters and Pilots.
will have a large crowd on the
Frnncls J. Torrence on August l. when
they give their annual outing. The pilots
have made arrangements for the j
boat to land at Hazel wood at 10:l"> a.
m.; Homestead, 10:30: Brnddock, 11.
nnd McKeesport at noon. A great many
members of the association live at
those places. <
River Telegrams.
STKUBENVII.LB?Vtlvor 3 fCTt and '
falling. Clear and warm.
PARKRRSBURG?Ohio river 5 feet ?
and falling. Pair. Mercury 7fi. Win, <
Duffy up. Valley Belle down. Little
Kanawha falling. Locals on time.
WARREN?River .2 of a foot. Clear
and warm.
GREENSBORO?River 8 feet nnd stationary.
Warm and threatening. Rain- 1
fall 2 Inches.
BROWNSVILLE?River 7 feet 2 |
Inches and rising. I
OIL CITY?River 7 Inches and sta- ]
tlonnry. Cloudy and warm.
PITTSBURGH?River 3.2 feet ami
stationary. Cloudy and hot.
MORO ANTOWN?River 7 feet 5
Inches und falling. Cloudy and warm. l
Of the Famous Jester Murder Trial.
Many Circumstantial Incidents
Appear Which Look Bad for the
NEW LONDON. Mo., July 23.?Alexander
Jester's trial for the alleged
murder of Gilbert Gates In 1871, entered
Its third week to-day. A. M. Martin, of
Indiana, swore that he flrst met Jester
at Webster, Ind. He made arrangements
to meet Jester at IndLanapolls,
and accompanied a party headed by
Jester, overland to the Jester farm,
near Wichita. Kas. Witness described
the property Jester had, much of which
corresponded with the property of Gilbert
Gates. Near Fort Scott, Jester
burned a trunk which, according to the
prosecution belonged to Gates.
K. V. Martin, also of Indiana, accompanied
the party. He corroborated
Martin's testimony.
Stopped at His Home.
Joseph H. Thompson, of Richmond,
Ind., testified that Jester and his two
teams stopped at his.home In 1871 and
stayed there for something like a week.
After Jester left he found some grain
Backs In the barn bearing the name of
A. A. Gates.
Mrs. Street, Jester's sister, relating
alleged Incidents of the defendant's life,
"At one time while his wife was 111 he
klcktd her viciously In the side, almost
killing her. He treated his children extremely
cruel, repeatedly beating them
Into Insensibility. At one time In particular
during Jester's young manhood
he followed his brothers for two days
with the expressed Intention of killing
them for some fnncled wrong. Another
time he had some words with his Bister
and he knocked her down with a
club. When she tried to escape he
3tabbed her In the arm."
Attempt to Hang a Bapistr
HUNTSVILLE, Ala.. July 23.?A mob
of one hundred men attacked the jail at
10 o'clock to-day, In an effort to lynch
Elijah Clark, colored, who Is locked up
charged with assaulting a thirteenyear-old
white girl. The mob was repulsed
by the guards and after its repulse
the mob ic-formed for a second
Abstract of Report on Cuban Frauds.
WASHINGTON. D. C.. July 23.?
Postmaster General Smith has returned
from Atlantic City. While there he
read the report of Fourth Assistant
Postmaster General Brietow on the Cuban
frauds, and stated to-day that an
abstract of the report would be made
public to-morrow afternoon.
Printing Company Chartered.
HAURISBURG. Pa., July 23.?Charters
were Issued by the state department
to-day to the Journal Printing &
Publishing Company, of Washington;
capital, 57,000.
Good for Twenty Barrels.
Special Dispatch *.o the Intelligencer.
STEUBEN VILLE, O., July 23.?The
farm well, one mile from the Maiden
well, in the Port Homer field, was drilled
in to-day and Is good for twenty
TJTtTTtnr?T3riTyrv tr? uTjrrTrwno
-JAWAAf*.ItiUiVi J. -l_.-i.TI VJ?J.
Events of a Dny in the Town at thfl
Eud of the Bridge.
Joseph B. Loe has been elected secretary
of the Fostorla Glass Works, of
Moundsville, and will commence the
discharge of his new duties September
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mocre are the
proud parents of a new son, which arrived
at their home on Lincoln avenue
The funeral of Frank Allen took place
yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock and the
Interment followed at Linwcod cemetery.
Mrs. John Topping and son, Henry, o!
Larchmont, N. Y., are the guests of her
father, Samuel Junklns, in Kirkwood.
Misses Edr.a Adolph and Normi
Moore, havy returned from a week's
visit with relatives at Hannibal.
Benton LyJe was taken to the county,
Inllrmary yesterday, having been adjudged
Mrs. Samuel Fundenberg has returned
from a two weeks' stay at Mt. Clemens,
Dr. Lewis McHugh, of Toledo, is
Blending a few days with relatives In I
the city.
Oswald Schick is putting In a now
front at his place of business on Bridge
Hon. C. L. Weems was dotvn from
St. ClalrsviUe yesterday on business.
H. A. Orrison, of Belmont, was a
caller In the city yesterday.
Harry Soils was In Woodsfleld yesterday,
on business.
Rev. Donahey Is quite ill at h.'s homeIn
Doings of People in the Brooke County
The Brooke County Teachers' Institute
convened yesterday morning, with
sixty-three teachers enrolled, and a
number yet to come In. County Superintendent
Ervln Burge Introduced as
Instructors, I'rof. J. M. Skinner, principal
of West Liberty normal school, and 1
Prof. \V. M. Foulk, of Piedmont. Miss j
Lizzie Craft was clected recording sec- |
retary and L. H. Jacob corresponding i
secretary. Committees on music and i
resolutions were appointed. At 2:30 j
to-day there will be a debate, led by j
Messrs. J. C. Kemp and George Hogg
on the proposition that pupils should
be supplied with free text books.
Brooke county Republicans are somewhat
exercised over recent newspaper j
publications to the effect that Ohio !
-uumy win turn uown .Mr. samuei I
CJeorge, Brooke's choice for state senator.
Of course, thera cun be nothing
In those statements, as Ohio county's
Republican politicians must be
given credit for possessing at least ordinary
political sagacity.
The event of the base ball season of
1900 will be the game to-morrow afternoon
between Wellsburg and the
Wheeling Inter-State league team. Our
boys promise to make the leaguers JlRht
for a victory. Wellsburg has been
[Hitting up good ball, and should Lucas
be at his best, and the players give
lilm proper Hupport, the contest will
prove an Interesting one.
Frank K. Murray, of Pittsburgh, and ;
Miss Pearl 12. Coulter, of Brooke eoun- }
ly, were licensed to wed yesterday#
I ~? Men's ;
| H. Striped
^ WMwji Men's Stripe*
A fi;p~2?l new styles, in bla
BtSSH white stripes, re
4? heliotrope stripes
~"-''i"JrSSBL with blacl: stripe:
nBtf|fiimT> ranted to be the
R'zcs 9 1 -2 to 11
. jf? ' 1316 to 13
Matters of Interest in the Metropolii
of Belmont County.
There Is considerable Inquiries about
the eastern capitalists who were said
to be. coming here to look for a site for
a largo^ Industry, it seems to be a set
tied fact that options' have been taken
on certain parcels of land with a view
of Interesting such people, but if a
move Js to be mada this year, why the
delay now7 Mt wouia ne a gooa iu>;u. w i
shake; off the lethargy that possesses [
some people In such movements If that |
is what-is tile niatter. The location of
new enterprises is of enough interest to
push along with energy and the people
here wlli be glad to^hear ot this one bains
pushed with vigor.
The young Republicans are shaping
up for an organization this fall and will
form a nobby marching club in due
season. They will look out for a capable
ofilcer who can drill them, when
cooler weather comes, and the boys
have enthusiasm enough to make it a
sure.go when they take the notion.
The news that the five glass factories
of the National Glass Company, in the
Indiana gas belt, ore to be dismantled
and moved to the vicinity of Pittsburgh
Is readily, believed by those who have
heard of the waning gas supply for
The mail clerk on the Pan Handle
named W. W. Del trick, lest his mind
while on his run laat week and left the
car in fear that the train crow would
murder him. He is now in a Columbus
hospital for treatment.
The funeral of Jaines Halioran will
take place from the Catholic churcn
this morning. The operation of amputating
his crushed limbs did not take
place until Sunday noon and death soot:
Two drunken chaps attracted some
attention on Union street yesterday by
an effort to flght, but neither succeeded
in landing a blown' though they made
some very wicked swings.
The Century Glass Company, will devote
especial attention to electric bulbs
and globes, when they get started and
have capable practical men engaged for
that line of work.
- Rev. Cox, the new rector of
Trinity Episcopal church, held the lirst
service there last Sunday, and made a
very favorable Impression.
H. A. Lichtenberger yesterday paid
Dr. William Piper $2,000, the life insurance
carried by his son Frank, who died
A plain drunk actually paid the penalty
Imposed by the mayor yesterday.
This Is a very rare occurrence.
Quite a crowd ot Bellalre folks, most
of them members, spent Sunday with
the Buckeye fishing club.
The Heatherington-Elk band concert ,
at Epworth park will be given next 1
Saturday evening.
The old Fifth ward hose house Is to
be sold at public outcry to-morrow, by
the city council.
J. G. Crawford and family and A. S. ,
Johnson and wife, left yesterday for
Both Jennie and Fred Harmon have
filed suits for divorce from each other.
Samuel Simmons has been granted a
pension of per month.
John W. Fish is spending the week
at Epworth park.
RFViwnn a
News Notes From the Busy Marshall
County Town.
A team attached to a wagon owned
by the Belmont Brewing Company
took fright at an oil well drilling machine.
on Main street,,yesterday, and
became unmanageable. He ran on
the pavement, and broke the supports
under the roof extension in front of
James Brown's home. One of the
horses tlnally slipped and fell on the
street car track, when they were gotten
under control by the driver.
' The picnic given by the congregation
of St. Mary's Catholic church, at ,
Pleasant Valley Park, yesterday, was
the most successful ever given by the 1
church. '.Dancing and other amusements
were; provided, and a large
crowd was in attendance. The road
race . resulted In Harrington winning
time and place prize, and ICelley, Mahood,
Doyle. Keitler and Hildebrand
finishing in the order named.
There will be big doings in this
town August 'J6. when all the Croafinns
frnm tho ?.m
a mas* meeting. There will be a 1
street parade. In which the various
Slavonic societies will take part.
A fishing party, composed of the fol- i
lowing, left yesterday for a six weeks'
camp below New Martinsville: Albert
Polley, Charles Gatply, William
Strand, Chris Sprouts, Joseph Oser and
Joseph Taylor1.'
A lire was discovered yesterday in the '
coal near the .coke ov^ns. It Is sup- 1
posed to have originated from spontaneous
combustion. It was extinguished
before it could do any material
damage. f ? ,
The Navy Yards, of this place, and
the Irish Sluggers, of liellaire, will 1
again cross bats on the loop grounds
next Sunday. Last Sunday's game
resulted In a victory for the former.
James Kenney, Superintendent of the
water works, haa begun the work of |
extending the water main to McMechtfh.
"That town will be supplied ,
by the water works of Kenwood, 1
Messrs. llrufcoJ Dolbeare, Richard '
Watson and their families left yester- !
day for Fish Creek, where they will
camp out during the ensuing two
David and Alonto Crozler left for "
Pittsburgh yesterday, whore they have
accepted positions with the United
States Tube Company.
Mrs. Florence OUlourkc and son,
John, departed yesterday on a month's
1 * V * S * f*
20c I
I Socks I2|c. |
i Balhriggan.Fine Socks, 50 crettv 4
ck' with blue stripes, black' viih v5
J with while siripes, black ?ith <
I" blue with block stripes, rcj A
s, .every pair a beauty anj *ir. J
: best 20c seamless striped so;kj *
[or only 12 l-2c. ' &
22Mar?ct Street, Vfheelini;. ^
sojourn at Barracksvllle ar.d ot^f
points In the state.
It Is reported about town ycSlr^j.
that) the lower steel works would tl
sume next Monday, but the tog^
could not beyeri/led.
Frank Wlcoff and Joseph'Ilabfe \^
yesterday morning on a ashing naJ
hunting expedition through eagur:H
Last week the wind blew over jftj
chimney on one of Dr. Eskcy'a houmBtf
in the lower part of town.
rif t \v - US
kersburg yesterday to attend the stTbfSj
committee meeting.
Tom Wlliams, an old Bernvcod fcy.H
but now of Ironton, Ohio, Is vbitlcjH
his mother here.
Joseph Satterfield, of Fairmont, fcy {?$
returned home, after a few days' stij filj
with relatives.
Wlliatn Boles goes to Oil City to-day E?&
to accept a position In the p!p? l?|
at that place. ** p$
Miss Nell Skelley has returned fan fM
a pleasant week's visit with PltUburgj ?||
Martin Black left yesterday to viii: ?gl
the fishing camp located at Crtsapi Hffi
The masonry on the new coke- cvoi ||$
at the Riverside , will be finished ihj ||
An infant daughter of William ChU, ||g
of South Bessemer street, is criticaly |p
Frank and Charles O'DonneJl art & B||
guests of friends at McKeesport, C& Eg|
Joseph Woods Is visiting relatir^u jjjl
Toot! j||
Indianapolis Press: "How ,on5^|sj?
the train stop here?" the old lady esW j||S
the brakeman.
ary. "Four minutes. From t?o uljjg
"I wonder," mused the old lady.
that man thinks he^ Is the whistler
MAGNESIA Springs "Water.
Ocean Steamship Tickets k&J
To and from Europe,'via all lines.'ajlffl
be purchased from T. C. Burke, P^?:-KgKj
ger and Ticket Agent of the EalUracRipg}
Ohio railroad, who Is also agent for tifpjv"'
best of all tours?Raymond &: Whitcc=j|^;
?to the Paris exposition. ?;>
"mount"! ?
de chantal whrfbf,;;
Sisters of tho Visitation, B.V.IL^S
Fifty-Third Yea . 1000-1901.
Opens Wednesday. Sept 12. K'.'^
Climate desirable Tor delicate
Ten acres beautifully l;ild out. <>jl'|afiE
Tennis, Croquet nud other athleteEBB
Brumes. Excellent care; rvneonibliH*
rates. Address
The Directress of
Mount de Chantal Academj, 1
Near, Wheeling. W. Va. EgS
For YOUNG LADIES, Roanoke,Vi $5!
Opera Sept. 18th. 1900. 0=e of the JfeVj
Schools for Your.[j Ladles in thefcah. to &?ij
nitlceut buildJnjrs, oil ciodcm inprcvti? jyffi
Campus tea ocxts. Gran J ianrj'wa:n stag*
Valley ot Vs., fused for j.rxof<t2?? g?p!
American teachtrs. Full cour*?. L*c<ik^ 5$ja
advantage* In Ait. Music end ElocutUa
dents trr.m thirty States. Fcr catabtuo^-'^ ,
MATT1E P. IlARlili. Prtudtct, Hawk.* ^
Real Estate
Title Insurance. -j5 11
If you purchase or xna?e a loan oa ^ ||8j|
estate have the title !n?urt.d ty f|
Wheeling Title & Trus! Cc, |||
No. 1305 Marker $ i-;t.
s!'j? ?' cj L HI'I'I STK ?a n?I r? /c: Kb
Sttam and Hot Water Heatiu?
Grade Plumbing Fixtures, t'.dl 3n^
the "Llnkrv Filter* in operations "3;.jEBg
<t*?c(flcaiions and estimates for any
ji our line furnished on applie - "ion. |g?,
moderate, consistent with nrst-c^ **"* fijffl
md satisfaction guaranteed.
ROR!-PT W. !v"\ ) i;. fei
No. liar.MurkctSt.. fa.
Plumbing, Gos ond Stcjm tit to}
Dealer In nil poods pertaining to tietrJ*4 R|
2012 Main Street. , KgK
Telephone 37. . Wheel'.:
Practical Plumbers,++f
CiA*i ?ind Sfonm Fitters. Haf:
' No. Z3 Twelfth Street. ^ ??5
Work dono promptly nt reasonu'rUPf^^^
Cleanups and beautifies the rno
tea. a luj.uri.int growth. N<v<\r V-.jggH
;o restore Gray Hair to II* youth-1; ^Mal
Cures scalp diseases and b^'r
X?c a bottle. (Send stump?.)
A. M. AINSLIK C0?^ ||
r ill avl
ot TCt?n*!ir?*. X ?? ?r? * ?JfCfu !r';4- mm
llucii IVo'i'.cjiMit M?nt MICK. ^Nhw
b. M. WOOLLEY, M. 0.. *U" *7j|

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