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i ' I
\ t'., ; .! , >>-j
To Leave - for the Land of China to
Battle For Their Country.
At the Anticipation of Service, While
Not a 3Tew Tears, Are? 'Shed by
Friends as the Boys in Blue March
Away to "War?Great "^Impetus
Given to Recruiting. r jj
NHW YORK, July 23.?Governor's Island
and the ferry entrance at the battery
recall the day when the troops
were 'preparing to depart for the south
at the outbreak of the Spanish-American
war. Three companies'of the Fifteenth
United7 States Infantry?I, K
and L?ure under orders t&.leave Governor's
Island to-morrow j.for San
Francisco, and the soldiers believe they
will see active service In China before
they return to this part of the world.
The relatives and friends?the majority
of them-women?spent as many hours
? n# Comlnv .Kith tha>n .?r, ?, 1
Ui. uuiiuuj nut I-? ?( ? uo uiuiuito UIIU
\ regulations would permit.
itfaiiy Tearful Farewell? Taken.
Many tearful farewells \yere taken by
the. visitors, but-the 'sbldlorsi themablves
joked and laughed, and neteel'generally
as-lfthe prospects of fighting In a foreign
lund were; pleasing to them. The
three companies that will begin' the .1
long journey to-morrow will be under
the command of Major. C. "\V. Cornish!.
Preparations' for departure." have all
been completed, baggage is packed, and
oillcors and men are ready for the
sound ?of the bugler's "fall In." At Og-,
den, Utah Company M, of the same
regiment, will join the contingent from
Governor's Island. This company for a
year has beon at Fort McPherson, Ga.
The companies 'Will go Into camp at
*Vin T>rnalrlIr\ in Qnn
tory to shipping for the Philippines or
China, as may be determined by the
war department..'. \
Small Garrison Left General Brooke.
The departure of the companies of
the Fifteenth regiment will leave General
Brooks with but a small garrison
at Governor's 'islands until the arrival
of troops now in Cuba. The Island,
which Is the official headquarters of the
department of the east, will, for the
present^ be'garrlsoned by companies of
the Fifth artillery, now stationed
around the harbor.
Army officials in this city, particularly
those-attached to the quartermaster's
department, are 'very busy In
looking after the troops ordered home
from Cuba to their old stations. The
belief is genera! that these commands
will not long be permitted to enjoy the
comforts of their home stations, but
after a brief rest will be recruited and
sent to the east via Siin Francisco.
Company E, of the battalion of engineer,
two officers and one hundred and
llfty men stationed at "West Point, is
under orders to proceed to the Pacific
coast. This detachment will getaway
More Troops Expected From Cuba.
More troops are expected here this
week from Cuba. The transport RawUrsis
now on the way with part of the
Fifth Infantry which'will go to Fort
Sheridan, and Chicago. ?
Two battalions of the Second Infan
j, uiiitcio UJIU 1'ifini
hundred and llfty men arc on ttic trans
port Sedgwick, which Is expected here
to-morrow. These troops will be sent
west at once to recuperate, and recruit.
Orders have been Issued by the
Washington authorities to withdraw
the Fjfst Infantry now stationed at
Guanajay, and Pjnar del Rio, in Cuba,
and early next month part of the
Eleventh infantry will leave Cuba. A
squadron of the Fifth cavalry has also
been ordered from Cuba to Fort Myer,
"Washington. These are all seasoned
troops, and It Is expected that they will
be able to give a good account of themselves
IT It becomes necessary for them
to go to China. '
Will be Landed on Chinese Soil.
Army officers stationed around New
York are Inclined' to the belief that
most of the troops now under orders to
go to San Francisco will be landed on
Army officers flay that the Chinese
trouble and the prospects of United
States troops'seeing service in that
country have given a great Impetus to
lecruiting in this city. Nearly all the
regiments in the service are below their
quotas und the officers, in charge of the
recruiting stations, have received orders
to redouble their efforts to secure
men for the regiments now In the
Held. Most of- the applicants, many of
them veterans of the Spanish war,
want tQ be assigned to regiments under
orders or likely to receive orders to
go to Asia. No difficulty is anticipated
by'those in army circles In securing all
the men necessary.
How Idoocly Toole a Whipping.
From "The Life of Dwlght L. Moody,"
by W. R. Moody: Mother would,send
me out for a stick, ana I thought I
could fool her and got a dead one. Rut
she would ?nap the stick and then tell
me to get another. She.wan rarely In
a hurry, and certainly never when she
was whipping me. Once 1 told her that
the whipping did not hurt at all. I never
had occasion to Ml her so again, for
she put It on ho It did hurt.
Unprofessional at Present.
New York Press: No ptig would be I
happy In Congress anyway, till the
rules of order are cooked over so he I
could knock out the previous question, j
Tlio Features of tlio Monoy and Stock .
NEW YORK, July 1'3.?Money on call I
steady at VAftlper cent. Prime m^r- j
can tile! paper per cent. Sterling
exchange firm, with actual business Iri
bankers'bills at Jl 87^ for demand and I
$4 81 for CO days. Posted rates
54 b\VM\ 85 and,$4 88fH SS'/i. Commercial
hills |4 UVA<trI 88If.. Bar Sdlver
6114c. Sliver certificates GH6$02!cC. I
Mexican dollars 4SVJo,
Government bonds strong.
State bonds Inactive,
Railroad bonds Irregular.
The Influential Interests which have
| taken ths leadership In the stock rnar|
ket --continued th:ir efforts to-day-to
make a rising market with thd object
j of inducing public buying.,There .were
not discouraged by failure of outside
interest to develop on account of last
week's advance, and they resumed their
.bullish manipulation from the opening
this morning. There was not much difficulty
apparent in advancing prices or
if any obstruction appeared in the
shape of offerings in larger volume than
could be absorbed, the leaders deftly
turned their attention to stocks whose
upward course was easier. As the long
Interest has not yet attained large proportions.
and as there still remains a
considerable short interest whose position
grows dally more precarious, the
technical conditions favored the advance.
There was some accession of
outside buying as well, which It Is the
ultimate object of the present buying
to attract as a reliance for absorbing
stocks at a higher level. The appearance
of this buying encouraged the professional
bulls to redoubled efforts and
the day's market as a result gave an
appearance of greater activity and
more strength than on any day last
.week. This was particularly true after
Sugar had boon checked in its first rt?
actionary tendency unci was found lo
move upwards easily on moderate buying.
This stock continued to have a
marked influence on the whole,market
and its reaction late In the day precipitated
a movement to take profits elsewhere,-so'that
the closing was'easy at
considerable recessions from the best.
The distinguishing feature of the market
was its unevenness as migfit be ex,
pected fronvlts professional and manipulated
character. A few stocks were
^active* and strong, a larger number
showed sharp advances after lying dov"mant
for some time, so that very meagre
transactions were sufficient to move
them. But the majority, of the list wa3only
moderately active and continued
very sluggish, small net gains being the
rule In'sympathy with the strength in
special stocks. There was a disposition
to pick some leading stock from
each strong group c-f securities In which
the Interests or conditions-were allied
and advance these leaders for effect on
their particular groups, thus permeating
pretty much the whole market with
a show of strength. During the course
of the day other stocks in the several
groups responded more or less to thte
manoeuvre, thus boardenlng the effect
of the advances. Thus Tennessee coal
led the stocks with an extreme advanc?
of 4Vi per cent, but several of the group
responded to the extent of a point or
over. Metropolitan Street Railway 2%
per cent early in the day, but Brooklyn
Transit took the leadership of the group
with a rise of'3^ per cent on the favorable
illdielal dorlsinn in tpn nnnfr
fare cases. In the grangers, St. Paul
and Burlington rose about 2 points
each. Early advances in Leather, People's
Gas and Southern Pacific proved
abortive,and these stocks were relegated
to the background. Such recent favorites
as the Baltimore & Ohio and Union
Pacific were notably neglected and were
inclined to be heavy. The hopelessness
cf the bulls was predicted on the more
encouraging feeling regarding China
which was reflected from abroad,or* the
confidence that the money market Is
assured of a considerable period of ease
and that'a period-of quiet in political
affairs Is likely to intervene before the
campaign tjikes on . its more active
phases. The absence of any engagements
of gold for export to-day also
helped" the market as did the favorable
crop news. The bond market continued
dull and prices moved- irregulaxly.
Total sales par value $1,285,000.
United States 4s coupon and new is
advanced % in the bid price;
IT. S. Bonds.
FT S 7?nfimrH%*?? nro
2s when Issued, U.S. new -is cou.1333;
registered 101 U. S. old 4m reg.llSV*
do coupon 101 IT. S. old cou.115^,
L. S. 2a reg 1W) LT. S. 6s reg.....lJ3?v
II- ? 2 s reff 1(35 lu- s- 53 coupon.1111,-'.
U. S. 3s coupon.. 110*41
Atchison lM?i'|Mo. Pacldc 57*4
do preferred... 70^'Mobile & Ohio. 3,s
Bal. it Ohio 7<%!Mo., Kan. & T.. 9%
Can. Pacific FSv. | do preferred.. 32
Can. Southern... 49*a \\ j. Central... 129*;
Ches. & Ohi?>? -i'riN. Y. Central...im
Chicago CI. W... ll?{, (Norfolk & W.. 3.1**
Chi., Uur. &. Q..117^; do preferred.. 77Va
Chi., Ind. Li... 2'1 Northern Pae... 51%
do-preferred... 51 do preferred.. 72'
Chi. ?\i East III. HO |Ont. &. West... 20*4
Chicago & N. W.lO-14 Ore. Hy. & N.. 42
Chi., H. 1. & P.lOifc,I do preferred.. 70
C. C. C. St. L. t? (Pennsylvania ..129
Col. Southern... 0>4 Heading 17*4
do 1st pre 41Vi i do 1st pre CO'i
do 2d pre lGVf*| do 2d pre 2.?'
Del. .Si Hudson. .112 ?I(Io G. West...
Del., Lack. & W.177 \ Mo preferred. 90
Denver & H. G.. 17$'St. L. & San F. 9U.
do preferred... . do 1st pre lir?
Lrle 11 | do 2d pre 33*i
do 1st pre 33 St.. Louis, S. W. 9;$
G. North, pre...153 , do preferred.. 2toi
Hocking Coal.... H^jSt. Paul 112\
Hocking Valley. 25%, do preferred..171
Illinois Central..12? |St. P. A Ornaha.1121'.
Iowa Centrar.... 20 (Southern Puc... 3P,r
do preferred... -19 [Southern Ily.... ll?i
K. C., P. ??c (?.. 10 I dt? preferred.. 52"j
Lake Erie ^ W. IG Texas .t Par... l'>\
do preferred... VO Union Paclllc... 58%
Lake Shore 2lo i do preferred.. 75-*
I .mi. A> NV. nil 7i i\\* r \T.
Manhattan I..... MM:! tin preferred.. 1!* *
Met. St. Iiy 1M 'Wheel. & L. E, Pi
Mi-x. Central....13l',i I do 1M pre
Minn. St St. L... IWlx. Central.... ll'i
do preferred... 13 (Third Avenue...110
Express Companies.
Adams 123 |M. & St. L. pre. CV-.
American l&'l Laclede Clan.... 7UVa
(United States... Ij jNat, 113scuit.... 31V.*
|W'ell.s Fargo....123 do preferred.. ,V?
Atn. Cotton Oil.. 3-l%(National l^ead.. 2i?U
do preferred... S'.' | do preferred..
Atn. Malting 3% National Steel.. 26mj
do preferred... 20 I <l<> preferred.. M
Am. S. & ltef'g. 37UIN.V. Air Brake lis
do preferred... StffaIN. American... \'>Y*
Am. Spirits IVj jl'aclc 3t 53V4
do preferred... IT i do 1*t pre 83
Ain. Steel Hoop. 22% I do 2d pre 03
do preferred... <Wi i Pacific. Mull 32"4
Am. Steel & W.. Sf?V?jPeople's Gas....100
do preferred... 7GViIPre?;sed Steel C. -13
Am. Tin Plate.j. 23% j do preferred.. 73
do preferred... 7?'? (Pull. Pal. Car...181
Atn. Tobacco.... M [Sinnil. it. St 'J'.. .1
do preferred...123 iSmrar 127V?
Anaconda Mine. -r.'i I do preferred..llGVa
Brooklyn It. T.. SX'jijTenn. Coal & I. 7i"?
Col. 1*'. A: Iron.. 3'iVr. S Leather... 11%
Cont. Tobaeeo... 2?% i do preferred., iisii
do preferred... T.Hi|U. S. Rubber... 21
| Federal Steel.... Hfi'/il do preferred.. I'.l
j do preferred... ns (Western Union. "Mi
Oi-ii. V'Wlrlr. ...Vt'i lltcpuMIc 1. & H. 12%
Glucoxe Sugar... r-.l^i do preferred..
do preferred...100 IP. C. C. & St. L. ts
11?t *r. Paper..*... 22&|
Total sales of stocks Ml,GOO nlinroH.
New Yorlc Mining Stocks.
Cliolor 1- (Ontario GOO
frown Point 10 iQpliIr ('2
I (Ton. Cal. & Vft.. lltCiQulcksllvor ISO
| Dead wood ! ' do "preferred... cTmi
I Could & Curry.. 20lHlerra Nevada.. 22
1 Halo & NorcroM.s 17(Standard 4<>i
1 IloinoKtake C,000|t>'nion Con 17
I Iron Silver fiiiYellow Jacket... ' 1(J
| Mexican 121
Brondotufrs and Provisions.
: CHICAGO?IJIk world's shipments,
larger receipts and unresponsible cables
cuused a decline In wheat to-day
J and the eioso was I'^e under Saturday
for the September option. September
corn closed and September oato
Buckman & Kraus,
On Margins or Outright.
1202 Market Street, Blclure House Block.
Telephone No. 200.
A Direct Wire to New York and Chicago.
1510 Market Stroot,
Opposite Postofflco.
New York and QTOfChicago
Pittsburgh.... kjlvlvivo. Markets.
Standard Investments Sccnrltlos.
TELKniOXi: 1037.
%c down. At the close provisions were
[email protected]%c depressed.
Wheat was a very tame market today.
.Liverpool showed practically no
response to the advance here Saturday
and world's shipments large, showing
good Increases from Russia and the
Danublan country. It was the sort of
news which greeted the beginning
trade, September opening %?lc under
Saturday. There was some covering by
shorts for profits and September rallied
to 78H& The rally which graders were
playing for failed to materialize, because
of outside apathy and a reaction
followed. Heavy receipts and a slack
cash business during the rest of the
session held the market true to the
downward course and the wind-up was
lifeless and wealc. September dropped
to 76%c and closed l%c lower at 7G%@
7ti%c. Clearances at the seaboard in
wheat and flour were equal to 104,000
bushels. Primary receipts aggregated
1,185,000 bushels, compared with 993,000
bushejs last year.
Minneapolis and Duluth reported 3G9
cars, against 287 last week and 5G3 a
year ago. Receipts here were 203 cars,
sixty-seven of contract grades. The
domestic visible decreased 450,000 and
the English 1,221,000 bushels. Reports
from the Dakotas were that hot winds
had practically completed the destructive
work of the drouth. Not much attention
was paid to these reports, however.
Corn was quiet but steady, holding
firmly against the weakness in wheat
after it had made a small concession to
the attitude assumed by the more important
cereal. Business in the pit was
limited in volume and local in character.
-The supporting factors were light
receipts?311 cars here?small country
offerings, higher cables and a strong
cash demand. September sold between
39%c and 39*4c, closing %@%e up at
Shipping bids were reported 3&c over
September, c. I. f. Buffalo, and 4Hc over
September for No. 2 white. Sales for
shipments were placed at 250,000 bush
eis, wniie isew l'orK reported thirtyeight
loads taken for export. The speculative
trade in oats was small and
largely confined to the operations of local
scalpers. The depressing influence
was to a degree counteracted by the
steadiness of corn. Receipts were 109
cars. September sold between 23V4?
23%c and 23%(0,23%c, and closed %c
under Saturday at 23%c.
Provisions opened firm on light hog
receipts and an advance at the yards.
Trade was dull, however, hogs turned
easier, there was no export demand and
the wheat weakness wan depressing, all
of which cost the hog produce market
its early gain and more too. September
pork sold between $11 20(711 90 and
closed 2t?c under Saturday at $11 92%.
September lard between $0 92%. and
$G SO? 6 S2>2, closing 5c down at $6 S2^.
and September ribs between $7 05?
7 12'^ and $G 97*?, with the close Gc depressed
at $G 97j,2.
Estimated receipts to-morrow:
Wheat, 20 cars; corn, 715 cars; oats,
200 cars; hogs, 16,000 head.
Tho leading futures ranged as follows;
Articles, j Open. | High. | Low. | Close.
I I 8 I
Wheat, No. 2. | I 1
July 7G*i 7Wi| 75%l 7E%
Aug Ti'.H 77',J 7f>%
Sept 77U 7SV4I 7tifc| "tr?
Corn. No. 2. I
July X>'.i
Am: 39 Vi 3:t^ll 39Vil 3)U
S'pt 3?ii| 3tti| sy^l 3.*i
Outs, No. 2. I
July 23 23 22% 12%
Alljf 23*4 23?; 22-s 23
St-pl 239s 23?4 2J<* :3*a
Mess Pork.
July ii
Sept 12 15 12 20 11 90 11
Liiru. j
July 6 S3
S?*pt CM G92& fi 81 6$2Vs
Oct Ii !'!I^ C !*j r> JO ti 85
Short ribs.
July C, 93
Sept. 7 06 7 u7& C. ?7V? (i 97*6
__?Ct._. . . 7 00 | 7 02Vt 6 95 _0_93_
"Wheat?No. 3 spring, 73c; No. 2 red,
[email protected]%c.
Corn?No. 2, 39%c; No. 2 yellow, 39% j
Oats?No. 2, 24V??24*?c; No. 2 white, I
26<3>27tfc; No. a white, [email protected]
Rye?No. 2, [email protected]%c.
Barley?Fair to choice malting, 46? ,
Flaxseed?No. 1, $1 70; No. 1 northwestern,
$1 7401 75.
lard, prr 100 pounds, $C 70(t?fi 82%: short
ribs sides,( loose), ?7 00(0)7 25; dry saltALFRED
Slocks, Bonds, Grain and Provisions.
Continuous Grain, Stock nnd Cotton
quotations furnished over our j
private wire system nnd a full line j
of live market gossip. Our great j
system of lines extends through |
Ohio, New York. Pennsylvania, In- i
diann, West Virginia and Maryland. '
Until further notico wo will deal j
in all the active stocks, including i
Mot., Sugar, Brooklyn, Man. and all !
the metal stocks. One margin and !
no interost.
To our customers we olTcr an un- j
equaled quick scrvice and prompt (
replies. Telegraph and telephone j
chnrgcs both ways assumed by us.'
Write us to-day for our dolly mar- I
ket letter nnd quotation record. Tho i
accounts of individuals solicited,
References furnished. Business can 1
be transacted by moil as well as by
privato wire.
37-3!) Vnntlcrtfrlft Hldtf.,
323 I-'ourth Avenue, I'ltthhurtf, l*n.
Long Dlwtanco Telepltonb, 2073.
30 Twelfth Street, Wheeling, W. Va.
Telephone 102S.
ed shoulders, (boxed), '6%?7c;' short
clear sides, (boxed), 57 4507 50.
! Whisky?Baal* bt i i<.n wtribi; #..23&.
. Sugars?Cut loaf/granulated, confectioners'
A., and off A., Unchanged'. ,
Butt'er?Finn; creameries, lDigiiO&c,
I dairies, [email protected]
j Cheese?Firm at 9%@10V4c.
j Eggs?Firm;. fresh, ll1,4e.
i NEW YORK?Petroleum firm; refined
New York. $7 95; Philadelphia
and Baltimore, ,57 90; do In bulk,.55 35.
NEW YORK-Flour, receipts, 18,373
barrels; exports, 8,884 barrels; sales,
0,450 packages; market . Inactive and
barely steady 'with wheat.
Wheat, receipts, 39,775 bushels; ex-,
ports, 7,436 bushels; 'sales, 2,230,000
bushels futures; 80,000 bushels export;
spot market weak; No. 2 red, 84c f. o.
b. afloat; options opened steady' and
closed weak at l%c net, decline. Close:
July, 82c; September, $l%c; December,
Corn, receipts, 403,400 bushels; exports,
' 84,745 bushels; spot market
steady; No. 2, 46Vic f. o. b. afloat; options
opened steady, and were sustained
fairly well all day on big seaboard
clearances and some country offerings.
maricec cioseu sienuy at net
advance. Close: July, 45Vic; September,
44%c; December, 42c.
Oats, receipts, 332,S00 bushels; exports,
20,407 bushels; spot market dull;
No. 2, 28c; options dull and barely
Hay quiet. Hops quiet. Hides
steady. Leather steady. Beet quiet.
Cutmeats quiet. Lard quiet. Pork
steudy. Eggs firm. Tallow dull. Cottonseed
oil dull. Rosin qulet._ Molasses
Arm.. Coffee, spot Rio, easy; No. 7, invoice,
9%c; futures opened steady at
15 to 25 points lower; .market plosed
steady at 10 to 20 points lower;" sales,
41,250 bugs.
Sugar, raw, strong; fair refining,
4%c; centrifugal 96 test, 4%c; molasses
sugar, 4%c; refined firm.
BALTIMORE ? Flour steady; receipts,
11,041 barrels; exports, 3,285
barrels. Wheat weak; spot and July,
7GVi<2'7o%c; receipts, 110,942 bushels.
Corn, firm; mixed spot'and July, 43%
@44c; receipts, 96,105 bushels; exports,
400,134 bushels. Oats firm; No. 2 white
30%?'31c. Hay dull; No. 1 timothy,
$15 500-16 00. Sugar firm; coarse
granulated and fine do,, $6 20. Cheese,
large, [email protected] Eggs firm at 12%@ j
13c. Butter firm; fancy creamery,
[email protected]
CINCINNATI?Flour quiet; fancy,
$3 70(5-3 SO. Wheat quiet; No. 2 red,
78V?c. Corn firm; No. 2 mixed, 44c.
Oats firm; No. 2 mixed, 28c. Rye steady;
No. 2, 61c. Lard quiet at_$6 70. Bulkmeats
quiet at $7 75. Bacon steady at
;io. wniSKuy sieaay at zj. sugar
active and llrm; hard refining-, 55 [email protected]
C 85.
TOLEDO ? Wheat dull; No. 2 cash
and July, 79?ic. Corn steady and active;
No. 2 mixed, 42c. Oats dull; No.
2 mixed and September, 24c asked. Rye
dull; No. 2 mixed, 53c. Cloverseed dull;
prime cash October, $5 GO; No. 2, no
sales; North Lima oil, 95c; South Lima
and Indiana, 90c.
Live Stock.
Wheeling, W. Va., July 23.
Following wera the quotations that
ruled to-day:
Cattle?Extra, 1,000 to 1,200, 54 [email protected]
5 25; good, 900 to 1,000, 54 CO?4 90; good,
800 to 900, 54 2510)4 50; good, 700 fo 5S00,
54 00(g'4 25; common, 53 [email protected] 75; bulls,
52 5U03 75; cows, 52 [email protected] 25.
Hogs?Extra, 55 [email protected] 40; good, 55 15?
5 25; common, $4 50(5)5 00.
Sheep?Extra, 53 50<j?4 00; good, 53 03
@3 50; common, 52 [email protected] 50; lambs,,54 00
@5 v?0; calves, 54 [email protected] 00; fresh cows,
525 to 535 per head.
Market steady. Good cattle active.
CHICAGO ? Cattle, receipts, 1,400
head, Including 400 Texans and 1,400
westerns; market, [email protected] higher;
butchers' stock strong-and active; best
on sale to-day, seven car loads at 55 75.
Natives: Good to prime steers, 55 15?
5 80; selected feeders steady at 54 [email protected]
4 75; cow's, 53 [email protected] GO; heifers, 53 OOtfi)
i'l (\ntfi.i Kn* rvilvou *1 Kflfif)
6 25.
Hogs, receipts, 22,000 head; to-morrow,
17,000 head, estimated; left over,
4,000 head; market mostly 10c higher,
closing weak; top price, 5a 45; mixed
and butchers, $5 [email protected] 45; rough heavy,
*.ri 0005 15; bulk of sales, $5 3005 40.
Sheep, receipts, 14,000 head; sheep,
[email protected] higher; lambs steady; good to
choice western, $4 10^4 40; native'
lambs, $4 [email protected] 75.
EAST LIBERTY?Cattle higher; extra,
$5 30?5 70; prime, $5 4005 60; common,
$3 5004 00.
Hogs active and higher; prime me'diums,
good Yorkers and pigs, 55 70.
Sheep-lower; choice wethers, $4 40?
4 CO; choice lambs, $5 2505 50; veal
calves, S6 5007 00.
CINCINNATI ? Hogs strong and
higher at 34 7005 50.
NEW YORK?The market for metals
ruled rather quiet, and prices were not
materially changed, except for spelter,
which was a shade higher and nrmer
at M [email protected] SO. Tin was ?2 higher In
London, which ruled very quiet at unchanged
prices here. The nominal
quotations were $35 00. Copper ruled
dull at $15*00. Lead was ulso dull and
unchanged at $3 D7&04 02*?. Old Iron
and steel were offered at much lower
prices, and some sales of the low deparity
of new were made. The bro
kers' price for lead was $3 95 and for
copper $1G 50.
Dry Goods.
NEW YORK?The chief feature of
the market to-day has been the revision
of prices In bleached cottons,
leading llneH being reduced %c to %c .
per yard. In brown goods the market
continues dull and unchanged. Coarso
colored cottons without special feature.
Prints slow throughout. Print cloths
quiet but firm. American woolen
company will open all its lints on
Monday next.
OIL CITY?Credit balances, $1 27;
certificates, Jl bid for cash oil; '
shipments, 101,3112 barrels; average, 79,7GC
barrels; runs. 219,142 barrels; average,
87,079 barrels.
i\ w iuiuv-standard on slock,
5531) (^540.
NEW YORK?Wool Arm.
A BOON to travelers. Dr. Fowler's
Extract of Wild Strawberry. Cures
dysentery, diarrhoea, fcasdckncH.s, nan- i
pea. Pleasant to take. Perfectly harm- .
il-hs.?4. i
For Infants nnd Ciiildion.
the Kind You Have Always Bought 1
S^iwluru of '
! MEN I f
< ? Is tho title of an Interesting little < >
j*> book that chows how <v
x Is LOST, and how It may bo x j
It Is sent securely scaled In plain X
envelope Free, on receipt of 2c Y
X stamp for postage.
2> We are the leading specialists In X
2, curing all cas?s o( Kidney and
Z, Bladder trouble. Sexual Weakness x
<i, and Impotency. Syphilis. Conor- ^,
'A rh(i*a. Nljrht Losses. Gleet tnd ? i
?j. Stricture quickly and permanently. . '
We have cured thousand* at their v
< own homes. All letters kept strictA
ly private and anawered In plain
& sealed envelope. Consultation by C.
? mall free. Write to-day. Address. ,\j
% DR. W. H. SAUNDERS h CO., |
P> Chicago, III. 5
beauty, the conqueror
Arsenic Beauty Tablets and Pills. A per?
X?ctly safe and guaranteed treatment for
loll ekln disorders. P.esforos the bloom of
youth to faded faces. 10 days' treatment
Mc: 10 days' Jl.Ofl, by mall. Send for clr?
cular. Address.
KERV1TA MEDICAL CO., Cllolea k Jictaoa SU.. Cbtcap.
QniH ttv Hit* R. Onptze. Driivrtat. Mar*
k?t anil Twelfth atreetB, Wheeling. W. |
Va. tt2i-a5tvr
? ER, FATHER. or any of your rein- <>
5> tlves afflicted with the .Dlscuso of
.T DrunkonnecB? We have a sure w
?V euro -which can be given -with or &
fV -without the knowledge of the pa- <t>
tlent Send for particulars, enclosP?
lng 2c stamp for reply. AddrrnK. <i>
W Dr. W. II. Saunders & Co., Chi- <?>
jx cago, 111. <*
& ?3><S>^X^><S>?S> ><3^3KS><S><><S>4> ^S<5^^?^>?
KITE'S ITV Cnres Drunkenness.
EaULbL i Cures Drug Users.
4X18 Fifth lib, VllUbnrr, Y*.
Hodman CO.,
Repairing of all kinds of machinery
promptly and quickly executed. oc25
Salem. W. Va.
Newly furnished. Baths In connection.
Leading Hotel of the County.
West Union Went Va.
None Better.
mmninn?m?i ? ? vy. \ a.
House Heated by Steam.
Qpp. B. & 0. Station, Kowleaburg, W. Va.
Centrally Located. Rates 52.0) Per Day.
Slstersvllle. W. Va.
Under New Management.
OpposlteJ^ourt House, Moundavllle, W. Va?
New Martinsville. W. Va.
Home_for Commercial and Oil Men.
Mlddlebourne, W. Va. "
First-Class l.lvery Attached.
At Depot. Fairmont, W. Vu.
Sample Rooms Opposite New Court Ilousa
llarriHVille. W. Va.
Clood Accommodations. Ltvery.
lea JTS.:^ot Jt^st
Steamer KEYSTONE STAT 10?Clinrloa
W. Knox, Master; Will D. Kimble, Purser.
Every Tuesday at S a. in.
For Freight or PassaKe Telephone D30.
Jal9 Agoiita.
?r Pennsylvania StJitlonn.
Trains Run by Central Tiu>*i [
Dally. tDally, except Sunday.
Sunday only.
Ticket Ofllccs at Pennsylvania Station on
Water street, foot of Eleventh utreet. ,
Wheeling, and at the Pennsylvania St
Hon. Bridgeport.
,, Leave. Arrive j
From Wheeling to a.m. a. :a. ;
Wellhburg and Stcubenvlllo. t 8:25 t 6:07
p. in. .
McDonald and Pittsburgh., t 6:25 t S:l? 1
SteubeiiviUo unci Columbus, t ii:.\ j 5:l.i
Columbus and Cincinnati... f 6:25 t S:i5 >
Wellsburg and Pittsburgh.. tlu:uU t 6:15 j
Pittsburgh and New York.. *10:55 '
p. m. p. m. i
Philadelphia and New York. ti2::0 t 2:17 j
Steubcuvllle and Pittsburgh tl2:r.0| f 2:17 '
Columbus and Chicago tl2Uio t 2:17 j
Philadelphia and New York 2:551 id?35
Haltlmore and Washington. t.G:M
Steubenvllle and Pittsburgh 2:D5 t s:53
McDonald and Dcnulson.... | 2:551 fs:53
Pittsburgh and New York., t G:30i t's :.
Indianapolis and St. Louis, t 8:30 S:0' I
Dayton and Cincinnati * nr.M 1 j..." 1
Stcubcnvllle anU Columbus!! j b:3oj | cio) !
PSUsburnh and East ..[ 1 8:8o| }V:"j !
yjorticwest system?cleveland
& prrrsnuitGH division. ,
: . , )Leave.)Arilv?|
From Bridgeport to u. m.( p. m.
Fori Wayne and Chicago... f 4HS| t n:i3
Canton and Toledo t 4:4S| t-S:11, ^
AUlancu and Cleveland t 4MM f'slli 1
Stcubcnvllle and Plttuburgh t 4MSi t 9:2j l
Stcubcnvllle anil WcIIrvUIc. t 9:0? *12^Vo
Bteubenvlllc and Plltauurgh t 9:C9 Jismo \
0 P. m. |
Fort Wayne and Chicago... t l;].s t 8:rj
Canton and CroHtllne.. t1:1B tl2M0 '
Alliance and Cleveland 11:15i t 8:31!
Steubenvlllo and Wellavllle. f 1:16 j 6*25
Philadelphia end New York 11:15 t 5:25 1 J
Wcllnvlllo and Pittsburgh... 0 3:3a "JtK& 1
Toronto and Pittsburgh.... t l:ir? t 1
Steubcnvlllo and .WoUhvIIIc. j 0:09 ; sill , j
RnUlmore nnd Washington. t 1:16 t GtfS ' J
NVw York and Washington. t r r>::6 ' 1
Stcubcnvllle and Pittsburgh! t 4:fst t 5:i&
Parlor Car Wheeling to Pittsburgh on
2:K? j). tu. and ?J:3U t>. m. train. Central
llmo. (Ono hour slower thnn Wheeling t
J. O. tom un SON, .
Pnsnonner and TlcUot AgonL t
Agent (or all Steamship Lines. j
. . . . \
Arrival and departure of trains on^awl
litter Mav 37. *1900. Explanation ot Ret-' erence
iiarUs: 'Dally. 1 Dally, except ;.
Sunday. jDally, excrpt Saturday. SDalljr, i
except Monilay. jSunduys cnly. *Satur?
days. only. Eastern Standard Time. ;?!
Depart. IB.&O.-Maln I.lno East. Arrive.
1T:20 nin Wash.. Ha!.. Phil.. N.Y. S:10 am
5:00 pm| Wash.. Hal.. Phil., N.Y ft
t 6:f<0 um[..Cumberland Accom.. t 5;50 pm
6:50 am .....Grafton Accom 6:50 pm
0:00 pm! Grafton Accom *10:35 am
10:50 ami..Washington City Ex.. *10:80 pm -j
Depart. IB.&O.?C.O. Dlv., West; Arrive'.* ^
7:'?} nnuColumbus and Chicago 1:10 am
10:15 am ..Columbus and Clncln.. 5:17 pm
11:40 pmlCoL, Cin. and St. Louis 5:lu am
4:05 pm)....Chicago Express.... 8:10 am ;
tl0:15 am..St. Clnlrsvllle Accom.. t 8:4') am
14:05 pm ..St. Clalravllle Accom.. f5:17 pm
10:15 am Sandusky Mall...... 5:1? pm .
'Depart, B. & o.?'IV.. P. B. Dlv. Arrive.
5:ln am Pittsburgh *10:13 am
V?:l!0 urn Pittsburgh -. 6:85 pm
5:20 pm ..Pittsburgh and East.. *11:30 pm :
3:15 pm ..Pittsburgh and East.. *10:W am
ti:0a pm ._l'lttsbi:rgh
Depart. |P., C., C. & St L. Ry! "Arrlvo7Eust.
t 7:25 am Pittsburgh ....... t 9:51 am
til:00 am Pittsburgh ....... t 6:15 pm
11:30 pm Pitts., I'htlu. and N, Y. t 3;17 pm
3:55 pm Pitts.. Phlla. and N. Y. t i?:lG pm
t 7:30 pm Pitta.. Hal.. Wfh.; N.Y. *11 :M am
t 9:20 pm Pitta., }Jal, W'sh., N.Y. 'M:35 am
1 7:2.j am ..Steub. and DonnlBon.. t 9:53 am
t ?:23 umi..stoub., Col. ami Cln.. t ":07 am t
1:30 pm ..Steub., Col. and Chi.. 11:17 pn\
j 3:55 pmi.iStoub. and Dennlaon.. t 9:15 pm
\ 9:30 pmlStcub.. Col.. Cln., St.JL. f'f:?5 pm
Depart; I Ohio" River R/R. Attlv?lw-i;'*iv
S:0o amjPark. and Way Points *10:50 am
110:00 amjCharleston una Clncln. 3:45 pm
11:45 ami.Clncln. and Lexington, t 7:25 pm
511:15 ami....Kenova Kxpress.... 4 7:25 pm
S:45 pinjPark. and Way Points t 6:50 nm
i ;?iw pmn'ftrk. and Way Polntait 9:15 am
Depart. C. & P.?Bridgeport. I Arrive,
t 5:4S am Ft. Wayne and Chicago 9:13 pm
t 5:48 am ...Canton nnd To inlo... 9:13 pm
t CMS am AlUnnce ?iul Cleveland t 9:11 am
tii):u9 ain Stcubcnvlllc and Pitts. t. 9:33 pm
t 5:48 am Ft. Wayne and Chicago tl0:25 am
t 2:15 pm ..Canton and Toledo., t 0:33 pm
t 2:15 ptn Alliance and Cleveland t i:40 pm
2:15 pm ..Steub. and Wellsvllle.. tl0:25 am
? 5:53 pm ..Steub. and Wellsvllle.. "11:58 am
t 5:53 pm Philadelphia and N. Y. t 0:25 pm
t 5:53 pm ..Baltimore and Wash;. t 6:25 pm.
t 5:53 ptn Steubenvillc and Pitts, t 6:55 pm
t 7:09 pm ..Steub. and .Wellsvllle.. t 9:13 pm
Depart. |C.7 L~ & W.?Bridgeport Arrive,
t 7:45 am Cleve., Toledo and Chi. t 2:05 pm
11:20 pm Cleve., Toledo and Chi. t 8:05 pm
t 5:150 pm ....Mns.?lllon Accom.... tl0:40 am
t 8:1S pm ..St. Clalrgvlllo Accom.. t 9:41 am
fl0:13 am ..St. Clalrsvllle Accom
St. ClairHvlllo Arcom.. t 5:07 pm
t 5:00 pm ..St. Clalrsvllle Accom.. 7:25 pm
tl2:22 pni .Local Freight. ;?...|tl2;30 pm
Depart. W. <& L. E. i Arrive.
7:00 am Cleve.. Tol. & ChL Ex. *10:20 pm
til:45 am Toledo nnd Detroit Spo. t 6:15 pm
tll:45 um Clevo. and Canton Ex. t 6:15 pm
5:15 pm ....Cleveland Special.... *12:40 pm
7:30 am Steub. and Brlf. Accom^l2:40 pm
111:45 am Steub. and Brll. Accom t 6:15 pm
5:15 pm Steulx and Brll. Accom *10:20 pm
Depart." B? Z. & C. B. R. i~Arrlve7
Beliaire. Bellalre.
11:05 amjMall, Express and Pas. 9:40 am
4:E5 pm Express nnd Passenger 3:50 pm
2:35 pmlMIxed Freight and Pas. 1:15 pm
Departure and urrival
of trains at
Wheeling. Eastj.
ern Time.
(TailMlllT3SferaRtai?iB Schedule In effect
May 20, 1900 VStation
corner ot
' Twentieth and
Water Streets.
" Leave.TArrlvo
From Wheeling to a.m. a. m.
Grafton nnd Cumberland... l-.i0| S.10
Washington and Baltimore. *1J:2.) *8:10
Philadelphia anil New York *12:20 *,8:10
p. m
Pittsburgh and Cumberland * 5:15 *U;S0
Washington and Bultlmoro. " 5:15 *11:33
Philadelphia imd New York 5:15 11:3a
Grafton and Cumberland... t C:5o t 5:5flFairmont
and Grafton 0:50 6:50
Washington (Pa.) and Pitts. 7:20 0:83
ft. ro.
Zanesvllle and Newark 7:25 lua
Columbus and Chicago 7:25 l-io
p. m.
Zanesvllle and Columbus.... *10:15 *5:17
Cincinnati and St. Louis.... *10:15 5;i7
Grafton and Cumberland... *10:60 *10;X1
Washington and Baltimore. *10:69 -?]0:M
p. m. a. 10.
Zanesvllle and Newark * 4:05 * ?i:40
Columbus and Chicago * 4:05J 3:4?
Wuthlngton (Pa.) and Pitts. * 3:15 *10:01
Philadelphia und Nov; York * 3:15 *10:13
Gralton and Cumberland... *6:00 *10:3J
Washington and Baltimore. * 5:00
Pittsburgh and Cumberland * 5:20 *10:13
Washington and Baltimore. * 5:20 *10:13
Philadelphia and Now York * 5:20 *10:13
Zanesvllle and Columbus? *11:40 *5:20
Cincinnati and St. Louis? *11:40 * 5:20
Pitts, and Washington (Pa.) _? G:0Q
Dally, jExcept Sunday. {Sundays only.
Pullman Sleeping or Parlor Cars on all
ihrough trains.
City Passenger and Ticket Agent. Wheel*
Inc. Apent for all Steamship Lines.
General Manager. Mgr. Pass. Traffic.
Time Table in effect May 27, 1900.
S:oo a. m.?Dally? 1- or Pnrkersburg,;an<J
Intermediate points.
10:00 a. m.?Dally exccpt Sunday? For
Moundsvllle, New Martinsville, Slatersvilie,
St. Marys, Marietta, Parkcrsburg,
Ravenswood, Millwood,
Pomeroy, Pt. Pleasant, Charleston,
Galllpolis, Huntington. Kenova, Irontop.
Portsmouth. Illllsboro, Cincinnati.
and all points South and AV'cst.
Runs solid to Cincinnati. Parlor Car
11:45 n. ni.?Daily?For SlstcraviHc, Marietta.
Parlurphurr. Pomeroy, Point
Pleasant. Charleston. Gallipolls,
Huntington. Kenova. and principal
intermediate points. Parlor Car.
S p. in.?Dally? For Parkcrsburg and
intermediate points.
7:00 p. m.?Dally except Sunday?For Sls?
tersville. St. Marys, Waverly, Marietta,
ParkersburB. and Intermediate
points north of Sistersville.
. Gen. Pass. Agent
id''" ,-*
' ifel, its fi|T:i:~SS: ^ H?inRliju|i
SfHljL ifAj 3 !
ill! [|IS
fuota lift ?#?? ttuicl. WI1U II hit n wnturo.
Wheeling & HI111 Grove Eleclric Railway
Car* will run as follows, city tlroa:
l.??avo WUcellnu. Leave JSlrn Grov?
urn. p.?u P m.
6:3U 6:45 2:?S
<i:v) l:\\
?:wi I :il
":00 <:00 7:16 4:U
7:30 r\S,S Jilt iM
8:00 6'-?0 8:15 6;13
3:30 ?.}5 5:44
6;i? 915 6:11
0:30 8 45 |:ifl
0:00 1:0? J2:!? *01
0:CO "J :So 10:45 7-41
1:00 h:?0 11 1:11
1:30 8:30 11:45
p. 111.
2:00 9:00 12:15 9:11
2:30 9:30 12:15 9.45
i:u0 10:00 1:16 10 m
1:50 10:80 1:45 10:41
200 il:W 1:16 U:oi
Extras from Wheeling 10 Park and Ro*
urn. p. w. p. w. p, in
i:4l> 3:65 4:66
:4ft 406 10*

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