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Easy for the Man From Texas Who
Ktws the Democratic Party
Cast Aside His Seedy Clothes, Manipulated
a Real Estate Deal,' Entered
Politics and is Now Manager
For the Democratic Candidate;
for Congress From the Fourth District.
] Special DJspatcb to the-Intelligencer.1
PARKERSBURC?, W. Va.. Aug. 20.About
tvfo years ago, a seedy looking
chap made htf appearance here, and,
after givingthename of J.D.WoIverton,
of Texas, opened an agency for a Baltimore
building and loan association.,
By offering liberal terms he secured a
number of subscriptions and appeared
tb prosper) He Anally fell In with:
Creed Collins, Jr., a son of the present
Democratic candidate for Congress "from
v.'tiijs district, and together the pair sej..
. cured on option on a few acres of land
! in the vicinity of the city park. Tl)e
1 deal T>*as made a few weeks before the
"new electric railroad was completed
I and suburban real estate was on tha
! boom and Collins and his friend made a
j nice thing of it. Shortly after this,
AVolverton made application to practice
[ at.the bar, opened an office and ev'entu|
ally pushed himself forward ns a candidate
for the state senate, being defeated
for the nomination.
He Groomed.
To get even with those who opposed
him he groomed and by his manipulations,
procured the nomination of Creed
. Collins, sr., the father of the man who
started him here, for Congress, defeat- .
ing Hon. Henry S. "Wilson and tha
wheelbarrow Democrats of the district.
It is now understood that efforts are
being made upon the part of Collins to
make Wolverton the Democratic "boss"
of this section, and relegate such men
as Judge Quinn, Editor Homer and a
host of others to the rear. "Wolverton
is said to take kindly \o the idea and
the downfall of the old leaders is almost
an accomplished fact.
"Wolverton's rapid rise Is the cause of
much surprise and it looks as though it
was more the result of "iijck than either
ability or influence. His management
of Collins' campaign will be eagerly
Of Preston County Celebrate Tlieir
Seventeenth Annual Reunion.
' Judge Freer Delivers a Patriotic
and Hinging Address.
Spccial D.'spatch to tb? IntaJIIrenccr.
TUNN'ELTON. W. Va.. Aug. 26.?Tha
seventeenth annual reunion of the Preston
County Association of the G. A. K..
closed a three days camp In a grove
two miles north of here Saturday,and It
was the most successful from points of
interest and numbers ever held In this
v section.
The Saturday session -was the most
Important and the committee were fortunate
In securing as the orator of the
day Congressman Romeo H. Freer, the
Republican candidate for attorney general.
He was greeted by an audience
of over 2,000 old soldiers, members of
the Women's Relief Corps and others.
He was given a perfect ovation and
made a speech that brought tears to the
eyes of many.
Judge Freer's Speech.
Congressman Freer's speech was too
long to report in full, but^ 1L fully sustained
his reputation as,an orator, and
in substance his line of address was as
follows: He was proud of Preston
county for many reasons, a chief cnt
being the fact that It contained more
old Union soldiers than any "oilier
county In the state, and such pretty
women and few ugly men."
After referring facetiously to the old
soldiers and their propensity to believe
that each put down the rebellion, he
spoke feelingly of their place as citizens
and generally good citizens because
they have learned obedience in
the army and carried that into their
conception of good citizenship. And
"again that they who had stood under
the shadow of death for years knew the
love and mercy of the living God. .
T-Tf? flimt rff/irr-r.rl trt tVm /<mnio nf V?k.
Avar as a clash between two governments.
and the one dedicated to free
' labor triumphed, and the results were
I Every f
i Month!
^ there are thousands of wo- Q
$ men -who nearly snfier death ()
A from irregular menses. Some- A
\ times th? " period " comes too \
f often ? sometimes not often f
i enough?sometimes the flow is (
A too scant, and again it is too A
K profuse. Each symptom shows
\ that Nature needs help, and 9
f that there is trouble In the or- ^
A gans concerned. Be careful i
\ when in any of the above con- \
V ditions. Don't tako any and 9
f every nostrum adrcrtiscd to f
j) cure female troubles. Q
i is the one sofo and sure Q
i medicine for irregular or pain- a
\ ful menstruation. It cares all *
f tho nilmcnts that arc caused by f
P irreRularity, such as leucor- A
a rha-a, falling of the womb, i
\ nervousness; pains in the head, \
f hack, breasts, shoulders, sides, f
f hips and limbs. By regulating f
a the menses so that they occur a
\ every twenty-eighth day, all \
f those aches disappear together, y
Q Just before your time comes, Q
A get a bottle and sco how much a
. good it will do you. Druggists \
J sell it at t
Send for our fr?? book, "Perfect d
' Hrglth for Wom?n." ' V
| ? ATLAHTA, CI. (7
seen In a mighty.nation.of one.people
and one Hag represented and feared the
world over; and the great leader in
Christian civilization and the % foster
mother of the stia.
; Referring to the present, he spdke or
our wonderful prosperity an a nation,
of our happy homes, our rushing Industries,
our. wonderful advancement until
to-day we are the dictators of the trade
of tho world.
Islans of the Orient.
His argument favoring keeping all
fhrvUUnr). nf >1 %
> <. ?i>Miua u<. me cc? mat UUU iiUS J)Ut
in our lap and upholding the majesty' of
the nation In China, was of the highest
order, of oratory and full of patriotic
All those sentiments were received
with approbation and he was cheered
to the echo. It was simply one of Congressman
Freer's best efforts and will
long be remembered by the people of
dear old Preston.
Mrs. Agnes Boggess, of Highland:?,
"delivered"an Interesting address Saturday
morning on '.'Our Country and its
Destiny." It was well prepared ami
highly appreciated. After the speeches
had been delivered, the following officers
for the ensuing year, were elected:
J. M. Haydcn, commander; A .C, Scott,
"senior vlCG" commander; M. S. Bright,
junior vice commander; Leroy Shaw,
adjutant. .
Ovemiled by an Opinion of the Supreme
Court of the United State3.
The Anti-Cigarette Law.
Charleston Mali-Tribune: The supreme
court of the United States has
recently rendered a decision which is of
so general una sweeping a cnaractar a?
to reach a court of appeals decision In
this state and overturn it, rendering tiie
antl-clgarette law, passed by the legislature
of 1895, arid which was later held
to be unconstitutional by the court of
appeals, effective'and lawful.
The syllabus and case referred to Is
as follows: }
F. May & Co., Plaintiffs in Error, vs.
City of New Orleans.
Taxes?exemption of original Imported
l.Orlglnal packages of Imported goods
which cazjnot be accessed for local taxation,
consist of the boxes, cases, or
bales In which the goods were shipped,
and not the smaller packages therein
contained, although these are the pack
uku? in waxen me gooas are put up oy
the manufacturer: and when the packages
In which the goods are shipped
reach their destination for use or trade,
nnd are opened and the separate packages
therein exposed or offered for sale,
these become subject to local taxation
like other property In the state.
2. An assessment for taxation, under
state authority, of the original package
in which goods are Imported, before
they have, by the act of the importer,
become .incorporated into the mass of
property of the state and are held for
use or sale, is void as a violation of
the United States constitution, article
1, sections S, 10, prohibiting the states
to lay Imports or duties on imports
and giving Congress power to regulate
foreign commerce.
The West Virginia cigarette law provided
for a heavy license tax to be
paid by dealers handling and exposing
for sale cigarettes. The law was contested
on the ground that1 as the cigarettes
came Into the state,' were exposed
for sale, and sold in original package,
the law was void and in conflict with
the constitution of the United States.
" By this latest decision It Is established
that when the cigarettes, as packed
In the large boxes at the factory and
shipped into the state; that Is the original
package, and when the lid Is broken
and the "coffin nails" handed out to
the consumer, the original package Is
broken, and it then becomes subject for
local and state taxation and regulation.
This decision will have the effect'of
reversing our supreme court, and the
restriction of the sale of cigarettes, as
originally intended in the law of 1S95.
The supreme court of the United
States stood, 5 to 4 on this decision, and
the opinion was read by Justice Ilarlan.
Nominate the Slato Ticket?Owen
McXinney for House of Delegates.
SpccJat Dispatch to the Inielllzencer.1'
FAIRMONT, W. Va., Aug.' 25.?The
Democrats of this (Marlon) county held
their convention here Saturday and
nominated the following ticket: For
house of delegates, Owen S. McKlnney
and Tusca Morris; sheriff, Charles R.
Snodgrass; prosecuting uttorney,
Charles Powell; judge of Intermediate
court, F. T. Martin; county commissioner,
F. M. Meredith; surveyor, W. S;
Prickett; assessors, C. L. Barnes and
Claude Davis.
The slate given by the Intelligencer
several days ago, was carried out with
one exception, F. T. Martin having defeated
B. L. Hulcher for Judge. The
fight for sheriff was very close, Snodgrass
only having a margin of five,'
Stricken "With Paralysis.
Special Dispatch to the Intelligencer.
FAIRMONT, W. Va., Aug. 2C.-Telcgrain*
were received here to-day from
Atlantic City, stating thatW. T. Hartman.
manager of the West Virginia
Groccry and Candy Company, this
place," was suffering from a severe
stroke of paralysis. His brothers-inlaw.
Dr. W. Hupp Sands, of this place,
and Cashier C. Sprigg Sands, of Clarksburg,
left to-day in response to the telegrams.
The last word from his budside,
received at 9M0 to-night, waa Unit
he was still unconscious.
Knights of Pythias Leavo.
Special DI?pateh *o the Intelligences
PAIIKEmnyno. IV.. Va., Aug. 2C.?
About fifty local Knights of Pythias left
hero to-day to attend the meeting of
the Supreme Lodge at Detroit. . Tha
party will go by way of Wheeling,
CleveJend, Q., and the lakes.
Ho Fooled the Surgeons.
All doctors told Ilenlck Hamilton, of
Weft Jefferson, 0., after suffering 18
monlhn from Hectnl Fistula,,he would
die unless a costly operation was perr
formed; but he cured himself with live
boxes of Uucklen's Arnica Salve, tho
anrcat Pile cure on Eurth. and tho best
Salve In the World. 25 cents a box. Sold
by Logon Drug Co., drucuist, 4
Sold by Best Dealers
A party of married men were talking
about their wives, and It is worthy o t
note that every man was glad he had a
wife and was anxious to tell of.her good
"I never heard my wife swear but
once," V*id one of thsfm when there
seemed to be a'lull In the praise mooting.
All the others looked shocked. If any
, of them had ever heard their wly.?>;
swear, they,. we're not telling It, and
they resented the frankness of the one
man who was .apparently betraying
family secrets. But-the man did not regard
the bad-Impression he "had created.
"And that," he continued In tho sam?
tone, "was away back yonder, thirty
years or more ago, when the oil excitement
In Pennsylvania agitated the
whole country. I owned a farm up there
that I had taken for a debt of a thousand
dollars, not .because it was worth
that much, but because It was.Vall I
could get, ily business was very small
; then, and a thousand dollars represented
the bulk of my capftaL I had been
married Ave yearS.and.my wife wa3 the
very best Investment I had ever made.
One day 1 received word that oil had
been struck on the farm adjoining mine,*
and right away I proceeded to go crazy,
just as everybody else did when oil
showed up anywhere In their neighborhood.
My wife showed' signs too. but ,
she kept her wits about her. Inside of
a week I began to get offers for my
farm, ant] I sot crazier every tinw thera
came an g/fpr higher thfcn the one before
it. It went'up like a balloon at>
first, until the figures got.away up. ami
thert the smaller bidders dropped out.
At*last an offer of a hundred thousand
dollars come from a representative of a.
company that I knew ivas worth two or
three millions."
" 'Let it go,-John.' said my wife when
I told her of this offer."
" 'I guess not,' said I; 'if it's worth a.
hundred thousand to them, it's worth a
hundred thousand to me.'
" 'I tell you to let It go,' said my wife,
as firm as a pest Jn the ground.
" 'Not much,' said L Til get two
hundred thousand.'
"She pulled down her apron with a
jerk, a peculiarity of hers when she
meant business.
"'You're getting a hundred times
more for It than you gave,' said she,
'and you never expected to make a hundred
thousand dollars in a hundred
thousand years, and you know It.'
" 'But I'll make a good deal more
than that now,' I Insisted, and started
back to my desk tu write, a letter declining
the offer.
"She pulled down her apron with a
Jerk that made the strings crack.
"'John Martin,said she, 'don't be a
d fool!' f.
"And I wasn't," concluded the narrator,
"for.I accepted the hundred-thousand-dollar
offer, and It was ninety
thousand more than, the company ever
get off the farm, for the oil didn't s^ora
to run that way."?-William J. Lampton,
In New Lippincott.
Wheeling Citiccas Should Weigh
Well This Evidence.
Proof ot merit lies In the evidence.
Convincing evidence ^n Wheeling
Is not the testimony of strangers:
But the endorsement ot Wheeling
That's the kind of proof given here.
The statement of a Wheeling citizen.
?.lr. Robert Tea^dale, who carries on
the extensive coal and ice business at
the corner of Sixteenth and Chapllno
streets, says: "The pain In my back,
generally of a dull, heavy nature, was
located just over the kidneys. When I
attempted to do. any lifting or stooping,
sharp twinges shot through me and I
was often so bnd that I could scarcely
get around. In getting up and around 1
often had to observe the greatest care
unless I wished to Incur excruciating
pangs. I felt pretty well otherwise,
only I could not trust my back. Both
of my sons had been complaining of
their backs hurting them and when I
got a box of Doan's KJdncy PHIh at the
Logan Drug Co.'s they also took some
and in each of our cases the result was
the same, the -pain left almost at once.
uur uacKs felt stronger and more ro- ,
bust. We can honestly recommend
Doan's Kidney-Pills to anyone Buffering
with their kidneys.
Sohl for 50 cents. per box. FosterMllburn
Co., Buffalo, X. Y? sole agents
for the United States.
Remember the name?Doan's?and
take no substitute.,
y How to Manage a Husband.
Mrs. Puller and' Mrs. Doming are
neighbors and visit each other quit"
frequently, and Mrs. Fuller had noticed
with surprise that Mrs. Darning's husband
never scolds when he comes homo
and finds no supper ready. She asked
as easy as rolling off a log.
Tou have only'to use a'little tact."
she said. "Why, ahy man can bo managed
by a tactful wife."
Just then Doming came In looking
rather tired and cross, but his wife look
his haf, whispered something in his car,
and asked him If he was very hungry.
He said he didn't mind waiting, and
nt her suggestion he took his paper and
went into the other room.
"There," whispered Mrs. D. to her
neighbor, "didn't 1 tell you it only required
a little tact," and she went about
getting supper while Mrs. Fuller went
home to try how. tact would work on
her husband. ,
She found him with a thunder cloud
brow, and nt once began the now treatment.
"Please go into the parlor and read
the paper .wh'lje 1 hurry up supper."
"Well, you have nerve! Do you s'posa
1 ran satisfy my appetite with news
from China, t lllco that. A man might
as well bo a bachelor and done with It ;
us have a wliVi who Is forever gadding
to the neighbors'." .
"I wns over to Deinlng's n few mln
uteu nnd Mr. Doming came home while
i\ jjiv, iuviu;;vi, yiuvjuo
I was then-and hi wasn't'a bit cros3,
and her supper Is late, too."
- '/Of course it Is. Gossiping fauna and I
Hindering each other. I ' woHddr jyou
evsr gecanythlng done." * ,i . - ? r
> Mrs. Puller, had tried tact, but It
didn't siem toAvork. Hor feelings were'
hurt arid>her .'temper was rising. She.
concluded to take heroic measures and
300 what would happen. Sh4 todk? oft
the white apron she had pinned on, and
turned as only & woman csin.
"George Augustus Fuller, If you want
any supper to-night you can get It yourself.
I!m-going homo to eat and will
stay there until you know how to treat
ms. You should have married a cooki'''
"Maria," piped Fuller, feebly, "don<t
"Then you will be more reasonable
/."Why, or course. I was only bluffing.^
They made It up, and got hupper together
like two turtle doves. Mrs. Fiilier
'thinks It takes different kinds oC,tact
for different men. but she doesn't know
yet what It was that Mrs. Demlng whlspored
go swqetly to her husband. U was
"If you say om cross word -while she
Is here I'll tell how much money you
lost on that last deal In wheat!"?Chicago
Times Herald.
An Amorican Bepresentation of the
Latin Deity?His Beasonings Illogical
and His Illustrations Absurd.
Kansas City Journal: Janus?A Latin
deity represented with' two faces
looking in opposite directions. Januscloth,
a fabric having both sides dress.ed,
the sides being of opposite, colorsused
for reversible garments.?Webster's
In'accepting the nomination of the
Populists at Topeka yesterday, Mr.
Bryan did precisely what was expected
of him. He led off with a strong reiteration
of his silver doctrine, and confined,
himself to this Issue during a
large part of his address. In giving
first place to the sliver question he
complimented the Populists, for- he
knew that with them sliver is the paramount
Issue now as it was four years
ago. But while he made a desperate
effort to brace up the silver question,
his speech pn this subject was the
.weakest he has made in a long time.
His reasoning was altogether illogical
and his Illustrations absurd. Time and
conditions have taken all the wind out
of Bryan's silver sails, and there is
nothing left for him but the repetition
of now self-evident fallacies and sophistries.
In some of his arguments,
notably those addressed directly to the
farmers, his blindness or willfulness
must have been painful to those of his
listening supporters wiVo are enlightened.
v j_ * \
It is true that before the speech was
finished Mr. Bryan declared that all
other issues were unimportant as compared
with that of "Imperialism." He
did not dare to say in so many -words to
the Populists that silver still dominated
all other questions, but he gave a preference
and an Importance to the Pop
ulistlc fallacy that was clearly meant to
mislead. He failed, however, to say
what he would do. If elected to the presidency,
to bring about the free "coinage
of silver. That is the most Important
question that has been put to
Bryan in this campaign. The people
know what he hopes to accomplish ultimately,
but'the question with many
voters is, "What can-or will Mr. Bryan
do. if elected and inaugurated, to
change the monetary system and regulations,
pending legislation?" That is
a question that Mr. Bryan, with all the
courage ascribed to him by his admirers,
has not yet dared to answer. He
has not dared to say what he would do
to discredit the gold standard, or that
he would do nothing without.legislation.
That Is a question between his mixed
supportefs that he prefers not to take
Hereafter the full name of Mr. Bryan
Bhould be written William Janus Bryan.
He can face two ways at once
without disturbing his equilibrium, for
like Janus of old, ho has two faces. He
went to Indianapolis, the seat of gold
Democratic movements, and faced
boldly toward "Imperialism," seeking
to obscure the Importance of the sliver
question. At Topeka, addressing the
sliver Populists, he reversed the situation.
Mr. Bryan can face the north and declare
that in a republic all men are
equal, that thsre must be equal rights
for all and special privileges for none,
and at the same time he can turn to
the south and smile acquiescently upon
the disfranchisement of the negroes by
his own party. "While one face looks
upon the rebellious Filipinos with tearful
pity because they are not permitted
to govern themselves in United Statrs
territory, the other faco looks with
grim satisfaction upon the black people
of this country who are prevented by
arms and arbitrary legislation from
participating In their own government.
He can denounce "militarism" and. at
the same time announce a Philippine
policy that would require a larger
standing army than is or will be required.
under the present or Tuture
Republican policy. At one and the
same time he can assume thn hnmttio
expression of the dear people's servant
and the stern demeanor or his party's
dictator. Only a man with two faces or
two heads could be so "aaaptable." In
fact, there Is a suspicion that he Is not
only a Janus, but that ho has his
clothes made of Janus-cloth.
The Gospel of Democracy.
Bryan Is the present leading exponent
of tho doctrine of looking backward.?Pittsburgh
Commercial Gazette.
More Than Likely.
On the surface If the powers are alllos,
may not the Mongolians be all lies??
Philadelphia Times.
Glorious News
Cpmes from Dr. D. B. Cnrgile, of
WnshltH. I. T. He writes! "Pour tint..
lies of Electric Bitters has*cured Mrs.
Brewer of scrofula, which had caused
her great suffering for fears. Terrible
sores would break out on her head and
face, and the best doctors could,Rive no
help; but her cure la complete and her
health Is excellent." This shows what
thousands have proved?that Electric
Bitters Is the best blood purifier known.
It's (ho supreme remedy for eczema, tetter,
salt rheum, ulcers, bolls and running
sores. It stimulates liver, kidneys
and bowels, expels poisons, hclpis-digestion,
builds up the strength. On!** SO
cents. Sold by Logan Drug Co., druggist.
Guaranteed. 4
If Baby is Cutting; Teeth
He euro and use that old and well-tried
remedy, Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing
Byruu, for children teething. It soothes
the child, softens the gum. allays all
pain, cures wind colic und Is thy best
remedy for diarrhoea, Twenty-flvo
cents a bottle, mw&f
a -&i? ifvy.
in ?i i ii i mi
The Kind You Have Always
in uso for over 30 years,
All Counterfeits, Imitation!
perinicnts that triflo 'with
Infants and Children?Exr
What is C
Castorla is a substituto for
and Soothing Syrups. It'll
contains neither Opium, 5
substance. Its a^o is its g
and allays Fevcrishncss. I
Colic. It relieves Teething
and Flatulency. It assimD
Stomach and Bowels, pivii
The Children's Panacea?I
yj Bears the
Tie Kind You Hs
In Use For C
\tjjr (9
We pay the above reward f<
Dyspepsia, Sick Headacr
or Costiveness v,
Liverfta, The lip-to;They
are purely Vegetable ar
25c boxes contain 100 Pills,
boxes contain J 5 Pills. Bewar
Sent,by mail. Stamps taken
Clinton and Jackson Sts.j Ch
Sold by Chas. E. Goetze, Druggistj
ing, W. Va.
Beware of Imitations
It Is highly approved for the very agreeable rest
which it imparts to Soups, Fish. Game, Hot
aod Cold Meats, Sakds, \VcIsh Rarebits, etc.
vijor to the whole beinp. AJldrats
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Mailed set led. Priceii per box; 6 b<
accey, $;- oo. Send far ?rec book.
Sold by Chas. R. Goctze, Druggist, cc
DE CHANTAL Wheeling,
Sisters of the Visitation. B. V. M.
Fifty-Third Year, IDOC-!r " *.
Opens Wednesday, Sept J .Cllmnto'tScHlrnble
for delicate girls.
T?n acres beautifully laid out. Golf,
Tennis, Croquet and other. athletic;
(runic*. Excollrui caro; reasonable
mtc.H. Addrctut
The Directress of
Mount dc Chantal Academy#
your, Wlioeltnc. "W. Va.
A Few of Our Spcclaltlcs:
Skilled Tonohors.
Thorough Courses.
1*met leal Work Only.
I'lennant location. .
Host Kqulpmonts.
Good PnyfnprSituations.
Good Discipline.
Open Day and NJclit.
Ilest of 1. very till iik.
For lars:o catalogue. giving full Information.
call ornddros
rm ? P/IP Corner Mntn mid
IQLitliE, Tc\ol?hono' lOi'te
For YOUNG LADIES, Roanoke, Vo.
Opca# PepL iSili, J?3n. One of the lending
Schooli for Youuc I adlcs In the South. Mnc*
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ttuchm. Full oour*e. Unexcelled
*d?AB?flj?rs to Ait. Music end Elocution Student*
from thirty St mm: For cMalnctirR nddtrn .
MATI1B 1*. llARlllr. Pxewdtnt, nonnolo.Vo.
Real Estate
Title Insurance.
If you purchase.or make a loan on real
estate hava the title Insured by tho
Wheeling Title & Trust Co,
No. 1305 Market Street.
ft. M. RUSSELL .President
L. P. STIFEL Secretary
C. J. RAW LI NO Vice Trodden*
WM. H. TRACV Au't. Secretary
0. R. E. GILCHRIST..Examiner of Title*
Bought, and which has been
lias borne tlio signature of
lias been made under his per.
supervision since its infancy.!,
r no one to deceive you in this.
> and Substitutes are-but Ex.
and cndanger tho health ot
icrlcnco against Experiment.'
Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops'
> Harmless and Pleasant. It
lorphlno nor other .Narcotic
uarantec. It destroys Worms
t cures Diarrhcca and Wind
Troubles, cures Constipation
latcs the Food", regulates tho
ig^ healtlij;jmd natural sleep,
ho Mother's Friend.
Signature of
i?e Always Bought
)ver 30 Years.
uNN?T?rncrr. NnvYO^Kerrr.
'{ ? /
3r any case of Liver Complaint,
le, Indigestion, Constipation
re cannot cure with.
late Little Liver Pill
id never fail to give satisfaction.
10c boxes contain 40 Pills, 5c
e of substitutions and imitations.
. Nervita Medical Co., Cornet
icago, Illinois. Sold by
, Market and Twelfth streets, Wheel*
ThH tfyMff!?# Ii on r
JOHN DU>*CA2TS SONS, Affcnta, 2Toir York.
DUBT, TRY ThcrhaTe?tood the test of yesrt.
?. .-? ? ana h**e cured thousand ef
g nrk r f JF*%K% Ner*on? Dilutes, tack
*' Debility. Dixzi nest. Slet pint*
//G>ytr *^*Lr<?no?>o<iVamcoc<le^irophT.aa.
Tbey dear the brain, menjtiea
tht circulation, sake diftirkn
perfect, sad lapirt a heaJtif
i and losses are checked/zrwtx/n{ly. Unless patients
sften worries then into Insanity, Consumption or Death.
jxcj, with iron<lad lejal cuxrantee to cure or refund lis
Address, PEAL UEDlClNE CO.. Clovilaad. 0.
T. ju-Rrxci ana lwemn streets, apli
' ro?AKOfAT?.
Capital 5200,000
Surplus and Profits 60,000
J. N. Voncc, John Frew.
John W*tcrhou*c, John L. Dicker.
W.E. Stone, Hto. E. Stlfd?
W. ti. Fronk. J. M. Brow*.
Win. Elllniham.
u, i>. VAntc, ... freiiacim
.JOHN FREW, . Vice President.
WM. B. IRVINE, Ass*t. Cashier.
Business entrusted to our care will rc"
celvc prompt and careful attention. ^
J. A. MILLER C*sh?*
J. h. Mcdonald as?x ca?wr
Drafts on England. Ireland, France *n4
William A. Isett, Mortimer Pollock
J. A. Mllkr. Robert Slropwn.
E. M. Atkinson. C. M. Frlssell.
Jultua Pollock. ?
CliAS. LAMB Assistant CasW?
CAPITAL, 5*:00,000, PAID !>"
Alien Rrock. Joseph F. P?ul,?
Cbn*. Schmidt, Ilenry lMeber#on.
Howard Simpson, llnnnlbal Forbes.
A. J. Clirhe.
Interest paid on special deposits. .
Issues draft# on England. IrelandI an
Scotland. J. A. JEFFERSON.
myll cubing
All kinds of ruis and faW[
Printing. An entlr# new line of ?
pics of Rail Programmes, TtcJfe^ *"iL?
vttatlons at nil mTccs at tb* IntalJ**0?*
Job Printing OOlc*

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