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j"- ' The
Fall Goods
I are crowding in-bn us each
j ing them for your inspectic
U\ Larger
and Beti
I r
than ever you will-find the
| .0
AND w:
)L> ' V ;
; f$m the best makers of the
I will demonstrate thoroughl
Not quite all. ready for
day or so, and more are c
: of them again. .
A 4A?*4
i-ivtij jru.il
in the way of summer gooi
days. Must have the roon
styles will be worn again r
vestigate? It will pay you
1154 to 1160 !
GEO. B. Ti
T eachers,
The Skirt for tl
PERFELI ri I 1 UN(j.
Haviland Sets.of 100 piec
cn up.
' ' Is
-^Inglish Porcelain Set of 1
?^Tew Goods in Salad Bowls
. si ' 4nd Creani3, etc.
Indigestion?Sick Hes
If your druggist does not koop
of price, 25 CENT8 A BOX, |
Prepared only by JNO. G? McL
'SS Bcsfl'Jacs neoJd ? r*llabl?> ire
J tho pureitdiBpsbc
Dr. Peal's
/Vv Ttiey *ro prompt, nafo and c?r
' \ The jeniw* (Dr. Peals) nerei
Bold by Ch??. B. Qoetie, Druggist, ci
'uesday, September 4.
day, and we are preparn
as fast as possible.
new assortments of
; world and at prices that
y this store's system of
you yet, but will be in a
oming, but will tell you
3s has a cut price these
v 3n<1 rrinnv of nnr loto
next season. Why not inifel
& co.,
Main Street.
ie School Room
es, nicely decorated, for $26.50
00 pieces, worth $14.00, | g g q
, Chop Dishes, Cake Plates, Sugars
CO.. mo main stpfft.I
crSTS" -3T33^.3EIS.
thorn, will Bond by mail on reoolpt
>laln or sugar coated.
intbly,rojnjlaUnf tnedle!n?. Only hirnlcffl UVj
>aidbeu*M. lijsuwAAltticbMifKai
Pennyroyal Pills
disappoint. Bold for fl.00 per box.
>r. Market nnd Twelfth streets. sp!4
*'$ v'.y ;
? It
Applied for Yesterday Before Judge
Hervey, of the Ohio County jj
Circuit Court. n
'By the Court and the Use of the Track
This:Week'will Not Be In- fr
terfered With. G
" :r; . o!
;.Theflrst Bethany fair opens to-day, ^
and Is;expected to draw great crowds
from the Pan Handle counties and from
eastern Ohio and western Pennsylva- q
nla, but for a.while yesterday the falr'a
managers feared that a little piece of
litigation would seriously interfere y
with the success of their enterprise.
The. new half-mile track, It seems, tl
was partially constructed by N. W.
Shannon, but for some reason Shannon
refused to complete his contract, and
,thp fair association. Itself was compelledrto
complete the track. Shan- t(
Don then determined to tie up the track
:ln the courts In such shape that the.as- rl
ifirlflflnn u'/iiilfl ho unnhlp tn tim ft fnr
: the scheduled races In connection with S
[the,fqlr this Vek. Acting along this
line ,he secured the services of Attor- 01
ney .John B. "Wilson, of this city, and fl,
application was made yesterday to
Judge Hervey, of the circuit court, for n
an injunction restraining the association
from the use of the track. Sec- n
retary C. B. Scott, of the fair association,
came to town yesterday, in com- ,s
pany with his legal representative, Attorney
J. C. Palmer, of Wellsburg, and c
"In.the afternoon at 2 o'clock the contending1
parties were given a hearing in
chambers by Judge Hervey, with the tc
result that Judge Hervey declined to issue
the Injunction prayed for. The b
Bethany people, of course, are highly
elated over this development, for the
granting of the injunction would have
killed their fair. n
The fair promises to be quite-^ sue- c!
cess, and will attract many Wheeling
people, especially on Wednesday, when **
there will be a political meeting In connection,
with General O. O. Howard as p
the principal speaker. lr
The easiest route to Bethany is via
the Pan Handle road to Wellsburg, and I*
thence by conveyance out the pike to
Bethany, a distance of seven miles. ^
Surprisingly numerous are the en- a
tries that have been received for this
fair, says Secretary Scott. Already li
the cattle anil hog stalls are filled, and b
additional stalls are being built. The
other classes are also well filled. ?
The track Is In cood condition, and
many entries , for the races'have been L
received.. The farmers' race Is already J
fu\l to overflowing.
Yesterday at Washington to Eighteen
Months' Imprisonment. p
Says lust evening's Washington (Pa.) h
Reporter: Major Samuel Hazlett,
against whom the Jury returned a ver- ^
diet of guilty of embezzlement as a |j
banker, last week, was sentenced by
Judge Taylor, Monday morning, to one S
year and six months in the Western ^
npnltpntinrv. s\ fln? nf S7T7 OS rirvthln I1
the amount embezzled, and the coats L
of the prosecution. His attorney, John
C. Bane, went to Pittsburgh Monday b
at noon to obtain a writ of appeal. ^
which will- be presented to the court at n
5 o'clock this afternoon, to act as a su- tl
persedeas?that is, suspend the execution
of the sentence until the superior f,
court passes on the appeal. If the local
court refuses to allow the writ to uct f;
as a supersedeas, us will likely be the 0
case, then Major Hazlett will be in the g
hands of the sheriff unl?ss the superior h
court Judges Issue a supersedeas that
will prevent the carrying out of the
sentence at present- ?
After being sentenced Monday morn- . ?
leg Major Hazlett went home. Wheth- J.
er he will be Imprisoned or not lies ?_
with the sheriff, but it is not likely he {
will be taken to Jail, but will be allowed
to remain at his own home, with a .*!
deputy In charge. When asked if,he
had anything to say before the sentence
was pronounced, he arose and
said he had nothing to say except that v
he asked that no remarks be made In ?"?
passing sentence?a request similar to l(
. Vi-1 lh.. lout Hmn V
______ h
Will Meet in Annual Convention
Here This Week ? Delegates From
Every Corner of the State Present.
All day;yesterday and last night delegates
to the.annual meeting of the q
grand lodge of the Knights of the.Gold- n
en Eagle "of this state were-arriving in n
the city. They were met by the ry- c
ceptlon committee of the local lodges e
and escorted lo theJr hotels, most of rl
them registering at the Stamm and the *
The lodge will be In session four days, y
the first meeting being held at Odd t
, Fellows' hall at 10 o'clock this morning. "
Among.othsr business the grand lodge j,
will Institute a temple of the Ladles of a
the Golden Eagle. Mayor Sweeney, of l'
this ctyy, and Mayor Freese, of Bella^e, n
will make addresses of welcome to the u
visitors, and they will be responded to 8
by members of the grand castle.
In the afternoon the delegates will f,
be taken to Wheeling Park, and In the tl
evening they will be entertained at the
hall of th Knights of the Golden Eagle,
on the Snuth Side. On Wednesday p
they wlll.be ban<juettcd at Odd Fellows' l'
hall, on Twelfth street. Toasts will by J
responded to by some of the grand olll- ?
ccra. Captain B. B. Dovener and Prank
W. Nesbltt will also deliver addresses.
t t cl
To-Morrow's Concert.
To-morrow evening, at Wheeling S
Park, the fourth of the series of biweekly
concerts and dnnces under the
auspices of the Opera House Military *
band, will take place, and the following
attractive programme has been an
paiit r.
March?"Strike Up tho Rand"..Tom Clark v
Overture?"Poet ami IVaiant" Ruppe \
(u) Sextette from "J*ucla dl Lnmmi<rmore"
.. DonUettl
(b) Oriental Dance.- .....Voclker
Gems from "The Ameer" ....Herbert
Willi*?"K*pann" Waldteufel
Torchlight banco In R Flat....Meyerbeer
BHYAN coming, changes A. 0. H. I
Picnic to September 5, Mozart Park.
iventa in and About the Clty,Qlven
in a NntatielL
The Bethany fair opens to"-day.
Grand to-night?Hlmmeleln's Ideals.
Wheeling Park to-night?Banda Ros*
West Virginia grand, lodge, Knights
f the Golden Eagle, meets in Wheelig
Prof. Jacob Rfclneke will entertain
Is friends '.with'.; a hiopVat Mozart Park
lis evening. Prof. Kilmeyer will furIsh.
the music.
A special meeting of all the members
t St Matthew's vested: choir called
>r. Wednesday evening, at 7:30 o'clock,
? prepare music for the opening.of.the
ew organ. Boys under twelve years,
ill be
Last night, at Elm Grove, the yoking,
aunghter'of Dr. Schwlnn* of Wheel-'
ig, became frightened when, an Elm
rove car was being switched Into the
Id barns, and jumped from the'car,
adly wrenching her ankle. She was,
roueht to her home In thp eltvCuoon
Cter the accident.
roing and Coming of Wheeling
People and Visitors- j
H. W. McCoy, of SlsteravIUe, is at the
W. E. Powell, of Parkersburg, fs at
le Stamm.
P. W. Rockett, of Mannlngton, Is at
le McLure.
J. S. Koen, of Mannlngton, Is aOthe
rand Centra?. S*;.
J. .A. Johnson, of Weston, was in
>wn yesterday.
S. F. Todd, of Mannlngton, Is an:arival
in the city. :
airs. Flora Helwrfggle, of the South
Ide, Is seriously III.
Max Ruduer, of Cameron, Is calling
n friends In the city.
Part of the "Passion Play Company"
re at the Park hotel. '
L. A. Rore, of Parkersburg, Is a tfusless
caller In the city.
A. F. Wilmoth, of Elkins, Is a buslesa
caller In the city. >? *! .
Percy H. Carr, of Parkersburg, Is restored
at the "Windsor.
J. W. Hlgglns. of SlsteravIUe, ls\aujgraphed
at the Stamm. i
Miss Margaret Enoch, of Mannlngton,
i the siiest of relatives here.
C. R. Sprung and wife, of Morgan>wn,
are visiting friends here. ' '
Edward Dare, of Wellsburg, was* a
uslness caller in the city yesterday..James
R. Slathers, of SJstersvllle,
as calling on friends in town ycstera>'
. .."
William. H. Furbee and wife, of Manington,
are guests of friends in the
Mrs. Francis M. Wilson will be a visor
at Beaver Falls, Pa., for a:.few
Miss Margaret Spooner, of South
enn street*. Island, Is visiting friends
i Cleveland.
J. B. Canning and Miss Mlnta Comlg,
of Valley FnMs, are calling, on
rlends In the. city. ;;
Miss Gertrude Gordon, of South
furon street. Island, has returned from
n extended visit abroad.
Will Arnett returned yesterday mornlg
from a pleasant sojourn at Ashury
Park and Atlantic City.
W. W. Brannon, of Weston, member
f the suite pardon board, was a busless
caller In town yesterday.
The Slstersvllie arrivals at the'Mc-|
.lire yesterday were J. H. Hanks,
ames McCutcheon and H. W. McCoy..
W. A. Hodge, who has been with J, S.
Lhodes & Co. a number of years, has
sslgned.to accept a position with Stone
: Thomas.
Misses Ella and Clara Buch. oCMas-.
(Hon, who have been the quests of Mrs.*
'. C. Fette, during the past two weeks,,
ave returned home.
Mr. Francis Mi Wilson, with Friend1
: Sons, left for New York City, to enter
tie renowned training school for em-,
aiming, to -be gone for a month.
Among the state arrivals at the
tamm yesterday were: Frank W.
lark, of rwrkorsburg. John C. Paller.
of Wellsburg: C. B. Scott, of
lethany; J. W. Jobes, of Grafton, and,
,lncoln R. Gray, of Fairmont.
Rev. F. W. E. Peschau, of Miamlsurg,
Ohio, an old Wheeling boy. Is rising
his sister, Mrs. Augusta Fuhr. of
lie South Side. Ha' preached Sunday
Ight befcra a larga congregation at
ie First English Lutheran church.
D. W. Martin returned last evening
rom Marietta; Ohio. He had recently
?ased a part of the .old Martin home
xrm to oil men. and by the coming in
f a ^CO-barrel well on an adjacent farm
aturday, the value of the Martin farm
as Increased greatly.
Thi> following delegates to the grand
astle of the Knlehts of the Golden
'cgle are registered at the Stamm: T.
[. Clay, Id. S. Wlgal, R. Woods. C. P.
anbourne.-C, A. Lester and W.\ R.
[erse, of Huntington: J. A. Summers,
and W. W. Muskee, of Charleston;
t. K. Hesse, of Flnlow, and E. J. Daily,
of Mannington.
George U. Burrows, of Pittsburgh,
^presenting the Retail Merchants* Relew,
was In the city Inst night, en
jute for Charleston, where he will at nd
the nmiuul mating of the West
irglnla Retail Merchants' Association
i the Interest of his publication. Mr.
lurrows Is on old Martin's Ferry boy,
avlng left the Ohio-side town in 1875.
Pres. of Board of Health.
"What shall I eat?" Is the dally inulry
the physician Is met with. I do
ot hesitate-to say that in my Judgment,
a large percentage of disease is
aused by poorly selected and Improprly
prepared food. My personal expelence
with the fully cooked food, known
s Grape-Nuts, enables me to speak
recly of Its merits.
"From overwork. I suffered several
ears with malnutrition, palpitation of
he heart, and loss of sleep. Last summer
I was led to experiment personally
:1th the new food, which I used In con
unction with good rich cow's milk. In
short time after I commenced Its use,
he disagreeable symptoms disappeared,
ly heart's action became steady and
ormal, the functions of the stomach
,*ere properly carried out and I again
lept ps soundly and as well as In my
"I look upon Grape-Nuts as a per-,
ect food, and no one can gainsay but
fiat It has a most prominent place In
rational, scientific system of feeding.
Jiy one who uses this food will boon
e convinced of the soundness of the
rlnclple upon which it Is manufacured
and may thereby know the 'acts
s to Its true worth." W. B. Conway.
I. D.. Pres. Athens, Go., Board of
NO need to, fear sudden attacks of
tiolera infantum, dysentery, diarrhoea,
iimrner complaint of any sort if you
ave Dr. 'Fowler's Extract of Wild
trawberry In the medicine chest.?I.
BRYAN coming, changes A. 0. H.
'Icnlc to September 5, Mozart Park.
Hay Fover.
We can cite you a number of CURES
re have made In cases of HAY FErEU,
, / Tenth and Main Streets.
?W?3?i?3 ????!
1 SIS KlUT?ALV<ife
r; ij'ip^sH 1521 MARKET STI
| ..POLITICS..]!
An event that will attract a large delegation
from Wheeling, Is the barbecue
under the auspices of the Republican
club of Sherrard, next Thursday, commencing
at 10 o'clock In the morning
and continuing through the afternoon.
The Sherrard'people are preparing to
entertain and feed an immense concourse
of people, and nobody will be
allowed' to go home hungry. The speakers
will include General 0. O. Howard,
late of the United States army, and,one
of the noted Indian fighters of the
plains, and Congressman Dovener and
Judge Romeo H. Freer. With such
oratorical talent the enjoyment of all
attending the barbecue is well assured.
The Sherrad people have announced the
following vice presidents for the meeting:>
* ;
C. :H. Hennlng, ' Henry Riddle,
R Robertson. A. O. Lacoy. *
W. C. Meyer, Robert Newton, ,
W. P. Hubbard, John W. Johns,
..Will Gutman, John R. James,
Dr. D. H. Taylor, Charles L. Evuns,
HI C.'Richards. ' C. W. McCombs,
Frank.W. Neabltt, Thos. Montgomery,
B. F. Melghen, John Sheperd, ?
W. J. Burley, Joseph Orum.
S. B. Blair, Wllbert Jones, t
A. L. Hooten, J. F_ Rogerson, ,
J. K. Chn3e, Westley Rlggs,
J. E. Hooten, William Wirt, ]
John W. Burchlnal, Robert Watson,
C. W. Conner, S. S. Wilson.
A. E. Lynch, S. R. Davis,
S. A. Hawk. John Haselett,
Dr. M. A. Dowtcr, Samuel Alley.
J. T^ King. Charles Schad,
James E. Doyle, Joseph Murry,
Dr. J. W. McDonald, John Scott. d
Joslah Sinclair. Wllmer Berry, e
Thomas Sheperd, W. S. Keyser,
' E.' M. Lewis, R. S. Peters, i:
B. B. McMechen, G. W. Conner. c
Burrows-Freer Meeting:. ?q
, On of the big events of the week Is e
the opening of the Republican campaign
next Saturday by United States
Senator Julius C. Burrows, of Michigan,
and Judge Romeo H. Freer, of Ritchie
county, the candidate for attorney general
on the state ticket. The meeting. ^
which is to be heid In the evening, at
the Opera House, will doubtless attract
an audience that will test the capacity
of the theatre. County Chalrman Hornlsh
win announce the vice presidents ?
for the Burrows-Freer meeting through
ine inieiugencer to-morrow morning.
To-Night's Meeting. *
This evening, at Hand's hall, in Elm
Grove, there will be a meeting of the
Trladelphla district Republican Club I
and.of citizens of the district In gen- e
eral, to listen to a discussion of the Is- 1
sues of the campaign by Congressman I
Dovener and Charles J. Schuck. A 1
full turn-out-of the voters Is desired. In c
connection, an effort will be made to a
organize.a .company of Rough Riders,
to be affiliated with the proposed Rough t
Rider regiment. e
- ; c
Ritchie District Meeting. s
This evening, at their hall in the c
Eighth ward, there will be a' meeting of r
the Ritchie District Republican March- e
Ing Club for the purpose of taking re- ?
rcults, and to make arrangements to
turn out on the occasion of the Bur- a
rows-Freer meeting next Saturday eve- t
nlng. e
To Meet Thursday. ?
On Thursday evening, at their head- 0
quarters. No. 3303 Jacob street, South
Side, there will be a meeting of the
Rltch}e District Republican Club, at
which business of importance will be
transacted. A full attendance Is de- s
sired. a
Liberty District Meeting. c
On Thursday evening, at Valley
Grove, there will be a meeting of the a
Republicans of Liberty district, for the e
purpose of taking steps toward the or- a
ganlzation of a campaign and marching b
club. n
Union District Republicans. t
This evening, iti the police court room, ^
city building, there will be a meeting n
of the Republicans of Union district, 1
for. the purpose of organizing a cam- a
palgn marching club. A good turn-out 13
Is desired, and will no doubt material- 1
ise, as old Union is never backward on ^
these occasions. ,e
Rough Eiders.
This evening, at Republican head- f3
quarters, No. 1515 Chapline street, there
will be a meeting of the committee
; named last week to devise the plan for :
'the organization of the Republican ;
| Rough Rider regiment. T|iis is a
,most.important meeting, and it.is especially
desired that every member of
:the committee make it a point, to be on
jhand this .-evening. The menders of
>the committee are the following:
Washington?Dr. G. W. Otto.
Madison?W. H. Hlggins. w
1 Clay^-John E.'Schellbaae and Charles
jWllllams. tl
Union?Richard Robertson.
; Centre?Philip Bachmann. ' \
Webster?George Devlnney.
Rltctile-^Beri Honecker. I
Trladelphla?George Humphrey. ~
Llberty?S. S. Gardner.
Richland?Pdrter Glass.
: ' Webster District to the Front. J
To-morrow evening, at the Pythian
Castle,, corner of Twenty-seventh and
Chapllne streets, South Side, there will
be a meeting of the Republicans of
Webster, at which to organize for the
campaign. ~ . *
Tlie Drum Corps. g
One evening this week them will bo
a meeting of the young men who com- i.
posed thfe famous Blklns' Cadets drum "
and bugle corps of the campulgn of 1896, ~
at which steps will be taken for the re- C
organization of the corps.
(Six-Footers To-NIght.
Ttys evening, at the city building,
there will be a meeting of the.Republican
Six-Footer Club, at which Import- J
MAiSITS of thrift an <1
- Mm ,, " eulljr ac q.utMd ', ?
^55^v* 4 through our cyateza of o
K> JIHTW L??n,n? HLor'e^ to bul1* ff
KANlV fcwnee.. The rant you $
pow p?y would put you ?
In poeactsloD, of. your ?
own property und? our ?
icpT Worn of loaning money ? . '
^cti i for homo bulldliifir. ... ,.$*
f Folks that buy ;
J v Boys*; Shoes' on the iopjes J
>] only, generally get gold <
J tricks. Boys' Shoes need J
stouter material and 4
better shoe-making than *
H men's shoes?you?know j
* that WE HAVE THE <
BIGHT KIND, and they J
J are the best shoes in the J
state. ;
mt business will be transacted. A full
ittendance is desired.
Martin Not a Candidate.
D. W. Martin desires it stated that
le was not a candidate for house of
lelegates, and that the presentation of
lis name to Saturday's convention by
Mr. Muegge was without his. knowl-, ;
;dge or consent.
Bepublican Cycle: Clrib;., y' .'r-:-1
A meeting of all the Republican rilers
of the wheel is 'called- for Friday
vening at the city building. It is the
ntention to .'organize a political cycle
lub Bimilar to the one organized last
ampaJgn, and ail the members.of the
Id organization are urged to be-presiit
; :
Bridgeport Republican Meeting.
The McKinl-iy Club, of Bridgeport,
l.Jtl Vlftld ntl inmni-tnrf ni * V? -
Ity hall to-morrow evening, when it ii
loped there will be a full turnout o?
tepublicans. After the transaction oi
usiness the club will be addressed by
hat sterling Republican and matchless
rator, the Hon. C. L. Weems, of St.
)f North End Republicans?Organize
a Rough Rider Club.
The Republicans of the North
2nd held a well . attended and
nuthusiastic meeting at the_ Volant
engine house, and organized a
Sough Rider regiment last evening.
Chey also decided to erect a wigwam
in Main street, above Sixth, and have
ilready given out contracts.
About 150 Republicans responded to
he call for the; meeting, and intense
nthuslasm prevailed throughout. The
:lub starts off with an enrollment oi
everity, and this will be largely InTeased
at the next meeting, to be held
lext Friday night. E. Buckman wax
lected temporary chairman, and JacOt*
jayder temporary secretary.
A committee was authorized to have
i wigwam constructed and empowered
0 go right ahead with the work. They
xpect to have It finished by Saturday
vening. when Captain Dovener will
leljyer an address to the Republicans
1 the North End.
The Ideals opened their week's enagement
at the Grand last night to
,n audience which crowded the theatre
o the doors. The enthusiasm of the
rowd was commensurate with its size.
In the Heart of the Storm" was given
n elaborate scenic production, 'and
ach setting" called forth appreciative
pplause. The work of the cast was
eyond criticism. Miss Beatrice Earle
lot only sustained her roie admirably,
>ut gave several very pleasing speclalies
betwen acts. Mr. Mack's work as
:aptain Hudson Is deserving of especial
mention. If the opening bill is a crierion,
patrons of the Grand wiil have
n opportunity to see high class promotions
this week at popular prices,
'o-nlght's play will be "Eagle's Nest"
Vednesday matlne and night, "Xorth"rn
Cathedral Suits
lade to order. Knee pants suits $7/
ung pants suits, ?8.
1215 Market Street. '*
J. G. Tomlinson, Agent,J
Penna. Station, Eleventh St
Piano Bargains.
One Huntington Piano slightly shoporn,
Mahogany case; this week at
Fine Foster Piano, used but a short
me, only $250. ' * . :' A?
BRYAN coming, changes A. 0. H.
Icnic to September 5, Mozart Park.
-<wuio JL> v~i wvai y j
111T Main St.?Wont Side.
Calls by Telephone Answered Day or
llRhu Store Telephone OS. Kesldenc*
fl. Assistant's Telephone. 6S3.
RUDDIER f Funeral Directors
p J nnd Lmbnlmcia
? for. McjkcHcd 22d St?.
Open Dny^ind Ntrtht.
onier Thlrty-?lxth and Jncob strcev
clcphoncs; Siorc. 1712; Residence, 1745.
.? . .

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