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The Husband?You don't maun to say.
my dear, that you are actually going to
the golf links again?
The Wife (with high scorn)?What do
you expect me to do, stay home and
take care of the children?
To-day's reception and contest, arranged
by the Wheeling Golf Club at its
links at Woodsdale, beginning the autumn
social session, ends a week during
which society rejoiced at the stork's
visit to Echo Point and regaled Itself,
with open air concerts in Wheeling
Park, Casino concerts, Casino dances,
and over the country drlyes to the Llnsly
camping grounds, after spending
the early mornings at the links and
tennis courts. Private homes have not
yet opened for entertaining and in all
probability will not for some time, and
then the first hospitalities will be given
in honor of the winter's coming brides,
some already on, will be celebrated In
every way with more eclat than usual.
"I see that the servant girl question
! has been made the subject of a comic
opera in London," said Cumso.
"That's all wrong," replied Cawker.
"The servant girl problem Is no laughing
The event of to-day is the first of the,
autumn receptions by the Wheeling
Golf Club, at Woodsdale, and all plans
have been so laid as to augur for an especially
enjoyable afternoon, taken advantage
of by a brilliant assemblage.
A contest at the last hole has been arranged
to add additional interest and
this contest is open to the ladles ami
gentlemen of the club. The club house
' courtesies will be extended to the visitors
by Mrs. Hullihen Quarrler, Mrs.
Samuel Hazlett, Mrs. Benjamin S. Hlldreth,
the Misses Dalzell, and the
Misses Brown.
The LInsly Class of 1899 banquetted
at the McLure Wednesday evening. Mr.
A. Singleton Paull acted as toastmaster
and Messrs. Walter H. McLure, F. L.
Schmidt, Edwin# Kline, Harry Kirk,
Joseph F. Paull, Jr., Arthur C, Stlfel, G.
A. Beall, Jr., and Allen C. McNeil, facer
tlously and felicitously responded.
Putter?"I see that Niblick Is your
club's champion."
Driver?"Oh no! Dear me, no! no,
Putter?-But I did certainly see that
he won your championship cup."
Driver?"He did. But any one of the
other contestants could have beaten
him easily, if they'd played In their ordinary
form. Why, each of them has
confidentially told mc so himself!"
A complimentary audlenco greted Eugenlo
Sorrentlno and the Banda Rossa
at Wheeling Park Tuesday evening and
enjoyed a splendid programme. The
next similar organization will be the
Innis Band, to be heard at the. Opera.
House Tuesday evening, October 30, under
the auspices of the Woman's Club.
With these and contemplated brilliant
artistic engagements nnd the re-organlzatlon
of the various clubs, Musical
Wheeling Is beginning Its Innings.
Miss Solo?'"I wish I could play the
piano, awfully."
Miss Bass?"Why, you can."
The Casino dance last evening, given
by Professor George M. Delbrugge, to
the Married People's Cotillion and Junior
clubs, was a brilliant event. Melater's
orchentra played especially inspiring
music for a splendidly arrange'?
programme, and everything conspired
to make the evening delightful. The
patronesses were Mrs. T. C. Moffat,
TAn. George K. .Wheat, Mrs. >V..W, ^r
'eakfast Sacque. ji
le negligee is of rose colored silk, J [ J
ings of -white lace. The open j!
ored nowadays for breakfast i
nd becoming, revealing as it does * * ;
I neck. Prom James McCreery >
"3- ?T"
E||U? I
:.v ; S j
nett, Mrs. Jacob W. Grubb and Mrs.
Joseph Speldel. The second of the series
and the last Casino dance before th*:
classes are reorganized, will come elf
next-Friday evening, September 14.
All the music studios open the com-:
Ing week, many of them offering advantages
equal to any other city. From
these studios, on the guarantee of the
Instructors, will members be accepted
Into the Woman's Club,1 which membership
this season Is to be limited, by
ability and In number.
Mrs. B. C. Dent. Is stopping at Folmer's
with her husband, who Is In
charge of the Llnsly encampment there
this week.
Miss Laura Crangle Dalzell, of "North
Chapllne street, lea'ves Tuesday for SIstersvllle,
where she goes to attend the
Porterlleld-Ramey wedding as bridesmaid.
Mr. and Mrs. Mortimer Pollock, of
North Chapllne street, left Wednesday!
for Terra Alta. W. Vn.
Society enmasse extends congratulations
to -Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cecil "Whltvaker,
of Echo Point, formerly MIfs
Louise Clark, of Louisville, on the recent
visit of the stork to their home.
The young daughter Is their flrst child.
Mrs. Sidney Helskell Brown, of Pittaburgh,
Is the house guest of her sister,
Mrs. Henry M. Russell, sr., of South
Front street. Island.
Dr. and Mrs. Frank LeMoyne Hupp
and daughter,. Elizabeth, of Fourteenth
street, are expected home next week,
after a summer sojourn In the Adiron(lacks.
The Misses Lillian and Anne Cummins,
of North Chapllne street, with the
daughters of Mr. and Mrs. James Cummins,
of the Island, returned Thursday
from a four months' trip on the continent.
Mrs. Jacob W. Grubb and children, of
Echo Point, are home after a month's
stay at Atlantic City.
Mrs. J. J. Holloway and children, of
Leathenvood, arc home from Atlantic
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Howard Simp-1
son, with their children, and Miss
Emma IJalley Forbes, of Elm .Grove,
are at homo after a prolonged stay at!
the seashore.
Mls3 Sutla Irwin, of North Main I
street, Is chaperoning the Misses Mary |
and Lyle Paull, daughters of her niece, j
Mrs. Alfred Paull, on a lake trip.
Mr*. Henry Ott, of Fourteenth street, |
has returned from a vlHlt to Winchester,
her old home.
The wedding next Wednesday even-!
Ing, nt Blstersvllle, of Miss Lucie Orlah
Ramey to Mr. Halbert'J. PorterJIeld, is
of Interest to society-circles of Wheeling,
In which Mlis Ramey moved as
one of the most attractive and talented
members. Belonging to an old Wheeling
family, her mother, Mrs. Lucie Ald;i
Ramey, being Mlns Sweeney befoie her
marriage to. the late" air. Ramey, 'well
remembered as a prominent oil operator,
and her connection with the Twentieth
Century Girls, one of the city's
exclusive social organizations, hvr distinction
as a member of the Woman's
Musical Club, In all sots, make the Interest
widespread. Mr. Porterlleld Is a
gentleman prominent throughout I'ennsylvanla,
.West Virginia and^Ohlp, and
tho slncorcnt congratulations are extended
1:1m.' Hp, takes , his bride' fc
.Clarksburg, their future home, .after
Noyembar 1, where they go with the
beat Wl3hC3 of innumerable friends. Tin:
marriage will bi? solemnized In rfr,
Paul's Proteucant Episcopal church nl
7 o'clock. Miss Laura Crangle Dalzill,
of the.Twentleth Century Glrir^wlU ut?
tend as one of the bridesmaids.
Miss Laura Shrome, ] a charming
young girl, of Pittsburgh's East End,. Is
the house guest of Miss Bessie Harrison,
at the home of her parfents, Dr
and Mrs. H. H. Harrison, South Fronl
street, Island.
Mrs. Dingo?"I am trying to ham tfc*
names of all these golf ctiib8."y
7Blngo?1''What for." i
'Mrs. "Bingo?'"I have, promised: tc
teach Mrs. Wltfforby.how. to play."'
While the two golf club houses at
WoodsQalo anil the Bates Place.are not
exactly equipped yet as are': those of
Pittsburgh : and other ' metropolitan
cltlcs, that lack, added pleasure to the
summer sojourn, whether at; the; seuBhoro
of In the mountains, of ' the
Wheeling society matron and girl.
What Is to be expected when they arc,
is graphically portrayed as follows In
Harper's Bazaar:
Over the length of the sea-flhore and
through the height and breadth of the
mountain sounds a woman's wall that
never before was there r.uch a dearth cl
men. Even the over-Sunday man falls
to cnuvon me nunnery cairn or moat
summer resorts this season. And the
reason of this Is golf. Every town has
Its near-by golf links. This Is always
a stretch of beautiful country. Here
Is always a club house, substantial In
form, simple In adornment, and well
kept as?alas! that women must admit
It? well kept as houses kept by men
usually are. Here Is a first-rate cook,
here are perfect dinners.
With this paradise accessible to a
man by means of a short trolley or boat
ride after business hours Saturday,
what wonder that his heart is adamant
iv tuu uppctii ui ui even owuuiucui;
to join her over Sunday out of town?
This moans a rush to catch a train, c.
more cr I353 lengthy, hot dusty railroad
trip, and a^the other end he must dine
en regale Saturday evening, dance and
perspire at the inevitable hop that
night; Sunday is one continual whirl
of pleasure ( ?) planned for his especial
entertainment; he goes to bed at midnight
or later, arises with the chickens
next morning, swallows a cup of scalding
hot coffee, dashes for a shrieking
train, and gets back to town Anally
about ofllce hours, but quite too worn
for business that day. On the contrary,
over Sunday for the man at the links Is
a. lotus dream of leisure. Sunday
morning there Is an early breakfast?
and a good one. Then while the dew is
fresh on the grass, and the birds sing
their sweetest, there Is time to "go
round" before the sun Is up to catch
and scorch him. During the middle of
the day a pipe, a hammock, and a
book on the club-house piazza give a
charm to the heat. That evening another
round on the links, and afterwards
dinner with a few.cronies on the
lawn, where the only language spoken
is his soul's mother tongue?golf. Thl3
atay-in-town-over-Sunday man returns
to work Monday morning strengthened
for his task, and purring with the
thought that he can run back to the
links that same evening. He dictates
a long letter to his wife or sweetheart,
reeking with sorrow because he did not
get down on Saturday night. This is
frightened hypocrisy, and he knoxvs it.
But what else Is possible? Nothing,
doubtless, till clubs of golf widows are
formed to reclaim American husbands
from the moral bunkers and social hazards
of the links.
A quiet and pretty home wedding was
that of M1s3 Cora V. Bewer and Mr.
Harry Dj Sales Porter, solemnized at
tha home of the bride's parents, at ML
Pleasant, Ohio, on Tuesday : evening,
September 4th, at 8 o'clock, by the Rev.
J. W. Holt, of Moundsvllle, assisted by
Uev. B. J. Browne, of ML Pleasant,
pastor of the Presbyterian church, of
which the bride has been a prominent
member for several years. The bride la
well known here, at her home, and
Pittsburgh. The groom Is a son of
John L. Porter, cashier of the First
National bank of Frostburg, Md., and
holds a position with the flrm of Jones
& Laughlln, of Pittsburgh, where they
expect to make their future home. The
brlda was becomingly attired In a. traveling
suit of navy blue and carried a
bunch of roses. Her attendants were
Mrs. E. "\V. Wolfe, sister of the bride,
Mother's advice is worth more than
the advice of any other woman to the
daughter who is perplexed by the problems
of phyiscal health anil comfort.
There's no need therefore to " write to a
woman " who is a stranger.
There may, however, be need for a
physician's advice to supplement the advice
of the mother. In such a case the
offer of free consultation by letter, made
by Dr. Pierce, opens the way to health,
and at the same vtime avoids the uupleasant
questionings, the repulsive examinations
and offensive local treatments
which less experienced physicians often
insist on. .
Any sick or ailing woman is iuvited to
wr!t?? tn Dr. Pierre. Buffalo, in the strict
est privacy. EscJi letter is held as a
sacred confidence aud its answer is sent
in a plain envelope, bearing no printing
upon it.
Do not be misled by advertisements
offering "medical advice," which are
published by those whp.not being physicians
are not qualified to give such advice.
Any physician or doctor who has
a legal and professional right to the title
will publicly claim that title., Those
who offer "medical advice" and invite
you to " write to a woman " do not claim
that the woman is a doctor. The " radical
advice" of nil unprofessional woman
is just a* dangerous as the ".medical
advice" of an unprofessional man. In
more than thirty years Dr. Piorctfand his
stuff of nearly a score of medical specialists,
have successfully treated over half a
million women.OYou am write without
fear as without fee to Dr. R. V. Picrco,
Buflalo, N. Y. I
and Mi>?.. A. F. Bewer. The groom
i wore theconventional black and whs
attended by Mr. E. Wi Wolfe, of Wheel
ltirc, and Mr. C. F. Bewer, brother of Ihe
' bride. Th?: wedding inarch was play-'
. ed by Mrs. L. May Holt, of Moundsvllle.
; After the ceremony was performed a
, repast was served In the dining room
by the parents of the bride. In the
course of a few days the happy, couple
will make a tour of the lakes as far
; north as the Mackinac Islands.
During the month of October, the exact
time not as yet being decided, a
: rummaging Bale will be carried on under
the auBpfces of the King's Daughters
of this city, the proceeds to go to
: help paying the debt still owing on
their Day Nursery building, which was
purchased some time ago. The plans
i for this event are settled, except the
time and place of holdlng.lt. A storu
room In the central part of the city will
probably be secured, and a sale of rummaged
goods will occur. The term
' '-'Rummage Sale" may'seem odd to
some, but If everyone interested will
jcfndiy contribute pome article for xvhich
they have no use, they will be committing
an act of charity for which the
King's Daughters will be thankful.
Perrons wishing to give something toward,
thi3, furniture, clothes, carpets or
nnythnig cise that i3 not needed, can
telephone to Mr3. W. H. Hlgglns, of the
i Island.
Mrs., J. P. Merrlman, Mrs. Alex.
Campbell, Mrs. Amelia Hoffman, of
Morgantown, and Mr. Alex. Campbell,
jr., form a party now making a trip of
the lakes.
resurrectton opdogs
Pronfor. t
and Causes a Hydrophobia Scare.
Chloroform Discredited as an Agent
for the Extinction of Dog Life.
Yesterday afternoon at the East End
dog pound, the legal execution of
twelve unclaimed dogs occurred in the
presence of Dr. William Petrie, who
was chief executioner, and Chief of
Police Clemans and Humane Officer
Echols?that Is It was supposed by all
concerned that the execution took place,
but this was a case of some other animal
than the cat coming to the front
with more than the allotted one life, as
approaching developments soon showed.
Tht dogs .were placed In a large
square box In company with a large
sponge saturated with chloroform, and
In ten minutes the dogs wero stretched
out apparently lifeless. They were at
once sent to the Fulton fertilizer plant,
and were to have been cremated last
night, but an hour or two before the
time set apart lor this interesting ccremony
the dogs one and all came back
to life, and soon there was such a
chorus of howlinc thnt nil nf Fulton
was on. edge. The fertilizer people called
In assistance, and with clubs and
pistols the docs were made away with,
but not before the around-the-hill village
had had a high old hydrophobia
Needless to state, chloroform has
been discredited as an agent for the
execution of unclaimed dog life.
Legitimate comedy will be the offering
at the Opera House on Monday and
Tuesday, September 10 and 11. "Hello
Bill" will be the attraction, and while It
Is new to this city, it has successfully'
run the gauntlet of criticism in nearly
every other important city in the country,
and has come out flushed with conquest.
As its title Implies, "Hello Bill"
is a comedy; not one of the idiotic slapstick
variety; not a series of specialties
strung together without rhyme or reason,
but a pure comedy of complications,
something between the late Augustin
Daly's farcical productions,
and Charles Frohman's "Jane." It is
Ingeniously constructed, and Its"lines
are bright and pithy. At no time does
it descend to vulgarity, and it stands
to-day one of the very few absolutely
clean comedies, that can produce
shrieks of laughter by absolutely, legitimate
Braunig Dramatic Company.
The Wllkesbarre (Pa.) Times ppeaks
of this excellent company as follows:
The company Is excellent and the new
scenery all that could be desired. The
piny was Credit Lorraine, a creation
which Included many Interesting situations.
Miss Mitchell in the leading role
carried off the honors. Bhe Is a pleasing
actress and did full Justice to author
Mnrston's lines. The play was
nicely staged, the costumes attractive
and the specialties very nicely (lone.
During the week the company will present
a varied repertoire, Riving both afternoon
and evening performances.
Ideals at the Grand.
The engagement of Hummelein's
"Ideals" at the Grand Opera House,
will close to-day. The large audiences
that have attended have been delighted
with the by scenic productions, and
big houses are expected to-dny. Last
night "The Pulse of Chinatown" was
presented In a very nrtlstlc and pleasing
mnnner, nnd made such an excellent
Impression that It will be repented
to-night, with new specialties. This
afternoon the "Ideals" will present
"Ten NlghtB In a Bar Room."
"The Man From Mexico."
in preparing mc aiun riom aiexico"
for stage purposes the author hus
endeavored to make farce and fancy
fraternize with facts. The entire structure
Is bnsnd on the next morning's
story told by the delinquent husband to
his confiding wife, who must offer some
excuse for the lateness of his arrival
home during the night Just passed.
This funny farce will again be presented
nt the Opera House, Friday,
September 14. The company Includes
George C. Boniface, Jr., Gus Plxley, P.
W. Bernard. M. L. Ileckert, D. H.
Landon, J. Trew Gray, Arthur Vlllars,
D. W. Slegrlst, Robert Deshon, Helen
Balrd, Adeline Mann, Agnes Burke and 1
Mildred Keith.
The council committee on police mot
lust night and audited bills, on follows:
Police, $182 00; city prison, $12715. Donaldson,
Morgan & Co. were awarded
the contract for ro-pnlntlng the city
ambulance, an?l W. F. C. Schnelle got
the contract for sanitary work at the
.The reul estate committee met and
audited bills aggregating $291 CO.
The committee on petitions and remonstrances
wan to have met to pass ,
on liquor license applications, and had
a quorum on band, but for some reason
the mooting was postponed to next
Monday evening, when the following
applications will be considered: Otto
Fish, 31 Eighteenth street; J. n. Wllkle,
79 Sixteenth street; Paul Blcry, 1032
Market street; F. J. Heine!, 2004-6 Main
street; William O. Walker, 1128 Water
The committee on accounts mot and
audited bills aggregating $349 75. The
.?* the clerk and receiver were
audited, and ?ound correct.
K/J' / '
. fChe*Wheelings won an eleven-lnnin
game from Marlon yesterday afternooi
before a fair-sized crowd. Wlicelin
put In Jones and Allemang pitched ft
the visitors. The locals batted har
ln-the first Inning, and scored four rum
Jn the seventh Jones became sick, an
was relieved by Pardee In the eight!
and off the latter the visitors batted 1
enough runs to tie the score In the nlnt
Inning. - Neither side scored in - th
tenth, but In the-eleventh Wheelln
wdn out on Taylor'fl run. Billy got t
first on a fumble by Kellner, Allonian
fumbled a sharp grounder from Cor
gallon'that Bent Taylor around to thirc
arid he scored on-JJeriny Lyons' infiel
hit. The score:
Taylor, 3b 0 2 1 4 I
CoiiRulton, cf 0 12 0 0
Lyons, 2b 5 0211
Cockman, atf 5 11 5 \
Poole, r( 5 1 2 2 1
Lytle. If 5 i 3 5 0
Hitter, c I 5 1 2 5 1
Boyd, lb 5.0 0 11 0
Jones,* p .3 0 l 0, 0
Pardee, p .'2-' 0 10 1
Totals 47 .7 .15 33 12
Gilbert, cf ...5 11 2 0
Day, II o, 12 0 o
Lynch, c.... D 2 3 4 2 .
\\ rltrht. lb 5 1 1 14 0 9
Delohanty, 2b ,5 0 2 2 4
Mlddleinn, fa 5 0 1 4 3
Daniels, p ..2 0 0 1 0
Guese, rf 1 0 0 0 0
^liein.ing, p ......... 3 0 0 0 2
Totals 1 42 ~G U 33 15 "
Wheeling 4 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 1Marlon
.2 0000 020 2 00Two
bu.se hits, Lyons, Lytic, Purdet
Kellncr, Lynch. Three base hits, PooU
Rltter, Lynch. Sucrltlce hits, Lyom
Cockman. Double iilays. Cockman, unua
slstcd,, Delehanty to Wright. Stole:
buses, Rltter 2, Lynch, Delehunty. Ruse
on halls, off Jones. G. off Pardee 2. Das
on bnlk, Rltter. Struck out, by Alleman:
2,.by Jones 3. lilt batsman, by Jones ]
Umpire, Jdhnstonc.
Other Inter-State Games.
At Toledo. R H 1
Toledo 0 0000002 2-4 7
Dnyton 0 1 0 0 0 0 2 4 0-7 14
Datterles, Cates and Arthur; Watkln
and Deal.
At Fort Wayne. R H I
Fort Wayne ..0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0-27
AnderMon 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 2?1 6
Batteries, Swalm and Bergen; Streit nni
At Mansfield. R II I
Manslleld 3.2 1 2 0 0 0 0 ?8
New Castle ..0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0?2 7
Batteries, Smith, From and Fox; Wads
worth and Grulllus.
To-day's Game.
In this afternoon's game, the last o
the season with Marlon, Poole will uitcl
for Whopllnc and Mcf!ord for the Mnr
Ions. Doubtless the usual large Satur
day crowd will be attracted.
Won in the Ninth.
BOSTON, Sept.' 7.?A single, a two bng
ger, a base on balls and a passed bnl
In the ninth gave Clnclnnutl threo run
and the game. Attendance, 1,0001
Boston 1 0 1 0 3 0 0 0.0?5 13
Cincinnati ....1 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 3?ti 10
Batteries, Willis, Dlneen and Clarke
Phillips, Newton and Kahoe. Earnei
runs. Boston 1, Cincinnati 1. Home runs
Kahoe, Long. Time, 2:10. Umpire, Sny
A Drawn Battle.
BROOKLYN, N. Y., Sept. 7.-To-day*i
game was a hot ono from start to llnlsh
After sec-sawing for four Innings, Pitts
burgh gol a leud of one run, which wai
increased to three by a home run drlvi
over the picket fence by Williams, wltl
O'Brien on first. The batting of O'Brlei
jind Williams, and the base running o
Wagner and Keeler were the features. At
tendnnce, 1,700. R III
Pittsburgh ....0 1 0 1 0 2 0 2 0?<311 ;
Brooklyn 1 0200002 1-G 9 :
Batteries. Waddell and Zlmmer; SIcGln
nlty and McGulre. Earned runs, Pitts
Imrfh H llrnnnfelvn .1 rune Will
lams and Dahlen. Two bane hits, will
lams, Kelly. First ba?e on errors, Brook
lyn 2. Time of game, 1:63. Umpire
Dnrkness Interfered.
PHILADELPHIA, Sept 7.-Darknes!
brought'to-day's game to n close at th?
end of the ninth Inning with the score tied
Chicago tried .a new pitcher namet
Hughes, who kept tho locals guessing dur
ing the entire game. Donahue's wilt
throw In the ninth Inning allowed tho tying
run to tally. K H E
Chicago 3 0 0 0 0 1 2 0 0??; 13
Philadelphia ..1 0 1 0 0 0 2 1 1?fi 12 I
Batteries, Hughes and Donahue: Ortl
and McFarland. Earned runs, Chicago 6
Philadelphia 2. Time, 2:40. Umpire
Rejuvenated Giants.
NEW YORK. Sept. 7.-The Now York)
defeiitcil the St. Louis team to-daj
through mlsplays by Jones and McGnnn
In the eighth Inning, after two were out
McGnnn failed to hold a throw by Jones
and two runs-were scored before the bal
was recovered, and Smith, who hud hll
the ball, was resting at third. Hawley'i
pitching was a notable foature. H H E
St. Louis 2 1000000 0-1 7:
New York ....1 0 1 0 1 0 0 3 7 ]
: BntWles," Jones and Robinson; Jlawlev
and Grady. Earned runs. New York 1,
St. Louis 1. . Umplrfe, GafCney. Tlmo ol
game, two hours
Tliey Clash Before the Metropolitan
Club on September 13.
j TVir. \f<.?cnnnlllnn I'AMiliitln f?liih hns
'announced.a first class sidtb fair week
attraction for their Pulton arena In
tho twenty-round, light between Jack
Hamilton, of Troy, N. Y., and Jack McClelland,
of Pittsburgh, who are to
weigh in at 3 p. m. at 12C pounds. Doth
are top-notchers nnd ought to furnish a
great battle. The Hght will occur on
next Thursday evening, September 13.
As this is the big day of the fnlr, it
would be, well for the home sports to
secure their tickets In advance, for
doubtless the arena will be packed with
strangers attending the fair. The preliminary
will bo a ten-round go between
Gllhoolcy, of Bridgeport, and
Baker, of tho South Side,
The M, A- C. has received the signed
articles for, the Bennett-Kennedy light,
which Is to be pulled off on tho evening
of Monday, September 24.
Reduced tho Record,
HARTFORD,''Cotin,,Sept. 7.-ThoAbbott-reduced
the world's mile trotting
wagon record this afternoon at Charter
Oak Park, to 2:05#. Tho former record
was 2:09'4, huld by Lucille and mudu at
Cleveland lb. 1S97?
V. 'j V&& Vc !
$ Is tltting Trusses, Braces, Abdomina
? Belts, otc. Wo make it a study, n.nd ni9
ways try to givo you the bost goods foi
r your money. No goods leave our. housi
TP that the purchaser does not. know oxactly
J? what ho Is buying, and our guarantee li
Y back of them.. Wo fit both the expensive
and cheaper kind without extra charge.
You get tho best goods at the lowest
prices from us.,
Tenth and Main 8ts.
i, Friday, September 14.
k A Farce of Finest Flavor. Broadhurst
Bros', production of H. A. Du 8ou11
chefs Farcical Comedy,
, With Geo. C. Boniface. Jr., and a clever
* cast.- Prices 25c. 00c, 75c and $1.00. Seat
d pale opens Thursday morning. - ' se8
0 First Christian church, Rev. C. M.
J Ollphant, Dastor?The Senior Order Unl0
ted American Mechanics, Council No. 1,
2 of this city, will attend the morning
0 services in a body and the pastor will
? preach an appropriato sermon on "Our
3 Country and. Flag;" Special music.
3. The theme of the evening sermon will
1 be, "A True Life." Sunday school at
0 9:30 a. m.; Mission Sunday School, at
5 Thirty-first street, at 2:30'p. m. Busy
1 Bee Mission Band at 4 p. m. Young
0 People's Society of Christian Endeavor
o at G:45 p. m., led by William Hepburn;
_ uui ouiipiL' uu\.y, uunt; ju.i-iv.
5 Prayer meeting Wednesday evening.
G First Presbyterian church?The pas?,
tor, Rev. D. A. Cunningham. D. D., will
? preach at 10:30 a. m. Sabbath school
? at 9:15 a. m.
a At the Second Presbyterian church
0 morrow, the pastor. Rev. Joseph Specrs,
f will conduct services at 10:30 a. m. and
* 7:30 p. m. Sunday school at the usual
2 Zane Street M. E. church?Class
3 meeting at 9:30 a. m.; public worship
1 and preaching at 10:30 a. mM by the
s pastor; Sunday school at 2 p. m.; public
worship, preaching at 7:45 p. m., by
5 the pastor; fourth quarterly conference
2 Monday evening. September 10, at 8 p.
3 m. Prayer meeting Wednesday evend
lng, at 7:45.
j- Vance Memorial?Services will be
2 held as usual at 11 a, m. and 7:45 p. m.,
conducted by the pastor, C. B. Austin,
D. D. A cordial invitation extended to
/ At the Fourth Street Methodist Episcopal
church, the pastor, Dr. J. L. Sooy,
1 will preach at 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.
Evening subject, "Making a Living
vs. Maklnir a Life."
North Street M. E. church?Love
feast at 9:30 a. m.; preaching at 10:30
a. m., by Rev. A. Moore, presiding elder,
at the close of which the holy com.
munlon will be administered: Sunday
school at 2 p. in., and preaching by the
. pastor. Rev. C. B.; Graham, at 7:30 p.
j m., from the subject, "The Dangers of
Unbelief." Official board meeting Tuesday,
at 7:30 p. m. The fourth quarterly
^ conference at 7:30 p. m., Thursday, and
2 all other meetings of the week as usual.
: Way man A. M. E. church, Dr. D. W.
I Bentley, pastot^?To-morrow Is'quarter
ly meeting, at which the presiding elder.
Rev. C. A. McGes, of the Wheeling
district, will preach at 10:45 a. m. and
? S p. m. At 3 p. m. the holy communion
will be administered, In which the pas?
tor and members of , Simpson M. E.
phurrh will tnkn nart nnd others who
. will come with us. Monday night, a
h love feast will be held; Tuesday night,
quarterly conference. This being the
last quarterly session of this confer1
ence year; all members are urged to be
| present.
^ First Baptist church, Rev. Martin W. |
Buck, pastor?Preaching at 10:30 a. m.,
} by the pastor; subject, "God's Glory In
the Heavens." Address at 7:30 p. m.,
" by Miss Clara E. Magulre, giving a
I bird's eye view of mission work In the
. United States, by the Women's Bap
tlst Home MIslsonary Sochty. Sundav
. school at 0:15 a. m. Sunday school at
Chapel A, corner of Broadway. n*,'i j
Maryland streets, and at Chapel B,
2S06 Eoff street, at 2:30 p. m. Miss
j Maculre Is an effective speaker, was for I
> a short time a resident of Wheeling, J
some years ago, and has traveled exj
lenslvely, visiting various fields occupied
by the society she represents east,
" south and west. All are cordially In1
vlted to come and henr her.
; Simpson M. E. church, Rev. J. W.
I Waters, pastor?Preaching at 10:30,a. m.
) by a stranger. At 8 p. m. the pastor
i will preach a special sermon to the
. Household of Ruth; tho Odd Fellows
aru Invited to be present. Sunday
school at 9 a. m., ,H. B. Clemens, superintendent.
Pentecostal meeting at
( 4 p. m., led by Mrs. Carrie Berry.
Rev. R. R. Bigger will preach morn
Ing and evening to-morrow at the Third
Presbyterian church.
1 St. Luke's P. E. churcch. Island?The
t usual services will b held on Sunday,
i conducted by the rector, Rev. Jacob
! Brlttlngham. In the afternoon Mr. Brlt!
tlnghain will preside at services at the
Llnsly camp, east of tho city,
, Services at the First English Luther
nnd 7:30. Subjects, "Christian Benevolonce"
and "The Indescribable Gift."
Sunday School at 2 p. m. Young People's
Society Christian Endeavor at 8 p.
iti. Monday. The annual Harvest Home
services of this congregation will be
held on the last Sunday of September.
:he riveb.
The Mattle K. will leave to-day at 11
o'clock for Matamoras and way landings.
The marks at G p. m., Friday, showed
1 foot 9 Inches ani,l falling.
The Bedford and P. A. Goebel have
quit, owing to low water, the lattet
making her last trip yesterday.
The Telephone cleared for Marietta
yesterday at noon.
River Telegrams.
BROWNSVILLE?-River G feet 4
Inches nnd stationary.
OIL CITY?River 4 Inches and s(atlonary.
Weather, clenr and pleasant,
ORE1SNSHORO?Rlvr 0 feet G Inches
and falling. Weather, warm. Woodward
and Edgar Cherry down Saturday.
Adam Jacobs and Dewoy up.
PITTSBUFtGH-Rlver 2 feet and stationary,
Weather, clear and warm.
Hay Fever.
We can cite you a numbor of CURE8
we have made In cases of HAY FEVER,
. Tenth and Main Streets,
. . - ilcFA
I fl BOYS' $s.
Jk f- Men's Bov llnfi S
I t iXyKjSJ: . canvas shoe wi
Y' KV ?*gj(, ' Working Shoes,
i V ?\ ?si SI.25 doubles
! i! l\y^v4 Men's Fine Shoe
, n ' I tan color or bl
" ^ WB $2.50 shoes',
% ^CT] McFadden
Jfa Njgp 1316, 1318,
to wheeling
Three Rings, Half Mile Race Track, 1,000 Fc
Hurricane Races, 4 Trains, 10 Acres Canvi
Cages, Droves of Camels, 15 Open Dens,
capital, 5
The Greatest Performers in the, known
Shows this seas
mlle! norada fret
10?Principal Male and Female Equestri
I lit LIVinUOlUnO?At
i i i ~ streets. A
Art, Money and Good Taste, with Lj
Greatest Professional Features Conceivat
Excursions Run on Every Line of Truvc
West Virginia Exposi
September 10, II, 1
Dok Show?Ovor 3,000 ThoroiiKhbroi
Mnorhttlcnnt l!*hUiIH?n ?n iv.> <tnnir
Art, Industrial mul Mi
Excltlup: Halloon AhcodkIohh.
Running: 3tu<
Vaudovlllo Attractions. The
Excursion Rates on All Nallroads. Address
A. REYMAXX, President.
yffiikjf 'Ss SometimesaTcllaW?, tnt
J thojiurostdrugoBbi
(^L Dp. Peal's
Tboyaro prompt, uafo and ctn
' V m ^wTlio gonufun (Dr. PcoTtp nevci
Sold by Chaa. R. Goctzo, Druggist, co
jlffisicADAMS COl.I.INfs.
Painter, Grainer, Glazier, Kalsnminer,
Sign Painler and Paper
Hanger. '
Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Glass,
Putty, Enamels, Stains, Bronze's,
Gold Leaf, Gold Paint and all
grades Brushes.
For old and new work promptly
Telephone 4SI. 1613 Market SI
The CamdenHotel linn recently iiaeu
placed In charge ot Thomas lJoohi*. of
tho Grafton Hotel. Ho him mado many
chanlts In'vthls popular aumnu-r resort,
whlcrr 1h ABolng appreciated by hla mitneroUH
traveling friends. Tom l? ono of
tho leading hotol men, and Unowa how
^0 look alter hla guests, , aul7'
~r1 , .r.y .r^^FS *
DDENS. T. ','
mtt * " * ?^?w? - -, _
,25 I'
5H0Ei T0R 98c. !
hoes, tlft- r.iitc or black, 75c ?o ; i
:th; rubber soles; for.... fOC 7 '
for men and boys, the be's; T
ole working shoes, all-sizes, no jj.
s, the new fall styles, in ^
ack, the Hnest ani best $1 CQ T
for : vl.oo jj,
*S GoodWearlng'SiioeS( |
1320 Market Street, Wheeling. ^ ;3
atures, 100 Phenomenal Acts, 25 Clowns, W
ts, 10,000 Seals, 1.500 Employes, 6 Baiids, 58
Herds of Elephants, $1,000.00 daily expenses.
^ U S,
world are with ihc Great Wallace
on, including the
e arid. Skating Experts..
'ICH?Mysterious Globe.
ians?10. & Leon and Singins Mala.
:rial Bar Extraordinary.
Triple Revolving Trapeze.
. Daily, is the finest ever put on die
Sunburst of Splendor. A Triumph of
ivish Luxury of Spectacular Effcct
I. No Gambling Devices Tolerated.
Sl state fair.
ition aiid State Fair,
5, W. VA.,
2, 13 and 14,1900.
1 Dork Vrom All .Parts oftlio "World.
Twelve Trotting: and Pacing K?cot
ureantllo F.xhlbltlou.
Thrilling Chariot llaees.
?0S lit > ifgllt.
I 111 way. The Gonimn VII Intro,
Secretary (or Premium List or Information.
GEO. HOOK, Secretary.
anihly, T?nilatlnp medicine. Only htrolca ail
juldbaccod, lxyouwiniUi8be?m;c;
PeramyraswaS PHSs
tain in remit.
r disappoint. Bold for $1.00 per box.
r. Market and Twelfth streets.
A book that 1ms excited almost a
furor in tho locnllty where tin
story is Bet,
By Mail, Postpaid, 91.00.
Address A. C. Hall Olcncoe, III
paients and TIIADE-mabks.^
Proper proteclK-.n accutvO In nit OTUn"
trios. Itrllnblo norvlco nt moderate rntM*
AUvlco free, Correspondence solicitedH.
u. DUNLaP, Potent Attorney.
Itollly Building, Wheeling.

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