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hot reception
in michigan.
~ . A
(Continued from Krst Page.),
MtoisslPP.i; M'hiU1: Insisting, :Upqn tbol
* . it nf iho Mi?fll?Rlnnl
adherence;w u ? -?'? r :?r*Is
in Itself enouFUjto discredit them li
the eyes of all Bpod cltl*#iV whethe
Kepubllcans or genuine Democrats.
Tree Silver Pplicy Disastrous.
Moreover, the ajtltudr Is entirely fu
tile. The leaders*prttons our,opponent
are doubtlons uiwasily .conscious' tha
tholr free silver rollcy. would be dlsas
troos to the welflure Of' our country
but havlng( playofc the part ofdema
gogues, they must now1 .reap the fruit
of their action, ittbey came, Jnto'pow
cr, their possession of power wouh
throw this 'country irito convulsions o
disaster. They would bo obliged ti
make war upon th^principlsa of souni
finance. >, The victory of Mr. firyai
would me^ri such strengthening 6t th
foes of honest money as to powerfuli;
impress. eVftty wavering mind In thi
senate, so Jpat free silver leglslatioi
could probacy fpiss both houses; atu
no secretary of the ^treasury who woul.
decSt offlee untior Mr. Bryan could d<
anything but' follow a course of actioi
which would plunge our financial sys
tern into chaos, if the ^farmer, th'
business man.pfid the U'agew'orkertvan
prosperity to continue, they. must.maki
up their minds that the incoming of Mr
Bryan would mean 'terrible and' wide
spread* disaster,;
I .. Talks on Trusts.//
A word as to trusts. IJeyond a ques
tiori the great industrial combination:
which we group In popular parlance un
dert he name $f trusts have produce(
great and serious evils. < There is ever:
reason why \ve should -.try to abati
lho?e evils and 4o make men of wealth
whether they fret individually or collec
five#; bear their full ahaVe of the coun
ir\**s burdens and keep as scrupulous!:
within the bounds of equity and moral
Ityas'any of, their neighbors. But'will
andjfraniio dsn unciatjoii-j'docs riot, di
them the leas; harm and simply post
pones the day when we can make then
.amenable to proper laws. Hasty legls
latio&'-of a' violent type Is either wholl:
ineffective against the evil, or elsi
crushes the evil at the expense o
crushing even more of good. "We neei
to approach the subject both with Urn
resolution to.abate the evils and In i
spirit of hard comon sense as we searcl
for the mean* of abating them,
[ijj "What the Evils Axe.
One of the first things i'o obtain I
publicity. "We must be able by law ti
find out exactly what each corporatloi
does and earns. This mear publicity it
self will effect something towards rem
edying .piany evils. Moreover,, it wll
therefore enable us' to shape.bur mens
ures fo/attacking the latter..with gooi
IprOgftM ?f success. IrpmOdfcrate at
tack always invites, reaction and oftei
defejj/i Moderation combined wilh res
clutjfln, can alone sccure results wort!
liaynS Let me point out to you tha
wj&nlffi: the last - two years*- we have li
Mrtv York established a franchise ta:
'uyaer'^Vhlch thtr 'corporations., whic!
oi-o rp?st to the state, but which "ha
litherto largely escaped taxation, hav
Veen required to pay their jOst share o
rBeneficial Xaw.
/ This law has resulted In putting upo
/the assessment books nearly two hun
/ Ured millions of property which ha
heretofore escapcd taxation. It rcpre
| cents ten times over more than our op
/ ponents ever did in that state, or s
/ far a$/!i know in any other state, hav
f (/one ft) remedy the inequalities whicl
can justly do compiainca ot; ana ye
we. dl$ it without any demngoglc out
cry, and we did it in no anarchic splril
but sirpply as the friends of order am
liberty; of property and Individun
rights, who intended temperately bu
flrmly^o. insfs't upon Justice for nil. Ii
other wordst wo made our performanc
square with our promise. Contrast thl
with what our cpponetns in that stat
did. The leader of the Democrat!'
' party Jn my state, and the gentlema:
who in against me for'governor 01
an anti-trust platform arid who serve
on the committee on resolutions a
Kansas City which drew up their pros
cnt platform, are both of them ver.
loud in their denunciation of trusts.
Deeds, Not "Words.
They say a- great deal moro agalns
them than I should say, becauso I an
hampered by the fact that I want t
have my deeds always make good m;
words.' Whcrt wo come to deeds, how
ever, we find that in a particularly 11a
grant trust, the ice trusts, the two gen
tlemen referred to stand foremos
among the stockholders, the snm
stockholders Including a number of th
New York City ofllclals and this li
spite of the fact that the city Itself ha<
dealings with the trust*. Such a con
dltlon of affairs calls for but scan
comment frorfi me. 'You can hopa fo
but little from men who In othe
words. play the. demagogue abou
trusts; you can hope for Infinitely les
when these yeo* men Join to public de
nunclatlon of trusts private ownershl]
in them. ,
Lauds McKlnloy's Administration.
In many points there Is a curlou
! similarity between this campaign o
1500 and the campaign of 1S64, whci
President Lincoln was rc-tlected. No
since the close of the Civil war have wi
ever had an admlplNtratlon which dl(
bo much to uphold the honor nnd In
terent of America as President McKln
ley's, nnd not since the close or tin
Cjvi] war, not even In JSWor 1898, hm
It been of such vital consequence t<
overwhelm a political party an It nov
If, for the nucccpn of our .'opponent!
would mcnn'io the country a dlBactoi
fraught with the gravest conaequonee
There Ih a cIobc similarity between, tin
arguments used by the popullatlc I>em
oorocy nt the moment, nnd by their an
alogues, the Copperheads of ISM; ark
exactly an In 1RS4, no now we appeal foi
the support of nil good cltlKons. "VV<
have a right to nslc that the old line
Democrats stand with up, for the old
lino Democracy always championed
I'firil money nti'i expansion. 'Moreover
*n'?ro fortunnte thnn In 1SC4, we car
i how appeul to all good men north, ant
i Shousands'Suffer From'Jt and Do
Js Not Know It.
Hon./.T. Wimberly, Collector of tho
p Port pfjs'e\r Orleans, La., and member
nf (1lA Vlllnllil / ? .11 _* -
-- ""w ivu^iuuiiu-u uuuiumwo,
In writing of Fo-rn-ns, ?ay?:
1 y Hon. A.^
i kPeru-na Drug M'fg Co., Columbus,0.:
- "Oontlemon?I havo used Pe-ru-ba and
t can gladly recommend It as boing all
b you represent. I wish that every man
l who is in need of a good tonic could
1 know of it. Iwould:advise all-euch to
1 take it now, and am euro it would never
d berogrottcd.'V^i-^A.Wimberly,
1 Po-ru-na 13 an. internal... remedy?a
scientific remedy for. catarrh; It cures
u catarrh whorovor located. Its;, cureo
t last. Pe-ru-na xdves strength fcy stopis.
ping waste. By Baving the mucus It ehV
riches the Wood. By clean sing the
I|iuvvu9 ui?uiui.iutv;i * > I'ltoui YVa UIOI
vital foro^ i ,. - |
. south, east and west, to the sons of the
3 men who wore -the blue tmd the. Bona of
: the men .who wore the gray alike*' :
1 Righteous Foreign War.
' Not only -was the Spanish -war the
most rlghteouB foreign war undertaken
? by any nation during the life-time of
* the present generation; but It welded
" this country once and for all Into an
f undivided nation. Outgenerals includ"
ed not only men -who.rfought. on the
* Union side'In the Civil "war, but tnen
J who had with equal gallantry anid equal
" devotion to what they deemed: their
1 duty, borne arms for the south?men
" like Joe Wheeler, Fltzhugh Lee and
F many another whom I could mention.
e All alike were Americans and the counf
try cared nothing wbere they came
* from, because it took equal pride in
1 thdm nil Thnt TIpivov wn? hnrn In
x Vermont concerned them no more than
that Hobson was born In Alabama, or
that Funston came from Kansas and!
Hale from Colorado. As we in the |
s time of the war appealed to all men
u who were good Americana, so now in;
[i preserving the results of the war,. in j
- justifying what we did two years ago, I
- we appeal again to all good men, what- i
I ever their political affiliations have been:
- in the past, whether, they come . from ;
1 the north or the south, the Atlantic-or
- Pacific coast, to stand with us .because
o wo stand for the honor and Interest of
. our common .country, ,
tv 'Denounced the Civil "Wax.
} In 1864 the Democratic platform de
11 nouncea tneriuruier-prosecution, 01 tnc
x Civil war, Just as the Kansas City plath
form'denounces the further\proBecutlonj
d of. the war In the Philippines -to-day.
? Moreover in 1864 the platform contalnlC
ed precisely the same frantic assertion
that civil liberty and private rights had
been trampled on and' that Justice and
ri liberty demanded an immediate effort
_ for the cessation of hostilities. Much of
tj what is put in the two platforms could
. be interchanged on this point, and In
1SC4, there was the same hypocritical
0 sympathy expressed for the soldiers and
e sailors that Is expressed'again'In 1900;
h in each case the expression of symt
pathy for the soldier coming In as a tag
_ to a declaration of hostility to the
^ cause for which the soldier was flghtj
ing, a declaration which was certain In
I finitely to Increase the work and danger
t of the Boldler. The chairman of the
a convention in 18G4 made a speech, In
e which he declared that every lover of
a civil liberty throughout the .world was
e Interested in the success of the Copperc
head party. This Is just the same type
n of appeal that is being made now, and
1 it is Just as baseless in one case as.Mt
j was In the other. In 1864 the,name of
t liberty was invoked to secure the continuance
of plavery. In 1900 It is Invoky
ed to secure the abandonment of American
honor and to throw the Philippines
under the ntfe of a corrupt and tyrannous
oligarchy. In 1S64 the cry of imI
perialism was raised exactly as it Is
II now raised, with just as little basin.
0 The Indianapolis Sentinel, for Instance,
? declared that if Mr. Lincoln was re"
elected there would be "no longer a re"
public In the United States, but a con- j
" solldated empire." On every hand Lln*
coin was denounced as a tyrant, a
e shedder of blood, a foe of llborty, a
B would-be dfctator> a founder of an em- |
? pire?one orator saying, "We alqohave |
^ our emperor, Lincoln, who can tell
" stale jokes while tho land Is running
* red with the blood of brothers." .V,' ; j
1 Same Story About Gran
r Even-after Lincoln's death the asB
ga'ujt was kept up, and In JSCS tho samo I
party declared that If Grant was.lnau-. j
" gurated as President th<^ American
"mnof na n o.
and conquered people amid the ruin of I
liberty and the shattered constitution.".
* Of . course, In 1SC4, militarism as a I
c threat was worked with Infinitely more
i apparent JustUlcatlon than It can now I
t be worked. We did have big armies In |
0 the field then,-whereas now our iiirmy |
* including not merely tho regulars; but,
* volunteers. Is not half as large reliitlvely
to the population of the country |
- as Is the New York City police force !
3 relatively to tho population of that
' city. To appeal now to tho uvorngo
* man to beware lest lib groan under.tHo
s burden of the soldiers Is a good deal
r lesn national than to appall to hlni In
* Nuw York or Chicago, to beware' lest
> ho groan under the weight of
* tho uniformed members .of the
* lire department. Wo' have a rngular,
1 army prnctleally no larger. In proporr
tlon to the population than It was a
* century ago. Wo use It just as.'.iv? tiso
* the police force and Are deparynent In
' grcnt. cities, and It In not a whit more
1 dangerous to cur liberties and docs not
* add no much to our burdens its' olthbr.
' of these. '
1 Now u word upeclllcully as to the
- ' ' ' ' - A
' A Constant <lra!n et mucus from the
systcc*. is teown or, sjrtoiaic catarrh.
This Key oKurJrotn any organ of tho
body. 8ynlcmIo catarrh is moro common
in spring ?nJ suhwjcr thin in the
Dr. Btehcl A."Mncair,(I7 WcatJottorson
Street, Bprlnglicld, Ohio: "Your
Pe-ra-na is worth itr weight in gold.
I feel like anew woman. I oan't praise
it enough. I spent a great deal of
money on doctors, Jjnt nothing ever did
me any good until I sent to you and
triod your Po-ru-na. 1 now feel Moll of
the catarrh."
' Balph W. Chnllp, of La Forte, Ind^
says the following aa jogards Po-ru-na
for catarrh: " 1 had been troubled with
catarrh for the _
I bccamo so had . IB . \
ago that I took
treatment iroin
dJechorgo from 7
ally (my .etam- ?
ach bedim o n fleeted, end eight months
ago I to quit work. I lost In
weight from 166 ponnda to 140. I was
completely discouraged. I procured a
bottlo of Po-ru-na and had not taken
half tlio bottle, wbon, to my Joy and
surprise, I began feeling better. My
head began to get better; tbedJscbargo
began to dry up. I kopt on, and have
now takon two bottles. I have resumed
my work, bare a good appotito, and Ijave
not fait better In ten years. I am now
30, and I thank Pe-ru-na fcjr tho way I
feel to-day."
For free book address Dr. Hartmaa,
Philippines. It Is In connection with
the Philippines that Mr. Bryan has
chiefly harped upon the "consent of
the governed" theory. As a matter of
fact we cannot too clcarly keep In mind
that the success of the Agulnaldian rebels
would mean not liberty for all Filipinos,
but liberty for a certain bloodthirsty
section to oppress a great majority
of their fellow countrymen. Under
Spanish rule the Filipinos were
treated with intolerable cruelty. The
Agulnaldlan leaders have, wherever
their'power has extended, continued a
system almost as bad. The chief victims
of this system have been not the
Americans, but -their fellow Filipinos;
for their hatred and cruelty have been
exhibited chiefly at the cost of their
fellow countrymen who have had the
good sense and genuine patriotism to
realize that the true interests of the islands
lay In the American government.
So far as I am aware not one competent
witness who lias actually known
the facts believes the Filipinos capable
of self-government at present, or believes
that such an effort would result
In anything but a horrible confusion of
tyranny and anarchy. Judge Taft,
President Schurman, Professor "Worcester,
Bishop Potter, and all our army officers
are a unit on this point. The in
stltutlons or a free republic cannot at a
leap, be transplanted into wholly alien
soli among a people who have not the
slightest conception of liberty and selfgovernment,
as we use those words.
You mlsht as well try to transplant a
full grown oak Into alien soli.
Bloodshed and Misery.
Remember that to surrender the
Philippines now to a little band of military
usurpers would be to surrender
the Islands to bloodshed and misery.
Our stay In the Islands Is the condition
precedent of peace. "With us expansion
means, as It. always has meant, peace.
When ,>ve took New Mexico it meant
that.vwe gave to that territory peace,
" ind-saved, it from ?he' quarter of a cenjuryof
bloody fighting which followed
for old Mexico! When we expanded
ivest of the Mississippi It meant that
j.'c put a stop to the tribal warfare
fi'hlch had endured for ages among
the Sioux, Crow, Cheyenne and PawDee
Indians. So now the establishment of
our rule in the Philippines means to
?ive the islands peace, and it is the
only chance they have of getting peace
or of jrettintr xrood covernmerit. To
contract Instead of expand means cruel
war, cruel despotism for the Islands
which wo would abandon. We have a
right to nsk the support of every lover
of peace, of every believer In peace, for
the righteous policy we have pursued
In the Philippines. No statesman
worthy of the name, no patriot or philanthropist
who Is entitled to a moment's
hearing before the bar of mankind
will maintain that the principles
of the declaration of independence
means that no man throughout the
world, no matter what his crimes or his
limitations, is to be excused from the
observance of law and order If he happens
to <hlnk that lawlessness and disorder
suit him best.
Lincoln and Jefferson.
As has been shown again and again,
neither Jefferson, the author of . the
declaration of independence, nor Lincoln!
the man who did the most to make
the facts of our national Jifo correspond
with that same doctrine ever dreamed
for a moment of giving it such interpretation.
Lincoln In one of his great
speeches at Springfield, June 26. 1857,
thus alluded to the framers of the declaration
of independence: "They did
not mean to assert tho obvious untruth
that all were then actually enjoying
equality, nor yet that they were about
to confer such a boon. They meant
simply to declare the right, so that the
enforcement of it might follow as fast
as. circumstances would permit. They
meant to set up a standard maxim for
free society which should be familiar to
all and revered by all; constantly looked
to, constantly labored for, and even
though never perfectly attained, constantly
approximating and thereby constantly
spreading and deepening Its
Influence and augmenting the happiness
and value of JJfe to all peoples."
Rescued Them Prom Destruction.
I received the other day, a letter from
Captain MoffetVof thq First Dakota
Yoluntcers, giving his experience with
tho prisoners In Manila prison, when
that city was captured. Of the 1,500
prisoners, 1,100 were released. It appeared
that they had boen tortured
and wronged In the most terrible way,
and most of them had not even been
Hn.l ?i.? -?
...wv .V. u.v- ci mice nicy WL-III- UIIUKWU
to.'have committed. 'Over half of them
were probably entirely innocent. I cannot
even enumernto the tortureB habitually
used by the Spaniards to these
Filipino prisoners, and when 1 rouch
such letters as these of Captain Moffett,
and such letters ns thnt I shnll quote
from the Kallant son of a Kallaht Confederate
offlecr, my blood bolls at tho
foul slandern of the men who dishonor
1 the name of. America by attneks on nur
j policy and our. soldiers in the Philippines.
The simple truth Is that,we rescued
thosn inlands from the hideous
tyranny of the Spaniard# and the anInrchy
of the corrupt and bloody Inwur|
Rent chiefs. Wo are now rapidly establishing
a stable Kovernment, and
! whoever we.have succeeded In establishing
that government, we have nl1
ready given to tJle natives such justlco
ifnd 'liberty ns neither they nor thrdr
ffit'cTathern have ever Unown throughI
out the.- apes, No blocker wrong could
be flone than to turn them back totlHr
(nVftJUovicch to work out their own dectr'ttctlon.
lured Into Destructive Poiltlono.
iI?o men tan profess the doctrines our
pdlltlral .foes profess an records tho
Philippines without'belng speedily lured
Into positions ever more destructive of
the national honor. The extremist)
among them of nvqry graGo havd" "de
tually hocn attacking the PnJsMerit foi
v-hat he has done la China, and <>n? o
their.Icndersuven had .the wild folly-jt<
state that the. Boxer outbreak In Chlni
was due to our possession of the Phtt
Inplnoa. Thinvcoptcnt'xonttemnn mlgh
Just exactly as wpll juive mated tha
ouroccupation .-oft the' PhlllpplneBVpro
duccd disturbance* lnUh&> rings of Sa
turn. JX.is noteworthy.' thot-tho llrs
result -of the militarism ?o#?pla1ned:o:
Iti the Philippines has'\bfeeh to cnabli
the President to iftke tho lead'Jn pro
lectins-our minister and our mlsalonar
les in China. It is difficult ; to knov
which io admire most?the coal-h?adet
moderation with which the; president
throughout the Chinese difficulty, hat
reiaacd to allow this country to take i
vindictive attitude or-to do more tha^
exact justice, or op the other thand, thi
steadfast and unswerving'*esolutloi
with which he Js-insisting *hfct this Jus
lice must be obtained. ;
Phty Part of * Great Nation.
My fellow cltlzcns, the truth as rd
garde the present situation is slmpl;
and clearly that the American peopti
now have to decide wtietherjor not the}
will play the part of a gfeat natloi
nobly and well. It la "with .the aiatioj
as with the Individual. /Nope, of us re
fcpect the man whose.aim In-life Is t<
avoid ?verr*dltncuHy and danger ahl
stay in the shelter of 'his' own homo
there to bring up children unable t<
face the roughness of the ^world. W<
respect the man who goes' out to do i
man's work, to front difficulties am
overcome them, and 'to train1 up - his
children to do likewise. . So, Jt. is. witl
the nation. To decline to do our dut:
is simply to sink as China has'sunk.' I
We are to continue td hold *our 'hcadi
high as Americans, we must . bravely
soberly and resolutely frpnt .each particular
duty as It arises, and it Ib be
cause of the great truth contained* :Ji
this principle that we appeal to eyer:
man, northerner and southerner, east
erner and westerner, whother his fathe
fought under Grant or under Leei what
ever political party he may have be
longed to In the past?to stand with u
now when we askr that the hands :p
^resident nictumey oe upneid, ana tna
this nation instead of shrinking in un
manly terror from Its duty, shall atria
forward to use Its giant strength- fo
the upholding of our honor and the In
terests of mankind, in doing that par
of the world work which provl^eric
has allotted to ua.
Nevra Notes From the Busy Marshal
County Town.
Regular services- In all the church'p
to-morrow. Regular; mroning' and ev
enlng services at the Methodist chur&
In charge of the pastor. Rev. G. W
Bent. Epworth League meeting at 6:4
p. m. At the Catholic church, Re-\
Father Werninger .will celebrate ' hlg
mass In the morning, and vespers \\vli
be sung in the evening. The Rev. Pau
Metzenthln will .conduct the usual Sun
day services at St Matthew's Germai
Lutheran church.
"Work was begun yesterday on th
demolition of the buildings abov
Boees' run. recentlv acmilrprl hv th
National Tube Company.' The work?o:
the big- new Improvements SviJl ,'begli
Immediately after these buildings ar
cleared away.
In the fifty yard foot race for one
legged men at the A. O. H. picnic " a
Mozart park, "Wednesday, there \ver
two entrleB. Peter Joyce, of. Benwood
ani John Ferr.uson, nf Wheeling, th
former winning out In an exciting fin
A car on the Wheeling & Moundsvlll
line broke an axle at the crossing.a
the lower steel works yesterday after
noon and narrowly escapod colllslo:
with a Baltimore & Ohio engine.
The funeral of the late Mrs. Naric:
Hawklnc will take place at 3 o'cloc'
this afternoon, from her late resldenc
at the Junction. Interment will be a
MrMpohpn cpmpfprv.
John Loury, Bruce. Dolbearc. R. A
Vance, John.Loy and Will Schrly&r?ar
rived home from a successful 'fishln:
and hunting expedition near Whet
The Young Men's Republican Clui
will meet at the city hall this evening
for the purpose of selecting- uniform
and fixing a regular meeting night.
Assessor'Nolle la listing the names o
owners of dogs and those not havjnj
collars by the first of October will -r.b
George Coll, of Indianapolis, has re
turned home, after a brief stay at th
home of Albert Serig, on Main street.
Mrs. Lon Ruble and Miss Lauri
Burgy, of Powhatan, were the guest
of friends here yesterday.
Margaret Brannen returns to-day
from a throe weeks' stay with rela
tives a Columbus. - v V'*
Miss Lucy Hood leaves for Mt. Oil
vet to-day, to be the guest of relative;
for a few days. .
Mayor Shephard, wife and son Harry
have returned from a pleasant stay, a
the seashore.
Nlmrod Martin, of Martin's Landing
O., was calling on frlcnls In the cltj
Dr. J. W. McDonald returned yester
day from a two weeks' sojourn at At
lantlc Cltv.
Mrs. John Hasklns and family ar<
the guests of friends at Bprton. .
Matters of Interest in tho Motropolii
of Belmont County. '
An old tree which has been standjhf
ncnr the street car line just north of thi
car barns In West Wheeling,' gavewaj
yesterday afternoon and fell, taking }h<
trolley wire and all telephone wires before
It. A number of telephones Ir
this city were, of course, burnt out an<
travel was delayed upon the street, qai
line for a tlifte until they got to transferrlng.
Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Hamilton entertained
a party of friends Inst evenlnc
at their homo in the "Out'' In honorol
their guest, Miss Emma Colgan, of New
Castle, Pa. Games wore indulged In
ofter which refreshments were served
A very enjoyable evening was spent bj
all present.
Marlon Hurd, formerly connected
with the Stewart Enameling Company
of this city, but now located at Bcavei
Fans, ra., js camngon irionas ncro 101
a few days. 1 1 ' s ^ :
Mrs. O. II. Young has brought her aor
Willie homo from Hamilton^ Ohio. Ht
has boon 111 and It In hoped that ivltl
home surroundings he will Improvo ,lr
Several race horses rawed througf
the city at noon yesterday on their .waj
to Wheeling Island to the fair. Tl\ej
came through from Woodslleld. t
Justice Aliuni and family have returned
home from Epw.orth Park
where they havo boon spending thV
. Ml3e Elltan, Joseph and Earl MeNabl
returned home yesterday from a wvj
enjoyablo two weeks' outing In the east
airs. J, W. Sellers, of:-tho Second
ward, lias gone 16 Indiana'to visit hot
daughter, Mrs. IlarVy Lcussut-c. ' !
Rohcoo Snedeker, of Slstersvllle. passed
through the city yrittcrny on his wa^
to Pittsburgh.
Boars tbo KM Votf Hw Aloft fol#,
? yesterday's Newn. Prorn 2?arshall
v *j.The charter, .of tfcc}BaW,of Bcnwood;
rwltU. ftn.nuthorl7.ed cnptt.il of 123,000.
t \ wan.admitted tb^rfcord TV.Cl?rfe Lewis',
t office ^storfliiy. The followlng all tjie
Incorporators: Charts 8?had. .Her.tfc
Riddle, Michael Ddlun, John N. jM'cy;
t W. B. ZLeach, Thomas P. S
t uol J. Hunter and J. ;0. DuBo's;
2 Mrs. N. R. C. Motfow. of XM??onii
' (state ipresldent of the "W. C. T. U. of
" West 'Virginia, nvftrmdoi the membtffc:
( of the Moundsville ;union, to-morrow
1 afternoon at i'olclnck. .at the home -of
y .Mrs. Thomas'Scott, of.'Tomllnnon ave*
ljue. . ' '
\ .Mrs. Mattle iHcskhison.nnd Mlsn Kat?
tie Johnson have boon appointed tcachV
>CM.lh (the Centrnl HnhoOl, to All the yj?.
cancies caused by the resignations . of
| rinses Hoscac and Porter.
A Jorge number of our-.people attends .
ed the Republican mass meeting at
- Ben-wood Jnst night. They will go rto
jr) hear General Howard every time they
j get the chance,
y Quite anumber of the old veterans
here."will attend the reunion.at Falr1
mont. next week. The Baltimore &
1; Ohio has glven a' rate of $2 -for the
: round trip.
? street Commissioner Edward .Nangle'
, has a force of men -excavating for ft.
j concrete, "walki along the Christian
3 phurch property, on the corner of Sov*
t enth street and Jefferson avenue.
1 Mrs. S. A. Thatcher left yesterday for
3 Thomas, W. Va., where she was called
i on account of the serious Illness of her
f't daughter,. Mrs. Rev. Westfall.
f Hadsall Manning, a .Wheeling .drtfg'-.
b gist, Is spending a few days With his
'? parents. Mr. and Mrs. J, A. Manning,
- of Tomllnson avenue.
John K. Bowen has moved his family
J from Cameron to the now Rulohg
.dwelling at -the corner of. Fifth street
^ and Grant avenue.
Mrs. Grant Lutes, of Wheeling Is
land, Is visiting her parents, Mr. and
8 Mrs. Isaac Lutes, of Falrvlew Ridge.
f J. B. Brennen, candidate for prest
ldentlal elector on the Democratic
- ticket, -was here yesterday.
e Miss Gussle Cox, of Jefferson aVeE
nue, Is. visiting her sister,' Mrs. T.oE.
- Hood, at New Cumberland.
g. J. B. Hill, one ol^ Limestone's most
prominent Republicans, was a business
visitor here, yesterday. :
. , Mr. and Mrs. W. JE. Conner have ye*
turned from a visit with relatives ...on
Wheeling Island. 1
1 ' William Woodburn has purchased
two lots and houses on Ninth street,
from John Clark.
S T. M. Pedlev. one-of Wphntpr- rtfa
i trlct'8 most successful farmers, was.,
here yesterday. .';r.l' :
Berhle Clark has returned to Muncle,
Ind., after a visit with friends here."4'':
Mtes Mamie Cox, of the Third ward,
Is the guest of friends In Wheelng. '
Dr. J. N. Alley, of Ben wood, was here
on business yesterday.
n' Mllow Francis Is attending the fair
at Jacktown, Pa.; ^:;V,
e i's '
n Doings of People in the Brooke Ooun?
g ty Metropolis. t \.
Considerable talk And some false imports
have been occasioned by the "af-;
I rest" at the Bethany fair on Wadnes_
day, of two prominent Wellsburgers,
. for betting on the races. It seems1 to
' have been a-case of over-olllclousness
on. the part of a special officer. The
two were quietly backing their judgment
of the merits of different horses(
& in the races, and just why they were
t singled out among so many Is a mys
tery. They willingly accompanied the
II ofllcer, but before they were taken off'
the grounds the president of the assoy
elation ordered their release, and that
k is all there was of IL aside from the
c unpleasant notoriety resulting there-.t
from. i;"':.. Y'JV." v
Assessor Edward M.' Smith's report
l. for 1900 shows 2,839 capitations andi
- personal property to the value of $6}0,
g 3B5T- - The value- of horses; cattle, sheep,,
- hogs; farm Implements and products. Is
$105,270; carriages and other, vehicles,'
b $15,305; watches and clocks. $7,395; mu-'
, sical Instruments, $15,375; household
5 and kitchen furniture, $54,525; capital!
employed In manufacturing, $197,955;
, money Invested, $210,040; toll bridges
* and-ferries, $4,500; The capitations show
* an Increase over 1899 of 72, and the p^rc
sonal property of about $75,000,
The board of directors of the Bell-'
view camp meeting association, met;
1 yesterday and settled the accounts of
'the ree'ent assembly. After paying.nil
T- hTIhrri.'neat balance Is left In the treasb
ury, applicable on the debt of the association;
In a runaway accident yesterday ev-j
- enlng at 4:30 o'clock, Dr. B. F. Hardenwas
thrown from a buggy and had a'
- leg broken,, and perhaps other lnjurlfcs.'
B1 IflK said a street car manufactur.
,ing company has Its eye on a site for a:
v plant near Wellsburg. Hope they'll get?
' \t 7v:
Doth thesenatorialand. delegate nom.
Inatlng conventions will be held In'city
r hall'this afternoon.
j .-..i -MAETIN'S FEEBY- NEWS.: \
The ijaily Chronicle of Whecling'a
2 Progressive Neighbor.
I The members of tho Woman's Club
enjoyed on outing on the "Wood's lawn,:
on North Fourth street, yesterday afternoon
and evening. The majority of
the members, accompanied by their
husbands .or gentlemen friends, were,
? present* and the afternoon and evening
* were most delightfully spent. An c*e*
gunt repast was a leading feature. This
r was tlie first gntherlng of the club for
; several months.
The trial of Edward Williams, James
* Lebnard and John Clark, threo young
? mi'n charged with having stolen three
I chickens . early last Tuesday morning,
r was heard by Mayor Goodhue last
night, and the case against them was
dismissed. A technical error In tlio
drawing up of the affidavit made tho
- dismissal of the case necessary.
I Mrs. Minnie Wash had a hearing yes^
C terday morning, before the . maypr,
r changed, with Sunday Rolling, nnd was
found guilty nnd fined $50 and costs.
Not being able to pay the fine, or rath- *
' or not feeling disposed to, was placed in
jail until said fine was paid.
Several people from here attended
1 the St. Clairsvllle fair yesterday. It M
, said tho fair Is far from being up to the
?. standard this year. The. exhibits aro
. few, and the attandanco on the second
day, which Is usually the best day/ was
only 200.
k A) crowd of well known young people
of this city will drive out to Steele'!}
i Grove this evening, where.they will en
i gage In ft private dance. The Etude
Mandolin and Clultnr club will furnlnh ,
| tho music.
1 E. H.< Bnlrd, who for the past year
has hecn the efficient clerk at Hoge's
pharmacy, haw resigned nnd will leavq
Bhorlly for Colorado. Mb resignation
, takea* effect next week.'
A man''waft arrested by Officer Bailey
| Thursday night, for riding a bicycle
without a light, and was fined 91 nnd
costs by the mayor yesterday morning:.
\ The. Copunlsiloners of the Burlington
' nnd Scotch JUdge plko have been grant.
ed the right to establish toll liouse^
I along that thoroughfare.
? -Rev.. King and wife, who have been
the guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. W. L. Noi
ble', have returned to .their, home- at :
Clnysvlllc, I'a.
' ' Mjy?. George Scojt and daughter, \bt
Mt. Pheasant, were the guests of friends
in the city yesterday, en route to Baltimore.
V* - . ; '
I Thomas Pad den will open a saloon totday
In the property recently occupied
by Luts, on Second street.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Ollom returned
Pap Head, Side and Back. ]
For ywu* t wfferod with pain la tho hood, 1
pain to tho ftltlo, noil In tho nmall orthe baete ^
1 wm nervous ami conulpated nnd cobid not sk'op.
Tho plll? mid other inodlclm* I tried ~
only mrUosvleC mutter vonw. Then 1 tried
Colerjr Ktne. "'Ono pari: ago curcd tne nod
ma<l0?A?W!V0inftn of me.?Mix Th. IUoo- ?
lmiuni< r, Crii:?m-o:i-Jlv..l N. V.
Celery King euros t'onitlpotlon and Ifcrve, j
?< *?-T^varnnd Ktdnnf l'l?cw. "2 e
' 1 ' ?
: . l
lust evening from a visit In "West Vlr- *
KlnJa. ' }
Morning nn4 r?v?n?njj s?rvi?cs will ho J
hold at?i. PftV-l'fi Episcopal church to-. ?
morrow; r
-L. J. C. Drenncn was at Steubenvlllft 2
yesterday, on .'professional business.^-,- J.?
Auditor Matt Aldredgo was In the city ?
on business yesterday. ^
"Faust" is tho attraction at tho fcttri*' _*
theatre this evening:. c
- - *
Events Of a Day in the Tcvra at tlbl
End-of tlio Bridge.. ,
A few^days ago one of the Democratic
organs of;Whdelln? stated, .that the
Cleveland, Ijoratn & Wheeling railroad
would.trt*lng In'an excursion from Cnnal
Dover of fully 2,000 for the Bryan meet-t
Ing. Wiien the train arrived at the BtaUon
thrnumbernvas exactly 175. Pretty
close fftreaslnp (?).
Among those>.xvho attended th* St.' ,
Clalrsvllle, fair yesterday were Mr. and ,
Mrs. George McKee, Mr. and Mrs. Carl ?
Trunk, {Mc. afad-Mrs; John Harris, M)ss
Minnie'Kuftn'and Dulln Barrett.
The funeral of F.van Johns will tako'
plaee this afternoon at 3 o'clock, from
his late residence in Aetnavllle, and,the
Interment .will'he made at. Klverview
cbmetory,'. Ip Martin's Ferry.
Mrs.Trank Dougherty left last evening
foKWoodsfleld, Ohio, In response to
a telegram announcing the serious 111- ness
of - her sister-in-law.
Melster's band returned yesterday, from
a three days' stay at Woodsfield, <;
where .they had been giving concerts t
for E. H. Watt.; r
i' Services will bp held to-morrow morn- ?
Ing at the German Lutheran church, at i
10:30, and Sunday school at 9:3Q a,'m.: .
A festival will be given at the Third J
Methodist Episcopal church next Tues- <
day evening, to which all are invited.
George M. McConnaughy, of El Paso,
Texas, Is the guest of Frank Robinson -i
and other friends In Klrkwood.*. t
. James Holland and sister, Miss Ra-. s
chael,vOf Colerain.v were the guests of 1
frienda In ;the city yesterday, . - ' J
.Miss Ella "Wright returned last even- e
ing from a week's visit with relatives C
at Clarksburg, W. Va. "
Regular, church services will bo held
at all" the churches to-morrow morning ?
and evening. |
A meeting of the Republican club will *
be hel<L.next Wednesday evening, at the
city building. _ 1 \
Icy Robinson left last evening f for r
points in Maryland, to visit friends for
several weeks.
Curtis Stead, of Belmont, Ohio, was
the guest of old friends In the city yesterday..
Quite a'large number from this city
attended the St. Clalrsvllle fair yesterday.
Judge? Sprlggs, of Woodsfleld, was the b
guest of Judge J. B. Drlggs yesterday, s
Mies Alice Updegraff, of Barton, Is 1
the guest.of relatives In the West End. I
Fred. AppenzeHer leaves to-morrow
for New York City. ' "
George Duncan Is able to be out, after
a week's Illness.
The'street paving of the city Is Hearing
COOK'S Imperial Extra. Dry Champagne
should be In every household. It
1b perfectly pure and naturaly fermented.
A LITTLE life may be sacrificed to a g
sudden attack of croup If you don't
nave ur. inomas i^ciqciric vju on nana
for the emergency.?2
By virtue of a dcwl of trust mado by
I.ouisa..J. Robinson to the undersigned
trustee, dated May 22, 1S9S, and recorded
in.' the office of the clcrk of th?v county
court of Ohio county. West Virginia, In
Deed of Trust Book No. &!, page 441, and
of another deed of trust mado by tho said
Louisa J. Robinson and S. G. Robinson
and his wife, Llazle C. Robinson, to the
undersigned trustee, datea July 22, 1N9S.
and recorded In said ofllco in Deed of
Trust Book No. D3. pace 204, and of a do- -o
cree entered by the district court of tho
United States for tho district of West Virginia
on August S, 1900, In- the suit of W.
Jt, Alban, trusteo In bankruptcy, vs.
Louisa J. Robinson and others, the utj- dersigncd
trustee will sell nt public auc- T
tlon at the north front door of tho court I
house of Ohio county, West Virginia, on *
at' 10 o'clock a. m., tho following parcels V
of real estate situate In the city of Wheel- fc.
Ins, in said county (cach parcel to be sold
First Parcel?The south half of lot numbered
eighteen (18) In J. W. Zane's addition
to the paid city of Wheeling, being
tho samo property that was conveyed to
Louisa J. Robinson by Emma Foster and
husband, .by deod dated December 22, JSS5,
and recorded In the otllce of the clerk of
tho county court or Ohio county,.West
Virginia. In Deed IJook No. 77, pnuo;4Ki.
Second Tared?The'south half of lot
numbered six teen (16) and all of lot numbered
seventeen (17) In J. W. Zane's addition'
to tho'sald city of Wheeling. r\ Y i
Third PArcel?The real estate known as
Nos. 1223 and 1223.Main Btreet, In tho said
city of Wheeling, being a part of lot numbered
elefen (ID In gquani numbered two (2)
In Ebenozer Zane's addition to the.clty ?
of Wheeling, which part Ik bounded and
described an follows, to-wlt: Beginning
tit: a.point In the eastern boundary line ~
of saldulot No. 11 at a point which Is tho U
northeast.corncr of lot No. 10 of the sub- '
division Of the Miller property, the plat
of which subdivision Is recorded In tho
ofllc? of lhe clerk of the county court of n
Ohio county. West Virginia, In Deed Book -i>
Nd.'JB, page IDl; thence south with" tho
eastern boundary line of said lot No. u !>
to the middle of the wall between tho nl
lnrw?lwr>mji iciv uuuuiiik ntuiiuiiif,. v.. ?.|U v
property h?rcby'convoyed and tho three- *
ytory brick:building stand Ins1 on the prep- ,
iTtvr adjoining on the south; thence west ?
and parallel with tho southern boundary y
line of said lot No. 11 to the western E
boundary line of said lot No. 11: thence ?
north and<wlth the western boundary line
df said l6f.No. 11 to a stake; thencu east
and.:parallel with the northern boundary Jr.
line of said lot No. 11 to the place of beKlnnlng,
being a strip of land having a
frontage of about twenty-four (24) ::ret
on the west side of Main street between
Twelfth and Fourteenth streets, in. tho m
city.of'Wheeling, and running with eouttl wHuthVto
the western boundary line of
said lot No. 11. The said third parcel i*
all of said lot No. 10 and a strip two (2) ~
feet .wide off of tho north side of lot No.
0 of 'said Miller prpoperty. and In all of
the property which was conveyed to the
Said Louisa J.- Robinson by John 1\ Edgar,
by deed ,dated May li, 1RS8, and io- M
corded In laid county clerk's omco In Deed N
Book. No. 81.. page 116.
Any. salo hereunder will be subject td
the approval and confirmation of said
court in said suit. ,
One-third, or as much moro as tho pur- ft
chaser:may olett, In cash, and the residue \L
In one and two years from the day of '
sale, negotiable Interest bearing notes to
be giv*.n for tho deferred Installments. ,
and th? legal tltlo to bo retained until r
purclm?o\monoy Is paid, the purchaser to v
give Mtlitaetory- Insurance on buildings.
Whetllnr,-w. Vs.. August io. i?oo. '
null-*' Trustee.
) ifel .
Situation* Wanted.
One w-,t4For
Cent F,rs,kEtc..
Etc. Etc.
3_k. The Oo? Cent a
Word Column of the
11IA-J Intelligencer tlrlnft
VYOrQ Outck Returns on a
Small Investment,
Vy work. Apply Room No. 1 at HQ
larket wtTeet. net*
ff between the ngt of ?0 ntid W, for
vod position. Address U., enre IntolU tncer
onUo. . si-6*
HL sell our rubber collars, cuffs, fronts,
tc.; iirgest commission*; reliable goods;i
ilg money to hURtlers. AMERICAN itU!3? I
!ER COLLAR COMPANY, Sprlngrteld, i
VTarinb conra u. a navy rb.U
CRUITfl Wanted?Able bodied men;
ervlco on -ouf warships Jn All pari*'of tho
(fdrld and on land in tho Philippine when
equlred. Recruiting Officer, Hcllly Block,
tUrket and Fourteenth streets, Wht?elng,
au3fl ,
ERGETIC salesmen to sell the well
.nown Dleterlchs Valve-Oleum Lubrlatlnj?
01llr. to tho consuming trad* on
omnjJ*?Jon, Apply to DJETKR1CU8
'ALVE-OLETJM OIL CO., C03 Qarfl?ld
lulldlr.c, Cleveland. Ohio.
for high grade line, appropriate
o nearly every department of trnde. Hoirences.,
Bond and entire tlmo required,
Joraml.iHlonn 118 to 538 on each sale. P. O.
tax Three. Detroit. Mich. seS*
PXA Salary and expense*. Canablo
nen una women to.represent uh appointor
agents. Rapid promotion and Increapo
? HaUry. New, brilliant lines. BUTLER
c;ALGER. New Haven. Conn. ftn3r
BER trado; 8 weeks required; spclal
offer ot board, tool*. scholarship and
ransportatlon to our college at Chicago
r Now York continued tMs month; positons
guaranteed. Catulorue and purticu*rs
IEPRE8ENTATIVE. 41'J Fourth avenue.
'lttsburKh. Pa. .seS*
vAt} by. our Live Agents, men and wonen,
selling our latest Novelty,-Campaign
Vaterprooi Neckties. Goods entirely new
ind patented. Agents delighted. Sales
mllmited. What others do, you can do.
[Mme is short. "Write to-day nnd secure
ixclusive territory. Guaranteed host sell r.
Address with stamp, M. & M; MANFG.
X)., Dept. C.. Sprlngneld, Mass. : aui3
MEN WANTED?By Jewelry manuacturers:
salary and expense guarnneed;
write for particulars at once, or
end money order for 17 7R fnr nomnln nt
lilgln or Waltham, full jovcl, 14-k tilled
patch, retailing at J25 (with privilege of
eturnlng); guarantee for 25 yearn In
.0.. Milwaukee. Wis. Je30
"Springfield," one of tho finest farms In
ho Shenandoah Valley, 3 miles from Doryvllle,
Clarke county, Virginia (290 acres).
City Bank Building. Market Street,
Wheeling, W. Va.
persons wishing to make the
afest possible investment I can offer
pecial opportunity in Niagara Falls
leal Estate and Loan Agent, 1065
Slain Street.
Wheeling: Steel & Iron Co.
Wheeling & Belmont Bridge Co.
Wheeling Bridge Co.
Wheeling Pottery Co.
Eiverside Pottery Co.
A few choice 5 per cent first mortage
wnDTnw c. rnwDAiviv
Mviyi un u V/umi I ,
10 Nnt. Exchange Bank Bldg.
Fostorla Glass Company.
"Wheeling & Belmont Bridgo Company.
Riverside Pottery Company.
McCoy Shoo Company.
"Wheeling Pottery Company.
"Wheeling 8teel & Iron Compapny.
Wheeling Bridge Company.
20-year 5 per cent Gold Bonds.
"Wheeling Stamping Company.
IndURtrlal Stocks bought and sold direct
n New York Stock Exchange.
Room 4 City Bank Building. Wheeling.
Wo offer for sale sotno flvo prr
cent first mart trace bonds. Wo
have examined the security behind
these bonds and wo can recommend
them with confidence
to Inventors.
Particulars upon application.
The City Bank
of Wheeling.
Tho Republican Senatorial Contention
t tho First Senatorial. District of West
lrglnla, composed of Hancock. Brooke
nd Ohio counties, will be held on Siuuray,
September 8, 1M0, at 12 o'clock m..
t the Court House. Wellsburjr. West
Irginla, for tho purpose of nominating a
[lndldnto for the Stato Sonnto, md ntsndlnff
to any other business that may
ropcrly come before said ron vent Ion,
:ach county shall be entitled to one vote
ir each one hundred votes or fraction
icrcor or nuy a-oich or nunc ... ,
innty for G. W. Atkinson In ISM for
ovcrnor. Ench conferco Minll have thu
ght to nnmo his own proxy. J
, Chnlrmnn.
A. W. DROWN. ;
Socrotnry. 'Mill I
S. U. CALDWELL, Monnfier.
o. 1036 Main St., Corner Stcc! Bridge. OVER
>rn) Gold Crown and
Bridge Work. i
wvwwwvwv (
Open Nights
anil Sundays.
WEST VIRGINIA f Rducattonnl .
STATE FAIR. J Deportment.
MIm Crwfo. cntn* cterk ot iw'School \
PcparunntL irtll b* in ihe mtUtt$5xi?dsl*
lion Uutldlu* Saturday, 8<>ntcinb?tJ?v?to?. \
.tirwn itH> hourn10 u.
IV purpiw of , rewltrtnir nil exhibit* 1c
thl# department. ?5Mr!?s clo^ September
S nt 6 p. m. 1
K ' ofxanog HOOK; 8cctt<?l7. ;
STATE FAIR. )' Art Depls. ? |
Hiss Ann* PJarr,' superiritandent, ^
find a committee of ladles will be in .
the mala exposition building,tor t|io
purpose of receiving article* end
making entries In tills department, 1
Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Sep- ;
tombsrS, 7 and,8, betwotnthe; hours ,
of S and 0 p. m. eroh day. Wo .arti- .
filel ViU'hn R?n?*mVan
8 nt & p. m. In this iiepartmi'r.tGEORGE
TO LOAfr.' . !
In amount* of 8250. ?500, $1,OOO, j
?2,000,$3,000, $S,000; '?9,OOB,v?K),000
to $15,000, in any wniuiit*you '
want on real t at ate. >j '
' ? ' *. POE'KENI \ , (
0 rooms aadbnth/2io.: 1- location.
5 rooms No. 9 Belawaro^street;)
possession nt once; in ^od' coridltion.'
Telephone 5CH No. SW rourtopntty-Stfppt. ,
- FOB RENT. ' .
T?OH RKNT?8TAl^STltEAllv OF zfi
J1 Virginia strict.- Inland. ' ^ mtlO* r
.....FOR SALE..... 'I
Ten-room, two-story. frame'
dwelling on South Ffont
street, river front.
. ; 1
TUCA \\r CIM*/ e OA
? ?iuv. tt rum ck . tu.,'
1103 Market Street. i
6 rooms, second floor,- corner Fifteenth
an?l Jncob streets. -J ?
2 roomfi second floor No. 1!G Thirty-fourth
street. $5,00.
1 line otllco room, moat deslrablo and
cheap, in Masonic Tempto, Including* light,
hoat and Janitor service. t
1 storo room. -D04 Main streot.
1 building lot. Park View. COxlW. $300.
15 building Iota In Kim Grove, from $30
7 building.sites, Pleasant Valley, 51,200
to U.S00 a piece.
A grocery business, with postofllco and
real estate, National rond and- railroad
station: a lino chance for someone.
1 building lot on hind street, I3S0.
Money on renl estate nt any tlmo at S
and u per cent, per unnum.
Steamship tickets to nnd from Eurnpo
on all Urst-clus.i linen. "Useful Notes for
Tclephono 617. , .
Wheeling W, Va.
We ofTer for sale at par and accrued
Interest a limited number of - I
First Morttfntfe 20-Year i.V .
5 Per Cent Gold Bonds, ^tll
' Thpsc bonds court th" strictest JnrMtigatlon,
are amply protected and hlyhly
recommended by best authorise*,
lor further (letrilla nnil full n.irilcii.
lars wrlto or call on
17, Exchange Bank Building.
: Telephone . . No. 8,2.
....FOR SALE;... .
That very desirable homo at 90 North
York atreot;-modern 9-roomc<rhom<e: lot
COxtDO, with many beautiful shade treoa:
?tr?-ct carH pan* tho jitoperty: the hoiifo
al0rt<? has cost over flO.WO. WVl-velJon
a quick donl for 15.700. The lot Is worth
tho half of It without a atlck of wood
on It.
Building lotn on Fifteenth.-street,at'?0
f>er front foot. Sell you any number of
eet you wish.
G. 0. SMITH,,
National Exchange Real Estate. 9
Bank Dullding. Fire Insurance.
....FOR RENT....
No. 1C1S Main street, furnished res- ' '
taurant and 7 rooms furnished for.,W3 00
No. 2G20 Alley B, 2 rooms ? oo
No. 32 Twenty-seventh St., G rooms.. lit 0>
No, 21 Maryland street ; 10 00
No. 335 Main street. 1st lloor, 5 rooms, in 00
No. 25ftS Main street 9 00
No. 2512 Main street, 2 rooms...;....., G 00
No. 1C12 Market street. Rtore room..,,
No. 32 Sixteenth streot. cellar :.... 10 00
No. 2527 Chapllne streot, 2 rooms;..,,-? 00
No. 21 Maryland street ...Jl.COO
No. L'i? Fifth street ; 2,W0
Ground CO feet square on Eighteenth street
Lot on Vine street, 50 by 51 feet...*.;. '125
fi-roomed house on Main street.;...,,. l,W0
No. 32 Sixteenth street, storo room.
10 rooms and cellar will be sold cheap..
- If sold In tho next 30 days. - .
Store room and five rooms, brick
building, .a ??ood location, xvlth an
old established trado, for..,.,.(2,603
No. 2520 Main street, a full lot.-coroner
Twenty-sixth and Main streets. 2.500
Lot on South Front street,/ 1,700
No. D2 Main streot ; 2,600
No. 442 Main street 2,C30
Comer iot otf Fifteenth street.
No. 0) North Front street.... ?.30)
No. Ci Seventeenth street 2,70)
No. 14S Eighteenth street 3,003
Lot east end Nineteenth street, C3~
feet front 900
No. 22 Sixteenth street, storo room
and 20 rooms.
Beal Estnte Agent, Collector, Notary
Public and Pension Agent, No, 1GU
Main street.
WILL keep store opiin
until 9 p. m<- from
Sept. 3d to115th to
accommodate Public School
Pupils and the State Fair Visitors.
bookseller Old. Clty.....(
mU Stationer, Book Store.
No. 1301 Market St, Wiccffnx, W'. Va.
Meansoa and beautifies the jjalr, Pronotes
n luxuriant ?roTvth, fallg
o restore Gray Hair to Its ycuthful color.
Cures scalp disease* and hair falling.
?c a bottle. (Send stamps.)
'S V y ' V . ' <

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