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ii = =11
Wcahtor Foroonst fop To-ilny?Cooler.
Hosiery, j Priced Away
Handkerchiefs, | Under the
Ribbons, Usual
Toilet Articles, JL Selling
Etc # Price.
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intra, with double knee* Saturday uer pair uC
100 dozen. Ladies' Seamless Fast Black Stocking^, black I n =
white foot, Saturday per pair....., I U C
CO dozen Men's Seamless Sox in black Balbriggan, tans QH
and black with white foot, Saturday 2 pairs ZuC
25 dozen Infants' Seamless White Stockings, Saturday t r 1
per pair I UC c
50 dozen Ladles' Hemstitched White Handkerchiefs, "with
embroidery and laco corners, the 12o kind, Saturday o r
three for ZuC (
About 15 dozen Ladies' Laco Trimmed and Embroidered
Handkerchiefs, slightly mussed, the 25c kind, Satur- . l n
day each I UC 'J
50 dozen Hon's White Hemstitched Handkerchiefs, a r I
good valuo at 8c, Saturday each UC 0
50 pieces of all silk coloredj Taffeta Ribbons, 4 inches | n
wide, and in all colors, per yard Saturday I UC
Savon. Violet Toilet Soap, V i
per cake .. U C [
Woodbury's Facial Soap, 10
per cake I L C
Arnica I J\
Tooth. Soap. I 'C
Pozzoni's New Powder, regular price 25c, | q 1
per box I uC ^
I Unllev'o roloi>?i+o/1 " ~
Talcum Powder : iOc || ||
Eastman's Best Toilet Water, n C
per bottle ZUC *
i The Delineator for October is Now Ready.
? ^
geo. ar. snook & co. j
. - C
m Walking 1
^ d A "Si
Solid Sense, ^Health, Com- ^ \
|p- a charm all their own combined in these comely, jl
tL prominent members of the separate skirt family. J
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i ftQ has patch pocket, (P*? AA mixed cloth? c
ibui/Ot P'3'1 5Cams' t9a?/ue double faced, has '
L ' s inchcs deep, plait seams, fancy 0
with 10 rows stitching at bot- stitching around bottom, invert- J
I torn, inverted plaited back. cd plaited back. ]J
{ DPirC Matic oI 8rC>' ' DDIfP I MadC 0f Vcnelian J ">
mixed cloth in I ' rvloc 1 cloth?double }
Y~ anl1 darl: I $8 j'acecl> colors o
V Cnr?T\J? shades, has plait | tnn.VtJ- I crcvs and tans. -M a
jft 1 | seams and 10 ^ 3 has plait scams, II ^
rows stitching around bottom, fancy stitching around bottom, -^j
inside faccd, inverted plaited inverted plaited back. Jh
fv PPIPP Madc of Oxford PPIPF Made of R00d
|r Yrvi^C mixed cloth? a rvEV/lu material in blue jd
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pT $D?3vf? p,a{t scams? and Mo & Uo st'tchcd around g
|>- 10 rows stitching ^ bottom, plait
gl around bottom, inverted plaited j seams, inverted plaited back. 13
raw. PRirc Made of grey j pni/>p Madc of the popdouble
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vC $0?t)y? 0,<rord raixlurcs ; ?PB?/U# bbck' ls line(I jE '
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[Fair ~~|
Stylish Shoes.
have received their ,full atylea of
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It's from Nay's lt'h atyllah and
uivto-date?ulways rtUftfrp. '
J 317 Market St
Ofllco: KB and 27 Fourteenth Stroot.
vr - A J-l;?1?-' ' ' '
xi BIV -tvuvcriiBCraoniU,
For Sale?Howard Haslott & Bon.
Wheeling Conservatory of Music?Fifth
?i? ge.
Opera Houae?'Tho Man Frqra Mexico?
Scconil Page.
Our Specialty?Logan Drug Co.?Second
Miss Mury 8. "Wilde.
Wanted?Immediately, Fifty Glfls.
Shoes?Alexander?FlftU Page,
Mrs. Flora Williams.
List of Letters.
Grand Opera House?Uraunlg Dramatic
Company. .:-A
Miss Annie V. Sage. %
Lost?Bunch of Keys.
Traveling Salesman?1Third Pago.
Wanted-Men to Loam Bather TradeThird
Pago. m
Saturday Specials?Ston? & Thomas?
Slghth Page.
Uoy?' Jl.'^o School Shoed for Mcr-McFndkii'H-Second
Page. ,
Newness?Geo. It. Taylbr Co.?Fifth
Jnge. .
Red Flre-n. H. List,
School Hooks?C. H. Qulmby.
Mrs. W. 8. Hutchlns.
Mr. Herman M. Schockey. j
School Time?South 8lde Bhoe 8tor*.
Corn Grater*?Oeo. W. Johnson's Sons.
Chaso & Sanborn's CofTee-^H. F. Bohens
Llnsly Institute.
>m mm
Wo linvo flttofl xnoro than ttronty
liousnnd pairs ot' Spectacles, giving us
1 record nud exporiouco unequalled by
my other optician In Wost Virginia,
intlsfliotlon guaranteed.
JACOIJ W. UHUDH, Optician,
No. 1U0(I Market Street.
Just closed out at a great sacrifice
.00 mill ends Trouserings, which
re will mako to order on short noice
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lee north window. . *, - )
C. HESS & SONS, 111;
rashionable Tailors and ytirnlsherb,
1321 and 1323 Market Street.
WHEELING Park, to-morrow ofernoon
and evening, star programme
if the season. Armour and Baguley,
Jperatic Singers, and Blmm, Bomm,
3rrr, Musical Comedians.
In Clerk Robertson's Office,
Yesterday In Clerk Robertson's office,
he following were recorded:
Deed, made September 6, 1900; l.y
ieymann Brewing Company to Wheelng
Mold & Foundry Company; consldratlon,
$2,000; transfer3 lots 30, 31 and
2 In Manchester.
Good Natural Gas Supply.
Messrs. A. S. Hare and J: H. Wells, of
he Natural Gns Company, cf West Vlr;luia,
have just returned from their gas
leid In Greene county, Pa.'* and are in
. position to assure consumers of natual
gns that there will be.a bountiful
upply of gas for the coming winter.
Shot Through the Hand.
Joseph, the six-year-old son of Peter
loth, of South Chapllne street, was
oylng with a cartridge yesterday
Horning, and with child-like InqulslIveness
he secured a hammer and preceded
to find out what the result would
ic if It was exploded. He struckthe
artrldge and the consequent explosion
ent the bullet through the ilcshy part
f his left hand, fortunately prtduclhg
mly a flesh wound.
Is Not Hydrophobia.
A story was In circulation yesterday
.fternoon that Paul Hawkins, the flve ear-old
son of Mrs. Lena Hawkins, of
he East End, had been attacked by
lydrophobla, aa the result of a dogilte
InMcfed enrly In the week. XJrs.
lawklns and her Ron called on Health
Jfllcer Jcpson later In the day, and the
loctor made an examination of the '
ad, and said he did not have the dreadd
dlseas?. This opinion, needless to
elate, was a ?reat relief to the boy's
nxlous parent.
o .? m 1
Progressive Club Moots. I
The executive commltt-e of the
'our.g Men's Progressive Club1 met last 1
tight, to take Into consideration the
nying of plans for the full campaign. ]
'here were present D. II. Buckner, F. ,
V. Wright, It. A. Arrlngton, 0. W.
I ray, J. W. Waters and others. They 4
xpressed themselves as anxious to do
II In their power to develop true man- .
lood and womanhood. The following
ommlttecs w.>ro appointed:
To provide speakers and arrange a 1
irogramtne?J. W. Waters and I. W. |
01) 28.
To arrange and publish place and
line of meeting?D. 13. Bucknet and J.
>. Gray. ^ l
ioing nnd Coming of Wleellog '
People and Visitors.
Mrs. Sarah J. Groves has arrived .
iomi? from un extended visit.
Thomas Hnrtcr and family, of
:wenty-fifth street, dopart for Clnclniatl
to-day. whore they will bo ths
uests of relatives for a few days.
Mr. and Mr*. K. M. Colton and eon*, i
lorly.rt and William, have returned to
heir home on the Inland, after a olx 1
(reeks' sojourn at the Henderson Ho* 1
el. Elm Grove. ,
Mr. Ed. Gist, of Clinton, wan ons of i
he Judges of live stock at the Bethany .
a 1 r. which '.'lon^d on Thursday. Hid ;
vork wan of aueh an exceptionally hUrh
haracter, that he will be found among i
ho Judges at the State Fair nextwook,
Cathedral Suits
nado to ordor. Knue pants suit?
one pants suits, $8.
1215 Mnrkot Street.
Ocean Steamship Tickets
ro ond from Kuropo. via all iln?s, can '
,o purchased (ran. T. O. rilirlic. l
:cr and TloVot Agent of the naltlmM?>&
:>hlo rallroafi, who In nl.onncntrar^J
je?t ot all ioiim?Kaymond t whltcomp
-to tho l'arln exposition* I
With Addresses by United States
Senator Julius C. Burrows,
of Michigan, and
> 1 " * " ?
Both ol Whom Are Princes Among
W^iguutu uwtij UUO AUUlUUkiUUa
Point to a Big Orowd.
The Republican campaign In Wheeling
will be formnlly opened this evening
at the Opera Houee, and the indication*
are that the meeting will draw a crowd
that will require an "expansion" meeting
on the outHlde. With two speakers
of such generally recognlzcd ability
United States Senator Julius C. Burrows,
of Michigan, and "Our Own" nomoo
H. Freer, both of tvhom are prlnccs
among spellbinders, the average Republican
will feel that something is going to
occur to-night that he can 111 afford to
County Chairman Hornlsh yesterday
announced that tho meeting would bo .
presided over by Mr. George A. Laughlln,
ono of the candidates for house of
delegates, and the following vice presidents
will occupy seats on the stage:
N. M. Whlinker, M. II. McCaueland.
Geo. A. Lauffhlln. Wm. Knoko,
Dr. E. A. lllldreth, Thos. W. Ncsbltt,
Frank W. Bowers, 12d. J. Muhn,
James P. Maxwell, Augustus Pollock,
J. A. Jefferson, Charles LoeWfer,
Frank Stanton, Frank Wicard,
A. L. Bauer, W. J. Codley,
II. W. Fair, Peter Cassefi,
Richard Robertson, C. n. Colburn,
r*. oonuiix, >V. AX. List,
Dr. George Otto, Chas. W. Connor.
Prof. H. Bchockoy, Bernard Klleves.
J. R. Butts, J. C. Medlck,
Peter Bachmann, F. p. Wlngerter,
Jesse Jackson, Wm. H. Grnebe.
B. W. Peterson, Thos. McNabb.
J. II."Rosenberg, John E. Clator.
H. F. Behrens, J. M. Gonter,
Michael Grogan, B. r. Caldwell,
8amuol Johnson, Leo Harburirer.
Wm. M. Balrd, Dr. H. B. Baguley.
Wm. J. Hamilton, 8amuol Nosbltt.
Dr. H. H. Harrison, B. F. Perkins.
?* ? ^ohn T- Handy.
C. H. WatKlns, sr., Jacob Klndolbrser
Dr. W. C. Etzler, R. E. Sharer,
James McCahon, sr.,W. H. Williams.
John K. List, Chan, O. Roemer
Wm. H. Gill. sr.. Dr. c. F. Ulrlch
Wm. G. Caldwell, C. J. Rawllngs, '
Goorge Zolgler, M. H. MeNabb.
8. O. Boyce, E. Buckman.
Chris. Hamm, J. L. Hawloy.
Dr. B. H. Stlllyard, Geo. R. Taylor.
John McGannon. J. C. WllUnms.
Fred Miller, Walter Chapman,
Jos. H. Purcell, S. Kline,
John Wallace, Henry Jacobs.
Dr. C. A. Wlngerter, Jamas Nelll.
F. Schenk, E. P. Wheat,
Henry 8chmulbnch, Frank Miller,
Chas. E. Van Kurcn,El*lo Willlami,
Chas. WilllnmR* Geo. Harklns,
Dr. J. L. Dickey, Joseph C. Brady,
G. L. Cranmer, Charles Cooke.
Dr. S. L. Jepson, W. ij. Kn.Hlcy,
A. R. Campbell, J. A. Brltt,
Jesse B. Dixon, Frank Woods.
W. L. Jones, Edward Kimble,
C.- E. Dannenberg, Ralph McCoy,
Henry Bchrabe, H. J. Arbenz.
Chris. Knlbltzer, James Marshall,
W. H. Travis. James Hano*.
Dr. J. G. Waldon. Jamna rnllnhmi
Wm. AahwortU, Charlen Ebellng,
C. F. Schultze, Dr. MonToe.
C. D. Thompson, Henry F. Nolte,
Henry Kerns, John Frew,
Geo. MeMechen, Dr. W. W. Spargo,
C. P. Hamilton, Herman Zwlcker,
Geo. Crumbaeker, David Greer.
Raymond Bauer, John Merschrod,
Jos. Snelde!, W. S. Holmes,
M. Jerters. A. L. White.
M. Horkholmer, John Klmxnlr.*.
N. G. Fell. J. B. O'Neill
Oliver Belleville. James McAdams,
Frank W. Wright, Charles Meder.
Geo. M. Ford, Thomas Morgan,
Daniel West. R. P. Glass.
Harry Hocking, Joseph White.
P. M. Work. W. W. Waddlo,
W. B. McMechen, Charlen Rusbey,
Geo. Humphreys, Went ley Bowman,
II. M. Hervey, Peter Lash.
Edward Atkinson, A. 1. McColloch,
Charles Solbert, Jacob Zllles,
H. L. Look. A. S. Bell.
Wm. McCormack, Dr. John Jobes,
G. W. Hand, GlfTen Atkinson,
F. C. Bade. tAlva Garrison,
T. M. Garvin. Lester McCammon,
James H. Bean*. N. E. Murray.
Wm. D. Johnson, Jame? M. WhPo.
Henry F. Jones, William Davis,
Bcrnlo McLuro, William Uonar,
J. C. Duncan, Jacob Snvder,
J. E. Frftzler, William Muoggc.
There has been no effort made to
bring out the newly organized clubs,
most of which are not yet equipped Cor
their campaign, but the Eighth ward
company of Rough Riders will come
out, neaacu oy a arum corps?ana that
will be better than the Democrats were
able to do for the great William Jennings
Bryan, In whose honor not one of
the score or more of clubs the Democrats
are alleged to have organized,
turned out. (
And Decldca to Turn Out at the First j
Ward Club Rally on Monday.
An exceedingly spirited mooting of '
tho D. H. Taylor Republican club was 1
held at Egertcr hall last evening. The J
meeting was opfnod by Fnnk W. Nes- (
bltt, candidate for prosecuting attor- ,
ney. who gave a very brilliant little i
speech and was followed by applause, j
Following Mr..Nesbltt, Mr. John Ar- i
benz, Jr., spoke eloquently. Dr. Taylor '
then riinde a few remark? and unfinished
business was then called for.
A motion wsa made for the club to j
vlalt the Washington district wigwam ,
Dn next Monday night. It was seconded j
ind passed. Tho club will meet at the
place of F. M. Jones, qn Eleventh ]
street. <
A suggestion was made that a com- ]
mlttee of three be appointed to procure
funds for the purchase of uniforms, >
Irutns and fifes. Some discussion fol- <
lowed this suggestion, but It was finally {
leclded In the affirmative.
A motion that the club be fitted Into ^
n Rough Rider company was discussed
it length, but finally dropped.
Union District Club. 1
On next Monday evening In tho po- j
lice court room, city building, there will ,
uv unumcr meeting or me union nis- ]
Lrlct Republicans for the purpose of
organizing a marching club that will 1
probably become affiliated with the
Rough Rider regiment. The Caldwell- \
Peterson warehouse on Sixteenth <
street, has been secured for headquur- (
tern, and will be fitted up with electric ]
Democratic County Convention.
Tho Democratic county convention *
meets this afternon ut 1:30'-o'clock lti
tho second branch council'chamber, city
building, to name a house of delegates
tleltet. The following names are mentioned:
C. F. Urandfass. D. M. Thornburgh,.
Charles Carenbauer, Frank C.
Cox, John O. Pendleton, Frank Iiealy,
Nelson Hubbbard, 1. F. Jones andHobort
Hlfnpson. County Chntrmnn A. H.
Woldcbuscirwaa mentioned In this conmis
nectloh, but ho declines, as does Col.
Thomas O'Brien, sr.
Madison Republicans.
On Monday evening1, at the Island
hose house, there will be a meeting ot
the Republicans of the Island for tho
purpose of reorganising the Logan club,
and io form a company of Rough Riders
as the club's marching division.
Every Republican of tho district is Invited.
Centre in, Line.
A'meeting of the Republicans of
Centro district will be held next Monday,
evening at Hartman's hail, corner
of Twenty-third and Market streets,
for tho purpose of organizing a campaign
Meeting of Blx Pooters.
The SIx-Footers Republican marching
club wiii meet in thfc police ccurt room
on nekt Monday evening, and It is important
that all those who have enrolled
themselves be present to be measured
for ','ielr uniforms.
Though Ho Was Heard by a Large
OxJowd, Enthusiasm Was "Shy."
Mr. Bryan's speech making tour of
Weal Virginia was not a brilliant success/
according to many of the nonpartisan
newspaper correspondents who
accompanied him upon hl? itinerary.
Mr. Ed. M. Heermans accompanied the
Bryan party upon the trip through
West Virginia and Maryland, writing n
daily report for the New York Sun.
While in Wheeling yesterday morning,
iur. fiecrmans tamed witn a representative
of the Intelligencer about the
He. Bald that Bryan had good crowds
everywhere but at Parkeraburg'. There
the attendance was even disappointing
to the'local committee. Six thousand
people hoard Bryan at Parkersburg, but
they; came mostly from tho city and
vicinity. The coldness of Mr. Bryan's
audiences almost everywhere, was
marked. At Shepherdstown and
Clarksburg the county fairs were In full
blast, which partly accounts for the
large turn out.
"Throughout West Virginia," said
Mr. Heermans, "the Interest in Mr. Bryan's
trip was that of curious people,
when at' this season of the year arc
eager for a holiday. They would flock
to their country towns to see and hear
any man of national repute. The people
6tared at Bryan In amazement when
he screamed out to them In thundering
tones that they were not prospering,und
that good times wore on the wane.
"Those multitudes were enabled to
have tho holiday and privileged to s?*e
and hear the Nebraskan orator, because
of their prosperity. The men and
women were unusually well dressed,
and the men could llnjrle coins In their
pockets. They marveled at Bryan's
urgent remarks that they were- not enjoying
good times. Bryan told the I
Clatliaburg people, right within sight of :
new glass works, a new railroad and a
score of other signs of prosperity, that
they were having hard times. The local
Democratic committee at Clarksburg 3
had whispered to Mr. Bryan while drlv- ,
Ing' to the grove, that good times was
the'Republican argument that was Injuring
the Democratic cause In Harrison
county. Hence Mr. Bryan's onslaught
upon prosperity."
Mr. Hoermans said he asked Mr.
Bryan after the meeting, why he had
taken up the calamity cry again. He ,
said he expected to devote much time
and many speeches to the subject of the i
unstableness of prosperity, In view of
the fact that he anticipated many labor
agitations and a great strike among
the anthracite miners. 1
It was rather amusing that Mr. Bry- j
an preached hard times to the Clarksburg
'crowd, when upon the very plat- (
form upon which he spoke, .^at ?
Col. T. Moore Jackson, the Democrat 1
who declined the congressional nonil ^
nation In this district, who upon his (
own statement Thursday to the corros- a
pondents, said he was "too busy making
money to be In politics." Mr. Jack- }
son drove the newspaper correapon- |
dents from the train to the grove in Ills
carriage. The "calamity cry" did not r
set well with him. I
on r
Extra Attractions Provided by the 1
Management. [
Wheeling Park will prove Irresistible 1
to,those seeking rest and recreation to- 11
morrow. In addition to the excellent
soncert of the Opera House military
band, two line attractions have been *
provided. Miss Lorraine Armour and t
Mr. Charles Baguley, two sweet sing- j
irs of the vaudeville stage, will pre- I
<ent an operatic sketch, and three vnu- r
rlovllle artists from the east will give u R
novelty musical act which never falls
to please. Miss Armour and Mr. Bag- ^
uley recently appeared at Columbus, c.
where they made a distinct hit. These ?
lttractlons should crowd the park to- ?
morrow and make It more attractive c
than ever, r
ire asked to remeinbor that all the n
Ward and High Schools are kept in n
largest quantity and variety. ' n
Wo havo many of the higher priced r
books in good, clean SECOND-HAND
condition, as good as now, at much X
lower prices, if desired. d
COVERS EREE with all books and ?
1 SUITABLE PRESENT for the chil- J
Iron. ,
1301 Market Street, \
Contractors with Board of Educa- *
Ion. 11
Excursion to Niagara Falls
Wa Wheeling & Lake Erie and CJ. It. ?
Lino steamer, "City of Erie," Friday, n
September 14. Faro, $.1 00 round trip. r
rickets good twelve days. Communl
jate with S. Sherman, T. P. A., City
Bank Building, for particulars, or
phone 924. Last excursion of the sea- *
WHEELING Park, .to-morrow aficrnoon
and evening, star programme
the season. Armour and Baguley,
Dperatlc Singers, and Blmm, Bomni, [
Qrrr, Musical Comedians. (
Homeseekers' Excursions, !
On the first and third Tuesdays In
?ach month during 1900, from Chlengo ?
rla Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul 0l
railway, to points In Iowa, Soutji and b<
North Dakota, Minnesota, Montanu,
Colorado, Utah, Nebraska, Oregon and v
Washington at the rato of fone fare plus p
two dollars for the round trip, goo-l 21 ?
lays. For further Information call on a
ir address W. 8. Howell, O. 1C. P. A,
181 Broadway, New York, or John n!
Pott, D. P. A., 486 William stroct, Will- ,t
amsport* Pa. o
.. I ' fj , ?J,
Among the Ohio County Senatorial
Conferees, and He May be Nominated
This Afternoon. j
Friday Afternoon, at Which No Determination
as to United Action
Was Arrived At.
Yesterday afternoon a committee
representing the Wellsburg Trades
Assembly1 eamo to .Wheeling for the
purpose of furthering the interests of
Sir. Samuel George, the Wellsburger,
who has been endorsed by Brooke
county for (he senatorial nomination nt
to-day's convention at "Wellsburg. The
committee was composed of Messrs.
George Patterson, John Longbottom, l
Joseph Combs,* Sol Combs, Robert
Combs, E. D. Mooney and John J. Murphy.
The committee first met a committee
of Wheeling glassworkers, members of.
the union In North Wheeling, but It
la said that the conference was not attended
by representatives of the two
other local unions of the Flints, I^os.
9 and G3. The two committees later
met in tho first branch council chamber,
city building, with the Ohio county
senatorial conferees, and thoroughly
discussed the situation with reference
to Mr. George's candidacy. The two
committees reported tr/thoconferees thftt
any trouble that might have occurred
in Mr. George's factories was without
his knowledge; that George had
unionized his plantB and that the situation
Is now perfectly satisfactory. It
was also stated that President John
Kunzler, of the American Flint Glassworkers'
Union, had written a letter,
Btailng that the George glass works
are now union, and that his candidacy
would not be opposed by the Flints as
an organization.
The committees left, and the conferees
continued tht* discussion. It came
out thnt a number of the conferees
were not convinced that the nomination
of George would be wise. It was
Rtnted that although some of the
Wheeling ^glasswork-rs had appeared
In favor of his candidacy, two other
unions .will work against him If nominated.
It was suggested that before
the nomination is made there; should
be further Investigation as to how the
union-labor people in Ohio county will
receive Mr. George as a candidate for
senator. It was determined that the
Ohio county conferees would meet In
Wellsburg to-day tat noon for the purpose
of going over the situation in dotall,
and endeavor if necessary in the
Interest of party success, to delay the
nomination four or five days or a week.
This would mean the adjournment of
the convention to-day without the
naming of a candidate.
There Is a disposition, howevr, among
some of the Ohio county conferees to
support Mr. George, and It would not
be surprising if he were nominated
this afternoon.
Events In and About the City Given
in a Nutshell.
Circuit court, both parts, fs in session
Opera House to-night?Burrows-Freer
Neither of the courts was in session
Burrows and Freer to-night at the |
jpera House?.
The Republican campaign In Wheelng
op3nB to-night, at the Opera House.
Senator Burrows Is one" of the great;st
orators In the United States; he
jpsns the Republican campaign In
iVhpellng to-night.
Senator Burrows' exposition of the
Republican position on the Issues of the
rampalgn to-night, at the Opera House,
vlll be worth going miles to hear.
The season of.the Wheeling Conservatory
of Music, Prof. Henry J. Arbenz,
Ilrector,- opens next Wednesday. Sepember
12, with excellent prospects.
The regular meetings of the young
nen's classes of the Y. M. C. A., will
>e held to-night at 8 o'clock and tonorrow
afternoqp at 4 o'clock. All are
nvlted. t.v
The Willing Workers, of the Second
English Lutheran church, gave a sucressful
lawn fete at Handlan's place,,
m South Chapllne street last evening.
There was a good sized crowd present
tnd a neat sum was realized on the afalr.
Hon. Romeo H. Freer, the candidate
or attorney general on the Republican
tnte ticket, speaks ut the Opera House
o-nlght. Every old soldier In Wheelng
will be on hand to greet Colonel
'ruer, who Is a pust department comnnnder
of the O. A. R. of West Vlr;lnla.
The funeral of the late Z. A. Beymer,
i member of the police force, will ocur
this afternoon from the family resllonce,
on South York street, Island.
?hlef Clemans has detailed n squad of
Ixteen oMeers to uttend the funeral,
otnmanded by Lieutenants Ingram and
The county board of commissions was
n session yesterday, and received nnd
cted upon petitions for reduction In !
8P58sment from Centre district. Tolay
the board will hold a final soRslnn
a board of equalization and appeals '
.nd Cleric Moffat expect* to have the
eport finished Monday.
W. C. Boyd, in advance of "The Man
rrom Mexico," was In the city yester!ny,
arranging for the forthcoming npicarance
of his attraction. Mr. Boyd In
n t)ld circus press man, formerly with
he Burnum & Bailey and Forepau?h
hows. Another old circus advanco
nun, Charlrs A. Davis, well known In
Vheellng, Is now In Tucson, Arizona,
ays Mr. Boyd, recuperating from a
uiK' Indisposition.
No. 1225 Main street, and her
Jim street house, will be sold at auction
t the court house at ten o'clock this
lornlMK. See trustee's advertisement
When you feel thnt you havo tried ?very.
ilng nnd everyone, connult u*. A. dklly
courronce Ip the surprise shown by the
enefltcd patients nt our ofllce.
Do you lmve headache? Do your eyee 1
ater? Do they pnmrt or hum? Does thi !
rlnt run together when rending?
For nny trouble of your eyre consult us.
i'c nrnlie plas.?es nt popular prices. Maki
careful examination freo or chargo.
ho Scientific Cor. Miitn nnd ?
jitlcluu. l?lovouth Sta. *
Ready, Boys, Ready!
Again the Junior army of the republic is ready ;or 6cl
1 Young America la rampant with enthusiasm generated br
ten weeks' holiday. Exneefc n. new Stilt- '
. ?' ? *??, H
Waists, etc. Tho hoys' tyea will stick out as large a? u?. |
cers when they see tho gr oat high pile of goodies we've B
for their comfort and covering. It's looks that caDturta Uti |
Quality..... I
that wins tho parents. We're solid on both sides. Boys m f?
not the least bit particular. You must have SOLID WOETH f:
in school clothes or they'll soon como to grief. We stand a 1
tho shoulders of our achl evements of last year, and mehtd ?
for nil tho improvements that had been made. You won't hiri ||
to come up after them?WE'VE BEOUGHT THEM DOWX H
TU TJtlE BA.B1E U-LiJ Jf?I CES?that's how ve progress. It'i
the quality that gets ahead?the cost stands still, i[ yc3
don't know Just what you want, there's everything here that's
worth having. Let tho stock talk to you. If seeing is itlley.
ing, SEEING WILL BE BUYING. In this ease the argnments
of the facts are convincing. ,
School Suits ?1.7S, $2.00, $2.50, $2.98, $3.50, S4.00 snd
39.00. Better ones If you want them. A" Wool Boys' Kntt
Pants 50c.
Money tack on demand and no questions asked. Strictly I
one price, All goods marked in plain figures. |
f ourteenth and Clothiers, Hatters
Market Streets. and Furnishers.
Pc feet Fitting ; $
Perfect Shape' HUIC5116S8
Trimmed Well
tig || Trousers
Fair Warranted ^? *
You may buy a pair oi DU 1 CiUbSS "WOOL TROUSERS at
$2, $2.50, $3, $3.50, $4 or $5
Best in the World Try a Pair
Sole Agent. Twelfth St
We can save you 25 cents, 50 cents and $1.00 a pair on
these goods, and will give you this season's styles and
colors to select from.
Hrwttand Seta of 100 pieces, nicely decorated, for ?28.50
on up.
English Torcolaln Sot of 100 pieces, worth ?14.00, ? | Q gQ
Now Goods In Salad BowIb, Chop Dishes, Cake Plates, sugars
nnd Creams, etc.

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