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I f h M
Chicago Accord: Over on the south
side there Ih a "rest cure" establishment?one
of those places where you
nre not' allowed to do' anything but
wonder whut you are going to do next
and wlikt theyare .going to give you for
dInner-Kirici to' this' reposeful resort
?cme sorrowing relatives not long ago,
brought-a' young woman who was suffering
..from hysteria and Incidentally
making her family suffer. She was a
sood-looklng , young, woman, and her
clothes flttett her and she'had plenty of
them, but these things gave her no joy,
apparently; all she asked was to be allowed
to die as quickly as was convenient
to all concerned.
To this end thq fair patient consistrnfnsnrl
tr? tnk?? thp-food that xvnn
given her. That would not have been
anything remarkable If any other klnil
of food had been procurable, for many
people do not care for oats and shreddvd
bird's nests.served with milk, but
the rest cure doctors were generally ,in-.
flexible'on the question, of diet and if
they determlned'upon a regimen of eggfruit
patties and grape Juice for a pa*
tL'iu their course was to starve that patient
Into submission. In this case,
however, the , plan failad to work. It
seemed to be,Just what the girl wanted.
Still, she would eat dill .pickles and hot
raised biscuit with honey; .'so, after she
had become too weak to walk, the authorities
reluctantly consented to the
pickles and biscuit as a temporary
measure of relief.
It was useless", to argue with her, for
she made no sign that she heard a word
that any.pne said to her. Her friends
asserted' that .she was quite deaf, but
one of the doctors had his doubts about
With a view to finding out whether
his -theory was- correct this man of
science was" in the habit' of shouting
suddenly when he was near the girl, of
stealing up behind her arid bursting Inflated
.paper bags with the palm of ills '
hand.iand, these failing,: of .remarking,
in her presence with deep sorrow upon
various Imaginary calamities that had
befallen her relations. He was telling a
brother physician about the case, which
he declared was one of the most remarkable
in the whole course of his
experience.. . \ '% V'
; "I know she Is shamming," he said,
j "and 1 cannot believe she is, either. *if
you lirx'd a cannon behind her she
I wouldn't l&t an evelld flicker."
"Certainly she wouldn't," agreed the
other, who was a man of experience.
"And when I said how sad It was
that her mother had fallen off a trolley
car and had sustained a severe concussion
of the brain she didn't as much as
change color, let alone shed a tear."
"Of course she didn't," said the other.
Then he smiled to himself and stroked
his chin. At last he said: "I'll bet I
can find out whether she's shamming or
not. I'll go around to-morrow and see
He went around.and asked tbe.glrl
f several questions, to all of which she
j only shook her head and smiled languidly.
-r-Then the doctor left - her and
hnd a short consultation with two of
the nurses.
Shortly after this the two nurses happened
to be In the room where the girl
was sitting reading a hygienic novel
and they began to talk about her.
"It's such a pity," remarked nurse
No.' 1. "Of course she can't hill herself
eating what she docs. She might last
twenty years, hut her complexion won't
last. I can notice the .difference In It
nlrpnHv rirul ?V?r? hnan't Vir?on hnru tu-n
"It seems to me she's getting sallow,"
Bald nurse Xo. 2. "Her complexion Is
the best thing she's.got; too. It is a
"In a month her face will look like
sulphur mid molasses," pursued No. 1,
who was a remarkably fresh and rosycheeked
woman herself. "It'll be worse
than mine was before I came here and
took the diet. Do you remember how 1
looked then?"
They did not look at the girl?they
were too bright. They talked on other
subjects for some time, and then left
the room one at a time. The last one
to go left the door open the width of
her linger and then turned and applied
her eS'e to the crack.
She hud not long to wait. In about a
minute the girl rose from her seat and
walked casually over to the mirror. In
which"! she gazed Jong and earnestly.
The nurse stole away on tiptoe, and left
her there. The next morning, when, as
usual, the hygienic edible birds' nests
and things were offered to the patient
for her breakfast, she did not push
them away and demand pickles. She
ate what was given to her and In some
way the diet seemed Jo prove a sort of
opening wedge?If that term may be
uppllod to dlec?for the girl's hearing
slowly Improved and she began to take
notice of things. The cure people expect
to yend her home well In about two
we ks more.Dudley
Dugan Is the proprietor of a
weight in the community, and more or
ten* of u power in local politics. He
takes pride in his "place," also,* and
recently he caused a new plank sidewalk
to be' laid In front of It. He
watched the progress of the work with
an interest that hardly permitted him
to eerye his customers, whose congratulations
he received with conscious
pride, and when at last the walk was
completed and its clean-planed expanse
gleamed like a corner oasis In th?r wilderness
of black and rotten boards Pugan
called in the two carpenters who
had been engaged for the Job and told
them that they might call for whatever
they pleased.
B?lng Germans, they called for beer,
ko that Mr. Pagan's liberality had no
Hfrlous consequences. When they bad
finished their refreshment and departed
the'saloon-keeper stood In his doorway
and regarded his sidewalk fondly. "'Tla
u line piece of work, so It Is," he soliloquised.
"If the rest of the people In
th?- ward had my enterprise their Lake
Shore drives wouldn't .be In it with
His feelings of. pride so overpowered
him at this Juncture that he went back
Into the saloon to take a congratulatory
'Irlnk with himself. While he was gone
s man carrying a carpenter's kit of
tools dropped his ling on the sidewalk
u"d began to grcrsc a long rip uaw with
~"7*' ' '
... , . .
a piece of tallow that1 he took from the
pocket of his overalls. Then' he carefully
measured about two Inches on the
outside of the sidewalk, expectorated
copiously 'on the shining planks, after
the manner of his kind, and began to
The sound of the sawing awoke Mr.
Lsuguti irum u. reverie uuninu uie uur,
and he sallied forth to pee what was
happening. When he realized what
was being done he turned pale and
gasped. For a moment words failed
him; then he shouted: "What the dlvll
are you doln' there?" In a voice that
made the carpenter Jump. ,
He wa'B a Jocose sort of German carpenter,
and when he saw Dugan, the
question had filtered through his brain, i
he replied: "I was playln' feet ball."
'"I'll teach you to play fag," roared
Dugan, and went back- for- his bung 1
starter. When he came out again the 1
carpenter knew that there was some- :
thing wrong and dropping his saw, -ran ,
for his life. Unluckily he stumbled
and in a moment the Baloon-keeper was ;
upon him.- I'
They had to convey the two of them , j
to the station In a patrol wagon, for
the carpenter was In no condition to
walk. At the desk Mr. Dugan preferred 1
his complaint with dignity. i
"But he Jumps on me and half kills ,
me,"- protested the carpenter. '"TIs me .
that Is hurted."
"Small blame to.him," said the Rergeant.
"What did you try to ruin the ;
man's sidewalk for?" t ,
"I vas hired to trim It four Inches."
"Who hired, you?"
"Mr. Dugan, he toldt me his name
Dugan stared at the man a moment
and then his features relaxed Into a
smile. He turned to the desk sergeant. 1
n mi* uc u- ju'VL- ui mc owjra, 'iiu naiu. ;
"Just a joke. I guess you might as
well let him go.!' .
"That's what It must have been?a
a joke," agreed, the sergeant "I guess
you can go. .Hustle now, and get your
tools, and dont* let people fool you."
"Is It a choke?" asked the carpenter In
a bewildered way.
"YIs," said Dugan, klndjy and forgivingly.
" Hard to Duplicate it in Wheeling.
Scores of representative ' citizens* of
Wheeling are testifying on the following
subject. Such a record of local endorsement
Is unequaled in modern
times. This public statement made by
a citizen Is but one of the many that
have preceded It and the hundreds that
will follow. Read It:
Mrs. M. Deiters, of No. 26 South
Huron street, says: "After an attack
of la grippe I had severe aching across
the small of my back and through my
right thigh, bearing down pain In the
ankles; often worse when lying down:
and often when in bed I was so stiff I
could hardly turn over or gat out .of It.
I saw so many favorable accounts of
Doan's Kidney Pills that I got a box
at the Logan DrugCo.'s., and began their
use. I felt relieved after a few doses
and continued their use with splendid
results. My sister was visiting me at
the time and being troubled, as I was,
she took some on my recommendation,
and they helped her right away."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents.
Foster-MIlburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y., sole
agents for the United States.
Remember the name?Doan's?and
take.no substitute.
Pittsburgh Exposition Excursions
Via Pennsylvania Lines.
Thursdays, September 13, 20, 27 and October
4, 11 and IS, excursion tickets will
be sold from Wheeling to Pittsburgh for
the Exposition, good returning three
days. Including date of sale.
Army of West Virginia Reunion.
Fo the above occasion the Baltimore
& Ohio railroad will sell excurslon'tlckets
to Fairmont. W. Va., and return for
one fare for the round trip. Tickets on
sale September 10 to 13, Inclusive, good
returning September 15, Inclusive.
? o o
Rougli Dry Washed, Starched and
Dried d cents per pound.
Flat Work, washed and Ironed, 5
cents per pound.
All hand work finished 10 cents
per pound. At LUTZ BROS'.
Home Steam Laundry.
If 33aby is Cutting Teeth
Be sure and use that old and well-tried
remedy. Mrs. Winslow's Soothing
Syrun, for children.teething. It soothes
the child, softens the guni, allays all
pain, cures wind colic and Is the best
remedy for diarrhoea. Twenty-five
cents a bottle. mw&f
SCRATCH, scratch, .scratch; unable
to attend to business during the day
or sleep during the night. Itching piles,
horrible plague. Doan'n Ointment cures.1
Never fails. At any drug store, 50
S h 2
I Women j
o There are few women as beau
J tiful as they might be. Powder "
g and paint and cosmetics don't g
make good looks. Beauty is
a simply an impossibility without J
? health. Beautiful women are ?
e few because healthy women are
5 few. The way to have a fair J
g face and a well-rounded figure Jj
a is to take a
| MMd's I
o it vsuuuuv L.M**|ujumnuava
? This in that ol J and timo-tried g
e medicino that euros all fomalo
o troubles and weaknesses and o
drains. It makes no diltorenco g
h what tho doctors call tho trou- u
b ble, if thero is anything tho S
J matter in tho distinctly feminine 2
o organs, Bradfleld's Fe? o
o male Regulator will help
g and euro it. It is good for ir- J
g regular or painful menstruation; "
b forleucorrhoea, for falling of tho
2 womb, for nervousnees, head- g
o ache, backache and dizziness, o
Take it and get woll. Then o
J your old-time girlish features g
" and figuro will bo restored.
H Sold by druggists fori I a bottle. H
The Features of tho Money and Stock
NEW YORK, Sept. 8.?Money on call
steady at per cent. Prime mercantile
paper 405% per cent. Sterling exchange
weak with actual business In
bankers' bills at $4 8C04.87 for demand
and at $4 83>4$4 83^: for 60 days; posted
rates U 84Vfc<?4 85 and 54 8S&4 fc8&. Commercial
bills $4 82%@4 83V4. Bar sliver
62 %e. Silver certificates 621/j#63Vfcc.
Mexican dollars 49%c. State bonds Inactive.
Railroad bonds Irregular. State
bonds steady.
With the exception of a dabbling
speculation In some of the specialties,
notably People's Gas, Sugar and Brooklyn
Transit, no particular interest attached
to the dealings. The holiday In
London aggravated the dullness and
the weakness of the active specialties
made the general tone heavy. The impending
strike of the anthracite mln
ers hail a depressing influence on sentiment
generally, though the coalers
themselves were little affected. New
Jersey Central recovered most of Its
early decline and Reading first preferred
was not down more than a fraction
at any time.
None of the other stocks of anthracite
carrying roads was dealt in. The comparative
firmness"*of the coalers was
partly due to the recent large output of
:oal from the mines and partly to a belief
that the strike might be restricted
within narrow limits. But the prospect
Df a controversy affecting so large a
body of laborereawl such large investments
of capital being abandoned to
hostile methods for settlement aroused
uneasiness among holders and operators
In securities.
. The stock market made a false start
again this week, after the three days of
holiday idleness, and after a brief Hurry
of activity dropped back into its lethar
gy ana prices sagged again to the former
level. The general Investment or
speculative world was not a partlclpunt
In the dealings at any time, but there
was some evidence of bolder and larger
operations of a professional character,
which were supposed to be due to the
re-entry of some of the Influential speculative
leaders newly returned from
vacations abroad.
The disposition on the part of London
to buy stocks here was Increased by
the marked ease of money at that center
and the generally more cheerful
view held of international politics, but
the vigorous measure adopted by the
Bank of England by large borrowings
from the open market, checked the
downward tendency of money and gave
an Intimation of knowledge of some future
demands to be made upon the
money markets. Suggestions are heard
of an additional British loan to be
placed, and the presence in France of
the Russian minister of flnance arouses
discussion of measures to meet Russian
demands for funds.
The London money market hardened
In consequence, and at the same time
sterling exchange weakened In New
York under offerings of cotton bills,
brought on the market by the urgent
buying-of cash cotton to tide over the
English shortage. This dissipated the
uupwd xjl a^jiiuuu vi a. ku?u movement
from New York and weighed on the
stock murket. It Is considered probable
that future British loans may seek
a lodgement In New York with a view
to Inducing further movement of gold
to London.
It cannot be said, however, that any
uneasiness exists In New York over the
future of the money market, In spite of
this posslbllty of further extraordinary
demand for gold from abroad. This
and the beginning of the currency
movement to the south and west as well
as the practical cessation of operation*
under the new government refunding
and bank note extension law, which
have been a source of replenishment to
the bank reserves, all leave the money
market practically unruffled.
The increased business In iron and
steel and the progress made toward adjustment
of wages are considered favorable
as far as they go, but the definitive
status of the Industry Is felt yet to
be decided and the future prices of steel
rails especially are looked for to help
High prices of steel rails and coal are
serious elements In the expense- of railroad
operation, though railroad earnings
continue to be well maintained.
The declaration of manufacturers of
Iron products that the maintenance of
the export trade will depend on reduced
freight rates for the products shows one
of the important problems upon the settlement
of which operations In stocks
are waiting.
Any considerable demand discloses r.
scarcity of stocks offering and prices
are easily advanced. The* general sentiment
continues to be one of caution
against possible accidents. Sugar hail
its periodical Hurry and its periodical
surprise over the dividend declaration
and then became quiet.
A feature of the week was the
strength of silver on the demand for remittance
to China. The decrease In
merchandise shipments to China on account
of the truoblcd conditions there
calls for shipments of silver against
merchandise received from China.
The apathy of capital toward secuiitlnn
U.. .. W \
ii? uua uqcii ?juuc as marneu in the
bond market ns In stocks. United States
refunding Us when Issued anil the 5a advanced
K and the old 4s Vi per cent In
the bid price.
U. S. Bonds.
U. S. Refunding I do now is cou.1.1.1V
L'a registered..1MU do old 4s rcg. .11 Pt
do coupon ,...lfl.1v? do old -Is cou...ll5\t
do 3s reg inu do 5s reg 112\
do 3s coupon ,.1M <lo 5s coupon... 112)4
do new 4a rog.13.TU
Am. Stt^ol Hoop. 19V&I N. Y. Contra 1... 13V-',
do preferred.. CC^s Norfolk ft AV.... 3IV?
Amer. S. it R.. do preferred .. 7.v?i
do preferred.. SO N. American ... 15
Amer. S. K- \\\. North. Pacific.. 5i?G
do preferred.. 743* do preferred... 71*;
Atchison 277k Northwestern ... 1 ?12
do preferred.. 70** Ont. it Western. 20;i
Balto. & Ohio.. 72Vfe Omaha 110
do preferred.. pacific Mall 3t)U
B. R. Transit.. 54% Panhandle 5}
BurllnKtoii 1~> do preferred... S2
Can. Pacific .... S7 Pennsylvania ...12SVi
Csn. Southern.. WHr People's Has ... 00?;
Clies. ft Ohio... Prewsed Steel C. 3SU
c. C. ft St. L.... Mi ,io preferred.. 71^4
Consoll. Ohm ...1i1?? Pullman IS-.
Cont. Tobacco..-.HP,r pending li?u
do preferred., .h ,io ilrst pro.... Ki
Colo. tuel .-< ;? do seconu pro.. an;
Cotfon OH ...... -a Republic I. ft S.. i:*?
do preferred .. >? d(> preferred .. 54
pel. Lnek.ft ,\V.1.5 Hnck |H|nn,i px^;
Denver ft R. (... 1JU jobber wv
dp preferred.. ?7'4 do preferred .. ?12
Dul. ft Hudson.llOVk south Railway., lia:
Krlu ............. 11 ,1? preferred... 541;
do preferred.. X V* g0?,h. Parlilc .. xv\
Federal Steel .. 3Pi sucar lini",
?rtn prrtmm ... "hs ,iri.f,.rr,,o
Hocklug Valley. 31 R. , ? s
Illinois Central.11CJ4 ,lo {,inferred Ll'Vi
'X%rlc'&:: Sl-''"ul
branch" office^
No. 38 Twelfth St., Wheeling.
Business transacted for local "brokers.
Stocks bought and sold for
cash or carried on margin. Particular
attention given STEEL
Telephone 1028.
Pittsburg Office, 323 Fourth Avenue.
1510 Mnrkot Stroot,
Opposite l'oHtodlco.
New York and QTftCk'^ Gr?'n
Pittsburgh.... wlUvlVji Markets.
Standard Investments Securities.
TKLKPUO.YE 10.'17.
N. J. Central.... 130^1 Tenn. Coal &. I. Ctti
Kansas & Texas 9% Texas 1<"4
do preferred.. HI Tin Plato 27$
Lako Krlo & W. 28 do preferred .. 80
do preferred.. 9t% Tobacco 9>?i
Lead 17% do pr?f erred...128
do preferred.. S3 Union Pacific .. 57U
Leather ll^j do preferred .. 74V*
do preferred., m .Wabash 7
Manhattan 91ta do preferred ..-1S*4
Met. St. Ity 1IB% Western Union.. 79%
Mo. Pacific 511* Wheel. & L. B..
Nashville ill* do preferred .. 23?i
National Steel.. 2.^ Third A venue...110
do preferred.. K>Vr National Tube .. 40
Nat. Biscuit ... S3'.-9 do preferred .. 93
iln nri'ferroii.. K4
New York Mining Stocks.
Cholor $ 1Q' Ontario 530
Crown Point .. 10|0nhlr 43
Col. cal. %: >'a. 1 Plymouth 10
Deadwood 45| Quicksilver 150
Gould i* Curry :!: do pro for red ..
Hale & N'rcr'ss 20| Slorra Nevada.. SO
Home.stake .... 50 OUi Standard 4uu
Iron Silver .... 5Sj Union ConnoH.. 17
Mexican 251 Yellow Jacket.. 17
Brcadstuffs and Provisions.
CHICAGO?"Wheat was dull and
steady to-day, October closing %@%c
higher. Corn closed %c and oats %c
improved. Provisions closed [email protected]
Dullness characteristic of curtailed
Saturday sessions pervaded the wheat
market all day. The tone, however, was
firm. October opened %C higher at
73?*hC to 73*4c. helped by steady cables,
reports that rains were again damaging
wheat in shock In the northwest and
on the heavy cash business worked
late Friday. Following theopenlngOctober
on selling by scalpers touched 73%c,
but at the dip there was some influential
buying. This brought shorts into
7334c. The heavy primary receipts.
1,324.000 bushels,, against 1.1S3.000
bushels last year, caused some selling,
but the close was lirm, October ^i?*?c
over yesterday at 73ic. The corn
strength helped sustnln the market towards
the end. Local receipts were 327
cars, twenty-four of contract grade.
Minneapolis and" Duluth reported 649
ears, against 146 last week and 916 a
year ago. New York claimed fifteen
loads taken for export. Seaboard clearances
In wheat and Hour were 837,000
bushels. Yesterday's export business
as reported from New York was 1,000,000
Corn was moderately active and
strong. Liverpool was ^d higher and
cour.trv offerings were light. There
was a good outside demand while the
selling was local and scattered. Receipts
were 374 cars. There was some
reaction late in the session on liberal
realizing. October sold between 3S^c
nnd closing strong and %c
up at 38%@n9c. Receipts were 374 cars.
Oats made a quiet beginning, but
were more active later. The corn
strength was a help and there was a
good cash demand. October sold between
21%c anil 21%c. Uc higher at
21%c. Receipts were 419 cars.
Provisions continued strong because
of the strength of the cash position
which Is now about the only factor In
the market. Packers tightened the
screws some to-day and shorts did their
b:st to cover. October pork sold between
$11 JO and $2117^ and closed 12%c
higher at $11 IS; October lard between
S? 72*A and 56 S2%, closing 10c up and
October ribs between $7 12^7 22V?,
with the close 2VjC better at $7 30.
Estimated receipts for Monday:
wir.'ui, &uu cars; corn, 450 cars; oats,
ICO cars; hogs. 20,000 head.
The leading futures ranged as follows:
Articles. Open. High. Low. Close.
Wheat, No. 2. I
Sept 73% 73 73Vi
Oct 7:;% 71 73% 73%
NOV 'i')V 74 "1^5
Corn, No. 2.
Sep ? !? 40*? 39"? 40*4
Oct 3S% 39% 3S% 39
N ov 3t? 3C jvi 36 3G%
Oats. No. 2.
Sept 21% 21-; 21% 21%
Oct 21% 21 ?s -:\\ 21*
Nov 21=>4 22 21 vt 22
Mess Pork.
Sept $1140
Oct JU 10 J1117H51110 1117%
Jan 11 22% 11 27% 11 22% 11 27%
Lard. :
Sept ! 6 75 6 80 G 75 6 80
Oct 6 72%' 6 82% 6 72%! 6 82%
lan i G GO I 6 57%) 6 50 ) 6 57%
Short Ribs. Ill
Sept 7 45 | 7 47%' 7 42%| 7 47%
Oct 7 17%: 7 32% 7 17% 7 30
_J:in I r, '.vi [. 5 117 v.i 5 m i r.
Cash quotations were as follows:
Flour?Quiet; winter patents $3 ro$?
4 00; straights, $,1 10ft3 70; cl?ars. *310?
3 50; spring specials $4 40? 4 50; patents
$3 50(0)4 00: straights $3 00^3 50;
bakers $2 20ft2 75,
"Wheat?No. 3 spring 73%{?74c; No. 2
red TSVic.
Corn?No. 2, 40%{?41c; No. 2 yellow
Oafs?No. 2, 21<yr,@22lic: No. 2 white
24%<fi'25c: No. 3 white 23%5?25c.
Rye?No. 2, 50%c.
Parley?Good feeding 39c.
Malting?Fair to choice 43^?17c.
Flaxseed?No. 1, $1 49; No. 1 northwestern
?1 50.
Mesa Pork?Per barrel $11 005711 15.
Lard?Per 100 lbs., $0 75(516 82%.
Short Ribs?Sides (loose) $7 3007 CO.
Dry salted shoulders (boxed) C}^
Short clear sides (boxed) $7 93?S 05.
Whisky?Rasls of high wines $1 2G,
Sugars unchanged.
MIUVUI?vuiHiiici HinMvr *;f U t>'J
NEW YOU K?Flour, 20,635 barrels;
exports 41,412 barrels; sales 4,700 packages;
market was slow but a little In
seller's favor on account of the firmness
In wheat: winter patents $3 75{j>
4.00; winter straights )3 4r?(3"3 CO; Minnesota
)2 40ftH30; winter extrun
$2 [email protected] 00; Minnesota bakers' $2S5(Qi
.1 2r?; winter low grades, $2 45?
2 65. Uye Hour quiet; sales. 450
barrels; fair to good $3 00{?
3 25; choice to fancy 53 [email protected] CO. Cornmen
1 quiet; yellow western S8c; city,
S7tf?S8c; brandywluo $2 [email protected] 50. Uye
steady; No. 2 western 5Se f. o. b. afloat;
state, 52!{i53c c. I. f. New York. Barley
quiet; feeding1 42043c'I. f. New York;
malting, 4C\:(ii56c I. f. Buffalo. Barley
nmlt dull; western, 62?6Sc.
Wheat, firm; No. 2 red 7Sc elevator;
No. 2 red 80c f. o. b. afloat; No. I northern
IHiluth 83c- f. o. b. afloat; options
opened steady; closed firm at %?Vfec
net advance sales Included No. 2 red
March, closed at 83%c; May closed at
S3V4c; September 78U<fl>78V*c: closed at
7HV.-o; December, 80 i)-16{j)S0%c; closed at
Corn, spot firm; No. 2,.4r>%c elevator
and 4C'}4c f. o. h. afloat; options market
was strong and net higher
May, 40%@41^c: closed at 41Uc; Sep
tember closed at 45Hc; October close*
at 44lac: December, 40!i64H4*T4Hic.
Oats, spot <iulct; No. 2, 25c: No. !
24Hc: "No. 2 white 26Hc; No. 3 whit
25%c; track mixed western [email protected]
track white state 25033c.
Hay quiet; shipping 72&@75c; goo
to choice 80?90c.
Hops dull; state, common to cholcc
1899 crop, [email protected]; old olds 205c.
Hides Arm; Galveston 20(?25 pounds
18c; California, [email protected] pounds, 18%c
Texas dry [email protected] pounds, 13^c.
Leather steady; hemlock sole, Bueno
Ayres, light to heavy weights 22&<1
23Hc; acid, 22%@23^c.
Beef steady; family $10 00<?>11G0
mess, $9 00fi9 50: beef hams *20 00$f2l00
packet, $10 00?1100; city extra, Intlli
mess, 316 [email protected] 00.
Cutmeats steady; pickled bellies 8&<l
11c; p'ckled shoulders 6%@6%c; plcklei
hams [email protected]}ic.
Lard firm; western steamed 7.10c
September closed at.7.07%c nominal; re
fined firm; continent 7.40c; S. A., 6c
compound1, [email protected]*?c.
Pork steady; family, $15 00015 75
?lan- *19 OKtZIK M. ?? unfih/!
oiiui b iiisiu yio wyiu ov, iticoe, fit v?n
13 00.
Tallow steady; city, ($2 per package
4 7-16c; country packages (free) 4tt<J
Cottonseed oil steady: yellow, 54%c
Rosin firm; strained, common ti
good, $150.
Turpentine Arm at 37%?38c.
Rice steady; domestic, fair to extrt
4*,tflGV4c: Japan. 4%@5c.
Molasses steady; New Orleans, opei
kettle, good to choice, [email protected]
BALTIMORE?Flour steady; receipt
14,447 barrels; exports 4,385 barrels
Wheat firmer; Bpot and the montl
[email protected]%c; October, 72%@73c; Decern
ber, 75%c; steamer No. 2 red [email protected]^C
southern by sample G2($72c: southern oi
grade [email protected] Corn strong; mixed spo
45%c; the month 45c; October, 44\itf
44^c; November and December, new o
old, 40*4?0540i$c; January, 40%c: steam
er mixed 44%c; southern white corr
47<$4Sc; southern yellow corn 47<fP48c
Oats firm; No. 2 white 26&<g)27c; No.
mixed 24,i-^25c. Hay firm; No. 1 tlm
othy *15 00?15 50.
TOLEDO?Wheet dull and higher
spot and September 76*4c; Octobe
77\ic; December. 79%c. Corn dull am
higher; No. 2 cash and September 42%c
December, 34%c. Oats, cash and Sep
tember 22Vlc; December, 22-)ic. Ry
dull and unchanged; No. 2 cash 51c
Cloverseed dull and higher; '9S prime
$5 80; '99 prime, SC 00; No. 2 55 00; Octo
ber and December $6 40.
CINCINNATI?Wheat steady: No.
red [email protected] Corn quiet; No. 2 mlxei
42%@43c. Oats easy; No. 2 mixed 22,/4c
Rye quiet: No. 2, 54c. Lard Arm a
(S.GRn. nntkmo.i*H ,1.111 ? rtn T3o??.
lHm"at wSF Whisky duVat 51 26.'^
Live Stock.
CHICAGO?Cattle, receipt's 5,000 head
week's receipts largest of year; noml
nally steady to-day; natives, good ti
prime steers $5 G0(ft6 00; poor to me
dlum 54 G5(&5 50; selected feeders 54 00$
4 75; mixed stockers $3 [email protected] 00; cows
52 75(jp4 50; heifers, $3 00f?5 00; canners
$2 QOei 2 75; bulls, 52 5004 60; calves
$5 [email protected]~ 50; Texans, Texas fed steers
54 25tf?5 00; Texas grass steers 53 25^j
4 20; Texas bulls 52 SO?3 40.
Hogs, receipts to-day, 18,000 head
Monday, 30,000 head estimated; lefi
over 4,000 head; average a shade lower;
top, 55 52%; mixed and butchers,55 05(0
5 52%; good to choice heavy ?5 10(5
5 47%; rough heavy 54 [email protected] 05; light
55 150)5*52%; bulk of sales 55 15?5 35.
Sheep, receipts 2,500 head: sheep anc
lambs steady; good to choice wethers
53 [email protected] 85; fair to choice mixed 53 35?
3 60; western sheep 53 50<@)3 S5; Texaj
sheep. $2 50(33 25; native lambs 54 25?
5 75; western lambs 54 [email protected] 65.
Receipts for the week?Cattle, 59,50(
head; last week 49,400 head;, hogs 130,70(
head; last week 141,500 head: sheep,
90,900 head; last week 91,700 head.
CINCINNATI?Hogs steady at 54 50?
5 50. Cattle steady at 53 [email protected] 50. Sheer
steady at $2 00(33 85. Lambs steady ai
nnttr. rn ?
Weekly Bank Statement
NEW YORK?The weekly bank statement
for Ave days shows the/following
changes: Surplus reserves, decreased
$1,022,225: loans, Increased. $1,559,000:
specie, Increased, $2,387,500; legall tenders,
decreased. $2,711,100; deposits, Increased,
$2,704,500; circulation. Increased.
$204,100. The banks now hold $26,056,250
In excess of the requirements of the
25 per cent rule.
NEW YORK?Pig Iron easy: northerr
$14 [email protected] 00; southern $15 [email protected] 00
Copper quiet: brokers $16 75. Lead dull;
brokers $4 00. Tin plate dull.
NEW YORK-Wool dull: domestic
fleece 25!Q'2Sc; Texas, [email protected]
Story of a Slave.
To be bound hand and foot for yeun
by the chains of disease In the 'wors1
form of slavery. George D. Wllliamc
of Manchester, Mich., tells how such r
slave was made free. He says: "Mj
wife has been so helpless for live yean
that she could not turn over in bed
alone. After using two bottles of Electrie
Bitters, she is wonderfully im
proved and able to do her own work.'
This supreme remedy for female dls
eases quickly cures nervousness, sleep'
lessness, melancholy, headache, back'
ache, fainting and dizzy spells. Thli
miracle working medicine is a godsent
to weak, sickly, run down people. Even
bottle guaranteed. Only GO cents. Sole
by Logan Drug Co.'s drug store.?6
DON'T delay a minute. Cholera in
fantum, dysentery diarrhoea come sud
denly. Only safe plan is to have Dr
Fowler's Extract of Wild Strawberr;
always on hand.?i
Gas ranges are supplanting coal In mos
tip-to-date kitchens. At the Htrlko of i
match you enn boll or broil, bako or fr>
roast or to?st, lie&t water for tho entlr
bouBo wllh a
It will do all that any conl rango can dc
and do It quicker and cheaper. No dlri
Occupies small rpaco. Closed oven?n
fumes from burnfng gas. Italics perfectly
Call and examine them.
1312 Market St.
DenIWI A M o. nr\
| L-MVirYl\ OG V-?W.,
Hopalrlnr of all kind? of niachlner;
promptly aiul quickly, axccutcd. ocJJ
?t Steam and Hot Water Heating. Illph er
? Orade Plumbing Fixtures. Call and sco Su
. tho "Llnke" Filters In derations. Flans, ex
specifications nnd estimates for any work da
Vn our line furnished on application. Prices d
(1 moderate, consistent with flrst-clasa work, *y.
> and satisfaction guaranteed. l
' No. 1155 Market St.? Wheeling* W.y?. ?l(
i \VM. F. C. SCHNELLE, ;;
; Plumbing, Gas and Steam fitting. I1!
! Dealer In all goods pertaining to tho trado. \ -i
i 2012 Main Street,
. Telephones?. Wheeling. W. Vq. ? i
* WM. HARE & SON, ;j
; Practical Plumbers, f+ f
Gns and Stcnm Fitters. f j
? No. a Twelfth Street * {
Work flono promptly at reasonnblo price* * 7
I ' MEDICAL. ' \\
i | "A WARNING VOICE" | "!
& Is tho title of an Interesting little *2
s 4> book that shows how ?$> j 7
1 X la LOST, and how It may bo x ; 5
J % REGAINED. ? tfi
1 $ It is sent securely scaled In plain % +5
t Y envolopo Tree, on receipt of 2c V t 1
j> x stamp for postage. x -f |j
r We aro tn? leading specialists In x o
X curing all coses of Kidney and (<t ?f,
" X) Bladder trouble, Sexual Weakness *, f [5
1. & ttn<1 lmpptcncy. Syphilis. Gonor- a to
!. A rhoea, Klght Looses. Gleet and A t 5
2 ',?> Stricture quickly and permanently. Z j 7
, a "VVo have curod thousand* at their A n
A own homes. All letters krpt strict- .
ly prlvato and answered Jn plain <J> 1
; & scaled envelope. Consultation by A 11
r w mall free. Write to-day. Address, A IH
] x dr. W. H. SAUNDERS & CO., f tio
ft> Chicago, III. j.*;
e IId&w
2 7
t "p
i 'Arstnlc Beauty Tablets and Pills. A per* Be
jfoctly aafe and guaranteed treatment for H
Ml ?k In disorders. Restores tho bloom of -J
youth to faded faces. 10 days' treatment .2
?5c; SO day*' 51.00, by mall. Send for dr- ^
cular. Addres*.
NEKVtTA MEDICAL CO.. Cllitns 4 Jltiim SO., Cblcip. [j j
Sold by Cboo. R. Ooetze, Druggist. Market
and Twelfth streets, Wheeling, W.
Va. ft-M-d&w
?| DRUNKENNESS "^red. | ^
T ER. FATHER, or any of your rela- < >
V tlves afflicted "Kith the Dise.HB? of < >!
!y Drunkenness? Wo have a uurc <;>
fr euro -which can be given with or *
, without tho knowledge of the pa- 6 Or
lx tient. Send for particulars, enclos- <$>
ty ing 2c stamp'for,, reply. Address, v Pn
? Dr. "W. H. Saunders & Co., Chi- ,
% cago, 111. f Pit
2 counterfeits? fir
joll-m pi'
Salem, W. Va.
Von'lv fnrnlul. a/1 TJa Vic In />OIHlPI>tlnn. '
Loading Hotel of tho County.
West Union . V/eat Va. til
None Better.
Mannlngton W. Va.
> iloudc Heated by Steam. fcf
Opp. B. Si Q. Station. Rowlesburg, W. Va. W
Centrally Located. Ra'ea J2.M Per Day.
Slstersvllle. \V. Va.
Under New Management. c.
Opposite Court House, Moundsvllle, W. Va*
New Martinsville, W. Va. ...
Home for Commercial and Oil Men.
t Mlddlebourne, W. Va.
, First-Class Livery Attached.
At Drpot, Fairmont, W. Va.
1 Sample Rooms Opposite New Court Houao.
Ilarrlsvlllc, W. Va. U:
Good Accommodations. T.lvory,
' Pennsylvania Stations. z:
! |1 BfennsyIvaniEi Lines.l
Trains Run by Central Tinjo
Dally. fDally, except 8unday.
flunday only. ?
. Ticket Oinces at Pennsylvania Station oa 1
Water street, fool or Eleventh street,
Wheeling. and at tho Pennsylvania r
- tlon, Bridgeport. i j?
DLE ltOUTK." j t=
Leave. Arrlvii | ^
From "Wheeling to u. in. a. m. ^
Wellhburg and Stcubenvlllo. t 8:25 T G:07 !
P. m. ' jv
McDonald and Pittsburgh.. 1 G:25 T 8:lt ! ?t
Siouhenvllle and Columbu.s. f 6::V> f 5:15 : I,
Co.'umbua and Cincinnati... j t>;25 t S:15 i fj
Wellsburg and Pittsburgh.. flOiuO t C:15
Pittsburgh and New York.. *10:25 ' ?ii
p. m. p. m. 11'
Philadelphia and New \ ork. t!2:l0 t 2:17 :
Slcubenvllle and Pittsburgh tl-:oO t 2:1,' L l!
Columbus and Chicago tl-':&) t 2:17 '?
Philadelphia and New York 2:55; io?25 '_}
Baltimore und Washington, t ?10:35 fl
Stuubenvllhi und Pittsburgh | jj:R3 fS
McDo'.uild and lXnnison.... f 2:&! | S:5J
Pittsburgh and New York., f 6:30, tV"; ^
I a. in. ^Tl
t 8:0?
f 6;ci
7 ti:0l ; !
Pittsburgh and East.....".t 8:3ol - tsfis
t |Leave. Arrlva
a From Bridgeport to a. in. p. m.
Fort Wuyne anu Chicago... t 4ms t 8:13 Lc
o Canton and Toledo T-4:iS t S:lj a.
Alliance and Clovoland t 4:4!> t*s"u t!:
Stoubonvlllo und Pltt5burgh f 4:? t 9:25 C,:
' Stcubenvlllo and WellsvIIle. f 9:09 fl'MO
o Steubenvlllo and Plttsourgh t 9:?| jia^j s:i
, V' m.l \ ;
Fort Wityno and Chicago... T l:i:? t 8:33 yi
Canton and Crestline.. f 1:1S| tl3M0 <r
Alliance and Cleveland...... f 1:15 s:a:
Hteubonvllly und Wellavlllo. t 1:151 5:25
Philadelphia and New York 11:15 G:25 nji
- V.II...MI, mill "Plltnhlirirh... ."? }VI MrWvl H*'
Toronto nrul PlttM>urg>i... t 1:1S % t?:25 ,
StoubcnvMo and WoHsvlllc. t C:oo t S:li J,;
Baltimore nnd Washington. t 1:16] 1ri;
New York and Washington, t 4:53 v J:
Stcubonvllto nnd Pittsburgh f -?:i>3| t 6:25
Turlor Car Wheeling to Pittsburgh" on ~i
2:55 p. m. and G:30 j>. m. train. Contra! ....
time. (One hour Blower 'than Wheeling
, "mt'' J. O. T0MI.1N80N, n.
Pasncnper nnd Ticket Agent. ?>:
Agent for all Steamship Lines. 7:
Arrival awl departure of trains bn an?l
t?sr Aug; '12,' Explanation ot Itef
onceMarks: 'Dally. tl>ally. except
inday. iDally, except Saturday. Dally*
cept Monday. . {Sundays only. *Satur?
y? only. Eastern .Standard Time.
cnar't. B.&O.-Main Lino East.! Arrive.
!:t0 am Wash.. lial., Phil., N.Y.I* S:10 am
> 00 pm Wash., lial., Phik* N.Y. 1:C0
um ..Cumberland, Accom.-. t 5;5Q.pm
>:M am Q rat ton Accom * u:N) pm
?'-W pm Q rat ton Accom *10:21) am
):50 am ..Washington City Kx.'.^*lO:l8 pm
jepart"|lC&"o c.6."T)iv.. WeaCj Arrive.
*umjColumbuH and Chicago}* 1:10 am
);15 am ..Columbus and Clncln.. 5:17 pm
:<0 pmlCol.'an. and St Louis!" 5:10 am
?;05 pint....Chicago Express'...,{*12120 um
):15 am ..St. cialrsvlllo Accom:.ltl'-:?J pm
1:03 pin ..St, 01alr3Vlllo Accom..| \l\Yl pm
hlajiml..^..Sandusky MaH....jl* 5d7 pro
;epart7 B?&"o.-W.. P/B. Dlv" Arrive.
i:ir. oral Pittsburgh {*10:13 am
:20 aml....;v. Pittsburgh * 6:33 pm
?:20 pm|.. Pittsburgh and East..|Ml:30 pm
1:15 pm[i'.Pittsburgh and East.. *10:00 am
?:Oo pmj..- . ,v-pi tt*burgja 1
?WtCIP., c., C. STSt. L. Ity.j Arrive.
, ' I East.' I
':25 aml.i'.::" w"-*-?sb
. - .-?ur?;u .......ir:?:K? am
:00 am ....... Pittsburgh t C;]K pm
:3f) tint Wet*., I'hlliu and N. Y. t S:l" pm
1:65 pm P tta., Phlla. unci N. Y. t ?:1S pm
:*) pm Pitta., Hal., W'uhii N.Y. *11:83 am
':30 pm Pitta, lial.. Wah.. N.Y. 1*11:53 am
:25 am ..Steub. and Dennlaon.. t 9:S3 am
f:25 am ..Steub., Col. anil Cln.. t 7:07 are*
:30 pmLSteub., Col. and Chi., t *:17 pm
!:5j pm ..8tcub. and Dennlnon.. t 9:15 pm
:30 pnj|Steub., Col., Cln.. St, L.[t 6:15 pm
eiTart. I Ohio-lUver"R. It. Arrive.
1:00 am Parle. nnd%Way Points *10:50 am
i:W am Charleston ana Clncin.j* 3:16 pm
MS umi.Clnoin. and Lexington, t 7:15 pin
M5 am!....Kenova Express.... 3 7:J5 pm
<M5 pm Park, and Way Points t G:W pm
:G0 pmjPartc.jind Way Polntjjt 9:15
ennrt. J C. & P.?Bridgeport.- ("Arrive.
:4S ami Ft. "VVayne and Chicago, t 9:13 pm
MS ami...Canton and Tolodo... t 9:13 pm
MS am Alliance ?nd Clovelarid t 9:11 am
<:09 amStcubenvillo arid Pitta, t 9:S3 pm
MS amlFt. Wayne and Chlca?oHl0:25 am
1:15 pm ..Canton and Toledo..It 9:33 pm
:1"? pm Alliance and Cleveland 11:43 pm
:15 pm ..Steub. and Wellavllle..m0:25 am
:53 pm ..Steub. and Wellsville.. *11:68 am
:f? pm Philadelphia and N. Y. t 6:2? pm
:53 pm ..Baltimore and Wash., t C:2S pm
i:Kl ptn Stcubenvillo and. Pltta.lt G:i5 pm
:09 pm ..Steub. and Woll3yllle..lt 9:13 pm
opart. IC.. iZ & W.?Bridgeport Arrive.
M."> am Cleve., Toledo and Oh J. f 2:03 pm
:20 pm Clove., Toledo and Chi. t 8:0r? pm
:30 pm ....MaaalUon Accom.... 110:40 am
:1S pm ..St Clalrsvllle Accom.. t 9:41 am
:13 am ..St. clalrsvllle Accom
St. ClalrHvlUo Awftm K-tft
| stess? si ssss & {si us
;:00 pm .Cleveland Special...! lsiS p!S
? nm i?CUw* an1 Kr"- Ace?ni. *1J:M pm
ii nn<! ?ril. Accom. t C:l'5 pm
'.00 pm]8teub. and Urjj. Accom. *10:35 pm
iffife.) B" Z- c' K FiviT
:05 nm Mali, Express and ras. B9:4^am
! F,?pr?s? M fassenuer 3:G0 pm
.&> i>m|Mixed I-relnht and Pnw. 1:15 pm
Dcnnrturo and arrival
of trains at
Wheeling. Eut*
Station corner of
Twentieth and
Water Streets.
? Leave. Arrive
i*rom wheeling to a. in. a. m.
afton and Cumberland... *12:20 8:10
ishington and Baltimore. *12:20 8:10
lladclphla and New York *12:20 * 8:10
P. m.
itsburgh and Cumberland * 5:15 *11:3)
ishington and Baltimore. 5:15 *11:33
iladelphla and Now York *5:15 *11:30
aft on and Cumberland... t G:50 t 5:50
Irmont and Grafton * ti:50 * 5:50
ishlngton (Pa.) and Pitta. * 7:20 * 6:33
nesvllle and Newark 7:25 * lai
lumbua and Chicago 7:25 * i:io
p. m.
nesvlllo and Columbus.... *10:15 * 5:17
iclnnatl and St. Louis.... *10:15 * 5:17
afton and Cumberland... *10:50 *10:J!0
aahlngton and Baltimore. *10:50 *10:30
P. m.
nesvlllo and Newark *4:05 *12:20
lutnbus and Chicago * 4:05 *12:20
a. m.
ashington (Pa.) and Pltt.i. * 3:15 *10:0)
illadclphla and New York * 3:15 *10:13
afton and Cumberland... * 5:00 *10:30
ushlngton and Baltimore. ? 5:00
ttsburch and Cumberland * 5:20 *10:13
ashlngton and Baltimore. * 5:20 *10:13
illadelnhia and New York * 5:20 *10:13
nesvllle and Columbus.... *11:40 * 5:2a
iclnnatl *nd St. Louis.... *11:40 *5:10
its, and Washington (Pa.) 8 6:00
Dally. fExcept Sunday. {Sundays only.
Tillman Sleeping or Parlor Cars on all
rough trains.
ty Passenger and Ticket Agent, Wheeling.
A Kent for all Steamship Lines.
General Manager. Mgr. Pass. Traffic.
omo river
railroad co.
^F^Sr - v.'i \JV.
Time Tablo in cfToct May 27, 1900.
00 a. m.?Daily?For Parkersburg and
Intermediate points.
00 a. m ?Daily exccpt Sunday?Pot
Moundaville, New Murtinsville, Slstersville.
St. Marys, .Marietta. Parkersburg,
Iiavcnswood, Millwood,
Pcmeroy, Pt. Pleasant, Charleston,
Gallipolls. Huntington. Ksnova. Ironton.
Portsmouth. Hlllsboro, Cincinnati,
and all points South and West.
Huns solid to Cincinnati. Parlor Car.
13 a. m.?Dally?For Sistersvllle, Marietta.
Parkersburg, Pomeroy, Point
Pleasant, Charleston, Galilpolls,
Huntington. Kenova, and principal
intermediate points. Parlor Car.
15 p. m.?Daily?For Parkersburg and
Intermediate points.
00 p. in.?Dally except Sunday?Fcr Sistersvllle,
St. Marys, Waverly. Marietta.
Parkersburpr, and Intermedia:?
Points north of Slsteraville.
Gen. Pass. Agent.
rnr cleveukchideju k "v wlffljb cieailww 'co:'
l|l' [jlllll^i | it [1 lis
:xrp mi ?r?? tticUNiT. cuxit. iumi
leeling & Eiin Grove Electric Railway.
Cars will run as follows, city time:
wheeling to elm grove.
avo Wheeling. Leuvo Elm Grovo.'
m l?. sn u. in. P-"?;
JO 2:30 Sig ::!i
.0 3:00 C:ij 2:15
W 3:51 t:? 2:}f
? * *> i!-' j'.j;
? ?:5) :<;
no &:'? *:< ? ::!?
u 5:M s:?
M ?:?> S:iS ?;'?
10 ?:a> s:)5 5:5
.) 7:W 10:15 4:],
i.i 7,:.i 1*1:4.1 ' ;J;
,<i ?:?> ?:1j t:!5
50 5:5) 11:0 5,5
P. >" M
9:00 I2:ir? 9:iJ
St os?
N 10:00 l: S I :J|
so io:?? 1:; !':S
W U:? -:lj ,
:xtrfla from Wheellnc to Park nr.J Ktr":
m. p. m. P-p
J", .i *
u . llli

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